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of John Russell, Esq., of Staffordshire ;
assumed, by Royal license, 28th Marcli,
1817, his additional surname and arms of
AVatts, on marrying ]Mary, only child and
heir of the late David Pike Watts, Esq., of
Portland Place.

Arms. Quarterly, 1st and 4th, erm. a lion ramp. gu.
collared arg. on a chief az. three roses of the third, for
Russei.l: 2nd and 3rd, az. abendengr. ei Illinois between
two crescents or. a canton gu. for difference, for W'atis.

Crests. 1st, on a mount veit, a goat passant, erni.
collared sa. for Russell: 2nd, a demi-liou ramp. or.
charged on the shoulder with a cross pattee, az. the jiaws
supporting an escutcheon of the last, thereon a fesse
erminois, between three fleurs-de -lis iu chief and a cross
pattee iii base of the first ; on an escroll issuant from
the escutcheon the word " Amici," and for difference
in the mouth of the Hon a slip of oak ppr. for "Watts.

Motlo. Memor.

Booker : Thomas AVilliam Booker,
Esq., of Velindra House, near Cardiff, co.
Glamorgan, M.P. for Herefordshire ; son
of the Rev. Luke Booker, LL.D., Rector of
Tidstone de la Mere, co. Hereford, and Vicar
of Dudley, co. Worcester'; by Anne, his wife,
sister of Richard Blakemore, Esq., M.P. fur
the city of Wells, and grandson of John
Booker, Esq., of Nottingham, impales the
Arms of Coghlan in right of his Avife, Jane

Ed"wards : Joshua Ed"\vards, Esq., of
Toxteth Park, co. Lancaster, bears a shield
of tAventy-four quarterings. He is a direct
descendant of the ancient Denbighshire
family of ED"n^4RDS of Chirk, which derived
its lineage from Ioraverth ap Ievan,
younger brother of Iea^vn Vychan, an-
cestor of the Mostyns of Most3m,and second
son of Ievan ap Adda of Pengwern, the
descendant of Llydoch, Lord of Botli
Maelors, and OsAvestr}', who Avas son of the
rcnov.-ned Tudor Trevor, Lord of Hereford,
Foimder of the Tribe of the Marclies.
Tudor Trevor, Avhose chief seat was Whit-
thigton Castle, had for Armorial Ensigns,
" per bend sinister ermine and ermines, a
lion rampant, or.," Avhich coat, as chief
arms or as a quartering, has been borne by
all his descendants. His Avife, Angharad,
was daughter of HoAvel Dda, King of South
Wales, the famous Law-giver of Cambria ;
and by her he was progenitor of many dis-
tinguished Houses, viz. : Mostyn of Alostyn,
Edwards of Cliirk, Trevor of Trevallyn,
Pennant of DoAvning and Penrhyn Castle,
Edwardes of Kilhendre, Jones of Llwynon,
&c. Josliua Edwards, Esq., vi. 2,3rd August,
1824, Arabella, eldest daughter of Jolm
Bancks, Esq., M.D., of Manchester, co. Lan-
caster, and Adswood. co. Chester, and had
issue one son, Charles Bird, h. 17th October,
183.5, Avho d. 22nd November, 1840, and
eight daughters, viz. : Arabella Bancks,
Emma Amelia, Catheiine Bird, Lucy Anne,
Jordina,CarolineElizabet]i, Charlotte Eliza-
beth, and Geraldine.

Aims. Quarterly of 24 : —

I. Quarterly 1st and 4th, Edwards, or. a pile az. over all

a chev. counterchanged between three horses' lieads
erased arg. ; 2nd and 3rd, Tudor Trevor, per bend
suiister ermine and ermines a lion rampant, or.

II. ICvRADOc A'RAcnFRAS, Kavl of Hereford ; az. a lion
rampant per fcss or. and argent, witlun a bordiu-e of
the last charged with ten pellets.

