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Greek uoristsuhjunctive(<ino<iwin) Amer.

Pliili.l. A->t.c. 1*70:41..
articular infmitive<<; ili lcr*leeve) Amer.

Philol. Assoc. 1878:5; Amer. J. l'hilol.8:

infinitive substantive (Weiske) Jahrb.

Philnl. 12'i: !H, r>2!.
[ndQMrmank infinitive. Jolly, Ge-


in Imptrfectiubjunctivein fnlk-speech

M - .iv) Am.-r. .1. Philnl. 1: llu.
subjunctive in principal clauses ( Hark-

ness) Am. Philnl. A - c,,-. !>::: Tii.
Ti-iiipn- iiml. Uebergung (Tobler) Zta.

Viilkenisych. 2:29.
Theory (Gregory) Roy. Edin. Trans, v. 2.


Modoald, St.

Translatio. Pertz, Mon. German, hist.

Script. 12:284.

Modoc county, California.

Lava beds (Bunker) Californian 1:161.

Surprise and Goose Lake valleys (Kober)

Cal. Bd. Health 1884-: 170. '
Modoc Indians.

War, 1872-3. Bancroft, History of Oregon

Kirchhoff. Californische Kulturbilder


U. S. House Ex. Docs. 1873-1. v. 9 ; 1874-

5, v. 12; Senate Ex. Docs. 1876-7, v. 2.
Moffat, Robert. 1795-1883.

(Valbert) Rev. d. d. Mondes 111:78:681.
Mogul empire. See also India, Tartars.

Dernier* temps (Pavie) Rev.d.d. Mondes

11:16:389; 18:141; 19:465,549.
Mohacz battle, 1526.

- Mailath. (Jesch. d. Magyaren 3 : 186.
Mohammed, Mohammedanism. See alto

Koran. Malnli, Nusairians, Sofisiu.

Annual cyclopaedia. 1878.

Arnold. Through Persia.

Audouard. Orient 2.T.

Carlyle. Heroes and hero-worship.

Clarke. Ten great religions.

Coppe"e. Arab conquest of Spain ch. 1-

Deutsch. Literary remain* .v.

Diercks. Geist de'r Mcn-chheit 2:45.

Du M'-ril. Poesies latines au nioven Aee


Gibbon. Decline and fall ch. 50-52.

Hullam. History of Europe.

Hegel. Philosophy of history.

Henne-am Rhyn. OaltargWOhiehta v. 3.

Johnson. Oriental religion*: Persia.

Koran. Translations by Palmer, Sales.

Kriegk. Darstellungen 519.

Matthew Paris. Chronica majora (Rolls

chronicles 57:3:344).

- Milinan. Latin Christianity v. 2.

Prleiderer. Religion: Wesen2:35l.

Quillet. Oeuvres complete* .;: lo-.

Rawlinson. Seventh oriental monarchy.

Schlegel. Pliilosophv of bi-tory.

Schlosser. Weltgex-hit-hte v. 4.

Select biographies by Soc. Diff. I'seful


StilK 5 . Mediaeval history.

Universal history : ancient v. 16; modern,


Voltaire. Oeuvres v. 13.

Zeitscbrift deutsche morgenliind. (lenell.,


Kiirsten .Icr Netizeit (VaniWry) Kund-

Kchau 4:437-

Geistli.bkeit AfricaM (Schafer) Una. Zeit

House of AH. Rotteck, KleinereSchriftrn

1 : 2.'|.

im Kamiife geirt-n Europa (Vnin:

Una. Xeit :

in Java. Kallles. I IiMorv of Java V. 2.

- Islam (Nul.lekc) Utm.lMluiu 33:378.

Polcmik zw. Jinleii u. (.S breincr) Zta.

deui. morgenl. <ie*ell. 42:AU1.

I:. -I. it ion to I'hri-liaiiity. S'hiifT, Chri-

tian church v. I

RIsAleh. Translation. Jour. Amer. Or.




unveiled. Religious Map. 4 : 265.

Vie (Barthe'lemy St.-Hilaire) Acad. Sci.

Mor. v. 66-69.
Mohave (Mojave) desert.

(Griffin) Calif ornian 5 : 26.

Mohl, Robert von. 1799-1876.

