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Crest. A dove, close arg. beaked and legged gu.

Marshall, of Broadwater, Godalming,
CO. Surrey. The family of Marsliall, an-
ciently Marchal, lived in Sussex many gene-
rations before Thomas, son of Thomas Mar-
shall, of Easebourne, left the county, and
married in the year 1743, Mary,, the only
daughter of William Bryant, of Haslemere,
in Surrey. Tliis Thomas Marshall left two
sons, viz., Thomas, who died without issue,
and Roberb, who derived considerable pro-
perty from his uncle, Robert Bryant, of
Haslemere, the oul}' brother of Mary Bryant,
the said Robert Ihyant haying but one child,
a daughter, to whom he left tlie rest of his
estates. Robert Marshall died leaving two
sons, George, of Broadwater, near Godal-
ming, and Henry, of Godalming, and tliree
daughters, Avho married three brothers, viz.,
Ann, who married William Pontifex, of Glou-
cester Place, Hyde Park Gardens ; Sarah,
who married Edmund Pontifex, of Bram-
hope Lodge, Charlton, Kent ; and iMary, who
married John Pontifex, of Crooms liill,
Blackheath, Kent.

Arms. Az. on a pile between two anchors in base or.
an anchor sa.

Crexf. A female figure vested arg. the right hand
pointing to a rainbow above her head ppr. and with the
left supporting an anclun' in front sa.

Motto. Spes raea in CQclo. (Sec Engraimjg of Shield
of Arms.)

Heber, of Hodnet Hall, co. Salop : as
borne by Algernon Charles Heber
Percy, Esq., of that place (eldest son of the
Hon. and Right Rev. Hugh Percy, Bishop of
Carlisle), who assumed the additional sur-
name and arms of Heber, on his marriage
with Emily, eldest daughter of the late Re-
ginald Heber, Bishop of Calcutta.

Arms. Quarterly 1st and 4th, grand quarterings I. and
IV., quarterly 1st and 4th, or. a lion rampant az , for
Brabant. 2nd and 3rd. gu. three lucies haurient ppr.
for Lucy. II. and III. az. five fusils in fesse or., for Percy.
2nd and 3rd grand quarterings : per fesse az. and gu. a
lion rampiint, or. in the dexter chief point a cinquefuil
az. a cross crosslet for difference, for Heber.

An Escutcheon of PBETE^'CE— Heber, without the
Crests. 1st for Percy, on a chapean gu. turned up. erm.
a lion statant az., the taU extended

2nd, For Heber, out of a ducal coronet or. a lady's

head and shoulders ppr., in profile, crined or.
Motto. Esperance en Dieu.

Browne, Caughley, co. Salop ; a brancli, it
is supposed, of the Browns, Viscounts jMonta-
gue. The famil}- has been one of influence



in the county for several generations. Ralph
Browne, of Caughley, was sheriff in 1687 ;
Edward Browne, of Caughley, filled the same
office in 1719; and Ralph Browne Wylde
Browne, Esq., of Caughley, was sheriff in
1808. The son of this gentleman is the present
Thomas Whitmore AVylde Browne.
Esq., of the Woodlands, a magistrate for

.4rms. Sa. three lions passant in beud, between two
double cottises, arg. a trefoil for diiF.

Legh, East Hall, in High Legh, Clieshire,
A family which has been possessed of a
moiety of the township from time imme-
morial. The present representative is
George Cornewall Legh, Esq., of High
Legh, M.P. for North Cheshire, and sheriff
in 1839.

/Irms. Arg. a lion rampant g'u. quartering, with other
coats, ConNEWALL, viz., erm. a lion rampant, gu. crowned
or., ■nithin a bordure engrailed, sa. bezantec.

Cresis 1st. a demi-lion rampant gu. ; 2nd. a Cornish
chough, sa. beaked and membcred g^i.

Supporters (Of Cornewall, Barons of Burford.) Two
lions rampant gu. bczanteo, and ducally cro\rued or.

