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Pleasant, Esq., married Eliza, daughter of Patrick Dillon, of Grantstown Castle, in the Queen's County, Esq.,
another of whose daughters was married to Patrick Lalor, Esq., late M.P. for the Queen's County. Of jMrs.

Burke's nephews. Joseph Cassan married a daughter of Maher, of Freshford, Esq , and Dennis Cassan, of Dublin,

married Jane, daughter of Walter Nangle, of Clonbaron, Esq. (an ancient Anglo-Norman fannly), by Jane Callan,
his wife, whose sistei-, Helen, married John, father to Sir Thomas Esmonde, Bart. A step-brother of this Mrs.
Cassan, George Nangle, Esq., a Lieutenant in the army, married 1st Caroline, daughter of Henry Halsey, Esq., of
Henly Park, co. Surrey, and secondly Lucy Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Henry 'Jichiiorne, of Tichborne Park, Hants,

■t The sons were Daniel, who died nt 21, and Jlichael Hibbifs, of Ballinaslee, Esq., who married firstly Mary, dau.

of Cahill of Fossy, Esq., and secondly Catherine, daughter of . Mulhall of Kilkenny, Esq. ; of his daughters,

three died unmarried. Ellen was married to William Hyland of Straboe, Esq. ; l^lizabeth to John Purcell, Esq. ;
Sarah to Thomas Kelly, of Clone, Esq. ; and Grace to Bernard Delany, of Durrow, Esq. Four of Mr. Hihhit's giand-
children held the Commission of the Peace for the county Kilkenny— viz., Deiuiis Delany, Esq, married to a daiigh-

ter of jNIurray, of ICilkenny, Esq., William Delany, Esq., married to a daugliter of '- Scully, of the co. Tipperary,

Esq., Captain George Delany inarricd to Marj', daughter of Patrick Dillon, of Grantstown Castle, Esq., and Jlichacl
Delany, Esq., married to the widow of Laurenson of Capponellan, co. KiUcenny, Esq.

BuCHAN : James Buchan, Esq., of An-
clnnacoy House, co. Aberdeen, a JMagistrate
and Deputy-Lieutenant for that shire, is
son of the late Thomas Buchan, Esq., of
Anchmacoy, who was sou of Thomas
Buchan, Esq., of that place, by his wife and

cousin, Nicola, daughter of Thomas Buchan
of Cairnbulg, by his wife, the Hon. Grace
Hamilton, daughter of the last Lord Bar-
geny, and grandson of James Buchan of
Anchmacoy, jM.'ijor in the Service of -James
n. who descended in a direct line from h



^on of the last ancient and powerful Earl of
Buchan of the name of Comyn, upon whom
King Eobert Bruce conferred the lands of
Anchmacoy on his changing his name to

Arms. Quarterly 1st and 4th, arg. three lions' heads
erased, two and one, sable, luuKued ^u. for Buchan, 2nd
and 3rd. Quarterly 1st and -Ith gii. three cinquefoils
ei-m. 2nd and 3rd, arg. a galley with her sails furled, sa all
A\'ithin a bordure comj)one arg. and azure, the first char-
ged with hearts g\i. and the second with mullets arg.
heing the arms- of "WUliam, tliird Lord Bargeny, of
whom Blr. Buchan is heir at line

Crest. A smi shining on a sun flower full hlo-mi ppr.

Supporters. Dexter, a Heron with an eel in its bite all
ppr , sinister, an antelope ara:. coUared gu., the collar
charged with tliree cuiquefoils enn.

Molto. Nou inferiora seeutus.

James ; William James, Esq., of Barrock,
CO. Cumberland, a Magistrate and late J\I.P.
for the shire and its SherifiF, in 1826, bears for

ytrms. Az. a doJphiji, embowed ppr. impaiijig-, in
right of his wife Fanny daugher of W. C. Ilutson, Esq.,
of Alleiton Lodge near Liverpool, the Arms of IItjtsOxX.

Crest. A Buffalo, passant ppr.

Molto. Vuicit amor patriec.

