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Nelson's biographical dictionary and historical reference book of Erie County, Pennsylvania : containing a condensed history of Pennsylvania, of Erie County, and of the several cities, boroughs and townships in the county also portraits and biographies of the governor's since 1790, and of numerous r online

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Online LibraryBenjamin WhitmanNelson's biographical dictionary and historical reference book of Erie County, Pennsylvania : containing a condensed history of Pennsylvania, of Erie County, and of the several cities, boroughs and townships in the county also portraits and biographies of the governor's since 1790, and of numerous r → online text (page 83 of 192)
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Lake Shore Rubber Co., East Twelfth street

and Philadelphia and Erie R. R. W. H.

Whitehead, President. Established in 1887.


Dunning, The New Marble and Granite Co.,
1901 Peach street. James Wellman, J. F.
Lawrence, Henry Dunn. Business origi-
nally started by M. A. Dunning in 1863.

Pelton, E. L. & Son, 405 State street. E. L.
and Jay R. Pelton. Business founded by
R. Pelion in 1845. E. L. Pelton became
associated with his father in 1855.

Stohlman, E. T., Nineteenth, near Chestnut
street. Works started by M. A. Dunning
at present location in 1887 or '88. Mr.
Stohlman became proprietor in 1890.




Black & Germer (Radiant Home vStoves and
Furnaces), Sixteenth and German streets.
Business started at Eleventh and State
streets, by Hinkley, Sennett & Co. After
several changes, the firm title became Barr,
Johnson & Co. In 1872 M. R. Barr sold
out to Grove H. Johnson and Wm. T.
Black. The latter associated with them
Otto Germer. In 1878 the firm became
Black & Germer. The works at State and
Eleventh streets were abandoned in 1884
for the present location.

Chicago and Erie Stove Co., Twelfth and
Sassafras streets. Established b}- Johnson,
Himrod & Co. in 1840. Became a stock
concern in 1876, with David Shirk, Chas.
M. Tibbals and W. H. Whitehead as the
principal owners. On the death of Messrs.
Tibbals and Shirk, managed by W. H.
Whitehead and Chas. C. Shirk until the
fall of 1895, when the works went into
the hands of a Receiver.

South Erie Iron Works, 1917 Peach street
and Twenty-sixth and Maple streets. (See
Iron Works).


Gunnison, C. E. & Co., 238 West Eighteenth
street. C. E. and J. B. Gunnison. Es-
tablished in the winter of 1857. Original
building enlarged in 1886. Oldest manu-
facturing firm doing business in Erie.

Simmons, F. R., 132 East Ninth street.
Started by Luther P. Searles about 1835,
who was followed about 1845 or 1847 by
J. J. Fuesler. Purchased by Mr. Simmons
in the spring of 1880. New buildings
erected in 1881, and largely extended since.

Streuber, Emil, State street, near Nickel
Plate R. R. Business started by John
Streuber in 1861. Emil Streuber entered
the firm in 1871.


Werner Company, Twentieth and Holland
streets. G. Werner, R. Toepfer. M. Soth,
T. M., B. B. and E. A. Nagle. Started in
1884; reorganized in 1894, when present
plant was built.


American Fusee Company (fusee matches).
Seventeenth and Cascade streets. C. W.
Davenport, President; E. W. Sheldon,
Secretary and Treasurer. Started in 1874.
Present building erected in 1883.

American W^ringer Company (hardware spe-
cialties and household articles), Fifteenth
and Walnut streets. W. T. Farrar, Man-
ager. Founded by F. F. Adams and M.
N. Lovell in 1869. Factory burned De-
cember 13, 1880, and promptly rebuilt.
Business long conducted by the F. F.
Adams Company. Consolidated with the
General Wringer Combination in 1894.

Bacon, C. E. & Co. (wooden boxes), Twelfth
street and P. & E. R. R. C. E. Bacon and
W. C. Short. Started November 3, 1891.

