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Arndt (G. M.), Schriften v. 1.

- in 1830(Hillebrand) Preuss.Jahrb.37:494-

in 1848. Brownson, Works 16: 102.

in 1849-54 (Bunsen) Preuss. Jahrb. 25:46.

in 1857. British preponderance. Brown-

son, Works 16:536.

in 1859. Brownson, Works 16:548.

in 1861. Preuss. Jahrb. 7 :453.

in 18(53. Forces relatives(Lavergne)Rev.

d. d. Mondes 11:44:216.
- (Reybaud) Acad. Sci. Mor. 66: 151.

in 1865. Impending woes. Pains, religion

v. 12.

in 1883 (Charmes) Rev. d. d. Mondes III :


in 1886. Inquietudes. Rev. d. d. Mondes


in 1S89. Triple alliance. Rev. d. d. Mondes

II 1: 1>1: 277.

Southeastern. Elements of unity.

Monthly Reference Lists 2:9.

Eusebia, wife of Constantiiis II.

Praise of. Julianus, Opera.

Eusebius Pamphilus, bishop of ( \rsarta. 264-

Chronicle. Armenische 1 Cliersetzung

(Niebuhr) Berlin Akad. Abh. 1820-1.

Eustace the .W<>nk, ir<liiifi-nl pirate.
- Wright. KS.SUVS mi literatim* v.

Eu8tathiUB,n-rM/.f/io/>o/ 77i<-.<w</<. /,/.-/. d.1198
< 'h;irakteristik in Minn rei'ormatorischen
Kichtung (Neander) Berlin Akad. Abh.

Eutropins, <</</< /<.

Homily on (Chrynstom) Christ. Sp>et.

EUtrOplUS, hi.ilnri'tn.

lli-toirc litteraire de la Franei- v. 1.

Kev. d.d. M. mdcs II :8S:6; ".i

Invective again-t. Clainliaiiu-, <.,




Eutyches, archimandrate of Constantinople.
- et le concile du brigandage (Thierry) Rev.

d. d. Mondes II: 96: 721.
Eutychianism (Two natures of Christ).

Boethius. Opera v. 2.

Joannes Daniascenus. Opera v. 1-2.

Nestorius et Eutyches (Thierry) Rev. d.

d. Mondes II: 96: 21, 721.
Euxine. See Black sea.
Evans, Josiah J. 1786-1858.

Perry. Reminiscences of public men 116.
Eve. Milton's. Hazlitt, Round table.
Everaclus, bishop of Liege.

Pertz. Mon. Germ, hist, Script. 20 : 561.
Everett, Edward, statesman. 1794-1865.

Annual cyclopaedia 1865.

Mathews. Orators and oratory.

Whipple. Characteristic men.
Eve sham abbey, England.

Chronicon. Rolls chronicles 29.
Evesham battle, 1265.

(Rishinger) Walsingham.YpodigmaNeu-

striae : app.

Pactuin de non praestanda (Kiihnert)

Gott. Univ. Diss. v. 6.

Evidence. See also Certainty, Testimony,

Best. Englische Beweisrecht.

Greenleaf. On evidence.

Canons of (Cooper) Pams. history v. 9.

inmetaphysischen Wissenschaften. Men-

delssohn (M.), Schriften v. 1.

Incarnation and principles. Hutton, Es-

says v. 1.

Law of probable. Gladstone, Gleaningsv.7.

Rationale. Bentham, Works v. 6-7.

Study of moral (Shirley) Class. Jour. 26:


Theory. Maine, Village communities 295.
Evil. See also Crime, Dualism, Gnosticism,

Good, Manichseism, Pessimism, The-

Bayle. Dictionary; Oeuvres diverses.

Cunningham. St. Austin 45.

Herbart. Werke. 1850-2. 9:49.

Holland. Bitter-sweet.

Jouffroy. Melanges philosphiques 280.
- Mainionides. Guide of the perplexed.

