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— " I had died unless I had gave thnmiili with it."

The present Baronet quarters also the armorial bear-
ings of Erskine, Earl of Kellie, m right of his grand-
mother. Lady Janet, daughter and heiress of Alexander,
fifth Earl of Kellie, and also those of Hamilton and
Powell, in right of his mother, daughter and heiress of
Colonel James Hamilton (grandson "of James, fifth Duke
of IlamUton), and granddaughter of JIai'y Powell, only
daughter of Sir Robert Powell, one of the Judges who
tried the seven Bishops, in the reign of James II.

Lucy, of Birmingham, descended, it is
supposed, from the ancient family of Lucy
of Charlecote, co. Warwick, William Lucy,
Esq., son of the late Thomas Lucy, Esq., of
Stratford- upon-Avon, filled the important
oilice of Mayor of the Borough of Birming-
ham during two successive years, and like-
Avise that of High Bailiff of tlie Manor of
Birmingham, and is in her Majesty's Com-
mission of the Peace for the Borougli. He
is married to Mary Anne, daughter of the
late Rev. Tliomas Vere Richard Kicoll,
Rector of Cherington, co. Warwick, Justice
of the Peace, wlio was son of the Rev.
Richard Nicoll, JD.D., of Boddicot House,
Chaplain to George III., by Vere, his wife,
daugliter of Richard Wykcliam, Esq., of
Swalcliffc, Oxon, and Vere Alicia, his wife,
sister and colieir of Richard Fiennes, last
Viscount Saye and Sele.

Arms. Erm. on a pile between two pikes hauriant in
base gu., a pike also hauriant between three cross crosslets

Crest. Upon a mount vert a boar's head gu. issuant
from a wreath of oak ppr. between two wings harry of
six arg. and gu.

Motto. En avant.

MouNTFORT, of Beamhurst PLall, co.
Stafford, as borne by Henry Mountfort,
Esq., of that place, who claims to be tlie
represejitative of the isimous Simon de
Mountfort, Earl of Leicester.


Bendy or. and az.

A plume of five feathers.

Coultiiart : John Ross Coulthart,
of Croft House, Ashton-under-Lyne, co.
Lancaster. Esq., only son and heir of the late
William Coulthart, of Coulthart and CoUyn,
chief of his name, by Helen, his wife, daugli-
ter of the late John Ross, Esq., of Dalton
(see Burlce's Landed Gentry), a descendant of
the Rosses of Halkliead, co. Renfrew, and
collaterally related through that family with

the Boyles, Earls of Glasgow. The Coult-
harts of Coulthart and Collyn are a family
of the highest antiquity.

Sir Roger Coulthart, Chief ^
of Coulthart, co. Wigtown,
and of Largmore, Stew-
artry of Kirkcudbright, kil-
led at the siege of Rox-
burgh Castle, 17th Sept.,

Sir Roger Coulthart Knt., :
eldest son, served heir to
the lands of Coulthart and
Largmore, in 1461, and to
tliose of Renfrew, Mack-
n-^'ghte, and Glendonyn,
in H74.

Richard Coidthart, Esq.,
eldest son and heir, killed
at Flodden, ythScpt., 1513.

Cuthbert Coulthart, Esq., ,
Lord of the Barony of
Coulthart, son and heir,
a man of distinguished
mental and physical abili-
ties, kiUed at the battle of
Solway Moss, in 1542.

John Coulthart, Esq., Lord,

or Laird, of Coulthart and

Largmore, son and heir.

"William Coulthart, Esq.,
son and heir. Laird of
Coulthart and Largmore,
chief of his name, died
20th Feb., 1653.

John Coulthart, Esq., son
nnd heir. Laird of Coult-
hart and Largmore, died
Uth Sept., 1690.

Richard Coulthart, Esq.,

sou and heir, who died in



James Coulthart, of 'Coult-
hart and Largmore, Esq.,
son and heir, b. in 1702, d.
8th May, 1785.

