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of the late Col. Lyde Browne, 21st Fusi-
liers, an escutcheon of pretence, quarterly
Brown, Barwkll, and Riou.

Arms. Quarterly, 1st and 4th, arg. on a chief wavj-,
az. a hand and arm couped, supporting on a dagger
the scales of justice, or. : in base a ship on waves of the
sea, ppr. for Benson : 2nd and 3rd, arg. a bend engr.
between two fleurs de Us, sa. for Lewin. An Escut-
cnF.oN or Pretf.nce : quarterly, 1st and 4th : gu. three
boars' heads erased, or. for Browne. 2nd, Barry often
arg. and sa. a dragon scgreant or. for Bauwei.i,. 3rd,
az. two bars in chief, or. and in base a swan ppr.
for Kiou.



Crest. A horse passant, caparisoned ppr. On the
breast a shield az.
Motto. Leges arma tenent sanctas.

Adams : Sir George Pownall Adams,
K.C.B., Lieuteuant-Greiieral in the army,
and Colonel of the 6th Inniskillen Dra-
goons, received the honour of knight-
hood 28tli Sept., 1831. He is second son of
the late William Adams, Esq., of Bowdon,
CO. Devon, M.P. for Totnes, (by Anna Ma-
ria, his wife, dau. of Eichard Dacres, Esq.,
of Leatherhead, Surrey, descended from the
ancient and noble family of Dacre of Gil-
lesland ;) and brother of the present William
Dacres Adams, Esq., of Bowdon, Avho was
confidential Secretary to the Right Hon.
William Pitt during his last administration,
and to the Duke of Portland when Prime
Minister. Sir George bears an escutcheon
of PRETENCE, in right of his wife, Eliza-
beth, second dau. and coheiress (with her
elder sister, Grace Chard, who is now the re-
presentative of the ancient family of Elford,
which is extinct in the male line) of the
late Sir AVilliam Elford, Bart, F.RS., and
F.L.S., of Bickham, co. Devon, many years
M.P. for Plymouth and Rye, by Mary his
wife, dau. of the Rev. George Davies. By
her he has issue — William Elford, born
10th June, 1822, captain in the Royal Irish,
mar, April 17th, 1849, Anna Maria, eldest
dau. of Patrick Bannennan, Esq., of Aber-
deen ; George Dacres, born 1st Nov. 1823,
in holy orders ; Arthur Fulford, born 6th
April, 1825, Deputy- Assistant Commissary
General, mar. in 1847 Henrietta, .second
dau. of William P. Bowman, Esq., Deputy
Commissary General ; Henrv Cranstoun,
born 25th Nov., 1826, mar. Matilda Winsloe,
third daughter of Thomas Palton, Esq., of
Bishops Hull House, Somerset, and has a
son, Herbert Cranstoun, born March, 1851.

Arms. Or. a lion rampant gu. between semee of cross
crosslets titchee, within a bordure engrailed sable,
surrounded by a blue ribbon and a garland ppr., thereto
pendant the Cross of the Guelphic Order of Hanover.

Crest. A dexter arm enibowed in armour, grasping a
cross crosslet fitchee sa., the elbow charged with ator-

Motto. Libertas et natale solum.

Western, of Essex, descended from a
London family, traceable to the fifteenth
century. At the decease of Charles Callis
Western, Lord AYestern in 1844, the repre-
sentation of this ancient house devolved on
his kinsman, the present Charles JMaximi-
lian Thomas Western, Esq., of the Grange,
Stirling, only son of the late Lieut. -Colonel
Charles Maximilian Thomas Western, K.T.S.,
and grandson of the Rev. Charles Western,
of Abingdon, rector of Kingham, whose
great grandfather Maximilian Western, Esq.,
of Great Abingdon, co. Cambridge, was
third son of Thomas Western, Esq., of

Riveidiall, and brother of Thomas Western,
ancestor of Lord Western.

Mr. Western bears a quartered coat,
Western and Le Gros, and impales the
Arms of Balfour, in right of his wife, Har-
riet, daughter of William Balfour, Esq., of
Trenaby, Orkney.

