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IX. Mary Nora.

X. Agnes Decima, m. J. Sharpe, Esq.

XI. Edith Emily, m. Col. B. B. Ingram, and has issue, two
sons and a dau.

Mr. Edward Kerrich d. 9 Feb. 1833. His only son, Henry
Walker Kerrich, assumed, under the will of John Walker,
Esq. of Stelling Hall, the additional surname of Walker, and
is the present Henry Walker Kerrieh-Walker, of Newker
Seal — Newker House, Chester-le-Street.


Case-Walkee, Henet Ashton, Esq. of Beck-
ford Hall, CO. Gloucester, J. P., formerly Capt. 12th
Lancers; b. 17 Feb. 1851; on. 1st, 25 * Feb. 1878,
Mary Louisa, dau. of Col. W. Soutliey, Madras Staff
Corps, and by her (who d. 1888) has issue,

I. Violet Mary Ashton.

II. Cicely Myrtle Ashton.

III. Blarguerite Magdalen Ashton.

IV. Ivy Mary Ashton.

V. Daphne Winifred Ashton.
\i. Monica Primrose Ashton.

He m. 2ndly, 6 April, 1891, in Canada, Alice Mars-
ton, dau. of Col. W. Southey, M.S.C., and by her
has issue,
I. John Alotsics Asbton, 6. 10 June, 1893.





^Ir. Henry Asliton Case-Walker assumed the
additional surname of Walker in 1882, at the
death of his brother, in accordance with the will
of his uncle, H. F. Walker, of Blythe Hall.

Xiineag'e. — The pedigree of this family is given in Dug-
<Iale's Visitation of Lancashire, 1664.

James Case, of Huyton, co. Pal. of Lancashire, son of
llichard Case, of Huyton, m. Alice, dau.of Uichard Saunders,
■of Ditton, CO. Lancaster, and d. 1624, leaving,

EicHARD Case, of Huyton, co. Pal. of Lancashire, m. Anne,
<lau. of Gilbert Holme, of Knowsley, co. Lancaster, and d.
1642, leaving

John Case, of Red Hazlea, in Huyton, nt. Elizabeth, dau. of
William Gleave, of Huyton, and d. 1664, leaving

Jonathan Case, h. Sept. 1653 ; m. Elizabeth, eldest dau.
.and heiress of Edward Ogle, Ksq. of Whiston, CO. Lancaster,
iind d. 19 May, 1730, leaving issue,

John, d. xinm. 1714.

Thomas, of whom presently.

Elizabeth, d. unni.

The 2nd son,

Tho.mas Case, Esq. of Red Hazles, co. Lancaster, J.P., 6. 14
April, 1692; in. 1722, Margaret, dau. and heiress of William
Clayton, Esq. of Fulwood, and had issue,

I. Jonathan, of Red Hazles.

II. William.

III. Thomas, of whom presently.

IV. Jchn.

V. Clayton, of Liverpool.

I. Elizabetli. n. Dorothy.

III. Margaret.

Mr. Thomas Case d. 1743, His 3rd son,

Thomas Case, Esq., h. 15 March, 1731 ; to. 1775, Anna, dau.
of John Ashion, Esq. of Woolton Hall, Liverpool, and had

I. Thomas, of whom presently.

II. John Ashtou, 6. 17 April, I779 ; d. s. p. 20 Aug. 1S36.
]Mr. Thomas Case d. 1790. His eldest son,

Thomas Case, Esq. of Thingwell Hall, and Ince Hall, co.
Lancaster, J.P. and D.L., 6. 4 Nov. 1777; ra. 21 Dec. 1801,
-lane Sarah, eldest dau. and co-heiress of Edward Holt, Esq.
■tif Ince Hall, and had issue,

I. John AsnioN, of whom presently.

I. Jane Sarah, m. 1st, ix'ol, Marmaduke Middleton (2nd son
of M. M. Middleton, Esq. of Leam), who d. Ibib. and2nd!y,
Frederick Leacroft, Esq.

