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Jane, dau. of Thomas Broadnax, Esq. of Godmersham, Kent
and had issue, Phillip, his successor; Elizabeth, m. 1676, th
Lord Chief Baron, Sir Edward Warde ; Sarah, m. 1683, Samue
Uawstom, Esq. of London, and afterwards of Lexden, Esse&
and Anna Maria, to. 1687, William Turner, Esq., Barrister-at
Law. Mr. Papillon d. 1702, having bequeathed £1,000 to th
Mercers' Company, of which he was Master, " to relieve an;
of his family that might at any future time come to want.
He purchased, 16.56, the manor of Acrise, in Kent, in whlc'
and his other possessions he was s. by his son,

Philip Papillon, of Acrise, M.P. for Dover 1707-8-10-13-U
b. 1660; m. 1st, 1689, Anne, dau. of William Jolliffe, Esq. c
Caverswall Castle, co. Stafford, by whom he had an onl
surviving son, David, his heir. He m. 2ndly, 1695, Susannahi
dau. of George Henshaw, Esq., by whom (who d. 1707) he ha
issue, two sons and three daus. Mr. Papillon d. 1736, and w»
s. by his eldest son,

David Papillon, E^q. of Acrise, M.P. for New RomnC!
1722-28, and for Dover 1734, a Commisioner of Ex. ise, 6. 1691:
TO. 1717, Mary, dau. of Timothy Keyser, Esq. of Londot
Merchant, and had one son and four daus. He d. 1762, an
was s. by his son,

David Papillon, Esq. of Acrise and Lee, toth in Ken:
Chairman of the Board of Excise for several years. He m. Isi,
1753, Bridget, dau. and heir of William Turner, Esq., and b
her (who d. 1770; he had issue. Mr. Papillon m. 2ndly, 177'.'
Esther, dau. of the Rev. Dr. Curteis, of Sevenoaks, but ha;
on other children. He d. 1809, and was s. by his eldest son, •
Thomas Papillon, Esq. of Acrise, Lieut.-Col. of the Ea*'
Kent Militia, 6. 12 Jan. 1757 ; m. 2 June, 1791, Anne, 2nd dai'
and (after the death of her brother, John Cressett Pelham, Esq|
183S) co-heir of Henry Cressett Pelham, Esq. of Crowhun'
Park, CO. Sussex, and Cound Hall, co. Salop, and by her(wl;
d. 1S39) had issue,

I. Thomas, of whom presently.

II. John, Rector of Lexden, co. Essex, b. 30 Dec. 1806 ; r.
1st, 27 Feb. 1840, Frances Anne Frudentia, dau. of tl
Right Rev. John T^slie, D.D., Bishop of Kilmore, Elphi
and Ardagh, and by her (who d. 24 April, 1853) had issue

1 Thomas Leslie (Rev.), Fellow of New Coll. Oxford, j
12 AprU, 1841 ; to. 14 Dec. 1S71, Edith Mary, eldest da |
of Rev. Charles Browne Dalton, Vicar of Ui^thijata luj





Pre'rtendary of St. Paul's, and has issue, Edward Thomas ,
6. 24 May, 1873, and Mary Frances, b. 29 May, 1876.
; 1 Isabella, m. 7 Aug. 1862, John Henry Leslie, Capt. late
'. 71st Light Infantry, and has issue, Frances.
I He TO. 2ndly, 1858, Laura Nancy, dan. of the late John
' Christopher Lochner, Capt. H.E.I.C.'s naval senice.
' HI. Alexander Frederick William, Major R.A. (retired), m.
' Sarah, eldest dau. of Duncan Stewart, Esq., Solieitor-
! General of Bermuda, and has issue, seven sons and one
\ dau.

[ I. Ann, TO. Major-Gen. Kichard Hardinge, B.A. ; she d.
\ 1819; bed. 1864.
[ II. Maria, d. 29 Oct. 1873.
\ III. Caroline Elizabeth, d. 1861.

