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r. Motto—
His nitimur et munitur.

Seats— Meadowbank House, Kirknewton, Midlothian ;
Pitliyer House, co. Fife.


i Macpheeson, Ewen Heney Datidsou-, of
i Cltmy Macpherson, co. Inverness, eliief of the Mac-
' phersons and elan Chattan, J.P. and D.L., Col. late
■ 93rd Highlanders, late Lieut.-Col. commanding 1st
Regimental District, and since 1890 in command of
the Highland Infantry Yol. Brigade : b. 22 Jan.
• 1836.

Lineage. — Kenneth Macpherson, living in the reign of
Alexander III., eldest son of Ewan Baan, 2nd son of Mur-
dock. Parson of Kingousie, Capt. of the clan Chattan, m.
Isabel, dau. of Ferquhard Mackintosh, of Mackintosh, by
whom he had two sons, i. Duncan, of Cluny, ancestor of the
great House of Macpherson of Cluny, the chiefs of which
filled, generation after genei-ation, a prominent place in the
local history of Scotland; u. Bean, or Benjamin, ancestor of
the Macpherson of Brin.

John Macpherson, of Cluny, temp. James VI., King of
Scotland, 8th in descent from Kenneth Macpherson, temp.
Alexander III., King of Scotland, was with the Earl of
Huntly at the battle of Glenlivet, 1594. He m. a dau. of
Gordon, of Auchanassie, and d. circa 1600, leaving a son and

John Macpherson, of Cluny, who got a charter under the
Great Seal, 1613, of the lands of Tullich and Elrick, in co.
Inverness. He was s. by his son,

EwAN Macpherson, of Cluny, who got a charier of the same
lands 1623. He m. a dau. of Duncan Forbes, of Culloden,
and had, with a dau., m,. John Macpherson, of Inveressie
three sons,

I. Donald, his heir.

II. Andrew, successor to his brother.

III. John, of Nuid, m. a dau. of Farquharson, of Moraltrie,
and had a son and heir,

Donald, of Nuid, ra. a dau. of Hugh Rose, of KUravock,
and had, with seven daus.,

1 William, i». Isabel, dau. of Lauchlan Mackintosh, and
had six daus. and four sons, of whom the eldest, Lauch-
lan, s. to Cluny.

2 James, who ra. and left issue.

3 John, ancestor of Macpherso.v, of Glentriiim.

Ewan Macpherson d. circa 1640, and was s. by his eldest son,

Donald Macpherson, of Cluny, attached himself to the
royal cause, and suffered much in coiiscq.uence. Dying s. p.,
he was s. by his brother,

Andrew Macpherson, of Cluny, who also inherited as heir
of entail the estate of Brin. He m. a dau. of Gordon, of
Erradoul, and dying 1666, was s. by his son,

Eugene SIacpherson, of Cluny, living temp. Charles II.,
m. dau. of Donald Macpherson, of Nuid, and had two sons,
Andrew and Duncan. The elder,

Andrew Macpherson, of Cluny, dying v.nm., was s. by his

Duncan Macpherson, of Cluny, m. 1st, a dau. of the Provost
(Rose) of Inverness, and had by her a dau. ,

Anne, ra. Sir Duncan Campbell, Knt., uncle of John Camp-
bell, Esq. of Calder, and had issue.

Cluny 7/1. 2ndly a dau. of Gordon by whom he had one son,
who d. uyim. Duncan dying at an advanced age, 1722, witli-
out surviving male issue, the representation devolved on his

Lauchlan Macpherson, of Nuid, who thus became " of
Cluny, " ra. Jean, dau, of the brave Sir Ewen Cameron, of
Lochiel, by whom he had seven sons and three daus. The
eldest son,

Ewan Macpherson, of Cluny, m. Jane, dau. of Simon,llth
Lord Eraser, of Lovat, by whom he had a son, Duncan, his
heir, and a dau., Margaret, m. Col. D. Macpherson, of
Bleaton. He d. at Dunkirk, and was s. by his only son,

Duncan Macpherson, of Cluny, Lieut.-Col. 3rd Scots-
Fusilier Guards, b. 1750 ; m. 12 Jnue, 1708, Catherine, eldest
dau. of Sir Ewen Cameron, Bart, of Fassafern, and by her
(who d. 20 Jan. 185-5) had issue,

Ewen Macpherson, of Cluni/, Chief of his clan.