Motto. La vie durante.

Leigh ; borne by the Right Hon. Thomas
Pemberton Leigh, who succeeded to tlte
estates of the Leighs of Hindley, co. Lan-
caster, on the decease of Sir Robert Holt
Leigh, Bart., in 1843.

Arms. Quarterly : 1st and 4th, gu. a cross engrailed
arg. between four lozenges, erm. for Leigh ; 2nd and 3rd.
erm. three water bougets sa., for Pemberton.

Crests. 1st. a denii-lion rampant holding in his paw
a lozenge arg. charged with a rose of York and Lancas-
ter ; 2nii, a wy vern's head, the neck transfixed by a dart.

Leigh, Stoneleigh, co. Warwick — a
younger branch of Legh of L)'me, now re-
presented by William Henry, second Lord
Leigh, of Stoneleigh.

Armn. Gu. a cross engrailed, arg. in the first quarter a
lozenge of the second.

Ciest. A unicorn's head, erased, arg. armed and
erm. or.

Supporters. Two unicorns, armed, maned, and un-
g^iled or., each gorged with a ducal coronet, gu. pendant ;
therefrom an escutcheon chargedwiththe armsof Brydgep,
viz., arg. a cross sa. thereon a leopard's face or.

Slolto. Tout -vient le Dieu.

Legh : as borne by Peter Legh, Esq., of
Norbury-Booths Hall, Cheshire. TlieLeghs,
of Booths, are the earliest derivative branch
of the West Hall family.

Arms. Az. two bars arg. over all a bend gu.

Cresl. An arm embowed, couped at the shoulder,
vested gu , hand ppr. holding a sword erect ; also ppr. a
snake twining round the same arg.

Motto, Prudens, fidelis, et audax.

Legh, Adlington, co. Chester; an off-
shoot from Legh, of Booths, now repre-
sented by Charles Richard Banastre
Legh, Esq., of Adlington.

Arms Az. two bars arg., over all a bend componfee
gu. and or.

Crest. A unicorn's head couped arg. maned and armed
or., on the neck a cross patonce gu.

Legh, Lyme, co. Chester ; a branch of
Legh, of Adlington. The last heir male,
Tliomas Peter Legh, Esq., devised his great
estates to the present Thomas Legh, Esq.,
a magistrate for Cheshire and Lancashire,
and some time M.P. for Newton.

Arvis. Gu a cross engrailed arg., on the chief point,
on an escutcheon, sa. semee of estoiles, arg. an arm ia
armour, embowed of the second, the hand ppr. holding a
pennon silver ; the whole within a bordure wavy arg

Ci esis. Issuant out of a ducal coronet or. a ram's head,
arg armed of the first, in the mouth a laurel slip, vert,
over all a pallet wavy gules.

Entwisle; borne by John Smith Ent-
wiSLE, Esq., of Foxholes, co. Lancaster,
high sheriff, in 1849, who represents the
ancient and distinguished family of that name,
originally seated at Entwisle Hall.

Arms. Arg. on a bend engrailed sa. three mullets of
the first.

Ciests. 1st, a hand fcssways couped above the wrist
ppr. holding a flour de lys erect or. ; 2nd, a dexter arm
in armour, embowed, holding by the hand, by the hair, a
Saracen's head erased affrontee, all ppr.

Motto. Par ce sigue a Agincourt.

Sumner; the Rev. John Sumner, D.D.,
Canon of Windsor, son of Mr. Sumner, mer-
chant of Bristol, had, with other issue, two
sons, viz., I. Robert, who died 1804, father
of John Bird Sumner, of Can-
terbury ; and Charles Richard Sumner,
Bisliop of Wincltester. H. Richard, whose-
son is Richard Sumner, Esq., of Putteu-
ham Priory, Surrey.

Arms. Erm. two chevrons or.

Crest. A lion's head erased arg. ducally gorged or.

