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the prototype of " Sir Roger de Coverley."
He married, in 1721, Elizabeth, daughter
of John Conyers, Esq., of Walthamstow,



and was father of Sir Herbert Perrott Pa-
kington, Bart., whose only son, Sir John
Pakington, the last Baronet, died s.^j. in
1830, leaving his nephew, John Somerset
Russell (the son of his eldest sister), his
heir and representative. That gentleman, who
has been created a Baronet, and now holds
the seals of office as one of H.M. Principal
Secretaries of State, resides at the old
Mansion House of Westwood, and is the
present Right Honourable Sir John Somer-
set Pakington, Bart., M.P.

Westwood House consists of a square
building, from each corner of which projects
a wing, in the form of a parallelogram,
tnrretted after the fashion of the Chateau
de Madrid, near Paris. It is situated on a
rising ground, embosomed in plantations of
oak timber, and presents an aspect of great
magnificence. This ancient seat has at
various times afforded an asylum to learn-
ing ; Dr. Hammond, Bishops JMorley, Fell,
Gunning, and others, always met here with
hospitable entertainment, and in concert with
some of these, the good Lady Pakington
(Dorothy, wife of Sir John Pakington, the
second baronet) is supposed to have written
the valuable book, entitled "The whole
Duty of Man," which has been translated
into Latin, ^French, and jWelch. At the
Revolution, several learned men, who
scrupled to take tlie oaths to King William,
found an hospitable reception at Westwood.
Dean Hickes, who •sn'ote there the greater
part of his "Linguarum Septentrionalium
Thesaurus," gives, in the preface to his
Grammatica Anglo-Saxonica, this eulogistic
description of the beautiful residence of the
Pakingtons : — Ibi porticus, atria, propyloea,
horti, ambulacra clausa ct Subdialia, recta
et suauosa, omnia, Studiis commoda : ibi
luci, silvas, nemora, prata, saltus, planities,
pascua, et nihil non, quod animum pene a
Uteris abhorrentem ad legendum audien-
dumque, et quovis modo discendum, com-
ponere et concUiare potest.

DONINGTON HALL, co. Leicester, the seat
of the Marquis of Hastings. This magniiicent
seat, in Leicestershire, second only to Belvoir
Castle, is situated at the north-western extre-
mity of the county. It was erected in 1795 by
the first Marquis of Hastings, from the designs
of Sir Jeflrey W)'attville, and is certainly
one of the happiest of his productions. Tlio

noble park which surrounds the house offered
many finer situations for a mansion than the
one selected, which is very nearly that of the
three previous Halls ; but shelter and re-
tirement were preferred to a commanding
position, and hence it was that a point in
whicli three valleys meet Avas fixed upon,
rather than one of the many eminences with
which the park abounds. It is such a site
in fact as would have been chosen for a
monastic house. A feudal castle (whence
the name of tlie tower) had once stood near,
and it was at first purposed to erect a castel-
lated edifice, but the good taste of the ]\Iar-
quis of Hastings saw the absurdity of build-
ing a fortress in times when fortresses were
not needed, and this magnificent, and yet truly
comfortable mansion was happily adopted.
As a work of great architectural beauty,
Donington Hall has a claim to the highest
commendation. The south front of the
house, built of white freestone, found on the
spot, is exceedingly graceful. The centre
has a chaste portico, surmounted by a lan-
tern tower, and the whole pagocle has an
effect strikingly beautiful.