IV. Frances, d. 1856.
I V. Harriett, d. 1846.

VI. Elizabeth Mary, m. Eev. Heni7 Tbursby Pclham, of
' Cound Hall, Salop ; d. 25 Dec. 1874.
' VII. Lucy Jane.

vni. Bridget Octavia, d. 5 Nov. 1869.

Col. Papillon d. 1838. His eldest son,

Thomas Papillon, Esq. of Crowhurst Park, J.P. and D.L.,
I J. 7 March, 1803 ; m. 8 Sept. 1825, Frances Margaret, 2nd dau.
^of Sir Henry Oxenden, Bart, of Broom Park, Kent, and by
'her (who was 6. 1 Sept. 1804 ; and d. "iA June, 1885) had issue,

I. Fhhip Oxenden, his heir.
' II. Thomas Henry (Rev.), b. 23 Nov. 1835; m. Oct. 18G7,

Elizabeth, dau. of Thomas Hardcastle, Esq. of Bradshaw
i Hall, CO. Lancaster, and has, with other issue,
[ 1 M. Gabiielle C. Pelham, 6. 3 Sept. 1868.
li 1 Antoinette T. Pelham.
^ 2 Marguerite E. Pelham.

. III. John Ashton, Col. E.E., b. 6 Nov. 1838; to. 8 Sept. 1869,
1 Lydia Charlotte, 4th dau. of Rev. William Girardot, of Hin-
j ton, Somerset, and has issue,
\ 1 Kate. 2 Cecile. 3 Rose.

: rv. David, 6. 4 Jan. 1844, Lieut. -Col. late 92nd (Gordon)

Highlanders, m. Lucy, dau. of G. F. Robinson, Esq. of Dids-
I bui-y House, Cheshire.

I. Mary Graham.

II. Frances Maria, m. Oct. 1861, Samuel Ashton, Esq. of
Telham Grange, Sussex; d. March, 1881.

; III. Emily Caroline, m. 10 July, 1861, Carew Louis Augustus
O'Grady, Esq., Capt. R.E., son of Yice-Admiral O'Grady, of
, Erinagh House, co. Limerick. He d. 8 Oct. 1803, leaving
issue, a dau.

IV. Adelaide, TO. 10 July, 1861, Francis Gregory Haviland,
Esq., Barrister-at-Law, and has issue, one son and one
v. Catherine Elizabeth.

vr. Margaret Anne Pelham, m. Feb. 1862, Edward Brent
Pr( St, Esq., Barrister-at Law, and has issue, three sons and
three daus.

vii. Lila Mathilria, m. 1875, Admiral Edward Hardinge, C.B.,
I'.N., and has issue, one dau.
vui. Florence.
ilr. Papillon d. 19 Aug. 1883, and was s. by his eldest son,
Phiup Oxenden Papillon, Esq., now of Crowhurst Park.

•■ Arnns — Az., on a chevron between three butterflies arg.
'Jrest — A crescent. Motto — Ditat servata fides.
' Stats — Crowhurst Park, Battle, Sussex, and L«xden Manor,
JJokhester, Essex.


Paedoe, Eet. George Owen, Yicar of Hinton,
Dhristchttrch, Hants, h. 25 Aug. 1849 ; m. 14 Sept.
1876, Letitia, dau. of the late Col. Southey, R.E.,
ind has issue,

j I. GeOEGE SOCTHET, 6. 1877.
! II. Francis Sneade, b. 1881.
: I. Olive, 6. 1888.

1 Lineage. — The original residence of the Pardoes was at
^Iccton, CO. Salop, and they were thir.- seated for many gene-
rations ; the estate is still in the possession of the present
Jr. Pardoe of Nash Court.

, George Pardoe, son of George Pardoe, of Cleeton and Fain-
rce, d. 1669, and at that date the Pardoes are stated in old
ivritings to have been resident at Cleeton long previously,
ieorge Pardoe was father of George Pardoe, of Cleeton, who
'■■ 1682, and was s. by his brother, Edward Pardoe, of Cleeton,
,'ho d. 1714, leaving a son and successor, Pardoe,
^isq. of Cleeton, b. 1694, who d. 1760, and was father of George
'ardoe, Esq. of Cleeton, 6. 1728, in. Elizabeth, dau. of Rev.