III. KuNEDDA AVlediche, sable, three roses arg. barbed
and seeded proper.

IV. Gr.irm'H ap Melir ap Elider, Lord of Bromfield,
ernime a lion rampt. azure.

V. Jestin' ap Gwerga.nt, Founder of the fifth royalTribe

of Nortli AVales gules three chevroncls arg.
^"■1. Brociiwell YsGRiTiiOG, Prince of Powys, sable,

three horses' heads erased argent.
YII. Llowarch ap Bran, Founder of the second noble

Tribe, arg. a chevron between three Cornish choughs,

each havmg an crniuie spot in its beak, sable.
A'lII. Edwin of ]Cngli;field, Founder of the twelfth

noble Tribe, arg. a cioss fleurette engrailed between

four Cornish choughs, sable.

IX. ]'-DNEviT AP Tudor ap Grono, Lord of Brpiffenigle
and Krigeth, gules, a chevron bet-neeu three mens'
heads in helmets argent.

X. MARcmiD, Lord of AbeigeUeu, Founder of the eighth
noble Tribe, gules, a Saracen's head erased at the neck
proper, wreathed about the temples argent and



XI. Kenwrick ap Ruam.on, Lord of Whittingtoii, er-
mine, a Uou rampant sable.

XII. Thomas ap Owen, Lord of Yscoed, gules, a lion
rampant or. ^vithin a bordurc engrailed argenl.

XIII. PiriLip AP Ivor, Lord of Cardigan, azure an -agle
displayed or.

XIV. GwAiTH VoEDD, Lord of Fowls, or. a lion -am-
pant reguardant sable.

XV. Llewelynn ap Griffith, Prince of Wales, quar-
terly gules and or. four Uons passant counterclianged.

XVI. Adda ap Aiire of TuEvon, per bend siuister, er-
mine and ermines, a lion rampant or. within a bor-
dm-e gules.

X\T!I. Ithell Vtchan, azure, a lion passant argent.
X^^II. nooKES of Flint, argent on a che\Ton between
three owls azure, as many roses or.

XIX. Urien Rheged, argent, a che^Ton between three
Cornish choughs sable.

XX. Brigdale, gides on a fess or. between three
wolves' heads erased argent, as many cintiuefoils

XXI. Williams, azure, a stag trippant proper, attired
or. between the attires a royal cro\vn proper.

XXII. Jones, per bend sinister ermine and ermines, a
lion rampant within a bordure engrailed or.

XXIII. Davis, argent, on a bend azui'e, cottised gules,
throe doves close or.

XXIV. Fitzgerald, ermine a saltire giiles.

A man in complete armour resting his dexter hand
on a sword, point downwards, proper, and supporting
with Ids sinister hand a shield, of the arms of Edwards.
Over the crest, "A vymio duw, der\-itl," (\\nKit God
wills, will be accomplished). Under the arms, " Duw
ydi ein cryfdwr (God is our strength),

Mr. Edwards impales in right of lus wife, Arabella,
eldest daughter of the late John Bancks, of iManchcster,
CO. Lancaster, and of Adswood, co. Chester, ]\I.D., the
following arms, viz. ; sa. a cross engrailed, or. between
four lleur-de-lis-, argent.

Edwards. — Joshua Ashworth Ed-
wards, Esq., of Broiighton, co. Lancaster,
and John Hyde Edwauds, Esq., of that
place, are entitled to the same arras,
crest, and mottoes as Edwards, of Toxteth
Park, with tlie additional quartering, "Gu. a
cross couped between four fleurs de lis or."
in right of their mother, ElizabetJi, only
child of Thomas Ashworth, Esq., of Kipon,
CO. York, and wife of the late John Edwards,
Esq., of Chorlton upon Matlock, co. Lan-

Taylor-Sjiitii, of Colpike Hall, co.
Durham : Edward Taylor, Esq., the second
.son of Edward Taylor, Esq., of Sunny-
side, near Braucepeth, by Ann, his wife,
only daughter of George Garry, Esq., of
Newbiggin, succeeded Jane, Lady Peat, in
November, 1842, and assumed by Royal
Licence, 12th May, 1843, the surname of
Smith after his patronymic Taylor, and the
arms of Smith, quarterly with those of

Arms. Quarterly 1st and 4th, per pale gu. and az. on a
chev. engrailed, or, between three bezants, each charged
with a cross patee fitcb^e as many crosses patee fitchee
sable, for Smith.