William Coulthart of Coult-
hart and Collyn, Esq., son
nnd heir, b. 6th January,
1739, d. 16th February,

Margery, dan. and co-
heiress of John the Ross,
of Renfrew, ICnt., and ma-
ternally co-heiress of Mack-
nyghte of Macknyghte,
and GleiKlonyn of that Ilk,
died ill 1473.

Anne, dau. and co-heiress

of Sir Richard Carmichael

of Carsepherne, co. Ayr.

Matilda, dau. of David
Betoun, Esq., of Creech.

Lady Elizabeth Hay, dau.
of George, sixth Earl of
Erraol, who m., secondly,
William Lord Keith. [Hce
Bvrke's Roi/al Des.ents.)

Helen, eventually co-
heiress of John Forbes,
Esq,, of Pitscottie.

Mary, dau. and co-heiress
of Richard jNIackenzie, of
Craighall, Esq , and niece
of Gavin Hamilton, D.D,

Janet, daughter of James

Douglas, of Dee House,


Jean, dau. and heiress of

AVilliam Gordon, of Sorhie,


Grisel, dau. of M'Turk,

Esq., died 14th January,


Janet, dau. of John

:\rXaught, of Milltown,

Esq., d. at Collyn House,

18th May, 1832.

William Coulthart,ofCoult-^ Helen, dau. of John Ross,
hart and Collyn, Esq,, son I Esq., of Dalton, co. Dum-
and heir, b. 21&t .March, | fries.

1771, d. 7th October, 1847. I


John Ros9 Coulthai't, of
Coulthart, co. Wigtown,
Collyn, CO. Dumfries,
and Croft House, Ashton-
tmder-Lyne, co. Lancaster,
Esq., banker, chief of his
name and family.



/Irms. Quarterly of 8, the first 4 being engraved in
the illustratioit, pi. 4.

I. 1st, ar. a fesse between two colts in chief, and one in

base, courant, sa , for Coultuaut of Coui/rnAnT.

II. Ar. a chev. chcquy, sa. and or., between thiee water-
bougcts, of the second, for Ross of Rsni'eew.

III. Sa., an inescutcheon, chequy, ar. and or , between
tliree lions' heads, erased, of the second, for Mac-


IV. Quarterly, ar. and sa., a cross parted per cross, in-
grailed, couuterchauged, for Glendonvn of Glen-


V. Ar. a bend, cotised, potentee, sa., charged with a

tilting-spear of the first, for Cahmichael of Carse-


VI. Erm. a chev., chequy, ar. and sa., between three
boars' heads, couped of the last, muzzled gu., within
a bordure nebulee, of tlie second, for Fouues of


^^I. Quavterl)', 1st and 4th, az., a stag's head cabosscd,
or. ; 2ud and 3rd, ar., three human legs, armed
ppr., united in tlie centre at the upper part of the
thigh, triangularly flexed, garnished and spurred, of
the second; in surtout, an escutcheon, erm., charged
with a stag's head cabosscd, sa., within a bordure,
pallettee, of the third, for Mackenzie of Ceaio-


VIII. Erm., a fesse, sa., charged with a spear, ar.. the
point to th(! de.\tcr side, between three boars' heads
erect, and erased, of the second, for Goudo.\ of


Siippoi/rrs. On the dexter, a war-horse, arg., com-
pletely armed for the field, ppr., garnished, or. ; on the
sinister, a stag of the second, attired, andducally gorged,
of the third.

Crest. A war-horse's head and neck, couped, ar.,
armed and biidled, ppr., garnished, or.

Motto. Virtutc non verbis.

Freer : as l^orne by George Freer,
Esq., of Glasgo\v.

Arms. Arg. a saltire az. in chief a mullet and in base
a martlet.

Crest. A swan ppr.
Molto. Non sine periculo.