Whieldon, of Springfield House, co. War-
wick, as borne by George ^YHIELDON, Esq.,
of tliat place, a Magistrate and Deputy Lieu-
tenant for Staffordshire, and high sheriff in
1847, eldest son and heir of the late Thomas
AVhieldon, Esq., of Feutou Hall, co. Stafford,
high sheriff in 1787.

Arms. Gu. on a chev. arg. betT\-een three pears stalked
and leaved, or. as many crosses sa. a cliief erm., thereon
a lion passaut of the fourth.

Crest. Upon a mount vert, between two branches of
oak, ppr. a fer de moliue fesseways sa., thereon perched
a parrot vert, collared gu. holding in the dexter claw a
pear stalked and leaved.

Motto. Virtus proEstantior auro.

Edwardes, of Gileston Manor, co. Gla-
morgan, as borne by the Rev. Frederick
Francis Edwardes, of that place.

Arms. Quarterly: IstandGth, sa. a lion ramp, witliia
an orle of cinquefoils or. ; 2nd, gu. a chev. or. between
three fretted crosses ; 3rd, sa. three bucks' heads cabossed
arg. ; -Ith, chequy or. and sa. a fesse arg. ; 5th, az. a
chev. between three mullets or.

Crest. A dcmi-liun or. holding between the paws
fretted cross.

Motto. Aspera ad virtiitem est via.



Baxter, of Atlierstone, co. Warwick, a family of great antiquity, early settled in
Ihe county of Salop, and now represented by Stafford Stratton Baxter, Esq.,
of Atherstone.

Ralph DE LiMESiA, " Funda tor Prior John de Hard-svick, temp King John. William Piu-efoy. temp. Edward II.

de Hertford, temp. William II. I 1


From whom descended From whom descended From whom descended


Gerard de Odingsells, Baron of William of Lindley, temp. Henry III. Philip of Misterton, temp. Edward III.

Maxtock, temp. Henry II. I I

I ' I

From ivhom descended From whom descended

Eleanor Bracebrigge, daughter and
heh'ess, ux. \Mlliam de Flandt rs.

From whom descended

Edmund de Hardwick.

From whom descended

From whom descended
Thomas of Drayton, temp. Henry V.

Eleanor de Flanders, dau. and co- ^ JoJm de Hardwick, temp. Pii-
heii-ess, temp. Richard II. I chard II.

From whom descended

John Hardwick, of Lindley, temp. Henry VIII., m. Anne,
dau. of Robert Langham, of GoppeshaU.

From whom descended

John of Drayton, temp. Henry VIII.
wi. Elizabeth, dau. of Wistowe.
Thomas, temp. Edward VI., m Mar-
gery, sister of Sir Anthony Fitzher-
bert, Justice of Common Pleas.

From whom descended

Joice Hardwick, dau. and co-heir, b. 1510, d. 1585. _.Michael Purefoy, of Caldecote Hall, 51. P., d. July,

I 22nd, 1570, aged seventy-three.

Jane Purefoy, m . Christopher AVright, of Hoppesford, d. in 1G02.
From whom descended

Jane Wright m. Michael Baxter, who was the son of B ichard Baxter, of Lichfield, died 1G75.

Michael B.axter, b. June 13, 1675, d. June, 1745; m. Katherine Ryder, first cousin to the first Sir Dudley

Ryder, and only sister of John Ryder, Aichbishop ofTuam.

Michael 6. Nov. 14, 171G, who, in Dudley, a Solicitor Robert, of Furnival's Catherine, w. Edward Henry, ob.

1745, »!. Susannah Waldron, widow, of Excise, m. lli- Inn, m. Mary Mer- Biu'ton, Archdeacon infans.

youngest dau. of Job and Elizabctli zabcth Ryder, his rick, widow. of Tuara.

Squu-e, d. in 1771. cousin, "d. s. p.

