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Trans. 9:582.

Progress. Condillac, Histoire moderne

v. 6.
and tendency. Barnes, Essays v. 2.

Research. Newman, Idea of a university.

Endowment (Davidson) Californian

Gore. Scientific basis of national

Materialism and. Lange, Materialism


Sittliche Grundlagen. Sigwart, Kleine

Schriften v. 2.

Teaching. Genetic and dogmatic.

Haeckel, Freedom in science.
Virchow on. Clifford, Lectures v. 2.

Theism and atheism in (Whittlesey)

Pams. science v.3.

True and false. Brownson, Works 9 : 254.


undMilitiirwesen(Goltz) Rundschau 37:40.

Volkskunde (Branke) Herrig's Archiv


Vulgarisateurs (Saveney) Rev. d. d.

Mondes 11:56:757.

What is? Thompson (Jos. P.), American


Wonders of romance and. Hitchcock,

llelijrious truth.

Scintillation of light.

Arago. Oeuvres 7:1-111.

n lrs feux (Allard) Paris, Mm.
Savans Etrang. v. 25.

SdO, anciently Chios.

( Houssaye) Rev. d. d. Mondes III .
i:r.ll>el)eii in 1881 (Benndorff) Kuiul-' liau

II :',71.

Geologic (Teller) Wien Akad. Denka.

M-N. Cl. 40:340.

Scipio Aemillanus Afrtcanus Minor, P. C.

Utoll Hclden Roms 451.

Scipio Afrlc&nus Major, P. C.

- St. .11. Hcli ion Uoms373.



Scipio Africanus Major.



Prozesse. Mommsen, Rbmische For-

schungen 2 : 417-510.
Scopas, sculptor.

Bauineister. Denkmaler d. class. Altert.


Works of school (Farnell) J. Hellenic

Stud. 7:114.

Anatomic et la physiologic ( Dufour) Paris,

Me"m. Savans Etrang. 14:561.
Scotland. Description and travel.

Hamerton. Painter's camp.

Ancient. Tytler, History of Scotland 2:


Ancient hill-top structures (Tytler) Roy.

Edin. Trans, v. 2.

Antiquities. Burton, Scotland v. 1.

Geological elevation (Darwin) Roy. Soc.

Trans. 1839:39.
(Home) Roy. Edin. Trans. 27:39.

Highlands. Paget. New " Examen."

in 1825. Carter, Letters from Europe 1:237.

Minerals of (Heddle) Roy. Edin. Trans.

v. 27-29.

Socle 1 te\ 1800 (Cucheval-Clarigny) Rev. d. d.

Scotland. History and politics.

Universal history: modern v. 41.

and England. Relations of. Freeman,

Essays v. 1.

Borough government. Home, History of

man 2: 491.

Burton's History (Etienne) Rev. d. d.

Mondes II: 71: 208.

Claim of Edward I. Rapin, History of

England 1:364-

in 1326-99. Struggles for liberty. Frois-

sart, Chronicles.

in 1544. Hertford's expedition. Arber's

English garner v. 1.

in 1700-. Lecky, History of England.

Union with England. Bacon (Sir F.),

Works v. 5.

Scott, Dred, fugitive slave.

Benton. Dred Scott case.

Curtis (B: T.). Life and writings.

Lincoln-Douglas. Debates.

Nicholas. Conservative essays v. 2.

Taney. Opinion (Pams. slavery v. 4).

Tyler. Memoir of Taney.

Scott, John, earl of Eldon. See Eldon.
Scott, Sir Walter. 1771-1832.

Allibone. Dictionary of authors.

Brandes. Hauptstromungen 4 : 166.

Carlyle. Essays.

Emerson. Miscellanies (Riverside ed.).

Honegger. Cnlturgeschichte 2:205.

Lodge. Portraits v. 4.

Prescott. Essays; also Essays from the

N. Amer. Review.

Stephen. Hours in a library v. 1.

