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of Webster v. 2.

Grant (U. S.). Personal memoirs v. 1.

(Hartson) Pams. U. S. history v. 1.

Hawthorne. Life of Pierce.

Paris. History of the civil war 1 : 30.

Polk. Presidential message 1846. Pams.

U.S. history v. 1.

Scott (Gen. W.). Autobiography v. 2.

Sumner. Works, index.

Tyler. Letters and times of the Tylers y.2

Webster. Speech on ten regiment bill.


- Winthrop. Speeches.

Dismemberament of Mexico. Mayo,

Eight years of Washington.

Peace with Mexico. Gallatin, Writings v. 3

Slavery and. Brownson, Works 16: 25.
United States. History. Civil war, 1861-5.

See also Army, Navy, Sanitary commis-
sion, Slavery, State rights, names of
battles, generals, statesmen; state his-

Bibliography. Regimental histories.

Phila. Lib. Co. Bull., Jan. 1886.

Brownson. Works v. 17.

Diplomatic Review bk. 3-4.

Grant (U. S.). Personal memoirs.

Johnston. Representative American ora-

tions v. 3.

Julian. Political recollections.

- ( Laugel) Rev. d. d. Mondes II : 47 : 872 ; 56 :

874; 58:382.

Lowell. Political essays 45, 75, 118.

(Meerheimb) Rundschau 9:100-

Mill ( J: S.). Dissertations and discussions

v. 1.

Nicholas. Conservative essays v. 2.

(Paris) Rev. d. d. Mondes 111:4:5.

Phillips (Wendell). Speeches.

Preussische Jahrbiicher 8 : 147-

Seward. Works v. 4-5.

Unsere Zeit 1865 : 721-

Beginnings; first two years. Tyler, Let-

ters and times of the Tylers.

Campaign of 1862. Preuss. Jahrb. 10:362.
1863 (Cluseret) Rev. Nat. 17 : 25.

1863-4. Preuss. Jahrb. 12 : 480 ; 15 : 258 ;


Causes, caracteres (Laugel) Rev. d. d.

Mondes II: 36: 140.

Confederate congress, constitution, etc.

Stephens, War between the states 2 : 710-

government. Executive policy (Sher-
man) U. S. Senate Ex. Docs. 1884-5, v. 1.

Deux dernieres anne"es (Reclus) Rev. d. d.

Mondes 11:53:555.

Disunion. Perry, Biographical sketches

of statesmen 171.

England's relations. Blanc, Lettres sur


(Bler/y) Rev. d. d. Mondes 11:89:101,


(Field, Loring) Pams. war of secession

United States.



Morley. Life of Cobden.

Smith. Life of John Bright 2 : 78.

Ruskin. Arrows of the chace v. 2.

Georgia campaign (Szabad) Rev. d. d.

Mondes 11:57:998.

Lee's surrender. Knox, Decisive battles.

McClellan's report. Lowell, Political es-


Maryland campaign (Duvergierde Hau-

ranne) Rev. d. d. Mondes 11:58:852.
(Paris) Rev. d. d. Mondes 111:9: I'll

Men and measures (Conness) Pains. U. 8.

history v. 1.

Missouri during. Switzler, History of


New York in 1862-3. Opdyke, Documents

and addresses.

Origin and mainspring. Sumner, Works

6 : 65, also index.

Poetry of. Moore's Rebellion record;

poetical works of Boker, Longfellow,
Lowell, Redden, Whitman.

Potomac campaign (Frognon) Rev. d. d.

Mondes 11:41:798.

Secession. Kendall, Autobiography.

Seward's diplomacy. Campbell, Habeas

corpus pamphlets.

Winter 1864-5 (Koniger) Preuss. Jahrb.


United States. Jlistory. Since 1865. See alto
Negroes, Reconstruction.

Hayes' southern policy (Chandler) Pains.