Wright of Osmaston jNIanor, co. Derby :
Francis Wiught, Esq., of that place. High
Sheriff of Notts in 1842, son and heir of the
late John Wright, Esq., of Lenton Ifall, by
Elizabeth his wife, daughter and heir of
Francis Beresford, Esq., of Osmaston, and
fifth in descent from the Parliamentarian
John Wright, Captain in C4eneral Whalley's
Regiment of Horse, and afterwards in
Colonel Hutchinson's Begiment of Foot;
quarters the arms oi Beresfokd and impales
those of FiTZHERBERT in right of his wife
Selina, eldest daughter of Sir Henry Fitz-
herbert, Bart., of Tissington.

Arms. Quarterly 1st aiul 4th ■\^'I!IGIt^, sa. on a chc-c
avg. three spears' heads gu. in chief two unicorns' heads,
erased arg. armed and manedor., in base, on a pile of the
last, issuant from tlie chev. a unicorn's head, erased sa
lor Wiught: 2nd and 3rd, are-, a bear salient sa. arined
gu., muzzled, collared and chained or. for Blkesford:
rmpalmg gu. three hons ramp. or. for FiTZHERBFitT

Crest. A unicorn's head, arg. erased gu. armed and
maned or.

Motto. Ad rem.

Constable-Maswell : Makmaduke,
Constable-Maxwell, Esq., of Terregles,
CO. Kirkcudbright, younger brother of
William Constable Maxwell, Esq., of Ever-
ingham Park, co. York, and Carlave-
rock Castle, co. Dumfries, is second son
by Theresa Apollonia, his wife, daughter
of Edmund Wakeman, Esq., of Beckford
CO. Worcester, of Marmaduke William Con-
stable Maxwell, Esq., of Everingham Park
and Carlaverock, who on the decease of his
mother assumed the additional surname and
arms of Maxwell. He was eldest sou and
lieir by the Lady Wlnifted Maxwell his wife,
dau and sole heiress of John Maxwell, Earl
of Nithsdale, of William Haggerston Con-
stable, Esq., second son of Sir Carnaby
Haggerston, Bart., of Haggerston Castle, co.

Northumbeidand, by Elizabeth his wife,
daughter and heir of Peter Middleton, Esq.,
of Stockeld, co. York. (See Bukke's Peer-
age and Baronetage.)

Arms. Quarterly 1st and 4tb, arg. an eagle displayed
sa. beaked and membered gu. surmounted of an escut-
cheon of the first, charged with a salt ire of the second,
and surcharged in the centi'e ■n'ith a hedge-hog or., for
ISlAxwEiui. ; 2nd, quarterly gu. and vaire, over all a bend
or., for Constable ; 3rd, az. on a bend cottised arg. three
biUotssa. a crescent for cadency, for Haggekston.

Crests. I. A stag ppr. attired arg. couchant before a
holly bush, also ppr. II. A sliip in full sail or.

ilnito. Kevirescinius.

Faenall.— Hakry Burrard Farnall,
Esq., A.B., a Magistrate for the counties
of Dorset and Devon, Inspector of Poor
Laws, eldest son of Capt. Harry Farnall,
R.N., by iNIartha, his wife, daughter and co-
heir of Philip Elliott, Esq., of Clifton, co.
Gloucester, and grandson of Nathaniel Far-
nall, Esq., of the 60th regiment, by Eliza
Jacintha, his wife, daughter of Colonel Wil-
liam Burrard, of Lymington, bears a quar-
tered shield, Farnall and Elliott, and
impales the coat of Bellamie, in right of
his wife, a daughter of the late Robert
Bellamie, Esq., of Sandford House, near

NATHANir.L Farnali,, = Eliza Jacintha, dau. of

Esq., an officer in the
GOtli regiment.

Colonel William Bur-
rard, by Eliza, his first
wife, daugliter and co-
heir of JMonsicur de la
Rosa, Ambassador from
the Court of Spain.
(See Burrard, Bart.)

Harry Earnall, Esq., _ Martha, daughter and

Captain R.N.,
lied in ISOO.

coheir of
liott, Esq.

riiilip El-

Bhilip Elliott, of
Boldnor House,
Yarmouth, Isle of
Wight, second son,

George llooke,
of Burley Park,
Hants, third son.

