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horse of Hanover between two eastern crowns or. in
allusion to the Guelphic Order, conferred on James
Burnes, K.H., F.R..S., by King WiUiam IV., and to the
distinguished services of him, and his brothers in India.

Crests. Oir the dexter side (one of augmentation in
allusion to the devotion to their country, shown by the
late Lieut. -Col. Sir Alexander Burnes, C.B., and lieut.
Charles Barnes) out of a mural crown per pale vert and
gules, the rim inscribed " Cabool " in letters argent, a
demi eagle displayed or. transfixed by a ja\'elin in bend
sinister proper. On the sinister side (that hitherto borne)
issuant from an eastern crown or. an oak tree shivered
renewing its foliage proper.

Motto. Ob. patriam. vrdnera. passi.*

The name of Burnes is of great antiquity.
Godric de Burnes appears in the Domesday
Book as the lord of ample domains in Kent,
temp. Edward the Confessor ; Raoul dc Burnes
made gifts to the Abbey of St. Achenil in
France in 1189; and Godeholt and Eustace
de Burnes and others of the same name are
mentioned in the registers of the curia regis
of Richard I. and .John, and in the rolls
of kniglit's fees of Henry III. and Edward
I. In 1290, John de Burnes miles was Ed-
ward's envoy to Rome, and in a charter of
Edward II., Willielmus de Burnes is in-
cluded amongst the benefactors to St. Tho-
mas's hospital at Canterbury. In the six-
teenth and seventeenth centuries the name is
again prominent in Staftbrdslnre, where Jolm
Burnes, of AldershaAV, Avas of high consider-
ation at Lichfield early in Elizabeth's reign,
and his grandson of tlie same name an active
parliament man and magistrate under Crom-
well. The name is supposed to have been
carried into Scotland by some of the followers
of Edgar Atheling in 106(3, but, with greater
probability, diu-ing the time of Edward I.
About 1500, the ancestors of Sir Alexander
Burn'es were settled as leaseholders of Bra-
linmuir, of Inclibreck, in Kincardineshire,
wdiere his great-grandfatlier's grandfatlier,
James Burnes, was born in 1656, as shown by
his tombstone and tluit of his wife, Margaret
Falconer, at (xlenberA-ie. Their son, Robert,
was one of fi\'e opulent brothers, and was in-
volved in ruin for the Stuarts with the Earl
Marischal in 1715. Ilehadtliree sons, James,
Robert, and William, the last of whom was the
father of Robert Burns, tlic poet. James be-
came Town Councillor of ]\Iontrose, and left
his wife, by JMargaret Grub, an only son and
daughter, the former of Avhom, James, left
issue by his wife, Anne Greig, aii only son
* Virgil, ^neid, VI., v. CGO.

James Burnes, Esq. J.P. for Forfarshire,
who married Elizabeth, daughter of Adain
Glegg, Esq., Provost of Montrose, and was
the father of Sir Alexander Burnes.

Williams, Sir John Hav, Bart., of
Bodelwyddan, near St. Asaph, co. Flint, a
descendant of Cadrod Hardd, LordofTal-y-
bolion in Anglesey, and more immediately
of Sir William Williams, Bart., Speaker of
the House of Commons, from wjiom also
derives the Wynnstay family, bears the an-
cient coat of arms of Cadrod, and impales
those of Amherst, in right of his wife Lady
Sarah Elizabeth Amherst, daughter of the
first Earl Amherst.

Arhis. Argt. two foxes countersaliant in saltirc gu. im-
paling gu , tlu-ee lances or. tilting spears eiect, in fcsse,
or. headed az. for Amhekst.

Ciesls. 1st out of ducal coronet, a demi-fox salient.
2nd a fo.^'s head erased gu

Mutlo. Cadaru ar cyfrwys.

RoTHERY : Charle.3 William Rothery,
Esq., of Littlethorpe, co. York, now resident
at Greta Hall, Westmoreland, bears for

Arms. Vev bend or. and gules, two bends indented

Ci ests. A tower argent charged witli two bendletg
indented and issuant from the battlements thereof a
demi-lion gules holding with its dexter i)aw three arrows,
one in pale and two in saltii'e ppr.