U. 8. history v. 4.

in 1867 (Duvergier de Uauranne) Rev. d.

d. Mondes 11:72:475.

in 1869-75. Unsere Zeit 1876 : 1 : 81, 284, 450.

in 1873-5. Brownson. Works 18:520-

North west boundary question, 1872. Ber-

lin arbitration papers.

Seward-Johnson reaction. Lowell, Po-

litical essays.

South in 1876 (Hoar) Paras. U. 8. history

v. 2.

Treaty with Germany, 1868 (Kapp) Preuss.

United States. I'ol H 'ia, Political system. See
also Caucus, Civil service, Congress, Con-
stitution, Elections, Monroe doctrine,
.rroes.NullitH'ation, Parties, President

Brougham. British constitution; Po-

litical philosophy v

Brownson. Works Hi: 82.

Channing. Works 1 : 333.

Are we a nation? Sumner, Work* rJ:l-7

College graduate's place (Hoar) Pam>. I

S. history v. 3.

Dangers of liberty. Ames (Fisher), Works

Destiny. Fiske, American political idea*.

Foreign influence in. Ames (Fi-her),

Works : Phocion.
Davis. Ortnuzd ami Aliriman 313.

Fortune of the republic. Kmerson, Mi*-


Gerrymandering. Carey, Olive bnMB

I.. "TO.

Growth and possibilities (Hngen) rams.

U. 8. history v. 1.

Individualism in. Kundsch

Institutions (Kver.-tt) Pain- I > history

v. 1.

Irish- Americai i citi/.-n's duties (Brennan)

Pan,-. I . S. hi-tory V. 4.

Mu' ..|,.rt,, rales (Sartiges) Rev. d. d.

Mondes 11:99:908.

Nationality. Choate. Addresses.

Beginnings (Small) Johns Hopkins

Hi-t; Stud. 8:1.

Nationalokonomische u. socialpolitische

Riickblicke (Schmoller) Preuss. Jahrb.

Rights of man in. Parker, Additional

addresses '-' :'_'i:V

Sectionalism. Choate, Addresses.


True greatnc - . >e\vard, Works 3: 11.

Working of the democracy (Eliot) Pams.

U. S. history v. 1.
Universalism. See also Salvation.

.. . .

. tury of (Miner) Winsor's Boston
- Cnnditionali-me et (PStavel-Ollif) Crit.
Kelig. 7:305.

Universe. See alto Animism, Cosmology,
Karth, Matter, Nature.

Indestructibility. Muimonides, Guide of

the I'erplexed.

Philo Judaeus. Works v. 4.

(Bernays) Berlin Akad. Abh. 1876,


M4taphysique (Petit) Acad. Sci. M..r. 71 :


Physical theory. Wright, Philosophical


1'nity. LoUe, Microrosmus \

of 'intelligence. Oersted, Soul in nature.

University de France.

F.nseijrnement de hi philoxophie (Beaus-

llcv. d. .1. Mondes 111:78:82.
Universities. See also Co; ^rees,

K.hication (Higher), names of individ-
ual universities, foreign ones under the
name of city where IO.M-

Newman. Idea of a university.

Actual and ideal. Huxley, .Science and


American (Smith) Pams. education v. 9.
Studienleben( White)Kuii.l - huu '.'1:123

Anfangeder Verfa-sung(Hehremi) liuml-


Benefit to society (Oilman) Johns Hop-

kins f.Circ. I

Catholic, in the United States. Pams.

education v. U>.

- K.hication. Kverett, Orations '.'

(Haijrht) Pain-. I'niv. C.ilifornia

Huxley. Lecture- in America.

Kngli-h. Coinmis-ioners and college*

npion) Cambridge essays 1858.
National character. Burrows, Consti-
tutional progress d,
Reform-. 1H78 (Jolly) Preuss. Jahrb.

::-liis of dissenters. Hanultoi
\V:i 'US.

- French II, organisation (Breal) Rev. d.

.1. Monde- Ml
Function of i llavenl Par il.vA

German. BibUOfnphj. Monthly Rfer-

i .-) Panis. education v. 8.