The Gothic entrance hall is 24 feet square,
the dining-room 48 feet by 24, and the draw-
ing-room 40 by 24. The private chapel, which
forms the eastern wing, is 58 feet by 20.
The library is 72 feet by 26, and contains
upwards of 13,000 volumes, besides many
rare manuscripts. Pamtings by the old
masters adorn every room, and the series of
portraits of the Plautagenet kings, from
whom the Marquis descends, is very A'a-
luable. The strong likeness whicli the
late lamented Peer bore to some of these
could scarcely fail to strike any observer.
A park of 300 acres surrounds this noble
seat, and the noble oaks with which it is
studded have been the objects of planter's
admiration and poet's song. The cliff, whicli
forms the northern point of tlie park, and
overhangs tlie Trent, is a scene of pictu-
resque loveliness, and the views from
this spot, commanding glimpses of the
Peak of Derbyshire, and nearly the whole
of Nottinghamshire, can hardly be sur-

In Donington Hall library the poet
]\Ioore wrote many of his " Irish INIelodies,"
and it was here that the first j\[arquis so
long and so hospitably entertained numbers
of French prisoners and refugees.




Wilts, derived from Walter Nisbet, a
younger son of Archibald Nisbet, of Car-
iine, co. Lanark, by Emelia, his Avife, dau.
of Archibald, son of the Earl of Moray.
This Walter Nisbet married Miss May-
nard, of Nevis, and had three sons, Walter,
Josiah, and James. The second son, Josiah
Nisbet, M.D., married Frances, dau. of
William Herbert, Esq., which lady mar-
ried, secondly, the great Lord Nelson.
The elder son, Walter Nisbet, Esq., married
Anne, daughter of Robert Parry, Esq., of
Plasnewdd and Llew^niou, co. Denbigh, &c.,
Higli Sheriff of Merioneth in 174G, of Car-
narvonshire in 1749, and of Flintshire in 1750,
and by her was father of the present Robert
Parry Nisbet, Esq., of Southbroome
House, CO. Wilts, a ]\Iagistrate for that
county, and its High Sheriff in 1849, who
married, first, in 1817, Clara Amelia, only
daughter of Major Thomas Harriott, of
West Hall, co. Surrey, and, secondly, in
December, 184G, Elizabeth, only daughter
of E. Greene, Esq., of llinxton Hall, co. Cam-
bridge, and relict of H. Curtis Smith, son of
Sir John Smith, Bart., of the Down House,
and Sydling, co. Dorset : by the former he
has five daughters : Clara married to Tho-
mas Powney Marten, Esq., late of the Bengal
Civil Service, now of Marshalls Wick, Herts ;
Emma married to P. Douglas Hadow, Esq.,
Barrister at Law; Caroline, Annii, and Jane

JNIr. Nisbet had three brothers and two
sisters, viz., Walter, who d. unm. ; Josiah
(deceased), married Rachel, eldest daughter
of Sir John ]Marjoril3auks, Bart. ; Henry,
married Anne, daughter of the Rev. H. Curtis
Hayward, of Quedgeley House, co. Glou-
cester ; Caroline, unm. ; Enulia, married to
the Rev. C. RI. Mount, Prebendary, of Wells.

Arms. Arg, thi'ee boavs' heads erased sa., within a
boi'dure inyectcd gu.
Crest. A boar's head, as ill the arms.
Motto. Vis fortibus arina.

Royal Licence, permitting liim to accept
the cross of the Imperial Russian Order of
St. Anne, of the second class, conferred for
services rendered to tlie Russian Army
during the occupation of France. He and
his youngest brother, Lieut. -General Sir
Lewis Grant, K.C.H., are the only surviv-
ing sons by Jean, his wife, daughter of Ro-
bert Grant, Esq., of Kylemore, co. Banff', of
Duncan Grant, Esq., of Mulochaird, in
Strathspey, who was son and heir of Alex-
ander Grant, Esq., of Mullochaird, and
grandson of James Grant, Esq., M.D., of
jMullocliaird, a graduate of LTtrecht Uni-
versity, and his wife, a daughter of Grant of
jMukerach Castle, in Strathspey.

Sir James Grant, who is representative of
the Grants of Mulochaird, married, in March,
1795, Frances, daughter of Henry Birkett,
Esq., ofEtterby Lodge, Cumberland, and has
surviving issue.