Pfleiderer. Philosophy of religion 4 : 1.

Plato. Dialogues.

Plotinus. Ennades; tr. par Bouillet 1:117.

ProcJus. Opera; ed. Cousin.

Thompson. Problem of evil.

Amour du (Paulhan) Rev. Philos. 23 : 603.

Existence. Newman (Fs. W.) Miscella-

nies 2:1.

Origin. Augustine, City of God. bk. 12.
Leibnitz. Essais de the'odice'e.

Schelling. Werke 1:1:1.

Spiritual creation. James, Literary re-


Evolution. See also Creation, Darwinism,
Design, Man, Natural selection, Species.

Fiske. Cosmic philosophy v. 1.

Gaudry. Ancetres de nos* animaux 17.

Graham. Creed of science.

Hartmann. Philosophy of the uncon-

scious 2 : 298 ; 3 : 120.

Huxley. Critiques.

McCosh. Christianity and positivism.

Miller (Hugh). Footprints of the creator.

Murphy. Habit and intelligence.

(Naville) Revue Philos. 20:561.

Salmon. Non-miraculous Christianity.

Temple. Relations between religion and

science 97, 159.

(Ward) Dynamic sociology.

Wright. Philosophical discussions.

and theism. Bibliography. Library Jour.


Application to thought. Green (T : Hill),

Works 1:373.

Christianisme et (Renouvier) Crit. Phi-

los. N. S. 3:241; 5:44,81,171.
(Sabatier) Crit. Philos. N. S. v. 4-5.

Direct evidence. Huxley, Lectures in

Doctrine of (Leys) Pams. zoology v. 1.

Ecole transformiste (Saporta) Rev. d. d.


et liberty (Secrelan) Rev. Philos. 20: 1GO.

Ethical. Wundt's (Sommer) Preuss.

Jahrb. 59:189, 478, 486.

Lehre. Rolph, Biologische Probleme.

Martineau on. Spencer, Recent discus-


Mental. Maudsley, Body and will.

Mona-und polyphyletische Theorie (Sem-

per) Vierteli. wissen. Philos. 4 : 145.

Morale de (Fouill6e) Rev. d. d. Mondes


Phe'nomenisme et. Crit. Philos. 13:294-

Philosophy of. Strong, Philosophy and

religion 39.

Preuves (Martins) Rev. d. d. Mondes III :


Primeval vegetation and (Williamson)

Owens College essays.

Theories transformistes (Quatrefages)

Rev. Sci. 111:44:65.

Theory of progression (Patterson) Pams.

zoology v. 1.

Virchow and. Tyndall, Fragments of

science v. 2.

What it can do. McCosh, Realistic phi-

losophy 1 : 155.

Evremond. See St. Evremond.

Evreux, France.

Cathedral. Gailhabaud, Monuments v. 4.

Ewald, Hans, poet. 1743-81.

Howitt. Literature of northern Europe

ch. 23.

Ewald, Paul. 1851-87.

(Lowenfeld) Hist. Zeits. 59:507.


College admission. Pams. on educ. v. 10.

University (Morren) Pams. on educ. v. 10.

Exchange. See also Banks, Reciprocity,
Trade (balance of).

Goschen. Foreign exchanges.

( Wolowski) Acad. Sci. Mor. 79 : 5 ; 80 : 25.

Journal des Ecpnomistes I-II, index.

Nicholson. Science of exchanges.

Beschrankung, 1881 (Borries) Preuss.

Jahrb. 48:227.

Influence (Wolowski) Acad. Sci. Mor. v.

87-89; Rev. d. d. Mondes II : 77: 391.

Lettres d' (Pascaud) Jour. Econ. IV:21:


dans Pantiquit<j (Bernardakis) Jour.
Econ. IV: 9: 365.




The"orie mathematique (Walras) Jour.

Econ. 111:34:5.

Exeter, Devonshire, England.

Cathedral. King, Cathedrals v. 5.

