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Ollivier, Olivier Emile. 1825-

(Frensdorff) Preuss. Jahrb. 25:384-

U nsere Zeit 1869 : 1 : 561.

Olshausen, Hermann, theologian. 1796-1839.

Schaff. Germany 295.

Olshausen, Justus. 1800-83.

(Schrader) Berlin Akad. Abh. 1883.


Mahaffy. Rambles in Greece.

Altare (Curtius) Berlin Akad. Abh. 1881.

Boetticher's (Classen) Jahrb. Philol. 127:81

Bronzefunde (Furtwangler) Berlin Akad.

Abh. 1879.

Bronzerelief (Curtius) Berlin Akad. Abh.


Excavations. Bibliography. Monthly

Reference Lists 1 : 39.

(Conze) Preuss. Jahrb. 37:538.

(Curtius) Preuss. .lahrb. 33:602; 43:

184 ; Unsere Zeit 1880 : 1 : 607.

(Hirschfeld) Rundschau 13: 286.

Newton. Essays on archaeology.

(Petersen) Jahrb. Philol. 121 : 33.

(Schiibring) Preuss. Jahrb. 39:491.

1833 (Welcker) Rhein. Mus. 1:503.

1875-8. Unsere Zeit 1878 : 2 : 401-

Games at ancient. Barthe'lemy, Voyage

d'Anacharsis 3 : 473.

Religious Magazine 2:162.

Stoll. Altgriechische Leben 207.

Pe'lerinage (Gebhart) Rev. d. d. Mondes


Register. Authenticity (Mahaffy) J. Hel-

lenic Stud. 2 : 164.

Zeus temple. Eastern pediment (Wald-

stein) J. Hellenic Stud. 5: 195.
and Alcamenes (Six) J. Hellenic

Stud. 10:98.

Figuren(Kekule') Rhein. Mus. 39:487.

Giebelcomposition (Fiirster) Rhein.

Mus. 38:421.
Metope. Hesperide of the ( Waldstein)

J. Hellenic Stud. 5:171.
Olympiodorus of Alexandria, 6th. century.

Cousin. Fragments philosophiques 1:329.
Olympus, Thesmly.

Heuzey's Mont O. et 1'Acarnanie (Bur-

sian) Rhein. Mus. 16:414.
Olympus, mountain of Asia Minor. See Brusa.
Omaha Indians.

Sociology (Dorsey) U. S. Bur. Ethnol.

Report 3.

Wawan or pipe dance (Fletcher) Peabody

Mus. Rep t. 3:308.




Oman. -See Muscat.
Omens. See also Astrology.

Maximus, Valerius. De auspiciis. De


Zwei Vedische Texte iiber( Weber) Berlin

Akad. Abh. 1858.

Ongaro, Francesco dall'.

Howells. Modern Italian poets.
Onomatopoeia. See also works on Language.

Blackie. Horae Hellenicae 217; also Roy.

Kdin. Trans. 24:1.

(Wedgwood) Philol. Soc. Proc. 2: 109.
Ontology. See also Life.

Ontologism and psychologism. Brown-

son, Works 2:468.

WasfehltdemO. Beweiss? (Doderlein)

Zts. Philos. 88:47.
Opera, Operas.

Devrient. Geschichted.deutschenSchau-

spielkunst 1:269.

French (Abrest) Cns. Zeit 1876:2:338;

1877:1:321; 1878:1:851.
Comique (Bellaigue) Rev. d. d. Mondes

III:73:.>4; 74:1115.

German (Gottschall) Uns. Zeit 1882:1:56. '

Maitres (Brethous-Lafargue) Rev. d.d.

Monde* 111:64:427.

German. Wieland, Werke 34 : 71, 185.

Modern. Gegenwart 4 : 555.

Purpose. Wagner, Art life and theories.

Kit-Ill's Geschichte (Blaze de Bury) Rev.

d.d. Mondes II 1: 65: 665.

Site. Martiniere, Dictionnaire 4 : 665.

(Studer) Berlin Akad. Abh. 1882.

- Metarnorphose(Miiller) Berlin Akad. Abh.

1846, 1848, 1851.
Opie, Anielia A. 1769-1853.

Martineau. Biographical sketches.
Opie, John, painter. 1761-1807.