James Robert, Avho succeeded to Etterby
Lodge. He was Lieutenant in the First
West Lidia Regiment, A.D.C., and Private
Secretary to his uncle, Sir Lewis Grant,
K.C.B., Governor of Trinidad. He married
Jean, daughter of John Dixon, Esq., of Knells,
Cumberland, and has issue two daughters

1. Mary, married to Joseph Thomlinson,
Esq., of Cardew, Cumberland.

2. Edward Birkett, late Captain in the
King's Dragoon Guards, and 4th Dragoons.

of Sir James Grant's brothers, one was
Colonel Colquhoun Grant, C.B , who married
Margaret, daughter of Bvodie of Brodie, and
left one son, Walter Colquhoun Grant, late
Captain 2nd Dragoons, who is the first
British settler in Vancouvre's Island. Of Sir
James's sisters, the eldest, Elizabeth Anne,
married Colonel Lewis Grant, and i\Iary
married to Sir James McGrigor, Bart., K.C.B.

Arms. Gu. three ancient royal crowns, or.
Crest. A mountain t\ ith fires kindled on it.
Motto. " Stand siu-e." The war cry of the Clan
Craig Elachie.

Grant. — Sir James Robert Grant,
M.D., C.B., K.H., K. St. A., of the Hill, co.
Cumberland, Inspector-Grcneral of Army
Hospitals, and a Magistrate for Co. Cumber-
land, received the honour of knightliood
18th March, 1819, and obtained in 1839 a

Maxwell Graham, of Williamwood and
Marksworth. — James Maxwell Graham
Esq., of Glasgow, a Commissioner of Supply
for the county of Renfrew, as Superior of
the lands of AYilliarawood and Bogton, is
eldest son of the late James Graham, Esq.,
Merchant in Glasgow [who was second son


of James Graham, Esq., of Tamrawer, in
Stirlingshire — see Supplement to Landed
Gentry, p. 141], and Janet IMaxwell, of Wil-
liamwood, his Avife. The Maxwells, of Wil-
liamwood, of whom this lady was the heiress,
descended from tlie JMaxwells, of Aldhouse,
who were sprang from a scion of the ancient
family of PoUoc. Through one of their in-
termarriages, their representative, tlie pre-
sent James Maxwell Graham, Esq., derives
from the Royal house of Plantagenet.

Arms. Quarterly : 1st and 4tb, or. on a chief erm.
three escallops of the first for Graham : 2nd, arg. on a
salth-e sa . an annulet or. stoned az. -within a bordure of
the second, for Maxwell, of AVilliamwood : 3rd, arg. on
a saltire, sa. a martlet or. -nithin a bordure mvected gu.
for Max^vell, of Marksworth.

Crests. 1st, An eagle reguardant, rising from a rock,
all ppr., -n'ith the Motto, Souvenez : 2nd, A stag's head
cabossed, ynX\x the Motto, Propero sed ciu'o.

Maxwell-Graham. — Charles Max-
AA^ELL Graham, Esq., second surviving son
of the late James Graham, Esq., Mer-
chant in Glasgow, by Janet Maxwell, of
Williamwood, his wife, bears

Same arms and quarterings as the preceding, \rithin a
"border ermine," for difference, as registered in the
Lyon Office, by patent, dated 9th Sept., 18'12.

Crests and Mottoes, same as the preceding.

Barlow. — John Barlow, Esq., of Upton
House, near Slanchester, co. Lancaster,
second and eldest surviving son of the late
John Barlow, Esq., of Ardwick Green, near
Manchester, bears for

Arms. Bendy of eight argent, and vert, an eagle dis-
played Tvith two heads, sable, the claws resting upon a
mill rind in base, fesscwise, or. in each beak an ear of
barley, slipped, proper.

Crest. A guautleted hand bendwise, proper, grasping
t-wo eagles' heads, conjoined and erased at the neck, sa-

Motto. En foi prest.