II. Emma Anna, m. la39, Arthur, 4tli son of William Le
Blance, of London.

Mr. T. Case d. 1845. His eldest son,

John Ashton Case, Esq. of Ince Hall, co. Lancaster, b.
1804; m. 1832, Caroline Elizabeth, eldest dau. of Henry
Walker, Esq. of Blythe Hall, co. Notts, and Clifton, co. York
isec Walker, lineage below), and d. 1855, having had issue,

I. Tho.mas Edward, of whom presently.

II. Hlnrt Ashton, now of Beckford Hall.

I. Caroline Lucy, m. Ptcv. C. Bullock, and d. 1863.

II. Emily Jane, m. Major John Forsterof the Hall, Southend,
and Exbury House, near Southampton.

III. Ellen Juliet Ashton, m. Col. H. E. Davidson, 19th

IV. Constance Anna, m. Ainslie Walker, Esq. of Onslow

V. Blanche Emma Beatrice, m. Gen. H. Hamilton Gordon,

lli.5 eldest son,

Thomas Edward Case, Esq., g. his maternal uncle, and
.•issumed the surname of Walker, ra. 29 Dec. 1872, Bessie
Xewton, and d. s. p. 24 Nov. 1882, and was s. by his brother.

^amilg of Malker.

William Walker, b. 1650, a resident of the parish of
Ticclesfield, co. York, m. Mary, dau. of Joseph Wood, of the
■same place, and d. 1708, leaving a son,

Joseph Walker, who, marrying twice, had by his first wife,
two sons, Joseph and Benjamin, and by his 2nd, Anne, dau. of
Jonathan Hargreave, three sons, who became celebrated as

I. Jonathan, father of Jonathan of Ferham, who d. 1807,
leaving one son and two daus., Jonathan; Mary Anne ;
and Anne m. John Drake, Esq.

Ti. Samcel, of whom presently.

III. Aaron, father of one son, who d. issueless ; and a dau., m.
John Pearson, of Leeds.
The 2nd son,

Samuel Walker, principal founder of the iron works,

6. 1716, at Hill Top, Ecclesfield, removed to Masborough at
the age of 30, and thenceforth his career was one uninter-
rupted course of commercial prosperity. He d. 12 May, 1782,
leaving by his wife (with three daus., Mary, m. Jonathaa
Walker, Esq.; Sarah, m. William Parker, Esq.; and Anne, ?n..
John Whitacre, Esq. of Woodhouse), four sons,

I. Samuel, father of

Samuel.of Masborough, TO. Elizabeth, dau. of John Palmes,
Esq. of Naburn.

Mary, m. Hugh Parker, Esq. of Woodthorpe.

Margaret, m. William Walker, Esq. of Wilsick, Deputy-
Recorder of Doncaster. The eldest .^on of this marriage
is William Walker, Esq. of Wilsick Hall, Doncaster,
J.P. and D.L., M.A., liarrister-at-Law, m. 1858, Alice,
dau. of Hugh Parker, Esq. of Tickhill, co. York.

II. Joshua, of whom presently.

III. Joseph, of Eastwood. (See \Vaz,kyr of Perdiswell.)

IV. Thomas, of Ben-yhlll, near Mansfield, Sheriff co. Notting-
ham 1809 ; d. s. p. at Bath, 15 April, 1828.

The 2nd son,

Joshua Walker, Esq. of Clifton, near Rotherham, who
purchased the estate of Blythe from Col. Mellish, m. Susanna,
2nd dau. of Samuel Need, Esq. of Nottingham, and dying
1815, left issue,

I. Henet, of Blythe and Clifton, his successor.

II. Joshua, formerly M.P. for Aldborough, m. Anna Maria,
dau. and co-heir of Allen Hulford, Esq., representative of
the ancient family of Holford, of Davenham, co. Chester,
and has issue,

