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Eloge de. Diderot, Oeuvres v. :!.
Richelieu, A. E. 8. 8. du Plessis, due de,

ttntffinnn. \7<'->> 1*.'.

(Bruckner) Hist. /cits, u:.': _'!_'.

en Russie et en France (Rambaud) Rev.

d. d. Momles II I: si

Second ministers, 1819-21. Rev. Hist. 37 :

Richelieu, Armand J. du Plessis, due de,

cardinal. 1585- 1'IJ
Bibliography. Monthly Kef Lists 1:35.

Histories ,,f I-' ranee by Kitcliin (v. :<),

Martin (v. 11), (v. 3), etc.

Bulwer. Dramas v. 1.

James. Foreign statesmen v. 2.

La Ko< hef'.ucatild. M.'moires.

Perkins. France under Mazarin and K.



Bipon cathedral.

Praet. Essays on polit. history.

White. Outlines of history lectures.

Administration pro vinciale sous (Avenel)

Rev. Hist. v. 40-41.

Administration sous (Feillet) Jour. Econ.


Duel de Marie de Medicis et (Laugel)

Rev. d. d. Mondes III : 24 : 348.

Gustave Adolphe et (Laugel) Rev. d. d.

Mondes III: 45: 543.

Ingnieur (La Barre Duparcq) Acad. Sci.

Mor. 89:161, 255.

Jeunesse (Hanotaux) Rev. d. d. Mondes


Louis XIII et (Blaze de Bury) Rev. d. d.

Mondes III: 16: 931.
(Raumer) Hist. Taschenbuch 1830.

Me"moires (Ranke) Acad. Sci. Mor. 19:5.

Ministere. Voltaire, Oeuvres 16 : 74.

Papiers de Squlavie. Rev. Hist. 25 : 107.
d'e'tat. Sainte-Beuve, Causeries 7 : 224.

Pere Joseph et (Fagniez) Rev. Hist. v.

36-39 : _ Acad. Sci. Mor. 132 : 502-

Testament politique. Voltaire, Oeuvres


Richelieu, Louis F. A. du Plessis, due de,
marshal. 1696-1788.

Duclos. Me'moires secrets.
Richepin, Jean. 1849-

Lemaitre. Contemporains3:315.
Richmond, Rev. Legh. 1772-1827.

Memoir. Religious Mag. 2:260.
Richmond, Virginia.

in 1880 (Waring) U. S. 10th census v. 19.

Richter, Jean Paul Friedrich. 1763-1825.

Borne. Werke 5 : 31.

Carlyle. Essays.

De Quincey. Works 13 : 113 ; Philo-

sophical writers v. 1.

Gervinus. Deutsche Dichtung 5 :233.

Goltz. Charakteristik des deutschen

Genius 2 : 107.

Taylor. German literature.

Varnhagen von Ense. Schriften 2: 136.

Humoriste allemande (Stapfer) Rev. d. d.

Mondes 111:93:133.

Liebesleben (Baerenbach) Unsere Zeit


Richter, Ludwig. Selbstbiographie(Portig)

Unsere Zeit 1886 : 1 : 311-
Richthofen, E. K: H: P. von, diplomatist.


Autobiographic. Rundschau v. 35.
Ricimer. d. 472.

Gibbon. Decline and fall.

(Stillmark) Dorpat Univ. Diss. v. 3.


Swift. Works v. 1.

Symposius. Aenigmata.

Ridicule. See also Satire.

Helps. Social pressure ch. 14.

Ridley, N., bishop of London. 1500-55.

Burnet. Reformation.

Fox. Acts and monuments.

Fuller. Abel redevivus 1 : 225.

Lodge. Portraits v. 1.

Riehl, W: H: 1823-

Natural history of German life. George

Eliot, Essays.

Riemann, G: F: B., mathematician. 1826-66.

Lebenslauf. In his Werke.

Rienzi, Cola di, Roman dictator. 1313-54.

Bulwer. Rienzi (fiction).

Gibbon. Decline and fall ch. 70.

Milman. Latin Christianity v. 7.

Mitford. Dramatic works v. 1 (drama).

Mosen (Jul.). Werke v. 4 (drama).