Arms. Quarterly 1st and 4th sa. a chev. between two
crescents and a trefoil slipped, in base, or. for Western.
2nd and 3rd quarterly, arg. and az. on a bend sa three
martlets, or. for Le Gkos ; hnpaling arg. on a chev. sa.
an otter's head erased of the field for Balfour.

Cre!,t. A demi-lion rampt. or. holding in his paw a
trefoil slipped vert.

Mulin. Nee temere nee timide.

Shann : as borne by Thomas Shann,
JM.A., vicar of Hampsthwaite, co. York ;
George Shann, M.D., Y''ork ; and Charles
Shann, sons of Thomas and Honor Shann,
and great-grandchildren of Thomas and
]Mary Shann, (daughter of William Hill,
Esq., of Oxton, co. York) ; and maternally
descended from Edmund Plantagenet and
John Plantagenet, children of King Edward
the First ; from Lionel, Duke of Clarence,
and John of Gaunt, sons of King Edward
the Third ; and from William Chicheley,
brother of Henry Chicheley, Archbishop of
Canterbury, and founder oi' All Souls Col-
lege, Oxford.

Arms. Vair, on a pile or., three escutcheons az., each
charged with an annulet, gold.

Ci est. In front of au annulet or. a hand, holding a dag-
ger erect ppr.

Motto. Fideliter.

Sewell : Thomas Bermingham Daly
Henry Sewell, Esq., of Queenwood Hall,
CO. Surrey, and Athenry, co. Galway, im-
pales the arms of Beresford in right of his
wife, the Hon. Harriet Beresford, daughter
of the first Lord Decies.

]Mr. Sewell is only son of the late Thomas
Bailey Heath Sewell, Esq., Lieut. -Col. of
the Surrey Yeomanry, by his wife, the
Right Hon. Ladj^ Elizabeth, eldest daughter
and coheir of Thomas Bermingham, Earl of
Louth and Baron of Athenry, Premier
Baron of Ireland, and grandson, by his first
wife, Catherine, daughter of Thonjas Heath,
Esq., of Stanstead, Mountfitchet, co. Essex,
of the Right Hon. Sir 'I'homas Sewell, Knt.,
of Ottershaw, co. Surrey, Master of the
Rolls, who was eldest son of John Sewell,
Esq., of London, whose will is dated 1692,
and grandson of Robert Sewell, Esq., of
Chatham and Tonge, co. Kent, born at
Callvgarth, co. Cumberland, and livhig in

Jrms, Sa. a chev. between three bees volant arg.
Crest. An arm in armour holding a truncheon with
a cap of liberty at the end.
Motto. Planus hac inimica tyrannis.

Westerman : as borne by George IT.
Westerman, Esq., of Castle Grove, Sandal,
near Wakefield, co. York.



Armi. Pel- chev. or. and sa. iu chief thi-ee cinquefoils,
and in base a lion ram;iant coimterchanged.

Crest. A demi greyhoiuid per cliev. ov. and sa. holding
between the paws a cinquefoil of the last.

CuST, of Danby Hall, co. York — now re-
pre.sented by the Rev. Edward Cust, of
that place.

Cust quartering Mitford and Breary,

Arms. Quarterly, first and fourth, Erm. a chev. sa.
charged with three foiuitains ppr. for Cust. Second,
arg. on a fesse sa. between three moles ppr. a crescent
of the field, for Mitford. Tliird, arg. a cross potent
gu. in each aperture a torteau, for Breary.

Cresi. A lion's head erased sa., gorged with a collar
gobony of six arg. and az.

Dent, of Sudeley Castle, co. Gloucester :
John and William Dent, Esq., of Sudeley
Castle, the former High Slieriff of Worces-
tersliire in 1850, and the latter of Gloucester-
shire in 1851, sons of the late John Dent,
of the City of Worcester, ]\Ierchant, and
grandsons of the late Lawrence Dent, of
Yaden, in the North Kiding of the county
of York, Merchant, bear for

Arms. Erm. on a bend nebuly az. three lozenges of
the field.

