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Nelson's biographical dictionary and historical reference book of Erie County, Pennsylvania : containing a condensed history of Pennsylvania, of Erie County, and of the several cities, boroughs and townships in the county also portraits and biographies of the governor's since 1790, and of numerous r online

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Online LibraryBenjamin WhitmanNelson's biographical dictionary and historical reference book of Erie County, Pennsylvania : containing a condensed history of Pennsylvania, of Erie County, and of the several cities, boroughs and townships in the county also portraits and biographies of the governor's since 1790, and of numerous r → online text (page 84 of 192)
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Hofsies, A., ship chandler.

Jarecki & Metz, brass founders.

Hayes & Kepler, real estate.

Jarecki, Gustave, jeweler, banker.

Hulbert, Henry, job printer.

Johnson, R. M., livery.

Hughes, James, general store.

Jones, Daniel, clothing.

Harlow, John, restaurant.

Jones & Lytle, clothing.

Hubbard Bros., tinners.

Johnston, J., sr., groceries.

Hunter, R. S., hats and caps.

Johnston, Booth & Co., oil refiners.

Hartleb, M., grocer.

Justice, Joseph, gents' furnishing.

Hartleb, D., grocer.

Jones, Hugh, contractor.

Hummel, M., boots and shoes.

Jackson, Smith, general store.

Horrell, R. A., contractor.

Joy, Miles, coal and shipping.

Haller, Jacob, grocer.

Johnson, Grove H., manufacturer.

Humphrey & Jones, slate roofers.

Jones & White, builders.

Hart, Ira W., stage and railroad agent.

Jones, Mallory & Co., planing mill.

Henry, William, manufacturer.

Jacobi, Wm., brewer.





Johnson & Lufkin, photographers.

Lowry, M. B., capitalist.

Janes, Heman, lumber, oil, real estate.

Lorei & Eppley, dry goods.


Lyle, W. W., contractor.

Lennon, Thomas, livery.

Keene, Galen and Henry, tailors.

Louch, Abraham, sailmaker.

Kelsey & Co., ice dealers.

Luce, W. H., dentist, furniture.

Kalvelage, Henry, brewer.

Loomis, W. W., sr., forwarding and com-

Kennedj', D., oil refiner, brick maker.


Kingsbury, Chas. R., sewing machines.

Loomis, W. W.,jr., shipyard.

Knipper, M. &. P., grocers.

Loesch & Matthews, boots, shoes, etc.

Koehler, Chas., brewer.

Lynch, Charles, painter.

Kimball, J. M., superintendent Erie and

Lytle & Constable, builders.

Pittsburg R. R.

Landon & Riblet, grocers.

Koster & Lehman, merchants.

Lantz & Mayo, saddlers.

King, Brown & Co., contractors.

Law, John, saddler.

Kelsey, S. H., boots and shoes.

Leland, Alvan, general store.

King, Alfred, maltster, brewer, etc.

Leeds, James S., general store.

King, Wilson, contractor.

Littell, A. L., paper dealer.

Kolb, C, barber.

Liddell, W. F. J., manufacturer.

Koster, L., carpets, etc.

Liddell & Keple'r, Erie City Iron 'Works.

Kurtis & Gross, grocers.

Laird, Thomas, hotel-keeper.

Kunz, J., hats and caps, etc.

Laird, Johnson, general store.

Koch, Moses, clothing.

Low, Samuel, civil engineer.

Koch, Jacob, clothing.

Lander, Fred., restaurant.

Knobloch, Daniel, hotel and restaurant.

Lawrence, J. J., superintendent E. & P.

Kepler & Liddell, dry goods, etc.

R. R.

Kirschner, Sebastian, contractor.

Leonard, W. E., grocer.

Kohmiller, J., dyer.

Liebel, A. & P., clothiers.

Kellogg, Josiah, coal and shipping.

Liley & Son, machinists.

Kellogg, Philander, coal and shipping.

Loverin, Charles H , manufacturer.

Kellogg, George, general store.

Lowrv, L. L., oil operator.