Simonde de Sismondi. R^publiques

italiennes3:226, 351-

Symonds. Renaissance in Italy, index.
Riesser, Gabriel.

Duller. Manner des Volks 2: 165.

(Veit) Preuss. Jahrb. 11:516.

Rieti, Italy. Annales 1054-1377. Pertz,

Mon. Germ, hist., Script. 19:267.
Rievaux abbey.

Howitt. Ruined abbeys of Yorkshire.

Catalogue of library. Wright and Halli-

well, Reliquiae antiquae 2 : 180.
Rig-Veda. See also Vedas.

Johnson. Oriental religions : India 87.

Gleichnisse u. Metaphern (Hirzel) Zts.

Volkerpsych. 19:276, 347.

Indra in (Perry) J. Am. Or. Soc. v. 11.

Liedverf asser (Oldenberg) Zts. d. morgenl.


Mythologie des ( Biihler ) Orient u. Occident

v. 1.
Rigault, Ange Hippolyte. 1821-52.

Oeuvres. Sainte-Beuve, Nouveaux Lundis


and wrong. Clifford, Lectures v. 2.
Right of petition.

Winthrop. Speeches 389.
Righteousness. See also Holiness.

Smith (J:, of Cambridge). Select dis-

Rights. See also Liberty, Natural law.

G reen (T: Hill). Works 2 : 335.

Mirabeau. Oeuvres oratoires v. 2.

Bills of. Sumner, Works 3 : 258.

Declaration of. Shelley, Prose works v. 1.

Natural (Royce) Berkeley Quar. 1 : 312.
Rimbert, St., archbishop of Hamburg.

Vita. Pertz, Mon. Germ, hist., Scr. v. 2.
Rimini, Francesca da. See Francesca.
Rimini, Italy.

Symonds. Southern Europe 2 : 92.

Rint, Johann, sculptor.

Unsere Zeit 1866 : 1 : 63.
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Ruschenberger. Three years in the Pa-

cific 17.

Seemann. Voyage of the Herald.

Wilkes. U. S. Explor. expedition v. 1.

Riots. See names of cities.

How to quell (Porter) N. Amer. R. 141 :351.
Riparian rights (Durst, Haight) Overland

11:5:561; 6:10.

Ripley, Ezra.

Emerson. Lectures (Riverside ed.).

Ripley, George. 1802-80.

Frothingham. Transcendentalism.

Winsor. History of Boston 4 : 307.

Ripon cathedral.

King. English cathedrals v. 1.




Ripperda, Jan Willem, duke of. 1690-1737.

James. Foreign statesmen v. 4.

Rissoidea.(ga3teropod). (Schwartz von Moh-
renstern) Wien Akad. Denks. M-N. Cl.
v. 19, 25.

Ristorl, Adelaide. 1822-

Unsere Zeit 1&57:54.

Ritchie, Mrs. See Thackeray (Anna E.).

Ritschl, F: W:, philologist. 1806-76.

(Gildersleeve) Am. J. Philol. 5:339.

(Ribbeck) Rhein. Mus. 32 : 1.

- Leben. Ribbeck's (Peter) Jahrb. Philol.

Rittenhouse, David, physicist. 1752-97.

Sparks. American biography v. 7.

Ritter, Karl, geographer. 1779-1859.

Preussische Jahrb. 5: 323.

Durham. Collation (Skeat) Philol. Soc.

Trans., 1877-9, app. 11.

Ritualism. See also Worship.

(Buddensieg) Preuss. Jahrb. 52:411.

Gladstone. Gleanings v. 6.

Rivarol, Antoine, comle de. 1753-1801.

(Brunetiere)Rev.d.d.MondesllI:57:691. \

Grimm-Diderot. Correspondance.

Sainte-Beuve. Causeries du Lundi 5 : 62.
Rivers. See also Floods, Riparian, Water,

names of rivers.

Action de la digue sur les crues (Graeff)

Paris, Me"rn. Savans Etrang. 21 : 539.

Application des courbes de debits a l'tude

du regime des (Graeff) Paris, Me'm.
Savans Etrang. 21 : 627.

Debris (Durst) Californian 3:9.