2nd and 3rd, arg. a saltii'e, engrailed gu. between two
cinquefods in jiale vert, and as many winged hearts in
fesse of the second /or Taylor.

Crest of Smith. A stag lodged arg. semoe of e.stoiles,
az. attired and gorged \\ith an eastern crown the chain
reflexed over the back, or.

Crest of Taylor. A horse's liead couped sable, gorged
with a plain collar, or, and pendent therefrom a shield,
arg. charged with a cinquefoil vert.

Mullo. Vigilans.

Skinner. — The Rev. Russell Skinner,
of Fordham, Essex, Rector of Sweffling, co.
Suffolk, is only surviving son, by Mary,
his wife, daughter of Thomas Fenn, Esq.,
of Ballington, near Sudbury, Suffolk, Banker,
of Russell Skinner, Esq., of Brigliton, eldest
son by Mary, Iiis wife, daughter and coheir
of Captain Thomas Walker, of London, of
Joseph Skinner, Esq., of the City of Lon
don and of Wanstead, Essex, whose third
son is Samuel Skinner, Esq., of Shirley
Park, Surrey. (See Burke's Landed Gentry.)

The family can be traced by well-esta-
blished authorities, from Sir Robert Sk^m-
ner, or Skinner, a Norman Knight, who
served under Duke William in his invasion
of England, and received from the Con-
queror, in return for his valiant services,
the lands of Bolingbroke, in co. Lincoln.
From this Sir Robert descended the Right
Rev. Dr. Robert Skinner, Bishop succes-
sively of Bristol, Oxford, and Worcester,
who died in 1670, His Lordship's fourth
son, Samuel Skinner, of London, was father
of Samuel Skinner, Esq., of St. Leonard,
Bromley, who married Catherine, daugliter
of Elias Russell, Esq., of Bromley, and was
grandfather of Joseph Skinner, Esq., of the
City of London and of Wanstead, before

Tiie Rev. Russell Skinner married, in
1834, Violetta, eldest daughter of Tliomas
AVilliams, Esq., of CoAvley Grove, near Ux-
bridge, co. Middlesex, and has had issue
Russell Walton, born in 1839, Violetta,
Mar}"-, and Lucy Judith.

Arms. Sa, a chevi'on between three grifflns' heads,
erased arg.

Ciesl. A griffin's head erased arg., in the mouth a
hand couped gu.

Motto. Sanguis et ^'^^lnera.

Casley. — John Casley, Esq., of Guil-
ford Street, Russell Square, bears for

Arms. 0\\. a castle with two towers or. embattled and
masoned sa.

Crest. A lion rampt ppr. langued and armed gu.

M'iflo. Malo mori quam foedari.

Impaling, in right of his wife, Maria, daugliter of the
late John Braddick, Esq., of Boughton Monchelsea, co.
Kent, the arms of that family, viz., " Or. on a chev.
vei't., between in chief two lions' heads erased az., and in
base a fox courant ppr. a stag's head cabossed between
two wreaths of oak gold.

John Casley, Esq., of = Maria, youngest dan.

Guilford Street, Rus-
sell square

of the late John Brad-
dick, Esq.

Amy Florence

Caslev, i-. 21st

July, 1845.

Jolm Braddick
Caslev, b. 2nd
Feb.', 1850.



Caslev, 6.

13th May,


HuTTON, of Gate Burton, near Gains-
borougli, CO. Lincoln.— William Hutton,
Esq., of Gate Burton, a JNIagistrate and




Deputy Lieutenant, and High Slieriff of the
county in 1832, impales, Avitli his paternal
arms, those of Bacon, in right of his wife,
Jane, daughter of Nicholas Bacon, second
son of Sir Edmund Bacon, Bart.