H.VRRY BviiRAnT) Farnall, ^ Dorothea, Ist^RhodaElea-
Esq., of Burley A'illa, wife, dau. of nor, 2nd
Lyme Regis, eldest son, Alan Belling- wife, dau. of
18th in direct descent ham, Esq., of the late
from Edward I. (See the Castle, Robert Bel-
Royal Families, vol. 2, Castle Bel- lamie, Esq.,
ped. clx.x.xii.) lingham, co. of Sandford

Loutli, dec. House, near

Arms. Quarterly; 1st and 4th, Fabnall : Or. on ^
bend gu. three annulets of the first, -nithin a bordure of
the second, bczantee ; 2nd and 3rd, Elliott: erm. a
fesse az. witli two double cottises, indented vert. Iji-
TAHXG, Eella:\iie : sa. on a fesse or cottised arg., three
crescents, az.

Ci est. A hawk, ducally gorged, and wings expanded.

Muilo. Persevere,

Pemberton-Barnes : William Pem-
BERTON Barnes, Esq., of Havering Att
Bower, co. Essex, bears for

Arms. Island 4th Barnes: Argent a bear in bend
sable between two bendlets azure on a chief of the last
a rose of the first, barbed and seeded ppr. between two
estoiles or. (for distinction a canton ermine).

2nd and 3rd rF^iruERTO.v. Azure on a chevron ermine
between in chief two ears of wheat slipped or. and



in base a dove rising: ppv., tlivee gryphons' heads erased
of the third. An Escutcheon of Pretence, arg a hear
in bend sa. between two bcndlets az., on a chief of the
last, a rose of the first, barbed and seded ppr. between
two estoiles or.

Crests, Barnes. Upon a rocli a leopard passant proper,
semee of estoiles sable {and charged for distinction with
a cross crosslet also sable).

Pemberton. Upon the ti-unk of an oak tree eradicated
and sprouting towards the dexter proper, a gryi^hon pas-
sant or. guttee de jtoLx.

Motto. Mutare vel timere sperno.

HoGHTON, Dame Susanna, of Astley, co
Lancaster, relict 1st of Thomas Townley
Parker, Esq., (by whom she was motlier of
tlie present Robert Townley Parker, Esq.,
of Cuerdeu Hall co. Lancaster) and 2nd of
Sh- Henry Phillip Hoghton, Bart., (by
whom she w^as mother of the present Sir
Henry Bold Hoghton, Bart.,) is only daugh-
ter and eventually sole heiress of the late
Peter Brooke, Esq., of Astley and Char-
nock, son of Thomas Brooke, Esq., of Astley,
and grandson by INLirgaret his wife, only
daughter and sole heiress of Robert
Charnock, Esq , of Charnock, of Richard
Brooke, 2nd son of Sir Peter Brooke, Knt.,
of Mere co. Chester.

Lady Hoghton represents the very an-
cient family of Charnock of Charnock —
seated there as early as King John — Richard
de Chernoc, son of Adam de Cliernoc was
o^saier of Astley temp. Richard I., and was
greatgrandfather of Adam de Charnoc who
■was summoned to attend the great council
at Westminster, 30th JNlay, 17th Edward XL
He married Joane, daughter and coheir of
Sir John Molyneux of Crosby, Knt., and
from him directly descended, Thomas Char-
nock, Esq., of Charnock, aged twenty-six, in
1613, (son of Robert Charnock, of Char-
nock) wlto married Bridget, daughter and
heir of John Molyneux, (2nd son of William,
eldest son of Sir Richard Molyneux of
Seftoii) and Dorothy, his wife, daughter and
coheir of John Booth of Barton, and by
her was father of Robert Charnock, Esq., of
Charnock who married in 1G49, Alice, daugh-
ter of AVilliam Ffarington of AYorden, and
left an only daughter and liciress j\Iargaret
Charnock who married Richard Brooke,
Esq., second son of Sir Peter Brooke of
l\Iere, as before stated.

