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late of BalljTioe, co. Carlow,
and of the city of DubUn.

Arms. Ak. a chev. or. between three swans ppr.

Crest. A swan ppr. rousant, ducally gorged, and chained, or.

Motto. Sit nomcn decus.

Anue, m. to Lieut. -Col. E, N.
W^Uford, R.A.




Williams, of Cowley Grove, Hillingdon, IMiddlesex, and Cote, in the Parish of Bamp-
ton, Oxon, now represented by Benjamin Williams, Esq., of Cowley Grove.

Sir David Williajis, luit., of Ham Court, Bampton; of Kingston House, Berks; and of Gwern5'^•ct, Brecknock-
shire; created one of the Judges of the Court of Iving-'s Bench in 1G03. Born circa 1548. Died .in 1C12. Married,
1st, Margaret, dau. of John Games, of Abcrbran, by a dau. of Sir William Vaughan, of Porthaml ; 2nd, Dorothy,
dau. of Oliver AVellsborn, Esq., of East Hanney, Berks, and ^-idow of John Latton, Esq., of Kingston, but by her he

had no issue.

Ann, w. Tho-
mas Gwyn,

Sophia, m,
— AVigmorc,
of Topton,

Henry, of Gwern5'^•et, created a Baronet in
1614, "m. Eleanor, dau. of Eustace Whiting,
of AVhitney, Herefordshire. His gi-andson.
Sir AValter, the h\st baronet, died sine
prole, -whereupon the estate of Gwernyvet
descended to his niece, Elizabeth, who m.
Sir Edward "Williams, Knt., of Tallyn, M.P.
for Brccloiockshire. Slie was maternal an-
cestor of Colonel Wood, M.P. for Breck-
nock, the present owner of Gwernyvet.

Thomas, of
near Cote,
Oxon, after-
wards of
Glou., born
1582, d. 21st

Oct., 163G,

and buried at


Ancestor of Sir

Da\id Williams,

of Rose Hill,

Herts, d. in


Roger, of
Gaer, near
Brecon, m. a
dau. of Paul
Delahay, wi-
dow of I'arry
of Trebar-
ried, and had

Robert, of
Cabal va,
shire, m.,
and had is-
sue one dau.
and one son,
Henry, who
7)1, a dau. of
Sir Robert

Margaret, m.


Powell, of



Roger, of
las, ob. 1679.

Thomas, of

buried at
Nov. 23,

Walter, in. a dau. of

Walter Vaughan, of


iu Radnorshire.



John, purchased
one "yard" (or
40 acres) of free-
hold land at
Cote, oftheMed-
hop family, and

in 1658, one

" yard "-and-a-

half of life -land

of Mr. Horde.

His T\-ife Ann ad-

, ministered in


Richard, d.
in his mi-

Jolm, of Cote,
purchased addi-
tional land of Mr.

IMedhop, and
half-a-"yard" of

Jlr. Richard
Keen. He died
of small-pox, in
the piime of life,
and was buried
at Bampton Ch.,
Oct., 1603. His
■wife I\Iartha sur-
vived him.


Roger, of Gaer.

DaAdd, of Gaer,

</. 1767. Cathe-
rine, his wife. d.
in 1783.

Da^-id, of Gaer,

d. in 1783, and

his son David d.

an infant.

Rachel, dau. and
heiress, m. Wil-
liam Jlep-ick,
Attorney, Jler-
thyr i'ydvil.

John, 6. about 1669. Iu 1700

he sold the free land, called

"Medh6p's land," to his

brother Richard.

Richard, i. in 1671. Mr. Jo-
seph Williams, of Ham Court,
who d. unmarried in 1802,
■was his grandson and heir.
Mr. Jolm Williams, of Old
Shifford, was his fourth son.

James, ivas christened at
Bampton, Jan. 1, 1674. He
K. Mary, the yotuigest dau.
of JohuAVillianis the younger,
of Cote. His will 'is dated
AprU 18, 1728. He died
shortly afterwards.

Adin, born lOSO.