Deflection. Sufficiency of terrestrial

rotation for (Gilbert) Nat. Acad. Sci.
Mem. v. 3.

French. Canalisation, etc. (Blerzy) Rev.

d.d. Mondes 111:7:899; 8:69.

German. Names. Etymologic. Herrig's


Veriinderungen d. Wasserstande j

(Hagen) Berlin Akad. Abh. 1880.

Inclinations et 1'endiguement (I)ausse)

Paris, Me'm. Savans Etrang. 20:287.

Regulirung (Riedel) Uns.Zeit 1888: 1:248. !

Temporary drying up (Milne) Roy. Edin.

Trans. 14:449.

Terraces. Earn and Teith (Brown) Roy.

Kdin. Trans. 20: 149.
Li >chal>cr parallel roads (Milne) Roy.

Edin. Trans. 1(5:395.
(Home) Roy. Edin. Trans. 27:595;


Tweed (Home) Roy. Edin. Trans. 27:513.


Trollope. Italy from the Alp-.

Blvlere, Briton. 1840-

British pain'.

Roadg. See alto Pavement*, Railroad*.

Ancienne corvee (Cotelle) Acad. Sci. Mnr.


German. Uebcrnahme (Sybel) Runds-

chau -i: ::: 7: Mft

Greek (Curtius) Berlin Akad. Abh. 1854.

Roman ( .Momm-cn) Hrrinr- U:186.
en Italic et en (ianle (Maury) Rev.

l.d. Monde* I !:'-: 1-1.

Robbins, Horace W. 1842-

Sheldon. American painters.

Robert I, king of Scotland, " the Bruce." 1274-

Alison. Essays.

Froissart. Chronicles 1 : 15-
Robert, Louis Leopold. 1794-1835.

Sainte-Beuve. Causeries du Lundi 10:409.
Robert the Devil. Legende von (Borinski)

Zts. Volkerpsych. 19:77.
Roberts, David. 1796-1864.

British painters.

Martineau. Biographical sketches.
Robertson, W:, historian. 1721-93.

Brougham. Men of letters 2:256.

Schlosser. History of 18. century v. 2.

Villemain. Literature au 18. siecle 2 : 390.

Memoir. Stewart (Dug.), Works v. 10.
Roberval, Giles Personne.

Cousin. Fragments philos. 3:229.
Robespierre, Maximilian M. I. de. 1758-94.

Brougham. Statesman 3:51.

Politique (Sorel) Rev. d.d. Mondes III : 94:


Robin, bird.

Ruskin. Love's meinie.

Robin Hood, earl of Huntingdon. Circa 1150-

Munday. Death and downfall of (Dods-

ley, Old plays v. 8).

Thierry. ConquOte de 1'Angleterre.

Wright. Essays in literature v. 2.

Ballads concerning. Auersperg, Werke

v. 5.

Child. English and Scottish ballads v. 5.

(Fricke) Herrig's Archiv 69:241.

Percy. Reliques v. 1.

Ritson. Songs and poems relative.

Robinet, J: B. R. 1735-1820.

(Damiron) Acad. Sci. Mor. W: 17">.
Robinson, Henry Crabb. 1775-1867.

Bagehot. Literary studies v. 2.
Robinson, J:, of l.tijden. 1578-1625.

Belknap. Early discoverers 160.
Robinson, Mary, " Perdita."

Baker. English actors 2: 79.
Robison.J:, LL.D. 1739-1805.

(Play fair) Roy. Edin. Trans. 7:495.
Robsart, Amve. LYi'MiO.

Froude. History of England.

Scott Kenilworth (fiction).
Robson, George.

- Ku*kin. Art of England.
Robust!. See Tintoretto.
Rochefort, M. T. de Brancas, comtesse de.

Famille et ses amis ( Ix>menie) Rev. d. d.

Mondes 11 :79:666; 81:116.
Rochefort-Lucay, V: II:, romtf <le. 1890-

Leinaitre. Cmttmponfall .'!:290.

1'nserr Xi-it 1>7 :'_': 513.
Rochefoucauld. See La Uoi-hcfc.ucaul.l.
Rochester, J: Wilmot. rnrl of. 1C59-80.