1 Edward Allen, m. Miss Baldwin, and has issue.

2 Francis, m. Jane, dau. of Norman Lockhart, Esq., and
has issue.

3 Philip Ainslie.

4 Edsar.

5 Joshua.

1 Frances, m. Felix F. F. Bean, Esq.

2 Gertrude Louisa, m. T. E. Everett, Esq.

I. Susannah, m. Jedediah Strutt, Esq. of Belper, co. Derby.
The eldest son,

Henry Walker, Esq. of Blythe Hall, Notts, and Clifton,
J.P. and D.L., at one time High Sheriff, b. 3 Feb. 1785; m.
Sept. 1806, Elizabeth (who d. 1850), only dau. of Edward
Abney, Esq. of Measham Hall, co. Leicester, and had issue,

I. Henrt Frederick, his heir.

II. Arthur Abney, b. April, 1820; to. 1st, Miss Anderson of
Carlow, which lady d. 17 Mar.;h, 1842, leaving one child,
Elizabeth Edith ; and 2ndly, Isabella, dau. of John Robert-
son, Esq. of Edinburgh, widow of the Rev. J. B. Hay, of
North Berwick, and by her had issue,

1 Henry Wooton, 6. 21 May, 1848 ; d. 15 April, 1855.

2 Arthur Edward, 6. 27 July, 1851.

3 Frederick John, 6. 6 March, 1853.

4 Ernest Abney, b. 24 June, 1854.

5 Henry, b. 6 May, 1860.

1 Isabella Maude.

2 Ethel.

I. Caroline Elizabeth, b. 1809; m. 1832, John Ashton
Case, Esq. of Thingwell Hall, Liverpool, and d. 1883, hav-
ing had two sons {as above).

II. Emily, in. Thomas Streatfeild Lightfoot, Esq. of Crowlc,
CO. Lincoln, and Sevenoaks, Kent ; she d. s. p. 1845.

Mr. Walker d. 19 Jan. I860, and was s. by his son,

Henry Frederick Walker, Esq. of Blythe Hall, Notts, and
of Clifton House, near Rotherham, co. York, J.P. and D.L.
for CO. York, and at one time High Sheriff of Notts, b. 1807 ;
m. Aug. 1833, Miss Howard, of Portland Place, London, and
had issue,

I. Frederick Albert, b. 1836 ; d. 8 Feb. 1837.

II. Elizabeth, b. Oct. 1834 ; d. Aug. 1838.

Mr. Walker devised Blythe Hall to his widow (who d. 1889)
with remainder to his nephew,

Thomas Edward Case, Esq., who thereupon assumed the
surname of Walker, to. 29 Dec. 1872, Bessie Newton, and
d. s. J). 24 Nov. 1882 ; and was s. by his brother,

Henry Ashton Case- Walker, now of Beckford Hall.

Seat — Beckford Hall, near Tewkesbury.


Walker, Henet, Esq. of Perdiswell, co. Worces-
ter, D.L., High Sheriff 1883, I. 1826 ; m. 1871,
Georgina Harriett, dau. of Francis Mostyn Owen,
Esq. of Brjntiriou, co. Salop, and has, with other


Henry Francis Mosttn, b. ISSO.

Lineagre.— Joseph Walker, Esq. of Eastwood, co.

6 T 2





York, and Aston, co. Deiby, High SheiilT co. Derby, 3rd
son of Samuel WalUer, of Masborougli (set "Walker (/ Bbjthe
llo.ll), VI. 10 Oct. i;So, Elizabctli, dau. of Samuel Need,
Esq. of Nottingham, and by her (,wbo d. "JT Slay, 1SJ3) had

I. Joseph Need, of whom hereafter.

II. Thomas, 6. 19 July, 1795: ),i. Constantia, dau. of John
Claudius Heresford, Esq. ol Dublin.

III. Edward Sami-el (SirK of Kerry Hill, Notts, J. P. and
D L., 6. 1799; iu. 1st, 15 Sept. 1S4J, Francis Valentine,
dau. of Georcrc Stevens, Esq. of Old Windsor Lodge, and by
her^who d. IbOi) had issue,

1 Edward William, of Berry Hill, Mansfield, J. P., 6.
4 Aprl. lS-14 ; m. Dec. 1874. Elizabeth, youngest dau. of
Tliouias Ewtll, Esq., whicli lady rf. 23 April, 188G.