Sandby. Royal academy of arts.
Opinion. See also Authority, Conscience,


Bailey. Formation and publication of.

Morley. On compromise.

Plato. Crito; Meno.

Freedom of (Janet) Rev. d.d. Mondes II :

Morale et(Taillandier) Rev. d.d. Mondes


Public. Disraeli, Amenities v. 2.

Godwin. Political justice v. 2.

Harrison. Order and progress 95.

Hazlitt. Winterslow.

Herder. Briefeznr
Phillips (Wendell). Speech

Urquhart [Pamphlet writings] v. 3.

more iust than that of the higher or-

iler-. (treg. Misc. essays.
Opiti von Boberfeld, Martin. 1597-l39.

Briefe (Witkowski) Zts. deutsch. Philol.

Jl : 1'i, K3.

Baudelaire. Oeuvres 4 : 225-

De yuincey. Confession*.

(Denontainet) Lemaire Bibl. LaU class.

- Commerce (Kerrilis) Jour. Eoon. IV

- Crystalline constituent- I Anderson) Roy.

.n. Trans. 3J :.'H7 ; -'1:195.

-Effects (Richet) Rev. d. d. Mondes III:

Habit (Meylert) Pams. medicine v. 6.
- in Michigan (Marshall) Mich. Bd.

Health IhT

- Treatment by the avena sativa (Sell)
Pams. medicine v. 6.

in China. Williams, Middle kingdom

-' : 4<i3.

Produits (Robiquet) Paris, M6m. Savans

Et rang. 5:348.

Siamese edict against. Bowring, Siam

Opperman, II: Albert. 1812-70.

(Braun) Preuss. Jahrlj. 25:300.
Opplanus. Life,writings( Drumraond) Roy.

Irish Trans, v. 13.
Optics. Sre also Color, Diffraction

Light, Microscope, Polarization, Refrac-
tion, .Sight, Telescope.

Whewell. History inductive scieii'

Aberrations of compound lenses (Her-

schel) Roy. Soc. Trans. IS-.M : *.

Apparences des corps luniineux en repos

ou en mouvement(Poisson) Paris, Mem.
Acad. Sci. 19:311.

Chemical researches (Jellett) Roy. Irish

Trans, v. 25.

Colored concentric rings between two

obiect-glasses( Herschel) Hoy. Sx-. Trans.
1807:180; 1809:259; 1810: H!i.

Colors of thick plates (Stokes) Cambr.

Philos. Trans. 9: [147].

- of thin plates (Ray leigh) Roy. Edin.
Trans. 33:157.

Concave gratings (Ames) Johns Hopkin-

Univ. Circ

Dioptrics. Kepler, Opera 2:515.

Dispersive ratio of glass (Barlow) Roy.

Soc. Trans. is-_>7:231.

et les arts (Laugel) Rev. d. d. Mondes II :


Experiments in physical (Young) !:>

Soc. Trans. 1804:1."

Figures pnxluced by disintegrated sur-

faces of crystals (Brew^ter) Ry. Edin.
Trans. 14:itM.

Influence des lunettes sur les images.

Arago, Oeuvres 11 :305.

Lunettes achrotu:iii<|iie- a iM-ul:iires mul-

tiples (Biot) Paris, M^m. Acad. Sci. 1'.'

Method of examining reflective powers by

prismatic retlertinii (Wollaston) Roy.
Soc. Trans. 180-'

Newton's rings (Airy) Camhr. 1'liilo-

Trans. 4:279.409.

- Formation <>f ( entral s|X)t btJOnd the
critical anjrle (>t>kf>) Camhr. l'lnl<>-

Properties des cristaux et lea TarUttoni

sous la ch.ileiir des Clni.eaux) Paris,
M6m. Sav 511.

Relation to painting. HelmholU, Popu-

lar lectlin

Theorif l.-r NeU-nlMlder (Fischer) Berlin

Akad. Al.h. 1SI2-IS.
Optimism. See abo Pessimism.

Eucken C,,nce|.f of mmlern philos.

Kant. Werke


l&Uphy sique .1. I'eud^monUme
Un) Ber. Pbilos. 15: 37a



Ore preparation.