Ewen Cameron, Lieut. 48th Regt. Bengal N.I. , d. 15 April,

Arcliibald Fraser, Col. Bengal Army, d. 26 May, 1877.

John Cameron, Lieut.-Col. late 43nd Eoyal Highlanders, ra.
Mary Popham, eldest dau. of the Rev. Richard Walton
White, Rector of Wotton, Isle of Wight, and d. 1873,
leaving issue, Duncan, Lieut. K.N., and Richard Barclay.

Louisa Campbell, d. 1849.

Catherine Cameron, d. 1844.

Janetta Eraser, m. Jan. 1822, A. T. F. Fraser, Efq. of
Abertarff, who d. 1st March, 1884, leaving a dau. Catha-

Maria Cameron, m. Major MacCaskill, 97th Eegt., and has
one son, WiUiam Hector, A.P.D., late Lieut. 102nd Madras

Duncan Macpherson d. 1 Aug. 1817, and was s, by his eldest

Ewen Macpherson, Esq. C.B.,of Cluny Macpherson, Chief
of his clan, Lieut.-Col. in the army and Capt. 42nd High-
landers, J.P. and D.L., 6. 24 April, 1804; m. 28 Dec. 1632,
Sarah Justina, youngest dau. of Henry Davidson, Esq. of

4 P 2





TuUoch C:istle, CO. Eos3, and by her (who d. 1-Jth March,
J8SG> had issue,
Pdscan (Col.), C.B., of Cluny Maopherson.
KwKN Henry Davidson, s. his brotlicr.
George Gordon, late Capt. Coldstream Guards and formerly
rage of Hcnour to the Queen, b. 4 April, 1842; in. 23 Feb.
1S69, Bertha Marie, 2na dau. of Matthew Henry Marsh,
Esq. of Kamridge, Hants, and if. 30 June, 1891, having by
her, who d. 31 Oct. 18S8, had a dau. Georgiana Elizabeth
Albert Cameron, b. 25 Aup. 1854; vi. 15 April, 1882, Frances
Eliza Roynsford, dau. of Rev. Heniy Addington, of Hcnlow,
CO. Bedford, and has issue, a dau., Frances Eva Marjorie.
Caroline Catherine, m. 11 Jan. 1866, George Dartmouth
Eitzroy, Comm. K.N. (d. 7 Dec. 1890), and has issue. 1
George Ewen Macpherson, b. 26 Dec. 1866; 2 Gordon
Duncan Sevmour, 6. 15 Sept. 1868; 3 Emily Sarah Lucy,
6. 11 Feb. 1*71 ; 4 Georgiana Elizabeth Catherine, b. 23
April, 1872 : 5 Margaret Caroline Anne, 6. 24 Dec. 1877.
Catharine Sarah Louisa.

Lucy Janett Julia, m. 29 Oct. 1874, Major Edward Albert
Fitzroy, li.A. and has a dau. Eva Mary Lucy St. John, b.
7 Sept. 1876.
Cluny d. 11 Jan. 1885, and was s. by his eldest son,

Ddncan Macphebson, C.B, of Cluny Macpherson, Chief of
his clan, J. P. and D.L., Col. in the army, late Lieut.-Col.
42nd Highlanders, b. 90ct. 1833; ?«. 19 Dec. 1867, F.mily Ellen,
youngest dau. of Gen. Philip Harris, Bengal Army, d. s.p. 3
Oct. 1886, and was s. by his brother.