Lebon und Dichten (Traut) Herri;

rhiv 18:1

(Forgues) Rev. d.d. Mondes 11:10:822;

11: lit
Rochester, Hn<ilnn>1.

Cathedral. Carter, Ancient >culpture.



Roland, Song of.

King. Cathedrals v. 6.

Rochester, N. Y.

Early history, 1810-27. Pams. U. S. his-

tory v. 1.

Rochon, Alexis-Marie. 1741-1817.

(Delambre) Paris, Me"m. Acad. Sci.2:lxxii.
Rochon de Chabannes, M. A. J. 1730-1800.

Grimm-Diderot. Correspondance.

Rockingham, C: W. Wentworth, marquess of.

Lodge. Portraits v. 4.

Rocks. See also Geology, Limestone, Por-
phyry, Quartz, Stone, etc.

Analysis. Nouveaux^proce"des (Fouque")

Paris, Me"m. Savans Etrang. v. 22.


Organismen (Ehrenberg) Berlin Akad.
Abh. 1838.

Cleavage (King) Roy. Irish Trans, v. 25.
Tyndnll. Fragments v. 1.

Cause (Hopkins) Cambr. Philos. Trans.

in north of Scotland (Sharpe) Roy. Soc.

Trans. 1852 : 445.
of old red sandstone (Haughton) Roy.

Soc. Trans. 1858:333.

Conglomerate. Bildungsart (Gerhard)

Berlin Akad. Abh. 1816-17.

Crystalline. Origin. history, decay. Hunt,

Mineral physiology.

Firth of Forth volcanic (Geikie) Roy.

Edin. Trans. 29:437.

Igneous origin(Kirwan)Roy.Irish Trans.

v. 5.
(Richardson) Roy. Irish Trans, v. 10.

Infusorien-Conglomerat in Ungarn (Eh-

renberg) Berlin Akad. Abh. 1836.

Klingstein (Klaproth) Berlin Akad. Abh.


Me'tamorphisme ; . Etudes (Daubr^e) Paris,

Me"m. Savans Etrang. 17 : 1.

Histoire (Delesse) Paris, Me"m. Savans

Etrang. 17 : 127.

near Edinburgh (Allan) Roy. Edin. Trans.

6:405; 13:29,169.

North Carolina mur naturel (Beauvois)

Paris, Me"m. Acad. Sci. 3: 109.

Pre-Cambrian. Hunt, Mineral physiology


Scottish trap-. Chronology (Geikie) Roy.

Edin. Trans. 22:633.

Transition R. of Werner (Allan) Roy.

Edin. Trans. 7:109.

Untersuchungsmethoden (Cohen) Pams.

mineralogy v. 1.

Volcanic. Hunt, Chemical and geological

essays v. 1.

Natural system (Richthofen)Cal. Acad.

Sci., Mem. v. 1.

Petrographie ( Roth) Berlin Akad. Abh.
1869, v. 2; 1873, 1879, 1884.

Weathering (Ansted) Cambr. Philos.

Trans. 11:387.

Weisstein, Felsit (Gerhard) Berlin Akad.

Abh. 1814-15.

Wirhelthiere gefundene (Rudolph) Berlin

Akad. Abh. 1811-13.
Rocky mountains.

Fisk. Expedition, 1864 (Pams. travel v.l).

Irving. Bonneville's adventures.

Long. Expedition. 1819.

Mullan. Military road. 1863.

Parkman. Oregon trail.
Rocroy battle, 1643.

(Aumale) Rev.d.d. Mondes 111:56:721.

Lives of Conde".
Rodbertus-Jagetzow, K.

(Dietzel) Preuss. Jahrb. 55: 1.

Rodents. See also Beavers, Mice, Rats.

Aeussere Backentaschen (Lichtenstein)

Berlin Akad. Abh. 1822-3.

Merkwiirdige (Peters) Berlin Akad. Abh.


Verwandschaftd. kleinen Raubthieremit

(Lichtenstein) Berlin Akad. Abh. 1831.
Rodney, Caesar. 1730-83.

Sanderson. Signers of the declaration v. 8.
Rodney, George B., admiral. 1717-92.