Stafford Squire, Eliza- Dudley, b. March 8, 1750, m. July Devereux, Cathe- Michael,*, lltb Sept., Robert, ft. May
6 I74(i, rf. ?2nd beth, 21, 1774, Sarah Chambers, widow, rine, ft. Feb. 21, 1756, was Vicar of Tarn- 28, 1758, of
Jlarch, 1812, Jet. ob. of Cirencester, only child of Sa- 1753, m William worth, jh. in 1780, and Furnivals Inn.
65, xmmarvied. infuns. muelVaisey,Esq.,ofWoodchester. Eborall,June,1776. d. 25th Feb., 1795.

Michael, Harriet, m. Chas. Dudley JIadden, second Eliza, ./. in
A. in son of Samuel Madden, Lieutenant- 1S15, m. Major-
17S1. Colonel of the Monaghan Militia, by CJeneral Oliver,
Catherine, dau. of Rev. Charles Dudley in 1811, and had
Ryder, and grand-daughter of the Right issue a dau.
Reverend Jolm Ryder, Archbishop of
Tuam;hewasi. Jaii. 10, 1784, and was a
Lieut, in the 4th DragooJis.

Michael, 6. Dudley, ft. ApriUS, 1776, was Sarah Catherine, <?. .\prin 9, 1821,

March 22, Lieut. -Col. of West Leicester m. liev Ji hn Oliver, of Clierry-

1775, rf. Feb. Local MUitia, and one of the mount, rector of Swepstoue, co.

25, 1795. Deputy-Lieuts. for the county Leicester, who d. 16 June, 183:i ;

of Leicester, m. Miss Stratton, he was eldest son of the Rev. Jolm

about 1799. Oliver, Archdeacon of Ardagh, (who

m. Elizabeth, dau. of John Ryder,

D,D., Archbishop of Tuam,) and

brother of Maj.-Gen. Oliver.

Marrianne, b. 1780, m. in 1817, to
]\Iaj.-Gen. Oliver, who is brother-
in-law to Lord Viscount Lifford,
of Astley Castle, Warwickshire,
and brother of Uobert
Dudley Oliver ; Gen. Oliver's first
wife was Eliza, dau. of Michael
Baxter, Vicar of Tamworth.



STArrouD Stratton Baxter,

b. Maich 29, ISOO, now of

Athei-'-tone, m. Mary Airne,

"Wright, in 1823.






Etlmund m. Louisa

E. Uitso, youngest

dau. ofCapt. Kitso,

of Doncaster.

Susan Dorcas, m. Sir John Somerville, K.N.,
wlio was knighted in Spain for the capture
of Don Wiguel, and which order was after-
wards conlirmed by his Majesty, the Iviug.

Robert Dudley, b. about 182G. Nona lloberti. Harriet. Maria.

Eliza Stafford,

Sarah, Squire, i.

ob. Sept. 5th,

infans. 1S25.

Mary Louisa,

b. 2 1st March,



b. Uth




b. 23rd



Agnes Emilv, Harriet Emma,
b: J 3th -Dec., b. 1st Sept.
1S31. 1833.







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• <i-

Ams. Az. a chev. between three falcons belled and jessed, or.
Cresl. A falcon, as in the arms.
Motio. Virtute non verbis.

WESTOi\,of Soracrby, co. Lincoln, as borne
by Charles Fleetwood Weston, Esq., of
Somerby, son of the late Charles Weston,
Esq., by his second wife, Arabella, daughter
of Captain Delabere, grandson of Edward
Weston, Esq., and great-grandson of tlie Eev.
Dr. Stephen Weston, Bishop of Exeter, by
Lucy Sleech, his wife.

Arms. Arg a cross calvary, on a chief a/., five bezants.
Crest. A cross, charged with five bezants.