Curtze, C. A. (Lake City Spice Mills), 529
French street. Established by E. S. Rice
& Co. in 1878. Mr. Rice retired in 1883.

Erie Burial Case Co. , factory Peach and Thirty-
second streets ; office and warehouse 1210
to 1214 Peach street. Works started in
1873. A. K. McMullen became sole propri-
etor in August, 1887. Finishing department
burned May 2, 1888. Premises on Peach
street bought in June of same year and re-
modeled directly after.

Erie Chemical Co. (manufacturers of chemi-
cals). West Eighteenth street and city
limits. Thos. H. Carroll, President ; R.
E. Clemens, Vice-President; S. O. Beck-
man, Secretary and Treasurer; James C.
MacKenzie, Superintendent. Established
in 1894.

Erie City Fertilizing Works (manufacturers
of fertilizers), East Mill Creek township.
Started by Jacob Schall, in 1867. Busi-
ness transferred to his sons in 1884.

Erie City Pail Factory, Twelfth and Poplar
streets. R. T. McClure, Chairman ; T.
W. Shacklett, Secretary and Treasurer.
Established in 1873. Burned in 1894, and
rebuilt on a larger scale.

Erie Show Case Co., 21 North Park Row.
Geo. W. Brown, Manager. Started in
1887 by Brown & Murphy ; conducted by
Mr. Brown since 1889.

Erie and Pittsburg R. R. Shops, Twelfth
street, between Sassafras and Myrtle.
Started as a private enterprise by McCar-
ter & Scoville, in 1864. Sold to the rail-



road company in 1866. R-jund house
built in 1865.

Erie Specialty Manufacturing Co. (hardware
and advertising specialties), 345-351 West
Twelfth street. Established by Brown &
Thomas in 1889 ; reorganized February 12,
1892, with Z. T. Brindley and E. Walker
as proprietors.

Erie Steam Bending Works, Twelfth and
Cherry streets. Started by Hartleb,
Metz & Co., in 1868. H. G. Fink became
proprietor in 1878.

E.\hibition Show Case Co. (sectional show
cases) , Nineteenth and German streets. P.
Henrichs, W. J. Churchill. Started in

Felgemaker, A. B. (pipe organs), Nineteenth
and Sassafras streets. Business removed
from ButTalo in 1871. Present plant
built in 1887.

Flickinger Roofing and Cornice Co., 424
West Nineteenth street. C. Flickinger,
Chairman ; W. P. Schutte, Secretary and
Treasurer; U. D. Sweigard, Superintend-
ent. Established in 1892.

Gem City Manufacturing Co. (machinery,
engines and flour mill rolls). Fourteenth
and Holland streets. S. A. Ross, E. G.
Skinner. Works established by Thos.
Brown in 1892; present organization
effected in February, 1894.

Keystone Electric Co. (dynamos and motors)
Twelfth and Cranberry streets. J. F
Downing, President ; C.J. Sturgeon, Vice
President and Manager; F. B. Downing
Assistant Manager ; J. W. Leech, Secre-
tary and Treasurer. Organized in 1890.
Works first located on Peach street ; next
moved to the corner of Fourteenth and
State streets. Present plant built in 1893.

Lake Shore R. R. round houses. Western
built in 1862; Eastern in 1863.

Lovell Manufacturing Co. (electrical motors,
dynamos, clothes wringers, etc.). Thir-
teenth street, between French and Holland.
Business started by M. N. Lovell in 1879.
Company incorporated in 1882. Present
factory built in the fall of 1883.

Marz, John (matresses), 1304 Peach street.
Established 1875.

Mauer Manufacturing Co., business started by
M. Mauer in 1870; company incorporated

in 1885, and plant materially enlarged ;
leased to U. S. Baking Co., June 4,

Patterson, J. E. (sheet metal work and fur-
naces). Twelfth and French streets.
Business established by Patterson Bros.,
in 1868. New works erected in 1891.