. Eocke, Rector of Ludlow, and left at his decease, 1783, a
on and successor,

George Pardoe, Esq. of Cleeton and Nash Court, 6. 1756;
■i. Ellen, dau. of Richard Dansey Dansey, Esq. of Easton
;Ourt, CD. Hereford, and had issue, i. George Dansey, his

heir; ii. James, d. 1829; in. Franci.-;, d. 1818; i. Ellen Lucy,
m. the Very Rev. J. H. P. Lowe, D an of Exeter; ii.,
in. E. Wheeler, Esq. of Kyrewood House, Tenbury ; iii. Hester,
twin with Anna, d. 1836 ; iv. Maria, in. Rev. J. PoweU, Rector
of Munslow ; v. Isabella ; and vi. Emma. Mr. Pardee d. 1798,
and was s. by his son.

Rev. George Danset Pardoe, of Nash Court, 6. March,
1786; TO. 1810, Eleanor, dau. and co-heir of the late Rev.
Samuel Sneade, of Ludlow, Rector of Redstone, co. Salop, and
had issue,

George, late of Nash Court.

Henry, 99th Regt., h. 26 Jan. 1817 ; d. 21 Dec. 1861.

Frederick, 6. 6 Nov. 1818; m. 1846, Anna Maria Evans, and
d. 1892, leaving issue,

1 George Owen, present representative.

2 Frederick, d. 1884. 3 Frank, d. 1875.
1 Emma, d. 1869. 2 Anna.

Arthur, of Purslow Hall, Shropshire, J.P. for the cos. of Salop
and Dorset, b. 9 April, 1821 ; m. 20 April, 1847, Mary Ban-
gor Jane, dau. of the late Rev. William Jenkins, Vicar of
Sidmouth, co. Devon, and d. 1879, leaving issue,
Arthur John, of Purslow Hall, b. 1851 ; m. 1882, Christina
Cecilia, younger dau. of the late George Eeid, Esq. of
Deer Park, co. Cork.
William Herbert, b. 1855.
Ellen Mary.
Mary Eliza, m. 1838, John Penney, Esq. of Ashley Moor,
and has i.ssue.
Rev. George D. Pardoe d. May, 1856. The eldest son,

George Pardoe, Esq. of Cleeton and Nash Court, co. Salop;
J.P. and D.L. co. Salop (prxked for High Sheriff 1884, the
year of his decease), and J.P. co. Worcester, 6. 2 Dec. 1811;
■in. 1st, 11 July, 1843, Laura, only dau. of the late Thomas
White, Esq. of Bognor, Sussex, and niece cf Robert Brica;e-
man More, Esq. of Linley Hall, co. Salop, and 2ndly, 22 Jan.
1850, Elizabeth Mart (now of Nasli Court), dau. of the late
James Fielder Croome, Esq. of Putloe, co. Gloucester, and d.
1884, and was s. by his widow.

Arms — Arg., a cross counter-componee or and gu., between
in the 1st quarter a water bouget, in the 2nd an eagle dis-
played, in the 3rd a swan, and in the 4th an escallop, all .sa.,
on a chief az. a lion passant guardant of the first. Crest — A.
lion passant guardant.

(Scat — Nash Court, near Tenbury, Shropshire.
Residence— Hinlon Vicarage, Christchurch, Hants.


Paedoe, Frank Lionel, Esq. of Leyton Manor,,
CO. Essex, I. 26 Feb. IB.SO.