Mr. Huttou is eldest son of the late Wil-
liam liutton, of Gate Burton, by his second
wife, Mary Aime, daughter of T. Pyke,
Esq., of Baythorne Park, Essex, and Mary,
liis Avife, daughter of Algernon Massingherd,
Esq., of Gunby Park, co. Lincoln, and
grandson by Elizabeth, his wife, daughter
of William IMorland, Esq., of Court Lodge
in Lamberhurst, co. Kent, of Thomas Hut-
ton, who was the son of Thomas liutton, Esq.,
and Elizabeth, his wife, daughter of John
Eayner, Esq,

Anns. Arg. on a fesse sa, three bucks' heads, ca-
boshed or.
Ci est. A buck's head, as in the arms.
Motlo. Spero.

Baker, of Orsett Hall, co. Essex. — ^Wil-
liam WiNGFiELD, Esq., Q.C, and late one
of the Masters in Cliancer}^, descended
from a branch of the great and ancient family
of Wingfield, of Suffolk, which settled in Lan-
cashire in the fifteenth centurj'^, adopted by
royal licence, 29th December, 1849, the
name and arms of Baker, having succeeded
by the bequest of the late Richard Baker,
Esq., of Orsett Hall, to the lauded pro-
perty of that gentleman.

William Wingfielp, _ Anne, dau. of Sir Wil-

Esq., of Lancashire, a

descendant of the

"VYingfields of Suffolk,

711. in 173-1.

liam Williamson, Bart.,
of \\lntburn Hall, co.
Durham, bj' Elizabeth,
his wife, dau. and co-
heir of John Hedworth,
Esq., of Harraton.

Geouge Wing- :
FIKLD, Esq.,

only son and

Mary, niece Elizabeth, _ Jolm Baker,
of G. Spar- only dau. Esq., bro-
row, Esq., ther of

of Wash- Richard

ington. Baker, Esq.,

of Orsett

son took
the name
of Spar-
row, and
died s.p.



Esq., Q.C,
one of the
Masters in
6. 1772;
took the
name of Ba-
ker in 1849;
now of Or-
sett Hall, CO.

: 1 st wife,



dau. "of


Earl of

Digby, m.




(I. loth



= 2nd wife,

dau. of

INIills, Esq.,
by Eliza-
beth, his
wife, dau.

of the Hon.
ley Digby.





ylrms. Quarterly, 1st and 4th : Arg. a grejhound
courant between two bars sa., for Baker ; 2nd and 3rd
arg. a bend gu. between two cottises sa. a crescent for
diirerence for Wingfield.

Crests. 1st a cockatrice erm., combed and wattled gu.
for Baker. 2nd, a griiiin passant, vert., for Wingfield.

PiERREPONT, of Evcnley Hall, co. North-
ampton. — The Hon. Philip Sydney
PiERREPONT, of that place, youngest son
of Charles, first Earl Manvers, bears an
Escutcheon of Pretence, in right of his
wife, Georgiana, widow of Pryce Edwards,
Esq., of Talgarth, and daughter and heir of
Herbert Gwynne Browne, Esq.

Arms. Ar. semee of mullets gu. a lion rampt. sa., a
mullet for cUffercnee.

An Escutcheon op Pretence, for Browne : Arg., a
chev. between three lions' gambs erect and erased sa.
within a bordure gu., on a chief az. an eagle disiilayed,

Crest. A lion rampt. sa. between two wings erect arg.

Motlo. Pie rcpone te.

Hartcup. — William Hartcup, Esq., of
Upland Grove House, Bungay, co. Suffolk,
and Ditchingham Lodge, Norfolk, only sur-
viving son of the late Rev. Thomas Hart-
cup, and Jane, * his wife, only daughter of
John Parker, Esq., and grandson of Gen.
Thomas Hartcup, senior officer of the
Royal Engineers, and Anne Monins Mon-
roe, his wife, descends from a family of
German extraction.

General Thomas Hart-
cup, Senior Ofticer of
the Royal Engineers,
died'asth March,

. Anne Jlonins Monroe,
clied 23rd Aug., 1817.