Bluntschli. Gesch.neu.Statswissenschaft.

Lehrer u. Staatsmann. Rundschau 7 : 426.

Mohler, Joh. Ad. 1796-1838.

Strauss. Schriften 2 : 219.

Mbhsen, Joh. C: W: 1722-

(Meierotto) Berlin Akad. Abh. 1792-7.

Moldavia. See also Roumania.

De'membrements (Xenopol) Rev. Hist.

16:49, 257.
Moldelbe, Alois Negrelli von.

UnsereZeit 1858:597.

MoK-, L: M., comte de. 1781-1855.

Raynal. Oorrespondants de Joubert.

Molecular theory. See Atoms.

Molones, Paul de.

Ouvrages (Taillandier) Rev. d. d. Mondes


Moliere, J. B. Poqueiin. 1622-73.

Bibliography. Monthly Ref. Lists 4 : 45.

Albert. LitUJrature fr. au 17. siecle.

Arago. Oeuvres 3 : 553.

Balzac. Oeuvres 22 : 1.

Faguet. Grands maitres du 17. siecle.

Janet. Passions dans la litt. du 17. siecle.

(Larroumet) Rev. d. d. Mondes 111 : 75:

347; 77:796.

Michelet. Histoire de France 13 : ch. 4-

Prescott. Essays.

Sainte-Beuve. Nouveaux Lundis 5 : 257.

Schlegel. Lectures on dramatic art.

Shelley. French authors v. 1.

Arnolphe (Coquelin) Rev. d. d. Mondes


Avare und Plautus Aulularia (Humbert)

Herrig's Arch. 18:376.

Charaktereaus(Josupeit) Herrig's Archiv


Conventionelle Standpunkt seiner Zeit

(Humbert) Herrig's Archiv 23:100.

Derniers biographes (Brunetiere) Rev. d.

d. Mondes 111:22:587.

Don Juan (Ganderax) Rev. d. d. Mondes

(Mahrenholz) Herrig's Arch. 63: 1, 177.

Ecole desfemmesand Wycherley's Coun-

try wife (Sandmann) Herrig's Arch. 72:

et Louis XIV (Larroumet) Rev. d. d.

Mondes III: 77: 64.

Femme (Larroumet) Rev. d. d. Mondes


Femmes savantes. Schaackiiber. Herrig's

Arch. 23:63.

Gegner in Deutschland (Humbert) Her-

rig's Arch. 20:83.

Life. Voltaire, Oeuvres v. 42.

genius ( Watson) Cambridge essays 1855

Mahrenholz'. Jahrb. Philol. 128 : 368.

Medicin malgre" lui (Wenzel) Herrig's

Arch. 74 : 243.

Misanthrope und d. Idealismus(Schaffer)

Herrig's Arch. 69:345.

und d. Urtheile d. Kritik (Mahrenholz)

Herrig's Arch. 58:267.

Patoisformen in (Pohlisch) Herrig's

Archiv 72: 183.

Philosophie (Janet) Acad. Sci. Mor. 99 : 69 ;

Rev. d. d. Mondes III : 44 : 323.

Prcieuses ridicules (Mahrenholz) Her-

rig's Arch. 62 : 173.

Sprache (Hoppe) Herrig's Arch. 36 : 159.
(Robolsky) Herrig's Arch. 24:389.

Studien (Laun) Herrig's Arch. 8-11, 14-15.
(Schemer) Herrig's Arch. v. 59-60.

Uebersetzungen des 17. Jahrh. (Bolte)

Herrig's Archiv 82 : 81.

und d. romische u. spanische Komodie

(Mahrenholz) Herrig's Arch. 56:241;

und Holberg (Humbert) Jahrb. Philol.

124 : 587.

Weiblicher Charakter (Mahrenholz) Her-

rig's Archiv 62 : 255.

Wycherley u. Garrick (Sandmann) Her-
rig's Arch. 77:47.

Zur Literatur (Callin) Herrig's Archiv


Moline, P: L: 1740-1820.

Grimm-Diderot. Correspondance.

Molinos, Miguel. 1630-1696. See also Qui-

(Scharling) Zts. hist. Theol. v. 24-25.

Mollien, N. F. 1758-1850.