Talfourd. Essays.

Abbotsford baronetcy. Miller (Hu.), Es-


Abbotsford. Visit to. Irving. Works v.3.

Epitre a (Lamartine)LivredeslOl. 6:367.

Lady of the lake (Krummacher) Herrig's

Arch. 76:241.

Lay of the last minstrel (Natorp) Herrig's

Arch. 72:311.

Novels. Bagehot, Literary studies 2:146.
Jeffrey. Essays.

Poems. Jeffrey, Essays.

( Jellet) Afternoon lectures v. 5.

Rossetti. Fiinums poets.

Quentin Durward (Mann) Anglia 12:41.

Scott, W:, lord Stowell. 1745-1836.

Brougham. Statesmen 2 : 73.

Scott, Rev. William A. 1813-85.

Woods. California recollections ch. 11.

Scott, General Winfield. 1786-1866.

Coleman. Life of J. J. Crittenden.

Curtis. Life of Buchanan.

at San Francisco, 1859 (Simonin) Rev.


Scottish language.

Dialects of the south. Philol. Soc. Trans.

1870-2 : pt. 2.

Glossary. Ramsay, Poems v. 2.

j Wesen der breitschottischen Sprache
(Clement) Herrig's Archiv 6:46, 165.297.

1 Scottish literature.

Beginning Burton, Scotland 3:408.

Tales of the west Highlands. Miiller

(Max), Chips v. 2.


Standard gauge for. Pams.engineeringv.2.

Theory of (Ball) Roy. Irish Trans, v. 25,

29; Roy. Soc. Trans. 1874: 15.

Scribe, A. Eugene, dramatist. 1791- I 1861.

(Blaze de Bury) Rev. d. d. Mondes III:


Matthews. French dramatists.

Preussische Jahrb. 6:1.

UnsereZeit 1861:201.

Verre d'eau (Lamai) Herrig's Archiv 2:35.

Scrofula. Aetiologie und Therapie (Haef-
ten) Giessen Univ. Diss. v. 2.

Scrope, R:, archbishop of York.

Miscellanea relating to. Rolls chronicles

71 : v. 2. .
ScudSry, Madelein de. 1607-1701.

Sainte-Beuve. Causeries du Lundi 4 : 121.

Grand Cyrus (Cousin) Rev. d. d. Mondes

II : 13 : 920.

Sculpture. See also Bronze, Carving, names
of sculptors, statues, and localities as
Aegina, Parthenon, Pergamus, etc.

Bascom. Aesthetics.

Hemsterhuis, Oeu vres philos. 1:9; 3 : 76.

Reynolds. Discourses (10th). Grabdenkmal (Kirchhoff)

Berlin Akad. Abb. 1873.

Ancient and modern compared. Grimm,

Life of Michel Angelo ch. 11.

Disappearance, discovery. Lanciani,

Ancient Rome 284.

(Stark) Preuss. Jahrb. 26 : 36.

Gesichtsausdruck (Conze) Preuss.

Jahrb. 33 : 28.
in Great Britain (Michaelis) J. Hellenic

Stud. 5:143; 6:30.
Nicholson's collection (Michaelis) J.

Hellenic Stud. 7 : 240.

Archaic statues (Gardner) J. Hellenic

Stud. 8:150.

Attic sepulchral relief (Brown) J. Hel-

lenic Stud. 6:16.

Boy and goose in (Gardner) J. Hellenic

Stud. 6:1.

Christian early. Parker, Archaeology of

Rome, pt. 10.




Destinies (Le"vque) Rev. d. d. Mondes


Diadumenos of terra-cotta (Murray) J.

Hellenic Stud. H: 243.

Fire-blower and thornextracter (Zie-

linski) Rhein. Mus. 39:73.

Florentine. Yriarte, Florence 249-
avant Michel-Ange (Delaborde) Rev.

d. d. Mondes 11:59:580.

from Xanthus (Braun) Rhein. Mus. N. F.