Vrai et le faux (Bouillier) Acad. Sci. Mor.


Oracles. See a/so Delos, Delphi, Divination.
Dodona, Prophecy, Sibylline books.

Bayle. Oeuvres diverses 1:4 and index.

De yuincey. Memorials v. 1.

Chaldaean. Collection (Taylor) Class.

Jour. v. 16-

Greek (Bruch) Grenzboten 1874:2:2: 161.
(Myers) Abbott's Hellenica 425.

Mitford. History of Greece 1 : 183.

Plutarch. Morals v. 3, 4
Poesie. Bergk, Griech. Literatur 1:331.

Wiirfelorakel (Kaibel) Hermes 10:193.

Orange, Maurice of Nassau, prince of. 1567-

Motley. John of Barneveld.

Orange, William I, the Silent,prince of. 1533-

Histories of revolt of Netherlands.

Bibliography. Monthly Ref. Lists 4 : 24.

Macaulay. History of England.

Motley. Dutch republic.

Praet. Essays on polit. history 201.

Ehe rait Anna von Sachsen (Bottiger)

Hist. Taschenbuch 1833.


Orange, William III, prince of. See William
III of England.

Orange, Orange culture.

Alderton. Orange culture.

(Estee, Garey) Pams. agriculture v. 3.

belong. Treatise on citrus culture.

- Moore. Culture in Florida.

Risso and Poiteau. Grangers.

in Europe. U. S. Consular report 41J.

in New South Wales (Bennett) Pams.

agriculture v. 3.

in Spain. U. S. Consular report 33.

Insects affecting (Hubbard) U. S. House

M. D. 1884-5, v. 16.

Oratory and Eloquence.

Alembert. Oeuvres. 1805. 1:135,145:3:

235, 276.

Emerson. Letters and social aims ;

Society and solitude.

Lucianiis. Rhetorum praeceptor (satir-


(MacEwan) Mich. Bd. Agric. 1884: 237.

a part of education. Newman (F. W.),

Miscellanies v. 1.

als Kunst. Herder, Kalligone.

Ancient. Brougham, Speeches v. 4.
Cicero. Ad M. Brutum orator; ed.

Sandys: introd.
superior to modern ? Hadley, Essays.

Athenian. Macaulay, Essays.

Brzoska De canone (Harnecker) Jahr.

Phi lol. 129:35.

Bright's. Smith, Life of J: Bright 2 : 605.

Causes of corrupt. Tacitus, Works v. 2.

Early Christian. Ozanam,Civilizationv.2.

et la'liberte (Burnouf) Rev. d. d. Mondes

II : 66 : 624.

funebre chez les Remains (Martha) Rev.

d.d. Mondes III: 21: 654.

- Livesof ten orators. Plutarch, Morals v.5.

Parliamentary. May, Constitutional his-

tory of England 1 : 480.

Political. Villemain, Litte'rature au 18.

siecle 4 : 1, 27- ,

dans le parlement de Paris (Aubertin)

Rev. d.d. Mondes 111:39: 194; 45:358.
t en France avant 1789 (Aubertin) Rev.

d.d. Mondes 111:30:646; 36:914; 37:650.
et judiciaire a. Athenes (Perrot) Rev.

d. d. Mondes 11:90:81, 631; 91:406; 93:

633; 94:839; 9<5:313; 99:604.

Popular (Sherlock) Afternoon lectures


Pulpit. Mathews, Great conversers 200.
: Talfourd. Essays.

Spanish. Specimens. Amador de los

Rios, Liter, espan., 7 : 541, 562.
', Specimens recommended for study. Jef-
ferson (T:), Works 6:346.

Utility. Sharp (R:), Essays 96.

Orbigny, Alcide Dessalines d'. 1802-57.

Gaudry. Ancetres de nos animaux 238;

Rev. d. d. Mondes II : 19: 816.

Orcagna, Andrea di Clone. 1329-89.

Lindsay. Christian art 2:208.
; Yriarte. Florence 229-


- Bau (Link) Berlin Akad. Abh. 1849.

Luft-wurzelm (Leitgeb) Wien Akad.

Denks. M-N. Cl. v. 24.


Lea. Superstition and force.

German. Geschichte (Dahn) Pams. law

v. 4.