(Chevalier) Acad. Sci. Mor. v. 28, 39, 41, 42;

Rev. d. d. Mondes 11 : 4 : 225, 811.

Reeve. Royal, etc., France 1 : 355.

Mollusca. See also Brachiopoda, Cephal-
opoda, Gasteropoda, Lamellibranchiata,
Polyzoa, Tunicata, etc.

Automatische Undulationen d. Neben-

kiemen einiger Bivalven (firman) Ber-
lin Akad. Abh. 1833.

Circulation (Milne Edwards) Paris, Me"m.

Acad. Sci. 20:443.

Wien Akad. Denks. M-N. 01. v. 30.

Developmental history (Lankester) Roy.

Soc. Trans. 1875:1.

Difficulty of distinguishing by shells

(Gray) Roy. Soc. Trans. 1835:301.

Economy, structure of shells (Gray) Roy.

Soc. Trans. 1833 : 771.

Feeding, habits of marine testaceous (Os-

ier) Roy. Soc. Trans. 1832 : 497.

Geometrical forms of turbinated shells

(Moseley) Roy. Soc. Trans. 1838:351.

Multilocular fossil, Cornwall (Ansted)

Cambr. Philos. Trans. 6:415.

of California. Fossil (Agassiz) Pacific R.

R. reports v. 5.

of Gulf of California (Carpenter) Smith-

son. Rept. 1859.

of Minnesota. Schoolcraft, Mississippi

expedition 515.

Univalve and bivalve: relations (Salter)

Cambr. Philos. Trans. 11:485.

Moltke, H. C. B., Graf von. 1800-

Verdienste um d. Kenntniss d. Alterthums

(Belger) Preuss. Jahrb. 51:70.

Molza, F. M., poet, novelist. 1489-1544.

Symonds. Renaissance in Italy.

Mommsen, C. M. Theodor. 1817-

(Boissier) Rev. d. d. Mondes II : 98: 798.

History of Rome (Thierry) Acad. Sci.

Mor. 72:81,91.




(Taillandier) Rev. d. d. Mondes II : 17 :



UnsereZeit 1883: lien-

Monad (Philosophical). See also Atoms.

Euler. Letters to German princess.

Systems. Condillac, Oeuvres v. 2.

Monad (Zoological). See Infusoria.

Monadology. See also Leibnitz.

Leibnitz. Opera philos.; ed.Erdmann"02.

Monarchy. See also Democracy, Kings, Sov-

Allen, Royal prerogative.

( Baudrillart) Acad. Sci. Mor. 07 : 3'_>7.

Bluntschli. Theory of the state bk. <.

Bodin. Six bookes of commonweale.

Brockhaus. LegitinutJitsprincip.

Condillac. Histoireanciennev.2(Oeuvres

v. 10).

Dante. De monarchia. (Sir Rob.). Works (Original gov-


- Harrington. Oceana.

Parieu. Science politique; Acad. Sci.

Mor. 81:321.
Schleidan. De monarchiis.

Absolute, en Espagne (Mazade) Rev. d. d.

M nudes II: 28: 704.
Epochen in d. neueren Geschichte (Ko-

ser) Hist. Zts. ill :2H!.

in France. Stephen, Lectures on his-
tory of France v. 2.

Constitutional. Aretin and Rotteck,


Chateaubriand. Melanges polit. v. 1.

t. Philosophic sensualiste 342.

- English (Delbrtick) Preuss. Juhrb. 42:321.
and French. Growth compared. Ste-
phen, Lectures history of France v. ~1.

Influence on the formation of states.

Kirk, Charles the Bold 2:224.
Representative. Wirkungeii. Bluntschli,

I -eh re VOMI modernen Suit. 3 :.'!!-.

Roman Catholic church and. Brownson,

Works 13:107.

Moncrif, F. A. Paradis de. 1687-1770.

Alembert Oeuvres 11:307.

Money. See also Coinage, Currency, Interest,
Numismatics, Value, references under
Bfbttography. Horton, Internal, mon-

ry conference 1870. 737.
Berkeley. Uueri-t.

Franklin. Works v. 2.

Journal des Economist's III. in<lrs.

Ancient (Lenorniant) Acad. Sri. Mor. v.