Kellogg, Geo. H., forwarding and com-

Low, Merrick, pump manufacturer.



Kellogg, Aaron, general store.

Kellogg, Sidney, pottery.

Morrison & Densmore, wholesalers.

Keefer, S. W., hotel-keeper.

McConkey & Shannon, hardware, plumb-


Murphy, N., stoves, tinware, etc.

Lamb & Co., lumber, coal.

Morton, George J., coal and shipping.

Lamb, L. L., banker.

Metcalf , Prescott, coal, shipping, etc.

Locke, W. S. & Co., dry goods.

Moore, John, steamboating and railroad-

Lee, A. R., coal and shipping.


Lvtle, James, clothing.

Moore, Richard T., undertaking.

Lytle, C. W., clothing.

Marks & Meyer, clothing.

Loomis& Tyler, Brown's Hotel.

Messenkopf & Bittig, barbers.

Loomis & Ross, Brown's Hotel.

Merrill & Co., dry goods.

Liebel, F. P., grocer.

Metz, Eugene, hardware.

Laird & Rust, general store.

Morrison, R. S. & Sons, drv goods.

Lester, Sennett & Co., general store and

Mehl, Michael, barber.

stove works.

Mehl, M. W., restaurant.

Lintz, J. J., insurance, etc.

Moffet, R. S., crockery store.

Loomis, Guy, jeweler.

Meng, J. H., sign painter.

Lowry, M. B. & Co. (\V. L. Scott), coal

Mack, C., grocer.

and shipping.

McCarter, Joseph, grocer.


N£:LS0W8 bioorapeical diotionabt

McCarter & Liddell, Erie City Iron Works.

Nelson, C. B., general store.

Morand, \V. A., photographer.

Nelson, James, general store.

Moorhead & McCreary, books, pictures.

Neiler & Spooner, lime, etc.

Mayer, Mathias& Son, stoves and tinware.

Neiler & Warren, bankers.

Mullane, Anthony, contractor.

Neubauer, H., grocer.

Mullane, Dennis, contractor.

Noonan, Jeremiah, boots and shoes.

Metzner, John, butcher.


Meyer, X., butcher.

Meuser, F., butcher.

Oxtoby & Duffield, jewelers.

Morgan, F. W., grocer.

Oliver, Perry H , livery.

Miller & Henry, boots and shoe.s.

Ohlwiler, I. & E. H., photographers.

Millar, Jno. H., civil engineer.

Orton, Thos. H., coal and iron ore.

Moseley, Thos., wagon-maker.


Metcalf, Samuel H., contractor, etc.

McBrier, James, lumber, etc.

Perkins, John B., confectioner.

Mead, Alex. J., architect.

Patterson & Avery, stoves, tinware, etc.

Mayer, Henry, stoves, tinware.

Patterson & Bro., stoves, tinware, etc.

Moore, Thomas W., railroad eating-house.

PfefFer, Francis & Son, boots and shoes.

Motsch, Michael, wagon-maker.

Pierce, W. W. & Co., hardware.

Miller, Egbert, milk dealer.

Paasch, J. D., boat house.

May & Sell, newsdealers.

PefFer, John E., sewing machines, etc.

McCann, John, grocer.

Preuss, N., baker.

Moorhead, Thomas, general store.

Paulson, , photographer.

Mehaffey, Alex. & H. P., furniture.

Pelton, Halsey, lime, etc.

Mehaffey, Thos., builder.

Pelton & Son, marble shop.

Mains, Walter, furniture.

Payne, John E., 'manager Anchor Line.

Marvin, Elihu, capitalist.

Parkinson, Aaron, dry goods.

McCord, Simeon, boots and shoes.

Parkinson, M. C, watchmaker.

Minium, B., boarding house.

Pierce, Albert, ^neral store.

McSpanen, A. J. &\V., millers.

Pierce, Peter, general store.

McvSparren, Clark, real estate, etc.

Perkins, R. L., druggist, manufacturer.

McCarter & Shannon, commission mer-

Perkins, C. F., drugs.


Perkins, John C., paper manufacturer.