Lodge. Portraits v. 4.

Rodolf, Rodolphe. See Rudolf, Rudolph e.

Rodriguez island.

Botany, zoology. Roy. Soc. Trans, vol.168.
Roebuck, Col. Benjamin.

Perry. Sketches of Amer. statesmen 592.

Roebuck, John, M.D. 1718-94.

(Jardine) Roy. Edin. Trans, v. 4.

Roederer, P: L:, comte de. 1752-1835.

Mignet. Notices v. 1.

Sainte-Beuve. Causeries du Lundi 8 : 325.

Roger de Collerye.

Besant. Early French poetry.

Rogers, Samuel, poet. 1763-1855.

Mackintosh. Essays.

Martineau. Biographical sketches.

Conversation and poetry. Roscoe( W: C.),


Leben und Schriften (Jolowicz) Herrig's


Rogers, William Barton, LL.D. 1804-82.

(Walker, and others) Pams. biography v.5.
Rohan, F. de (Mme. de la Garnache).

Une cause ce"lebre (La Ferriere) Rev.d.d.

Mondes III: 53: 649.
Rohan, H:, due de. 1579-1638.

Sainte-Beuve. Causeries du Lundi 12:298.

Famille, ieunesse (Laugel) Rev. d. d.

Mondes III: 33: 46, 589.
Rohan, L: R. E:, cardinal de. 1734-1803.

Beugnot. Memoires 1 : 7, 52.

Carlyle. Miscellaneous essays.

(Clement) Acad. Sci. Mor. 37:253.

(Maury) Rev. d. d. Mondes 111:76:376-
Rojas Zorilla, F. de.

Klein. Geschichte d. Drama's 11 : 1 : 185.
Roland, peer of Charlemagne.

Ariosto. Orlando Furioso.

Boiardo. Orlando Innamorato.

Cox and Jones. Romances middle ages.

Ludlow. Epics middle ages v. 1.

Tasso. Rinaldo.

Death. Buchanan (Rob.), Poet, works.

Legend. Symonds, Renaissance in Italy.

nach Turpin's Chronicle. Schlegel (F:

von), Werke 8:5.
Roland, Song of.

(Bartsch) Germania 19:385.

Gautier. Epope'es francaises.

Baiigantepisode (Scholle) Zts. roman.

Philol. 1 : 26.

Date et la patrie. Romania 1 : 400.

Roland, Song of.


Roman Catholics.

Farbenbezeichnung (Veckenstedt) Zts.

Volkerpsych. 17:139.

French mss. (Fassbender) Bonn Univ.

Diss. v. 2.

Gerard de Viane (Meyer) Zts. deutsch.

Philol. 3:422.

Mittelenglische (Schleich) Anglia 4:307.

Oxford ms. A, K, I (Boehmer) Roman.

Studien 1:599; 3:169.

Rechtsalterthiimer aus (Bresslau) Her-

rig's Archiv 48:291.

Syntactische Studien (Niebuhr) Gott.

Univ. Diss. v. 7.

Traduction frangaise. Roehrich's (Grin-

delle) Crit. Philos. N. S. 2:217.

und Karls Pilj-erfahrt. Vergleich zw. d.

Rhetorik (Groth) Herrig's Arch. 69:391.

Verhaltnisse d. verschied. Ueberliefer-

ungen d. altfranz. (8cholle) Zts. roinan.
Philol. 4:7, 195.

Wortstellung ini altfranz. Liede (Morf)

Roman. Stud. 3:199.

Roland de la Plati- re, time. M. J. Philipon.

Histories of French revolution, 1789.

Beugnot. Mmoires 1:229.

fCaro) Rev. d. d. Mondes II :S2: 256.

Lamartine. Girondists.

( M azade) Rev. d. d. Mondes II : 53 : 868.

Michelet. Femnies de la revolution.

Sainte-Beuve. Souveaux Lundis v. 8;

Portraits of women.

Shelley.. French authors v. 2.

( Wehf) Unsere Zeit 1868 : 1 : 178-
Rolle, Richard, hermit of Hampolc.

(Ullmann) Engl. Stud. 7:415; 8:67.
Rollin, Charles. 1661-1741.