Anglo-Saxon. Linganl, Anglo-Saxon

church '-': l-s.
Turner. Anglo-Saxons '_':

Attic Ubnt (Good win) Am. I'hilol. Assoc.


Chinese. History (I>el Mar) Pains. finance

Circulation fidiiciaireaux tadMOricntalM

neerlandaises (Bern) Jour. Iv ,,n. IV: 198,

Division et nomenclature (Costaz) Paris,

I. l_':599.
I >ouble tftalon ( Bonnet) Kev. 1. d. Mondes

II; His :!.:,.

- (Chevalier) Rev. d. d. Moudes III : 14 :

556; 10:621.
- (Mannequin) Jour. Econ. IV:3:202.

et ses delve's (Chevalier) Jour. Econ. Ill:


E talon unique d'or en Angleterre (Man-

nequin) Jour. Econ. IV: 15:332.

Fixite! de la valeur de I'e'talon (Walras)

Jour. Econ. IV: 20: 5.

French. France, Bureau des Longitudes,

Annuaire 1886.

German reform, 1867 (Lammers) Preuss.

Jahrb. 20
- treaty, 1858. Preuss. Jahrb. 2 : 33.

Homeric talent (Ridgewav) .1. Hellenic

Stud. 8:133.

Influence. Hamerton. Intellectual life.

International (Bonnet) Rev. d. d. Mondes


(Chevalier) Jour. Econ. Ill: 12: 178,
- (Laveleye) Rev. d d. Monde- II :<; - <;n.
- (Nothoiul)) Preuss. Jahrb. 24:101..
- Kiniuete anglaise (bnard) Jour. Econ.


Laws relating to use Montesquieu, Spirit

of the laws bk. 22.

Loi de Germinal an XI (Wolowski) Jour.

Econ. Ill: v. 15-16; Acad. Sci. Mor. v. 90,

- du Japon. 1871 (Parieu) Acad. Sci. Mor.

l*o\e of. Leslie, Essays.

Origines et leurs DOOM (Kcrnanlaki-)

Jour. Econ. Ill: 18:.

Parliamentary usurpations. I'rquhart

I'am. writings v. 1.

Pecus pecunia (Ridgeway) J. Hellenic

Stud. !):20.

Ring money of the Celtae ( Betham

Irish Trans, v. 17.

Roman. (Ja-semli. Abacus sestertiornn:.

Hi-Hii (Opera. 1727. v. 5).
- Byzantine. Finlay. <tre<
! Uniformity (Parieu) Jour. Kcon. llliti:

.TJ1; Hi: 372.
- Controverse allemamle an IX. siecle

(Parieu) Acad. Sci. Mor. 7

United State-. 1-sl (Oatman) Berkeley

U.xe and abuse. Mathews, Getting on in

the world -'-".

Value. Deprc<'iatiou (I.uca-) Acad. S.-i

Mor. 31:2rt3.

- Kcci-nt < hange in (Crane) lierkeley
Quar. 1 : 298.

Monge, Caspard. 17HV-1818.

Arago. Oeuvres v. 2: Paris, M-'m. Acad.

. LM.

Monffln, E.I fne.. bithop of Run*. 1668-1746.

AlcmlH-rt Oeuvres 10: 409.

Mongols. See nh<>\

Atkinson. Siberia.
K:inkini:. War- and -portSOt

(Stein i X.-it-. Kthnol. 7:353.

Aeltc-i.- Nachrichten (Sehott) BrllB

Aknd. Al.h 1-

Erfiir-chiingen (Marlhei /.eitv Kr.lknmle

10: M.

History. <'liii ...... \l-\- :: HI.

EtaMMt(Dorad'Istrta) i:-v d.d.MondM





Monism. See also Dualism, Matter.

Clifford. Lectures and essays 2:31, 71.

Eucken. Concepts of modern thought.

en Alletuagne (Nolen) Rev. Philos. 13:54,


World as an eject (Romanes) Contemp. R.

Monitor- Merrimac combat, 18(52.

Knox. Decisive battles niiice Waterloo.

Swinton. Twelve decisive battles.

Monk, George, duke of Albemarle. 1608-69.
Sre works on restoration of Charles II.

Guizot. Monk.

Lodge. Portraits v. 3.

Musson. Life of Milton v. 5.