Campbell, of Stracathro, co. Forfar ;
Sir James Campbell, Knt., of Stracathro,
son of James Campbell, Esq., by Helen, his
wife, daughter of John Forrester of Ashen-
tree, CO. Perth, and grandson by Mary Mac-
kerecher liis wife, of James Campbell, Esq.,
of Inchnoch, co. Perth, who was son of
James Campbell, Esq., of the family of
Campbell of Melford, co. Argyll, a scion of the
Argyll Campbells, was serving as I^ord Pro-
vost of Glasgow, at the birth of the Prince
of Wales in 1842, and received then tlie
honour of Knighthood. Sir .Tames was born
in 1700, and married 17th Jan. 1822, Janet
daughter of Henry Bannerman, Esq., of Man-
chester, by whom he has issue two sons and
a daughter surviving, viz., James Alexandei,
born in 1825, Henry, born in 18.36 and Louisa.

Arms. Quarterly 1st and 4th, Gyronny of eight or. and
sa. 2nd and 3rd arg. a lyniphad, sails furled and oars in
action, all sa. flag and pendant flying gu. impaling forBan-
nerman, gu., a banner displayed arg., tlicreon a canton
az. charged with St. Aucb'cw's cross of the second.

Crest. A boar's head erased.

Motto. Ne obU\iscaris.

Hawker, Longparish House, Hants. —
The representatives of this family have,
without the omission of a single generation,
served as officers in the army since the
reign of Queen Elizabeth. The present
head of the house, Lieut. -Col. Peter Haw-
ker, of Longparish House, whose celebrated
work on Sporting has become one of the
standard publications of England, retired
from the 14th Light Di'agoons, when senior
captain, in consequence of a severe wound
received in the Peninsula, and is noAV Lieut. -
Col. of the Nortli Hampshire Militia. His
father, the late Peter Ryvcs Hawker, Esq.,
Longparish, commanded, as Lieut. -Col., the
1st Regiment of Horse Guards; his grand-
father, Peter Hawker, Esq., also of Long-
parish, was captain in the Horse Guards, in
1740 ; his greatgrandfather, Peter HaAvlcer,
Esq., afterwards Governor of Portsmouth,
obtained his commission as Lieut. -Col. of
Dragoons in 1715; and hi.s great-great-
grandfather, Peter Hawkfr, Esq", Avas ap-
pointed General by Brevet in 1712.

Peter Hawker, Esq , Cap-
tain in Queen Mary's Dra-
goons in 1694.

Peter Hawker, Esq , Major
in Queen Anne's Dragoons
in 1703, Lieut.-C'ol in 1707,
and General by Brevet, in
1712. T

Peter Hawker, Esq , of Long-
parish, CO. Hants, Lieut. -
Colonel of Dragoons in 1715,
and Governor of Portsmouth
in 1717, married Elizabeth
Hvde. T

Peter Hawker, Esq of Long-
parish, Captain of Horse
Guards in 1 740,OT..'Vrcthusa,
only daughter and heir of
George Rjwes, Esq., of
Kanston, Doiset.

I'eter Rp es Hawker, Esq.,
of Longparish, eldest son,
Lieut -Colonel of the first
Regiment of Horse Guards,
1777, 7)1. Mary AVilson
Yonge. -f

1st Wife.

Julia, only

child of



Esq., 7)1.

19th March,

1811. She

d. in 1842.

Peter Hawker, Esq., of.
Longparish, late Captain
of 14th Light Dragoons,
and now Lieut. -Colonel of
N. Hants Militia.