Jurisdiction of mayor and bishop, 1447-8

(CamdenSoc. 11:2).

Exeter book (Anglo-Saxon).

Klage d. Frau, Ruin, etc. (Hicketier)

Anglia 11:363.
Exhibitions. See <il* names of cities.

Influence sur 1'industrie (Lavolle'e) Rev.

d. d. Mondes II:54:fi28.

Principe des (Beule") Rev. d. d. Mondes


universelles (Lavolle'e) Rev. d. d. Mondes



- Bolingbroke. Works 1 : 137.

Plutarch. Morals v. 3.

Exodus, Book of. See- also Genesis and.

Old German. Abfassungszeit (Pniower)

Zts. deutsch. Altert. 33: 73.


Eiiivrxiu. Essays, series 2.

Rant's Theorie. Zts. Volkerpsych. 8:74.

- Lewes on. Green (T : Hill), Works 1 : 442.

Bremenhavener ( Holtzendorff) Runds-

chau ' ; : 409.

in coal mines. Davy. Works v. 6.

(Jamin) Rev. <i. d". Mondes 111:43:921.

(Murray) Roy. Edin. Trans. 8:31.

in flour mills. Annual cyclopaedia 1872:


of steam engines. Arago, Oeuvres 5 : 117.

Explosives. See alto Blasting, Dynamite,
Gun cotton, Gunpowder, Nitroglycerine.

Berthelot. Science et philosophic 104.

Contributions to history of (Abel) Roy.

Soc. Trans. 1869:489; 1874:337.

Literature (Monroe) Parns. chemistry v. 2.

New fulminating mercury (Howard) Roy.

Soc. Trans. 1800:1'" I.
Nouvelles, 1873 (Papillon) Rev. d. d.

Mondes 11:106:407.

United States Foreign relations 1876-
NVharton. U. S. international law.

- French-English (Prevost-Paradol) Rev.

.1. .1. Momlrs II:(il :I012.
Law of Argentine Republic. U. S. For-
eign relations 1886:4.

Eyb, Ajhrecht von.

als Uebersetzer(H.) Halle Univ. Diss. v. 1.
Eyck, )Htintert.

Works on Flemish painters by: Havard,

(Vitet) Rev. d. d. Mondes II :2!:'.'.;i.
Eye. See also Blind, Cataract, Color, Cornea.

K-tiiia, Sight.
A.ljii-tim-nt to ilistance (Home) Roy.

Trans. 1802:1.
Aiiictropia in school children (Tiffany)

Kan-a> <'ity School Import 1 ""' ; : 17"
Anatomy (Homei Uoy.Sn-. Trans. 1822:76.

Apparent direction in portraits. Poggt-n-

aoHTl Aiinaleti v. *>.

(Wolla-to,. 94:947.

a> a camera obscura (Wilson) Rov. Edin.
1' '.'I

Blutgefasse (Leber) Wien Akad. Denks.

M-N. Cl. v. 24.

Brain and. Clifford, Seeing and thinking.

Canal of Petit (Knox) Roy. Edin. Trans.


Comparative anatomy (Knox) Roy. Edin.

Trans. 10:43.

chez les Tunisiens se'dentaires (Collig-

non) Rev. Anthrop. 111:3:1.

en Danemarck(Hansen) Rev. Anthrop.


en Norvege (Topinard) Rev. Anthrop.

Crystalline lenses of the cod (Brewster)

Rov. Soc. Trans. 1833:323; 1836:35.

Cuttle-fish. Optic lobes (Clarke) Roy.

Soc. Trans. 1867:155.

et la vision (Laugel) Rev. d. d. Mondes


Exophthalmus of both (Eckerlein)

Konigsb. Univ. Diss. v. 1.

Fish. Spicuke of choroid (Drummond)

Roy. Edin. Trans. 7:377.

Flussigkeitswechsel(Ehrenthal) Konigsb.

Univ. Diss. v. 1.