2 Fre.1eriek, &. 10 Sept. 1851.

J .Alarion Emily, m. March, 1866, Kobert N. Batt, Esq. of

Furdysburn, co Down.
2 Fanny Louisa, ))i. Feb. 1879, the Rev. Frederick Hall,
eldest surviving sou of T. Dickenson Hall, Esq. of What-
ton Manor, Notts.
S Sophii Eugenie.

4 Harriet Anne, m. 13 July, 1881, Evan Theodore
Prichard. Esq., 2nd sou of Kev. Richard Prichard, B.D.,
Rector of Newbold in Stour.
Sir Edward vt. 2ndlv. 12 June, 1866, Mary Elizabeth, dau.
ofCapt Hallowes, KN. of Glapwell Hall, co. Derby. He
sened the office of Mavor of Chester 1838 and 1848, was
High Sheriff of Notts 1806-07; and d. Jan. 1877.

I. Harriett, m. Uev. William Alderson, Rector of Aston, near
Rotlierliam, who d. s. p. 1851.

II. Sophia, m. 1 homas Trebeck, Esq. of Southwell ; and
d. s. p. 27 April, 1856.

III. Catherine, )ii. James Haffenden, Esq. of Clearwcll Court,
CO. Gloucester; and d. 16 April, 1858, leaving three daus.
and one son.

IV. Elizabeth, d. vnm. 14 May, 1832.

Mr. Joseph Walker d. 7 June, 1801. His eldest son,

Joseph Need Walker, Esq. of Calderstone, co. L.anoastcr,
D.L., 6. £0 Sept. 17C0; m. Katheriue, dau. of Samuel Parker,
Esq. of Scots House, co. Northumberland, andcL 1865, leaving,
with other issue,

Hesry, now of Perdiswell.

«{n(-Perdiswell Hall, Worcester.

Club — Union.

"Walker, SiK William Stuaet, K.C.B., of Bow-
land, CO. Edinburgh and Selkirk, Advocate 1840,
D.L. of botli COS., B.A. Oxon, late Chairman of the
Board of Supervision in Scotland, created a C.B.
1876, and a K.C.B. 1886, b. 4 April, 1813; m. 15
Sept. 1836, Eliza, dau. of William Loch, Esq., Ben-
gal Civil Service, son of George Loch, of IJrylaw,
CO. Edinburgh, and has -with other issue,

William Campbell, J. P. cos. Edinburgh and Selkirk, and
a Magistrate for New Zealand, a Member of the House of
Legi.-lation in that colony, M.A. Oxon, b. 1838; m. 1871,
JIargaret, dau. of Archdeacon James Wilson, of New
Zealand, and has issue,

William James Dcndas. h. 1873.

liineage. — Alexander Walker acquired part of St. Fort,
CO. Fife, and d. about 1658. His son,

Alexander AValkeb, of St. Fort, m. Jean, dau. of Thomas
rieming, of Uthroga), co. Fife, and had with other issue,

I. Alexander, his heir.

II. James, Minister of Leuchars, co. Fife, 1733, to. 1740,
Catharine, sister of Robert Montgomery, Provost of Edin-
burgh, 1756-67, and a Commissioner of Customs for Scot-
land, and d. 1773.

Alexander Walker d. 1723. His eldest son,

Alexander Walker, of St. F'ort, acquired the other part of
St. Fort, and had a crown charter, 27 March, 1730; he
registered arms, 10 Nov. 1759; m. Isabel, dau. of William
Miller, merchant in Edinburgh, and had with others who
d. unm.