James, of the Manor-house, South-
leigh, yeoman, b. 1711. He married
Miss Mary Peck, -wlio d. March 5,
1775. In 1767, Mr. James Williams
sold his interest in liis mother's
land at Aston, to bis brother Ben-
jamin. He died July 10, 1785. He
"was grandfather of Sir James 'Wil-
liams, of Gothic Lodge, Kentish
Town, -who d. in IS-! 8, and father
of James, of Dawley Lodge.

Denjamin, of Bampton, J. 1718, d.
January 27, 1792, aged 74. He to.
Martha, dau. of Thomas Hunt,
Esq., of High Wycombe, who was
h. 1714, and d. August 20th, 1760,
aged 46. He m. afterwards Miss
Rebecca Roberts, but by her he
had no issue.

Martha, h. about 1720, m. Mr. John
Ridge, who died September 1, 1760.
He was ruicle to Elizabeth Ridge,
Viscountess Ashbrook, grandmo-
ther to the present Duchess of
Marlborough. His dau. Mary m.
Mr. John Williams, of Old Shifford.

Elizabeth, b. July, 1741, d. January
17, 1828, aged 87; m. Mr. Thomas
Coombe, of Cote, who was b. in
1732, and d. February 17, 1819, aged
87, sine prole.

Ann, d. October 3, 1825, aged 78 ;
VI. John Hughes, Esq., of Bristol,
merchant, February, 25, 1772, who
d. Oct. 17, 1808, aged 59, and was
buried at BuckweU Chmxhyard,

Samuel, b. 1749, d. on Christmas
Day, 1790, aged 40. He lived at
Bampton, but removed to Reading
in February, 17S3. He m. Alary,
dau. of Thomas Fletcher, Esq., of
Abingdon, b. in 1744, d. at Abing-
don, Jmie 1, 1819, aged 74.

Elizabeth, m. Edward
Leader, Esq., of Wooton,
and of North Court,
Abingdon. He d. Oct.
27, 1S33, aged 61, sine

Benjamin, of Hill-Hall,
1! ending, and subse-
quently of North Court,
Abingdon, who was b.
May 29, 1770, and d.
December 1, 1840, aged

Tliomas, of Campden
HUl, then of Cowley
Grove, 6. December, 12,
1773. In 1800 he ??;. his
relative, Violetta, dau. of
Mr. John WUliams, of
Old Shilford. He cUed
Jan. 3, 1852.

Mar}', Hannah, and Martha.

Benjamin, of

House, Har-
row, then of
the Lodge,
F.S A., 6.
1803, m. in
Sarah, dau.
of William
Davies, Esq.,

of Pem-
who d. Feb.,

Violetta, m.
Rev. Russell

M.A., Rector
of SweSUug,


Clerk, LL.B.
m. Elizabeth
of John Ni-
cholson, I'sq.
of Stramore
House, CO.


Rebecca, m.
Rev. Theyre
T. Smith,
M.A., Hul-
sean Lec-
turer, Vicar
of Wj-mond-
ham, and
Canon of

Caleb, Clerk,
M.A , Rector

of Newha-
ven, Sussex,

m. Fanny,
dau. of Rev.


Shaw Hill,


Joshua, Bar-


Law, m. 1st,

Lucy, dau. of



Esq. ; 2nd,

Elvira Anna,

dau. of Col.



H.E.I.C. ;

3rd, Martha,

dau. of Rev.

of Fazeley.

Josiah Dore,
of Pierce
m. 1st, So-
phia, dau. of
Wm. Smith,
Esq., of
Brighton ;
2nd, Emma
Mary, dau.
of Re'v. Hen.
of White

Esther Phil-
lips, m. Rev.
Richard Cox
Hales, M.A.
She d. Feb

26, 1847,
shortly after
the birth of

her dau.,

Esther Cox


Matilda. Mary Violetta. Emily. Benjamin Hughes.

Frederick, R.N.,
b. Dec., 1829.

Arms. Quarterly, 1st and 4th ; sable, a chevron, argent, between three spears' heads argent, imbrued, gules;
2nd and 3rd, argent, three cocks gules, combed, legged, and jelloped, or.
Crest. A cock, as in the arms.
Motto. Laus Deo.

