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Victoria, Australia, J. P., b. 19th April, 1819, in Carlow, Ireland ;
arrived in Melbourne, 24th December, 1839, and is amongst the successful
pioneers of the colony He was for some time engaged in pastoral pursuits,



but afterwards adopted the legal profession, and was the first conveyancer
under the 11th Victoria, No. 33, admitted by the Supreme Court to practice
in the colony. He retired from practice in 1854, and m. at Aghadowey, co.
Londonderry, Ireland, 3rd July, 1855, Rosa Mary, eldest daughter of the
late Curtis Hemphill, Esq. of Aghadowey, co. Londonderry, and has issue,

I. Frederick William.

II. Thomas Henry.

II r. Arthur Ernest Tyndall.

I. Mary Elizabeth Jane, m. James Littlejohn Ogilvy, Esq. of Dilbhui,
Oatley-street, Woollahra, Sydney, N.S.W., manager of the Com-
mercial Bank of Australia, 171, Pitt-street, Sydney, N.S.W.

li. Sarah Emily Frances, unm.

Mr. Payne has possessed estates in the colony of Victoria since 1840.


Mr. T. B. Payne is descended from a very
old family possessing large estates in
England. His grandfather settled in Ireland
in the 17 th century, and bad a son,

John Payne, Esq. of Griltown Lodge, co.
Kildare, Ireland, who was b. in co. Carlow,
Ireland, and by Mary, his wife (who was b.
in Queen's co., Ireland), had amongst other
issue, a son,

Thomas Budds, of whom we treat.

Arms used — Gu. on a fess between two
lions pass. arg. a sprig of trefoils. Crest —
A lion's gamb erect and erased arg. holding
fessways a tilting spear rompu gu. Motto —
Malo mori quamfcedari.

Residence — Maritimo, South Yarra, Mel-
bourne, Victoria, Australia.

mttrf)ctux oi fitnftadt*


ITCHENER, ARTHUR BUCK, Esq. of Waihemo Grange, Dunback,
Otago, New Zealand, b. 14 November, 1852, vMm.


Colonel Henry Horatio Kitchener,
of Manor House, Cossington, co. Leicester,
late lieutenant-colonel 9th Regiment of Foot
(retired 5th November, 1847), m. Miss F. E.
Chevalier, and by her (who d. 186-4) has

Henry Elliott Chevalier, major 4th
Regiment (Duke of Cornwall's Light
Infantry), instructor Royal Military
College; appointed ensign 10th July,
1866 ; lieutenant, 10th February,
1869; captain, 13th November, 1875;
and major, 26th July, 1885. He m.
1877, Eleanor Fanny, daughter of
Colonel Franklin Lushington, C.B.,
of Hansham, Kent's-road, Torquay,
Devonshire, late of the Scots Fusilier
Guards (by Anne Dobree, his wife,
daughter of G-eneral Sir Philip Bain-
brigge, K.C.B.), fifth son of Sir Henry
Lushington, 2nd baronet, and has two
Horatio Herbert (Col.), C.B., C.M.G.,
R.E., of Cairo, and of the Junior
United Service Club, London, H.M.'s

commissioner for delimitation of ter-
ritories of the Sultan of Zanzibar,
1885 ; governor-general of the Red
Sea littoral from 1886 to 1888 ; aide-
de-camp to the Queen from 1888 ; and
adjutant-general to the Egyptian
army from 1888; b. 1850; appointed
lieutenant, 4th January, 1871 ; captain
4th January, 1883; brevet major, 8th
October, 1884; and brevet lieutenant-
colonel, 15th June, 1885. Colonel
Kitchener is unm.
Frederick Walter, captain West York-
shire Regiment (Prince of Wales's
Own), formerly the 14th Regiment;
was appointed lieutenant, 11th Sept-
ember, 1876 ; and captain, 11th
November, 1882 ; served in the Afghan
War of 1878-80 as transport officer
Cabul Field Force, and was present in
the advance on Cabul under Sir F.
Roberts, in the engagement at Chara-
siab, 6th October, 1879, at Karez
Meer, in the operations in the Chardeh
Valley, at the defence of Sherpore,



and accompanied the Kama expedi-
tion. He m. the daughter of Major
Fenton, and has two children.