Philadelphia and Erie R. R. shops. Eighteenth
and Wayne streets. Operated by the
Pennsylvania R. R. Co. Established in
1859 or '60.

Reno Manufacturing Co. (neck yokes), 10
East Twelfth street. Frank Reno, iSIan-
ager. Established by Reno & Wager, in

Standard Saw Mill Machinery Co., Twelfth
street and Philadelphia and Erie R. R.
Organized in November, 1889 ; incorpo-
rated January, 1890. T. M. Nagle, Presi-
dent ;"B. B.' Nagle, Treasurer; F. E.
Qiiinn, Secretary.

Taper Sleeve Pullej' Works (pulleys, clutches,
etc.). Twelfth street, near Pea'ch. A. H.
Gray, Secretary and Treasurer. Started
by A. B. Cook & Co. in May, 1873.
Bought by A. H. Gray in May, 1877. In-
corporated June 1, 1888.

Thayer, H. N. & Co. (baby carriages), Eight-
eenth street, between Holland and Ger-
man. H. N. Thayer, J. A. Lang. Start-
ed as the Erie Chair Co. in 1874. Became
the Downing Carriage Co., January 1,
1882. Name changed as above at a later
date. In April, 1892, the plant was de-
stroyed by fire and soon rebuilt.

Watson, N. A. (boiler feeders), Sixteenth
and State streets. Established in October,


Burdett Organ Works, West Twelfth street.

Established in Erie October, 1871, having

been burned out in Chicago.
Erie Boot and Shoe Factory, Ash and

Twenty-fifth streets. Started in 1870.
Erie Blast Furnace, foot of Sassafras street.

Built in 1869.
Erie Car Wheel and Erie Car works. Wheel

works started by Davenport & Fairbairn

in 186 ; car works in 1868. Burned night

of September 24, 1894.
Erie Car Heating Company. Incorporated

February 16, 1888.



Eureka Manufacturing Company, West
Twelfth street. Started in January, 1881.

Jarecki Chemical Co., East Twelfth street.
Started in 1880.

Keystone Boot and Shoe Company, East
Twelfth street.

Mt. Hickory Iron Company, west of city.

Started in 1879. Burned December 9,

Noble Sewing Machine Company, West

Eighteenth street. Started in 1881.
Pennsylvania Paint Works, Boyer block.

Started in 1886. Moved to Cleveland.
Thayer pottery, erected in 1863.


The Board of Trade — Business Matters Generally — Business Firms and Blocks.

THE Erie Board of Trade was organized
in 1874 in rooms over the entrance to the
Opera House. Since then its headquar-
ters have been: First, in one of the
first floor rooms in the Reed House
block ; second, in the corner rooms on the
second floor of the Exchange building ; and
thiid, on the second floor of the Penn building,
where they were removed about the 1st of
April, ]895. The Board, from the beginning,
has numbered many of the prominent busi-
ness and professional men of the city, and its
influence, taken altogether, has been healthy
and beneficial. The charter members of the
Board were as follows :

Henry Rawle, Thomas H. Carroll, Orange
Noble, Wm. L. Scott, JohnE. Payne, George
Carroll, J. J. Wadsworth, J- M. Kimball,

E. T. Scott, J. Eichenlaub, jV., R. O'Brien,
Joseph Johnston, William M. Deming, Charles

F. Dunbar. Sam'l E. Bacon, Henry Beckman,
Charles D. Hill, F. F. Marshall, George V.
Maus, Robert J. Saltsman, W. T. Smith, L.
H. Hall, Addison Leech, C. C. Converse, J.
P. Metcalf, Theodore F. Noble, F. Brevillier,
William Varnum, John Clemens, H. W.
Spooner, J. C. Sturgeon, John Eliot, F. P.
Bailey, F. A. Mizener, W.'W. Dinsmore,' C.
J. Caughey, William Christie, S. A. Daven-
port, C. Englehart, William P. Hayes, John
Dunlap, E. W. Reed, M. R. Barr, A. P.
Burton, William A. Galbraith, G. T. Church-
ill, S. P. Longstreet, C. H. Walbridge, J. E.
Ashby, J. S. Warner, W. S. Locke, Joseph