Molio. Festina leute.

Crossley: John Crossley, Esq., of
Halifax, bears for

Arms. Gu. a chev. indented cnn. between two cross
crosslets in chief, and a saltire in base or.

Cies's. A demi hind erased ppr. charged Avith two
bars, and holding between the feet a cross crosslet or.

Dawnay : Tlie Hon. Payan Davvnay, of

Beningbrough Hall, co. York, second son of
William Henry, sixth Viscoimt Downe and
Lydia his Avife, only daughter of John
Heathcote, Esq., of Connington Castle (see,
Burke's Peerage), boars for

Arms. Aigt. on a bend cottised sa., three anindets of
the field.

Crest. A demi saracen in armour, coupcd at the
thighs, and wreathed about the temples ppr., holding
in the dexter hand a ring gold, stoned azure, and in tlie
smister a lion's gamb erased or. armed gu : this cicst
was granted to an ancestor of the family, Sir AA'illiam
Da^niay, General in the Army of Richard I., at the Holy
Land, wliere having gallantly slain a Saracen Prince in
battle and afterwards while hunting, killed alien; he cut
off the paw, and presented it to Richard Ca'ur de Lion,
Avho immediately took off his ring and presented it to Sir
■\Villiam, and to perpetuate the event, ordered that lie
should bear the above crest. This ring as well as the
rich and cm-ious medal brought from Palestuie by another
ancestor, Sir Nicholas Dawnay, are still possessed by the

Mo'llo. Timet pudorcm.

Browne, of Bronwylfa, co. Flint : ]\Iajor-
General Sir Thomas PIenry Brov^^ne, Knt.,
K.C.II. of Bronwylfa, a Magistrate for the
counties of De\"on, Denbigh, and Flint, and
Deputy-lieutenant of the latter shire, for
which he served as High Sheriff in 1828,
received the honour of knighthood, 27th July,



182G, for liis mllitai'y services in the Penin-
sula. He married, iStb March, 1828, Eliza-
beth, eldest daughter of the Rev. Ralph H.
Brandling of Gosforth House, co. Northum-
berland and Middleton Lodge, co. York,
and has issue two sons, Henry Ralph, born
in 1829, captain in the 9th regiment, and
Ralph Charles, bom 1830, lieutenant in the
71st regiment.

Sir Thomas Henry Browne is eldest son
of the late George Browne, Esq., Imperial
and Tuscan Consul in Liverpool, by Felicity
his wife, daughter of Benedict Paul Wagner,
Esq., of North Hall, near Wigan, co. Lan-
caster, Imperial Consul at I^iverpool, and
grandson of George Browlie, Esq. of Passage,
CO. York, and ]\Iary his wife, daughter of
John Cotter, Esq., of co. Cork. Sir Tho-
mas had one brother, George- Baxter, Lieut-
Colonel in the army, who married Anne,
eldest daughter of Martin Whish, Esq.,
Chaii-man of the Excise Board, and two
sister, the elder, Felicia Dorothea, married
Captain Hemans of the 4th regiment, and
was the celebrated poetess ; the younger,
Harriet Mary, married the Rev. W. H.Owen,
vicar of the Cathedral church at St. Asaph.

Arms. Sa. tlu'ee lions passant in bend between t'^vo
double cottises ai-g. imp.vling, gu. a cross moline arg. in
the dexter cMef an escallop of the last, for Brandling.

Crest. Aa\ eagle displayed vert.

Motto. Spectemur agendo.

De Butts : Lieutenant-General Sir Au-
gustus De Butts, K.C.IL, Colonel-Com-
mandant of tlie Royal Engineers, son of the
lateElias De Butts, Esq. of the co. of Wick-
low, and grandson of the Rev. Elias De Butts
of the city of Dublin, received the honour of
knighthood for his gallant military services
in 1837; he was born in 17G8, and married
in 1804, Anna ]\Iaiia, dai'ghter of Francis
J\linchin, Esq., by whom he has three sons
and one daughter.

