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Anthony Chamier, by royal license, 20th Oc-
tober, 1780, married at Madras, 1st October,
1785, Georgiana Grace, daughter of Sir Wil-
liam Burnaby, Bart., and died 23d February,
1831, leaving issue by her (who died 14tli
May, 1826),

1 . Georgiana Sophia, married at St George,
llanover Square, 20tli September, 1814,
Thomas Duer Broughton, colonel in the
Bengal army, who died 16tli November,

2. Charlotte Grace, died unmarried at
Braywick Lodge, co. Berks, January,

3 Harriet Emma, married at St. George,
Hanover Scpiare, 18th January, 1813,
George Gowan, of the East Lidia Com-
pany's Civil Service at jMadras, and has

4. Caroline Louisa, married at St. George,
Hanover Square, 7th June, 1813, Robert
Edwards Broughton, of Melcombe Place,
Dorset Square, ])arristerat-law, and
police magistrate at IMarylebone (brother
of Colonel Thomas Duer Broughton),
and has issue.

5. Frances Amelin, married at Walcot



Cliurcli, Bath, 29th January, 1811, Rev.
George Purcher, of Redgrave Hall, co.
Suffolk, sometmie of Oakwood, co. Sus-
sex, and has Lssue.
G. George Fitzwilliam Cliamier, of the
Bombay Civil Service, married at Ba-
roda, in the Bombay Presidency, 7th
May, 1812, Mary Catherine, daughter of
Charles Evans, of London, and died at
Bombay, 3rd January, 181G, leaving an
only child, Georgiana Maria.

7. Charles Chamier, died young, 2nd Jan-
uary, 1809, and was buried at St. James,

8. Henry Cuamier, of whom hereafter.

9. Frederic Chamier, a commander in the
Royal Navy, and a magistrate for the
counties of Essex and Herts, the author
of numerous nautical novels, of a con-
tinuation of James's Naval History, and
a review of the French Revolution of
1848, married 30th April, 1832, Eliza-
beth, daughter of John Soane, and grand ■
daughter of Sir John Soane, R.A., Pro-
fessor of Architecture in the Royal
Academy, and has one daughter, IMaria

10. Rev. William Chamier, Minister of the
English Episcopal Church at Paris,
married, October, 1834, Emily, daughter
of Thomas Crookenden, of Rushford,
CO. Sufiolk, and has issue,

1. Charles Chamier, born at Bom-
bay, 23rd and died 30th July,

2. ^Villiara Brook Chamier, born
at Leamington, co. Warwick,
23rd June, 1839.

3. Edward Chamier, born at Wey-
moutli, CO. Dorset, 3rd Septem-
ber, 1840.

4. George Chamier, born at Chel-
tenham, CO. Gloucester, 8th
April, 1842.

5. Daniel Chamier, born at Wood-
thorp, near Wakefield, co. York,
17th May, 1843.

6. Antliony Frederick Chamier,
born at Brighton, co. Sussex,
8th January, 1846.

7. Charles Chamier, born at St.
Germain eu Laye, 29th May,
1849. ^

11. Edward Chamier, of the Bombay Civil
Service, born IGtli January, 1807, mar-
ried, 19th October, 1833, Fanny Sewell,
and died, s.p., at Canuanoor, in the East
Indies, 1st January, 1836; his widow
remarried, 20th November, 1838, JoliU
Hamilton Gray, Lieutenant 13th Light
Dragoons, and died 1841.

Henry Chamier, Esq., eWest surviving
son, who, like his father, attained to the
two highest offices of the State at Madras,
viz., those of Chief Secretary, and Member
of the Government. Mr. Chamier married
first, at the Cathedral, Madras, 17th April,
1816, Anne Antoinette Evelina, daughter
of John Thursby, of the E.I.C.S. at Madras,
by whom (who died 18th November, 1837)
he had issue,

1. Georgiana Grace, married, at Ma-
dras, 22nd April, 1835, John Char-
din Wroughton, Esq., of the Madras
Civil Service, and died 6th De-
cember, 1847, leaving issue.