Arthur Btck, of whom above.

Frances E. J., m. 1869, Harry Rainy
Parker, Esq. of Rothley Temple,
Loughborough, co. Leicester, and of
the Carlton, Athenaeum, United Uni-
Tersity, and Garrick Clubs, London,

J. P. co. Leicester, b. 1837 ; eldest son
of Vice-Chancellor Sir J. Parker (who
d. 1852), and nephew of the late
Viscount Cardwell, of Ellerbeck, co.
Crest used — A stag's head pierced with an

Residence — Waihemo Grange, Dunback,
Otago, New Zealand.

Baillie of Hcnnimjtflm

BA1LLLE, HON. WILLIAM DOUGLAS HALL, of Hennington, Picton,
Marlborough, New Zealand, member of the Legislative Council of
New Zealand and chairman of Committees, lieut. -colonel New Zealand
Militia, and late captain in the 24th Regiment of Foot, b. 22nd February,
1827; m. 11th July, 185-A, Hannah Maria Ann, daughter of John Greensill,
Esq. of Purfleet, co. Essex, of H M. Ordnance Department, by Eliza, his
wife, daughter of John Roberts, Esq., D.D., and has issue,

r. William Grey Hall, 6. 1 1th May, 1867.

ii. Thomas Douglas Hall, b. 1st June, 1872.

in. James Hamilton Hall, b. 13th January, 1877.

i. Eliza Mary, b. 8th January, 1869.

ii. Caroline Louisa Hall, b. 17th July, 1870.


The name of Baillie is met with in the
lime of Edward I. Sir John Baillie is
mentioned as being appointed one of the
arbitrators to hear and determine upon the
claims of the competitors for the Crown of
Scotland in 1292, whose name and seal,
seven stars with the motto " Quid clarius
astris," is attached to that document.
Tradition says that on a certain occasion one
of the family single-handed killed a wild
boar, and relieved his sovereign from danger,
whereupon he was desired henceforth to
bear nine stars, which all his descendants do,
but some of them have the boar's head for a
crest, and others the arm and scymitar, being
the weapon with which the deed was done.

Sir William Baillie, of Lamington, co.
Lanark, by Marian, his wife, daughter of Sir
John Seton, of Seton, had a numerous issue.
The three eldest sons, it is said, had maimed
a clergyman, who had been taken into the
house as tutor, for a grievous offence which
he had committed in their family, of which
injury he died. The power of the Church
at this time being great in Scotland, the
three brothers were (continues the tradition)
obliged to fly.

The eldest, who settled in Inverness, is
s'ated to have fought at the battle of
Brechin, and to have been for his services
rewarded with the lauds of Dunain and

Torbreck, part of the castle lands of Inver-
ness; from him springs the family of Doch-
four, and its derivative branch of Redcastle
and Tarradale (see Burke's Landed Gentry
of Great Britain and Ireland). The second,
of whom presently, settled in Ireland, and
the third went to the Isle of Anglesey, and
founded the family of which the Marquess
of Anglesey is a descendant. The second
brother was

Alexander Baillie, who settled in Ire-
land, at Innishargie, co. Down, in the reign
of James I., about the year 1620, and d.
1687. He had issue, John (Capt.), of whom
presently; and Edward, who settled at Ring-
dufferin, co. Down, and was ancestor of the
family of Bailie of Ringdufferin (see Burke's
Landed Gentry of Great Britain and Ire-
land). The eldest son,

Capt. John Baillie, who was b. 1623,
d. 1687, and was s. in Innishargie by his
eldest son,

James Baillie, Esq., who was b. 1653,
and d. 1710. He was s. by his second son,

John Baillie, Esq. of Innishargie, b.
1697, who m. Jane, daughter of Matthew
Forde, Esq. of Seaforde, co. Down, and d.
1759. He had issue,