Arms. Quarterly 1st arg. on a bend sa. three crosses
crosslet of the first for CnAHNOcK, 2nd az. a cross moline
crowned or., for IMolynetjx of Crosby, 3rd az. a cross
moline or. for MoljTieux of Sefton, 4th arg. thi-ee boars
heads erect and erased sa. for Booth of Barton.

Clive of Whitfield co. Hereford. TIte
Rev. AiiCHER CrjVE of tliat place, Rector
of Solihidl, eldest surviving son of the late
Edward Bolton Clive, Esq., of Whitfield,
by Harriet, his wife, 4th daughter and co-
heir of Andrew last Lord Archer of Umbers-
lade, CO Warwick, bears a shield of four
quarterings, Clive, Husbands, Bolton and
Archer, with an escutcheon of pretence

for WiGLEY, in right of his wife, Caroline,
daughter and coheir of Edmund Meysey
Wigley, Esq., of Shakenhurst co. Worces-

Arms. Quarterly 1st arg. on a fesse sa. three mullets
or. for Clive ; 2nd arg. on a fesse voided between three
martlets as many mullets all sa. for Husbands ; 3rd or.,
on a chev. gu. three lions passant guardant arg. for
Bolton ; 4th az. three broad arrows, points do'wnwards
or. for Archer. An Escutcheon of Pretence, paly of
eight embattled arg. and gu.

Crest. A griffin passant arg.

Motto. Audacter et sincere.

Naylor ; John Naylor, Esq., of Leigh-
ton House, CO. Montgomery, bears for

Arms. Per pale or. and arg. a pale sable fretty or.,
between two lions ramp, of the third.

Crest. A lion sable charged on the body with two
saltires or. resting the dexter paw on a shield cliarged
with the arms.

Motto. Hoc Age.

Daravin, of Elston Hall, Notts : Francis
Rhodes, Esq., (son of W. Rhodes, Esq., of
Bramhope Hall, co. York), and Charlotte
]\Iaria Cooper, liis wife, eldest dau. of AVil-
liam Darwin, Esq., of Elston, and sister and
co-heir of Robert Alvey Darwin, Esq., also
of Elston Hall, deceased, were authorized
by royal license dated 21st Feb. 1850,
to assume the surname of Darwin instead
of Rhodes, in compliance with the testamen-
tary injunction of the said Robert Alvey
Darwin, Esq., who was representative of
the old family of Darwin of Elston, a younger
son of which was the celebrated Erasmus
Darwin, I\I.D., of Derby, author of " the
Botanic Garden."

Arms. 1st and 4th Darwin, ermine a leopard's face
jessant de lis between two escaUops nil \\ithin two bendlets
gu. in chief a cross patee also gu.: 2nd and 3rd Rhodes,
per pale arg. and az. on a bend nebuly a lion passant
guardant between two acorns slipped, alleounterclianged.

Crest. Darwin, a demi gryphon sable semee of mas-
cles or. charged on the shoulder with a cross patee gold,
resting the sinister claw upon a sliield arg. charged witli
a leopard's face jessant de lis gu., Pihodes, a cubit arm
erect vested bendy of six arg. and az. cuff gu. the liand
holding in saltire an oak branch and vine branch both
fructed ppr.

Comyn; Sir Robert Buckley Comyn,
Kt., called to the Bar in 1814, was appointed
a Puisne Judge of the Supreme Court, Mad-
ras, and Knighted in 1825, and became Chief
Justice in 1835. He is youngest but only sur-
viving son of the late Rev. Thomas Comyn,
Vicar of Tottenham, Middlesex, by Harriet
Charlotte Stables, his wife ; and grandson of
Stephen Comyn, Esq., Barrister-at-law.

Arms. Az. a chevron crm, between three garbs or.
Crest. Two arms embowed couped at tl\e shoulders
habited crm. holding in the hands ppr. a garb or.
Motto. Ccelum non Animum.