Thomas of Pantygof, Llanllawddog,
Caei-marthen.shire. — The Rev. Richard
James Harries Thomas, M.A., St. Peter's,
Hammersraitli, Loudon, and his brother,
"VViLLiAM GwvNNE Stedjian Tiiomas, are
the only sons of William Thomas (baptized
at Abergwdlli, 4th January, 1789), of Panty-
gof in the county, and of the county Borough,
of Caermarlhen, merchant, by Dorothy, his
first wife (w. at St. Peter's, 6th September,
1814), only surviving child and sole heiress
of Richard Williams, Esq., of the county of

Devon, and of Kidwelly, Caermarthenshire,
by Frances, his wife {m. at St. ]\lary's, Kid-
welly, 2.5th September, 1783, and died July
11th, 1790), youngest of the four sisters and
coheiresses of Gwynue Prothero, Esq. (-ndio
died s. ]y. at Caermartheu, and was buried at
St. Peter's, 13th day of June, 1780), of Do-
lygaer, in the county of Brecknock, and of
Pantygof, Caermarthenshire. The said "Wil-
liam Thomas, of Pantygof, is son of the late
Thomas Thomas, Esq., of Parcau Henllan,
Caermarthenshire (baptized at Aberg\yilli,



9th clay of March, 1759, and died at Parcan,
25th December, 1851, and was buried at
Henllan, set. 93, on the last day of that year),
by Jane, liis first wife (who was married
at Abergwilli, 22nd October, 1783, died
25th June, 1793, and was buried with her
family in the church of Llanegwad), only
surviving daughter (by his second wife,
Mary, daughter and coheiress of John Wil-
liams, of Llanarthney, gentleman, her will
dated 22nd October, 1783, proved 14th Jan-
uary, 1784), of John Richards, Esq., the
elder of Llandeilo llwnuAvs Llanegwad, in
the county, and of the county borough of
Caermarthen, who died June, 1764, derived
in the male line through Alderman Richard
Barrett, Mayor of the said county borough,
A. D. 1622, temp. James I., from the ancient
and once powerful Norman family of Barrett,
feudal lords of Pendyne. The said Tliomas
Thomas, of Parcau Henllan, was son of Evan
Thomas (who was born at Llangunnock,
A. D. 1705, and died and was buried at
Abergwilli, set. 83), of AbergAvilli, gentle-
man and yeoman, by Elizabeth, his wife
(??2. 24th October, 1741), daughter and
coheiress of Evan Bevan, gentleman and
yeoman of that parish ; Evan Tliomas de-
rived through the younger male line from John
Thomas John, Esq., of Plas Llangimnock,
in the parish of Llangunnock, in the county
and of the county borough of Caermarthen,
living and party to a feoffment deed bearing
date 11th October, A. D. 1611, temp. James
I., descended from an ancient Welsli family
which flourished in the aforesaid parish of
Llangunnock, in the county of Caermar-
then, as landed proprietors from a remote

Arms. Az. a stag trippant av. collancl and lined or.
between the attires, an Imperial crown ppr.

Crest. A stag's head erased at the neck, argent, be-
tween the attires an imperial crown ppr.

Motto. Virtute non astutia : By virtue not by ciuming.

Chief Quarterings : —

1. Williams, of Devon, and Kidwelly ; 2. Prothero, of
Dolygaer, and Pautygof; 3. Stcdman, of Dolygacr (arms
of Ue Tateshall) ; 4. Sir John Stedman, the Crusader,
Knight of the Scpidehre, foiuider of the fanrUy in Eng-
land, A.D. 1191, temp, nichard I.; 5. Forster, of Berk-
shu-e; G. IVlarshall, of Yorkshire; 7, Hill, of Salop; 8.
Lloyd, of Porthycrwys and Towy, co. Brecknock, Esquire
of the Body to Queen Elizabeth 'and Steward of the Lord-
ehip of Buelth, under Walter Devereux, Earl of Essex,
derived from Elystan Glodrydd, Prince of Ferlex, founder
of the fourtli royal tribe ; 9. Yaughau, a Cadet of Paiity-
sti-eimon, co. Cardigan; 10. Williames, of Ystradffin,
Caerraarthenshire, derived from the ancient Lords of Kily-
cwTn and from RhodriJIaur, King of all Wales ; 11. Lloyd,
of Glangwilly and Ystradcorwg Llanllawddog, Cacrmar-
thenshire, derived from Trehairn, eldest son of Cadivor-
Taur, Prince of Dyved ; 12. Rydderch abTewdur, Baron
of Derllys, brother to Rhys ab Tewdur, Sovei'cign Prince
of Soutli Wales; 13, Turbcr\'ine, of PenlljTie Castle, co.
Glamorgan; 14. Justyn ap Gwrgant. Prince of Glamor-
gan, founder of the fifth royal tribe; 15. Sir Roger
WUcock, Knt. ; IG. Maud, lieiress of Tytlicgstone, de-
rived from Gwgan, Lord of AN'iston, son "to BleddjTi ab.
Maenarch, Lord of Brecknock; 17. Sir John Norroys,
Lord of Penllyne, Glamorganshire; IS. Penry, of Ryder-
wear, CO. Caermarthenshire, kinsman and son-in-law of