PuRCHON: Thomas Purchon. Esq., of
York House, Leeds, bears for

Arms. Vert a chevron ermine between in cliief two
i^eeces argent banded, and in base a portcullis or. a
bordure of the last charged with eight escallops gules

Crest. In front of a demi-woman habited azure,
mantle gules flowing over the left shoulder, in her
right hand a palm branch proper, t^\'o anchors in saltire or.

Moito. Prudentia et vigilantia.

Beatson of Kilrie and Rossend, co. Fife,
as borne by Alexander John Beatson,
Esq., of Rossend, Chief of the name in

Arms. Gu. a chev. between three spear heads, points
upwards arg.
Crest. A bee volant en arriere ppr.
Motto. Cum prudentia sedulus.

Gronow, of Ash Hall, co. Glamorgan.
The name of Gronow is one of great anti-
quity in the principality of Wales. It is
said to be derived from the Latin word
corona, a crown. In the reign of Edward
the Third, Sir Tudor ap Gronow, an ances-
tor of the royal liouse of Tudor, claimed
the honour of knighthood, for by the laws
and constitution of King Arthur, he deemed
himself entitled to that distinction upon
the ground of possessing the following

threefold qualifications — birth, estate, and
valour. King Edward the Third, being
pleased with the bold and lordly mien of Sir
Tudor ap Gronow, was induced to confer the
honour upon him. Owen Tudor, the grand-
son of Sir Tudor ap Gronow, married the
widow of Henry the Fifth, and their son, Jas-
per Tudor, Earl of Richmond, was the father
of Henry the Seventh. In the choir of
St. David's Cathedral, there remain two
recumbent effigies in armour, representing
two members of this family ; in the breast
and back of each figure is sculptu3-ed a
lion rampant, tliat in one of them being
differenced by a label of five parts.

Arms. Quarterly : Lst and 4th. gu. three lions ram-
pant arg. ; 2ud and 3rd or. a chev. arg. between three
lieads ppr.

Ciest. A lion rampant.

Motto. Gronwilul Gwcrninion. /fjjjZicc Cronos of the
race of princes.

Roach, of the T?le of Wight — an ancient
family there, now represented by William
Roach, of Westside. At Arreton Farm-
house (a fine old building, which the Queen
has been, several times, to see), there is
an antique lieraldic painting of the ensigns
of this family, wilh this inscription beneath :
" The amies of the anticnt family of Roch,
whose first arise came out of Normandy
with William the Conqueror into England,
anno 106(3: a branch of which family was
Sir William Roch, Avho was Lord Mayor
of London in the 32nd year of King Henry
the Eighth, Anno 154L"

Arms. Arg. a bull passant gu. between three roaches
haurient az. a chief chequy or. and of the thii'd.
C) est. A goat's head erased az.



Chamieu : Foremost in the ranks of tliose
zealous men who maintained the cause of the
reformed religion in the south of France,
against the Church of Rome, during those in-
testine and unhap])y wars wl\ich devastated
that kingdom in the latter half of the 16th
century, stood Daniel Ciiamier (sou of
Adrien Cliamier), tlie ancestor of this fiimily,
a minister of the church, first at Monteli-
niart and afterwards at Montauban, where lie
was likewise professor of tlieology ; and he
was not less distinguished for his deep learn-
ing than for his active services in the cause
of his religion. As secretary to the assem-
bly convened at Saumur in 1597, he was
chosen by his party to arrange the articles of
pacification contained in the Edict of Nantes,
wliich occupied him unceasingly for tliree
months ; at several other synods he main-
tained a distinguished position, and was pre-
sident of that wliich was held at Gap in Oc-
tober 1603; in 1607 he was deputy to the
Court of Henry of Navarre, and his iournal
of this portion of his life is still in the pos-
session of his family. lie fell by a cannon
ball at the siege of i^Iontauban in 1621, wlien
that Protestant city beat off the forces of
Lewis the 13th, Avhohad advanced against it
with an army of from ten to twelve thousand
men. His principal work, the " Panstratia
Catholica," was left unfinished at his decease ;
and, although consisting (as published by his
son) of four large folios, a fifth was wanting
to complete It.