2nd Wife.
= Helen Su-
san, widow
of Captain
John Sy-
nionds,R N.,
and dan. of
the late Ma-
jor Chatter-
ton, 7/7. 29th

Peter AVileiaji Lakoe Two
Hawker, late Senior daus.
Captain of 74th High-
landers. Now on half-

Arms. Sa. a hawk arg. beaked and mcmbcred or.


quartering Uyves (the present Lieut. -Colonel Hawker's
grandmother, Arethusa, wife of Captain Peter Hawker, of
Loiigparish, having been only daughter and heiress of
George IlJ'^'es, Esq., of Kanston, co. Dorset), viz, arg.
three mascles in bend between two cotisses sa. In right
of his wife, Helen Susan, widow of Captain John Sy-
monds, R.N., davighter of the late Major Chatterton,
younger brother of the late Sir \\'illiam Chatterton, and
grand-daughter of Gen. Sir 'Williani Green, Bart., Col.
llawker impales the arms of Chatterton, viz., or. a
lion's head erased az , between three mullets gu.

Crest. A hawk's head, erased or.

MoUo. Accipiter praedam, nos gloriam.

Stephens, Ciycliell, co. Radnor. — This
old family lias been in possession of the
Crycliell estate for very many generations.
The present representative, Edwakd Mor-
gan Stephens, of Crychell, l^adnorshire,
and the Banli, Newtown, Montgomeryshire,
Esq., is a Magistrate of the counties of
Montgomery and Radnor, and served as
High Sheriff of the latter in 1850.

Arms. Quarterly, 1st and 4th, argent, three boars'
heads couped sable : 2nd and 3rd, a lion rampant re-
guardant or.

Crest. A naked arm holding a sword proper, impaling
a griffin's head sable.

Mutlo. Semper Libev.

]\IuET!AY OF PiiiLiPiiAUGH, CO. Selkirk.
John Nesbitt Murray, Esq., of Pliilip-
haugh, bears for

Arms. Argent, a hunting-horn, .sable, stringed and
garnished gules ; on a cliief azure, three stars of the first.

Crest. A demi-man, naked, with a wreath round his
loins, winding a hunting-horn, proper.

Supporters. Two naked foresters, with clubs in one
band, and holding a shield with the .Vnus in the other.

Motto. Hinc usque superna venabor.

Nicole. — Donald Nicole, Esq., of Old-
fiekls, Acton, Middlesex, Ex-Sheriff of the
City of London, a jMagistrate for JNliddlesex,
and also for Westminster, and one of her
Majesty's Connnissioners for tlie Lieu-
tenancy of London, lias gained his fortune
and honourable position by liis successful
exertions m the woollen trade, in which his
late father, a native of Aberdeen, and the
son of a substantial farmer in Scotland, Avas
also engaged. Mr. Nicoll's establishments
spread all over the United Khigdom and the
Colonies, and in London alone give daily era •
ployment to more than a thousand workmen.
This fact was referred to by tlie Recorder, JNIr.
Law, when presenting J\Ir. NicoU at the Court
of Exchequer, on liis election as Sheriff of
London and Middlesex.

.irms. Az. a fesse between, in chief three mascles, or.,
and in base a sword erect, ppr., within an oak -m-eath,

Crest. A greyhound's head erased, sa., charged with
a mascle, or., and in the moutli a tliistle, slipped, ppr.

Motto. Deo duce comite industria.

Ellis, Sir Henry, Knt. Principal Librarian
of the British Museum, K.H., B.C.L., and one
of the Secretaries of the Society of Anti-
quaries &c., made a Knight 22nd Feb.
1833, is son of John Ellis, Esq., and Sarah
Belknap, his Avife. He married in 1805,

Frances Jane, tliird daughter of Jolm Frost,
Esq., of Asliurst Wood, Sussex, and lias
two sons and a daughter, viz., Edward, and
Frederic Charles wiio m. in 1850, Lucy
daughter of John Bidwell, Esq., of the
Foreign Oilice, and Jane Saiah.

Arms. Or. on a cross per pale sable and gu., five cre-
scents arg. each charged with an ermijie spot ; a canton, az.
thereon a staff m bend, gold, tipped of the second being
intended to represent the Earl Marshal's staff, borne by
Sir Henry Ellis at the Coronation of George IV.