__ - uy.

Aca.leinicfree,l..m. Helmholt/. Poj.u

lar lertur.

,,. :, (Uvi**)RT.d.dM<mM

< , Hnmilt- '





Declining? Hall, Aspects of German

Entwicklung (Meyer) Pams. education

v. 9.
Gedanken. Schleiermacher. Werke

History (Baird) Amer. Quar. Reg. v.

ira Mittelalter (Paulsen) Hist. Zts. 45:

251, 385.
Philosophic dans (Lachelier) Rev. Phi-

los. 11:152.
Promotionsreform (Hueter) Preuss.

Jahrb. 38 : 499.

(Mommsen) Preuss. Jahrb. 37 : 335.

Quellen auf. Pams. history v. 7.

Reform, 1868. Preuss. Jahrb. 23 : 406.

Reform des juristischen Studiums

(Kuntze) Uns. Zeit 1888:1:25.
Studentenstaat, 1815. Arndt, Schriften

Studium, 1830-80 (Reinhardt) Preuss.

Jahrb. 54:20.
1800-58. Preuss. Jahrb. 2 : 107.

Holland (Esquiros) Rev. d. d. Mondes II:


Italian (Gubernatis) Pamphlets on edu-

cation v. 9.

Tiraboschi. Letteratura italiana, index.

in 16. century. Ginguine', Histoire lit-

tdraire v. 7.

Reform (Meyer) Unsere Zeit 1883:1:876.

1863 (Matteucci) Rev. d. d. Mondes


Liberal education in. Seeley, Essays.

Modern. Bayne, Essa}'s 2:304.

Progress of civilization (Oilman) Univ.

State N. Y. Rept. 1886.

Prussian, 1869 (Ubbelohde) Preuss. Jahrb.


Relation to public education (Angell, etc.)

Nat. Educ._Assoc. 1887 : 146, 164, 167.

Rise and progress. Newman, Historical

sketches v. 3.

Russian. Rundschau 19 : 107.

State versus Christian (Stratton) Califor-

nian 3 : 457.

What is a? (Sill) Californian 3:452.

Work of. Gladstone, Gleanings v. 7.

University of California. See also Berke-
ley (Cal.), Observatories (Lick).

Carr. Patrons of husbandry ch. 26.

Swett. Public school system of California


and its managers (Swinton) Pams. Univ.

Cal. v. 2.

Bill for relief, 1886. U. S. House Com. Re-

ports 1885-6, v. 6.

Building of the (Oilman) Overland 9:564.

Close the (Hittell) Californian 4 : 265.

College of California and the. Willey,

History of the College of California;
Thirty years in California 54.

Examinations (Doyle, Davis) Overland II:


from a German standpoint (Schulte) Col-

lege catalogues v. 2.

Historical sketch (Jones) Nat. Educ. As-

soc. 1888:446.

in 1887 (Swift) Pams. Univ. Cal. v. 3.

Mouvement for a university in California,

1857 (Bushnell) College catalogues v. 2.

Relation to industrial education, 1874.

Pams. Univ. Cal. v. 3.

Resignation of the board of regents dic-

tated (Schulte) Pams. Univ. Cal. v. 3.

Sale of liquors near. Arguments ex parte

Joseph McLean. Pams. Univ. Cal. v. 3.

Suggestions for better direction( Leverson)

Pams. Univ. Cal. v. 3.

Why attend? (Kellogg) Californian 3:488.

Water plan of the College (Willey) Cali-

fornian 6 : 302; College catalogues v. 2.
University of North Carolina.

Spencer. Last ninety days of the war.

University of Virginia.

Jefferson (T:). Works v. 6-7.

Madison (Ja.). Works.

(Trent) Johns Hopkins Hist. Stud. v. 7.


Milller, ed. Sacred books of the east 1:1 vii-

(Whitney) Am. J. Philol. 7 : 1.