Pepys. Diary v. 1.


Anthropoid (Hartmann, Nissle) Zeits.

Ethnol. 8:4(5. 130; 9:117.

Brain (Ferrier) Roy. Soc. Trans. 1875:433.

Chiromys: Aye-Ay*e( Peters) Berlin Akad.


Cvnocephalus d. Aegypter (Ehrenberg)

Berlin Akad. Abb.. 1833.

Domestication (Rover) Rev. Anthrop. Ill:


Embryo (Rudolpbi) Berlin Akad. Abb.


et 1'homme. Quinet, Creation v. 1 (Oeu-

vres v. 22).

Semnopithecus (Beyrich) Berlin Akad.

Abh. 1860.

Monks, Monasteries. See also Benedictines,
Celibacy, Clergy, Dominicans, Francis-
cans, L'a Trappe, Nuns, Port Royalists,
names of monasteries.

Histories of Christianity by Milman, Ne-

ander, etc.

Blunt. Ancient customs in modern Italy


Carlyle. Past and present.

Gibbon. Decline and fall.

Jameson. Legends of the M. orders.

Montalembert. Monks of the west.

Ancren riwle. Camden Soc. 57.

Anglo-Norman. Turner, England in mid-

dle ages 4 : 226.

Anglo-Saxon. Lingard, A.-S. church v. 1.

as a moral force. Allen, Christian history.

Burmese. Bigandet, Life of Gautama.

Discipline. Church. St. Anselm 43.

English. Fosbroke. British monachism.
Fuller. Church history v. 2.

Rolls chronicles, passim.

Dissolution, 1528-39. Blunt, Reforma-
tion of Church of England v. 1.

Camden Soc. 26.

Froude. Short studies v. 1.

Italian. Question, 1867 (Mazade) Rev. d.

d. Mondes 11:68:1011.
(Reuchlin) Preuss. Jahrb. 17: 239.

Life, 900. Freitag, Bilder 1 : 351.

Priestley. Theolog. works 5 : 446.

Preuss. Jahrb. 9:1.

Mendicant orders. Lea, History of the

inquisition 1 :243.

Lechler. Life of Wycliffe.

Pauli. Pictures of old England.

Raumer. Hohenstaufen 3 :579; 6:321.

of Bethlehem (Thierry) Rev. d. d. Mondes

11:58:5; 62:465.

of Nile delta; of Thebaid. Kip, Historical


Monmouth, James Scott, duke of. 1649-85.

Lodge. Portraits v. 3.

and Shaftesbury. Dryden, Absalom and


Death. Bay ley, Tower of London 2:633.

Monnier, H: B. 1799-1877.

Fleury. Caricature moderne.

Monooxybenzoic acid. Einwirkung von
Phosphorpentachlorid (Moore) Bonn
Univ. Diss. v. 3.

Monopolies. See also Association, Combi-

Political economies by Sidgwick, etc.

(Bastiat) Jour. Econ. 1: 14:106.

Farrer. State in relation to trade.

(Fontenay) Jour. Econ. I V : 24 : 157-

(Le Hardy de Beaulieu) Jour. Econ. II:


h Paris (Charpentier) Rev. Nat. 17: 165.

conce'de's & diverses socie'te's par actions

(Neymarck) Jour. Econ. I V :44 : 182.

des allumettes chimiques (Vesin) Jour.

Econ. 111:34:234.407.

des houilles de la Loire (Clement) Jour.

Econ. 1:16:15; 17:157.

Dutch. Laspeyres, Volkswirthschaft.

facultatif de 1'alcool ( Alglave) Jour. Econ.


Gomme de Senegal (Reybaud) Jour. Econ.


professionnels (Pascaud, Petit) Jour.

Econ. IV : v. 13, 15, 16.

Regime de (Dunoyer) Jour. Econ. 1:1:

13, 129.
Monotheism. See also God.

Schelling. Werke 11:2: 1-127.

Account of defensive. Comte, Positive

polity v. 3.

De"veloppement(Reville) Rev. d.d. Mondes


Greek. Zeller, Vortrage 1:1.

Semitic. Miiller, Chips v. 1; Rund-

schau 14 :375.
Monroe, James, 5th president. 1758-1831.