Arms. Three fish arg.

Crest. A stork, -svith a fish in its mouth.

Motto, llonos \-irtutis.

Tiiarp: Joseph Sidney Tharp, Esq. of
Chippenham Park, Newmarket, co. Cam-
bridge, bears for

Arms. Arg. a fess az. fretty gold in chief a lion rampt.
gu. diically eroTvned or. between two fleur de lis of the
second and a bear, an anchor, and two sugar canes, ppr.

Crest. Hope, represented by a demi-womau habited,
mantle purpure, flowing over the left shouUler, in the
right hand an anclior ppr. resting on the -^^Teath.

Motto. In spa spii-o.

Taylor, John, Esq., of Moreton House,
CO. Lancaster, descended from the respect-
able yeoman family of Taylor of Accriugton,
bears for

Arms. Erm. on a cliief dovetailed gu. a mallet between
two escallops or.

_ Crest. A denii-lion sa. semee of mallets or. and hold-
ing between the paws an acorn gold clipped vert.

Mollo. Annoso robore quercus.

Bkxnitt: William Bennitt, Esq., of
Stourton Hall, near Stourbridge, an active
magistrate for the counties of Worcester,
Stafford, and Salop, bears for

Arms. Az. on a che^Ton or. between three martlets in
chief and one m base arg. three annidets of the field.

Ciest. Upon a mount vert, a horse's liead couped
arg. pierced through the neck by one arrow in bend sin-
ister, point downwards ppr.

Motto. " Irrevocabile."

LoNGCROFT : as borne by Charles Beare
LoNGCROFT, Esq., of Plall Place, Ilavant.

Aims. Per fess nebulee pu. and sa. a lion rampt. arg.
between six cross orosslets botonnee fitchee in pale or.

Crest. A demi-lion rampant arg. holding between the
paws three annulets interlaced or. and charged on the
shoulder with a saltire gu.

Motto. Nunc ut oli)n.
QuARTEKiNGs. II. Franklin, arg. on a bend az. three

dolphins embowed, of tlic field.
HI. M ooriv, of Garsden, vert. a fess engr. arg. surmounted
by another gu. between thi-ee harpies of the second,
crined or.
rv. OuAjr, lozengy arg. and sa. two che^Tons or.

Grabham: Bishop's Lydiard, and En-
more, CO. Somerset {Herald's Visitation of
Somersetshire), A.D. 1G23, and now of Roch-
ford, in Essex. The family were seated at
Bishop's Lydiard at a very early period.
Sir Richard Grabham received the honour
oi knighthood from Queen Elizabeth. His
sister Jane married John Howe, progenitor
of the distinguished family of that name,
and had, with other issue, a daughter, Anna,
who became the wife of John Grabham, of
Enmore, as recorded in the Visitation of
1623. Descendants of this branch remained
in the same district upwards of two centuries.

Arms. Per pale az. and gu. a lion passant arg. vulned
in the shoulder ppr. between three boars' heads erased,

Crest. Upon a moiuit vert, a boar's head erased or.
gutte de sang, and entwined by a snake ppr.

Motto. L'Esperance du salut.

Clapp, Taunton, co. Somerset. The family
of Clapp, originally Clapa, claims Danish ex-
traction, and was long settled in Devonshire,
in whicli county it possessed the estate of
Salcombe Hill, which eventually devolved
on Sarah, daughter of Dr. Kessel, of Ottery
St. Mary, and wife of George Cornish, Esq.,
her mother having been the only daughter
and heiress of John Clapj), Esq., of Sal-
combe; that gentleman's younger brother,
Robert Clapp, of Ottery, married Mary, dau.
of Geo. Hunt, Esq., of Parke, Bovey Tracey,
who on her mother's side was descended
from the very ancient fomily of Wyke, or
Weekes, of Northwick, &c., in Devonshire,
and is now represented by his grand-daughter,
Frances IMary Clapp, of Taunton, only
child and heiress of the late Rev. Francis
Hunt Clapp, who married Sarah, daugliter of
John Hippisley Brice, and grand-daughter
of Roger Hoare, Esq., of Taunton.