Rama-Tapaniya- (Weber) Berlin Akad.

Abh. 1864.

Verzeichniss der (Muller) Zts. morgenl.

Gesells. v. 19.
Upsala, Sweden.

in 1881. Du Chaillu, Land of the midnight

sun 1 : 318.

in 1886. Sumner. Northern Europe.

University. 4e cent^naire (Geffroy) Rev.

d.d. Mondes III: 24: 166.


Index to literature (Bolton) Smithson.

Rept. 1885:915.
Uranus (the Georgian planet).

Orbit and motion (Robison) Roy. Edin.

Trans. 1:305; 2:37.

Orbits of satellites (Hall) U. S. Naval Ob-

serv. Rept. 1881.

Satellites (Herschel) Roy. Soc. Trans. 1815:


Theory of long inequality (Peirson)

Cambr. Philos. Trans, v. 9.

Zusammenkunft mit d. Regulus, 1794

(Bode) Berlin Akad. Abh. 1792-7.
Urban II, pope. d. 1099.

Histoire litte"raire de la France v. 8.

Flint. Physiological effects of severe ex-

ercise on.

Aromatische Reihe( Wrampelmeyer)Gott.

Univ. Diss. v. 8.

Bestimmung nach Plehn (Schenck) Bonn

Univ. Diss. y. 3.

Chloride. Einwirkung auf aromatische

Diss. v. 7.

auf Phenylather (Hesse) Gott. Univ.

Diss. v. 6.

Titration mit Mercurnitrat(Hilger) Bonn

Univ. Diss. v. 2.

Urfe, Honore" d'. 1568-1625.

Albert. Litte'rature fr. des origines 369.
Urine. See also Bladder, Urea.

Analysis (Flint) Pams. medicine v. 3.

Bases toxiques dans la fievre puerpe'rale

(Bourget) Geneva Univ. Diss. v. 2.

Chemistry (Jones) Roy. Soc. Trans. 1845:

335; 1849 : 235, 261; 1850 : 651, 661, 669.

Elimination: amount, character (Smith)

Roy. Soc. Trans. 1861 : 747.

Examen clinico. Pams. surgery v. 1.




Indigo in human (Hassall)~Roy. Soc.

Trans. 1854 : 297.

of children (Deutz) Gott. Univ. Diss. v. 3.

of fishes (Davy) Roy. Edin. Trans. 21: 543.

Use in religious rites (Bourke) Pams. re-

ligion v. 13.

Versuche ubereinendiabetischen(Herm-

bstiidt) Berlin Akad. Abb. 1814-15.
Urquijo, M. L. de, statesman. 1768-1817.

Holland. Foreign reminiscences.
Ursins, Anne M. de La Tre'mouille, prin-

cesse des.

(Carne") Rev. d. d. Mondes II : 23 : 257.

Sainte-Beuve. tCauseries 5:401; 14:2.

Role politique (Geffrov) Acad. ScL Mor.

Ursinus, August Friedrich.

(Holstein) Herrig's Archiv 59: 1.

in 1887. U. S. Consular report 73.

.r, 1863-4 (Reclus) Rev. d.d. Mondes II:
Usufruct an einer Heerde (Bendixen) Gtttt.

Univ. Diss. v. 5.
Usury. See Interest
Utah. See also Mormons.

ni.ssjon. Memorial. U.S. Hou.-
Docs. 1881-2, v. 1

Geology. Hayden's geological survey,


topography. Pacific railroad reports v.2.
.it l.aMii ("Russell) Overland 11:11:420.

in 1847. Hryant, California 150-

Reorganization of legislative power. ( s

House Reports 1883-4, v. 5.

-'anoer. Primary (Schoenholz) Bonn
I'niv. Diss. v. 4.

Fibroids (Sim-) Pam>. medicine v. 5.

Fihroniyomen. Swiftgrowlh (Gutmann)

Halle Vniv. Diss. v.2.

in fifth month of pregnancy (Paschen)

Marb. I'niv. Di-*. v.2.