Arms — Per fess or and az., a lymphad of the first, with her
sails furled, oars in action, mast and tackling all ppr. flags
flying gu., in the dexter chief point a hand couped grasping a
dagger point upwards gu., in the sinister chief a cross crosslet
titcWe of the last. Cresi— A cat sejant ppr. Supporters— Two
Highlanders in short tartan jackets and hose, with steel helmets
on their heads, thighs bare, their shirts tied between them, and
round targets on their arms. Motto — Touch not the cat, but a

Seat — Cluny Castle, Kingussie, co. Inverness.

BisiAence — Glencorse, Edinburgh.

Clxibi — Army and Navy, and New (Edinburgh).


Macpheeson, Lachlan, Esq. of Glentruim, co.
Inverness, J.P. and D.L., Lieut.-Col. late 30th
Foot, Knt. of the Order of the Medjidie, served
with the 30th Regt. through the Crimean War, b.
29 of June, 1835 ; m. 10 Jan. 1867, Catharine Louisa,
dau. of O. G-. Miller, Esq. of Eatho, and has issue,

I. Evan Gordon, b. 15 Jan. 1868.

II. Duncan James, b. 16 Jan. 1869.

III. Lachlan Oliver Norman, 6. 24 Jan. 1872.

IV. Robert Ian, b. 2 May, 1877.

1. Mary Olivia. ii. Eva Helen Louisa.

Lineage. — This is a branch of Macpherson of Cluny
Macpherson, descending from,

John Macpherson, 3rd son of Donald Macpherson, of Nuid,
and uncle of Lachlan Macpherson, who .«. his kinsman, 1725, as
Cluny Macpherson {see preceding Memoir). He was father of

Evan Macpherson, of Ralia, whose son,

Lachlan Macpherson, of Ralia, in. 1777, Grace, dau. of
Andrew Macpherson, of Banchor, and d. 1813; he was father of

Evan Macpherson, of Ralia, Major in the army, m. 1832,
Helen, dau of George Birrell, Esq., and by her (who d. 9 Nov.
1887), had issue,

I. Robert, d. unm. April, 1868.

II. Lachlan, now of Glentmim.

III. George, d, young.

I. Helen Grace, m. Charles Stewart, Esq. of Brin, and d.
1Sij8, having had issue, Charles Duncan, and Grace Helen.
n. Maria, m. Norman A. Macleod, Esq. of Slsye, and had

III. Eva Grant.
".Major Macpherson d. 22 Jan. 1847.

Arm?, Crest, and Motto— Sume as Cldnt Macpe[EESon.
^'c«£ — Glentruim House, Kingussie, co. Inverness.


Macpheeson, Elizabeth, of Wyrley Grove, co.
Stafford, b. 22 Nov. 1852; *. 1867; m. 15 Oct.
1885, L. A. Macpherson, Esq., son of James Mac-
pherson, of Nuid, CO. Inverness, and has issue,

I. Lachlan Fowke, 6. 25 Jan. 1889.
n. Donald George, b. 20 Oct. 1892.

I. Elizabeth Anne, 6. 19 Feb. 1887.

II. Jessie Mary, 6. 20 July, 1890.

III. Dorothy Mona, b. 11 July, 1891.

Xiineagre. — The manor of Little Wyrley, with a consider-
able estate in land and coalmines therein, has been held by
this family many years, passing through five generations to
the present possessor. The Husseys became Lords of Little
Wyrley by marriage of Joseph Hcssey, of London, with Sybil,
heiress of Walter Fowke, of Brewood.