Besides three daughters, who all married
ministers of the Reformed Church, he left an
only son,

Adrien Chamier, born about 1590, who,
for fifty-eight 3'ears, was minister at i\Ion-
telimart ; he married Madeleine Alard, and
died 1671, aged eighty-one, having had
issue five daughters and two sons, Jaques and

Jaques Ciiamier, the eldest son, was a
doctor and advocate at IMontelimart ; and by
his wife i\Iarie Bouserle, was father of M.
Chamier, also an advocate, wlio was broken
alive upon the wheel, before his father's
house at Montelimart, for the part taken by
him in one of the numerous insurrections
caused by the barbarous persecution of the
Protestants previous to the revocation of the

Daniel Chamier, second and youngest
son, also minister of ]\[ontelimart, died '29th
June, 1G76, liaving married 10th Decemljer,
1659, Madeleine, daughter of Jaques Tron-
chin, of Geneva, son of the celebrated Pro-
fessor Theodore Tronchin (godson of Theo-
dore Beza). By her he had issue,

1 Daniel, of whom hereafter.

2. Madeleine, died unmarried 1745.

3. Marie. 4. Isaac. 5. Jeanne.

Daniel Chamier, eldest son, minister of
the Gospel, emigrated to England at the re-
vocation of the Edict of Nantes, and became
a minister of the French Church in London ;
he died 15th July, 1698, a3t. 37, having mar-
ried 9th December, 1689, Anne Fran^oise
Huet, daughter of a minister of the Gospel
at Neufchatel, and had issue,

1. Daniel. 2. Adrien, Both died young.

3. Jeanne Madeleine.

4. Daniel, of whom hereafter.

5. John, secretary to Dr. William "Wake,
Archbishop of Canterbury, died 11th
May, 1765.

6. Robert, died April 1748, aged 50.
Daniel Chamier, of London, born 21st

November, 1696, married 2nd September,
1719, Susanne de la Meianclle, daughter of
M. de la Mejanelle, by Judith, his wife, sis-
ter of Mary Anne, wife of Philip de Visme,
of London, and died 17th November, 1741,
leaving issue by her (who died 16ih Decem-
ber, 1787, tet. 85),

1. Judith, born 23d January, 1721, mar-
ried to the Rev. John Des Champs, as
hereafter .stated.

2. Daniel Chamier, born 29th May,

1722, Auditor and Comptroller of Ac-
counts in North America, died s.p, 1778.

3. John Chamier, born 17th September,

1723, died in India s.jh 1770.

4. Gerard, died young.

5. Anthony Chamier, of Epsom, co.
Surrey, born 6t]i October, 1725, De-
puty Secretary at- War, Under Sccre-
tary-of-State and M.P. for Tamworth,
died s.p. October, 1780, leaving his
nephew, John (Ezechiel) Des Champs,
sole heir to his property and estates,
with a testamentary injunction to take
the name and arms of the Chamier

G. Susan, born 19th September, 1726,
died unmarried, 2i]d November, 1808.

7. Mary Anne, born 30th November, 1727,
died unmarried, 1st November, 1790.

8. Madeleine, born 12th February, 1728-9,
died young.

9. Anna, born 25th May, 1736, died un-
married, 24th February, 1829.

dfami'li) of tfc^ Cljamp^.