Greek. An Quellen u. Brunnen (Bruns)

Berlin Akad. Abh. 1876.
at Berlin (Panofka) Berlin Akad. Abh.

Beschreibungen desChristodor(Lange)

Rhein. Mus. 35:110.
Horse-head (Michaelis) J. Hellenic

Stud. 3:234.

Grenzen zwischen Malerei und (Hauck)

Preuss. Jahrb. 50:1.

in d. russisohen Steppen (Kohn) Zts.

Ethnol. 10:33.

in middle ages (Magnin) Misc. pamphlets

v. 6.

in Rome and Florence. Shelley. Prose

works 3: 43.

Italian portrait, 15. century (Grimm)

Preuss. Jahrb. 51:400.

Mythological. Westropp, Archaeology 140
and funereal. Parker, Archaeology of

Rome, pt. 10.

Nike sacrificing a bull (Smith) J. Hellenic

Stud. 7 : 275.

North European museums (Farnell) J.

Hellenic Stud. 9:31.

rgaliste. Art grec et (Planche) Rev. d. d.

Mondes 11:5:530.

Relation to nature (Schelling) Hedge,

German prose.

Scylla and Charybdis.

Homer. Odyssey ed. by Hay man 2:127.


Rawlinson's Herodotus v. 3.

and surrounding countries (Newman)

Philol. Soc. Proc. v. 1.

Scythians und Celts. Universal history :
ancient 4:313.

Sea. See Divers, Ocean, Water.
Sea-cucumbers. See Holothuroidea.

Sea-serpent at Cape Ann, 1817. Pamphlets
on history v. 2.

Sea-weeds. See Algae (Marine).
Seafarer, /><-i>i.

(Klugc) Kngl. Stud. 6:322.

Seals, Sea-lions. See alto works on Alaska.

Allen. North American pinnipeds.

i M r.s. H, ,u-.. KX i). IST.-.-O.V.IO.

(Turner) Challenger voyage, Zoology v. 28.

of the Iri>li -< a- < Kail) Roy. Irish Trans.

v 1-v

White (Lichtenstein) Berlin Akad. Abh.

Seals, SlKillography.

uce auxiliaire <! 1'histoire (Maury)
Rev. .1. .1. Mondea 111:5:889.

Sealsfleld, Charles. 1797-1

HniM'KL'iT. I'ullurgeHchichte 4 : -'II

UnsereZeit 1805:211.


Propagators of disease (Smith) Pams.

health v. 1.

Searls, Hon. Niles.

Shuck. Bench and bar in California.
Seasons. See alto names of seasons.

Thomson. The seasons.

Soliloquy on. Wilson, Recreations 2 : 224.

sur ia terre, etc. (Babinet) Rev. d. d.

Mondes 11:1:43(5.

Sebastopol, Siege of. 1855.

Histories of the Crimean war.

Knox. Decisive battles since Waterloo.

Russell. Todleben's Defence of S.

Premiers jours (Blerzy) Rev. d. d. Mondes


Russes a (Rambaud) Rev. d. d. Mondes


Scenes (Tolstoi) Rev. d. d. Mondes 111:72:


Souvenirs de voyage (Rambaud) Rev. d.

d. Mondes 111:6:349.

Secession. See State rights, United States
(Civil war).

Seckendorf, Siegmund von.

Varnhagen von Ense. Schriften v. 17.
Seckendorff, Veil Ludwig. 1626-

(Nasemann) Preuss. Jahrb. 12:257.

Secret societies. See also Carbonari, Free-
masonrv, Friendly societies. Jesuits, Ku
Klux Klan, Nihilism, Odd Fellows,
Rosicrucians, Vehmic courts.

De Quincey. Hist, and crit. essays v. 2.

Robison. Proofs of a conspiracy.