2. Harriet Maria, married, at Madras,
12th January, 1838, John Richmond,
Esq., of the ]\Iadras Medical Esta-
blishment, and has issue.

3. John Henry Chamier, died an in-
fant, at sea, on board the Wood-
ford, 4th March, 1822.

4. Dora Maria Evelina, died an infant,
at Paris, 27th April 1823.

5. Charles Frederic Chamier, of the
E I.C Civil Service at Madras,
married at Coonorr, in the Madras
Presidency, 26th June, 1849, Flo -
reuce Letitia Frederica, daughter
of Captain T. Brown, of the Bengal
Army, by whom (who died 1st Sep-
tember, 1851) he had a son, Hejiry.

6. Virginia Matilda, married at Ma-
dras, 18th December, 1844, James
Kellie, Esq., of tlie Madras Medical
Establishment, and has issue.

7. Edward Chamier, died young.

8. Fanny Virginia Evelina, married
at IMadras, 3rd June, 1847, James
AVliistler, Captain 6th Regiment of
Madras Light Cavalry.

9. Francis Edward Archibald Chamier,
Ensign 26th Bengal Light Infantry.

10. Stephen Henry Edward Chamier.

11. Henry John Frederick Chamier,
died young.

Mr. Chamier married, secondly, at
]\radras, 26th September, 1839, iAlary Eliza-
beth, daughter of General Sir Jasper Nicolls,
K.C B., Commauder-in-Chief in India, and
has issue.

12. Henrietta.

13. Edwin Francis Chamier.

14. Daniel Vansittart Chamier.

Arms. Azure on a fesse or. between three roses, one
and two argent, barbed and seeded proper, a luinian
heart gules, between two branches in saltu-e, the one of
palm, the other of cypress, also proper.

Ciest. A cubit arm in bend, vested azure, charged
^Yith five fleurs-de-lis in saltire or., cuff ermine, in the
hand a scroll and thereon an open book, proper, gar-
nished gold.

The arms, without the branches in saltire, were borne
by the family of Chamier pre-s-ious to the registration of
the said arms in the College of Arms, London, on which
occasion the brajiches of paliu and cypress were by way



of distinction placed on cither side of the heart, in alhi-
Eion to tlie death of Daniel Chamier, Minister of the
Gospel, who was slain in the Bastion of Paillas, whilst
assisting in tlie defence of the Protestant city of Montau-
bun ag.iinst the forces of Louis XIII.

The Crest was granted to the Anns of Chamier in
conmemoration of the services and writings of the
above-named Daniel CnAMiKU, on behalf of the Re-
formed Religion, particularly in reference to his having
been chosen in lo'JS, as one of the ablest ministers of the
Reformed Church, to draw up the Articles of the Edict
of Nantes.

The Arm, vested az. with flcui-dc-lis gold, and erm.
cuff, represents the Royal Arm of France ;— the scroll—
the famous Edict of Nantes, promulgated by Henry the
Great, in favour of his I'rotestant subjects ;— the open
Ijook— the free exercise, by virtue of the Edict, of that
religion which opens the Scriptures to all alike, and the
spirit of which religion is further marked by the Motto,
"Aperto \'ivere voto."

The Arms are quartered with those of Des Champs,
viz., az a lion rampt. or. armed and langucd, holding in
the dextei- paw a sword erect ppr ; which A: ms, with the
IMotto, " Fortis Generosus Fidelis," were given by Henry
IV. in remembrance of hospitality experienced by that
monarch, previous to his accession to the throne of
France, at the hands of M. Des Champs at his chateau
near Bergerac,

The direct representatives are lost in seve-
ral female transmissions ; several families of
the name of Kerr proprietors of farms, parts
of the ancient Ijarony, may be collaterally
descended from the former chiefs of the race.
John Kerr, Esq., of Sanghireld, co. Lanark,
Writer in Glasgow, claims the direct male
representation of the family.