Barrett of Milton House, co. Berks :
John Basil Barrett, Esq., of Milton
House, son of the late James Barrett, Esq.,
of the same place, and grandson of Jolin
Briant Barrett, Esq., who purchased the es-
tate of Milton, about the year 17G8, from the



family of Calton, and in 1771 improved and
added two wings to the mansion, originally
erected by Inigo Jones.

Jrms. Quarterly 1st and 4tli, gii. on a chief indented
arg. three escallops of the first, for Barrett; 2nd and 3rd,
arg. a chev. engrailed ermines, between three greyhounds'
heads erased ermine for Belsom.

Crest. A wyvei'n wings erect or, chained and collared

Motto. Honor, vii'tus, prohitas.

Bold. — An ancient knightly family seated
at Bold, CO. Lancaster, from the time of the
Conquest (See Burke's Commoners, vol. iii).
The present representative, and possessor of
the estate, is Henry Hoghton, Esq., son
and heir apparent of Sir Henry Bold Hogh-
ton, Bart, by Dorothea, daughter and even-
tual heir of JPeter Patten-Bold, Esq., of Bold.
Arg. a gr jT^hon segreant sa. beaked and legged


A gryphon as in the arms.

Hoghton, Hoghton Tower, co. Lancaster.
This, a family of great antiquity, and in
point of precedence the second in the Ba-
ronetage, is now represented by Sir Henry
Bold-Hoghton, Bart.

Arms. Sa. three hars arg. with an augmentation of the
rose of England and the thistle of Scotland, impaled on a
canton or.

Crest. A bull passant or. (anciently a bull's head or.
collared mth three bars sa.)

Supporters. Two bulls or.

Motto. Ulalgre le tort.

Parr, Lythwood, co. Salop. The name
of Parr is derived from a manor in the co.
of Lancaster, where the family were seated
at a very remote period. The name of Henry
de Parr occurs, as witness to a deed without
date, temp. Henry III. : and another Henry
de Parr was living 1318. In 1383, Sir Wil-
liam de Parre, head of the family, m. Eliza-
beth De Ros, grand- dau. and heir of Sir
Thomas De Eos, Baron of Kendal, and from
this alliance sprang the great house of Parr,
of Kendal, whose eventual representative,
William Parr, INIarquess of Northampton
(brother of Queen Katherine Parr) d.s-p.
1571. The collateral branch of the Parrs
remained seated at Parr till the middle of
the seventeenth century, when a younger son
of the family, removing to Liverpool, founded
the branch before us, of which was Henry
Parr, an emment merchant there, who d.

His great-grandson, Thomas Parr, Esq.,
settled at Lythwood, in 1804, and dying
there 12tli Nov, 1847, left, with other issue,
a sou and hen-, the Pev. Thomas Parr,
Rector of Westljiu-y, Salop, a magistrate for
that shire.

Arms. Arg. two bars azure, a bordure engrailed sa.
a crescent for diif.

Crest. A female's head couped below the shoulders,
habited az. on her head a wreath of roses, alternately arg.
and gules.

Motto, Ainoui' avcc loyaulte,

Parr, Taunton, co. Somerset. The Rev.
Henry Parr, Vicar and Patron of Taunton,
St. Mary Magdalene, is fourth son of the
late Thomas Parr, Esq., of Lythwood. He
has issue — 1. Henry William Fitz-Hugh, b.
13th May, 1846 ; 1. Katherme Susanna Ma-
tilda ; 2. Elizabath De Ros ; 3. Alice Maud

Arms, ^-c. as preceding. [See Engraving.)

Walter, Bearwood, co. Berks. John
Walter, Esq., of Warwickshire, had two
sons — 1. Robert, Captain R.N., who d.
1784, leaving five daus. his coheirs, viz. : 1 =
Elizabeth, m. William Moore, Esq., of Stone-
house, Devon ; 2. Katherine, 7n. Thomas
Parr, Esq., of Lythwood Hall, Salop ; 3.
Tvydia. m. Edward Chamberlayne, Esq. of
Rocky Hill, Kent ; 4. Maria Francesca, m.
tlie Rev. Thomas Chamberlayne, of Charlton ;
5. Sophia, 171. CI. B. Lonsdale, Esq. of Lon-

II. John, This John Walter, Esq., of
Teddington Grove, was the celebrated foun-
der of the Tillies newspaper. He d. 1812,
leaving, with other issue, a son, the late John
Walter, Esq., of Bearwood, some time M. P.
for Berks, and its sheriif in 1830. His el-
dest son and heir is the present John Wal-
ter, Esq., of Bearwood, J.P. and D.L. for
Berks, and M.P. for Nottingham.