FoQUETT : l\Iajor William Foquett, of
Stride i louse, and J. J. Foiiuett, E.?q., of
Newport, family Iia.s been some time
established in tlie Isle of AV'ight, bear for

Arms. Arg. a squirrel sejant eracliing a nut i)pr., a
bordure az. charged with eight fleurs-de-lis of the field.
Crest. A squirrel as in tlie arms.

IIe.vrn, of the Isle of Wight, a very old
family, recorded in " the Visitations."

Arms. Quarterly 1st and 4th, az. a lion holding a
eaduceus or. on a chief vert, a heron arg. ; 2ndand:ird,
per pale gu. and az. on a chev. between three herons arg.
as many cinquefoils sa.

Creft. 1st. Out of a ducal coronet or. a heron's head
and neck ppr. ; 2ud. a pelican in her piety ppr.

Motto. Ardua petit ardea.

KiKKPATRiCK : as borne by George
KiincPATRiCK, Esq., of Mount Pleasant, and
Sandrock, Isle of Wight.

Arms. Arg. a saltire az. on a chief of the last, three
cushions or.

Crest. A hand holding a dagger in pale, distilling
drops of blood.

Motto over the Crest. I niak siccar.

Johnson : Osmond Johnson, Esq , of
Wroxall Cross, Isle of ^Vight, bears for

Arms. Arg. a saltire sa. a mullet in base, on a chief
gu. three cushions or.
Crest. A spur erect winged or.

This family has been settled sometime in
the I.5lc of Wiglit.

Bassett : James White Bassett, Esq.,
of Newport, brother of the late Sir R. Bas-
sett, Kniglit, bears for

Arms. Or. three piles gu. on a canton arg. a griffin
scKreant vert.

Ci est. Out of a ducal coronet or. a boar's head gu.

Cooke, of Bcllecroft, Isle of Wight, an
ancient family of that Island, now repre-
sented by John Cooke, Esq., of Bellecroft.

Arms. Erm. on a bend cottiscd gu. three lions passant
guardantor. I:mpaling for Major, viz., gu. an anchor
ppr. on a chief or., three roses of the first.

Crest. A wolf's head erased.

Motto. Fortiter et recte.

Dennett, of the Isle of AVight; settled
there for several centuries.

Arms. Sa. guttee d'eau, a canton erm.
Crest. A boar's head erased.
Motto. Per Dei providentiam.

Sawyer; (as borne by Charles Richard
John Satvyer, Esq., of East Cowes Castle,
Isle of AVight), a scion of the ancient family
of Sawyer, of Ilcywood, Berkshire.

Arms. Az. a fesse chequy or. and sa. between three
seapies arg.
Ci est. \ talbot on scent, ppr.
Miilto. Cherches et tu trouveras.

IIow; as borne by James and AYii.liam
IIow, Esqrs., of Brook House, Isle of


Arms. Or. on a fesse between three wolfs' heads
couped sa., a crescent.
Crest. A wolf's head as in the arms.

The lineage of this family is clearly trace-
able to the time of Queen Elizabeth. To
Robert IIow, King Charles I. gave a signet
ring, which is still in the custody of a de-
scendant, Mrs. AVallace, and on the same
gentleman's son, also named Robert, his
iMajesty bestowed his cane, Avlncli is now
possessed by another descendant, Thomas
Cooke, Esq., of Newclose. (^ee Gentle-
mans Magazine, 1846.)

AVallace ; as borne by the Rev. Allan
AA'allace, A.jNI , i\laster of the Free Gram
mar School, Newport; Chaplahi to 11. M.
Forces in the Isle of AVight.

Arms. Gu. a lion rampt. arg. within a bordure com-
pony of the second and az.

Crest. An arm in armour cmhowed, in the hand a
dagger, all ppr.

Motto. Libertas est optima rerum.

BiDWELL, of Thetford, Norfolk.