Bibliography. Gilman, Life of Monroe.
Monthly Reference Lists 3 : 35.

Life. Li his People the sovereigns.

Monroe doctrine.

Curtis. Life of Buchanan 1 : 619.

Diplomatic Review bk. 3.

Pamphlets on Monroe doctrine. 1 v.

Tucker. Monroe doctrine.

U. S. Foreign relations 1882:271.

U. S. Senate Ex. Docs. 1881-2, v. 6.

Webster. Works 3 : 179.

Wharton. Digest of U. S. internat. law.

Williams. Statesman's manual.

Canada and (Varigny) Rev. d. d. Mondes

Monsabr<s, J. M. L:, pere. 1827-

Lemaitre. Contemporains 2 : 115.

Monselet, Charles. 1825-

Poesies, romans. Sainte-Beuve, Nou-

veaux Lundis v. 10.

Monserrat, Spain.

Hacklander. Werke 22: 205.

Humboldt (K: W: v.). Werke 3: 173.

Monson, Sir William. 1569-1636.

Southey. ^British admirals v. 5.




Monstrosities. See also Foetus, Hermaph-
rodites, Siamese twins.

Human (Clark) Carnbr. Philos. Trans. 4:


(Monroe) Roy. Edin. Trans. 3:215.

Cyclopian. Brain and eyeball (Cun-
ningham, Bennett) Rov. Irish Trans. 29:

Enfant quadruple (Geoffroy-St-Hi-

laire) Paris, M6m. Acad. Sci. 11: 485*.

Kind mit Phocornelie (Boerner) Mar-
burg Univ. Diss. v. 1.

mit verkummerten Unterkiefer(Adam)

Kimigsb. Univ. Diss. v. 1.
Ritta-Christina (Serres) Paris, M.'-iu.
Acad. Sci. 11:583.

Thoracopagus (Skibbe) Kimigsb. I'niv.

I>i>-. v .

Principes d'embryoge'nie et de t^ratoge'nie

(Serres) Paris, Mm. Acad. Sci. v. L'.'I.

Montagu, Charles, earl of Halifax. See Hali-

Montagu, Sir Edward, d. 1556.

Campbell. Chief justices.
Montagu, E:, gd earl of Manchester. 1002-

Lodge. Portraits v. 3.

Montagu, E:, Ixt earl of Sandwich. 1025-72.

Lodge. Portraits v. 3.

Southey. British admirals v. 5.
Montagu, Sir Henry, d. I0li.

- Campbell. Chief justices.
Montagu, J ohn, '/ duke of. d. 1749.

Lodge. Portraits v. 4.
Montagu, Lad;i Mary W. 1<;00-17';

Bagehot. Literary studies v. 1.

Jameson. Loves of the poets ch. 30.

Jeffrey. Essays 711.

Correspondence. Pope, Works v. 7.

(Selden) Rev. d. d. Mondes 11:83:973.

Montaigne, Michel E. de. 1533-92.

- Albert. Litterature fr. des origines 297.

(Church) Oxford essays 1857.

Desjardins. MoralNtes francais.

Emerson. Representative men.

Feuillet de Conches. Causeries 3:3. 290.

Ritter. Geschichte d. Philosophic 10: 184.

Shelley. French author* v. 1.

Staiidlin. Geschichted.Skcpticismus v. 2.

Economiste (Grun) Jour. Econ. 11:7: 114;


en voyage. Sainte-Beuve, Nouveaux


- Mairede Bourdeaux. Sainte-Beuv.
veaux Lundis 0:239.

Nouveaux documents sur. Sainte-Beuve,

Causeries v. 4.

Syntaktische ArchaiMiicn (Glaanlng)

'Merries Arrhiv tit. PL",, .TJo, 415.

und Bacon. Herrig's Archiv 31 :250.
Montalembert, C: F., comte de. 1810-70.

letters to a schoolfellow. Bruwn-<n.

Works 14:515.

Liberalisme cathnliqne ct(Mazadc) Key.

d.d. Mondes 11: 35: 980.

Orateur. Sainte-Beuve, Causeries 1:79.

U.8. Geol. Survey (Hay-den's). Imports.

Con.ititution, IHM. U. S. Senate M. Docs.

1886-6, v. 1.