Marsh & Low, pump manufacturers.

Parsons & Co., oil refiners.

Maus, Geo. V., general freight agent.

Peckham, Hoag& Co., lumber.

Mehan, Wm., blacksmith.

Plattman c*t Sprague, nurserymen.

Metcalf & Felton, coal, shipping.

Palmer, O. B., photographer.

Marsh & McCarter, manufacturers.


Miller, F. W., builder.

Miller, John, sr., builder.

Reed, Rufus S., general store, capitalist.

Moore & Riblet, undertakers.

Reed, Chas. M., shipping, capitalist.

McGrath, B., clothing.

Reed & Co., coal, etc.

Mackintosh & Co., hardware.

Reed, Rufus, hardware.

Magill Brothers, crockery.

Reed, W. W., civil engineer, etc.


Riblet, J. H. & Co., furniture.

Riblet, Wm., furniture.

Newberger, Isaac, clothing.

Riblet, Geo. \V., tax collector.

Nick, Wm., drugs.

Rechter, Wm., barber shop, saloon.

Noble, Orange, capitalist.

Rindernecht, Wm. F., grocer, hat store.

Noble & Hall, Bay State Iron Works.

Rindernecht & Beckman, grocers.

Noble, Brown & Co., coal, etc.

Reed, E. W. & Co., coal, etc.

Neimeyer, Henry, florist.

Rosenzweig, Isaac, clothing.

Nunn, Chas. H., restaurant.

Rosenzweig, John, clothing.

Neely, Joseph, miller, capitalist.

Rosenzweig, Louis & Co., dry goods.



Russell, R. W. & Co., insurance, coal, etc.

vSanford, Giles, general store.

Richards, Rawle & Co., coal and ship-

Suerken, B. J. and J. B., jewelers.


vSchabacker, H. G., grocer.

Ruth, John B., grocer.

Schuster, Jacob, junk dealer.

Ross, W. W., paints, wall paper, etc.

Sobel, Semel, dry goods.

Rust, Lucien, oil refiner.

Sherwood, Alanson, painter.

Riddle,;. S., maltster.

Smith, Wm. H., boots and shoes.

Rabe, C, grocer.

Scott, Wm. L., coal and railroad operator.

Roemer, August, restaurant.

Sherman, Wm. H., photographer.

Rockwell, P. K., hatter.

Sloan, B. F., oil refiner.

Record, Geo. J., hardware.

Sterrett, J. Q. A., livery.

Richards, Wm. L., vessel owner.

Schutte, Fred'k & Bro., planing mill.

Rawle & Co., coal and iron ore.

Schutte, Wm., grocer.

Rawle & Richards, coal and iron ore.

Selden, George, general store.

Rawle & Tennant, coal and iron ore.

Sanford, M. & Co., bankers.

Rea, Samuel, lime and cement.

vSelden, George, jr., manufacturer.

Reichscheidt, Jos., tanner.

Selden, Samuel, manufacturer.

Ristine, Geo. W., agent Empire Line.

Sanford, Myron & Co., bankers.

Robinson, J. & Co., millers.

Spencer, Judah C, banker.

Ruth & Beatty, grocers.

Sennett, Pardon, manufacturer.

Rutherford, Jesse, auctioneer.

Shirk, David, manufacturer, general store.

Rogers & Bennett, crockerj^.

Sterrett, Robert T., grocer.


Stearns, E. H., inventor, manufacturer.

Sherwin, G. W. F., civil engineer.

Southard & McCord, wholesale dry goods.

Salsbury & Goodwin, restaurant.

Scott, Andrew, coal and shipping.

Selden & Bliss, barrel factory, engines and

Scott & Rankin, coal and shipping.


Schlaudecker, Frank, groceries.

Sampsons (The), gardeners.

Strong, Dr. L., drugs.

Schaal, Jacob, glue, fertilizers.

Slocum, Hiram, flour and feed.

Shabackers (The), boots and shoes, grocers.

Schlaudecker, George, sewer pipe, etc.

vSchlaudecker, Urban, auctioneer.