Scott. Anne of Geierstein.

chez les Arabes ( Estournelles de Constant)

Rev. d.d. Mondes 111:74:100.

College. Purdue Univ. 9th report.

en droit italien (Bing) Geneva Univ. Diss.

v. 3.

Sigma Chi. Elliot, History of Omega


Sects (Religious). See al*o Albigenses, Ari-
anism, Authority. Baptists, Buddhism,
Calvinism, Church of England, Congre-
gationalism, Coptic, Creeds, Disciples of
Christ, Doctrines, Dogma, Druids, K-
senes, Greek church. Huguenots. Jiui-
MMiists, Judaism, Lollards, Lutheran,
Methodism, Mohammed, Moravian-,
Mormons, Mysticism. Mythology, Nes-
torians. Parsees, Pietists, Presbyterian-
ism, Protestant, Puritans, Quietism,
Religions, Roman I'atliolic, Shakers,
Spiritualism, Swedenborg, Symbolism,
Talmud, t nitariani-m. Universalism,

< i ri m m- 1 )iderot. Correspondance i m'd i t e

- " Hard" church. Mutton. K - ay- v. 1.

-in Nordamerika(Holtzendorfr)"Zts. Vol-
kor|-y<-li. .'':3fl9.

in the (9. century. Small books on great

Miliiecls, m>. 1 1.
Mittfliedfr ln-ider /.. DreifaltiKkeitskirche

^tioreiideii(M-mfiin-n Schieiermacher,

W.-rkr I. Abth.
Multiplication in Kujrlnnd, l<-.'Vi. Godwin,

Commonwealth 4:305.

Reforms, noveltie.-. Hrownson, Works




Semitic languages.

Reunion of all Christians. Brownson,

Works 12:496.

Tendency. Hazlitt, Round table.

Unity of the church. Barrow, Works 8:


Newman, Discussions ; Essays v. 1.

Secundus Philosophies of Athens.

Miinchen mss. (Bachmann) Philologus

Sedaine, M. J:, dramatist. 1719-97.

Grimm-Diderot. Correspondance.

Lenient. ComMie en France au 18. siecle

Sedan battle, 1870.

Delord. Histoire du second empire 6:351.

Knox. Decisive battles.

Documents ine'dits. Rev. Hist. 26: 303.

Enquete parlementaire (Mazade) Rev.

d.d. Mondes 111:8:589.

Erinnerungen (Verdy) Rundschau 1:36.

Tage (Corvinus) Preuss. Jahrb. 52:268.
Sedgwlck, Gen. John. 1815-64.

Headley. Grant and Sherman 416.
Seebeck, Moritz.

Lebensbild (Eucken) Rundschau 50:224.
Seebeck, Thomas Johann. 1770-1831.

(Poggendorff) Berlin Akad. Abh. 1839.

Keimen (Hermbstadt) Berlin Akad. Abh.


Radicle and germen during vegetation

(Knight) Roy. Soc. Trans. 1806:99.

Structure de 1'ovule (Mirbel) Paris, Mem.

Acad.Sci. 9:609.
Segesta, Sicily.

Gailhabaud. Monuments y. 1.

Hittorf and Zanth. Architecture de la

Segrals, J. R. de. 1624-1701.

Alembert. Oeuvres 8 : 149.
Seguier, Jean Francois. 1703-84.

(Boissier) Rev. d. d. Mondes II : 92: 446.
Se"gur, Philippe Paul, comte de. 1780-1873.

Unsere Zeit 1875: 1 : 241.

Vie et son temps (Taillandier) Rev. d. d.

Mondes 111:7:831; 8:344; 9:99.
Seguy, Joseph. 1689-1761.

Alembert. Oeuvres 10 : 73.
Seidler, Louise, painter.

( Riiokert) Grenzboten 1874 : 1 : 441.
Seignelay. See Colbert (J. B.).
Seiloon, Palestine.