Montcalm de Salnt-Veran, L: J., marquit de.

(Hamont) Rev. d. d. Mondes 111:31:8881
Montchretien,,sieurde Vatteville. 1570-

| (Duval) Acad. Sci. Mor. v. 85-87.

(Rouxel) Jour. Econ. IV: 2r>: U.
Monte Carlo.

Suppression des jeux(Planchut) Rev. d.d.

Monte Casino monastery.

(Vogiig) Rev. d.d. Mondes 111:81:91.

Annales. Pertz, Mon. Germ, bi-t.. S. r v

3, 19.


Constitution 1885. Ann. d. d. MOIL:


Delimitation (Jurien de la Graviere) Rev.

d. d. Mondes 1 1 : 98 : 573.

in 1K50 (Baschet) Rev. d. d. Mondes II.


in 1858, 1875. Uns. Zeit 1858 : 323 ; 1


in 1875 (Kapper) Rundschau 7:285, 415;


in 1877. Gladstone, Gleanings v. 4.

Turcs et. 1858 ( Masieu de Clerval) Rev.

d. d. Mondes 1I:K-
Women of (Jez) Rundschau 30:4U.
Monterey, California.

Beechey. Voyage v. 2.

Dana. Two y'ears before the mast

(Fitch) Muir, Picture-quc California 35.

Irving. Rockv mountains ch. 13.

La P*?rouse. Voyage 1:430-

Simpson. Overland journey 189.

Vancouver. Voyat-'-

Milpitas rancho(Stuart) Pains. California

v. 10.

Montespan, F. A.deRochechouart, marquue
de. IfA 1-1707.

Saint-Simon. Mr moires.

Voltaire. Siecle <le \.\i\* X I V.
]'...~u't et Louis XIV (Cl.'ment) Acad.

Sci. Mor. SO: 35.

Montesquieu, C. de Secondat, baron de IM
Rrc.lert de. !'>! P

Albert. Litt.'rature fr. an IV .-!< le.

Aleml>ert. ( >euv res i; . - jj-'i.
Ali-on. 1-N^tv: political v. 1.

Bluntschli. <iech.iii'U S[at>\vi - enscbafl.

(Brie) I'reiiH^. Jahrb. 1!>

- Flint. Philosophy of hi-tor\ :
(iriinni-Diclerot. OorrWpOOOUUMMi
Heron. .TurNpriidenre.

Hettner. Franx.'i-. Literatur '_M!.

Hillebrand. Zeiten. Volker5:L

Kaiser. Fran/os. Verfassnnnsgocbichte

Sainte-Ueiive C;ui-erie* 7:41.

ussor. llitnry of IV century.

Villemain. Litt.'rature an Is. si, , le v. 1.

Idees ^conomii|ue- ( Dupmt) Jour. Econ.

Ill: 1- I-

Montetson, Charlotte J. IVraud de. 1737-

Grimm-Di.leriit. Correspondance.

Montfort, Simon. r<irl of Muntfnrt and Lei-
tetter. ltSO-1218. See alto works on the

i:, ,.,. r. . . -. r . i i: ; I

BiHi't. Knjrlisli parliament.

Pauli. Simon de Montfort



Moral science.

(Peter of Cernay) Pertz, Mon. Germ, hist.,

Scr. 26:397.

Stubbs. Early Plantagenets.

Laws (Laferriere) Acad. Sci. Mor. 36: 161-
Miracula. Camden Soc. 15.

Montfort, Simon, earl of. 1206-65.

Gouvernement en Gascogne (B6mont)

Rev. Hist. 4: 241.

Montgomery, James. 1771-1854.

Religious Magazine 2:471.
Montgomery, Gen. Richard. 1736-75.

Sparks. American biography v. 1.

Montgomery, Rev. Rob., poet. 1807-55.

Mncaulay. Essays.

Religious Magazine 1 : 278; 2 : 194.


Joannes Laurentius Lydus. De mensibus.

Greek (Ahrens) Rhein. Mus. 17:329.
Hesiod. Works and days.

Hyacinthian ( Unger) Jahrb. Philol. 137 :

Monti, Vincenzo. 1754-1828.

Howells. Modern Italian poets.

Montgomery. Italian authors v. 2.