I. Thomas, of St. Fort, m. Helen Hay, only dau. of Capt.
Robert liailli.', of Parbroath, co. Fife, by Barbara, widow
of Sir Edward Gibson, Bart., and dau. of Hon. Alexander
Maitland <Mrs. Walker's brothrir. Col. Alexander Baillie, of
Luthric, Fife, Barrack Master Ginera! for Scotland, d. s. p.
1814, leaving his property to her children) and d. 3 Sept.
1794, aged 69, leaving three children,

1 Alexander, of Carphin, co. Fife, Major in the army, to.
Jane, '!au. of .Jacub Sandilands, merchant in Bordeaux,
and had two oaus., coheirs, Eliza, m. 1806, Capt. John

Raitt, 42nd Regt., and had issue, and Helen, m. Barott
Capol, (/. s. p.

2 Robert, Lieut. -Col. and Lieut. -Governor of Sheerness,
111. 1st, Sarah, dau. of Major Samuel llulland. Surveyor-
General of Canada, which lady d. .hily, 1817. He m.
2ndly, April, 1818, Ann, dau. of John EHurt, Esq., and
d. S.J). 23 July, 1842.

3 Barbara.

II. James, a physician in Edinburgh, bought Invcrdovat,co.
File, and Kineaird in the same co. 1764, »ii. 1762, Lady
JIary Leslie Melville, dau. of Alexander, 6th Earl of Ivcvea
and Melville, and was father of

James, Rear-Admiral, C.B., 1815, K.T.S., who served at
Camperdown, Copenhagen, in North America, (.fee. ; he
m. 1st, a dau. of Gen. Right Hon. Sir John Ir«in, K.B.,
she d. 1821, and 2ndly, Priseilla Sarah, dau. of Arnoldus
Jones Skelton, of Branthwaite Hall and Papcastle, co.
Cumberland, widow ol Edward Penruddocke, of Fylield,
CO. \\ ilts, and d. 13 July. 18-31, leaving three sons, oueitt
the army, and two in the navy.
ITI. William, of whom presently.

1. Catlierine, m. 1760, Rev. John Carnegie, Minister of
Inverkeilor, and from lier descend the Carnegies of Redhall,
CO. Kincardine.

Alexander Walker d. March, 1744. His 3rd son,

Rev. William Walker, minister of Collesse, co. Fife, 17G0,,
b. 1737 ; HI. 2 Nov. 1762, JIargaret, dau. of Patrick Manderston,
merchant in Edinburgh, and by her (who d. 2 Dec. 1810) had

I. Alexander, of whom hereafter.

II. Patrick, Lieut.-Col E.I.C.S., 6. 24 March, 1766; m.
1800, Miss Charlotte West, of Madras, and d. 1816, leaving

III. William, Attorney in Jamaica, 6. 15 Jan. 1768, and d.
U7im. 1799.

I. Mairdalene, 6. 6 Jan. 1770; m. 1790, William Walker, of
I'itlair, CO. Fife, Wriier to tiie Signet; and d. 1812.

II. Isabella, 6. 7 Sept. 1771 ; m. 1799, Paul Stevens Samuels,

Rev. William Walker d. 14 Nov. 1771. His eldest son,

Alexander Walker, Governor of St. Helena, Brigadier-
General in the H.E.I.C.S., 6. 12 May, 1764, bought Bowland,
1809; m. 12 July, 1811, Barbara (d. 1831) dau. of Sir James
Montgomery, Bart, of Stanhope, co. Peebles, M.P. Chief Baron
of Exchequer in Scotland, and d. 1831, leaving issue,

I. William Stuart, his heir.

II. James Scott, 6. 2 July, 1815, Capt. 88th Regt. (Connaught
Itangers;, m. 17 July, 1802, Janet, dau. of William Bute,
Esq., and d. s. p. 18 Feb. 1882.