Sir Rhys ab Thomas Fitz t'ryaii, of Djmevor, K.G., a
branch of the Pcnrys of Llanelli, derived from Sir Elidyr
Ddu Fitz Uryan, Kniglit of the Sepulchre, temp. Richard
I ; 19. n:nry ab Gwilj-m, of Court Ilenn and Llanlais in
the vale of Llangatht n, Caermarthenshire, derived through
the Lords of Llangathen fromElvstan Glodrvdd, founder
of the fourth royal tribe of Wales; 20. Wyiiter, of Caer-
martlien and Llangain ; 21. Yauglian, of Plascilcenen, a
branch of the Vaughans of Crosswood Park, co. Cai-digan,
deri\Td from CoilwjTj ab Tangno, Lord of Efionydd.
foimdcr of the fifth noble tribe of Iv'orth AYales and
Powys ; 22. Stedman, of Plascilcenen, a branch of
the "stcdmaiis of Strata Florida, eo. Cardigan and
Dolygiier, co. Brecluiock ; 23. Sir John de Tates-
hall', Knt., brother to Robert Baron de Tateshall,
eo. Lincoln ; 24. James Forster, Esq., of Berkshire ;
25. Sir John Marshall, of Yorkshire, Ivnt. ; 2G. Wil-
liam Hill, Esq., of Salop ; 27. Rowland Pulcston, of
Caernarvon, Esq., second son of Sir John Pulcston, Con-
stable of Caernarvon Castle, and Chamberlain of iN ortli
Wales, temp. Henry YIIL and Edward YL, &c. &;c.

The Pantygof estate in the parishes of
Llanllawddog, Llanpump saint, and Llanfi-
hangel ar arth, once formed part of the Glaii-
gwilly and Ystradcorwg estate, and was in
the partition of that property 1st and 2nd of
April, 1731, allotted to Dorothy Stedman,
then a minor, aged tiftcen, younger of the tAvo
daughters of ]\Iiles Stedman then of Dol3'gaer,
Slieritf for Brecknock, 1725, and coheiress,
with her elder sister Jane Stedman, of their
late mother then deceased, IMary Lloj'd, late
wife of the said Miles Stedman, and eldest of
the two daughters and coheiresses of John
LIojtI, Esq. (livmg 1684), of Glangwilly and
Ystradcorwg, Llanllawddog, Caermarthen-
shire,byxVnne,* his wife, eldest of the two daugh-
ters (and sister to Bridget, the wife of Thomas
Lloyd, Esq. of Bronwydd) of James Johnes,
Esq. of Dolaucothi (Sheriff for Caermarthen-
.shire in 1667, and for Cardiganshire, 1670)
by iMary, his first wife, one of the . tAvo
daughters of RoAvland Pughe, Esq., of
INIathavarn, in the county of Montgo-
mery, by his first Avife, Elizabeth, second
daughter of Sir Richard Pryse of Gogerddan,
in the county of Cardigan (and by marriage)
of Aberbychan in the county of jSIontgomery.
The said Mary Lloyd, Avife of Miles Stedman,
Avas in her said issue (Jane and Dorothy
Stedman) coheiress to her imcles Alderman
Thomas Lloyd of Brynycenau, ]\Iayor
of Caermarthen a.d. 1718 (who died s.jy., and
AA'as buried at St. Peter's chancel Caermarthen,
3rd day of June, 1723), and Henry Lloyd,
Esq. of Glangwilly, Serjeant at LaAV (who