I. James, who sold Innishargie. He m.
Anne, daughter of Francis Hall, Esq.
of Strangford, and d. 1787.



ii (Col.), of Sherwood and

Kilbrade, co. Carlow, which property
he bequeathed to his nephew, John
Baillie's son, John McLean Baillie, Esq.

in (Yen.), archdeacon of

iv. William (Capt.), of whom pre-
v. John, whose son, John, had issue,
John McLean, present owner of Sher-
wood and Kilbrade property, left to
him by his great-uncle Colonel Baillie;
and Clement, Colonel R.E.
VI. Thomas, capt. R.N., lieutenant-
governor of Greenwich Hospital, and
surveyor-general of the Ordnance; d.
vn. Eichard, killed in Holland.
Capt. William Baillie, of the 17th
Light Dragoons and of the 51st Regiment of
Foot, m. Elizabeth, daughter of Colonel
Comber (she d. about 1850), and d. 1812,
having had two sons, George and Thomas.
The younger,

Lieut. Thomas Baillie, of the 23rd
Regiment of Fusiliers, was surveyor-general,
New Brunswick, British North America, and
resided at The Hermitage, l^ew Brunswick.
He m. lfith June, 1824, Elizabeth, daughter
of Major Townshend Monckton Hall, of the
28th Regiment of Foot (who is a direct
descendant of Sir William de Montalk Hall,
of Skelton Castle, co. York, one of the nobles
attendant upon King Henry VIII at the
Field of the Cloth of Gold), and d. 5th June,
1863, having by his said wife (who d. June,
1832) had issue, two sons,

i. William Douglas Hall (Hon.), of

II. Thomas George, b. 27th August,

1828; d. 27th November, 1865.

Arms — Az. nine stars three, three, two
and one, arg., a bordure wavy or. Crest —
A star of eight points arg. issuant from a
cloud ppr. Motto — Quid clarius astris.

Residence — Hennington, Picton, Marl-
borough, New Zealand.

jHiilcar oi Ctrijarlejn

MILLEAR, THOMAS, Esq. of Edgarley, Wicklifie-road, Victoria,
Australia, J. P., b. at Edgarley, Glastonbury, Somerset, England,
16th February, 1834; appointed territorial magistrate in 1862; m. 3rd July,
1862, at Berry Bank, Cressy, Victoria, Nancy, daughter of Joseph Gardner
Mack, Esq. of Berry Bank, Cressy, Victoria, youngest son of James Mack,
Esq. of Berry Bank, Reston, Berwickshire, Scotland, by Anna, his wife,
eldest daughter of John Austin Esq. of Baltonsborough, co. Somerset,
England, and has issne,

I. Thomas, b. 24th April, 1866, unm.

i. Millicent May, b. 12th May, 1863; m. David Melvin, Esq.

ii. Mary Cecile, b. olst October, 1869.

in. Frances Isabel Clare, b. 31st January, 1870.

iv. Carolina Alice, b. 22nd January, 1874.


The Millears are supposed to belong to the
family of Milliers, of Brittany.

Thomas Millear, Esq. of Edgarley,
Glastonbury, co. Somerset, England (which
estate he probably acquired by purchase),
was b. about 1771 ; m. Mary Haine, who d.
about 1838, and was buried in St. John's
churchyard, Glastonbury. He d. about 1851
(M.I. in Glastonbury churchyard), and had
issue (besides a daughter m. to the Rev. H.
V. Olver, and had four sons, educated at the
London and Cambridge Universities. One
of her grandsons, Thomas Olver Harding, was
senior wrangler about 187 -A), a son,

Thomas Millear, Esq. of Edgarley,

Glastonbury, co. Somerset, b. 5th January,
1809 ; m. at West Pennard, co. Somerset, in
1833, Eliza Norris, of West Pennard, where
she was b. in 1811, and d. in 1843, at Edgar-
ley. He d. at Edgarley, in 1865, having had

i. Thomas, of Edgarley, Victoria.

ii. John, deceased.