Ordnance. See also Ballistics, Torpedoes.

U. S. International Exhib., 1876 v. 6.

Air resistance to elongated projectiles

(Bashforth) Roy. Soc. Trans. 1868:417.

to rifled projectiles (Merrifield) Roy. Soc.

Trans. 1868:443.

au 19. siecle (Buire) Rev. d. d. Mondes II :


Berliner Zeughaus, 1872. Polko, Aquarell-


Cannon metal. Chemische Zergliederung

(Hermbstadt) Berlin Akad. Abh. 1826.

French. Artillerie de campagne. Rev.

d.d. Mondes 111:90:104.

Krupp's (Reybaud) Rev. d. d. Mondes II :

94 : 610.

Marine. Unsere Zeit 1859: 273.

Penetration des projectiles (Dupin) Paris,

Mem. Acad. Sci. 15:55.

Percussion shell (Miller) Roy. Soc. Trans.

1827 : 1.

Perforation of armored walls (Maguire)

Pams. war v. 1.

Physical conditions involved in construc-

tion of (Mallet) Roy. Irish. Trans, v. 23.

Pressure of blast from 15-in. guns (New-

ton) Pams. war v. 1.

Prussian. Uebergang v. glatten zum

gezogenen. Preuss. Jahrb. 61 : 611.

Rifled (Bartlett) Nat. Acad. Sci. Mem. v. 1.

Strains (Rohrs) Cambr. Philos. Trans. 11 :


Tir des projectiles creux (Andre"ossy)

Paris, Mem. Acad. Sci. 7 : 177.

Venetian arsenal and Contents. Yriarte,

Venice ch. 4.

Ore deposits. Origin. Hunt, Chemical and
geol. assays 220.

Ore preparation. Mechanical dressing
(Althaus) U. S. Intern. Exhib. 1876 v. 3.




Oregon. Description and travel.

Early missionaries. U. S. Senate Docs.

1870-1, no. 37.
settlement. Bancroft, Northwest v. 2.

Eastern. Resources [187-]. Pams. travel

v. 2.

in 1793. Vancouver, Voyage v. 2.

in 1H30 (Kellev) Pams. history v. 4.

in 1833 ( Wyeth) Pams. history v. 4.

in 1839. Belcher, Voyage 1 : 288.

in 1841. Duflot de Mofras, Exploration

v. 2.
Wilkes. U. 8. Explor. exped. v. 4-5.

in 1843. Fremont, Explorations.

Gilliam. Mexico 371.

in 1868-76. Kirchhoff, Reisebilder v. 2.

in 1879. Uns. Zeit 1879 : 1 : 161-

Klamath basin. 1855. Pams. travel v. 5.

Resources (Small) Pams. travel v. 5.

1864. Pams. railroads v. 4.

1879. Pains, travel v. 5.

Oregon. History and politics.

Boundary question, 1844-8. Bibliography.

Barrows, Oregon.
Burnett (Peter). Personal recollections


Calhoun. Works 4 : 238, 258, 479-

Curtis. Life of Buchanan 1 : 551.

Gallatin. Writings v. 3.

New York Tribune almanac.

Pamphlets on England and America

v. 1.

Rush. Residence in London.

Tyler. Letters and times of Tylers.

Webster. Works v. 5.

Williams. Statesman's manual.

Winthrop. Speeches 415, IM.

Reilly, J: B., poet. 1844.

(Bensel) California 5 : 420.
Oresme, Nicolas, bishop, d. 1382.

(Gamier) Jour. Econ. 11:43:251.
More'ri. Grand dictionnaire.

(Wolowski) Acad. Sci. Mor. 62:297, 435;

also Jour. Econ. II:35:35.


Aeschylus. Eumenides (drama).

Becker. Erzahlungen aus d. alien Welt.

Euripides. Orestes (drama).

Ovid. Heroides: epistola 8.
S'phocles. Electra (drama).

Anonymi tragoedia (L. Muller) Rhein.

M us. 21:455.

Mad scene. Landor, Pericles and Aspasia.

Orfeo, Sir.

(Kittredge) Amer. J. Philol. 7: 176.
Organ. Wasserorgel der Alten (Buttmann)

Berlin Akad. Abb. 1804-11.
Orient. Hee Eastern question, Levant

Orlgenes, Ureek fnther.