Sybil Fowke, dau. and co-heir of Walter Fowke, Esq.
(whose father, Roger Fowke, Esq. of Brewood, the representa-
tive of an old Staffordshire family, bought Little Wyrley of
John Leveson), m. Joseph Hcssey, citizen of St. Bride's
London, son of Joseph Hussey, of Southampton, and a descen-
dant probably of the Hosseys of Wilts and Dorset, and was
mother of

Fowke Hdssey, of Little Wyrley, 1714, to. Elizabeth, dau.
of William Jcsson, Gent, of Lichfield, and sister of William
Jesson, Barristcr-at-Law. Of this marriage, the 4th son,

Richard Hussey, of Wolverhampton, 6. 1722 ; to. Anne
Beckett, and by her (who d. 17 July, 1789), left at his decease,
23 Oct. 1774, a son,

Phineas Hussey, Esq. of Wyrley Grove, who inherited
Little Wyrley by will of his uncle, Phineas iHussey. He in.
1st Mary Fowler, by whom he had no issue ; and 2ndly, 24
.Sept. 1814, Sophia, eldest dau. of George Ray, Esq., by Jane
his wife, by whom (who d. Dec. I860) he left at his decease,
29 Jan. 1833, with a dau. (Fanny Sophia, who to. 24 June, 1843,
Edward Kelaart, Esq., M.D., of Ceylon Army Medical Staff,
and d. 1847), a son,

Phineas Fowke Hussey, Esq. of Wyrley Grove, b. 14 Jan.
1822; .7i. 15 Oct. 1850, Elizabeth Clementina, 2nd dau. of
Archibald Nisbet Carmichael, Esq. of Edinburgh, and by her
(who d. 16 Jan. 1851) left issue,

Mary, b. 14 Sep. 1851 ; d. 29 Jan. 1854.
Elizabeth, norf of Wyrley Grove.

Mr. Hassey d. 30 Oct. 1867.

Seal — Wyrley Grove, Walsall, co. Stafford.


(-See MuEE of Ferceton.) ^


M'Veagh, Geoege Joseph Beooke, Esq. of
Drewstown, co. Meath, J.P., High Sheriff 1891, b.
8 Jan. 1866 ; m. 24 Oct. 1889, Grace Alice Maude,
dau. of Lieut.-Gen. Charles Annesley Benson, of
Ormonde House, Zion Hill, Bath, and has issue,

Ferdinand Annesley, 6. 19 Sept. 1890.
Marjorie Grace, 6. 20 Jan. 1892.

Lineage. —Ferdinand McVeagh, a Physician of some •\ii
eminence, m. Letitia Richardson, of BallycIerD,co. Monaghan,
had several children, of whom,

Hugh, settled in Scotland, and established a linen manufac-
tory at Huntley. He m. Margaret, dau. of Henry Lumsden,
Esq. of Cushnie, by Catherine Gordon his wife, and had
two sons, who d. s. p., and three daus., Catherine, m.
Harry Lumsden, Esq. of Belhelvie, co. Aberdeen ; Letitia,
m. Thomas Gordon, Esq. ; and Blargaret, in. Lewis Farqu-
harson Innes, Esq. of Bollogie, CO. Aberdeen.
Simon, of whom presently.
Edith, TO. John Clements, of Tyrone.
The younger son,

Simon McVeagh, Esq., m. Alice, dau. of Joseph Wilson,
Esq., and had issue, i. Richardson, d. in Bengal ; ii. Joseph,
of whom presently; i. Alice, m. Thomas Anderson, Esq.;
II. Elizabeth, to. Ezekiel Daws Wilson, Esq., M.P. ; in. Jana 1
Maria, m. Thomas Shaw, Esq. The 2nd son,

Joseph M'Veagh, Esq. of Drewstown, Major in the Army,

TO. 13 March, 1787, Margery, dau. of Alexander Wynch;

Governor of Madras, and by her (who d. April, 1794) he had


Joseph, who d. young. 'O

Ferdinand, of Drewstown.

Henry Chapman, b. 1793; m. 1812, Mary, dan. of John

Uniacke, Esq., and had a dau. F'rances, m. 1st, Feb. 1837,

Lieut.-Col. John Henry Sladc, of the 1st Dragoon Guards,





eldest son of Gen. Sir John Slade, 1st Bart, of Maunsel
House, Somersef, and 2mlly, J84S, Vice-Admiral James
Ayliner Paynter, R.N., who d. 17 Dec. 1876.
Mora Alicia, m. James Henry Deacon, Esq. of London, and
d. 1825, having had issue.