McCarter, D. B. Callander, George Burton,
Davis Rees, Lloyd G. Reed, J. F. Down-
ing, George Selden, Michael Liebel, L. L.
Lamb, J. L. Stewart, Eben Brewer, P. A.
Becker, 'O. E. Crouch, Charles Jarecki, M.
Rush Warner, Jacob Bootz, J. A. Kohner,
James L. Ketcham, J- C. Spencer, Thomas
McConkey, S. P. Kepler, E. L. Pelton, H.
T. Jarecki, N. Murphy, James Sill, Henry
Souther, T. H. Orton, W. 'W. Pierce, A. T.
Loomis, W. S. Warner, Thomas Brown, W.
W. Reed, P. Metcalf, C. Swalley, R. E.
Clemens, John H. Bliss, Joseph Fuess and
Hugh Jones.

Below is a complete list of its presidents :

1874— William L. Scott. «/

1875— John E. Payne.

1876 — George Carroll.

1877— S. E. Bacon. v-

1878 — George Selden.

1879— T. H. Carroll.

1880— John Clemens. '

1881— J. J. Wadsworth. ,

1882— J. F. Downing.

1883 — George V. Maus. v

1884— M. Griswold.

1885— O. E. Crouch.

1886— F. A. Mizener.

1887— M. N. Lovell. ^

1888— H. Beckman.

1889— F. F. Adams.

1890— A. K. McMullen.

1891— W. T. Black.

1892— W. J. Sands.




1893— Charles Jarecki.

1894— James McBrier.

1895— William B. Trask.

The first Secretary was John J. Wads-
worth, who was succeeded in 1881, after a
service of seven years, by Douglas Benson,
who continues to fill the position. The Secre-
tary prints a report each year showing the
industrial and commercial conditions of the
city, which is a valuable handbook of infor-
mation for all who take an interest in its
growth and general welfare.


It will be seen by the foregoing chapters
that the business of Erie started at the mouth
of Mill creek, and from there gradually moved
up Second, Third and Fourth streets to
French. For several years Third street was
the chief business thoroughfare of the city,
until it was supplanted by French street.
Sixty or seventy years ago French street was
the busiest and most important in the city. The
postoffice, the principal hotels and the leading
business houses were upon or convenient to
that street, and it continued an important
business thoroughfare until some time after

1860. When the writer came to Erie, in

1861, French street still had quite a number of
prominent hotels and business places, and was
looked upon as only second in importance to
State street. The movement in the direction
of State street commenced directly after the
erection of the United States bank build-
ing, so long occupied as the custom-house and
postoffice. In 1861 the main business portion
of Erie was from Fourth to Eighth streets on
State, and on i\orth Park Row from Peach to
French streets. The corner of Fifth and
State streets was regarded as the heart of the
city, and the best stores were in that vicinity.
There is no reason — natural or artificial — why
business should have moved away from the
neighborhood of the parks, and the only ex-
planation is to be found in the indifference
of property holders, who supposed they had a
" sure thing," and the activity of those who
had property to sell south of the location
named. To-day the men who own land and
buildings on the west side of State street are
quite as sanguine that they cannot be dis-
placed as the property owners north of Cen-
tral park were many years ago. The fact is

self-evident, however, that some of the best
buildings and the finest stores are going up
and being started on the east side of the street,
and, unless the property owners on the west
side wake up in good time, they will find
that the prize has slipped from their grasp,
just as was the case on the north end of
the street and the north side of the park.
State street will always be the main busi-
ness avenue of Erie, and when the city
reaches a population of 75,000 to 100,000
it will make very little difference whether
a store is on the east or west side, provided
the proper accommodations are offered. Per-
sons who are familiar with Chicago, Buffalo,
Cleveland, or any of the larger cities of the
country, will readily see the force of these


Among the men and firms, not otherwise
mentioned, who were engaged in trade, manu-
facturing or general business in Erie in the
year past were those named below. The
names include only those who are dead or re-
tired from active business ; or where the
firm names have changed or the parties have
engaged in other lines. The list is not
claimed to be complete, and it is doubtful if
a really full one could be obtained at this late
date : '


Adams, A. A., wholesale boots and shoes,
cigars, tobacco, etc.