Sainte-Beuve. Causeries du Lundi 6: 261.
Rollins, Anthony Wavne.

Davis and Dufrie. H is lory of Missouri 582
Rollo, duke of Normandy. 860-

\Viice. Roman de Rou.

Walsingham. Ypodigma Neustriae.
Roman Catholic church. See also Bi*h<>|>-s

Canon law, Concordat, Councils, Inqui-
-ition, Jesuits, Liberalism, Kulturkampf,
Monks, Nuns, Papacy, Popes, Ultramon-

Bentley. Works v. 3.

Blunt. Ancient customs in modern Italy.

Channing. Works 2:'_'il.

a corruption of Christianity. Newman

(Fs. W.). .Miscellanies 2:219.

Catholic libe'raux et I'e'glise de France,

1830-84 (Leroy-Beaulieu) Rev. d. d.
Mondes III :64:7'i2; u;:79*i.

Conversion to. Brownson, Works v. 5-8.
Manning. Grounds of faith.

Newman. Apologia; Grammar of


Crises du Catholicisme naissant (Renan)

Rev.d.d. Mondes III : ::

Danger to America. Strong.Ourconntry.

II:IMVI- -if. Taylor (Jer.), Works v.'fi.

Donne'* catechism (A layman) Pains.

religion v. 12.

NTH and western. Baader, Werke 10 :

Errors of the age stigmatized by Pius IX.

Ming, Enryrliral Idler. 1886.
Unser. i.'U.

et le critii-isinc, is?3 ( Renouvier) Crit.

Phil... I li.\


Evil effects (Milsand) Crit. Relig. 4:273.

Force (BSzenech) Crit. Philos. 9:276.


Zts. 45:441.

German schism, 1830-. Baader, Werke

- 1845. Greg, Essays v. 1.

Grenzen zw. Alterthum u. Mittelalter in

(Miiller) Preuss. Jahrb. 60:257.

Herzog Alba u. d. Wiederherstellung am

Rhein (Keller) Preuss. Jahrb. 48:586.

im Elsass u. in Preussen (Loning) Preuss.

Jahrb. 27:716.

in Boston (Byrne) Winsor, History of

Boston 3 : 515.

in France, 1800. Thiers, Consulate and

empire 3:117.

- 1884 (xxx) Crit. Relig. 6: 123.
- - (Saint-Paul) Crit. Relig. 6: 142.

in Germany (Lavisse) Rev. d. d. Mondes


in Italic. Crit. Relig. 3:346.

in Mexico. Wilson, Slexico and its people.

in middle ages. Brownson, Works 10:239.
- Draper. Intellectual development
- Hallam. History of Europe.

in Prussia, 1873 "(Hinschius) Preuss.

Jahrb. 34:117.

in 300-400 (Ampere) Rev. d. d. Mondes


in 1887 (Vogii<) Rev. d. d. Mondes III:


Kirchliches Leben d. 15. Jahrh. (Schie-

mann) Preuss. Jahrb. 59:581.

Klassische Moral (Baumann) Philos.

Monatsh. 15:449.

Libre penseur et un catholique. Dia-

logues (Renouvier) Crit. Relig. v. 1-4.

Literary policy. Brownson, Works 6: 520.

Lutte centre le cle"ricalisme (Pillon) Crit

Philos. v. 18-19.

Philosophy of. Froude, Short studies v.l.

Popery ana Protestantism tested. Pams.

religion v. 10.

Protestantism and Anglicanism. Hutton,

K^says v. 1.

Reformation in 11. century. Newman,

K".iys: critical v. ~2.

Relations politiques, 1860. Quinet, Oeu-

vres polit v. 1.

Revival. Froude, Short studies v. 3.

Revolution au 19. siecle. Quinet, Oeuvres

polit. v. 1.

sous Pie IX (Renouvier) Crit. Relig. 1:113.

> and progress (Coquerel) Christianity
and modern thought.

St. Peter's catechism (Hittell) Pams. re-

ligion v. 10.

The\)logie et le culte (Renouvier) Crit

Relig. 1 :

Theories politiques (Courdaveaux) Crit

Relig. ri-'l.