Humours. Chemical nature (Chenevix)

Roy. Soc. Trans. 1803 : 195.

Iristuberculose (Schneller) Halle Univ.

Di-^s. v. 4.

Mechanism (Young) Roy. Soc. Trans.


- Motions (Bell) Roy. Soc. Trans. 1823 : Ki<5-

Nerves. Colobom (Caspar) Bonn Univ.

Diss. v. 1.

- Semi-decussation (Wollaston) Roy.

Soc. Trans. 1824 : 222.

Netzhaut-gliom (Bochert) Konigsb. Univ.

Diss v. 1.

of cymothoidae. Minute structure (Bed-

dafd) Rov. Edin. Trans. 33:443.

of Mongols. Beschaffenheit d. Augen-

lider (Metzschnikoff) Zts. Ethnol. 6 : 153.

Verletzungen des n. opticus (Schliephake)

Giessen t'niv. Diss. v. 2.
Eyrbiggja saga.

Mallet. Northern antiquities.
Eytelwein, Johann A. 17(54-1848.

(Encke) Berlin Akad. Abh. 1849.

- Textkritik (Giske) Germania 28:89.

Fabius Maximus, Cnnctator. B.C. 275-203.

Plutarch. Liv-.

und Diodor. Monimsen, Rb'mische Fors-

chungen 2:221.

Bacon (Sir F.). Wisdom of the ancients.

Herder. Siinimtliche Werke 23 : 252.

Asinus vulgi. Orient n. Occid. v. 1.

Chinese. Martin. The Chinese .'.'I

Hagedorn's. Ramlors Anderungen(Pick)

Herrig's Archiv 73: I'll.

Irish. Origin (Cooper) Roy. Irish Tran>.

y. 10.

Literary symbolism. Hegel, Philosophy

of art*
Migration. Miiller, Chins v. 4.

Moorish. Hooker and Ball, Tour in Ma-


of the Greek tragedies (Hippenstiel)

Marh. Univ. Diss. v. 2.
Thierfalwln bei d. Meistersiingern
(Grimm) Berlin Akad. Abh. 1855.


- Wesen. Leasing, Werke 5 : 403 ; 10 : 329.


Crpet. Poetes francais 1 : 234.

Dunlop. History of fiction.

Legrand d'Aussy. Fabliaux.

Fabre, Ferdinand, novelist. 1830-

Lemaitre. Contemporuins 2 : 297.
-Unsere Zeit 1877: 2: 721.

Fabre d'Eglantine, Ph. Fs. N. 1755-94.

Lenient. Come'die an 18. siecle 2 : 358.
Face, Human. Seealao Physiognomy.

Beauty. Alison, On taste ch. 6.

Facetiae. See Humor, Wit.

Fagel, Francois. 1740-1773.

Hemsterhuis. Oeuvres philos. 2 : 211.

Fagnani, Giulio Carlo. 1682-1766.

- Theorem (Talbot)Roy.Edin.Trans.23:285.

Failure. See Success.

Fairfax, T :, 3d baron, general. 1611-71.

Coleridge. Northern worthies v. 1.
Fairs. See also Exhibitions.

Agra bazaar (Gilmour) Californian 3: 366.

Southwark. Hogarth, Works.


Hazlitt. Fairy mythology of Shakespeare.

Keightly. Fairy mythology.

English. Wright, Essays in literature v. 1.

German. Simrock, Deutsche Mythologie.

French (Monte'gut) Rev. d. d. Mondes II :


Lithuanian. Latham, Nationalities of

Europe 1 : 23.

Relation to religion (Pennell) Rev. d. d.

Mondes 54 : 457.

Rings ( Wollaston) Roy. Soc. Trans. 1807 :



Fairy tales. See also Folk-lore.

Dunlop. History of fiction.

Thorpe. Yule-tide stories.

Children's. Roscoe (W : C.), Essays.

Friar Rush and the elves. Wright, Es-

says in literature v. 2.