Zerstbrung d. Tempels (Maybaum) Zeits.

Volkerpsych. 17:290.
Seine river.

a Paris. Industries, etc. (Du Camp) Rev.

d.d. Mondes 11:72:161.

Bassin. Travaux publics (Blerzy) Rev. d.

d. Mondes 11:106:62.

maritime (Baude) Rev. d. d. Mondes II:

24:332; 28:903; 36:777.
Seismometer. See also Earthquakes.
Theory and construction (Forbes) Roy.

Edin. Trans. 15:219.
Selden, 3 ohn, jurist. 1584-1654.

Lodge. Portraits v. 3.

Roscoe. British lawyers.

Selenium. Action of light on (Adams) Roy.
Soc. Trans. 1877:313.

Self. See Ego, Personality.


Blackie. Self-culture.

Channing. Works v. 2.

Clarke. Self-culture.

i Continued self-education. Lieber, Misc.
writings v. 1.

Self-government. See also Local govern-
' Bibliography. Mo. Ref. Lists 2 : 23.

Tendencies in the U. S. Mo. Ref. Lists


Bluntschli. Lehre vom mod. Stat. 3 : 78.

Preussische Jahrb. 6 : 25.

and national union. Frothingham, Rise

of the republic.

i in English colonies (Blerzy) Rev. d. d.
Mondes II: 97: 123.

Todd. Parliamentary government in

British colonies.

in Prussia (Bonstedt) Rundschau 28:372.

in Russia (Leroy-Beaulieu) Rev. d. d.

Mondes III: 28: 384, 803.

Over-legislation. Spencer (H.), Essays.

Self-help. State help and. Clarke, Vexed
questions in theology.

I Smith. Dreamthorp 167.

j Self-reliance.

Emerson. Essays ser. 1.


Jouffroy. Melanges philos. 202.

im System de Moral (Feuerlein) Philos.

Monatsh. 19:257.

Liebe und. Herder, Werke; hrsg. v. Su-

phan 15 : 304.

Selinus (Selinuntius), Sicily.

Beule\ Art grec 83.

Gailhabaud. Monuments v. 1.

(Gregorovius) Unsere Zeit 1887 : 1 : 28.

Entdeckungenimgrossen Ternpel(Holm)

Rhein. Mus. 27 : 453.

Selkirk, Alexander. 1676-
j Rogers ( Woodes). Voyage 125.

Sella, Quintino. 1827-88.

(Schumann) Uns. Zeit 1889: 2 : 332.

Seminole Indians.

Giddings. Exiles of Florida.

(Maccauley) U. S. Bur. Ethnol. Report 5.

Paris. History of the civil war 1 : 59.

Parton. Life of Jackson.
Semiramis, queen of Assyria.

Jameson. Female sovereigns v. 1.

Volney. Oeuvres 6: 181.

Voltaire. Oeuvres v. 3 (tragedy).

L6gende, en Provence (Berenge-Feraud)

Rev. d'Anthrop. Ill : 2 : 559.

Ninus and. Duncker, History of antiquity

Semitic languages. See also Hebrew.

Ausruf. Frage in (Jensen) Zts. Volker-

psych. 18 : 419.
- Dual in (Noldeke) Zts. Volkerps. 7:403.

History. Renan's (Franck) Acad. Sci.

Mor. 38:363; 39:51.
(Littre") Rev. d. d. Mondes II : 10: 114.

Problems of grammar (Toy) Amer. J.

Philol. 1 : 416.

Vowel a (Toy) Amer. J. Philol. 2: 446.

Semitic races.



Semitic races. See alto Jews.

Charakteristik (Stein thai) Zts. Volker-

psych. 1:328.

Culture, palaeography, languages.

Deutsch, Literary remains.

Home of primitive (Toy) Am. Philol.

Assoc. 12:26.
Sempach battle, 1386.