Arms. Gu. on a chev. arg. three mullets gu.
MuUo. Praise God.
No crest is on record.

Napier of Kilmahew, co. Dumbarton, a
family as honourable as ancient, which first
appears in Scotland as allies of 'the potent
Earls of Lennox. The Lords of Kilmahew
Avere great and powerful in the feudal times
of Scotland. The earliest ancestor on record,
JoiiANN-CS Naper, of tlie county of Dum-
barton, Avas one of the gallant but unfor-
tunate defenders of tlie Castle of Stirling,
when reduced to extremity in the year 1.304,
by King Edward L of England. The direct
representative, William Napier Brydie, or
Napier of Kilmahew, sold, in 1820, the last
renmant of the extensive domains of his
ancestors, and emigrating to America, died
there not long .after without issue. Though
the family of Kilmahew may thus be said to
be extinct, so far as regards lineal descent,
the name of Napier still survives in the off-
shoots of that once -wide-spreading tree.
Robert Napier, of Siiandon, co. Dum-
barton, as the only landholder of the name
■within the bounds of the ancient district of
the Lennox, takes precedence as the eldest
son of one of several families of the same
lineage, tracing their descent collaterally
from that of Kilmahew, and the fame which
he has acquired in that branch of scientific
industry, which has carried his name over
the world — Steam Navigation, gives promise
that the second race of Napiers shall rival,
if not eclipse, all -who have gone before
them. The arms of Napier of Shandon
are those of Kilmahew —

Arms. Gu. on abend arg. three crescents az., and in
the sinister chief point a spur rowel of the second (in
the dexter base an annulet or., as a mark of cadency).

Cmt. A man's head ado :-ned with laurel ppr.

Motto. Virtute gloria i:arta.

Kerr of Kerrislande, co. Ayr, an Anglo-
Norman family, that settled in Ayrsliirc,
and acquired the^barony of Kerrislande, in
the beginning of the thirteentii century.

Scott, as borne by the Rev. Thomas
Scott, A.M., of Dublin, a descendant of
Captain Thomas Scott, an officer in William
the Third's army, from whom also springs
the noble house of Clonraell.

Arms. Or. on a bend az. an estoile, between two
crescents arg. Impaling, in right of liis wife, the Hon.
Mary O'Callaghax, youngest sister of the present
Viscount Lismore, the arms of that ancient _ Irish
family, viz. :— arg. in base a mount vert, on the sinister
side "a hurst of oak trees, therefrom issuant a wolf
passant ppr.

Crest. A buck trippant ppr.

Motto. Fear to transgress.

Phillips of Coventry, granted a.d. 18.35
to Edward Phillips, of Whitmore Hall,
Whitmore Park, near Coventry, Esq., F.S. A.

Arms. Erminois a lion rampt. sa. on a chief en-
grailed vert, a stag's head cabossed between two garbs or.

Cicst. A garb fesseways or., thereon a leopard sejant
ppr. in the mouth a trefoil slipped vert.

Motto. Mens conscia recti.

Phillips of Coventry ; as borne by Ed
ward Phillips, Esq., of the city of Coventry,
M.D., F.L.S., eldest son of Edward Phillips
of Whitmore Hall, Whitmore Park, near
Coventry, Esq., F.S.A.

Arms. Erminois a lion rampt. sa. on a chief en-
grailed vert, a stag's head cabos:;cd between two garbs
or. a label of three points or. for difference.

Crest. A garb fesseways or. thereon a leopard sejant
ppr. ; in the mouth a trefoil slipped vert.

Motto. Blens conscia recti.