Schlaudecker, M., grocer.

Selden & Griswold, manufacturers.

Steubgen. C. G., insurance.

Smith, Zebina, music store.

Sterrett, James S., groceries.

Snell, D. F., billiard room.

Sterrett, Wm. J., livery.

Stahl, H., insurance, oil, real estate.

Schaff, P., grocer.

Stearns, Clark & Co., manufacturers.

Siegel, C, grocer.

Sterrett, Jos. A., furniture.

Schultz, V. & Bro., grocer.

Sterrett, S. T., tinner.

Saltsman, John R., coal.

Schaaf & Knoll, grocers.

Sherwood, Wm., baker.


Sloan, Booth & McCreary, grocers, ship


Tanner, Jos. I., tinner.

Starr & Payne, shipping, coal, etc.

Tibbals, Shirk & Co., general store and

Swalley, C, spice mills.

stove manufacturers.

Swalley, J. W., soap factory, etc.

Tibbals & Hayes, dry goods.

Scott & Miles, grocers.

Tracy, John A., general store, contractor.

Stark & Franz, furniture.

Tibbals, L. N., insurance.

Smith, Geo. M., wholesale licjuor dealer.

Teel,John, builder.

Shannon, John W. and Henry C, grocers.

Thornton, J. M., clothing.

Selden, John C, hardware.

Thayer, Alvanus, liver)-.

Spafford, 0., book-binder, book store.

Truesdall & Goodwin, general store.

Sevins, J. T., pictures and frames.

Truesdall, William, contractor.

Schneider, Fred'k, grocer.

Thayer, R. H. & Bro., oil refiners.

Smith. Sherburn, hat store, wool buj'er.

Thayer & Price, pottery.


Tuttle, A. C, general store.
Thayer & Brown, oil refiners.
Thompson, V. M., oil operator.
Tibbals, Shirk & Whitehead, stove manu-

Towner, Jehiel, sewer pipe, flour and feed.
Tyler, A. L., gen. supt. P. & E. R. R.
Todd, W. W., coal dealer.
Todd & Thomas, coal dealers.


Ulrich, Dr. G., drugs.

Upson & Dobbins, Reed House.

Viers & Elliott, drugs.

Vosburg, Albert, barber.

Van Scoter, J. C, dry goods, shipping,
oil refiner.

Vincent, Bailey & Co., bankers.

Vincent, Tibbals, Shirk & Co., stove fac-

Vincent, Thos. B., insurance.

Volk, Andrew & Co., Humboldt Iron

A'anTassel, A. W., Morton House.


Whallon, J. H., & Son, coal.
Wagner, Frank; clothier.
Watkins, W. J., oil refiner.
Webber, F. A' & Co., grocers.
Welshman, E. R., tobacconist.
Weschler, Jacob, brewer, maltster.
White, L. F. & Co., planing mill.
Walker & Armstrong, coal, iron ore.
Warren, William C, banker.
Webb & Kellogg, stoneware.
Woellmer, A. C. H., leather store.
Wright, Hatch & Perrj', oil refiners.
Wadsworth, Jno. J., Anchor Line, salt, etc
Wager, S. D., photographer.
Welsh, John H., wholesale liquors.
Wittich, Frederick, carriage shop.
Walker & Gilson, coal and shipping.
Walker, D. D. , commission merchant.
Walther & Streuber, dry goods.
Wild, Adam, butcher.
Wilkins & Doll, drugs.

Warner, M. Rush, J. S. and Joseph, in-

Wicks, D., gunshop.
Woellmer, A., coal.

Williams, John and James, boots and

Winchell, Frank & Co., auctioneers.

Walther, Jacob, shoemaker.

Walther, J. F., dry goods.

Willing, Wm., music store.

Williams, J. H., dry goods, banker.

Wright, Chas. B., general store, banker.

Whitley, Morris, coal dealer.

Williams & Hoskinson, coal and shipping.

Woods, Geo. L. & Eli, livery.

Walker, W. A., hotel-keeper, etc.

Yale, A. & Son, carriage makers.
Yale & Breeze, carriage makers.