Adams & Russell, wholesale boots and

Adams, F. F., fruit and confectionery,

Austin, Augustin, silversmith.

Austin, T. M., jeweler.

Acheson, Adam, manufacturer.

Abell, Joseph, butcher.

Atkinson, James, boat house.

Abell, John, meat shop.

Arbuckle, Pressley & Wm. M., general

Arbuckle & Clark, wholesale boots and

Armstrong & Follansbee, coal.

Ayers, J. W., furniture.

Arbuckle, Wm. G., builder.

Anthony, John, hotel-keeper.




Barr & Kelsey, wholesale boots and shoes.

Bell, William, general store.

Bell, William, jr., dry goods.

Banyard, John, grocer.

Bener & Burgess, confectioners.

Burgess, J. C. & Co., wholesale grocers.

Brawley & Ball, lumber.

Bliss, James A., grocer.

Becker, P. A., grocer.

Brewer, F. B. & Co., bookstore.

Beebe, John C, dry goods.

Burton & Sons, wholesale dealers in coal.

Burton Bros. & Co., wholesale dealers in

Burton & Griffith, grocers.

Brown, Samuel, general store.

Brabender, Adam, grocer.

Beatty, William, tinner.

Bliley, A. W., builder, grocer.

Baldwin, H., eating house.

Baldwin, Wm. A., superintendent Phila-
delphia and Erie R. R.

Black, Samuel A., supt. P. & E. R. R.

Bates, Hezekiah, auctioneer.

Bates, T. M., train dispatcher.

Bennett, E. A., pail factory, oil refiner.

Berriman, Capt. Geo., lake man.

Blenner & Johnson, livery.

Bone, Capt. Wm., brick yard, etc.

Bootz, Jacob, planing mill, etc.

Boyd, Joseph, painter.

Boyle, John, hotel-keeper.

Brigden, J. W., cofl'ee and spice mill.

Briggs, Lyman, blacksmith.

Brown, C. W., grocer.

Burger, Jonas, builder.

Beecherj S. P., gardener.

Bennett, E. C. carriage builder.

Booth, Kepler & Co., dry goods.

Booth & Stewart, dry goods.

Boyce & Tennant, coal, etc.

Brown, Wm. S., railroad operations, real
estate, etc.

Boyer, John V., hardware.

Brown, Thomas, oil refiner, oil operator, etc.

Boyer & Fuess, hardware.

Burger, Jonas & David, builders.

Berst, John, florist.

Brevillier, G. F., soap manufacturer.

Barr, M. R., manufacturer.

Barr & Johnson, manufacturers.

Baker, B., clothing.

Brown, George, butcher.
Brown, John S., contractor, dealer in oils.
Brown, Wm. A., general store.
Bennett, G. A., gunshop, crockery.
Bennett, E. C, wagonmaker.
Baldwin, Remus, grocer.
Bryant, J. M., contractor, manufac-
turer, etc.

Burton, J. H., druggist.

Bonnell, Joseph & James, general store.

Booth, Sidney M., clothing.

Brewster, A. W., merchant, manufacturer.

Brewster, William, nursery.

Clemens & Caughey, wholesale grocers.

Caughey & Clark, wholesale grocers.

Clemens, Caughey & Co., wholesale gro-

Caughey, Burgess & Walker, wholesale

Caughey, Walker & Co., wholesale gro-

Clark, N. J., boots and shoes, wholesale
and retail.