Arms. Gyronny of four or, and gu. four roundles,
charged \^it"h as many martlets, all counterchanged.
C; £•.«/. A niaitlct ppr.

Dixon, of Page Hall, Ecclcsfield, AV. R.
Yorkshire, as borne by James Di.nlon Esq.,
of that place,

Arms. Per pale az. and gu. a bend engrailed arg.
between two plates, on a chief of the third a lose of tiio
second, between two tortcaux.



Crest. On a wreatli of the colours an arm embowed,
vested az. sem6e of plates, cuff arg., the hand grasping a
chaplet of roses ppr.

Motto. Fide et constantiS.

BoRRER,. of Heiilield,, descended
from William Boner, of Kiusper, in that
county, who married in 1693 Sarali Smith,
of Hurst Pierpoint, and now represented by
William Borrer, Esq., of Barrow Hill,

William Borrer, of = 1C93, Sarah Smith, of Hurst
Ruspei-, CO. Susse.x. I Pierpoint.

William, of ^ Elizabeth. John,


^ Susanna.

Rasper. 1



William Borrer, -

= Barbara, dau.

John, of

of PakjTis

and coheir of


Manor, Sussex,

Edw. Ilardes,

and other

purchased in

of Al bourne




William Borrer, =

- iSIary, dau.

John, of


of Pakj'ns,

and iicirof Na-



High Sheriff of

thaniel Lind-


Sussex, A.D.

flekl, of Hurst



William Bon- =

= Elizabeth,

John, of



itER, Esq., of

dau. of Na-




thaniel Hall,,

of Pa-

F.R.S., F.L.S.


J.P., m.



J-. 1'., m.

times, and


has issue.

dau. of

and las

one sou
and two




William, of


Ann, jrt.

Brook Hill,

Eardlev Ni-


cholas Hall,

M.A. J. P., m.

Esq., of

Margaret, dau.


of J.H.Borrcr,


Fanny, m.

Esq., of Brigh-

Rev. Charles

ton, and has


two sons and

vicar of Hen-

two daus.

field, dec.


. Dawson.




. Liiidfield.





Arms. Az. a lion rampt. crminois, holding an auger
(Borer) ppr., in his dexter paw a clievron ai'g., charged
with three iiiescocheons of the field, the centre bearing
a white rose seeded and pointed ppr. QuAnxEniNo Har-
DREss or Hardes.

Crest. A buck's head ppr, erased, fretty arg. holding
an auger ppr. in his mouth.

Motto. Fide laboro.

Borrer, as borne by the Eev. Carey
Hampton Boruer, M.A., Rector of Hurst
Pierpoint, only son of Nathaniel Borrer, Esq.,
of Pakyns, and nepliew of the present Wil-
liam Borrer, Esq., of Henfield.

/Irni.i and Crest same as the preceding.

Motto. Fide et caritale laboro.

Evans. — Herefordshire, as borne by
Thomas Evans, of the city of Hereford,
and Sufton Court, Herefordshire, Esquire, a
deputy-lieutenant of the county, descended
paternally from an ancient family, proprietors
of estates m Wales, and maternally for several
generations, from Ecclesiastics of the diocese
and cathedral church of Hereford. His ma-
ternal grandfather, the Rev. Thomas Watkins,
A.M., was vicar of Wellington (1769), and
vicar of Brin.sop (1775), afterwards rector of
Weston, near Ross (177G), and prebendary of
Warham and Aylstone (1782) ; his (the Rev.
Thomas Watkins') father was the Rev. Thomas
Watkins, B.C.L., rector of Kjiill (1717), and
also rector of Byton, near Presteigne (1727),
and afterwards rector of Tretyre and jMieliael-
church (1730), and vicar of Callow and Dew-
sale (1737), who married (1734), Frances, the
daughter of Peter Richards, of Evenjobb,
CO. Radnor, Esq. This gentleman (the Rev.
Thomas Watkins, B.C.L.) was only son of
the Rev. William Watkins, rector of Aston,
near Ludlow (1677), by his wife. Miss Hos-
kins, of Aymestry.