Faith. See also Belief, Certainty, Doubt,

Barrow. Works v. 5.

(Brochard) Revue Philos. 18: 1.

Compayre'. Philosophic de Hume 222.

Creuzef. Luther und Grotius.

Fichte. Vocation of man ( Pop. works v. 1).

Green (T : Hill). Works 3 : 253.

Hegel. Werke 11 : 206.

- Murphy. Scientific bases of faith.

Norris. Reason and faith.

Whately. Thoughts and apophthegms 135

and science. Baader, Werke 1:339, 357.
Brownson. Works 9:268.

(Guizot) Noyes, Theological essays.
Hegel. Werke v. 1.

and sight. Newman, Oxford sermons.
Picton. Mystery of matter.

Christian. Nichtwissen und absolutes

Wissen im Verhaltniss zur. Hegel,
Werke 17: 112.

Emotion of conviction. Bagehot, Literary

studies v. 2.

et reality (Renouvier) Crit. Philos. N. S.

10 : 19R.

et volonte" (Paulhan) Rev. Philos. 18:675.


Hang der Menschen an. Wieland, Werke

30 : 89.

Justification by. Green (T : H.), Works


On things above reason. Boyle (Rob.),


Reason and. Collard on. Brownson,

Works 3: 205-

Newman. Oxford sermons.

Wieland. Werke 30 : 1.

Limites(Franck) Acad. Sci. Mor. 8:541.

Wesen im Sinne Luthers. Feuerbach,

Werke 1:259.
Faith healing. Faith cure.

Tuke. Influence of mind on body.
(Bertrand) Rev. Philos. 21:591.

Falconry. See Hawks.

Faliero, Marino, doge of Venice. 1274-1355.

Byron. Dramas.

Delavigne. Theatre v. 2.

Hazlitt. Venetian republic v. 3.

Yriarte. Venice ch. 1.

Dramaturgische Parallelen. Unsere Zeit

Falk, Johannes D. 1768-

- Duller. Manner des Volks 3 : 237.
Falkland, Lucius Gary, 2 d viscount. 1610-43.

Arnold (Mat). Mixed essays.

Lodge. Portraits v. 2.

Tulloch. Rational theology in England.
Falkland islands.

- Unsere Zeit 1860: 125.

Fall of man. See also Eden.

Shuckford. Connections.


Bentham. Works v. 2.

Sidgwick. Fallacies.

Smith (Sydney). Works v. 2.
Fallmerayer, Jacob Philipp, publicist.

(Taillandier) Rev. d. d. Mondes II : 42 : 119.
Falloux, A. F: P: comte de. 1811-

Sainte-Beuve. Causeries du Lundi v. 15.
Falsehood. See also Truth.

Epinay (Mme). Lettres h mon fils.

Political. Swift, Works. 1814. 6:409.

Falstaff, Sir John. 1377-1459.

Bayle. Dictionary 5 : 191.

Shakespeare. King Henry IV.

Dion Chrysostomus. Orationes.

and glory. Sumner, Works, 2: 1.

Desire of reputation. Barnes, Essays v. 2.

Love of. Young, Poems.

Modern idea. Burckhardt, Renaissance


Posthumous. Bulwer, Caxtoniana.
Family. See also Home, Kinship, Marriage.

(Franck) Acad. Sci. Mor. 8:436.

Fustel de Coulanges. Ancient city.

Gasparin. Famille ; Ennemi de la


Hearn. Aryan household.

Hegel. Philosophic des Rechts (Werke
-8 : 158- ).

Hyacinthe. Family and the church.

Lippert. Geschichte der Familie.

McLennan. Patriarchal theory.

Plato. Laws bk. 3 ; Republic.

Schiiffle. Bau d. socialen Korpers 1 : 213 ;





Simon. Famille.

Thwing. Family.

Thompson. Problem of evil 158.

Ancient divisions. Maine, Early institu-

tions 64, 185.