* This Anne Johnes, of Dolancotlu, after the deat^^
of her first husband, ]Mr. Lloyd, of Llanllawddog, mar-
ried, seconiUy, Edward Jones, Esq., of Llanina (which
place he gave up to his son John by a former wife), who
resided A\-ith her at Ystradcorwg, Llanllawddog, and ap-
pears to have had issue by her three daughters (sisters
bv half-blood to :\Irs. Stcdman and Mrs. Lloyd). The
second, Elinor Jones, married John Yaughau, Esq., of
Plasgwyn, and Avas mother to Eugene Yaughan, Esq., of
Plasgw'yn, who married for a second wife Mary, sister of
the Rev. Thomas Prothero, of Dolygacr, vicar of Llau-
gamarch, county of Brecknock.



also died s.j^., and was buried in the chancel
of St. Peter's Church, Caermarthen, 4tli J\Iay,
1723) : to this latter gentleman the said Mrs.
Stedman, his niece, had sold her moiety of the
Glangwilly and Ystradcorwg demesne lands
and estates, which by descent she had in-
herited from her father, John Lloyd, Esq.,
the Serjeant's eldest brother ; in consequence
of which sale in the partition of the Llanllawd-
dog estate (1st and 2nd April, 1731) three-
fourths of the entirety of that property fell
to the share of i\Irs. Anne Lloyd (younger
and only sister to Mrs. Stedman) of Ystrad ••
corwg, widow of Walter Lloyd of Ohnarch,
who had retained her original moiety, which
three-fourths descended to her son and heir
John Lloyd, who thus became of Glangwilly,
and was by Aime his wife, daughter of Gris-
mond Phillipps, the elder of Cwmgwilli, father
of Jane Lloyd (ultimately in her issue, sole
heiress to her younger sister Mrs. Owen of
Glangwilly, who died s.p., 1812), which Jane
Lloyd m. Jeremiah Price, Esq., late of Rad-
nor, but then of Caermarthen, grandfatlier by
her to the present John Lloyd Price of
Glangwill)^, Esq.

The elder sister of Dorothy Stedman,
viz., Jane Stedman, had the Brynycenau
estate m the parishes of Abergwilli, Llan-
pmnpsaijit, and Llanfiliangel ar Ai'tli, allotted
to her in the aforesaid partition of the Llan-
Uawddog estate. She married Richard Davies,
Esq., clerk of the peace for the county of
Caermarthen, and had issue by him Stedman
Davies, Esq. of ICidwelly, who by his wife
Barbara Williams of Ivy Tower, Pembroke-
shhe, had issue two sons, Richard Stedman
Davies, Esq. of Maesgw}mne, and Jlorgau
William Davies, who died single. The former
had by Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas
Thomas, of Llangunnock, yeoman (represen-
tative through the elder line, of the Thomas,
of Plas Llangunnock, then in reduced
circumstances, one Morgan Davies, soli-
citor and agent of Vaughan, Earl of Car-
bery of Golden Grove, having about the time
of Queen Anne possessed himself of their
ancient estate and seat afterwards known as
Cwm or Coombe, the seat of the Davies', the
said ]\Iorgan's descendants) two daughtei-s liis
coheiresses at law^ the younger of whom
was first wife to James Mark Child, Esq.
ofBigelly House, but died s.p., 1822; the
elder "jane Davies m. Thomas Jones, Esq., a
captain in the first Irish brigade, and was by
him mother to Elizabetli (ultimately sole
heiress to her brother), wife of tlie Rev.
Thomas Evans, now of j\IaesgAvynne, Caermar -
thenshire, and Llangamarch, Brecknock.