Crest. An heraldic tiger's head erased erm. semee of
lozenges az. flames issuing fronr the mouth ppr.

Motto. Concordia et Ludustria.

Bloxsome, of the Kangers, Dursley, co.
Gloucester, as borne by Edward Bloxsome,
Esq., of that place.

Arms. Per pale or. and sa. a fesse dancettee voided
between three wiverns' heads erased, all counterchanged.

Crest. A wivern's head erased, or. transfixed by spear
head in pale sa.

Motto. Non temere sed fortiter.

Cardale : as borne by William Car-
dale, of Dudley, a.d. 1670, son of AVilliam
Cardale, of llagley, and grandson of "William
Cardale, living in 1500. His descendants
in the male line now living are, 1 , JoiiN Bate
Cardale, Esq , of Bedford llow and Bedford
House, Tavistock Square : and 2, the Rev.
Edward Thomas Cardale, Vicar of Pod-
dington, Beds. : sons of AVilliam Cardale,
Esq., of Bedford Row, by Mary Bennet, his
wife, grand-daughter and co-heir of Francis
Say, which said William Cardale, was great
grandson of John Cardale, second son of
the aforesaid William Cardale, of Dudley ;
also, 3, the Rev. George Carter Cardale,
of Wood Walton, Hunts., grandson of the
Rev. George Cardale, D.D., Vicar of Roth-
ley, Leicestershire ; and 4, Joseph Spencer
Cardale, Esq., of Leicester, son of John
Cardale, of Hinckley, Leicestershire, which
said George Cardale, D.D., and Joseph
Cardale, were the second and third sons of
the Rev. Joseph Cardale, Vicar of Hinckley,
and fourth son of the above-named William
Cardale, of Dudle}\

Arms. Az. a chev. arg. between three linnets ppv.

Crfst. A limiet ppr

R[oilo. Studendo et contemplando Indefessus.

The family of Cardonnay, Seigneur de
Courtieres, &c., Generalite de Rouen, bore
the same charges on a field gu. [See No-
hillare de Normandie-Cardonnay). The two
names, Cardale and Cardonnaj^, havmg ap-
parently the same reference to the charge —
a linnet, Carduelis, chardonneret.

Childe-Pemberton, of Millichope Park,
CO. Salop. Charles Orlando, third son
of AVilliam Lacon Childe, Esq., of Kinlet,
by Harriet his wife, second daughter of
AA'illiam Pemberton, afterwards Cludde, of
AA'rockwardine, Esq , assumed by royal
license, 2nd July, 1849, the surname of
Pemberton, in additicm to and after that of
Childe, and the arms of Pemberton
quarterly with those of Childe and Bald-
wyn, in compliance with the testamentary
injunction of the Rev. Robert Norgrave Pem-
berton, of Millichope Park, Rector of Church
Stretton. The Pembertons of Millichope,
originally of Pemberton, co. Lancaster, re-
moved at an early period into Shropshire.
The Baldwyns of Diddlesbury, the paternal
ancestors of Mr. Childe-Pemberton, are stated
to have sprung from BaAvdewyne, a Norman,
on the roll of Battell Abbey.

Arms. Quarterly 1st and 4th, Pemberton or. two
chevronels between three buckets sa ; 2nd, Childe gu. a
chev. crni between three eagles close arg. ; 3rd. Bai,ii-
•WYNarg. a saltire sa. a crescent for difference.

Crests. Childe, an eagle, with wings expanded arg
enveloped with a snake ppr. Pejiberton, a griffin's
head couped sa. in front a crescent oi-. EALD\\"i'N, on a
mount vert, a cockatrice arg., wattled, combed, and
beaked, or. ducally gored and Uued at the last, a crescent
for difference.

Motto. Hauri e puro. {See Engraving.)