Autorit^ paternelle (Gamier) Acad. Sci.

Mor. 57:55. 193.

Christian and pagan. Brownson, Works


et ia loi de succession en France (Bau-

drillart) Rev. d. d. Mondes 11:98:827.

et la proprie'te' aux premiers ages(Font-

pertuis) Jour. Econ. IV: 6:5.

et la socie'te' (Passy) Jour. Econ. 1 1 : 11 : 59-

Etat et la. Parieu, Science politique;

, Acad. Sci. Mor. 86: 5.

Evolution suivant M. Spencer (Renou-

vier)Crit. Philos. 17:17.

- French. Hillebrand. Zeiten, Vtflker 1 : 13 ;


Irish ancient divisions, McLennan, Stud-

ies in ancient history.

Organisation (Thouverez) Crit. Philos.

N.S. 7:420.

Patriarchal. Lippert, Culturgeschichte


Role dans I'Sducation (Guizot) Acad. Sci.

Mor. 39:161.

Roman. Becker, Callus.

Fanaticism. See also Enthusiasm.

unddieMittel dagegen. Kant, Werke&60

Tombeau du; exanien de Bolingbroke.

Voltaire, Oeuvres v. 30.

Fantosme, Jordan.

.Mt-trikder Chronik (Rose) Roman. Stu-

Faraday, Michael, chemist. 1794-1867.
- (Dumas) Paris, Mem. Acad. Sci. v. 36.

(La Rive) Smithson. Report 1867:227.

(Radau) Rev.d. d. Mondes 11:71: 1015.

as a discoverer. Schelling, Werke 1 : 9:439.

Tymlall. Fragments of science.

Farallones islands.

Birds and eggs (Bryant) Cal. Acad. Sci.,

Proc. 11:1:25.

Farces. See alto Comedy.

Troiscommcres( Meyer) Romania 10:533.
Far fa monastery.

Annales; Historiae. Pertz, Man. Ger-

man, hist., Scriptores v. 11.

Farina, Salvatore. 1846-

(.-amosch) Rund-chatl 1<>:L>16.

Humorist)! (Marc-Monmer) Rev. d. d.

Monde, Ill :.M:405.

Novels. Rundschaii it: l.vj.

Farlnellt, Carlo Hro>chi. im

- (Scudo) Kcv. d. d. Mondes II :.V>:759.

Farming. See alto Agriculture.
F.mer-<.n. Society and -olitnde.
Amcrii an home*. Conn. School Kept.

Freud. (Villerme 1 ) Rev. d. d. II


Mltayagf dims le I'erigord (. \udi-
ganm-j Kcv. .1. d. Mondes II :'

Law f. AIIDT Agriculturist law hook.

( 1'arriih ). Mich. H.I. A^ric.U.'port 1882-3.
Farneae, Ah-ssandro, ,l,,kr< >f r> ,. \

(Uugel) Rev. d. d. M..II.I.". Ill :7L': 171.

Faroe islands.

Dasent. Jest and earnest v. 1.

Marmier. Lettres sur le Nord 2:214.

Geology (Mackenzie) Roy. Edin. Trans. 7 :


Mineralogy (Allan) Roy. Edin. Trans. 7:

229; 9:461; 13:46.

Farquhar, George, dramatist. 1678-1707.

Dunham. Literary men v. 3.
Farragut, David G., admiral. 1801-70.

Annual cyclopaedia 5:596. Portrait.

Chesney. Military biography.

I (Doehn) Unsere Zeit 1869:2:499.

Fashion. See also Costume, Etiquette.
Arndt. Schriften 2:67.
I Garve. Versuche 1 : 117.

Fasts. See also Festivals, Lent.

funraire (Baudrillart) Rev. d. d. Mondes


Fatalism, Fate. See /. Libertj', Necessity.
Providence. Will (Freedom).

Asiatic Journal 14:355.

Bardesanes. Book of laws of countries.

Cicero. De fato.