Dorothy Stedman, of Dolygaer, in the
county of Brecknock, and of Pantygof,
Caermarthenshire (younger of the two
daughters and coheiresses of I\liles Stedman,

and of Mary Lloyd, of Glangwilly, his afore-
said wife) was born a.d. 1716, and married
first, about 1737, Grismond Phillipps, the
younger of Cwmgwilli, brother to Anne, the
wife of the said Dorothy's cousin, John
Lloyd, of Glangwilly, and son to her kinsman,
Grismond Phillipps, Esq., the elder of
Cwmgwilli. By her first husband (Mr.
Phillipps, who died s. p. 1739-40,) Dorothy
had no surviving issue. She married, se-
condly, the Rev. Thomas Prothero, IM.A.,
vicar of Lly well, Brecknock, son to the Rev.
Thomas Prothero, j\I.A.,vicar ofLlangadock,
1740, and brother to Mary, the second wife
(of the said Dorothy Stedman's cousin,
Eugene Vaughan, Esq., of Plasgwyn, in the
county of Caermarthen). By her second
husband, Mr. Prothero (who, by exchange,
became aft-erwards vicar of Llangamarch, and
died at his seat, Dolygaer, in that parish, A.d.
1768), Dorothy had issue a son and heh*
Gwynne Prothero, Esq., and four daughters,
1. Elizabeth; 2. Anna Maria; 3. Dorothy;
4. Frances, ultimately coheiresses to their
brother Gwynne. The youngest of them,
Frances Prothero, married, 25th Sept. 1783,
Richard Williams, Esq., of DcA-onshire, and
of Kidwelly, Caermartlienshii-e, and Avas by
liim motlier of an only surviving child and
heiress, Dorothy, born in Devonshire, a.d.
1786, who married, 6th September, 1814,
William Thomas, of the county borough of
Caermarthen, gentleman (third son of Thomas
Thomas, late of Parcau, Esq.), by Jane, his
first wife, only surviving sister hy whole
blood of John Richards, Esq., of Llan-
deilo RMmnws, and of Richard Richards,
Esq., of Pantgwyn Abergwilli, Caermar-
thenshire), and dying 2.5th August, 1832, «t.
46, the said Dorothy left issue tAvo sons and
two daughters, viz., — Rev. R. J. H. Tho-
mas ; 2. Jane Stedman, married 4th
January, 1836, at St. Peter's, Caermarthen,
William Ilulm, now of Pembroke, banker,
and has issue two sons and two daughters ;
3. William Gwynne Stedman ; and 4. ilary
Ann ; who are (through the maternal
line) eighteenth in descent, through the
Princes John of Gaunt, Duke of Lan-
caster, and Edmond of Langley, Duke of
York, from King Edward III. of England,
and 19th in descent through the Prince
Thomas Plantagenet,surnamed De Brotherton
(second son) from King Edward I. of England,
by his second wife J\iargaret of France.

* Gwjnine Prothero mnrricd Elizabeth Price, but died,
s.p., at Cuerraarthen, greatly impoverished, havings sold
Dolygaer, the old family scat of the Stedmans, together
with his moiety of that estate in the county of Breck-
nock, also his "Cardiganshire property; in i'act, all the
landed property he possessed, willi the exception of the
Pantygof estate in Caermarthenshire, inherited from the
Lloyds of Cilangwilly ; the iireater portion of -nhich
small estate is now vested hi Williain Thomas, Esq.



Lescher, of Essex, of French extraction.
Lawrence Lescher, of Kertztild, in Al-
sace, France, left two sons, who came to
England circ. 1778, viz. : —

I. Joseph Francis Lescher, of Bo^yles,
Essex, who m. Martha, dan. of James
Bond, Esq., of Somerton, and d. 28tli
March, 1827, leaving issue :

]. Joseph Samuel, of Boyles, h. 6th
October, 1796, wlio m., 11th February,
1829, jMartha, third daughter of John
Hoy, Esq., of Stoke-by-Xeyland, and
has issue :

1. Harriet, m. to Michael Walmesley,

2. Mary Anne, m. to Richard Walmes-
ley, JEsq.

II. AYiLLiAM Lescher, of London, mer-
chant, who in., 8th February, 1798, Mary
Aiuie, dau. of John Copp, Esq., of Brom-
ley, and d. 28th February, 1817, leaving
issue :

1. William Joseph, of Upton, Essex, h.
21st April, 1799, m., 2nd June, 1824,
Mary, eldest dau. of Jolm Hoy, Esq.,
of Stoke Neyland, and has issue.