Crest. A mount vert, thereon, in front of a beacon sa.,
fired ppr. a griffin eouchant, wings elevated ermine,
beaked and membcred or.

Motto. Esperance.

De la Beche ; Sir Henry Thomas de
la Beche, Knt., C.B., F.R.S., &c.. Director
General of the Geological Survey of the
United Kingdom was made a Knight Bache •
lor in ] 842, and created a Companion (Civil)
of the Bath in 1848. He is son of the late
Thomas De la Beche, Esq., of Halse Hall,
Clarendon, Lsland of Jamaica, a Colonel in
tlie Army, liy Elizabeth, his wife, daughter
of J. Smyth, Esq., of Downham, and des-
cends from tlie family of the Barons De la
Beche, seated at Aldwortli, Berks, temp.
Edward II. Sir Llenry married in 1818,
Letitia, daughter of Charles White, Esq., of
Lough Bricklaud, co. Down, which lady died
in 1844.

Arms. \'aire arg. and gu. on a canton az. a mullet of
the first.

Crest. A demi-lion ramp. arg. ducally gorged holding in
his paws an escutcheon az. charged with a pile of the first.

Motto. Garde la foy.

Sloper, Devizes, co. Wilts, George
Elgar Sloper, Esq., of that place, son of
Robert Sloper, also of Devizes, by Sarah,
his wife, dau. and heir of Samuel Ridgway,
by Sarah, his wife, dau. and coheir of George
Elgar, of the county of Kent, bears for

Arms. Gu. a dove volant arg. holding in the beak an
olive branch, or. in base a rock ppr. Quartering, II.
Ridgway, arg. on a chev. engr gu. between three pea-
cocks' heads, erased az. ducally gorged or. as many
trefoils slipped of the last ; a canton sa. thereon two wings
conjomcdof the first; and HI. Elgar, gu. a Uourampt.
arg. between two mullets in chief and a cinquefoil
pierced, in base, or.

Ciest. A rock ppr. and volant above, a dove, arg gutte
de sang, holding in the beak an oUvc bi auch vert.

Molto. Pacis.

Harris: borne by PticHARD Harris, Esq.,
M.P., of Leicester and "Woburn Square,

Aims. Azure on a pile between two cuiquefoils, in base
argent a cinquefoil of the field.

Crest. A lerne brake proper therefrom rising a dove
leguardaut, azure, beaked, and menibercd gides, in the
beak a trefoil vert.

Motto, Virtute et opera.

Charlesworth : as borne by Joseph
Charlesworth, Esq., of Lofthouse House,
Rothwell, CO. York.

Anns. Erm. a chev. az. fretty or. between in chief two
eagles displayed sa. and in bas"e a mascle of the second.

Crest. A demi-eagle .sa. the wings elevated fretty or.
in the beak a mascle of the last.


Plowden, Lassam, Hants, descended from
Edmund Plowden, of Wanstead, in that
county, styled in his will, 29th July, 1655,
"Sir Edmund Plowden, Lord Earl Pala-
tine, Governor and Capt. -General of the
Province of New Albion, in America." He
was second son of Francis Plowden, Esq.,
of Plowden, co. Salop, by Mary, his wife,

daughter of Tiiomas Fermor, Esq., of So-
merton, co. Oxon. He married Mabel, daugh-
ter of Peter Mariner, and grandchild and
heir of John Chatterton, Esq., co. Lan-
caster, and was ancestor of the Plowdens
of Lassam, Hants, whose present male re-
presentative is James Chiciieley Plow-
den, Esq., Major in the Bengal Army.

Edmund Plowden, Esq., of Plowden, _ Katlierine, daughter of William

CO. Saloj), Serjeant-at-Law, the fa-
mous lawyer of the reigns of Edward
\l. and Elizabeth, lineal representa-
tive of the ancient family of Plowden.

Sheldon, Esq , of Beoley.