VerfoTgung. Uns. Zeit 1880 : 2 : 857.

- - Vicanat in Hi-rlin. Friedrich II und
i M.. m m -ni) I'rru^s. Jahrb. 39: 141.

Vieux C. dt'lini par Hyacintlii-. t'rit.


Wltderbentdlonff in Miinster. 1535-7

(KHli-r) Hi-t Xtv IT

Roman Catholics. Ktmoral of political I/IM-


II tnri.-sof England by: Hughes (7:181),
'atili. etc.

(Blerzy) Ucv. d. d. Mondes 111:29:806.

Roman Catholics.


Borne, City of.

Brown son. Works 16 : 390.

Canning. Speeches ; also Life of Stapleton.

Coleridge. Church and state ; Essays

on his own times.

(Flaminio) Rundschau 38 : 93.

Foster (Rev. J:). Life and correspond.

Fox. Speeches^

Hansard. Parliamentary debates 1811-

Lewis. ^Political administrations of Great


Rogers. Protests of the lords.

Smith (Sydney). Essays 449 ; also Works.

Wordsworth (W:). Life by Wordsworth

2 : 132.

Roman literature. See Latin literature.

Romance languages. See also French, Ital-
ian, Portuguese, Provencal, Romansch,

Palgrave. History of Normandy v. 1.

Dialect von Ile-de-France, 1200 (Metzke)

Herrig's Archiv v. 64-65.

Etymologien (Langensiepen) Herrig's

Archiv 31 : 139.

Formation. Simonde de Sismondi, Lit-

erature of Europe v. 1.

Koniunktiv in d. Hauptsatzen (Morgen-

roth) Herrig's Archiv 69:419.

Mundarten d. Siidwestschweiz (Hafelin)

Kuhn's.Zts. 21:289,481.

Oc und oyl (Biester) Berlin Akad. Abh.


Origines y formacion. Arnador de los

Rios, Liter, espafi. 2 : 361.

Sprachwissenschaft (Schuchardt) Kuhn's

Zts. 22: 153.

Verbal parasynthetics in a(Elliott) Am.

J. Philol. 5:186.

Vernaculars. Disraeli, Amenities v. 1.

Romances. See Fiction.

Romanofs. Ausgang des Joan'schen Zwei-
ges (Barthold) Hist. Taschenbuch 1837.
Romans, Epistle to the. See Paul (St).

Romansch (Wallachian) language.

Miiller. Lectures on language v. 1.

ft in (Michaelis) Herrig's Arch. 65:233.

E bref latin en (Lambrior) Romania 7: 85.

Heutiger Stand (Sachs) Herrig's Archiv


Lateinsch und (Benecke, Steinthal) Her-

rig's Arch. 36 : 129 ; 45 : 337.

Orthographic ( Schuchardt) Romania 2:72.

Phone'tique (Lambrior) Romania 9:99;


Vocabulaire. Romania 18:494.

Vokalismus (Tiktin) Zts. roman. Philol.

Romanticism. See also Pre-Raphaelitism.

Encyclopaedias by : Johnson, Larousse.

Albert. Litte>ature fr. au 19. siecle v. 1-2.

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(Blaze de Bury) Rev. d. d. Mondes III:


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Royce. Religious aspect of philosophy

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losophic 2 : 246.

Art romantique. Baudelaire, Oeuvres v. 4.

Ausbreitung iiber Europa. Gervinus,

Gesch. d. 19. J ahrh. 8 : 1 : 75.

Classiques et (Brunetiere) Rev. d. d.

Mondes 111:55:412.

Dichtkunst. Richter (J: PI. F:), Werke

Schlegel (K: W: F: v.). Werke v. 10.

Epithet Romantic. Foster, Essays.

Fine art in romantic literature (Cook)

Overland II: 6:52.

German. Geschichte (Treitschke) Preuss.

Jahrb. 49:34.

in Jena. Unsere Zeit 1871 : 2 : 450-

Naturalisme et (Brunetiere) Rev. d. d.

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Was heisst ? (Lubben) Herrig's Arch. 4:291.
Rome, City of. Ancient.

Acca Laurentia (Baehrens) Jahrb. Philol.