Biggs. Christian platonists.

Carmirhufl. Christian fathers.
Ni-ander. Church history '.'

Ritter. Gwobfebtod 1'hilos. 5:466.

and < VI-uv Kroinlf, Short stmlu-* v. 4.
(Courdnveaux) Crit Kelig. 2: 205).

Lu ties (Thierry) Rev.d.d. Mondes 11:58:


Philoculia. Text( Robinson) Jour. Philol.

Originality. Her. also Plagiari-m.

Emerson. Letters and social nims.

Mathews. Getting on in the world;

Great conversers.
Orinoco river.

Humboldt Equatorial America v. 2.
Orion, dcmi-god.

- (K: O. Miiller) Rhein. Mus. 2: 1.
Orion, nebula.

( Bond) Harvard Observ. Annals v. 5.

(Oxmantown) Roy. Soc. Trans. 1868:57.

Orlando. See Roland.

Orl.'ans, dukes of.

Biens et la loi de De"cembre, 1872 (Magde-

leine) Rev. d. d. Mondes III :55:96.

Orleans, Charles, due d'. 1391-1465.

Besant. Early French poetry.

Allegoric bei(Ruhl (Marburg Cniv.Pi -
Orleans, K.. < '... ducheue d'. Hi52-17.'.

(Jaeglg) Rev. d. d. Mondes III:31:1!1

Sainte-Beuve. Causeries du Lundi (':

305; 9:41.

Orleans, France.

University (Bimbinet) Acad. Sci. Mor.

Ormesson, Olivier III. Lefevred'. d. 168ft

Journal. Sainte-Beuve, Causeries 15:35.
Ormond, James Butler, duke of. See Butler.

Change of p to t (Blackburn) Amer. J.

Philol. 3: 4'i.

Einfache u. donpelte Konsonanten im

(Effer) Anglia 7 :!>< (Anreiger).

O.uellen (Sarrazin) Kngl. Stu.i

I'norganische e (Suchse) Pain, on Anglo-

Saxon v. 1.

Zur Textkritik ( Ki.lbing) Engl. Stud. 1 : 1.
Ornament. See aUo Decoration.

- Bibliography. BoctPubUcUbwBalLaoJi

Hebrew. Ifartmann. Hebruerin.

in architecture. Ruskin, lectures on ar-

chitecture oh. '2.

Or gaulois (Carthaillac) Rev. Anthrop.

111:4 :.>:-'.

Ornithology. See Birds.
Ornithorhynchus (Durk-mole).

(Home) Hoy. Soc. Trail*. I-"'. 1-'-'.

Cochlea of O. i>latyj.nx (Prltuard) K"\.

SOC. Trail-. 1^-1

Mammary glands (Owen) Roy.Soc. Trans.


Ova (Owen) Roy. Soc. Trans. 1834 : 555.

Orontes river, %ria.

Journey to sources (Barker) Roy. Geogr.

Boc. J.7:95.

Oroslus, .

Ama.lor de los Rios. Literature enpaflola



:u^ rariiuMi-i-. Orpbeus.

Argnnaiitica. KI.M-utio (ROMOb

Ihilli- 1'iuv I>i-". V.4.

und ilit- mythiM-hi-n Thraker (KiM)

Jnhrt.. 1' 1IR-.23S.

und .11.- < >n.hik-r ((terhard) Berlin Akad.

- VwMtohnta -I-T Werke b*l DttidM (0*-

M..- H:70.aii

Orr, Go*. Jame* I

_ p e r nlMWMM of public OMB 179.




Orsini, Felice, Italian revolutionist. 1819-58.

Fagan. Life of Panizzi.

McCarthy. History of own times v. 2.
Orthography. See also Ablaut, Punctuation,


Englische(Michaelis) Herrig's Archiv37:

169; 38:299.

Phonetic. Dawson's plan. U. S. House

M. Docs. 1877-8, v. 1.

Iowa ( Bessey ) Iowa A gric.Coll. Repts. 1876-
Orthotoluic acid.

Recherches(Racine)Geneva Univ.Diss.v.l
Ortnit. Entwickelungder Sage (Neumann)

Uermunia 27 : 191.