Intra-amputntioneii (Viehofer) Bonn

Univ. Diss. v. 4.

Irritation and female ill health (Dewar)

Uoy. Kctin. Trail-. !):3G5.

Liga'menturn rotmidum (llainey) Roy.

Soc. Trans. 1850:.". I"-.

Myxoma diorii < Kalm-Bensinger) Gies-
-cii I'niv. Iii-s. y. 1.

Nerves (Beck) Roy. Soc. Tran-. 1-.

(Jobert <It- Lamhalle) Pari-, M.'m.

Savans Etrang. 8:386.

Nervous ganglia ( Lee) Roy. Soc. Trans.

1-11 ::.'':!: l-l- 1 : 17.".; !-! :L'll.
Snpravaginale Ami'iitation (Vogel)Gies-
v. 1.

Utlca, Africa.

(Sawyer) Hi-t. Soc. 1887-9:150.

Utilitarianism. M.ippiness.

Aristoteles. Polii

tin. Juri-pni'!'
P.i-ntliHiii. Work-.

Black it- Four phase* of morals.

urn*. Works.

((ii/ n. Phil.-. -

LCCKT. Hi-tory of Kuro|M-nn moralsv.l.
M ' .1, Kxamination of Mill's phi-

l.i-o|iliy. Ktli; i'iy.

Mill. Utilitarianism; also Dissertations

v. 3.
Macanlay. Essays.

Plato. Republic.

Sidgwick. Methods of ethics.

Stephen. Liberty, equality, fraternity ;

Science of ethics.

Thornton. Old-fashioned ethics.

Ward. Dynamic sociology 2: 111.

and the summum bonurn. Leslie, Essays

in polit. and moral philps.

anglaise (Renouvier) Crit. Philos. 2:401;


Austin on. Mill, Dissertations v. 3.

Bentham and. Legarl, Writings 2:449.

et sa msure ( Dupuit) Jour. Econ. 1 : 36 : 1.

HomitHe et le juste (Courcelle-Seneuil)

Jour. Econ. 111:8:5.


54:533; 5'>

Principe de morale (Courcelle-Seneuil)

Jour. 6con. 1 1 : 43 : 337.

Rapi>orts du juste et de 1'utile (Pontenay)

Jour. Econ. 11:35:5.

Relation of art to use. Ruskin, Lectures

on art.

Utility of error. Morley, On compromise.
Utopias. See also works on Communism,

Libertv, Socialism.

- More. Utopia.

Plutarch. Lycurgus.

Bacon. New Atlantis.

Glanvil. Anti-fanatical religion. (In

his Essavs. 1676.)

Campanefla. City of the sun; also I'M His

Opere; ed. d'Ancona.
Hall. Mundus alter et idem.
Morley. Ideal commonwealths.

Enchronie. <'riti<me Philos. 9:209.

in literature (Sill) Berkeley Uuar. 1 : 190.
Mon Kutopie(Secrc'taii) Rev. Philos. 27:433.

Utrecht, \ethfrlandt.

ta epi-coporum. Pertz, Mon. Germ.
hi-t.. Script. IT?: 400.

Treatv of. Lett re- hi-toriinies 1713:1:

app.: 17U :-':..
yue-tion des renonciations (Topin)

Acad. Sci. Mor. -
Uttmann, Barbara. 1514-75.

Diiring-feld. KuchdenkwiirdigcrFrauen.

Uxmal, Central America.

Gailhabaud. Monument

Stephens. Central America 2:410; Yu-

catan 1 112,289.
j (Varigny) Hev. d. d. Mondes Dec. 1878.

Vaccination. See also Inoculation. Small

_(JOL Bob) Cal. State Bd. Health

1888 *lt7
( BtttoWOOd) Mid, Bd. Health !-?

- Windham and Hu-ki on. Speeches ed.


:-v.. lU-rlin, K. QtMM-
nut, ArlK-iten v. l.l'.etc.