Lineage. — The manor of Leyton belonged to the Abbey
of Stratford. After the dissolution of monastries temp.
Henry Vlll., it was granted to Thomas, Lord Wriathesley,
Lord Chancellor, who sold it to Sir Ralph Warren, Lord
Mayor of London, and he dying in 1553, left Richard, his son
and heir. On the death of the latter in 1597, Oliver Cromwell,
of Hinchingbrooke House, Huntingdon (uncle of the Protector)^
succeeded to the estate, being a nephew of the last possessor.
The manor then passed to the family of Rider, and subse-
quently became divided, being holden in different portions
till 1703, when the greater part was purchased by David
Gansel, Esq., whu continued Lord of the Manor and patron of
the vicarage, as well as part impropriator of the great tithes,
till his death in 1753, when he was s. by his son. Gen. Gansel.
Part of the estate had become the property of the Corpora-
tion of the city of Lincoln, who sold it to the ancestor of the
present owner. A special Act of Parliament was requisite
for this sale, which Act received the royal assent 5 May,
1795. The manor of Marks belonged i riginally to the Priory
of St. Helen's, in London ; then to the WiLherpole family itemj).
Henry VIII.), in whose possession it remained till Sir Ed-
mund Witherpole sold it in 1001 to Sir James Althan, one of
tha Barons of the Exchequer ; whose son sold it to Da^^d Gan-
sel, Esq., in whose son it became vested. During the latter
half of the last century the heirs of Gen. Gansel sold both the
manors, together with the advowson of Leyton and a portion
of the great tithes, to

JohnPaedoe, Esq., High SheriffEssex, 1775, Dir. H.E.I. C.S.,
h. 1711 : m. 1749, Ann (who d. 2 Nov. 17C9), sister of Major-
Gen. Edward Urmston, Ist Foot Guard.«, and d. 9 Oct. 179S,
having had issue, one son only, also a Director lI.E.l.C.S.,

John Pardoe, Esq., M.P. for Plympton Camelford, and
Wcstlowe, b. 1760; m. 22 Feb. 1786, Jane, dau. of Thomas
Oliver, Esq. of The Great House, Leyton, Essex, by Frances
his wife, dau. of Peter Brooke, Esq. of Mere Hall, co. Chester,
by whom, who d. 20 April, 1796, he left at his decease, six days
alter, in the lifetime of his father,





I. John, heir to his grandfather.

u. George, E.N., Midshipman H.M.S. " Cambrian," 6. 1789,
killed i'u a skirmish off I'alamos, on the coast of Spain, 19
Dec. 1810. ,^ ^

MI. Frederick, H.E.I.C.S., 6. 1795, lost at sea in the "Lady-
Jane Dundas," 1809.
IV. Edward, Ensign and Lieut. Grenadier Guards, 6. 4 April,
1796, severely woundt'd at the siege of Bergen-op-Zoom,
specially mentioned in despatches, killed at Waterloo 18
June, 1815. ,^ „

I. Maria, in. 16 Blarch, 1816, John Peter Allix, Esq. of Swaff-
ham House, M.P. co. Cambridge, and (/. lSo-1.
Tlie eldest son,

John Tabdoe, Esq. of Leyton, J.P. and D.L. cos. Essex and
Hertford, b. 1787 ; »i. 25 Jan. 1808, Charlotte Jane, dau. of John
Peter Allix, Esq. of Swaffham House, co. Cambridge, and by
her, who d. 24 Feb. 1870) had issue,

I. John, his heir.

II. George, b. 7 Oct. 1814; d. 2 Aug. 1SI5.

III. Edward, of Amberwood, Christchurch, co. Southampton,
Capt. 82nd Ktgt., b. 10 Dec. 1817 ; m. 27 Oct. 1849, Harriet,
dau. of William Astell, Esq., of Everton House, co. Hunt-
ingdon, M.P., and d. 26 March, 1870, leaving issue,

1 Edward Allix, b. 17 Jan. 18d4; m. 30 March, 1875,
Marion Frances, eldest dau. of Eev. Robert Pinckney,
Vicar of Highcliffe, co. Southampton, and has issue,

Edward Eobert Cyril, 6. 17 Feb. 1876.
Keginald George, b. 3 .\pril, 1877.
Thomas William Kalph. 6. 3 Oct. 1878.
Constance Margarette Theodora, b. 21 July, 1833.
Ethel Isabel Harriet Marion, 6. 12 June, 1885.
Mary Katie, b. 11 June, 1889.
Fairlie, b. 4 May, 1891.