Arms. Quarterly 1st and 4th ermines, three battle-
axes ; 2nd, sa. a griihn passant arg. ; 3rd sa., an eagle with
two heads, displayed within a border cugr. arg.



Le Hunt : Peter BAixr-RiaoE Le Hunt,
Esq., of Burgh, co. Lincoln, and Ashbourn,
CO. Derby, third son of Lieut. -Colonel Philip
Bainbrigge, of Aslibourn, and fourth in
descent from William Bainbrigge, Esq., of
Lockington, co. Leicester, assumed the sur-
name and arms of Le Hunt in addition to
his patronymic Bainbrigge, by sign-manual
in 1832.

Arms. Quarterly 1st and 4th, az. a bend between six
leopards' faces, or. on a canton of the first, a gaiuitlet of
the second for Le Uunt ; 2nd and 3rd, arg. a chev.
embattled between three battle-axes sa. for Bainduigge.
Quartering Parker, gu. a chev. between three leopards'
faces or.

Crest. On a hill vert a goat sa. with a collar about
the neck, horns and hoofs arg.

Motlo, Deus mihi providebit.

Flower: John Wickhaji Flower, Esq.,
Park Hill, Croydon, bears for

Arms. 1st and 4th Flower, or. two flaunohes vert, in
pale three escutcheons of the last, each charged with a
fleur de lis of the field ; 2nd and 3rd, WicivHa:m (in right
of his mother, JIartha Decne, dau. and co-lieir of William
Wickham, Esq., of Holland, a descendant of the AViek-
hams of Horsmgton, co. Somerset), argent, t^\■o chevrons
sable between thi'ee roses gules.

Crest. Issuant from clouds a cubit arm erect — in the
hand a rose and a lily, each slipped proper.

Motlo. Flores cm^at Deus,

Bourne Stalmine, co. Lancaster : seated
at Bourne End in the Fyld, a.d. 1610, and
now represented by Cornelius Bourne,
Esq., of Stalmine Hall.

Arms. Arg. a chev. sa. gutte d'eau between in cliicf
two lions rampt. and in base an heraldic tiger also rampt.


Crest. An heraldic tiger sejant or. gutte de sang,
resting the dexter paw on a cross pattee gu.

Doveton : Lieut. -General Sir John
DovETON, K.CB., created a Knight Com-
mander of the Bath for distinguished
military services in India, 20th July, 18.38,
is son of the late Sir William Webber Dove-
ton, Knt., by Eleanor, his wife, only daughter
of Anthony Beale, Esq., grandson of John
Doveton, Esq., and Mary VVorrall, his wife,
and great grandson of Jonathan Doveton,
Esq., and Eleanor CouLson, liis wife. Sir
John married, in 1807, Yictoire iMottet,
second daughter of Mons. Benoit jNTallet do
la Fontaine, of Campeigne in France,
Governor of Chandernagore, in the East
Indies ; whose arms he consequently im-

Arms. Az. on a chev. or. three roses gu., barbed vert,
in chief two doves, in base an anchor and cable argt , a
mullet for difference.

Crest, A dove with wings displayed argt., legged gu.,
holding a banner erect argt., charged with a cross sa.,
spear head ppr.

Motlo. Patience and perseverance.