- SclerotienkrankJieiK \Voronin)8t.Petrsh.

Acad. Mem VII v.36.
Vacherot. 1
Ecole critique (Kcnouvier) Crit. Philos.

i i
Pl.ilosopbie(8aUles) Rev. Philos.9: :'



Varnhagen von Ense.


Natural. Helmont (J. B. van), Opera.

1667. 51.

Pascal and Descartes on (Adam) Rev.

Philos. 24 : 612.

Vagabondage. See Beggars, Tramps.
Vagna, Rev. Louis della. 1801-57.

(Mclntosh) Am. Catholic Hist. Soc.,

Records v. 2.
Valencia, Spain.

in 1853. Hacklander, Werke 23 : 231.
Valentine's day.

Brande. Popular antiquities of Great


Pinkerton. Voyages 2 : 146.

Smith. Festivals.
Valentinus, heresiarch.

Histories of gnosticismbyMansel(166),etc.
Valenzuela, Fernando.

Favori d'une reine (Baret) Rev. d. d.

Mondes 111:40:144.
Valerius Flaccus, C., poet.

(Kpstlein)Philologus38:47; 39:33,233,419.

Beitragezur Kritik(Meyncke)Rhein.Mus.


Emendations (Eyssenhardt) Rhein. Mus.


Notes on passage (Ellis) Jour. Philol. 9:52.
Vallandigham, C. L. 1820-71.

Pamphlets on politics v. 3.

Pamphlets on war of secession v. 4.
Vallejo, Gen. Mariano Guadalupe. 1802-90.

Colton. Three years in California 435.

Shuck. Representative men.

Soule. Annals of San Francisco 769.
Vallejo, Cal.

Resources, 1869. Pams. California v. 4.

U. S. reservation. U. S. House Ex. Docs.

1872-3, v. 7.

Valmiki. See Ramayana.

Valmy battle, 1792.

Creasy. Decisive battles.

Valon, J. L:, marquis de Mimeure. 1659-1719.

Alembert. Oeuvres 9:311.

Hoskold. Engineer's valuing assistant.

Lin tern.. Mineral surveyor and valuer's


Matheson. Depreciation of factories.
Value. See also Money, Prices, Rent, Utilita-
rianism, Wages.

Condillac. Oeuvres v. 4.

(Dabos) Jour. Econ. IV: 25: 98.

Hamilton. Money and value.

Journal des Economistes I -II, index.

Marshall. Economics of industry.

Considerations math^matiques (Fau-

veau) Jour. Econ. 111:5:31.

Depreciation ( Allard) Acad. Sci. Mor. 131 :


Divisees en actions transmissions (Ren-

/>uard) Acad. Sci. Mor. 69: 377,383; 76:415.

Elements (Mongin) J our. Econ. IV: 19 : 369;


Origine (Walras) Acad. Sci. Mor. 16:201.

Richesses et (Courcelle-Seneuil) Jour.

Econ. IV: 22: 5.

Theorie (Dabos, Mannequin) Jour. Econ.

IV: 42: 247.

The"orie ge"ne"rale (Houdard) Jour. Econ.

IV: 27: 321.
Vampire bat.

Fletcher. Brazil.

Waterton. Wanderings in South America.

Index to literature (Rockwell) N. Y. Acad.

Sci., Annals 1 : 133.

Physiological action (Gamgee) Roy. Soc.

Trans. 1876 : 495.

Researches (Roscoe) Roy. Soc. Trans.

1868:1; 1869:679; 1870:317.
VanbrUgh, Sir John, dramatist. 1666-1726.

Dunham. Literary men v. 3.

Van Buren, Martin, 8th president. 1782-1862.

Benton. Thirty years' view.

Administration. Curtis, Life of Buchanan.

Appointment as minister to England, 1832.

Pams. history v. 2.
Webster. Works v. 3.

Political life. Parton, Life of Jackson v.3.
Vancouver island.