Rev. Tho- :
mas Hart-
cup, died
21st Jan.,

Jane, dau.

of John





Capt. R.


d., luim.,

20th Sept.,


Anne, =, Col. W.

dec. Gravatt,

R. Artil.

Catha-— Thomas

ruie, Greeii,

dec. Esq., of



eldest dau.

of James

Taylor Mar-

gitson, Esq.

William = Louisa Jane,
Esq., of
and Ditch-
b. 23rd
M arch,

Thomas Wil-
son, died un-
married, 30th
Jan., 1842.

Elizabeth, m.
to Narcisse
Bretel, Esq.,



Herbert James,
6. 13th Oct.,


AMUiam Thomas,

b. 30th M arch,


Lucy Jane.

Anns. Arg. a chev. gu. three Saracens' heads af-
frontd'C, each collared with a bow.

Crest. A warrior's head with hehnet sidefaced,
couped at the shoulders between two wings.

* This lady, Mrs. Hartcup, claims descent maternally
from Richard Spurdance, Mayor of Norwich, who was
summoned to parliament for that city 2nd Ilem-y V.,
141.5, and who, when the parliament refused supplies for
the war in France, advanced the money to the monarch
for his crown jewels, for wliich service the King gave
him the augmentation to his arms, on a chief azure, a
crown, ppr.



Stewart, of Belladrum, co. Inverness. —
John Stewart, Esq., now of that place,
son of the late Thomas Stewart, Esq., of
Keithmore, by Anne, his wife, daughter and
heir of Francis Gordon, Esq., of Mihie, co.
Kincardine, and grandson of Gordon Stew-
art, Esq., of Drummin, co. Banff, by his
wife, Margaret Dunbar, of Grange, co.
Elgin, descends from Alexander Stewart,
Lord of Badenoch, and Earl of Buchan, son
of King Robert II. of Scotland. He bears a
quartered shield for Stewart, Dunbar,
Kandolph, and Gordon.

Arms. Quarterly ; 1st, Stewart : or. a fcsso cheqxiy
az. and arg. between three cross crosslets, fitchee, in
chief, and as many cushions, in base, gu. all within a
bordure engr. az. 2nd, Dunbar : Gu. a lion rampt. arg.
within a bordure of the last, charged with eight roses of
the first. 3rd, Randolph : Or. three cushions within a
double tressure tlory counterflory gu. 4th, Gordon : Az.
within a double tressure flory coimterfiory, a chevi-on be-
tween three boars' heads cou'ped, or.

Crest. Two hands conjoined, and holduig a man's
heart, ppr.

Motto. Corde et manu.

Aldersey of Aldersey, CO. Chester.
A family seated at Aldersey ever since the
Conquest, and now represented by Samuel
Aldersey, Esq., of Aldersey and Spur-

Anns. Quarterly of 22 : —

I. Aldersey ; Gules on a bend argent between two
cinquefoils or., three leopards' faces vert. ; quartering
Alteripus, or. a lion passant guardaut gules a chief

II. Malbank, Baron of Wiche Malbank, quarterly, or.
and gules, a bendlet sable.

III. Barton, of Barton, co. Chester; argent a bend,
double cottised sable.

IV. Weverham ; argent two bars sable on a canton of
the last a garb or.

V. Thornton, of Thornton, co. Chester ; argent on a
bend gules, thi'ee escarboncles or.

Vf . Kingsley of ICingsley, co. Chester ; vert, a cross en-
grailed ermine, on an cscoclieon of pretence argent a
buglehorn strung, sable.