Anns — Or, three pallets gu. surmounted of a St. Andrew's
cross arg., on a chief az., a garb between two mullets of the
lield. Cnst—A cornucopia ppr. .I/o((o— Cura ct indu^tria.

.S'rtt— Bowland, Stow, co. Edinburgh. I'oum lUndence —
5, Blanor Place, Edinburgh.

Ci«6— Carlton.


Walkee-Moeison, Bethune Geoeqe, Esq. of
Falfield, co. Fife, and Bogley, co. Perth, b. 1 Sept.

Lineage.— James Walker, of Falfield, m. 28 May, 1741,
Janet Ramsay, and d. 1709, aged 58 ; Mrs. Walker d. 1799.
Their son,

David Walker, of l-'alfield, 6. 1747, m. Jane, only dau. of
Rev. John Chalmers, D.D., of Raderny, co. Fife, minister of
Kilconquhar, 1760-91, by Ellen his wife, dau. of Sir Alexander
Anstruther and Hon. Jean Leslie, his wife, usually styled
Baroness Newark, and had i.ssue,

I. Bethune James, his heir.

II. James, of Falfield, Capt. in the H E.I.Co.'s navy, d. g. p.

III. John, d. unm. in the West Indies.

I. Janet, m. Andrew Pitcairn of Pratis and Pit,cuUo, co.
Fife, and had isiuc.
The eldest son,

Bk.thune James Walker, an officer R.N., inherited Fal-
field from his younger brother, by whom it had been
purcliased, and on the death in 18.=>0 of Mrs. Bethune Morison,
widow of his mother's brother, William Chalmers, Writer to
the Signet, of Raderny, afterwards styled Bcthuuc of Blebo,
and finally Bethune-Monson, inherited under an entail
executed by her, the co. Perth property, and assumed the
surname and arms of Morison. He m. 12 August, 1846,
Johanna, dau. of Rev. George Wright, D.D., minister of
Kingsbarns, and d. 13 March, 1868, leaving issue,

I. James Walkcr-Morison, of Falfield, d. 9 Nov. 1876, aged

II. Bethune George, present proprietor.

I. Anna Jessie, to. 4 June, 1872, John P. Wright, Writer ta
the Signet.





^.imiln o{ iTtorison.

William Mohison, merchant in Dundee, son of William
IMoiison, bought Naughton, co. Fife, 1737, m. Elizabeth, Jan.
and heir of llev. James Gray, minister of Kettins, and by this
marriage acquired estates in co. Perth, a part of which is
inherited by Mr. Walker-Morison. He was s. by his son,

James Morison, of Naughton, a merchant in Dundee, and
magistrate of that burgh. His son,

James Morison, of Naughton, b. 1738, m. Isabella, only
<;hild who had issue of the Kev. David Maxwell, of Strath-
inartine, co. Forfar, by Isabel his wife, dau. of Alexander
Duncan, of Lundie. Mr. Morison built Naughton House,
17!)0, and d. 1816, having had issue,

I. William Slorison, of Strathuiartine, Col. of the Tayside
Fencibles, b. 17G1 : d. nam. v. y.

I. IsoBEL, of whom after.

II. Elizabeth, d. uniii,

III. Catharine, m. Heury Stark, of Teases, and had a son, who
d. s. p.

IV. Anne (Mrs. Skene), of Pitlour, d. s. p.

His eldest dau.,

IsoBEL Morison, of Naughton, Boglcy, Drummie, Nydie,
•&c., b. ntiO, m. William Bethune, of Blebo, eo. Fife. This
genilemnn, paternally Clialmcrs, m. Ist, in 1782, Margaret,
•sister and heir of Henry Bethune, of Blebo, and assumed that
surname ; she d. s. p. leaving him all her property. He after-
wards took the additional surname of Moriion, and had an
■only child,

Isabella Maxwell Morison, b. 1795: d. in Paris, 1818.
Mrs. Bethune-Morison d. in 1850, aged 90, having entailed
Naughton on her kinsman, Captain Adam Alexander Duncan,
Rrandson of Admiral Adam Viscount Duncan, who assumed
the additional surname and arms of Morison, and d. 1855,
leaving an only child. Miss Catherine Henrietta Adamina
Morison-Duncan, of Naughton. As already stated, Mrs.
Bethune-Morison entailed Bogley on Captain Walker, and slie
settled Nydie, co. Fife, on Major Robert Bethune, younger
«on of General Bethune of Blebo.