Yarker, of Lcyburn, in tlie N.R. of the
CO. of York, and of Ulverston, in the co. of
Lancaster. This ancient family derives
from Reinhold von Yarckaer, a Knight
of Flanders, who came over to England
about the year 1440, during the wars of the
Roses ; and, according to the title-deeds of
the family estates, and other authentic
records, acquired lands at Leyburn, still
held by the family, and settled there, before
the year 1500, temp. Hen. YIL The direct
elder line is now represented by Reginald
Yarker, Esq., of Leyburn, R.N., eldest son
of the Rev. Luke Yarker, of Leyburn, A.:\L
(recently deceased), Yicar of Chillingham,
CO. of Northumberland, and one of H. M.
Justices of the Peace for that co., and also
for the CO. of Durham ; and likewise in the
commission of the peace for the N.R. of the
CO. of York ; and a yoimger branch, by the



descendants of the late Joseph Yarker, Col-
lector of H.M. Customs at Ulverston.

Arms. Gu. on a chev. between three unicorns, pass,
or., as many human hearts of the fiekl.

Cresl. A stork rising arg. collared, beaked and legged
gu. reposing the dexter claw on a like human heart, as
in Arms, and holding in the beak an cak branch fructed

Motto. La fin couronne les a-uvres. These Arms are
blazoned, with some trifling differences, on a tomb in the
crypt of the Cathedral of St Bavons, in Ghent, and were
duly confirmed to the family in England, by a patent
from the Herald's College (aist George 11 ),"in the pos-
session of Eeginald Yarker, Esq., who bears therewith
the foUo-n'ing quarterings— Arg. a chev. vert, between
three bugle horns, sa. stringed or. for Forstee ; arg.
three horse shoes sa., for South ; gu. on a bend, or.
three martlets sa. for I5rabazon ; ar. a cross of lozenges,
vert, over all, a bend, chequy, erm and az., for Bkad-
DVI.L ; or. a lion pass, sable, on a chief sa. a trefoil of the
field, for Kishton ; az. in chief two stars, in point a
crescent, or. for Dodding ; or. a fess dancette bet'n cen
three crosses crosslet fitchee gu. for Sandys; party per
fess, gu. and az. a castle counterchanged, for P>.awson.
And the descendants of Joseph Yarker, Esq., bear their
family coat, with the following quarterings— Az. six
Ijoucels rampt. arg. 3, 2, and i. for Leybuiiis ; Barry of
ten, ar. and sa. over all a bend gu., for Barker; in a
canton sa., on a fess, engrailed or. between three squii'-
rels, sejant ar., each holding a marigold, slipped ppr , as
many roundels, harry of .'ix, ar. and az., for S.mith ;
barry of twelve, arg. and az. over all, three lioncels
rampt. in pale gu., for \Vooiiburne. Quarterly, argent
and ermines, in the first quarter, a fleur-de-lis gules, for

Salt ; as borne by Titus Salt, Esq., of
Crow Nest, in Lightclifte, co. York.

Arms. Az. a chev. indented between two mullets in
chief, and a denii ostrich displayed, in the beak a horse
shoe, in base, or.

Crest. On a rock, an alpaca statant, ppr.

Motto. Quid uon Deo juvante.

Brooke ; as borne by Sir Ja^ies Brooke,
K.C.B., Kajah of Sarawak, Governor and
Commander-in-Chief of Labiian, only surviv-
ing son of Thomas Brooke, Esq., of Wid-
combe Crescent, Bath, formerly in the East
India Company's Civil Service.

Arms. Or. a cross engr. per cross indented, az. and
sa. in the first quarter, an estoile of the second.

Ciest. On an Eastern crown, a brock ppr., ducally
gorged gold.

Motto. Dum spire spero.

Shortt : as liorne by John Macourtie
Shortt, Esq., ]\[ajor in the Bombay Army,
third son of the late Francis Shortt, Esq ,
of Courance and "White Laird, co. Dumfries,
and tlie descendant of a very ancient family,
■which, at an early period, appears to have
gone from Holland to Scotland.