Mone's ed. Lachmann, Kleinere Schrif-

ten v. 1.
Orvieto, Italy.

Symonds. Southern Europe v. 1.

A'nnales 11(51-1313. Pertz, Mon. Germ.

hist., Script. 19: 2(i9.
Osborne, T:, earl of Danby. 1661-1712.

Forster. British statesmen v. 5.
Osborne , T:, 1st duke of Leeds. 1631-1712.

Lodge. Portraits v. 4.
Oscan language.

Inschrift von Agnone (Aufrecht) Zts.

vergl. Sprachf. 1 : 86.

Vokaleinfiigung (Kirchhoff) Zts. vergl.

Sprachf. 1:36.
Oscar I, king of Sweden. 1799-1859.

et son royaume (Geffroy) Rev. d. d.

Mondesri:28:90, 436.

Oscar II, king of Sweden. 1829-

und d. Schrift " Deux d^troits" (Dannehl)

Preuss. Jahrb. 45 : 218.
Osgood, Frances S. 1812-50.

Poe. Works 2: 87.
Osmose. See also Fluids.

- Force (Graham) Roy. Soc. Trans. 1854: 177

Influence de la pression (Becquerel)

Paris, Me'in. Acad. Sci. 38: 327.

(Unger) Wien Akad. Denks. M-N. Cl. v. 6.
Osney monastery, England.

Annales. Rolls chronicles, 36 v. 4.
Ossetic language.

(Rosen) Berlin Akad. Abh. 1845.

(Drunmiond, O'Reilly) Roy. Irish Trans.

y. 16.

Gibbon. Miscellaneous works, index.

Grimm. Kleinere Schrif ten 7 : 535.

H erder. Werke 18 : 446.

Hume. Essays; ed. by Green, etc. 2: 415.

(Nicolai) Herrig's Archiv 58:129.

(Oswald) Herrig's Archiv 22:45, 296.

Schlegel (C. W. F. von). Werke 10 : 65.

Tytler. Life of lord Kames 2 : 88.

Villemain. Litte"rature au 18. siecle 3 : 1.

Karthon iibers. Herrig's Arch. 39 : 201.

Temora. Class. Jour. v. 14, 16.

Ossoli, S. Margaret Fuller, marchesa d'.

Frothingharn. Transcendentalism.

Poe. Works 2: 72.

Smiles. Brief biographies.

Ossuno, P. Tellez y Giron, duke of. 1579-1624.

James. Foreign statesmen v. 1.

Ostend, Siege of, 1001.

( Vere) Arber's Engl. garner v. 7.

Osterhofen monastery.

Annales -1433. Pertz, Mon. Germ, hist.,

Script, v. 17.

Athenian. Class. Jour. v. 19-20.

(Houssaye) Rev. d. d. Mondes 111:55:


des Hyperboles (Seeliger) Jahrb. Philol.

115:739. 834.

Letzte (Zurborg) Hermes 12:198.


Beerbohm. Wanderings in Patagonia.

Douglass. Farming in South Africa.

Development of skull (Parker) Roy. Soc.

Trans. 1866:113.

Farming. U. S. Consular report 24J.

Oswald, St., archbishop of York.

Eadmer. Vita (Migne, Patrol. Lat., 159:


Deutsche Gedichte (Bartsch) Germania


Legend. Entwicklung (Schultze) Halle

Univ. Diss. v. 5.

Stuttgarter Prosa (Edzardi) Germania

20-190; 21:171.

Vitae. Rolls chronicles 71, v. 1-2.

Oswego, N. Y. Plans, 1727, 1756. N. Y. Doc.
history 1 : 292, 312, 315.

Otfried, monk of Weisaenburg.

Hamrnerich. Aelteste christliche Epik.

Lachmann. Kleinere Schrif ten 1:449.

Beziehung zu d. biblischen Dichtungen

(Marold) Germania 32:385.

Erklarung (Erdmann) Zts. deutsch. Phi-

lol. 5:338.

Wiener u. Heidelberger Hds. (Erdmann)

Berlin Akad. Abh. 1879.

Otho, M. Salvius, Roman emperor. 32-69.

(Beulg) Rev. d. d. Mondes 11:82:341.