YII. Hellcsby, of HeUesby, co. Chester; or. a saltiie,

VIII. Hatton, of Hatton, co Chester ; azure a chevron
or. between three garbs of the second.

IX. De Crispin; per barry and lozengy, counterchanged,
argent and gules.

X. Stalker, of Spurstow ; sable, two bars argent.

XI. Brane, of Brindley, co. Chester ; argent a fret,

XII. Bird, of Cloptou, co. Giester ; Argent a cross
flory between four martlets, gules, a canton azure.

XIII. Hinton, of Hinton, co. Salop ; Argent, on a bend,
sable, three martlets of the field.

XIV. JIassey ; quarterly, gules and or. in the first and
fourth quarters, three fleur-de-lis aigent.

XV. Rodes, of Rodes, co. Chester; Argent two quatrc- .
foils slipped sable, a chief of the last.

XVI. Rosengrave, of B-osengrave, co. Chester; or. a
bar wavj' sable, in chief three martlets of the last.

XVII. De dreby ; ermine, five chevrons gules, a canton
of the last.

X"\^II. Strange ; gules, two lions passant, argent, a
sable of three poults, or.

XIX. Hargrave, of Hargrave, co. Chester; argent a
gr}i)hon segi'eant per fesse gules and aziu'e, l^eaked
and clawed or.

XX. Robotham, of Newland, Herts ; per fesse argent
and sable, a fesse couuterembattled between three
buck.s all counterchanged.

XXI. Hignett, of Darland, co. Cliester ; barry azure and

or. on a bend gides, three roses of the second.
XXI I. Wotton ; argent a chevron between thi'ee liona
rampt. guardant sable.
Crest. A demi-griphon segreant gules, beaked and
armed, issuing from a plmne of five ostrich feathers,
Motto. Alnus semper floreat.

Jones, of Pantglas, co. Carmarthen. —
David Jones, Esq., of Pantglas and Pen-
Ian, a Magistrate and Deputy-Lieutenant
for Carmartlienshire, and in tlte Commission
of tlie Peace for Breconshire, at one time
Higli Sheriff of the former county, impales,
with his family arms, those of Campbell,
"Gironny of eight or. and sa," in right of
his wife, ]\Iargaret Charlotte, eldest dau, of
Sir George Campbell, of Edenwood, co.
Fife, and niece of John Lord Campbell,
Tjord Cliief Justice.

David Jones, Esq., of
Blaenos and Pantglas, co.
Carmarthen, v\'hose an-
cestors were landed pro-
prietors in the neighbour-
hood of Landovery for
three centuries. Mr.
Jones, a magistrate for
Carmarthenshire, served
the ofliee of High Sherifl'.
He died 29th Sept., IS-iO.

= 1st wife, Anne,
I daughter, and
eventuallj' sole
I heir, of John
I Jones, Esq., of

and also heiress
of the Rev. Wil-
liam Jones,
Rector of West-
on Super Mare.

1 . Evan, />.
17S5, d. un-
mar. 1820.


2. John,

b. Gth


17S8, d.

in 1S12.


Jolm =

Jones, Esq.,


a Magistrate

Esq., Bar-

for the coun-


ties of Car-

Law, J. P.

digan and

for Car-



and a Deputy


Lieut, of the


: 2nd -^ife,
rine, eld-
est dau.
of ;\Ior-
gan Pryse
Esq., by
his wife,
da u. of
the 11th


Mary, youngest daughter of
William Jones, Esq., of Ys-
tradwalter, co. Carmarthen,
and niece of Col. WUliams,
of Henllys, who distm-
guished himself in India, as
one of Warren Hastings'

Anne, 2nd daughter of David
Thomas, Esq.," of Welfield
House, CO. Radnor, his first
cousin, which lady died 29th
September, 1844.

David Jones, Esq., of

Pantglas and Penlan, co.

Carmarthen, J. P. and

D.L., High Sheriff' of

that county, m. 29th

JiUy, 1845.

: ^Margaret Cliarlotte, eldest
dau. of Sir George Camp.

bell, of Edenwood, and
niece of John Lord Camp-
bell, Lord Chief Justice.

Mary Eleanor,

i. inth Jidy,



Louise j\Ia-

deline, b.

IGth July,


Alfred Campbell Ilally-

burton, b. 10th March,"


Anns. Gu. on a chev. arg., between three bucks'
heads erased or. a falcon sa. belled.

Crest. On a momrt vert., a bull's head

JIf 0//0. Daei fydd.