Cregoe-Colmore, of Moor End, Charlton
Kings, CO. Gloucester : C. F. Cregoe-Col-
jiore, Esq., of j\Ioor End, is son of the late
Frind Cregoe, Esq., of Trewithian, near
Tregony, Cornwall, avIio assumed the sur-
name and arms of COLMORE, in compliance
with tlie testamentary injunction of JNiiss
Colmore, who devised property to him. He
bears the arms of Colmore and Cregoe,
quarterly, and impales the coat of Owen,
in right of his wife AIary, only daughter of
the Rev. Edward Pryce Owen, ]\LA., of
Bettws Hall, co. Montgomery.

Arms. Quarterly 1st and 4th, Colmore, per chev. gu.
and az. nine billets, three, three, and three arg and
three crescents, two and one, crminois. 2iul and 3rd.
Cregoe, or. on a chev. gu. between three Cornish choughs
volant ppr. as many plates.

C/esls. IstCoLMORK, out of a crescent or. a Black-
amoor's head, in profile, MTcatheil about the temples or.
and gu. 2nd. Cregoe, out of a ducal coronet, an arm in
armour erabowed, cut off below the wrist, holding in the
hand an arrow.

Motto. Fortuna audaccs juvat.



Heygate, of Southend, co. Essex : the
present Sir Frederick William Heygate,
Bart., bears on his paternal shield an escut-
cheon of Pretence for Gage, in right of his
wife Marianne, only daugliter of the late
CONOLLY Gage, Esq , of Bellarena, co.

.■Irms. Gu. two bars arg. ou a bend or., a toiteau
between two leopards' faces az. an Escutcheon of Pretence,
Per saltire az. a saltire gw.

Crrt. A wolf's bead erased gu.

Motto. Boulogne et Cadiz

Bellew, of Stockleigh Court, Devon.

Arms. Quarterly: 1. Bellew, sable frettee or.; 2.
Fleming of Bratton Fleming, vaire a chief chequey gules
and or. ; 3. Ferrers of Beer Ferrers, or. on a bend sable
three horseshoes ar. ; 4. CoLEnROOKE of Colebrooke,
argent a lion rampant gules over all on a fesse sable
three crosses patee fitchee or. ; 5. Callet of Chimney,
quarterly argent and sable on a bend gules, three mullets
of the first; 6. Barbor of Treraington, argent two chev-
rons between three fleur de lis gules.

Crest. An arm embowed habited, the hand ppr. grasp-
ing a chalice pouring water {belle eau, allusive to the
name) into a bason, also ppr.

Motto. Tout d'en haut.

Peto, Samuel Morton, Esq., of Somer-
leyton Hall, co. Suffolk, M.P. for the City of
Norwich, bears for

^rms. Per pale indented argt. and gu., barry of six
Crest. A sinister wing or.
Motto. Ad flnem fidelis.

Lordship termed it, " of that arduous trial
of his prudence, activitj^, and resolution."

Davis : as borne by Sir John Francis
Davis, Bart., of Hollywood, co. Gloucester,
late Her Majesty's Plenipotentiary in China,
and Governor and Commander-in-Chief of
Hong Kong.

Arms. Arg, a chev. ncbuly, between three mullets in
chief, and another in base, pierced, sa.

Crest Two Indian pikes in saltire ppr., surmounted
by a mullet pierced sa. between two wings vair arg. and

Motto. Utili secernere honestimi.

The augmentation of the Indian Spear
in the Crest commemorates an heroic
achievement of Sir John's father, the late
Samuel Davis, Esq., member of the Board
of Revenue in Bengal. In 1799, after the
massacre of the Political Resident at Benares,
lie defended his house for upwards of an
hour and a half, armed with a spear only,
and posted in a narrow staircase, single
handed, against the treacherous attack of the
usurper. Vizier Ali and his forces, and
" thus saved the settlement, by giving time
for the cavalry, wdiich w^ere quartered at
Beetabur, about ten miles from Benares, to
reach Secrole, and oblige Vizier Ali to retire
with his followers "* Lord Wellesley, who
was Governor-General of Lidia at the period,
expressed his sense of tlie gallant defence
made by Mr. Davis, in a letter, wherein he
attributed the safety of the English settle-
ment, and the salvation of the city from
pillage, to the " successful issue," as his

* Lord Vulentia's account.