/' 'Mi

Jean Des Champs, minister of tl e Gos-
pel born at Bergerac, in I'erigord, in 1667,



was of an ancient anrl honourable family, *
which had numbered in its alliances the
families of Segur, De Sore, De Brun, D'Au-
geard and others, amongst tlie nobles of Pe-
rigord and Guyenne. Quitting his country
he resided first at Geneva, then for thirty
years at Butzow, in the Duchy of Mecklen-
burgh, and finally at Berlin, where he died
in 1729. By his wife who was of an emi-
grant family from Dauphine, settled at Ge-
neva, he had issue,

1. Gabriel Des Champs, who returned
at an early age to France, and was " con-
troleur des actes," at Rouen ; he died
1778, leaving issue several chiklren, of
whom the eldest, Jaques Des Champs,
was father of M.M. Emile and Antoine
Des Champs, both distinguished amongst
tlie literati of Paris, and a younger son,
Jaques Gabriel, was father of Jaques
Louis Auguste Joseph Des Champs
(De la 'I'our) now residing at Milford,
near Lymington, co. Southton.

2. Jaques Des Champs, minister of the
Gospel at Berlin, married and had

3. John Des Champs, of whom here-

4. Antoine Des Champs, an ofiicer in
the service of tlie King of Saxonj'.

5. Sophie married M. Simon, minister of
the Gospel.

John Des Champs, third son, born 27th
May, 1709, was educated under the celebrated
Christian Wolf and imbibed his philosophy ; he
was introduced to the notice of Frederic the
Oreat, when Prince Royal of Prussia, from
his having translated into French that philo-
sopher's logic. Frederic, who preferred such
works hi French, desired at once that it shoidd
be printed under liis sanction, this was in
173G ; he was afterwards appointed chaplain
in the Prince's palace ; and, upon Frederic's
succession to liis fathei's throne, 1740, was
nominated preceptor to his two 3-ounger bro-
thers, Henry and Ferdinand; and to them
he dedicated his " Cours Abrege de la Plu-
losophie Wolfienne," in 1742. Disgusted,
however, from various causes, with tlie Court
of Berlin, he quitted it in 1746, and sought
an asylum in England, where, in 1749, he was
elected one of the ministers of the Savoy,
and in 1756 presented to the living of Pilles-
don, CO. Dorset. ]\Ir. Des Champs was a
contributor to various literary periodicals —

* Tlie direct ancestor of Jcaii des Cliamps, mcinicd
Theodora lieza, sister of the celebrated Ileformer ; audit
is stattd that about this period the Des Champs Sicur do
Bourniquel, near Bcrgerac, having- given eutert.iiuiiicnt
to Ilciiry IV. (before I'.is accession to the crown of
France), the monarch afterwards repaid the services rcn-
dered to the Prince, by giving him the Arms and Jlotto
since used by the family ; letters of the monarch to his
entertainer W'crc preserved in the French (the eldest) line
of the family to within a late period.

translated Lord Lyttelton's •' Conversion of
St. Paul," and " Dialogues of tlie Dead," &c.
He married (as before stated) Juditli Cha-
mier, who was at her decease, 27th Decem-
ber, 1801, co-]ieir and (in her descendants)
sole heir of that family, by whom he had

1. John Ezechiel, of Avhom hereafter.

2. Dorothea Sophia, boin21st September,
and baptized at the Savoy, 1 7th October,
1755, married 1784, John Mackie, of
Soutliampton, M.D. She died at Vevay,
9th March, 1819, and he died at Chi-
chester, 29tli January, 1831, leaving

3. Jane Charlotte, born 19th November,
and baptised at the Savoy 14th Decem-
ber, 1756, died 10th May, 1757.

4. Jane Marian, born 27th September, and
baptised at the Savoy, 24th October,
1758, died 18th May, 1759.

5. Susan Judith, born 1st, and baptised at
the Savoy, 9th October, 1759, married
28tli December 1812, Thomas Cave Win-
scorn, B.D., vicar of "W'arkworth, co.
Northumberland, and died 19th Decem-
ber, 1820.

G. Robert Joshua, born 23d October, and
baptized at the Savoy 18th November,
1762, died an infant.

John (Ezechiel) Des Champs, aftemvards
Chainier, son and heir, chief Secretary, and
afterwards jMember of Council at i\ladras,
born 30th ^Maj^, 1754, assumed the name of
Chainier pursuant to the will of his uncle,

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