Montlosier, Fs. D. de Reynaud, comte de.

et la restauration, 1814 (Bardoux) Rev.

d. d. Mondes 1 1 1 : 38 : 137 ; 44 : 128.

et les constitutionnels (Bardoux) Rev.

d. d. Mondes 111:33:71.

et les theories constitutionnelles (Bar-

doux) Rev. d. d. Mondes III :6: 850.
Montluc, B. de, marshal of France. 1501-77.

Albert. Litte'rature fr. des origines 227.

(Gafferel) Rev. Hist. 9 : 273.

Sainte-Beuve. Causeries du Lundi 11 : 56.

Montpellier, France.

- Mylius. Reise2:103.

Reunion & la France. 1349 (Molinier) Rev.

Hist. 24:249.

Montrose, .Ta. Graham, marquess of. 1612-50.

Aytoun. Lays of Scottish cavaliers.

Lodge. Portraits v. 2.

in Scotland 1642-5. Masson, Life of Mil-

ton 3 : 340.

Monuments, Tombs. See also Burial, Cem-
eteries, Sarcophagus.

Athenian funeral (Colvin) J. Hellenic

Stud. 5 : 205.

Egyptian stele (Hincks) Roy. Irish Trans.

v.' 19.

Geworfenen Steine (Liebrecht) Germania


Historic. Preservation (Ducrocq) Acad.

Sci. Mor. 131 : 673.

National. Value of. Alison, Essays.

- Neumagener(Hettner) Rhein. Mus. 36:435.

Romischer Krieger (Miiller) Philologus


Monvel, .1. M. Boutet, dramatist. 1745-1812.

Grimm- Diderot. Correspondance.
Moon. See also Eclipses.

Lick observatory. Photographs of the


Apparent distance from sun. Method of

clearing( Brinkley) Roy. Irish Trans, v.ll.

Correction of observed distance from the

sun or a fixed star (Elliot) Roy. Edin.
Trans. 1 : 191.

Entwurf einer Theorie gehorende Ent-

wickelung d. Differentialquotienten
(Oppolzer) Wien Akad. Denks. M-N.
Cl. v. 54.

Face in the. Kepler, Opera 8 : 76.
Plutarch. Morals v. 5.

Heat radiation from (Rosse) Roy. Soc.

Trans. 1873:587.

Influence on the earth. Arago,Oeuvres8:25

Mean motion of perigee (Brinkley) Roy.

Irish Trans, v. 13.

Mouvement. Acceleration s6culaire

(Puiseux) Paris, Me"m. Savans Etrang.
21 : 263.

Mouvement autour de la terre (Damoi-

seau) Paris, Me"m. Savans Etrang. 1 : 313.
(Delaunay) Paris, M^rn. Acad. Sci. v.

(Lubbock) Roy. Soc. Trans. 1831:231;

1832 : 1, 361, 601 ; 1834 : 123, 127 ; 1841 : 73.
(Poisson) Paris, Me"m. Acad. Sci. 13 : 209.

Nutation (Brinkley) Roy. Soc. Trans. 1821 :


Observations. Parry, Voyages l:app. xxi.

Orbit. Greek theory (Liibbert) Rhein.

Mus. 12:116.

Secular variation of mean motion( Adams)

Roy. Soc. Trans. 1853 : 397.

Surface ( Phillips) Roy. Soc. Trans.l868:333.

Temperature of surface (Langley) Nat.

Acad. Sci. Mem. v. 3.

Volcanoes. Kant, Werke 4 : 193.
Moore, Sir John. 1761-1809.

Gleig. Military commanders v. 3.

Johns. Military heroes.

Napier. Peninsular war v. 1.

Wolfe. Burial of Moore (poem).
Moore, Thomas, poet. 1779-1852

Brandes. Hauptstromungen 4 : 237.

Honegger. Culturgeschichte 1:387.
- Roscoe (W: C.). Essays.

Rossetti. Famous poets.

Lalla Rookh. Jeffrey, Essays.
Moors. See Arabs, Morocco.

Moral science. See also Conscience, Duty,
Ethics, Faith, Honor, Morality, Positiv-
ism, Responsibility, Reward, Right, Util-

Hegel. Philosophie des Rechts 142-360.

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