Mr. M'Veagh d. Aug. 1794. His 2nd son,

Ferdinand Meath M'Veagh, Esq. of Drewstown, High
Sheriff 1817, an OfBcer in the Inniskilling Dragoons, 6. Dec.
1789; m. 12 June, 1S12, Charlotte, dau. of Henry Brooke, Esq.
of Brooke Lodge, co. Kildare, eldest son of Henry Brooke, Esq.
of Kathcoffy, co. Kildare, and by her (who d. 14 July, 1883)
had issue,

Febdinand, of Drewstown.

Flora Harriet, m. 1835, the Rev. Francis Ralph Sadleir, D.D.,
son of Rev. Franc Sadleir, D.D., Provost of Trin, Coll.
Dublin, and had issue.

Mr. M'Veagh d. 18 March, 1866, and was s. by his son, Fee-
DiNAND M'Veagh, Esq. of Drewstown, High Sheriff 1875, B.A.
Trin. Coll. Dubhn, h. 13 June, 1813 ; m. 11 May, 1847, Maria,
dau. of Thomas Rotheram, Esq. of Triermore, co. Meath,
and d. 8 Dec. 1888, having by her (who d. 17 Feb. 1S90, had
I. George Joseph Brooke, now of Drewstown.

I. Maude Mary, m. 25 June, 1885, Claude Plunket, youngest
son of Sir Josceline Cughill, Bart, of Glen Barrahane, co.

II. Emily Gertrude.

.4rm«— Erm., a lion passant guardant or, on a chief az. a
crescent between two roses or. Ci-at — An arm embowed in
armour, in the hand a spear, all ppr. J/o((o— Per ardua.

S,Mt — Drewstown, near Athboy, co. Meath. Hesidence —
Percy Lodge, KiUiney, co. DubUn.

Madden, John, Esq. of Hilton Park, co. Mon-
agl:an,and Mauor Waterhouse, co. Fermanagh, J.P.
for Monaghan, Fermanagh, Cavan , and Leitrim, D.L.
for Monaghan (High Sheriff 1863) and Fermanagh
(High Sheriff 1859), b. 26 Aug. 1836; m. 6 Oct.
1864, Lady Caroline Clements, sister of Robert, 4th
Earl of Leitrim, and has issue,

1. John Waterhouse, 6. 7 May, 1868 ; d. 14 April, 1869.

n. John Clements Waterhouse, B.A. Trinity Hall, Camb.,

Capt. 5th Batt. Royal Irish Fus., 6. 8 Feb. 1870.
ni. Gerald Hugh Charles, 6. 26 July, 1872.
I. Caroline Sydney Anne.

Xiineag'e.— The name Madden, or O'Madden, is among
those which claim descent from the Milesian colonizers of

Thomas Madden, Esq. of Bagotsrath, near Dublin, Comp-
troller to the Earl of Strafford, Lord-Lieut, of Ireland, was
eldest son of John Madden, Esq. of Bloxham Beaucharap, co.
Oxford, and brother of Robert Madden, of Donore, co. Dublin,
ancestor of the Maddens of Mcadesbrook, and, in the female
line, of Oliver Goldsmith, the poet. He m. Elizabeth, heiress
of William Pettiver, Gent, of Middleton Cheney, co. North-
ampton: he d. 30 Jan. 1640, leaving his eldest son,

John Madden, Esq. of Maddcnton, co. Kildare, and Enfield,
Middlesex, one of the Attorneys of His Majesty's Court of
Castle Chamber and General Solicitor for Parliamentary
Sequestrations from 1644 to 1649, m. 1035, Elizabeth, dau. and
co-heir of Charles Waterhouse, Esq. of Manor,
CO. Fermanagh, and by her (who d. Feb. 1071) had issue. Mr.
Madden d. 17 Aug. 1661, aged 63. His 2nd son,