Merivale. Romans under the empire.

Plutarch. Lives.

Suetonius. Lives.

Otho I, emperor of Germany. 912-973.

Hroswitha. Carmendegestis(Pertz,Mon.

Germ, hist., Scr. v. 4).

Liutprand. De rebus gestis (Pertz, Mon.

Germ, hist., Scr. v. 3).
Otho II, emperor of Germany. 955-983.

Pertz. Mon. Germ, hist, Scr. v. 3.

Otho III, emperor of Germany. 980-1002.

Richer. Chronicon (Pertz, Mon. Germ.

hist., Scr. v. 3).

Otho I, king of Greece. 1815-67.

(Mendelssohn-Bartholdy) Preuss. Jahrb.


Othryades, Spartan soldier.

(Kohlmann) Rhein. Mus. 29 : 463.

Otis, James, statesman. 1725-83.

(Bo wen) Sparks' Amer. biography v. 12.
Otis, Nathaniel T. 1830-49.

(Hamilton) Pains, biography v. 5.
Otmar, St.

Vitae. Pertz, Mon. Gerru. hist., Scr. v. 2.
Otranto, Italy.

Freeman. Neighbour lands of Venice.



Pacific coast.

Otto, St., bishop of Bamberg.

Vitae. Pertz, Mon. Germ, hist, Script.

12:721-919; 20:697.
Ottobeuern, Bavaria. Annales; Chroni-

con. Pertz, Mon. Germ, hist., Scr. v. 5,

Otuel, Sir.

Sage im Mittelalter (Treutter) Engl.Stud.

Otway, Thomas, dramatist. 1651-85.

Dunham. Literary men v. 3.

Life. In his Works v. 1.

and works (Mosen) Engl. Stud. 1:425.

Ouida, pseud. See La Rame.
Ovariotomy complizirtmit Parotitis (Godde)
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Great operators in (Fitch) Pams. medi-

cine v. 6.

Ovary in man and mammals (Foulis) Roy.
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Grosses Teratom des (Lazarus) Giessen

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Pionierevon Bodldale(Omptda) l'reu-s

Jahrl.. I 1 '

Owen, Robert Dale. 1801-

Lanark colony. Hrauns, Skizzen \i

Owl and the nightingale.

Analysis (Hiermaii) Am. PhDOL A8SOC.

Oxalic acid.

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l CII-II-,

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Early history. Green, Stray studies from

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Oxford essays 1855.

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extra bulletin.

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chemistry v. '2.
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Volumetric relations, and arti"ii <>f elec-

trical discharge on oxygen, etc. (An-
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Sander-mi. Signers of thedeclarati-

Pachyderms. See alto Kl.-phant. Hipl"'!-"'
amii*, Pig, RhiiHH-vro-.. Tapir-.

NaiJtalwiin.lernelze (Mirit-:) \\ien Akmd.

Deiiks. M-N.C1. 1:13.

Pacidius, W:

Plus ultra; Initia. I/eibniU, Open

pliil..s. eil. Knlmann 86; 9H

Pacific coast.

Abra-i.m- ( Iavi<l-.M> 'alifornian 2

_ HarlMir..f refuse. U. 8. fl>Mt ll DOB*
1879-80, V. 5; 1KX)-1, v. S.

8pani-li i-xp-.htii.ns along. Ihiflot 99, Kxplorati-.n

Vlagc p. I. Sutil y Mexic*na: i*trwL

Win^-r History of America v. i

Pacific ocean.



Pacific ocean.

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Mon. Germ, hist., Scr. v. 19.
Paestum, anciently Sybaris.

Temples. Beule", Art grec.

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Paganlnl, Nicolb. 1784-1840.

Heine. Scintillations 23-
Paganism. See also Polytheism.

Fall of ancient. Gibbon, Decline and fall


Lord. Old Roman world.

Ozanam. Civilization in 5. century.

Greek. Dernieres luttes (Le"vque) Rev. j

d. d. Mondes II : 63 : 419.

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Sheldon. American painters.

Paget, William, 1st lord. 1506-63.

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Pagholo, Bartolommeo. See Bartolommeo,

Pagosa springs, Colorado.

(McCauley) U. S. Sen. Ex. D. 1878-9, v. 4.

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