I. Eliza, m. Thomas Pickford, Esq. of

ii. Mary, m. A. Bailey, Esq. of Glaston-
bury, co. Somerset.

Residence — Edgarley, Wickliffe-road, Vic-
toria, Australia.



Club — Australian, Melbourne.

Estates — Edgarley, Wickliffe-road, co.
Ripon, Victoria (18,490 acres), and a share
in the following estates : — Pallal, Bingera,
eo. Murchison (11,250 acres) ; Canoon, Hay,

co. Waradgery (17,800 acres) ; Wanganella,
Wanganella, co. Townsend (45,530 acres) ;
and Murgha, Deniliquin, co. Wakool (42,312
acres), all in New South Wales, Australia.

JHoffatt of $)rjpfcms $f&

MOFFATT, JOHN, Esq. of Hopkins Hill, Chatsworth, Victoria, Aus-
tralia, president of the Mount Rouse Shire Council, 1889 to 1890, 6. at
Shirva, near Kirkintilloch, Scotland, 17th December, 1854; is unmarried.


The Moffatts came from the Moffatt Hills,
Scotland, in the time of the Covenanters, in
the 16th century. This branch is descended
from one of three brothers, the other two of
whom went to Ireland, and traces its descent
through the families of Ferrie, Gralbraith,
and Buchanan, back to King Robert Bruce
of Scotland.

John Moffatt, Esq. of Westfield, b. at
Westerwood, Cumbernand, 1787 ; in. 1815,
Maiy, daughter of William Ferrie, Esq. of
Newland, who was 2nd son of Robert Ferrie,
Esq., 4th laird of Balgrochan, by Marjorie
Gralbraith, his wife ; and d. at Westfield,
25th May, 1833, aged 46, having had by her
(who was b. in 1791, and d. at Westfield,
30th October, 1861, aged 70) a son,

William Moffatt, Esq. of Hopkins Hill,
Chatsworth, Victoria, Australia, formerly of
Shirva, Kirkintilloch, Scotland, b. at West-
field, 1821 ; emigrated to Victoria in Feb-
ruary, 1872; m. 7th March, 1854, Isabella,
daughter of Robert Anderson, Esq. of Inch-
breck, near Kirkintilloch, and d. 23rd June,
1879, leaving issue,

I. John, now of Hopkins Hill.

ii. Robert, of Ballarat, Victoria, b. at
Shirva, near Kirkintilloch, 22nd
August, 1858 ; m. 17th November,
1880, Minnie, daughter of Archibald
Fletcher, Esq. of Sydney, New South
Wales, and has issue, two daughters,
Isabella, b. 14th July, 1881; and
Naomi, b. 22nd September, 1882.

in. William, of Lake Bolac, Victoria, b.
at Shirva, 29th June, 1863 ; m. 19th
August, 1885, Jessie, daughter of
Donald McLellan, Esq. of Manor
House, Hamilton, Victoria, aud has
issue, a son, William Harold, b. 22nd
June, 1887.

I. Mary, b. at Shirva, 7th December,
I860; m. 12th April, 1882, James
Clark, Esq. of Tek Mallay, Tenkasi,
Southern India, coffee planter, but has
no issue.

II. Isabella, b. 15th March, 1868, at
Shirva, aforesaid.

Residence — Hopkins Hill, Chatsworth, Vic-
toria, Australia.