Zeigler, E. D , music store.
Zurn, George, boots and shoes.
Zimmerly, John, grocer, etc.


The Erie branch of R. G. Dun & Co.'s
Mercantile Agency was established in 1872,
and has been kept up in the city ever since.
Among the managers of the Erie office have
been Messrs. Goalding, Love, Price and New-
begin. The latter, after a long service, went
to New York in October, 1894, and was im-
mediately succeeded b)' R. R. Hopkins, the
present manager. W. J. Young has been
attorney for the agency since June, 1889.

Bradstreet's agency has never had a branch
in Erie, but has long been represented here in
connection with the Buffalo district. R. L.
Perkins, its representative for many years,
has been succeeded by Walter Reitzell.


The imports and exports by lake are given
in detail in a preceding chapter. More than
ninety per cent, of the lumber and grain
and all of the iron ore received at Erie
come by lake. The grain goes east by
the Philadelphia and Erie R. R., which
also carries the bulk of the lumber that is
shipped to the interior. The latter road
brings in anthracite coal from the Luzerne,
Schuylkill and Shamokin regions, while the
principal amount of bitum.inous coal comes
over the Erie and Pittsburg R. R. from the
southern counties. The iron ore goes east
and south over both roads, though by far the



largest amount is used in the Shenango valley
and at Pittsburg and vicinity. As nearly as
can be ascertained, the following figures
show the coal trade for 1894 :

By Philadelphia & Erie R. R.. . 580,2(>4 35 681 615.945

By Erie and Pittsburg 317,000 317,000

ByL,S.&M. S .50,000 50.000

ByP.,S,*L.E 21,000 21.000

580,264 423.681 1,003,945
fi/iipments from Erie
and Local Trade:

By Lake 424.006 265.073 689.043

By Rail 121.135 121.135

Local Trade 35.123 158,644 193 767

680,264 423,681 1,003.945


The following shows the years when some
of the principal hotels and buildings on North
and South Park Rows, State, Peach, Turnpike,
Parade, Eighth, Eighteenth and other streets
were erected — only brick or stone business
structures being included. It will surprise
most readers to learn how much of the best
property in Erie is owned by Germans and
citizens of German descent :

Ashby & Vincent block. State street, be-
tween Fourth and Fifth, 1840-41.

Austin & Moore block. North Park Row,

Arcade Hotel, State street, between Sev-
enth and Eighth, 1870-71.

Alberstadt block, southeast corner Peach
and Twentv-sixth streets, built in 1860, re-
modeled in 1882.

Abell block. Peach street, near Lake Shore
R. R., 1895.


Beatty block. North Park Row, 1841-42.

Baker & Ostheimer block, southeast corner
State and Fifth streets, built in two parts,

Beckman block, State street, near Fifth,

Bliley block, northeast corner State and
Tenth streets, 1865.

Berst block, State street, near Eighth, north
building, 1867; south building, 1870.

Becker block, northeast corner French and
Sixth streets, 1871-72.

Blass (L. & P.) block, 1610 and 1612 Peach
street, 1872.

Bloeser (C.) block, northwest corner Hol-
land and Eighteenth streets, first building,
1874 ; second building, 1884.

Brown block, French street, opposite Cen-
tral Park, remodeled in 1882.

Bloeser (J. S.) block, Myrtle and Eight-
eenth streets, 1884.

Blass (A.) block, Sassafras and Eighteenth
streets, 1888-89.

Beck block, 1008 State street, 1891.

Bass block, 1318 Turnpike street, 1891-92.

Blum block, southwest corner State and
Seventeenth streets, 1890-91 ; 1617 Peach
street, 1893; 1621 Peach street, 1894.

Bush block, 1105 State street, built in
1868 ; remodeled in 1894.

Berriman & Fisher block, southwest corner
State and Thirteenth streets, front building.
1893 ; rear building, 1895-96.

Bach block, 410 West Eighth street, about
1876; 412 West Eighth street, 1893.

Carter block, North Park Row, 1859.