Fiancis Plowden, Esq., of Plo-nden ; = Mary, daughter of Thomas Fermor,
d. 11th December, 1652. | Esq., of Somerton.

Francis Plowden, Esq., of = Elizabeth, dan. and heir of
Plowden, d. IGGl. I Alban Butler, Esq.

a q\iii)us Plowden of Plowden.

Edmund, Lord Earl Palatine .
Governor and Capt -General
of the Province of New Al-
bion, in America.

Mabel, dau. of Peter

Mariner, of Wanstead,


Francis, disinherited, Thomas Plowdeu=;Thomas m. dau. of J. Davics,
d. 167G : his issue be- of Lasham, Hants. of Southampton.

came extinct.


"W inifred. Ann=Sir Arthur Lake.

James Plowden, ^Dorothv, daii. and coheir Charles

Esq., d. Nov. 1701. of Johii Ayliife, Esq., of fct. 20,

Buried at Ewhurst. Ewhurst, Hants. IG86.


Fi'ancis assumed the title of Earl Palatine
of New Albion. Killed in a massacre by
the Indians before 1698.

James Plowden, Esq., of Ew-
hurst and Lasham, b. 17th Sep-
tember, 1682, d. 1730.

Sarah, daughter of Sir Jolm Chichcley, of AVimple, co Cambridge, lineally descen-
ded from the brother of Archbishop Chicheley, Founder of All Souls' College,

The Rev. James Plowden, of Ewhiu-st ; died 8th .\ugust, ^ Susannah, daughter of the Rev. Dr. Durnford, by Su-

17C1 ; Aged forty-six

sannah, his wife, 3rd child of Samuel Stillingflect, ne-
phew of the Bishop of Worcester.

James Chichcley Plowden, Esq.,
First Lieut. 11. N. Killed in action,
on board the Ccntain , 74, 29th
April, 1781. lie was grandnephew,
godson, and heir of Richard Chi-
cheley, Esq , Secretary to the Arch-
bishop of Canterbury.

Sarah Harris,


— Miss Prosser.


Five daughters ; one of

of Baughurst,



whom Harriet m. Edward




Wilder, who succeeded

Esq., Di-

Esq., of

AVarren Hastings, as



Governor-General of




d. 1830.

Hants. =

=Eugenia dau. of Major

James Chichcley Plowden, Esq., died in 18-18
aged 87.

Elizabeth Lee, dau. of
William Lee, Esq., of

1. Richard Chicheley, E.I C. Civil Ser^■iee.
Died at the Cape of Good Hope ; m.
Miss Fleming, and left issue.

2. Trevor JohnY'hicheley, E.I.C. Ci\il Ser-
vice. Died, leaving issue.

3 William Henry Chicheley, M.P., and
East India Director, m. 1st, Miss Har-
dinge, and 2ndly, Miss Campbell, niece
of Sir Robert Campbell, and has issue
by both.

4. Charles Hood Chicheley, Secretary to
the Board of Control, m.'and has issue.

1. Sophia.

2. Harriet.

3. Emma, in. to Colonel Wiite.

4. Julia, d. immarried.


Chicheley Plowden, Esq., Major = Mary Elizabeth Cadoux Hudson, daughter of James Hudson, Esq.,
E.I.C.S. Bengal Army. I of Caniberwell, and Cumberland.

Ernest Hunter Chicheley Plowden,
only surviving son, 6. 28 Aug., 1844.

Annette Amelia Chicheliana, only surviraig daughter,
b. Jan. 1839.


Sir Edmund Plowden, Knight, of Wan-
stead, county of Southampton, Lord, Earl
Palatine, Governor and Cnpt. -General of
the Province of New Albion, in North
America, was, on liis petition to his Ma-
jesty, Charles the First, in the year 1632,
by warrant bearing date, Oatlands, 24th
July, 1G32, appointed Governor of the said
Province, with such dignities, privileges,
and authorities as appertained to all other

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