Histories of Switzerland: D&ndliker (1:

485, 657).

Lieber. Great events.

Lieder ( Lorenz) Germania 6 : 161.

(Schmolke) Grenzboten 1874 : 1 : 2 : 131.

und d. Sage vom Winkelried (Theuner)

Preuss. Jahrb. 58:283.
Semper, Gottfried. 1804-

Architectur der Gegenwart (Portig) Uns.

/tit 1884:1:632-
Senac de Melllian, Gabriel. 1736-1803.

Sainte-Beuve. Causeries du Lundi 10 : 91.

Seneca, Lucius Annaeus, statesman, phi-
losopher, d. A. D. 65. See also works on

Amador de los Rios. Literature espaflola


Dubois-Guchan. Taciteet son siecle 2:107.

Farrar. Seekers after God.

Klein. Geschichte des Drama's v. 2.

Tiraboschi. Letteratura italiana.

Zeller. Eclecticism.

and Paul. Baur, Drei Abhandl. zur Phi-


Merivale. Romans under the empire


Character, philosophy. Harvard Lib.

Bull. 2:30.

Christianisme et la morale (Boissier) Rev.

d.d. Mondes 11:92:40.

De beneficiis. Sources (Fowler) Amer.

Philol. Ass., Trans. 17 : 24.

De dementia (Schultess) Rhein. Mus. 33:


Dialogues (Koch) Rhein. Mus. 30:79. 340.
1. Adnotationes (Aubert) Rheiu. Mus.


Imagination. Malebranche, Recherche

de la ve'rite' (Oeuvres 3:304).

Letters (Bartsch) Khein. Mus. 24:271.
(Koch) Jahrb. Philol. 111:715.

Medea (Braun) Rhein. Mus. 32:68.

Oedipus (Braun) Rhein. Mus. 22:245.

Phoenissae (Braun) Rhein. Mus. 20:271.

Tragedies (Bert) Rhein. Mus. 34 : 509.

Conington. Misc. writings v. 1.

Leasing. Werke 4 : 267.

(Monro) Jour. Philol. 6:70.

Arbeiten Uber, 1879-89 (Tachau) Phi-

lologus 48:340.
Chorlieder (Richter) Rhein. Mus. 19:

360, 521.

De recensendis (Leo) Hermes 10:423.

Interpolationen (Richter) Rhein. Mus.


Trostune an Polybius (Spalding) Berlin

Akad. Abb. 1803.
Seneca, M. Annaeus, rhetori

(KieMsling) Rhein. Mu. U!:50.
I.Miill.-ri Ulirin. Mus. _ 1:406.

(Vahli-n) Khrin. .Mu.-. l.'i:54G.

BeitriiKe zur Kritik (Otto) Juhrb. 1'hilol.


Usus direndi (Ahlheim) Oiessen fniv.

Diss. v. 1.

Weiteres zur Kritik (Opitz) Philologus

Snec<5, Ant. Bauderon. 1643-1737.

Sainte-Beuve. Causeries 12 : 280.
Senega, drug.

(Atlass) Dorpat Univ. Diss. v. L

France au Fouta-Dialon (Bayol) Rev.d. d.

Mondesi II: 54: 903.

Politique coloniale de France (Duval)

Rev. d.d. Mondes II : 17 : 517, 837.

Trois ans de campagne, 1859- (Aube) Rev.

d.d. Mondes 11:43:513.

Mage. Voyage dans le Soudan.

et Soudan francais (Rambaud) Rev. d. d.

Mondes 1885: Oct. 1.
Senlac. See Hastings buttle.
Sennaar (or Sennar). See also Nubia.

Souvenirs d'un voyage (Lejean) Rev. d.d.

Mondes 11:57: 742.

Sennacherib, king of Assyria.

Zeits. deut. morgenl. Gesell., index.

Sens monastery.

Gesta. Pertz, Mon. Germ, hist, Scr. 25:249.