Cronenberger block, southwest corner
Peach and 25th streets, 1861.

Cooper (F.) block. State street, south of
Thirteenth, about 1870.

Conrad block, 1406 Turnpike street, 1876;
State street, south of Twelfth, 1891 ; State
street (new one), built in 1891; State street
(old one), remodeled in 1894.

Cohen block,904and 906 State street, 1880 ;
State street, near Eleventh, 1891.

Clemens block, State street, near Ninth,

Claus block. State street between Eleventh
and Twelfth, 1885.

Camphausen block, 1518 and 1515 Peach
street, 1885.

Christoph block, 2518 Peach street, 1890.

Cantlon block, southwest corner State and
Twelfth streets; rear building, 1891; corner
building, 1895.

Central Market House, 1892-3.


Dime Bank block, southwest corner State
street and South Park Row, 1875 ; 1527 Peach
street, 1858-9.

Dewitt block, southeast corner State and
Seventh streets, 1880.

Downing building, northwest corner Peach
and Ninth streets, completed spring of 1883 ;



northeast corner State and Ninth streets, com-
pleted spring of 1892.

Dunn's livery stable, Peach and Tenth
streets, 1883.

Demuling block. Twelfth street, between
State and Peach, 1884; Parade and Eleventh
streets, 1893.

Dispatch building, Seventh street, near
State, 1886.

Disterdick block, State street, between
Thirteenth and Fourteenth, about 1874.

Doll block, 1512 Peach street, 1868.

Decker block, 452 West Eighteenth street,
1883; 450 West Eighteenth street, 1887; 454
West Eighteenth street, 1893; 440 and 442
West Eighteenth street, 1895.

Detzel (M.) block, 1306 Parade street,

Detzel (F. J.) block, northwest corner
Parade and Thirteenth streets, 1893.

Dickson block, Seventh street, between
State and Peach, 1876.

Elliott block, 18 East Seventh street,

Elliott block. State street, between Fifth
and North Park Row, 1857-

Ellsworth House, State street and North
Park Row, northeast corner, 1851-2; torn
down in 1891.

Exchange building, northwest corner
State street and North Park Row, built in
1857 ; remodeled in 1886.

Eichenlaub (Joseph) block. State street,
between Sixth and Seventh, 1856; Parade
and Tenth streets, 1882.

Eichenlaub (J. A.) block. State street,
near Ninth, 1878.

Eichenlaub (Ferdinand) block, northwest
corner State and Twelfth streets, 1882.

Eichenlaub (V. D.) block, Stale and
Eighteenth streets, 1884.

Erhart block, 1012 State street, 1869;
State street betweeen Eighth and Ninth,

Englehart (F.) block, northwest corner
State and Eleventh streets, 1856.

Englehart (C.) block. State street, between
Seventh and Eighth, 1856.

Eppley & Buerer block, 1114 and 1116
Parade street, 1895.

Erie Burial Case Co, 's ofliceand storeroom,

Peach street, between Twelfth and Thirteenth,
built about 1865; remodeled in 1888.

Esser block, 414 West Eighth street, 1884.

First National Bank building. State street,
between Seventh and Eighth, 1886.

Forman block, State street, between Tenth
and Eleventh, 1895.

Fisher block, northwest corner State and
Eleventh streets, 1886.

Fink block, southwest corner Chestnut
and Eighteenth streets, 1894-5.

Fargo block, 1708 Peach street, 1861.

Griffith block, northwest corner State and
Eighth streets, 1870.

Gensheimer block, northwest corner State
and Seventh streets, 1854.

Germer block, southwest corner State and
Ninth streets, 1872.

Gabel block. State street, between Eighth
and Ninth streets, 1874 ; Peach and Four-
teenth streets, 1885.

Grant & Metcalf block. French street,
opposite Reed House, originally built in 1860.

Gloth block, Twenty-tifth and Peach
streets, 1866 or '67; Eighteenth street, near
Holland, 1885.

Gross block. Peach street, near Thirteenth,


Hughes block, southwest corner .State and
Seventh streets : first part in 1834, second part
in 1838.