Peter-Hoblyn, Colquite, Cornwall :
Deeble Peter-Hoblyn, Esq., of Colquite,
youngest son of Hoblyu Peter, Esq., of
Porthcothan, and a lineal descendant of the
ancient house of Peter of Harlyn, succeeded
to Colquite, and the other possessions of his
uncle, Deeble Peter, E.sq , in 1836, and as-
sumed by royal licence, in compliance with
that gentleman's will, the additional surname
and arms of Hoblyn, the pationymic of his
grandmother, Sarah, only daughter and
heiress of Edward Hoblyn, Esq., of Colquite.

Urns. Quarterly, 1st and 4th, grand quarters. Quar-
terly, 1 St and 4th, az. a fesse or. bct-ween two flaunches
erm". 2nd and 3rd, gu. on a bend or between two
escallops arg. a Cornish chough jipr. between two cijique-
foils az. 2nd and 3rd, grand quarters, az a fesse
or. between two flaunches, erra.

Crests. First, a tower. Second, two lion's heads erased
and endorsed ; the first, or. the second az. gorged with a
plain coUar counterchangcd.

Multo. Sub libertate quietem.

Meadows, or Medows, of AVitnesham
Hall, CO. Suffolk, lineally descended from
Peter de Medewe, wdio was seized of lands
at AVitnesham in the 34 Henry H. (1188),
which have ever since remained in the
family, and are now in the possession of the
present representative Daniel Charles
jMeadows, of AAHtnesham Hall and Great
Bealings, co. Suffolk, Esq., eldest surviving
son and heir of the Rev. Philip Meadows,
Rector of Great Bealings, by Elizabeth,
daughter of the Rev. Morgan Graves, M.A.,
Rector of Redgrave cum Botesdale and of
Hinderclay in tlie same count}', by Harriet
James, his wife, only child and heiress of
Richard Head, Esq., whose father. Sir Thos.
Head, Knt., was the father of Sir Walter
James James (formerly Head), Bai-t., D.C.L.,
who took the name and arms of James only
by Act of Parliament in 1778, on succeeding
to the estates of his great-uncle John James,
of Denford Court, Bucks, Esq. The younger
branch of the Jleadows family is represented
by Earl Manvers, of Thoresby Parle. Notts,
great-grandson of Sir Philip Meadows,
Knight-]\Iar?hall of the King's Palace.

A rms. Gu. a chev. erm. between three pelicans, vulned
ppr. ; on a canton az. a lion sejant : quartering Brewster,
Edmonds, and Crofts.

Crest. A pelican, vubied. ppr.

Motto. Jlea dos virtus.

Jones of Guirey, co. Carmarthen. Grif-
fith BowEN Jones, Esq., of Gurrey,a magis-
trate for the county, son of the late AVilliam
Jones, Esq., of Cilcane, by Anne, his wife,
dau. and coheir (with her sister Catherine, m.
to James Hughes, Esq , of Carmarthen) of
Griffith Bowen, Esq., of Gurrey, descends,
through his maternal ancestors, the Lloyds,
of Maesfelin and Castle Howel, from Cadivor
ap Dykawal, Lord of Castle Howel, (nintli
in descent from Rliodri Mawr, King of



Wales), -wlio lived in the reign of Henry I.,
of England, and acquired martial renown in
an age in which every man capable of bear •
ing arms was bound to be a soldier.

Sir Marmvduke Ilovd,
of Maesfelyn, near Lara-
peter, one of the Judges
of Ureoon Circuit, son of
Thomas Llojd, of St. Da-
vid's, by Finances, his wife,
sister of Marmaduke Mid-
dleton. Bishop of St. Da-
vids, and a descendant of
Cadivoe ap Dynawal, 9th
in descent fiom EHonEi

Marj', daughter of John

(juyn Stedman, Esq., of

Strata Florida.