2. Joseph Sj'dney, of Hampstead, m..,
14th October, 1835, Sarah, only dan.
of William Ilarwood, Esq., of Bristol.

1. j\Iary Susan,???, to Daniel Gibson, Esq.

2. ]\Iar"tha Theiesa, m. to Adam "Wilson,

, Caroline.

a stork avg.,

Arms. Or. a cross gu., on a cliicf az.
beaked and legged, of the second.

Ciest. In front of a bugle horn, sa., a dexter arm, em-
bowed ill armour, ppr., garnished, or., entwined by a
serpent, the hand grasping a dagger, fcssways, the point
towards the dexter, also ppr., poinel and hilt gold.

Motlo. Singulariter in spe.

Kelham, of Great Gonerby, Billing-
borough and Allington, co. Lincoln, and
Bleasby Hall, co. Nottingliam, as borne b}'
Robert Kelhaji Kelham, Esq., a magis-
trate for the lattei county, second son of the
late Marmaduke Langda'.e, Esq., of New
Ormond Street, Queen Square, London, by
Sarah Augusta, his wife, daughter of Robert
Kelham, Esq., of Hatton Garden, London,
and Bush Hill, Eniield, co. Middlesex, and
grandson of Alarmaduke Langdale, Esq. of
Southampton Row, London, a descendant of
tlie family of the famed cavalier commnnder
Sir Marmaduke Langdale, afterwards created
Baron J^angdale, of Holme, co. York, who
commanded the left wing of King Charles's
army at the battle of Is^aseby. By royal
licence dated February 19th, 1812, tlie jn-e-
sent proprietor of Bleasby Hall was autho-
rised to take the surname of Kelham only,
and tlie arms of Kelham, in compliance with
the will of Ills maternal uncle, Robert Kelham,
Esq., of Bush Hill, only son of Robert Kel-
ham, Esq., of Hatton Garden and Bush Hill.

by Sarah his wife, daughter of Peter G-erj',
Esq., of Bilston, co. Leicester, and grandson
of the Rev. Robert Kelham, vicar of Billhig-
borough, Threekingham and Walcot, all in
the CO. Lincoln, by Mary his wife, daughter
and coheir of fJohn Kelham, Esq., of Great
Gonerby, descendants of Sir William Kelum*
of Allington, co. Lincoln, and Congleton, co.
Chester, who was killed at tlie battle of Fal-
kirk, A.D. 1298.

Arms. Quarterly, 1st, party per pale gu. and az., three
covered cups or. ; two and one, on a chief engrailed arg.,
three estoilcs sable ; 2nd, az . a chief and three clievronels
braced in base or., Fitz Hugh ; 3rd, gu. a cinquefoil
arg., within an orle of eight cross crosslets or., Umfra-
ville; 4th, az. a lion rampt. arg.. Ckewe ; 5th, per
l^ale or. andaz., a cross engrailed counterchanged, Pole;
Gth, gu. a lion rampt within a bordure engrailed arg.,
Guey; 7th, gu. a cross ftcury or. Latimer; 8th, a lion
i"imi)t., double queued sable, Welles; 9th, arg. a saltire
gu., on a chief of the second, three escallop shells of the
first, Talboys ; 10th, arg. across engrailed gu , Govr-
NAY ; 11th, az., three cLnqnefoils and scniee of cross
crosslets arg., D'Arcy ; 12th, gu. a saltire arg., Neville ;
13th, az., three covered cups, or , Kelhajf (ancient) ;
llth, Fitz Hugh; 15th, X'mfuaville ; ICth, Crewe;
17th, Pole ; ISth, Grey; 10th, Latimer; 20th, Welles;
21st, Taluoys; 22nd, Gournay ; 23rd, D'Arcy; 24th,
Neville. An escutcheon of pretence for Phillips, viz. :
az., a ehe\Toii between three falcons arg., Mr. Kelham
having married Dorothea, only child and lieiress of
John Phillips, Esq., of Ilomewood and Willands, co.

Crest. A demi eagle displayed, with two beads, az,
scmec of ermine spots or., and on each wing a covered
cup of the last,

Motto. Bcneficioruin memor.

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