Geology of northern part (Dawson)

Canada Geol. Survey, Report 1886.
Vandals. See also Goths.

Dahn. Konige der Germanen v. 1.

Hodgkin. Italy and her invaders.

of Africa. Universal history: modern

Vanderbilt, Cornelius. 1794-1877.

Smith. Sunshine etc. in New York.
Vanderlyn, John. 1775-1852.

Tuckerman. Artist-life.

Van Dyck, Sir Anthony, painter. 1598-1641.

Walpole. Anecdotes of painting v. 2.

Vie et son O3uvre (Lafenestre) Rev. d. d.

Mondes III: 50: 173.
Vane, Sir Henry, governor. 1612-62.

Forster. British statesmen v. 4.

Execution. Pepys, Diary 1 : 275.

Life ( Upham ) Sparks' American biography

v. 4.
Vanini, Lucilio, philosopher. 1594-1619.

Cousin. Fragments philosophiques 3:1.

Carriere. Philos. Anschauung Reforma-

tion szeit.

Plumptre. History of pantheism v. 1.

Histoire critique (Baudouin) Rev. Philos.

v. 8.

Herder. Werke; hrsg. v. Suphan 31:374.

Limits to (Faraday) Roy. Soc. Trans. 1826:

Varangian guard.

Geijer. Geschichte von Schweden 1 : 37.

Strinnholm. Vikingsziige 1 : 298.
Varius Rufus, L.

Thyestes (Schneidewin) Rhein. Mus. N. F.

Varna battle, 1444.

Mailath. Gesch. d. Magyaren 2 : 212.
Varnhagen von Ense, C: A. L: P. 1785-1858.

Carlvle. Essays.

Unsere Zeit 1857 : 671 ; 1858 : 508.

et le parti pietiste (Coquerel) Rev. d. d.

Mondes 11:91:538.

Tagebiicher. Grimm (Hn.), Neue essays.
(Haym) Preuss. Jahrb. 11:445.

und Heine. Unsere Zeit 1865 : 509.

Varnhagen von Ense.



Varnhagen von Ense, Rahel A. F. Levin.

Carlyle. Works 10 : 309.

Hillebrand. Zeiten, Volker 2: 420.

(Selden) Revue Nationale 18:5-

Varnhagen von Ense. Schriften v. 19.

Sternberg's Erinnerungsblatter (Blaze de

Bury) Rev. d. d. Mondes II : 18: 868.

Varro, M. Terentius.

Ab,de, exusus(Rossner) Halle Univ. Diss.

v. 4.

Antiquitateshumanae. Bk. 14-18(Gruppe)

Hermes 10:51.

De lingua Latina. Bk. 5-7 (Ribbeck)

Rhein! Mus. 41 :<>18.

Doppeltitel der Menippese u. Logistorici

(Mercklin) Rhein. Mus. 12:372.

Satires (Biicheler. Ribbeck) Rhein. Mu*

14:192,419; 20:401.
(Riese) Rhein. Mus. 21 : 109.

Ueber pecus, sppndere, ager, actus, etc.

Lachmnnn. Kleinere Schriften v. 2.

Vogelhaus zu Casinum (Hirt) Berlin

Akad. Abb. 179-2-7.

Varus, P. Quintilius.

Defeat by Arminius, A.I). 9. See alto


Creasy. Decisive battles.

Ovidiii* < iedirhte und ( Matthias) Jahrb.

Philol. 130:193.
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Uses. Pams. on medicine v. 6.

Vases. Set alto Pottery.

Baumeister. Denkmaler d. class. Alter-

tums v. ."..

Vassar college.

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Vate island.

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Vatican. Sec nl.> works on Rome.

Wall. Foreign etching*

Vatican council, 1869-70. See alto Infalli-,

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Deutsch. Literarv remain*.

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Mouvement religieux en Alleniagne de-

puis ((iiraud-Teulon) Rev. d. d. Mondes

Oppositionelle Bewegung. Unsere Zeit

1-7J :'_':!, etc.