Bayly : Lieut. -Colonel Sir Henry
Bayly, K.IL, of Burley Villa, Ljmie Regis,
CO. Dorset, second son of Zachary Bayly,
Esq., of Biddcford, and Sarah, his Avife,
daughter of Lewis Clutterbuck, Esq , of Wid-
combe House, near Bath, and grandson by
Margaret Catherine, liis wife, daugliter of
Charles Thruppe, Esq., of Hampstead, of

Zachary Bayly, Esq., of Long Ashton,
county Somerset, who was son of Zachary
Bayly, Esq., of Bowlish, county Somerset,
received the honour of knighthood at the
coronation of Her Majesty. Sir Henry
married thrice, first in 1817, INIary, third
daughter of R. JoUiffe, Esq., by whom he
had a son, Frederick Jolliffe, Capt. 91st
Regt.,Avho married, inl849, theonly daughter
of the late \A'illiam ]\Iaskell, Esq., and has a
son ; 2dly, in 1826, Jane, third daughter
of William Purlewent, Esq., wlio d. s. p. ;
and thirdly in 1829, Martha Joanna, only
daughter of A. C. Fisher, Esq., and by her
has issue, Henry Elliott, Lieut. 54th Regt.,
Vere Temple, and 'a daughter, Blanche.

Arms. Or. on a fesse engrailed between three nags'
heads erased az., as many flours de lis, gold.

Ci est. Out of a ducal coronet or. a nag's head argt.

Sandys Lumsdaine : The Rev. Edwin
Sandys Lumsdaine, of Lumsdaine and Bla-
nern, co. Berwick and Innergellie, co. Fife,
Rector of Upper Hardres-cum-Stelling, co.
Kent, represents the Kentish branch of the
ancient family of Sandys of Northborne Court,
in that county, and assumed by Royal Licence
in 1830, the additional surname and arras of
Lu.MSDAiNE in right of his wife, Mary
Lillias, dau. of William Lumsdahie, Esci.,
(and Anne, his wife, eldest daughter
and coheiress of Sir Alexander Gordon, of
Lissmore), who was the only son who left
issue, of James Lumsdaine, Esq., of Ranny-
hill, CO. Fife, grandson by Agnes, his wife,
dau. and heiress of Strang, of Rannyhill, of
Colonel William Lumsdaine, younger brother
of the gallant Sir James Lumsdaine, Colonel
in the army of Gustavus Adolphus, King of

Aims. Quarterly, 1st and 401, or. a fesse dancefte
between three cross crosslets, fitchee gu. for Sandys, 2nd
and 3rd. Az. a chev. or between a wolf's head, couped
Pin-, and a buckle arg; m chief and an escallop of the last,
in base for Lumsd^uxe

Ci csls. A griffin, per fesse, or. and gn. for Sandys. An
earn or sea eagle, feeding on a salmon ppr, for Lu.msdaine.

Supporters for Lu.msdaine, a lion and a boar.

Motlo, for LujiSDAi.NE, "Beware in time."

Hanbury : Lieut.-General Sir John
Hanbury, K.C.H., of Kelmarsh, co. Nor-
thampton, is younger brother of the late,
and uncle to the present Lord Bateman,
being second son of the late William Han-
bury, Esq., of, by Anne, his wife,
dau. of Charles Packe, Esq., of Prestwold
Hall, CO. Leicester, and grandson by Sarah,
his wife, dau. of AVilliam Westeim, Esq., of
Rivenhall co.Essex, of William nanbui7,Esq.,
of Kelmarsh, son of Thomas Hanbury, Esq.,
Barrister-at-law, by Elizabeth, his wife, dau.
and co-heir of George Clarke, Esq., of co.
Northampton, which Thomas was great-
great grandson of Sir John Hanbury, Knt.,
of Kelmarsh, descended from a younger son
of Hanbury, of Hanbury, co. Worcester.* Sir
* See Burke's Peerage, Bateraan.



John was sometime of tlie Grenadier Guards,
and received the honorary Kniglithood for
military services from King AVilliara IV. in
1832. He married, 17th May, 1842, Char-
lotte, daughter of Sir Nelson Rycroft, Bart.,
and impales consequently, the arms of

Arms. Or. a bevid engrailed vert, i">lain cottised sa.
in cliief a crescent on a crescent for difl'ei cnce.

Cri'sl. Out of a mural crcmi sa. a dcmi-lion or. holding
in the dexter paw, a battle-axe, sa. helved, gold.