Craig & Marshall, grocers.

Crawford, Christian & Craig, grocers and
ship chandlers.

Crawford & Caughey, grocers.

Caughey, McCreary & Moorhead, book
store, pictures, frames.

Carter, John S., drugs, patent medicines.

Carter Brothers, drugs, patent medicines.

Curtis & Boyce, coal dealers.

Claus, H. v., groceries, liquors.

Calkins, W. J. & Co., wall paper and

Carver, J, B. & Co., drugs.

Carver, J. & J- B-> leather store.

Clemens^ F. A., Fulton Market.

Canty, J. H., contractor.

Clark, David S., grocer, oil refiner.

Cadwell, Henry, dry goods, crockery.

Cole, E. M., bookbinder.

Casey, John & James, contractors.

Colton, Geo. W., banker.

Cochran, John R., miscellaneous.

Cochran & Young, paper, rags, etc.

Campbell, Henry, hotel.

Carlisle J. & Co., dry goods.

Carse, John, warehouseman.

Carver, J. & Co., broom makers.

Cavanagh, Thos., contractor.

Christian, E. F., ship broker.



Clark & Goodwin, bankers.

Deming & Davis, lumber.

Clark & Metcalf, bankers.

Decker, George, dry goods.

Cleveland, \V. L., oil refiner, manufac-

Decker, J. F., general store.


Davis, G. P., grocer.

Cohen, N., hoop skirt factory, etc.

Deming, W. H., planing-mill, &c.

Colton & Kendig, grocers.

Dolph, 0. A., photographer.

Conrath Bros. , builders.

Douglas, J. J., boots and shoes, oil refiner.

Cooper, Frederick, grocer.

Drumgool, James, boots and shoes.

Coughlin E., shoe shop.

Drodzewski & Jarecki, jewelers.

Crooks, J. P. & Son, sash factory, etc.

Dunbar, Chas. F., contractor.

Cummins, S. & J. M., grocers.

Doll, M. & Co., boots and shoes.

Cummins, Samuel, grocer.

Dudley, R., oil refiner.

Curry, \V. C, banker.


Conrad, C. M., cigar factory.

Clark &. McCord, boots and shoes.

Ensign, D. P., bookstore.

Crouch & Brc, flour and feed store.

Ensign, S. P. &Co., books, wall paper, etc.

Cooper, WiUiam, flour and feed.

Edson, Churchill & Co., dry goods.

Constable, John, builder, planing mill.

Eichenlaub, Joseph, boots and shoes.

Chevalier, L. B. , art room.

Englehart, C. & Co., boots and shoes.

Caughej-, David B., clothier.

Erhart, Stephen, harness.

Craine, Abiather, contractor.

Eliot, John & Co., bankers.

Caughey, Miles W., forwarding and com-

Englehart, F., contractor.


Ely, Hervey, oil refiner.

Colt, Judah, capitalist.

Eichenlaub, Ferdinand, butcher, grocer.

Chase, Edward H., general store.

Evans & Brown, grocers.

Clark, James S., first landlord Reed

Evans & Bennett, grocers.


Ellsey, G. \¥.. furniture.

Clark, Jos. D., general store, banker.

Evans & Strong, boots and shoes.

Campbell, Jno. R., general store.


Cathcart, Hugh, tinner.

Cowell, E. J., real estate.

French & McKnight, grocers.

Chester, Walter, merchant, manufacturer.

Follansbee, Joshua, coal and commission.

Callender, D. B., manufacturer.

Forster, E. S., tea store.


Fuess, Joseph, hardware.

Fry, Geo. E., plumbing.

Diefendorf, Gross & Foster, dry goods.

Fross, Abijah, grocer.

Dreisigaker, Jacob, groceries, liquors.

Fairbairn, John, manufacturer.

Dill & Lackie, paints, wall paper.

Fleming, Wm., general store.

Dill, Robert, paints, wall paper.