Arms. Or. a grifRn passant az. on a chief ermine, two
chess rooks gu. impaliiig, in right of his wife, Theresa,
third daughter of William Reynolds, Esq., of JNIUford
Ilouse, Hants, by Sophia, his wife, daughter of Capt. T.
E. Symouds, R.N., arg. a portcullis sa., chained or.

Crest. A griffin's head az. between two wings, or.

Motto. Deo juvante.

I\Iackintosh, of Dahnunzie, In Glenshee,
CO. Perth ; a recognised branch of the Clan,
included in the Deed of Tailzie, by which the
succession to the honours and estates of the
Chief is regulated, Tlie ilackintoshes, of
Dalmuazic, have been settled for many cen-

turies in Perthshire, and only so recently as
March, 1599, gave a bond of " Manrent and
following " to the Laird of Mackintosh. Tlie
present representative is Laciilan John
Mackintosh, Esq., of Dahnunzie, who suc-
ceeded his fjither in 1821, and was created a
K.T.S. by Dom Miguel, King of Portugal.

Arms. Quarterly, first or. a lion r.ampt. gu. ; second,
arg. a dexter hand, fesseways, couped at the wrist, and
holding a human heart gu. ; third, az. a boar's head
couped or. ; fourth, or. a lymphad, sa.

Crcsl, A cat a mountain salient guard, ppr.

Mullo. Touch not the cat but a glove.

Rose ; as borne by the Rev. Francis
Rose, D.D., Rector and Lord of the Manor
of AVoughton, Bucks, Rector of Little Wool-
stone, one of her Majesty's Justices of the
Peace for the counties of Bucks and North-
ampton ; descended paternally from the
ancient family of the Roses of Kilravock, in
the county of Moray ; and maternally from
the Lords of Lovat by his grandmother,
Elizabeth Frazer. Some have thought that
the Roses of Kilravock are of PictLsh origin.
To others, it appears probable that this
family descended from an English knight
whom one of the I\IcDonalds, Lords of the
Isles, met in Avars then carried on in Ire-
land, and who afterwards settled m Scotland.
In confirmation of this opinion, it is observed
that the arms seem to have been originally
the same as those of the Barons de Ros, to
whom, in the reigns of Edward I. and II.,
belonged Helrasley, in the North Riding of
the county of York, and who Ijuilt there a
strong castle for their baronial residence.

Arms. Or. a boar's head couped gu., between three
water bougets, sable.

Crest. A harp az.

Motto. Constaunt an' Trew. Dr. Rose impales the
coat of JossELTN, in right of his wife, Ann Frances,
second daughter of John Josselyn, Esq., of Copdock
Lodge, Suffolk.

Lodge- Ellerton, of Bodsilin, co. Car-
narvon ; as borne by John Lodge Eller-
ton. Esq., who assumed, by Royal Licence
m 1838, the additional surname of Ellerton.

Arms. Quarterly first and fourth, arg. between two
chevronels, three bucks' heads cubossed, sa. for Ellerton;
second and third, az. a lion rampt. arg. seme of crosses
pattce fitchee gu. witliin a bordure of the second, charged
■with eight fleurs-de-lis of the third, for Lodge. Impaling,
in right of his wife. Lady Henrietta Barbara Lumlcy
Saville, daughter of the seventh Earl of Scarborough, the
quartered coat of Lumley and Satille.

Crests. First, a buck tiippant or. his neck encii'cled
by a chaplet vert, for Ellerton ; second, a demi lion
erased sa. seme of fleurs-de-lis or. supporting a cross
pattee fitchee gu.

Motto. Spero infestis metuo secundis.