]Mr. p]vans' paternal grandfather, the Rev.
Thomas Evans, M.A., was rector of Bishop-
stone and Gazor (1776), and a magistrate
of the CO. of Hereford. He married Miss
Finch, only child and heiress of Edward
Finch, of Watford, Herts, Esq. He was
eldest son of the Rev. Thomas Evans, A.j\r.,
in the commission of the peace for Hereford-
shire, vicar of Dilwyn (1732), prebendary
ofMoreton and Whaddon (1756), vicar of
Weobly (1759), vicar of Bromyard (1760),
and vicar of King's Pyon and Birley (1767),
by Jane liis wife, kinswoman of Robert
Soutliey, Poet Laureate, and daughter of
John Tyler, Esq., of Dihvj'u, High SherilF of
Herefordshire in 1729. The last-mentioned
Rev. Thomas Evans was second son of the
Rev. Morgan Evans, B.C.L. (whose eldest
son, the Rev. John Evans, was Archdeacon
of Llandaff (1722), and Canon Residentiary
of Hereford Cathedral), and which Morgan
Evans was rector of Richards Castle (1696),
vicar of Weobly (1704), vicar of Newland-
with-Coleford and Breaham (Gloucestershire
(1710), Prebendary of St. Dubrhius in
Llandaff Cathedral (1713), and also Chan-
cellor of Llandaff (1718), was a magistrate for
the CO. of Hereford, and cousin and legatee in
the will of the Right Rev. John Tyler, D.D.,
Avho was Dean of Hereford (1692), and also
(1706), Bishop of Llandaff.

Aims. Quarterly, 1st and 4th, per fesse nebuly ermine
and sable, tliree boars' heads in chief and one in base,
erased counterchanged, for Ev.\ns. 2nd and 3rd arg. two
chevronels, and in chief three gryphons passant az., for

Crest, on a wreath of the colours a lioit rampt.
reguardant, bendy of sLx ermine and sable, sup-
porting a tilting spear erect ppr. cnfiled with a boar's
head erased sable.

Mr. Evans bcar.s an escutcheon of pretence in right of




his wife, Mary Rogers, deceased, only child and heiress
of the late John Rogers, Esq., citizen and alderman of
Hereford, viz. ; Per chcv. enjp-ailcd or. and gii. in
chief, two stags trippant sable and in base a ileur-de-
lis of the first.

Washington, of AVashington, co. Diir-
liam, Whitfield and Wavton, co. Lancaster,
Sulgrave, co. Northampton, and America.
The name of Washington originated from
a manor bearing tlie appellation, in the
county of Durham, and occurs so far back
as the 13th century, when it appears to
have been assumed by AVilliara de Hert-
burn, whose male descendants held the
lands until about the year 1400 ; at that
period they were conveyed by mairiage to
Sir William Tempest of Stella, by Dionisia,
only daughter and heir of William Wes-
pyngton, of Wessyngton. Though the main
stem then expired, branches still flourished
in Durham, and soon spread themselves into
the neighbouring counties of Lancaster and
York. One of the Durham house, John
de Wessyngton, attained considerable emi-
nence as a scholar and divine, and was elected
Prior of Durliam in 141G. Nor was he the
only man of learning of the race. Joseph
Washington, a skilful lawyer of Gray's Lm,
" who," says Thoresby, " is to be remem-
bered among the authors, wrote the first
volume of Modern Reports," an abridgment
of the Statutes and other esteemed Avoiks.
With these brief details of the early inhe-
ritors of the name, we shall proceed to tlie
immediate ancestry of the American Wash-
ingtons. Their first recorded ancestor was
John Washington of Whitfield, in J.anca-
shire, who lived about the middle of the
15th century, and had two sons, John, avIio
inherited the patrimonial lands at Wliitficld ;
and Robert, who settled at Warton, in the
same county, and married three wives ; by
the first of whom he was father of John
Washington, Esq., of Warton, who, mar-
rying Margaret, sister of Sir Thomas Kitson,
Alderman of London, left a son and successor,
Lawrence Washington, Esq., of Gray's
Inn, Mayor of Northampton, in 1532 and
1545, to whom Henry Vlll. granted the
manor of Sulgrave, parcel of the dissolved
priory of St. Andrew, near that town. Law-
rence married Anne, daughter of Robert
Pargiter, of Gret worth, and dying in 1584,
left with several daughters, one of whom
■wedded Abel Makepeace, Esq., two sons,
Robert, his heir, and Lawrence, of Garsdon,
Wilts, who received the honour of knight-
hood, and was father of J^awrence Wash-
ington, Esq., of Garsdon, Avhose only daughter
and heiress Elizabetli, married Roljert Shir-
ley, Earl Ferrers.