Arms—\ and 4, Ar. three Moors' heads couped sa., banded
■or, and in the centre a lion ramp. gu. for Morison. 2 and 3,
Or, three pallets gu surmounted of a saltice wavy arg. on a
chief az. a demi-lion holding in his paws a fieur-de-lis of thiid
hetw. 2 anchors of the field for Watson. CVe.>.-(s— 1st, Morison.
Three Saracens' heads conji lined in one neck erased, wreathed
about the temples with laurel ppr. ; 2nd, Walker. A grey-
hound courant ppr. .S/o((ora— Over the Morrison crest, Praelio
prudentia praestat ; and over the Walker crest, Fac ct spera.

ieat- Falfield, Fife.


Walkee, James, Esq. of Dairy, Midlothian, J.P.,
h. 21 Jan. 1830; m. 29 April, 1859, Hon. Anna
Yelverton, 5tli dau. of the 3rd Vioconnfc Avonmore,
and has issue,

I. Ceeil Helen, m. 1880, J. S. 0. E. Luxford, Esq. of Higham,
Su>sex, and Bannoch, N.B. and has issue {see Eobebtson-
LuxroRD of Hiyham.

II. Liliias Adelaide. ill. Anna Margaret.

Lineag-e.— This family, though settled for a considerable
period in East Lothian, is stated to be descended from the
Walkep.s of Si. Fort, CO. Fife.

John Walker, Esq., who resided at Beanstown, co Had-
•dingtcin, is thus noticed in the Statistical Account of Scotland.
— "Mr. John Walker, who possessed considerable property in
this parish, is celebrated as the person who first introduced
the system i.f fallowing land, and of thereby raising wheat-
.crops far more extersively than formerly. He was descended
from the family of Walker of St. Fort, co. Fife, and flourished
about the time of the lievolution." He was father of

Francis W^alker, Esq. of Mi.inshill. co. Haddington, who
had several sons, one of whom, John, having entered the
military profession, was killed in battle in the East Indies.
Another of the sons,

Jami^s Walker Esq. of Dairy, one of the principal Clerks
of Session in Scotland, m. 1st, 13 July, 1780, Jane, dau. of
Itichard Hay-Newton, Esq. of Newton, co. Haddington, 3rd
.son of Lord William Hay, of Newell (who was 3rd son of John,
•2nd Marquess of Tweedale, by the Lady Anne Maitland, his
wife, only child of John, Duke of Lauderdale), and by her had

Francis, m. Margaret, dau. and heir of Sir John Forbes
Diummond, Bart, of Haw Lhurnden, and at the decease of
Jiis father-in-law, in 1829, s. by special limitation to the

baronetcy and estate of DEiraiMOND of Hawlhornden {see
Burke's Peerage and Baronetage).

James, of Dairy.

Jane, ni. 18o5, James Hope, Esq. of Wardie Lodge, Mid-

Annie. Helen.

Mr. Walker m. 2ndly, 1797, Marion Annie, dau. of John Hope,
JI.D., Professor of Botany in the University of Edinburgh, and
by her had an only dau.,

Juliana, to. Sir John Hall, Bart, of Dunglass.
The 2nd son,

James Walker, Esq., of Dairy, J. P. and D.L., 6. 1790, wan
called to the bar in 1811, and filled the oflice of Sheriff of co.
Wigton, 1818 to 1843, which he then resigned on being ap-
pointed one of the principal Clerks of Session in Scotland. He
m. 1st, 28 Oct. 1825, Lilias, youngest dau. of Uoderick
Mackenzie, Esq. of Scotsburn, co. Ross (grandson of Sir
Kenneth Mackenzie, 1st Bart, of Scatwell), by his wife Anne,
dau. of Alexander Chisholm, of Chisholm, The Chisholm, and
by her (who d. Nov. 1833) has issue,

James, now of Dairy.