Farrar, F. F., wholesale grocer, manufac-

Dickinson, Dr. S. and Dr. John, drugs.


Deitz Sl Haas, butchers.

Flickinger, Tobias, miller.

Dunn, Geo. C, photographer.

Finn & Stearns, lumber, barrel-makers.

Davenport, VVm. R., manufacturer.

Flynn, Thomas, stonecutter.

Dobbins, Leander, insurance.

Flynt, Levi R., insurance.

Dunlap, James & John, contractors.

Foote, Samuel E., leather store.

Doll, Conrad, shoe-shop.

Foster, John T., ticket agent.

Densmore, W. W., malster, etc.

Friday, G. L., grocer.

Downing & Gaggin, insurance.

Finch, Silas E., blacksmith.

Decker, J. F.. grocer.

Ferguson, Jos. R., livery, &c.

Deitley, Joseph, grocer.


Disbro, J. Q., railroader.

Diefenthaler, Jacob, ice dealer.

Gallagher, Wm. M., coal, contracting.

Deitly, Joseph, jr., restaurant.

Gallagher, George, forwarding and com-

Dean, D. K., architect.




Gaggin, Richard, chemist.

Henry, Robert H., lime, boots and shoes, etc.

Goodwin, P., restaurant.

Hughes, John, general store.

Griswold, Wm. A., dry goods.

Hughes, Alex., general store.

Gray & Farrar, wholesale grocers.

Hughes, Thos., saddler.

Goodrich, Geo. W., confectioner.

Hughes (George) & Moorhead (Thos.),

Graham, John, clothing.

general store.

Graham, W. B., confectioner.

Hills, Rufus, drugs.

Goodwin, S. E., merchant, boarding-house.

Hitchcock, Julius W., grocer.

Gensheimer & Tanner, clothing.

Hulbert, Richard O., grocer.

Guckenbeihl & Schlaudecker, boots and

Hays, Samuel, tanner.


Hays, W. B. & Co., tanners.

Glazier, Jno. M., job printing.

Hulbert, Wm. C, general store.

Gunnison, E. B., merchant, real estate.

Hilton, A. C, harness shop.

Glazier, P. P , painter.

Hart & Burd, livery.

Gilson, James, sewing machines.

Hoskinson, Wm. & James, masons, brick-

George, Clinton, hatter.


Goodells (The), painters.

Harlow, Wm. H., confectioner.

Goff, Azro, grocer, publisher.

Hatch, Ira G., oil refiner.

Gallagher, Geo. W., auctioneer.

Hefi^ner, Julius, boots and shoes.

Goodwin, Myron, general store.

Henrichs, P., dry goods.

Gaggin, James P., insurance.

Henry, Bryant & Co., Eagle foundry.

Glenny, W. H., crockery store.

Hill, John, architect and builder.

Gloth, Schutte & Co., planing mill.

Hubbard, Geo, L., plumber.

Goodrich & Brown, variety store.

Hallock & Richmond, patent agents.

Gray, Geo. W., oil refiner.

Hayes, Wm. P. & Co., dry goods.

Gabel & Henrichs, dry goods.

Hammond, John W., oil refiner, real estate.

Griswold, James H., lumber.

Hearn & Scott, coal and iron ore.

Gans, Moses, miscellaneous.

Himrod, Wm., sr., manufacturer.


Himrod, Wm., jr., shoe factory.

Hubley, Bernard, coppersmith.

Hamot, P. S. V., general store.

Hoskinson, T. J., civil engineer, brickyard.

Haverstick, H. B., flour and feed.

Hearn, John & Co. (W. L Scott), coal and



Irish, O. W., insurance.

Hanson, Jacob, grocer.


Hall & Warfel, drugs.

Hoskinson & Williams, commission mer-

Justice, John M., clothing.


Johnston, Jos. & Brc, wholesale grocers.

Harris, W. H., restaurant.

Jarecki, Henry, brass works.

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