Arms. Arg. guttoe de sang, two swords in saltii'C gu.
over all a lion rampant sa.
Crest. A stork di-hikmg out of a whelk shell erect ppr.

Chamber LAYNE, Cranbur}^, co. ILants.
This branch of the ancient familyof Oiamber-
layne, was seated in Kent for many genera-
tions. The late representative, the Rev,
Thomas Chamberlayne, Rector of Charlton,
m. Lydia, dau. and coheir of Captain Robert
Walter, and had by her an only son the pre-
sent Thomas Chamberlayne, Esq., of
Cranbury Park, J.P. and D.L. for Hants,
and Sheriff thereof in 1834.

Arms. Gu. an inescutcheon arg. within an orle of
mullets or.
Crest. Out of a ducal coronet or. an ass's head arg.
Motto. Mors potior macula.

MooKE. — The Rev. John Walter
Moore, Rector of Hordley, co. Salop, is son
of the late William jMoore, Esq., of Stone-
house, CO. Devon, by Elizabeth, dau. and co-
heir of Captain Walter, R.N.

Arms. Arg. three greyhounds courant in pale sa.
Crest. A moorcock ppr.
Motto. Dum spiro spero.

Hart.- -The Rev. Richard Hart, of



Ciitton, near Norwich, is son of the late
Lieut. -Colonel John Hart, Inspecting Field
Officer of Dublin, by Augusta his wife, clau.
of the Kev. Daniel Jodrell, Rector of liing-
bani, Norfolk, grandson of Archibald Hart,
Esq., by Isabella, his third wife, sister and
eventual heir of Admiral Moutray of Ros-
cobie, and great grandson, by his second
wife Mary, dau. of James Campbell, Esq.,
of Kilpout, of the Rev. James Hart, JNlinis-
ter of the Greyfriars Church, Edinburgh,
and one of the live Commissioners deputed
by the General Assembly of the Kirk of
Scotland to congratulate George I. on his
accession. The Rev. James Hart was son
of James Hart, Provost of Jedburgh, and
grandson of Colonel Hart, who settled in
Scotland a.d. 1640, being, according to the
Matriculation Roll, authenticated by the seal
of Lyon, King of Arms, " a cadet of a res-
pectable Lmcolnshire family of the name."
The present Rev. Richard Hart descends
through his great -grandmother, i^Iary Camp-
bell of Kilpont, from the noble house of Ar-
gyll, through his grandmotiier Isabella ]\Iou-
tray, from the Boswells of Balmuto, and the
Stewards of the Grenane, progenitors of the
Earl of Galloway, and through his motlier,
from the Jodrells of Norfolk, the Rolles of
Devon, the Fortescues, the Ameridiths, the
Sheldons, the Le Neves, &c.

Arms. Qiiartcrly 1st and 4th, arg. two hearts in fess
enflamed ppr. for Haut of Restah'ig House, near Kdin-
burfjh ; 2nd. GjTonny of eight or. and sa. for CA:MrJ!ELi,
of Kilpont ; 3rd. az. between three escallops arg. a chev.
charged with a boar's head erased sa. between two spur
rowels gu. Impaling orm. on a chief gu. two trefoils
slipped or. for Bampton.

Crest. A dexter enbit arm. ppr. holding a scinictar
hilted, or. with the motto, " parat usnm."

Motto. Under tiic Shield, Fide et amore.

BEAbLE : John Beadle, Esq., of South
Ella, in tlie East Riding of the County of
York, a J\Iagistrate of the Borough of
Kingston upon Hull and Chairman of the
Hull Dock Company from 1840 to 1847,
bears for

Arms, Gu. a chov. between three escallops arg. all
witliin a bordure engrailed of the second.