Vauban, Si-bast in i Lepn-str,-. KV. 1707.

.mlrillart) Acad.Sci. Mor. <'. : '-'<. .".17.
-.lint Simon. Memoi-

of l.oiiN XIV.
_ Jeiiin *- i I:- v. d. d. Mondes II :


1 V: ls : !(.!, 32! .

iomii|ues (Baude) Acad.Sci.

VaudOiS. Sfe Wal.i.'lises.

Vaugelas, riaudi- I'.ivrc de. 1585-1060.

Sainti'- !'' -i \ Noiivcaiix Lundi-

Vauquelln, Louis N. 1763-1829.

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Marmontel. M^moircs.

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VeceUio, Tiziano. See Titian.

Vedas. See alto Atharva-veda, Gautama.
Rig-veda, Upanisbails.

Deutsche morncnlanilische Gesellschaft.

Zeitschrift, index.

Zeitschrift fiir vergleichende Sprachfor-

schunp, intlfj-.

(Bartlu-leiny Saint-Hilaire) Acad

Mur. v. LV,:28, 54.

Hunsen. God in history v. 1.

Mtiir. Original .Sanskrit

Miillor. t'hiii>; from <uTinan workshop v 1
- Plumptre. History of pantheism.

Ward. On tin- ilimloos y.

Whitney. Oriental and linguistic stu<lir-

v. 1.

Accentuation of vocative case (Haskell)

AIMCT. Or. Sue. J. v. 11.

Deities (Muir) Rov. Kilin. Trans. 23:547.

Gedichte aus. Schlegel. Werke 9 : 1

Herstellung (Bollensfii) Orient u. <

v. I'.

Irregular suljnnctives(Bloomfield)Amer.

J. 1'hilol

Morality ( Uoth) Anicr. Or. S<K\ J. ."',

Nachriehton von !. Monil-tationi'ti

(WelHT) B-rlin Akad. Abh. lsW. ISiil.

Palatal and labial vowels (Edgn-n) A HUT.

-..P. J. v. 11.

Philosophic (Regnaud) Rev. Philos, v.

1-2, I 7
- ( Romundt) Vrv\i^. .hilirh. ,V>: 181.

Religion. Rawliii.-on, Religions of the

anrifiit worlil ch. 4.
-Studien (lloth) Kuhn'> 7

Words for color (Hopkins) Am. J. Philol.

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Sismondi. Literature of south Europe

v. 3-4.


Gescliichtr d. Httbenfrttcbto, Putter-

krfiuter( Link) Berlin Akad AI.L.IH^ in
Vegetarianism. See alto food.

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Hi. !!(>. I 'rose works v. 2.

fi.M-r".- Xeit 1859:120.

nif of lle-h. Plutarch, Morals T. 5.

Vegetlus, Flavins Kenatti-.
Herme- 11 'il

Vehmlc courts.
- (Hornl.ak) rn-uvv Jahrb

htl.-y .-.-. r, t societies of the iui.ldl-

Inforinatio ex speculo Saxonum

( H..m,-M-r) Berlin Akml. Al-b. 18B&

Veins. See aUo Arteries, Blood.
imlnr valves i

Bat :i iJond)Roy. 8oc. Trmnn.





Earlv development of the great (Lock-

wood) Roy. Soc. Trans. 179:365.

Force de contraction (Floureiis) Paris,

Me"m. Acad. Sci. 13:1.

Greatanterior(Marshall) Roy. Soc. Trans.


Neck-veins (Luschka) Wien Akad. Denks.

M-N. 01. v. 20.

Phlebosklerose (Sack) Dorpat (Jniv. Diss.

v. 3.

Subclavia and jugular. Throrabose

(Pohl) Gb'tt. Univ. Diss. v. 2.
Velt, Moritz. 1808-63.

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Velasquez, D. R. de Silva y, painter. 1599-


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au muse"e de Madrid (Beul6) Rev. d. d.

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