2 George Astell, b. 5 Sept. 1855, Lieut. 13th Regt. ; d. July,
1879, from wounds received at Ulundi.

I. Charlotte Jane, b. 23 Dec. 1808 ; d. 24 Dec. 1812.

II. Calherine Harriet, m. Rev. Henry Charles Eaton, Yicarof
Stetchworth, son of Richard Eaton, Esq. of Stetchworth
Park, CO. Cambridge, M.P., and has issue.

ni. Maria, b. 31 March, 1811 ; d. 15 Dec. 1812.

IV. Matilda, b. 22 May, 1812; d. 20 Dec. 1812.

V. Anna Cecil, 6. 7 Feb. 1816: d. 15 June, 1833.

VI. Mary JuUana, b. G Feb. 1817 ; d. 18 Feb. 1830.

vu. Charlotte Louisa, b. 24 Sept. 1820 ; d. 16 Nov. 1820.
Wr. Pardoe d. 29 March, 1870 and was s. by his son,

Rev. John Pakdoe, M.A. of Leyton, Lord of the Manor of
Xeyton, Esses, Vicar of Leyton, b. 31 Aug. 1813 : m. 24 April,
1838, Frances, 3rd dau. of George Thornhill, Esq. of Didding-
ton, Buckden, co. Huntingdon (M.P. for the co. fifteen years),
a branch of Thornhill of Thornhill, co. York, and by her
(who d. 8 Nov. 1878) had issue,

I. John (Rev.), of Leyton.

II. Edward Willoughby, late Lieut. 87th Regt. (Royal Irish
Fusiliers) and 1st (or Royal) Regt., b. 28 April, 1841, d. 6
May, 1879.

III. Charles William, Lieut. 3rd London E.V., 6. 5 Oct.

IV. Oliver Thornhill, 6. 5 Sept. 1863.

I. Charlotte Gcorgina, d. 6 Dec. 1878.

II. Frances Matilda. III. Mary Catherine.
IV. Juliana Elizabeth. v. Harriet Anna.
VI. Everilda Henrietta.

Sir. Pardoe d. 1879, and was s. by his eldest son,

Rev. John Paedoe, Rector of Gravely, co. Herts, and of
Leyton Blanor, Essex, b. 1 April, 1839; in. 10 Aug. Is76,
Isabella Charlotte, dau. of Thomas Robert Wilson, Esq. of
Newlands, Hitchin, co. Herts, and had issue,

I. Fkank Lionel, now of Leyton.

II. Edward Percy Hamilton, 6. 28 April, 1881.
in. John Hubert, b. 2 May, 1833.

IV. Eric Wilson, b. 1 May, 1885.

I. Rose Frances, b. 25 Sept. 1878; d. 10 April, 1879.

u. Lisa Gladys, b. 6 May, 1887.

III. Ella Maud Cecil, 6. 14 June, 1889.
Rev. John Pardoe d. 23 April, 1892.

Arms— Arg., on a chevron embattled counter-embattled be-
tween three towers sa., as many bombs of the field fired ppr.,
and a chief arg. Crest— A tower arg.

Seat — Walthamstow, Essex.


Pares, Edwaed Heney, Esq. of Ilopwell Hall,
CO. Derby, J.P. cos. Derby and Leicester, High
Sheriff co. Derby, 1885, Hon. Major Leicestershire
Yeomanry, I. 2S March, 1854, educated at Eton
and Emmanuel Coll. Camb., s. his father 9 May,
1878; m. 29 July, 1879, Mui-iel Lily, 3rd dau. of
Charles Fox Webster, Esq. of Prince's Garden,
Kensington, and has issue,

t. Thomas Edwabd, b. 7 Aug. 1885.
II. Cecil Henry, b. 27 Aug. 1891.

I. Eleanor Muriel, b. 13 Oct. 1881.

II. Hilda Mary, 6. 29 Jan. 1883.

III. Geraldine, b. 24 Feb. 1890.

liiaeag'e. — This family was settled at Leicester temp.
Elizabeth, and in the charter of that sovereign John Pabe is
mentioned as a then member of the Corporation.