John Madden, of Manor Waterhouse, co. Fermanagh, M.D.,
b. 1648 ; m. 1st, 1680, Mary, dau. of Samuel Molyneux, Esq. of
Castle Dillon, co. Armagh, and 2ndly, Frances, dau. of Nicholas
Bolton, Esq. of Brazeel, co. Dublin. He d. 1703, and was s.
by his son (by his first wife),

Samuel Molyneux Madden, D.D., of Jfanor Waterhouse,
Rector of Newtown Butler, co. Fermanagh, 6. 23 Dec. 1686,
one of the founders of the Dublin Society, and a great bene-
factor to his country, known inthefamily as Praiiium Madden.
"His was," says Dr. Johnson, "a name Ireland ought to
honour." Dr. Madden, who m. Jane Magill, of Kirkestown,
CO. Armagh, d. 31 Dec. 1795, having had issue. The 3rd son,

John Madden, Esq. of Maddenton, co. Monaghan, m. 1752,
Anne, dau. of Robert Cope, Esq., M.P. of Loughall, co. Ar-
magh, andd. 1791, having had (with four daus., Jane, to. —
Stewart, Esq. of BaiUiebro', co. Cavan ; Anne, m. Major John
Richardson, of Summer Hill ; Elizabeth, to. Savage Hall, Esq.
■ of Narrow Water; and Sarah, m. Robert Saunderson, Esq. of
I Drumkeen) a son,

Samuel Madden, Esq. of Maddenton, now Hilton, co.
Monaghan, Lieut.-Col. Monaghan Militia, 6. June, 175G ; m.
Katherine, dau. and heiress of Rev. Charles Dudley Ryder,
Provost of Tuam, and granddau. of John Ryder, Archbishop
of Tuam, and had issue,
John, his heir.

Charles Dudley (see Madden of Soslea Manor).
Catherine, vi. Richard Blackwood, Esq. of Cloncroy, co.

Anne, m. Eev. Gilbert King, Rector of Longfield, co. Cavan.
Charlotte, to. Robert Burrowes, Esq. of Gilltown, co. Kildare,
and d. 17 Feb. 1857.

Maria Alicia, m. Rev. Silver Oliver, Rector of Loughgall, co.

Lieut.-Col. Madden d. 11 June, 1814, and was «. by his eldest

John Madden, Esq. of Hilton Park, and of Manor Water-
house, J.P. and D.L., High Sheriff for Monaghan and Fer-
managh, Col. Monaghan Militia, 6. U Dec. 1782; m. 8 Oct.
1835, Sydney Anne, dau. of Admiral William Wolseley, of Ros-
trevor, and by her (who d. 24 Sept. 1870) had issue,

John; now of Hilton Park.

Charies Dudley Ryder, Capt. 8th (King's) Rcgt., 6. 3 May
1839; d. 7 Nov. 1874.

William Wolseley, Capt. Monaghan Regt., 6. 20 July, 1840 ;
d. 15 Dec. 1874.

Sydney Jane, 6. 30 Aug. 1843 ; d. 17 Jan. 1849.
Mr. Madden d. 8 July, 1844.

Ai~ms — Sa., a falcon seizing a mallard arg., on a chief or, a
cross houttonnee gu. Cre.U— Out of a ducal coronet gu. a falcon
rising or, holding in his beak a cross-crosslet fitchee, also gu.
Motto — Fortior qui se vincit.

Stat — Hilton Park, Clones, co. Monaghan.