131 : 777.

Alter der (Ritter) Rhein. Mus. N. F. 2 : 481.

Founding. Date of (Soltau) Philologus


( Unger) Rhein. Mus. 35 : 1.

Catonisches (Soltau, Triemel) Jahrb.

Philol. 131:553; 133:189.
Sagen von (Niese) Hist. Zts. 59:481.

Prafectur (Klebs) Rhein. Mus. 42 : 161

Regime municipal, A. D. 1-200 (Duruy)

Rev. Hist. 1:39, 321.

Siege par Alaric (Thierry) Rev. d. d.

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Urkundenstudien (Seeck) Rhein. Mus.

37 : 1, 598.
Rome, City of. Antiquities.

Baumeister. Denkmaler d. class. Altert.

v. 3.

Ausgraberungen (Hellwald) Rundschau

8 : 357.
( Winterberg) Uns. Zeit 1884 : 1 : 208.

Briicken (Zippel) Jahrb. Philol. 133:481.

Capitol (Dyer, Burn) Jour. Philol. 3:236;

4 : 126.

Capitoline marbles. Hooke, Roman his-

tory 6:217; 11:443.

Colosseum. Parker, Archaeology pt. 7.

Fouilles de 1'Esquilin (Boissier) Rev. d.d.

Mondes 111:20:765.

Histoiremonumentale(Geffroy) Rev. d. d.

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Palatine (Boissier) Rev. d. d. Mondes III:

(Burn) Jour. Philol. 2: 82.

Schautempel der Augurn (Regell) Jahrb.

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Tabernen am Forum (Urlichs) Rhein.

Mus. 12 : 215.

Tern pel des Divus Julius (Jordan) Hermes

des kapitol. Jupiter (Hirt) Berlin

Akad. Abh. 1811-13.
der Magna Mater (Gilbert) Philologus

45 : 449.
Rome, City of. Modern.

Taine. Rome and Naples; Rev. d. d.

Mondes II: 55: 161, 273; 56:801; 57:273.

Bezug auf d. mod. Culturverhaltnisse

(Winterberg) Preuss. Jahrb. 49:243.

Campagna (Sombart) Uns. Zeit 1889 : 2 : 28.

Capture by Napoleon, 1808 (Haussonville)

Rev. d. d. Mondes II : 72 : 595.

Churches. Gailhabaud, Monuments v.2-4.

Churches (Monte'gut) Rev. d. d. Mondes


Rome, City of.


Rome, Kingdom, Republic of.

Churches. Parker, Archaeology of Rome.

First impressions. Freeman, Historical

essays v. 3.

in 1300 (Reumont) D. Dante-Gesell. 3:369.

in 1644. Evelyn, Diary.

in 1738. Ray, Travels 1 : 297.

in 1803. Seume, Spaziergang 118.

in 1819. Grillparzer, Werke v. 10.

in 1826. Carter, Letters from Europe 2:

157, 306.
Jameson. Diary of an ennuye"e.

in 1834. Quinet, Oeuvres completes 7:429.

in 1849. Croisadecontre. Quinet,0euvres


in 1856. Wall, Foreign etchings.

in 1858. About, Rome of to-day.

in I860. Dickens, Pictures from Italy.
Quinet. Oeuvres politiques 2:5.

in 1868. Kip, Christmas holydays.

Inundations, 1871. Ruskin, Arrows of

the chace v. '2.

Moltke's Wanderungen. Rundschau 18:


Rise of. Niebuhr, Letters 3 : 277.

Sack of, 1527. Leo, Gesch. Italiens 5:349.
Lieber. Great events.

Sirnonde de Sismondi. Re"publiques

8:ch. 5.

Villa Malta (Gregorovius) Unsere Zeit


Ziige d. deutschen Kaiser (Diimmler)

Preuss. Jahrb. 24 : 296.
Rome, Kingdom, Republic, Empire of.

Aelteste Geschichte (Helbig) Hermes 11:


Begriffdes Pomerium. Mommsen, Ro"m.

Forschungen v. 2.

Censusliste (Beloch) Rhein. Mus. 32:227.

Civil war, A. D. 49. Ausbruck (Nissen)

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