Jane Anne, m. 1851, Major John Fergusson Home,
H.E.I.C.S. ; and d. s. p. \Sb2.

Henrietta Mackenzie, d. 1847.

Lillias Margaret, m. 18G6, Charles Robertson, Esq., whoci.

He ))!. 2ndly, 1848, Ellen Ballantine, 3rd dau. of Joseph Dykes
Ballantine Dykes, Esq. of Dovenby Hall, Cumberland, and by
her (who d. Dec. 1SC9; had issue, William Fretcheville, d.
1860 ; Francis Dykes, and Mary Ellen. Mr. Walker d. 6 May,

.^i)ns— Or, three pallets gu. on asaltire arg. a heart of the
second, a chief az. thereon a crescent between two mullets of
the third. Crest — A cornucopia ppr. Motto — Cura et ia-

Stat — Hanley Lodge, Corstorphine. Midlothian.


Walker, Col. Sir Geohge Gustavus, K.C.B.
A.D.C. to the Q.ueen, of Crawfordton, co. Dumfries,
J. P. COS. Dumfries and Kircudbright, and D.L. forco.
Inverness, Hon. Col. and Lieut.-Col. 3rd Batt. King's
Own Scottish Borderers, M.P. for co. Dumfries
1865-68, and 1869-74, educated at Eugbj and Bal-
liol Coll. Oxford, B.A. 1851, M.A. 1855, b. 18 Jan.
1830 : 7)1. 3 April, 1856, Anne Murray, only dau. of
the late Admiral George Gustavus Lennock, and
has issue,

I. George Laurie, 6. 1 Aug. 1857.

II. Charles Henley, b. 10 Jan. 1859.

III. Frederick Murray, 6. 29 July, 1S62.

IV. Hugh Carmiehael, 6. 13 Jan. 1871.

I. Jessie Eleanor. it. Annie Louisa.

III. Ethel Mary. iv. Mabel Caroline.

V. Ellen Gertrude. vi. Edith Maud.

Col. Walker is eldest son of the late John Walker,
Esq. of Crawfordton, D.L. {d. 1857), by Jessie his
wife, dau. of John Johnston, Esq., Merchant, of

Seats — Crawfordton, Thornhill ; and Loch Treig, Kingussie,
Club — Carlton.


Walker, Thomas Joseph, Esq. of Tykillen, co.
Wexford, J.P. and D.L. for co. Wexford, High
Sheriff 1881, late Capt. Eoyal Dragoons, b. 1829 ;
m. 20 Sept. 1888, Blanche Louisa, youngest dau. of
Col. Stephen Henry Smitli, 64th Eegt., of Annes-
brook, Drogheda, co. Meath, and has issue,

Charles Akthdr Stephen, 6. 9 July, 1889.
Muriel Eleanor Blanche.

Xiineag'e.— Charles Walker, Esq., for thirty years one
of the Masters of the Court of Cliar.cery in Ireland, m. Caroline,
eldest dau. of tlie Hon. Bys«e Molesworth, son of Robert, 1st
Viscount Molesworth, and had issue, three sons and two daus.,
Thomas; Peter (who m. and left two sons, Chailes Edward
(Rev.), and Frederick); Cliarles; Elizabeth, j/t. Major-Gen.
Sir Thomas Blythe St. George ; and Caroline, m. Henry Gonne
Molony, Esq. The eldest son,





Thomas Walker, Esq. of Tykillon, co. AVoxfonl, for fifteen
yeare one of the Masters of the Coi.rt o

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