John Paees, b. 1635, was Mayor of Leicester 1695, and d.
Sept. 1712, leaving issue, by Mary his wife (who d. 1728, aged
91), I. John; ii. Thomas. The eldest son,

John Pakes, was Mayor of Leicester 1714. He m. Mary
Orme, of Shopnall Hall, co. Stafford, and d. Dec. 1739, leaving
an only child, Mary, m. Samuel Miles, of Leicester. His

Thomas Pabes, m. four times, and by his 2nd wife, Dorothy
Wilford, had issue, i. Thomas, his heir ; i. Mary, m. Thomas
Rickards, of Leicester. The only son,

Thomas Pares, b. 14 Nov. 1716 ; m. Ann Norton, 2nd cousin
to Harry, 4th Earl of Stamford, and granddau. of George Ashby.
of Quenby Hall, M.P. co. Leicester, and by her had issue. Mr.
Pares acquired the Hopwell Hall estate by purchase about
1780, and d. there May, 1805, at the age of 88. His eldest son,

Thomas Pares, F.S.A., 6. 28 Nov. 1746; d.unm. 2i Oct.
1824, and was s. by his only surviving brother,

John Pares, High Sheriff co. Leicester 1802, 5. 15 Aug.
1749; m. 1781, Agnes, dau. and co-heir of Adam Lightbody,
Esq. of Liverpool, by his wife, Elizabeth Tylston, descended
from the ancient family of Tilston of Cheshire, and by her
who d. 31 Aug. 1812) had issue,

Thomas, of Hopwell Hall.

John Tylston, m. Mary, dau. of Edwyn Andrew Burnaby,
Esq. of Baggrave Hall, co. Leicester, and d. Nov. 1831,
aged 34, leaving issue, Thomas John, Agnes Tylston, and
Mary Tylston.

Elizabeth, d. unm.

Anne, m. Thomas Paget, Esq., M.P., and d. 12 Dec. 1868,
leaving issue.

Agnes, m. the Rev. Edward Thomas Vaughan, M.A., brother
of Sir Henry Halford, Bart., and of Mr. Justice Vaughan,
and has issue. Mary, d. unm.

Dorothea, m. the Ven. Archdeacon Hill.

Hannah, m. the Ven. Archdeacon Jones, M.A., and has issue.

Katharine, m. Robert Bickersteth, E.=!q. of Liverpool, brother
of the late Lord Langdale, and has issue.
Mr. Pares d. 16 June, 1833, and was s. by his son,

Thomas Pares, Esq. of Hopwell Hall and Ulverscroft
Cottage, M.A., J. P., and formerly (from 1818 to 1826) M.P.
for Leicester, 6. 30 Oct. 1790; m. 19 May, 1821, Octavia, dau.
of Edward Langdon Mackmurdo, Esq. of Clapton, Middlesex,
and by her (who d. 11 June, 1881) had issue,

Thomas Henbt, of whom presently. i

Jotin, of Westfield, co. Hants, and The Cedars, co. Surrey, (J
J. P., 6. 11 May, 1833 ; m. 20 July, 1866, Katharine, dau. of I
John Back, Esq. of Byfleet, Surrey, and niece of Sir George ,
Back, the Arctic explorer, and has issue, 1 Norman, b. 1857 ;

2 Lancelot ; 3 Bernard ; 4 Basil ; 5 Harold ; 1 Alice ; 2 Ethel;

3 Margaret ; 4 Constance ; 5 May.

William, b. 22 March, 1837 ; m. 27 June, 1860, Helen D. i

Scott, and d. Jan. 1870, leaving issue, 1 WiUiam Henry; .

2 Thomas Alfred ; 3 Arthur : 1 Helen ; 2 Gertrude ; 3 Agnes. :

Agnes, 7)1. 1849, the Rev. Gilbert Beresford, Rector of Hoby, i|

CO. Leicester, and d. 25 March, 1868, leaving issue,

Octavia, d. unm. Anna Mary.