Robert Washington, Esq., the eldest
son of Lawrence, the grantee of Sulgrave,
inherited that manor, but subsequent! v, a, d.

1610, in conjunction with his eldest son, sold
it to his nephew, Lawrence Makepeace, Esq.,
of the Inner Temple. By Elizabeth, his
wife, daughter and heir of Walter I^ight, Esq.,
of Radway, Robert Washington had a large
family, the eldest son of which, Lawrence
Washington, Esq , removed, on the sale of
Sulgrave, to Brington, where he died in
1G16_._ He m. in 1588, Margaret, daughter
of William Butler, Esq., of Tighes, in Sussex,
and had three sons, Sir William AVashington,
Kt., of Packington, co. Leicester, wito m.
Anne A^illiers, half sister of George, Duke
of Buckingham, and John and Lawrence
Washington, Avho both sought their fortunes
in the New World, purchased lands in A^ir-
ginia, and became successful planters there.
The elder, who was employed in a military
command against the Indians, and rose to
the rank of Colonel, was father, by Anne
Pope, his wife, of Lawrence AA^vsiiington,
of Bridges Creek, in Westmoreland county,
A'irginia, who m. Mildred, daughter of Col.
Augustine AVarner, and died in 1G97, leaving
two sons, John and Augustine : the latter,
who died 12th April, 1743, at the age of 49,
Avas father, by Mary his second wife, of
General George " AVashington, Com-
MANDER-iN-CiiiiiF, and First President
OF THE United States of America.

Anns. Arg. two bars, in chief three mullets of the

Ciest. A raven, with wings indorsed ppr. issuant out
of a ducal coronet, or. Soon after Genei'al Washington
became President, an interesting correspondence took
place between him and Sir Isaac Heard, tlien Garter, on
the subject of the Washington pedigree and arms.

Swan, of Baldwinstown, co. AA^exford.
This family is of very ancient extraction,
being of Danish origin ; a Danisli noble-
man, Swain, having early settled in the
south-eastern portion of England. The
Swans occiu twice in Doomsday Book,
as landowners, and as early as the re'gn
of Richard II., they wrote themselves
"gentlemen," as appears from the ancient
deeds. John Swan, of Southfleet, co.
Kent, sat as Baron for the Borough of
Sandwich, in the reigns of Heniy A"I., Ed-
ward IV., and Richard III. The family
held large possessions in the county of Kent,
including the manors of Swanscombe,
Delisted, Sutton, Denton,* &c. ; their chief
seats being Hook Place, in Southfleet, the
residence of the elder branch (from which
Swan of Baldwinstown claims descent), and
Lydd, and afterwards A\'3'e, and Denton
Court, the places of location of the younger
In-anch.f Both these English branches liave
become extinct, the former in the person of

* ITasted's History of Kent.

t This branch inter-married with the Derings, Boys,
Twisdcns, &c., all families of bigh extraction and great
antlcjuity in the county of Kent. Vide Berry's County
Genealogies, Kent.