FITZ /^ ERALD, HON. NICHOLAS, of Moira, St. Kilda ; and of Collins-
VJ~ street West, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, elected a member
of the Legislative Council of Victoria for the North Western Province in 1864,
since which time he has been twice re-elected ; J. P. since 1863. Mr. FitzGerald
was b. at Gralway, Ireland, August, 1829 ; in 1845 he entered Trinity College,
Dublin, where he obtained honours ; and in 1849 gained a first scholarship at
Queen's College, Galway, having entered the King's Inns, Dublin, the previous
year. He passed some years in Ceylon and India, and soon afterwards,
having established himself in Victoria (1859), he founded the famous
Castlemaine Ale Brewery, similar establishments being now also held by him
in Melbourne, New South Wales, and Queensland. He m. at St. Patrick's
Cathedral, Melbourne, Se-ptember, 1863, Marianne, eldest daughter of the late
Sir John O'Shanassy, K.C.M.G., of Tara, Hawthorn, Melbourne, and has
had issue,



i. Fbancis John, b. 1864, educated at Trinity College, Dublin ; m. 23rd
January, 1889, at the Oratory, Brompton, co. Middlesex, the Hon.
Mina Susan Georgina North (who was b. 28th November, 1865),
eldest daughter of the Right Hon. William Henry John, 11th Lord

II. John Plunkett, b. 1866.

in. Edward, b. 1868.

iv. Matthew, b. 1870.

v. Pei'cy Desmond, b. 1872.

vi. Reginald, b. 1874.

vii. Nicholas Kevin, b. 1877; d. 1879.


John FitzGerald, Esq. of Gurteens, co.
Waterford, Ireland (of a family which is
stated to have held landed property in Kil-
kenny), forfeited his hereditary estates for
his devotion to the royal cause. He m. the
■widow of General Harrison (Cromwell's
General), by whom he acquired the estate of
Turlough, co. Mayo, Ireland, and had a son
and successor,

Thomas FitzGerald, Esq. of Turlough ;
m. 1st, Elizabeth Ferron (mother of Ealph
Jenison, Esq., master of the Buckhounds to
King George II) ; and 2ndly, Henrietta,
daughter of J. Browne, Esq. of the Neale, by
whom he had six sons and four daughters,
amongst whom were,

John, of Turlough, s. his father, d. unm.,

and was s. by his brother George.
George, of Turlough, who's, his brother,
was a captain in the Austrian Service,
m. Lady Mary Hervey, sister of Fred-
erick, 4th earl of Bristol, bishop of
Derry, and by her (who d. 1753) had
two sons,

1. George Robert, in. Lucy, sister
of the Right Hon. Thomas Conolly,
of Castletown, and d. leaving one

2. Charles Lionel, of Turlough Park,
lieutenant-colonel of the North
Mayo Militia ; m. 1777, Dorothea,
eldest daughter of Sir Thomas
Butler, Bart., of Ballintemple,
co. Carlow, and was great grand-
father of the present Charles
Lionel FitzGerald, Esq. of Tur-
lough Park (see Burke's Landed

Patrick, of whom presently.

Mary, m. the Marquis d'Arezzo, governor

of Naples.
Bridget, m. Thomas Leslie, Esq. o'c


Mr. FitzGerald d. 15th July, 1747, in his
86th year. His 4th son,

Patrick FitzGerald, Esq. of Kilnecarra,
co. Mayo, m. 2ndly, Margaret Aylward, of
Ballinacar, co. Galway, and was s. by his
eldest son,

Pat kick FitzGerald, Esq. of Ballinacar,
m: 1744, Anne McDonnell, of Tannagh, co.
Mayo, and was s. by his only son,

Patrick FitzGerald, Esq. of Ballinacar,
m. 1774, Julia, daughter of Edmond Burke,
Esq. of Creagh, Duffin, co. Mayo, and had,
with other issue,

Francis FitzGerald, Esq. of Galway, b.
1779, m. Elenor, eldest daughter of Johu
Joyes, Esq., of Wood Quay, Galway, and
by her (who d. 1840) had issue,

Nicholas, the 8th son, of whom we
He d. in 1857.

Arms used — Erm. a saltire gu. Crest — A
boar passant. Motto — Honor probataque

Eesidenees — Moira, St. Kilda, Melbourne;
and 117, Collins-street West, Melbourne,
Victoria, Australia.