The family of De Loges appears to have
been of importance in the counties of Surrey,
Warwick, and Cumberland, for some cen-
turies after tlie Conquest. The branch from
which Mr. Lodge Ellerton descends, was long
settled in Ireland. One of its members, the
Rev. Francis Lodge, became Archdeacon of
Killaloe, and of him it is recorded by



Sir William Temple, that in tlie year
1643, six years after his death, his bones
were dug up, with those of other Protestants,
by the rebels, and laid upon tlie highway.
Another descendant of the Irish branch,
John Lodge, Esq., married Elizabeth, only
daughter of tlie Rev. James Metcalf, and
niece and eventual representative of Thomas
Metcalf, Esq., of Nappa, who died in 1756.
By this lady, who derived from the mar-
riage of Sir Cln-istopher Metcalf, of Nappa,
temp. Hen. VIII. with the Lady Elizabeth
Cliflford, dan. of the Earl of Cumberland, Mr.
Lodge was father of John Lodge, Esq. who
m. Elizabeth, dau. of Matthew Ellerton, and
had several children, of whom was Adam
Lodge, Esq., who m. in 1797 Mary, eldest
surviving dau. of the Rev. Richard Owen,
M.A. of Bodsilin, co. Carnarvon, Rector of
Rlioscolyn, in Anglesey, and had issue three
sons, 1. Richard Owen, who died young; 2.
John, who has taken the additional name of
Ellerton, and 3, Adam, of the Middle Tem-
})le, Barrister at Law, and one dau. jNIary
Catherine, m. to J. Hindle, Esq., of Wood-
fold Park, Lancashire.

Mitchell, of Forcet Hall, co. York.

Arms. Per chev. gu. and sa. a clicv. arfc. gutte de
larmes between three swans of the third, -withiii a bor-
dure or.

CiesL On a mount a sv.-nn ppr. gutte do larmes, in
the beak a trefoil slipped az.

Motio. Utile quod honestum.

BiDDULPii. — This very ancient family
descends from Ormus le Guidon, Lord of
Biddulph at the time of Domesday. From
the same parent stock derive all the emi-
nent families of the name.

The late Rev. Theophilus Biddulph,
Minister of St. Matthew's, Bristol, younger
brother of the present Rev. T. S. Biddulph,
of Amroth Castle {^ee, Landed Gentry/, p. 95),
in. Catherine, dau. of John Lindon, Esq.,
and d., leaving issue,

1. John Lindon, h. 1830.

2. Tliomas Tregenna, b. 1831.

1. Katherlne Elizabeth.

2. Rachel Shrapnel.

3. Louisa Rose.

Arms. Vert, an eagle displayed arg'.

Crest. A wolf sejant arg. wounded on the shoulder ppr.

MoUo. Sublimiora petamus.

Pinchard: William Price Pinchard,
Esq., of Taunton, descends from a family
formerly seated in Wiltshire. The name
was originally spelt Pynchard, and is to be
found in the Battle Abbey Roll.

Arms. Arg. a cross sable, impaling BiDDULPn.
Crest. A holy lamb passant.
Motto. Tout vicnt de Dieu.

Robert Casse, of Barmbie
on the Marsh, Howden,
Yorkshire, baptized 19th
December, 1620, descended
from John Casse, living at
the same place, temp.
Henry VII.

Elizabeth, sister and heir

of William Sharpc, ;;;. 21st

May, 1(374.

John Casse, of Sand Hall, _ Jane Sutton, ?7!. November,

Howden, died
July, 1717.

1702, died April, I7G3.

Joseph Cass, of Parmby, ^ Martha, dau. of William
CO. York, b. February, j Hopper, of Bradley Hall,
1710, m. 25th November, | near Iluddcrsficld, d. 5th
1740, d. May, 1755. I Jul)', 1802.

William Cass, of Beaulieu ^ Elizabeth, dau. of Evan

Lodge, Winchmore Hill,

Middlesex, b. 20th Feb .

1743, (/.29th Oct., 1819. '

Fredekick Cass, Esq., of
Little Grove, East Barnct,
only surviving son, J. P.
for Herts, and its High
Sheriff lS.14-5.