C(i(6s— Junior Carlton ; Sackville St., and Kildare St. (loth
in Dublin),

Madden, John, Esq. of Eoslea Manor, co. Fer-
managli, J.P. and D.L. for that county, and J.P. for
Monaghan, High Sheriff co. Fermanagh 1848, and
for Monaghan 1875, late Lieut. 41st Regt., 6. 30
Nov. 181U ; m. 1st, 5 Jan. 1847, Clara Elizabeth,
2nd dau. of the Rev. James Spencer Knox, D.D.,
eldest son of the Hon, and Rev. AVilliam Knox,
D.D., Bishop of Derry, and by her (who d. 1 April,
I860) has had issue,

I. Charles Dudley, b. 20 March, 1851.

II. Walter Wilmot, b. 14 Oct. 1853: m. 18SC, Eleanor, dau.
of B. Bischoff, Esq.

III. John Beresford, b. 16 Aug. 1655.

I. Clara Kathleen. ii. Isabel Christina.

III. Alice Wilmot, to. 1885, Butler Givcen, Esq.

He m. 2ndly, July, 1870, Isabella Louisa Georgiana,
daii. of Rev, J. Spencer Knox, and has issue,

IV. Violet Frances Joanne, d. 1886.

Xiineag'e. — Charles Dudley Madden, Esq., Lieut. 4th
Dragoons, 6. 10 Jan. 17S4, 2nd son of Lieut.-Col. Madden, of
Maddenton, co. Fermanagh, by Katherine his wife, dau. of
Rev. Charles Dudley Ryder ; m. Harriet, dau. of Rev. Michael
Baxter, and d. 1 Dec. 1827, leaving issue,

Edward, Lieut. 1st Dragoons, d. at Berne, 1842.

John, now of Roslea Manor.

Harriet, to. Rev. Joseph Gabbett, and d. 1877.

Catherine, m. Charles Ensor, Esq.

Arms, dc. — See Madden of Hilton,

Seat — Roslea Manor, Clones.


Maddison, Uenet, of Partney Hall, co. Lincoln,
b. 29 April, 1829 ; m. at Christ Church, Xew
Zealand, 20 Nov. 1867, Clara, 3rd dau. of Francis
Slater, Esq. of Christ Church, New Zealand, and
has issue,

I. Henry George, 6. 23 Aug. 1868.

II. Christopher Ralph, b. 10 Sept. 1872.

III. Lionel, 6. 21 Oct. 1873.

IV. Humphrey, b. 23 Sept. 1876.

I. Frances Emily Theodosia.

II. Katharine Dorothy.

III. Clara Cornelia.





Lineagre. — The following narrative is drawn from the
f.iniilv pedigree : — Thomas Madtsonne, living temp. Edward
1., f)tU in descent from Kobert Madysonnc, of Aller-Gill, in Dur-
ham, VI. Elizabeth, dau. of Sir Roger Belasyse, of Belasyse
and Bewlev, in Durham, and had issue,

Robert Madtsonke, who, by his wife, Anne, dau. of Robert
Delahayc, had a son,

John Madtsonne, ?)!. Eleanor, dau. of Bryan CUauncey, and
had issue. The eldest son,

WiLHA>r, of Allcr-Gill, m. Jane, nioce and
co-heir, through her mother, Agnes Merlcy, of John Merley,
son of William Merley, of Unthank Hail, in Weardale, Dur-
ham. By the heir of Unthank, who lived temp. Edward III.,
lie had, with other issue, a son and heir,

Richard Madtsonne, or JIadtson, mentioned in Bishop
Hatfield's SuTi-iy of t!ie Blikopric of Durham, 1380, among
the " Terrae scaccarii liberi tenentes ; ' he is described as
holding lands in South Bcdburn. He m. Jane, dau. of Robert
Hagthorpe, of the Kettlesworth family, by whom he had issue.
The eldest son,

Wn,LiA5i Madtsonne, was of Unthank H.all, 1417, in right of
his grandmother. He m. Margaret, dau. of John Wycliffe, of
Wycliffe, by whom he had issue,

Alesander, his heir, ancestor of the Kaddisons of Unthank
and NevJca.^tlc, whose descendant was Sir Lionel Maddison,
Sheriff 1621, and Mayor 1632, in which latter year he enter-
tained and was knighted by King Charles I.; in. Anne,
dau. of William Hall, sister and co-heir of Sir Alexander
ilall, of Elemore, co. Durliam. By her he had issue, an
only child and heir, Elizabeth, who m. Sir George A^ane,
of Long Newton, Durham, .and thus carried with her the
extensive estates of Sir Lionel Maddison in Weardale,
inclndmg liis seat at Rogerley Hall. From Sir George Yane
and Elizabeth Maddison lineally descended ihe late Frances
Anne, Marcliioness of Londonderry, dau. and heir of Sir
Henry Vane Tempest, Bart.
Thsmas, to. Eleanor Kesfield. Robert.