Crest. A stag's head erased or. attired and ducally
gorged gn.

Cox of Charton, Farninghara, Kent, and
of Trevereux, Limpsfield, Surrey.

Arms. Barry of ten or. and azure, tlirec escochcons
two and one gules, each charged witli a horse saUent ar-
gent for Cox : quartering three other coats as follow ;
sable, a cross or. on a chief argent, three eaglets gules,
for Penary vel Pencret of Ash and Ryarsh, Kent : argent,
a pale ncbuly gulcs, on a canton of "the last, a cross tlory
argent, for Middleton of Sliddletons, Longiield, Kent :
and ermine, a chevi'on vairy or. and gules, between three
■wolves' heads erased azure, for Jliller of Addiugton and
Ryarsh, Kent.

Crests. On a wreath or. and azure, a demi-horsc ar-
gent charged on the shouUler with a thunderbolt proper,
Over it, An tu tonitru, for Cox : and the following crest

of augmentation, now borne as the first crest, on a wrcatii
or. and azure ujion a bow fessways or., a stag at gaze ar-
gent, attired, luiguled, gorged with a collar and chain
reflexed over the back gold, also for Cox.

Motto. Chescnn son devoir-. Tliis family were in 1 G4S
resident at Piotherfield in Sussex, but subsequently esta-
blished in Kent, and also in Sim'ey ; the pedigrees regis-
tered at the Heralds College, in Books, Norfolk Volumes
5 and 7, and 13 D 14, are very extensive and docimientary,
and it appears, that the estates of their ancestors, the
ancient family of JMiddleton of JMiddletons, possessed by
them in the reign of King Edward the Fourth, are still,
after the lapse of nearly four centuries, in the possession
of the Cox's their descendants. The representative of the
family, is the present Henry Cox, Esq., of Trevereux,
Limpsfield, Surrey.

Faussett ; the Rev. Godfrey Faussett,
D.D., of Heppington, Kent, Canon of Christ
Cliurch, Oxford, and Margaret Professor of
Divinity in that University, only surviving
son of tlie late Henry Godfrey Faussett,
Esq., of Heppington, by his first wife,
Susan, only daughter of Richard Sandys,
Esq., of Canterbury, grandson of the Rev.
Bryan Faussett, of Heppington and Lydde,
Fellow of All Souls, Oxford, Rector of
IMonks Horton, co. Kent, by Elizabeth
his wife, only daughter of the Rev. Row-
land Curtois, Rector of Hainton, co. Lin-
coln, and great-grandson of Baryan Faus-
sett, Esq., of Rochester, and afterwards
of Heppington (which he rebuilt), by
Mary his wife, only daughter and heiress
of Henry Godfrey, Esq., of Heppington and
Lydde, derives paternally from Henry Faus-
sett, Esq., of St. Saviours, Southwark, and
of Plumstead, co. Kent, temp. James I., and
represents, through his great-grandmother
the ancient Kentish family of Godfrey of
Old Romney, Lydde. and Heppington.

Arms. Or. a lion rampant, sa., debruised by a bend
gobony, arg. and gu.. quartering the sliields of Beyan,
Godfrey, Partriche, Toke, Goldwell, Holant), Malmayns,
Haute," Peto, Shelving, Bourne, Ilougham, Denne, De
Gatton, Surrendcn, Pluckley, Tonil'ord, Walworth, Ben-
nett, Pittis, &c.

Crest. A demi-lion rampt. sa. holding in the ])aws a
Tuscan Column, inclined bendways, gobony argt. and
gu., the base and capital or.

Be"NSON of Lutwyche Hall, co. Salop :
Moses George Ben.son, Esq., of that place,
a jMagistrate and Deputy Lieutenant, son
and heir of the late Ralph Benson, Esq. of
Lutwyche Hall, by Barbara his wife, tliird
daughter and coheir of Thomas Lewin,
Esq., of Cloghans, co. IMayo ; bears a
quartered coat, Benson and Lewin, and in
right of his wife Charlotte Riou, only child

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