Mollo. Nee prece, nee pretio.

Orp, of Fornham House, co. Suffolk :
John Thomas Ord, Esq., of that place,
a Magistrate for the county, and Lieu-
tenant in the Long Melford troop of Yeo-
manry Cavalry, a descendant of the Ords of
Fenham and NeAvminster Abbey, co. North-
iimberlajid, (see ^'■Landed Gentry,'') bears a
quartered shield, Ord, Hutchinson, and
Craven, and impales thearmsof Cocksedge.

Anns. Quarterly 1st and 4th, pa. three salmons
haurlent arg. for Ord: 2nd per pale gu, and az. a lion
rampt. between eight crosses crossletavg, forHiTCiiiNsoN:
3rd arg. a fesse between six crosses crosslet fitchec gu.
for Cra-stln, impaling Cocksedge, arg. a saltire .sa.

Crest. An elk's head, ppr.

Motto, Mitis et fortis.

Anne Preston,
first wife.

John Ord, Esq., of _ Anne, daughter

Fenham and New-
minster Abbe}-,
died in 1721.

of Micliael

Hutchinson, Esq.,

second wife.

Thomas Ord, Henry Ord, =

Esq., of Fen-
ham and
father of the
present Wil-

liara Ord,
Esq., M.P.,
of A^Tiitfield
Hall, North-




Anne, daughter and heir of
Francis Hutcliinson, Esq.,
of Fornham, by Anne, his
wife, daughter and heir
of Sir Anthony Craven,
Bart., of Sparsholt, Berks.

The Rev. John Ord, D.D.,
of Fornham, died I81G.

The Rev. John Norman

Ord, M.A., Rector of

Wheathamsted, Herts, cl.


John Thomas Ord, Esq.,
of Fornliam, J. P.

Mary, Aau. Craven Ord,

of S. Nor- Esq.,F.S H.,
man, Esq., F.SA.

of Henley.

Anne, dau. of Thomas

Cocksedge, Esq., of Bury

St. Edmonds, died 1822.

'^usanna Agnes, third dau.
of M. T. Cocksedge, Esq , of
St. Edmund's HiU, Suflolk.


John Henry Ord, born October 10th, IS40.

Harwood, of the Cloisters, Bath : Ed-
ward Harwood, Esq., of the Cloisters, only
surviving son of the late Sacheverel Har-
wood, Esq., Captain in the Somerset Fen-
cibles, by Anne, his wife, sister of Major
John Mac Phail, Governor of Dominica and
Antigua, descends, paternall}^ from the
ancient Shropshire family of Harwood, from

which springs Lord Berwick, and maternally,
from an ancient Highland house.

Arms. Arg. on a chev. between two stags' heads, cahoshed
in chief, and a lion rampt. in base gules, tlu'ce mullets
or., with an escutcheon of pretence for Bi.ake, Jlr. Har-
wood having married Anne Jane, dim. of Anthony Blake,
Esq., of Belmont House, co. Gahvay, Capt. 13th Light
Infantry, by Amie, his -wife, dau. oi' Capt. Tlios. Philip
Durell, of Jersey; which Anthony Blake was son of J.
Blake, Esq,, of Belmont, by Sarah, his wife, sister and
coheir of James Cuif, Lord Tyrawley.

Crest. A stag's head, eaboshed gu., between the at-
tires a fret, and on cither side a palm branch ppr.

Mollo. Gcnerosus et paratus.

Dalton, of AYest Bilney, co. Norfolk.
The Daltons have been located in Norfolk
for about two centuries, and in possession of
the estate of West Bilney since 1749. The
present possessor is John Dalton, Esq.,
son of Francis Dalton, Esq., of West
Bilney and Swaffham, banker, Avho died in
1805. Mr. Dalton married, in 1811, Char-
lotte Eleanor, daughtei of William Heath,
Esq., of Stanstead Hall, Essex, which lady
d. c. p. Tlte Heaths Avere for many genera-
tions among the leading families of Essex,
but are new extinct, the last being Baily
Heath, Esq., who died about 1805 or 1806."