Herald block, southeast corner State and
Tenth streets: main building, in 1873; 1005
State street in 1887.

Hall block. State street, near Seventh, 1854.

Hicks block, 1216 State street, 1894; 1218
State street, 1892.

Haller block, 1225 State street, 1887.

Heigel block, southeast corner Chestnut
and Eighteenth streets, 1895.

Hengstler block, Cherry and Eighteenth
streets, 1892-3.

Heidt block, 1711 Peach street, 1884.

Hamberger block, 1704 Peach street, 1854.

Hartleb block, northeast corner Peach
and Sixteenth streets, 1860.

Hoffman block, 1508 and 1510 Peach
street, remodeled in 1882.



Heidt block, Peach and Twentyfourth
streets, about 1886.


Illig block, 15:^4 Peach street, 1868; 1106
State street, 1887 ; northwest corner Peach and
Twentieth streets, 1876.


Jarecki (G. & H. T.) block. State street,
between Seventh and Eighth, 1876.

Jarecki (A. H.) block, 1010 State street,

Jarecki (Henrj-) block, 822 and 824 State
street, about 1858.

Jarecki (Charles and Henry) block, 922
State street, about 1883-84.

Jarecki (August) block, 622 State street,

Jarecki (August) block, 1525 Peach street,

Jones & Sandusky block, northeast cor-
ner State and Fourteenth streets, 1890.

Krug block, 912 Parade street, 1883.

Kessler(C.) block: Southeast corner of
State and Fourth, 1846 and '48; 730 State
street, 1873; 1118and 1120 State street, 1876 ;
southwest corner State and Fourth streets,

Keystone Bank building, northeast corner
State and Eighth streets, 1866.

Klick block, 1007 State street, enlarged

Koehler (L.) block, northwest corner State
and Thirteenth streets, 1893.

Kneib block. State street, near Ninth,

Kessler (Henry) block. Eighteenth street,
between Walnut and Cherry, 1887.

Kalvelage block, southwest corner Peach
and Twenty-fourth streets, 1880.

Kraus block, 810 and 812 Parade street,

Kern block. Peach street, between Twenty-
fourth and Twenty-fifth, 186(5.

Keller block. Peach street, between Twen-
ty fifth and Twenty-sixth, 1880.

Kuntz block. Peach street, between Twen-
ty-third and Twenty-fourth, about 1871-2.

Liebel House, 1886.

Loeb block, 927 State street, 1890.

Levi block, 929 State street, 1884-5.

Levi Bros.' block, North Park Row, 1862.

Lytle block, 1523 Peach street, 1865.

Loesel block, 1718 and 1722 Peach street,
1891 ; southwest corner Eighteenth and Hol-
land streets, 1883.

Loesch building, 1706 Peach street, 1854.

Lyons block, Peach street, between Ninth
and Tenth, 1895.

Link block, 1124 Parade street, 1877.


Minnig (P.) block. State street, between
Fourth and Fifth, 1840-41.

Minnig (A.) block, State street, between
Eighth and Ninth, 1867.

McGrath block. State street, between
Seventh and Eighth, 1870-71.

Metcalf block. State street, between
Seventh and Eighth, 1872.

Murphy block. North Park Row, 1857.

Masonic block. State street, between Ninth
and Tenth, 1884.

Metzner block. Seventh street, between
State and Peach, 1890.

Maya (F. C.) block. State street, near
Eleventh, built in 1867, remodeled in 1887.

Masnnerchor Hall, State street, south of
railroad. Corner stone laid in 1889.

Moore block. State street, adjoining First
National Bank, 1856.

Mullane block, southeast corner Chestnut
and Eighth streets, 1875-6.

Mission block : North Park Row and
Peach street, 1861-2 (rear portion 1865);
Northwest corner Peach and Fourteenth
streets, 1872.

Mauer block. Seventh street, between State
and Peach, built about 1864-5, remodeled in
1882 and 1890.

Meyer (A.) block, Parade street, between
Sixteenth and Seventeenth streets, 1894.

Minnig (John) block, northwest corner

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