Senses, Sensation. Seealso Attention, Com-
mon sense, Kar, Emotions, Eye, Nerves,
Observation, Perception, Sight, Smell,
Taste, Time sense.

Browne. Human understanding bk. 1.

Condillac. Oeuvres v. 3.

Mendelssohn (Moses). Schriften y. -.

Reid. Inquiry into the human mind.
Smithsonian institution. Report 1865: 249.

and organs of. Huxley, Science and cult-


Authority. Home, Essays on principles

of morality.

Begriff d. Empfindung(Meinong) Viertelj.

wissen. Philo*. 12:324, 477; 13:1.

Berkeley on. Huxley, Critiques.

Brown and others on (Alison) Roy. Eilin.

Trans. 20:513.

Condillac sur. Grimm-Diderot, Corre-

spondence 1:225.

de 1'effort (Delboeuf) Rev. Philos. 12:513.

del'orientation(Viguier) Rev. Philos. 1 1:1

Delboeuf et la thdorie (Dumont) Rev.

Philos. 2:452.

des Intervallsinnes (Schischmanow)

Philos. Stud. 5: 558.

Eigenheiten d. Gefiihlsinnes (Kngel) Ber-

lin Aka.l. Abh. 1788-9.

et la pense"e (Fouille'e) Rev. d. d. Mondes


et mouvement(Fe>6) Crit. Phi los. 20: 337;

(Joly) Rev. Philos. _>.': 113-

et les inceptions (Bonatelli) Krv. I'liilo*.

17: 1
(Souriau) Rev. Philos. 1::58, 135.

External. Smith (Adam). Works v. 5.

Gemeingefiihl u. rinnlichea (u-fiihl

(KriiiR-r) Viertelj. wissen. 1'hilos. 11:153.
11 ,-t. .in- ph\ Mologique. Cabanis.CU'iivnvs

Idtfe de "brilU-r" i-n Saii-cril, (ircr. Latin

(Regnau.l) Itev. I'lul..- 17:11'1.

Lehre yon d. kiirix-rlii lim illorwirz)

VitTtrlj. wisM-n-. Philoa. i

I*hre von d. Natur d. (Ccscn) Vi-rl-lj.

TliiloH. 10:137.




Lewes on. Green (T: Hill), Works 1 :471.

musculaire (Binet) Rev. Philos. 25:465.
(Gley) Rev. Philos. 20:601.

(Lewes) Rev. Philos. 6:63.

Porte'e et valeur. Saisset, Seep ticisme 387.

Premieres determinations. Cabanis,


Psychologic der (Hoffding) Philos.

Monatsh. 16:416.

Reiz und (Merkel) Philos. Studien 4 : 541 ;

5 : 245, 499.

Scale of. Grote, Exploratio philosophica.

Sensibility (Franck) Acad. Sci. Mor. 21:477.

Small differences (Peirce) Nat. Acad. Sci.

Mem. v. 3.

Temps de reaction (Beaunis) Rev. Philos.


Theory of. Bemerkungen (Lipps)Viertelj.

wissens. Philos. 13 : 160.

der sinnlichen Gefiihle ( Kiilpe) Viertelj.

wissen. Philos. 11:424; 12:50.

Troubles del'usage des signes (Fe're') Rev.

Philos. 17:593-

Verhaltniss zur d. Frage nach d. psychi-

schen Grand processe(Horwicz)Viertelj.
wissens. Philos. 3:308.

zu den Vorstellungen ( Wundt) Viertelj.

wissens. Philos. 3 : 129, 342.

Vorgang d. einfachen Reaction (Lange)

Philos. Stud. 4:479.
Sensualism (Philosophical).

Cousin. Philosophic moderne v. 8;

Philosophic sensualisteau 18. siecle.

Protagoreische (Sattig) Zts. Philos. 86:

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German. Goltz, Charakteristik d. deutsch.

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