Arms. Aziii'e semee of cross crosslets, a lion rampt.
guardaut, argent.

Cl est. A dragon's head, vert, between two wings, or.

AYooDcocK, of Norwich : Henry Wood-
cock, Esq., born 12th July, 1789, at North
Creake, Norfolk, was elected Sherift" of Nor-
wich in 1839, and rendered his year of office
remarkable for the splendour and hospitality
witli which he performed its duties. In
1850 he became Mayor of the same city,
and was re-elected in 1851. Mr. Henry
Woodcock exhibited at an early age indica-
tions of the meclianical genius which, in
later years, directed to dental surgcrj', has
gained for him his present honourable posi-
tion. He resided for some time in the
village of Litcham, Norfolk, and more re-
cently at Lynn and Norwich.

' Robert Woodcock, _ Elizabeth,
formerly of Nor-


1. Robert 2.

James Thomas,

Henry Wood-

_ Mary


of London,

cock, Esq.,


cock, of


Sheriff of Nor-


Stoke New-


wich, 1S39;




Mayor 1850



and 1851.


James, of

Other issue.

Aims. Per pale gu. and sa., a cross patonce, or., on a
chief indented erm., three hearts, ppr.

Cicst. A man's head affroiite, wreathed round the
head with cinquefoils, ppr., between two wings, gu.

Motto. Gcsta verbis pra:venient.



Walton: Thomas Todd "Walton, of
Clifton, CO. Gloucester, and of Sunnyside,in
the parish of Lanchester, co. pal. of Dur-
ham, Esq., is son of Thomas and grandson
of Thomas Walton of Landieu, near Wol-
singham, co. Durham, Esqrs. He married
20th October, 1812, Catherine Eliza, elder
daughter and coheir of the late Thomas
Todd of Lanchester, Esq., by Elizabeth
his wife, eldest daughter of Thomas Bas-
kerville, Esq., of Woolley House, Wilts ;
descended from a collateral branch of the
very ancient and lionorable Norman family
of Baskerville of Clyrow Court (see Bia-lies
^'•Landed Gentnf). Mr. Walton, Avho con-
nects through his mother, Jane Todd, with
the noble house of Lauderdale, has issue —

I. Thomas Todd, who married 30th jNIaj' 1844. Jlar-
garet Ami, eldest daughter of Henry FarneU,
Esq., of Holland House, Isleworth, by Margin ct
Anil, his wife, daughter of Alexander TuUcch, Esq.
of Charles Street, St. James's Square, Westminster,
and sister of Colonels Alexander and John Tulloch,
C. B., of the Hon. E. I. C.'s Service,— and has issue
1st, Oriel FarneU, and 2nd, Henry Ernest Baskerville
"Walton :

II. Frederick Baskerville, died 9th June, 1822.

III. Henry Baskerville, Clk. :M. A. Fellow of Merton
CoUege, Oxford.

IV. Emma JIatilda, married 20th JMay, 1S41, Rev. AV.
Robert Browell, JL A., Rector of Beaumont, Essex.

V. Lauia Helen.
YI. Emily Ann.

VII. Harriet Eleanor, died 17th Nov. 1821.

Aims. Per pale, azure and sable, on a clievron indented
between three swans argent, as many buckles of the (irst.

Cicst. A gryphon's liead erased argent, semee of
buckles azure, pierced through the mouth by a spear in
bend sinister point upwards, or.

Motlo. Murus oeneus virtus.

Anne, only daughter of the late John Cogh-
lan, Esq., an officer in the service of Cleoro-e

Arms. Or., an eagle displayed vert, ducally crowned of
the iiist, beaked and membered gu. within abordure az.
charged with three fleui s-de-hs gold.

C? est. A demi-eagle displayed.

Motlo. Ad ca'luni tendit.

WATTs-PtUSSELL : Jesse Watts-Russell,
Esq., of Ham Hall, co. Stafford, and Biggin
House, Oundle, co. Northampton, grandson

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