Martha, eldest dau. of

John Dell Potter, Esq., of

Ponder's End.

The Rev. Frederick Charles William, Arthur Herbert,

Charles Cass, M.A., M.A., in Holy an Officer 10th

of Balliol College, Orders. Hussars. _,

Oxford, eldest son. '"'

Arms. Per chev. or. and erm., on 'a chev. sa. between
two eagles' heads erased, gu., in chief, and a garb of the
first in base, a harrow of the first between two fountains.

Ciesl. An eagle's head erased, gu., charged on the
neck with a foimtain, in the beak three ears of wheat,

Cass, of Littlegrovc, East Barnet, Herts.

Anstruther; as borne by Sir Ralph
AnERCROMCTE Anstruther, Bart., of Bal-
caskie, co- Fife.

Arms : —

I. Arg. three piles sable for An'sthutheii.

II. Quarterly 1st and 4th, arg. a pale sable; 2nd and
3rd, gu. an imperial crown within a double trcssure
flory counterflory or., for Erkkine, EvRLof

hi. Quarterly 1st and 4th, grand quarters, quarterly 1st
and 4tli, gu. three cinqucfoils ermine, for Hamilion;
2nd and 3rd, arg. a ship with her sails furled sable,
flags Hying gu., for Akran ; 2nd and 3rd grand
quarters, arg. a human heart imperially crowned
ppr., on a chief az. three mullets of the field for

IV. Az. three nags' heads erased, arg. for Lloyd of Hiut-

V. Per pale gu. and az. three lioncels rampt. arg., for


VI. As first, for Anstruther.

Cre.^t. Two arras in armour holding a battlc-axc
all ppr.

Mni/o. Periissem ni pcriissem.
' The three pi'cs are generally considered by heralds to
repicsent the three nails of the Cross, and to be a dis-
tinction borne only by Crusaders; we find accordingly,
by the following extract from an old French BIS., lately
printed by the Roxburgho Club, that a Laird of An"-
struther was sent by his Sovereign, Alexander III., to
take part in the seventh crusade, imdcr St. Louis of
France: " Pareillement, Alexander III., Roy d'Ecosse,
cstant rcgine en vertu de ceste ligne, de support, per
Louys 9, diet St. Louys de France, lui envoyer a son
premier voyage ;\ la terre Sainte, Patrich Dunbar Comte
de la Marc [probably March], Seigneur David Lindesay,
Seigneur B'Eticstei, [the name Anstruther is still thiis
pronounced in the Scottish dialect] et Gualtiei Estuart
de Doudouval, bicn accompagnis de soldats, et au der-
nier voyacrc d'icellui Louys, il lenvoyer les Comtes de
Carihe [probably Carrick],"et Atholl, c't Allan Stuart, fils
du dit Gualtir avcc mil hommes." - fJiplvme de Jacques,

n, V. 7.



The origin of the Crest nnd Motto is explained in the fol-
lowing note by Sir Walter Scott in his last edition of Wa-
vorley, published by Cadelland Co., Edinburgh, 1829, vol.
1., p. 142 : ".Although canting heraldry is generally repro-
bated, it seems nevertheless to have been adopted in the
Anns and Mottos of many honourable families. Tlius, the
Motto of the Veruons, " Ver non semper viret," is a per-
fect pun, and so is that of the Onslows, " Festina lente."
The " Periissem ni per-iissem " of the Anstruthers is liable
to a similar objection. One of that ancient race, finding
that an antagonist with wiiom he had fixed a friendly
meeting was detei'mined to take the opportunity of as-
sassinating him, prevented the hazard by dashing out
his brains with a battle-axe. Two sturdy arms, bran-
dishing sxich a weapon, form the usual Crest of the fa-
mily, with the above Motto, "I'eriissem ni per-iissem"

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