Marmaduke Lloyd, of

Llawrllan, in Cucka-


Catherine, daughter of Ri-
chard AVilliams, of Parke.

Marmaduke Lloyd, of _ l\Iary Johnes, of Ahermead.
Llawrllan. I

The daughter and sole
heir of Marmaduke

John Bo wen, Esq., of
Gurrey, son and heir of
Owen Bowen, Esq., of Gur-
rey, by Anne, his wife,
daughter of 0^^•en Bry-


GriiBth Bowen, Esq

. Catherine Owen.

of Gurrey.


dau and co-heii- _ AVilliam Jones, Catherine,

Esq., of Cil- w. James

sane, b. 17G3, Hughes,

J. P., d. 27th Esq.

Nov., 1835.


William _

_ Sarah, dau.



ne, b. 24tli_James Thomas.


of John

May, 1790, Esq., of Mount


Place, Esq.

m. 13th Oct., Pleasant.


1824. 1



1 1 1 1



Anne, James Edwd. Jlaria



wife of ^^'il- Griffith I'here-


Place, b. in

Wil- liam Bowen. sa.

Avife of

1823, 711. in

Ham Bowen


1841, Susan-

Bed- Tho-


nah Amelia,

well, mas,


dau. of Ad-

l^sq. Esq.


Griffith Bowe.v Jones,
Esq., of Gurrej', a Ma-
gistrate for Carmarthen-
shire, born 1793.

j4rws. Sa. a spear's head imbrued, ppr. between
three scaling ladders avg., and on a chief gu. a castle
trip e towered, ppr.

Miitlo. Gwell angau na chwrlydd. Aii(/lice: Better
death than shame.

TOPHAM, of Middleham Hall, co. York.—
Christopher Topham, Esq., of that
place, eldest son of the late Cliristopher
Topham, Esq., by Jenny, his wife, dau. and
coheir of Mark Buhner, Esq., of Middle-
ham, and grandson of William Topltain,
Esq., of Caldberg, Kiklwick, and Middle-

ham, by Judith, liis first wife, dau. of
Henry NoAvby, Esq., of Kiklwick (which
William Topham of Caldbergh, was lineally
descended from Lawrence Topliam, of Cald-
bergh, in Coverdale, N. K., of York-shire,
who died about tlie year 1599), bears a
quartered coat, Topiiam, Bateman, and


The Rev. Dr.

Bateman, of

Thornes Hall,

Cumberland. _

Tho.mas Batejian-,

Esq., of Aliddle-

ham, CO. York.

Catherine, dau.

of Stephen Carr,


The Rev. _ Anne, dau. of Jenny Bateman, — Mark

of New-
Hall, Cum-



Esq., of Nun-


only chUd.

Henry Aglionby Aglionbv,
Esq., M.P. for Cockermouth.

Jenny Bulmer,
daughter and
coheir, m. 1784.

Esq., of

= Chris-
son of
Esq., of




Christopher Topham,
Esq., of Middleham

Hall, b. 30th October,

1797, eldest son and



.^nne, only child and

heir of John Dixon,

Esq., of Middleham.

Anne Blartha.

Jr»is. Quarterly, 1st and 4th, arg. a chev. gu be-
tween three pewits"' heads erased sa. "for Topha:\i : 2iid,
or. three crescents, each surmounted by an estoile gu.
for Bateman : 3rd, gu. billetee or. a lion ramp, of the
last for Bi'l:mer. An escutcheon of pretence, " or a cross
flory, between four eagles displayed, sa." for Di.xo.v, in
right of his wife, Anne, only child and heiress of John
Dixon, of Jliddleham and Brighton.

Ciest. Two serpents entwined roimd a cross patee

Moilo. Cruce non pr\ulentiS.

Leigh, West Hall, in Higli Leigh. This
is tlie parent stock whence derive most of
the eminent families of the name, and is of
distinct descent from the Leighs of the East
Hall. Egerton Leigh, Esq., is the present

ylrms. Or. a lion rampant gu.

Crest. A cubit arm, vested paly of five pieces, or. and
sa. ; cuffed arg. hand ppr grasping the upjicr and lower
fragments of a broken tilting spear, point upwards.