Estates — Castlemaine, Victoria ; Fort
Bourkc Station, Darling River, New South
Wales; Tiekilara Station, Sparta Downs, and
Mount Howitt, South Gregory, Queens-


I7^ING, HON. PHILIP GIDLEY, of Banksia, Double Bay, Sydney;
V, Goonoo Goonoo; and Tamworth, New South Wales, Australia,
member of the Legislative Council of New South Wales ; b. 31st October,
1817, at Paramatta, New South Wales; m, there, 1st June, 1843, his cousin,



Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Hannibal Hawkins Macarthur, Esq. of The
Vineyard, Paramatta, New South Wales (see Macarthur of Wtandra),
nephew of John Macarthur, Esq. of Camden Park, the founder of the wool-
growing industry of Australia, and has issue,

I. Philip Parker Mc Arthur, b. 1st April, 1844; mini.

II. George Bartholomew Gidley, b. 2nd July, L846 ; m. Elizabeth Grey

Brodie, and has had 10 children, viz.,

1. George Mc Arthur Gidley.

2. Arthur Philip Gidley.

3. Euston Hannibal Gidley.

4. Allan Essington.

5. William Bartholomew Gidley.

1. Elizabeth Matilda.

2. Emmeline Blanche Grey.

3. Mary Pearl.

4. Adeline Maud.

5. Olive.

in. John Lethbridge, b. 2nd July, 1853 ; m. Fanny Marsden, and has


Philip James Lethbridge.
Frederic John Lethbridge.
Francis Lethbridge.
Iva Muriel.

I. Elizabeth Maria, b. 18th August, 1857 ; m. Lieutenant Henry E.
Goldfinch, R.N., of Forest Lodge, Lyndhurst, nephew of Serjeant
Merewether, Q.C., and has issue,

1. Philip Henry McArthur.

2. Gilbert McArthur.

1. Elizabeth Lucy McArthur.

The Hon. P. G. King spent his early youth in the Royal Navy, under the
command of his father and Captain Robert Fitzroy, and retired in 1836, soon
after which he became attached to the staff of the Australian Agricultural
Company at Port Stephens, and in 1854 was selected by the Board of Directors
of the Peel River Company to manage its affairs. He was the first mayor of
the town of Tamworth, was appointed a commissioner for the Sydney Inter-
national Exhibition of 1879, and in 1880 was appointed a member of the
Legislative Council of New South Wales.


This family is of Cornish extraction.
Philipp King, Esq., b. 1557; and d. in
163(3. An inscription is to be found to his
memory in Launceston Church, co. Cornwall.
By Thor Bethywin, his wife, lie had issue,

i. John, b. 1593.

n. William, b. 1595.

in. Philip.

iv. George, b. 1603.

v. Thomas, b. 1606.

vi. Robert, b. 1609.

i. Mary, b. 1594.

II. Tylieria, b. 1596.

III. Margaret, b. 1601.
The 3rd son,

Philip King, Esq., b. 1598, was father of
Philip King, Esq., who was b. in 1642,
and d. in 1689, having had issue,

i. Philip.

ii. John, b. 1681.

in. Nicholas, b. 1687.

i. Mary, b. 1674.

ii. Elizabeth, b. 1679.

in. Priscilla, b. 1683.



The eldest son,

Philip King, Esq., b. 1678; m. Mrs. Joan
Pearse, and bad issue,

I. Philip, b. ]712; d. 1713.

II. John, b. 1714.
in. Digory, b. 1716.
iv. Hugh, b. 1717.
V. Anthony, b. 1722.

vi. Philip, of whom presently.
I. Philippa, b. 1720.