Sir William Swan, Bart., wlio died, s.p.,
1712 ; the latter in that of Edward Swan,
son of Sir Francis Swan, of Denton Court,
who died, s.^j. m. cir. 1643. Joseph Per-
ciVAL Swan, the present possessor of
Baldwinstown (the representative of the
Irish branch), claims to be also the repre-
sentative of the Soiithfleet family, being
lineally descended from the John Swan of

that place, who, as above stated, sat for the
borough of Sandwich in the reigns of Henry
VI., Edward IV., and liichard HI. (Jo-
seph Percival Swan, being the eighth in
lineal descent from John Swan, who went
to Ireland with Essex in the reign of
Elizabeth (cir. 1598), in a military capacity,
and founded the Irish brancli, and who was a
great-great-grandson of tlie above John.)

John Swan sat as Baron for the ■Boroiifrh of
Saiidwicli, Kent, in reigns of Henry VI., E(h\ard
IV., and Richard III., acquired "tlie Manor of
Swanscombe, ob. 1490 (cir.)

John Swan piescnted tlie large bell to the church
of Southiicet, ob. cir. 1550.

Thomas Swan.

Thomas Swan, ob. 15G0-1.

Sir William Swan, Kut., of Ilookplace, ob. 1G12.

Sir Thomas Swan, Knt , acquired and afterwards dis-
posed of the Manor of Sutton, died seized of the Manors
of Densted and Swanscombe ; Knighted at Theobald's
Iim, 11th Jan., IG30. Resided at Ilookplace.

Sir William Swan, Bart., resided at Hookplace, created

a Baronet in 1CG6 (ISth Charles 11.), m Hester Ogle.

Sold Swanscombe to the Lovelaces, ob. 1G89.

Sir William Swan, Bart., sold Ilookplace to the Har-
ringtons, m. Cecilia , afterwards the wife of

Sir Thomas Peyton, of Knolton : ob. 1712, and is in-
terred, as is his mother Lady Hester Swan, in the
church of St. Nicholas, Southfleet. lie left no i.ssue.

John Swan went to Ireland in arailitary capacity under

Essex {temp. Elizabeth) 1598, founded the Irish branch,

ob. 1009.

William Swan, ob. cir. 1G37.

Joseph Swan, of Tombrean, second son.

John Swan. To him was granted in 1G57 the Bald-
winstown estate, including the Manor oflvilcoaii, the
Townlands of Baldwinstown, Russellstown, and nu-
merous others situate in the Barony of Bargy, co.
of Wexford (which had become forfeited to thc'Crown
on the attainder of the Keatinges for high treason).
lie was confirmed in this grant by patent under the
Act of Settlement, 19th Charles II., 1G66. He died
1703 : in. Sarah, dau. of Richard Rowe, of Ballyharty,
CO. ■\Vexford.

John Swan, m. Catharme, dau. of John Clianmey, of
Shilelagh, co. Wicklow, ob. 1712.

John Swan, lived at Rath, co. Wicklow, ob. 1730.

John Swan, eldest son, m. Barbara, dau. of Percival
Ilimt, of Dublin, ob. 1757.

Johix Swan, ob. 1783, unmarried, succeeded by his

Josepli Swan, m. Anne, dau of Joseph Swan, of Tom-
brean, CO. Wicklow ; lived atBuckstown, co. Wicklow,
ob. 1799.

Percival Swan, m. Penelope, dau. of Richard Waddy,

of Ki'.maeoe, co. Wexford, and sister of C. Waddy, late

M.P. for the county of Wexford, died 1834, leaving


Joseph Percival Swan, the Richard Waddy, a Barrister,

presentpossessor of Baldwins- m. Barbara, dau. of S.Symes,

town, m. Catharine Rhoda, Esq.,of Hill view, co. Wicklow,
dau. of Benjamin Riky, Esq., and has issue.

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