Molio. Force avec ^irtu.

Leigh, Leatherlake House, Surre}'— a late
cadet of Leigh, of West Hall — as borne by
the Itev. James Allett Leigh, of that

Anns, Crest, and Motto, as preceding.

jMosley of Ancoats, co. Lancaster. The
present Sir Oswald jMosley, Bart., of



Ancoats, D.C.L., F.G.S., bears a quartered

shield, 1. MosLEY, 2 3. Lowe,

4. ToNMAN, 5. Roberts, 6. Mosley.

Oswald Mosley, Esq.,
of Ancoats, nephew of
Sir Nicholas Mosley,
gi'andfather of Sir Ed-
ward Mosley, created
a Baronet "in 1640.

Nicholas Mosley, Esq.,
of Ancoats.


, Anne, dau. and co-heir
of Ralph Lowe, Esq.,
of Mile End, in Cheshire.

Jane Lever.

Nichollas Mosley, Esq., second son (and uncle of

Sir Oswald Mosley, of Kotteston, created a

Baronet in 1720.)

Nicholas Mosley, Esq., _ Elizabeth, daughter of
sou and heir. I William Parker, Esq.

Sir Joiui Parker Mos- ^ Elizabeth, daughter of
ley, Bart., of Ancoats. I James Bayley, Esq.

Oswald Mosley, Esq., _ Elizabeth, dau. and

eldest son, of Boles. I heir of the Rev. Tho-

worth Castle, co. Ches- mas Tonman, by his

ter, died, v.p., 17S9. wife, an heiress of Ro-



Sir Oswald Moslet, Baronet, of Ancoats and

Arms. 1st. sa. a chev. between three battle axes arg. ;
2nd. or. a fesse between three eagles displayed sa. ; 3rd.
gu. a wolf passant arg. ; Ith. arg. two chevronels gu. in
chief as many bugle horns sa., and in base a stork of
the last ; 5th. per fesse erm. and erminois, a lion rampt.
holding an arrow.

Crest. Am eagle displayed, with an ermine spot on the
breast and on each wing.
Motto. Mos legem regit.

Trafford, borne by Sir Thomas Joseph
Db Trafford, Bart., of Trafford Park, co.
Lanca.ster, J. P. and D.L , and slieriff of
that shire in 1834.

Arms. Arg. a griffin segrcant gu. Quartering Vena-
bles, Fitton, Massey, Thornton, Kingsley, Houston, Syl-
vester, IleUesby, Ilutton, Crispin, Ashton, Lee, Delamere,
Kitchen, Aughton, Culcheth, Hindley.

Crest. A thrasher ppr. his hat and coat per pale arg.
and gii. sleeves counterchangod, his breeches and stock-
ings of the second and third ; his flail of the first ; over
the flan a scroll with this motto, " Now thus."

^fctto. Gripe Griffin hold fast.

AiNSWORTH, Lancashire, as borne by
Peter Ainsworth, Esq., of Smitliells
Hall, late M.P. for Bolton, son of Richard
Ainsworth, Esq., who derived froni the an-
cient family of Ainsworth, of Plessington,
and previously of Ainsworth, where John de
Aynsworth was living, icmj}. Edward IL

Arms. Gu. three battle-axes arg.

Crest. A man in armoiu", holding a battle-axe proper.

Motto. Spero meliora.

DiLKE, ]\Lixstoke Castle, co. Warwick.
This family has been seated at Maxstoke
since the reign of Elizabeth, when Thomas

Dilke, Esq., purchased the castle from Lord
Chancellor Egerton. From him descended
William Dilke, Esq., of Maxstoke, sheritf of
Warwickshire, in 1740, and William Dilke,
Esq., sheriff in 1758, whose descendant, Wil-
liam Dilke, Esq., served the same office in
1827, and was succeeded by hi.s brother, the
present Thomas Dilke, Esq., of Maxstoke

Arms. Gu. a lion rampant, per pale arg. and or.

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