Edith, m. Oct. 1863, the Eev. Claude LUUngston, and nasij


Mr. Pares d. 26 April, 1866, and was s. by his eldest son,

Thomas Henbt Pares, Esq. of Hopwell Hall,
Northamptonshire Militia, b. 8 Feb. 1830; m. 7 Jan. 1852,'
Mary Louisa, 5th dau. of Rev. Richard Stephens, Vicar of^
Belgrave-cum-Birstall, co. Leicester, and d. 9 May, 1878,'
leaving issue,

I. Edwaed Henbt, now of Hopwell Hall. |

II. Frederick, 6. 1 Nov. 1858 ; d. young.

III. Leonard, 6. 26 Jan. 1859 ; d. young.

I. Geraldine Louise, 6. 20 Dec. 1852 ; d. 9 July, 1863.

II. Evelyn, b. 15 Dec. 1859 ; m. 29 April, 1885, Eev. Edward
L. Treffry, Eectur of Aswarby, Lincolnshire.

^,.,^_Sa., a chevron arg., in the dexter chief quarter a cross-
crosslet of the second. tVcsJ— A demi-griffin or. Motto—
Pares cum paribus.

Seat — Hopwell Hall, near Derby.

6Y24&— Junior Carlton.


Paeke, Chaeles Ethelston, Esq. of Henbury.
House, CO. Dorset, late Rifle Brigade, b. 1850 ; m.l






Mary Louisa, dau. of St. John Coventry, Esq.,
E.N., of Upper' Henbury and the Knoll, Wimborne.

Lineage.— John Pakke, Esq. of Whitteck, co. Cumber-
land, living 1632, liacl issue by Jane, his wife (who d. 1623),

Ladeence Paeke, Esq. of Whitbeck Hall, 6. 1623; d. 1691.
Had a grant of the manor rectory, and advowson of Whitbeck
in 1687. By Agnes, his wife (who d. 1671), he had issue,

JoHK, of Whiibeck Hall.

Laurence, 6. 1666; d. 1695.

William, b. 1670. Henry, b. 1672 ; d. 1673.

Agnes, b. 1662. Margaret, 6. 1668.

The eldest son,

John Paeke, Esq. of Whitbeck Hall, 6, 1664 ; m. Dorothy
Hudleston (the family of this lady was a very ancient one,
their ancestor, John Hudleston having, in the reign of Henbt
III., acquired by marriage, with the heiress of Adam de
Milium, aiillum Castle and estates), by whom he had issue,

Hudleston, of Whitbeck Hall.

John, b. and d. 1694. Laurence, h. 1696.

'i Bridget, 6. 1692. Dorothy, b. 1698.

' Mr. Parke d. in 1699, and was s. by his eldest son,
I Hddleston Pabke, Esq. oi Whitbeck Hall, b. 1689; m.

' dau. of John Stanley, Esq. of Ponsonby Hall, co.

•Cumberland, and had issue,

John, b. 1722; d. an infant.

William, of Whitbeck Hall.

Stanley, 6. 1727; d. 1730.

James, b. and d. 1728.

Margaret, b. 1720.
' Mr. Parke d. in 1738, and was s. by his eldest surviving son,

William Parke, Esq. of Whitbeck Hall, b. 1724; m. Mary,
dau. of Charles Gibson, Esq. of Quermore Park, and of
Myerscough, co. Lancaster, by whom he had issue,

Charles, of Whiibeck Hall, aftem-ards of Ilminster, co.
Somerset, a Major in the army, m. Jane, dau. of his
maternal uncle, Rev. John Gibson, of Quermore Park, and
Myerscough, by Anne, his wife, dau. and sole heiress of
William Fulford, Esq. (a descendant of the Fulfoeds of
Great Fulford, co. Devon). He d. s. ■p. 1828.


I Mr. Parke d. in 1804. His younger son,

[i Liedt.-Gen. William Pabke, of the Thickets, Jamaica, to.
' Eleanor, dau. of Samuel Baldwin Crosse, Esq. of Jamaica, and
had, with other issue,

William, of Jamaica.
Chaeles, of Henbury House.