The 6th and youngest son,

Philip King, Esq. of Launceston, co.
Cornwall, b. 1726 ; m. Utrecia Gidley (who
was b. at Exeter, co. Devon, in 1725), grand-
daughter of Bartholomew Gidley, Esq. (b.
1690), who was grandson of John Gidley,
Esq. of the manors of Gidley, Bitten, and
Wickley (b. 1611 ; and d. 1685), who was a
firm supporter of Charles I, and a colonel of
the Army under Charles II ; and by her
had a son,

Captain Philip Gidley King, R.N., 3rd
governor of New South Wales, b. at Launces-
ton, Cornwall, 23rd April, 1758 ; entered the
Royal Navy, and at the age of 12 was mid-
shipman ; in 1775 went on active service to
Virginia, was promoted by Admiral Byron to
the rank of lieutenant, 26th November, 1778,
in which capacity he went to the East Indies
in the " Europe," in January, 1783, with
Captain Arthur Phillip, first governor of New
South Wales ; was 2nd lieutenant of H.M.S.
" Sirius," commanded by Captain Phillip, and
was present at the head of Sydney Cove when
the governor proclaimed the foundation of the
Colony ; appointed superintendent and com-
mandant of Norfolk Island by Governor
Phillip, 12th February, 1788, three days
afterwards sailed from Port Jackson in the
"Supply" with his party of 24 persons,
landed and formed the first British settle-
ment at Norfolk Island, 5th March, 1788,
where he remained until 21th March, 1790;
afterwards went to England, and returned
21st September, 1791, with the rank of com-
mander in the Navy and a commission as
lieutenant-governor of Norfolk Island. Having
attained the rank of post captain, he was
governor of the colony of New South Wales
from 28th September, 1800, to 12th August,
1806. He m. in 1790, Anna Josepha (b. 13th
January, 1767; and d. in 1841), daughter of
.... Coombes, Esq. of Bedford, England,
and d. at Lower Tooting, co. Surrey, 3rd Sep-
tember, 1808, having had, besides daughters
(amongst whom were Anna Maria, b. 23rd
April, 1793; in. 13th February, 1812, Hanni-
bal Hawkins Macarthur, Esq. of The Vine-
yard, Pa-arnatta, New South Wales, and d.
at Ipswich, Queensland, Australia, 1st Sep-
tember, 1852, having had 11 children (see
Mac ARTHUR of Wtandra) ; and Mary, the
youngest daughter, m. in England, 25th July,
1826, Robert Copland Lethbridge, Esq. of
Werrington, Penrith, New South Wales,
whither he emigrated in 1826, and d. 5th
October, 1865. She was b. at Old Govern-
ment House, Sydney, and d. 17th December,
1872, leaving issue (see Lethbridge of
Homebush), an onlv son,

Rear-Admiral Phillip Parker King
F.R.S., F.L.S., of Dunheved, Penrith, New
South Wales, was the first Australian who
became an admiral, b. 13th December, 1791,
in Norfolk Island ; entered the Royal Navy,
November, 1807, and distinguished himself
by his gallantry in boat actions on the French
coast ; attained the rank of midshipman, 18th
May, 1808, and was promoted to a lieutenancy
in the "Trident" 64, guard-ship at Malta,
28th February, 181 1. In February, 1817, he
was sent in command of an expedition having
for its object a survey of the coasts of Aus-
tralia, and continued employed on that ser-
vice in the " Mermaid " and " Bathurst" (of
which latter vessel he was made commander,
17th July, 1821) until his return to England in
1823, when he compiled a narrative of Ins
surveys. In September, 1825, he was ap-
pointed to the " Adventure," and ordered to
survey the southern coast of America. He
was paid off 16th November, 1830, and was
not afterwards employed. He was advanced
to post-rank 25th February, 1830, and was
appointed rear-admiral 1855. In l-*32 he
published a volume entitled Sailing Directions
to the Coasts of Eastern and Western Pata-
gonia, including the Straits of Magellan and
the Sea Coast of Tierra del Fuego, containing
the results of his South American surveysT
Rear-Admiral King, besides being a F.R.S.
and a F.L.S., was a member of the Royal
Asiatic Society of London, and a correspond-
ing member of the Zoological Society. He
settled in New South Wales in 1831, and
was manager of the Australian Agricultural
Society ; was a nominee member of the
Council, and in 1851 was elected for Glou-

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