Burke Ryan. — William Burke Ryan,
M.D., of Bay.swater, co. Middlesex, only
cliild of the late Michael Ryan, of Oldtown,
in the Queen's County, by Margai-et, his
wife, elder daughter and coheir of Conolly
Burke, of Trenchardstown, co. Kilkevrny,
son of Jolm Burke, of Lisnalea and Brittas,
in the same county, of the familj^ of Burke

John Burl;e, Esq., of lisiwlcn and Brittas, co. Kilkenny,
a descendant of the ancient and noble family of De Bm-i^ii.

of Cahir, co. Tipperary, a descendant of tlie
ancient and nolile house of De Burgh,
founded in Ireland by AVilliam Fitz-Adelm
de Burgh (grandson of William, Earl of
Cornwall, and first cousin to Hubert, Earl
of Kent), the head of which is Clanrick-
arde ; bears a sbickl quarterly, Ryan and

. Jcanna Cas?an*

1. Cunolly Burke,
Esq., of Trcnch-
ardstown, co. Kil-

Marifaret, dan.
of W'iUiam nib-
bits, Esq., of
Canon's Wood
House, in the
Queen's Co.
He lived to the

age of 99,
He left eiffht
daus. and two
sons t I'our of
his grandsons
held the Com-
mission of the
Peace foi' the
CO Kilkenny.

2. William,

of Windsor


and Cal-

lan, CO.


■svho had

issue :

i. John, m.

1st Jliss


and 2nd


sister of

John Ba-

nim, Esq.

ii. Tatrick

in. and left

iii. liichard
iv. Valen-
tine. V Joanna,
and vi. Belinda.

3. James, na-
val Captain;
killed at sea,
IcavinjT two
daughters in

4. John, jSI.D.,
died in


.') llickard, in Holy Mary,
Oiders, who having m. to
completed his cduca- Dennis
tion in Erance and Cor-
Spain, as did also Ws mick,
brothers, James and of

Jolm, received his ap- Brittas.
pointmont to the Frances,
parish of Urlingford, died
in the co Kilkenny, luimar.
from his friend and
kinsman. Dr. Burke, Bishop of Os-
sory, (Thomas do Burgo, author of the
Hibernia DomLiiicana, &c.) He was
subsequently appointed to the palish
of Upperw'oods, Queen's County,
-n'here he discharged the duties of the
ministry for the long sjiace of forty-one
years and one month, dyhig in INIarch,
if- IS, universally respected. The Bi-
shoprick of Ossory was more than once
pressed upon him, but he refused to
leave his flock.

William Burke, Esq., died
in America, unmarried.

JIargai-et, elder daughter
and coheir, m. in 1S09., of Old-
town, Queen's County,
of the family of Byan, of Ban-
shee, CO. Tipperary.

Joanna = Daniel Delany, Esq,


William Bctiuce By.vx, ^ Elizabeth, daughter of
M.l)., of Bayswater, only Kichard Moore, Esq.,

child. " of Tutnal House, co. W'arwick.

2nd and 3rf1

Arms. Quarterly; 1st and 4th, Kv.-VN', arg., on abend az., sis cars of rye, or. two, two and two.
Bijekk, or. a cross gu. in the dexter canton a lion rampt. sa.

Crests. Isl, Ryan, a griffin's head erased, az. 2ud, Bukke, a cat-a-moimtain, sejant guardant ppr. collared am!
chained or.

Motto. Ung roy, ung foy, ung loy.

* Of three sisters of tliis Mrs. Burke, ore was married to Lyster, Esq. ; another to Lalor, E.sq. ; another

to Murphy, Esq., all of the county of Kilkenny. The last-named had a daughter married to Antliony Mahcr, of

Clonmore, in the co. Tipperary, Esq. ;" and a son, Dennis Jlurphy, Esq., married to a da.ughter of "Clery, Esq.,

of the CO. Tipperar)', leaving iive daughters ; one married to — ^ JIaher, Esq., and another, ^Mary, to ■ Cooke,

Esq., CO. Tipperary, and three sons, of whom Anthony and James died unmarried, and Jlichael Murphy, of Mount

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