Gen. Parke d. 1813. His youngest son,

Cuaeles Paeke, Esq. of Henbuiy House, co. Dorset, J. P.
and D.L., formerly H.B.M. Commissioner to the kingdom of
Mexico ; purchased the estate of Henbury in 1847 ; 6. 10 June,
1791 ; 771. 1820, Letitia, dau. of the late Joseph Alcock, Esq. of
Pvoehampton, CO. Surrey, and Thredlethorpe, co. Lincoln, by
^'hom he had issue,

Charles Joseph, late of Henbury.

William (Sir), K.C.B., Gen., and Col. of the 36th Eegt., of
Thornhill, Stalbridge, co. Dorset, late Lieut.-Col. 72nd Higli-
landers, and A.D.C. to the Queen; served in the Crimea,
1855, and in India, 1857-59; commanded the South-Eastern
District, 1874-77; b. 1822; ni. 1865, Anna Maria, only dau.
of the late Major-Gen. Kepean, 2ndsonof SirEvanNepean,
Part, of Loders Court, and has issue,
William Alcoek Whitbeck, J. P., and County Councillor
for Stalbridge Div. of Dorset, b. 1866; educated at Eton,
and Ch. Ch. Oxford, M.A. (1892).
Dorothy Eden.
Letitia, b. 1825 ; d. unm. 1882.
Mr. Parke d. 21 May, 1860. His eldest son,

Charles Joseph Paeke, Esq. of Henbury House, co. Dorset,
J. P., High Sheriff 1868, Barrister-at-Law, of the Inner Temple,
6. 4 Dec. 1828 ; m. 1847, Mary Ellen, dau. of Rev. C. Wicksted
Ethelston, of Wicksted, co. Chester, and Uplyme Rectory, co.
Devon, and d. 9 March, 1893, leaving issue,

T. Chaeles Ethelston, now of Henbury House.

II. Edmund William, 6. 1853.

III. Alfred Wattington (Rev.), Rector of Uplyme, b. 1854 ;
in. Wmifred Hilda, dau. of John Fort, Esq. of Read Hall,
CO. Lancaster, and has issue, two sons and a dau.

zv. Lawrence, Capt. 68th Light Infantry, b. I860; m.

Eveline, dau. of John Lees, Esq., and has issue, three

V. Walter, b. 1863.

I. Edith Letitia. ni. July, 1877, Rev. Charles Lewis Kennaway,
Rector of Gai'boldisham, co. Norfolk, and has issue (see
liuRKE's Peerage, Kennaway, Bart.).

II. Kllen Henrietta, m. Thomas Philip Godsal, Esq., son of
P. Godsal, Esq. of Iscoed, co. Salop, and has issue, five sons
and three dans.

III. Charlotte Josephine.

IV. Mildred Margaret, m. Capt. Henry Aubrey Cartwright,
late 68th Light Infantry, son of the late Col. Cartwright,

Arms—Az., on a fess engrailed, arg., between three hinds
trippant, or, as many torteaux, each charged with a pheon of
the third. Crest — A stag's head, couped, sa., holding in the
moulh a key, or. Motto — "True and Fast."
Swi— Henbury House, Wimborne, Dorset.


Paeke, Johnstone William Eobeet, Esq. of
Dunally, co. Sligo, High Sheriff for co. Leitrim
1890, b. 20 Dec. 1822 ; s. his brother 1889.

Liineagre. — Sir William Paeke, of Dunally, co. Sligo,
Lieut.-Col. and Major 66th Regt., b. March, 1779, eldest son of
Roger Parke, Esq. of DunaUy, by his wife, Alice Brown, of
Riverstown, co. Cork, received the honour of knighthood 1836.
He served throughout the campaigns in the West Indies,
Egypt, and the Peninsula, and was wounded at Corunna. Sir
WiUiam m. 13 July, 1813, Louisa Elizabeth, dau. of the late
Charles Johnstone, Esq. of Ludlow, and niece of the late Sir
Richard Johnstone, Bart, of Hackness HoU, co. York, and by
her (who d. 31 March, 1883), had issue,

RoGEE Charles, of Dunally.

Johnstone Willlam Robekt, now of Dunally.

Jemmett, d. 25 Dec. 1866. Louisa Eliz

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