Diderot. Jacques lefataliste(Oeuvresv.6).

Emerson. Conduct of life.

Erigena. De prsedestinatione.

Laurent. Histoiredudroitdes gens 18:53.

Plutarch. Morals v. 5.

Leibnitz de fato. Trendelenberg, Hist.

Beitrage 2 : 188.

Mohammedan doctrine. J. Amer. Ori-

ent. Soc. 8:105.

Notions grecques. Constant de Rebecque,

de la religion 3:358.

Fathers of the church.

Literature. Anfange. Hist. Zeits. 48:417.

Method of reading. Bayle, Dictionary 2:


Philosophy. Ozanam, History of civili-

zation v. 1.
- Vacherot. Ecole d'Alexandrie v. 1, 3.

Testimony. Clinton, Fasti Bommni 2:518.

Faucher, Lon, economist. 1803-54.

(Levasseur) Jour. Econ. 111:40:1*111.

Reybaud. Economistes modernes ; also

Rev. d. d. Monde- II :8S:

Correspondance (Valbert) Rev. d. d.

Mondes III:85:(W1.

Faust. Set also Mephistopbeles, Theo]>hi-
lus (St.).

Bibliography. Goethe, Fau-t ; trad, par

I'.la/.c <lf Bury.
- Klingi-r. Kaiist's Lel>on (Kiirchncr's

Saiumlung v. 79).

Li-nan. Faust: t-in (u-dicht (\Verkc v. .'5).
ero. Choice Literature 1 : M7.

Aeltote ()|.er(S])itt;i) Uund-cliait .">S : ;57i;.

P^ine Trilogie(I)ingelstedt) RtimNchau v.


English pantomines (Dii>l>U>r) Anglia':

Kutychianus Faii-tn-. -enior and junior.

Herrig's Arch:,

Goethe^. (A. L.) HiTrig's Archiv
- ( Assinaiiii) Herrig's Archiv !: L'->7.
- (I)iinUer) Herrig's Archiv 10- 121.
- iKnnO Fischer) Kiindx'han
- (Jarnl.y) (ioethe .lahrhuch 1:186.
- ICaMOU. Three devils.

- Mosun (Jul.). \Verkev.8.




(Schmidt)Preuss.Jahrb.39:361; 53:551.

Taylor. Studies in German literature.

Altitalienische Gemiilde als Quelle

( Dehia) Goethe-Jahrb. 7 : 251.

Archiv (Rudolf) Herrig's Arch. 81 :405.

Betrachtungen (Scherer) Goethe-
Jahrb. 6:231.

Erste Theater-AufTiihrungen (Enshn)

Rundschau 24:95.

Genese(BtazedeBury)Rev.d.d. Mondes


Herder im (Huther) Zts. deutsche Phi-

lol. 21:329.

Scherer as critic of (Thomas) Mod.
Language Assoc. Trans, v. 2.

Schlussworte (Nitzsch) Preuss. Jahrb.

56 : 162.
Second part. Aesthetiker Fischer und

(Duntzer) Herrig's Archiv 34 : 269.
Translation by Blaze. Herrig's Arch.

Translation by Gonzaga. Hillebrand,

Zeiten, Volker2:114.
und Hegel (Borinski) Goethe-Jahrb.

9 : 198.
und Helena (Bobertag) Goethe-Jahrb.

Verstudien (Hauff) Herrig's Archiv

Vorgeschichte(Schmidt) Goethe-Jahrb.

v. 2-4.

Gounod's opera (Scudo) Rev. d. d. Mondes


Legend (Barine) Rev. d. d. Mondes III :


Conway. Demonology 2 : 332.

Goethe. Faust; tr. by Taylor 1 : app.

(Stieglitz) Hist. Taschenbuch 1834.

Lessing's (Schmidt) Goethe-Jahrb. 2:65.

Marlowe s(Breymann)Engl.Studien 5:56.

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Collation der Quarto ( Proscholdt) An-
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