John, m. the dau. of Anthony Mills, of Northumberland.
Christopeibb, of whom in the sequel.
Jenkin. Henry.

The 5th son,

Cheistopher Madtson, 5)1. 1452, Avisa or Alicia, co-heir of
Richard Ange vine, of Saltfleetby, co. Lincoln, in right of whom
he acquired a large property. He had issue, two sons, 1 Ed-
ward, his heir ; 2 John, sometime Gentleman Usher of
Katharine of Arragon. The elder son.

Sib Edward Madyson, of Fonaby. co. Lincoln, is named
among a number of knights and esquires appointed, 1536, to
rate the manors and lands for the tenths (Kator Ecclesiasticus,
vol. iv.). By a fine upon the entail, levied 1540, his estates
appear to have extended over nineteen manors. He d. in the
lOOth year of his age, 1553, and was buried in Caistor Church,
CO. Lincoln, where there is a kneeling figure of him, with an
inscription, setting forth that he was son of Christopher and
grandson of William Maddison, of Unthank, in Durham. He
i)(. twice. By his 1st wife, a Portuguese lady, he had issue,
Sib WiLLtAM Madtson, knighted at the taking of Terouenne

and Tournay, 1513; d. s. p.
John Madyson, Capt., d. at Calais s. p.
By his 2nd wife, Anne, dau. of John Roper, of Eltham, Kent,
Sir Edward Madyson had issue,
Edward, his heir.

Christopher, m. Margaret, dau. of Humphrey Mussenden.
Alice, wife of Edward Mussenden, son and heir of Humphrey.
The eldest surviving son of Sir Edward,

Edward Madyson, or Maddison, of Fonaby, to. about 1550,
I'aith, dau. of Sir Francis Ayscough, of South Kelsey, by whom
lie had issue,

Edward, his heir.

Franci:., a Capt. in the Army, killed at the siege of Ostend,
1603, without issue.

The elder SOD,

Edward Maddison, of Fonaby, m. about 1570, Catherine,
I'au. of Ralph Bosville, Esq. of Bradboume, Kent, and d. 1C19,
leaving issue, i. Ralph, his heir; ii. Clement, who d. in
London about 1624 ; in. Thomas, killed at Ostend, s. p. :
IV. Edward, a monk in Spain, of the Order of St. Benedict,
/). 1591; I. Anne, wife of Humplirey Littlebury : ii. Jane, b.
1583; III. Faith, 6. 1.585. The eldest son.

Sir Ralph Maddison, of Fonaby, m. about 1594, Mary, dau.
of Robert Williamson, of Walkeringham, co. Notts. He was
knighted at Whitehall, 1603. In 1650, he published a work,
entitled Great Britain's Reniembrancer, which 23 preserved
among rare boolis in the Bodleian Library, Oxford. He d. soon
.liter 16.50, learing issue,

Edward. h!i heir, h. 1594, High Sheriff of co. Lincoln 1648.

He d. 1672, leaving issue by his 1st wife, Ann, dau. of
Richard Sedley, of Digswell, a son, Anthony Mad'lison, of
the Middle Temple, d. s. p. Edward Maddison, m. 2ndly,
Elizabeth, dau. of Sir John Rea, of London, who survived
him, and d. childless 1697.

Francis, 7?!., and had a son, Ralph.

Homphret, of whom presently.

Thomas, h. 1604. Tlicodore, 6. 1605.

Bridget, 1695. Hester, &. 1601. Faith, 6. 1608.

The 3rd son of Si

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