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and David. The last twoseom to have been born
under the same evil star which had brought
so much misfortune to the family from the
time of the unhappy Richard, Avhose religious
zeal had driven him from home and wealth
to live in exile in the fens of Plolland. The}'-
both were officers in the ami}' of James II.,
under the command of Prince Charles Ed-
ward, and both perished in the battle of

The eldest son, Daniel, was born in 1712.
He married Fear Freeman, and from him has
sprung the Chatham branch of the family,
and the Boston branch now represented by
the Hon. David Sears, of Boston.

Richard, David, and Daniel, were the
three sons of Daniel. The youngest died
without issue. Richard, the eldest, a senator
of Massachusetts, married Hetty JMarshall,
and had three sons, Richard, Daniel, and
Marshall. Richard and ilarshall died before
their father, without issue. Daniel died

David, the second son of Daniel, was born
in 1752, and removed to Boston in 1770. He
married Ann, daughter, of John Still AVin-
throp, of New London, in Connecticut, Esq.;
fifth in descent from John Winthrop, first
Governor of Massachusetts, and founder of
Boston. Mr. Sears purchased of General
Knox, of the military family of General
Washington, and Secretar^^-of-War, a large
estate in Maine, lying on Penobscot River,
being a remainder and a part of the ori-
ginal grant, from the Earl of Warwick to
Beauchamp and Leverett, known as the
" Waldo Patent,"' and confirmed by the Le-
gislature of Massachusetts. The Indian
chief, JMadocowando, Sagamore and Prince of
Penobscot, granted and surrendered liis
sovereignty and title in 1G94. This territory
was originally thirty miles square, and in-
cluded all the islands in Penobscot Bay.
Tiie present property lies principally in the
towns of Searsmont, Knox, Prospect, and
Searsport, including Brigadier's Island, in
the Bay.

David Sears, the only son of this last, a
senator of Massachusetts, was born in 1787.
He married Jliriam Clarke, daughter of the
Hon. Jonathan ]\Iason, a senator of Rlassa-
chusetts, and representative in the Congress
of the United States, and has had is.sue,

1. David, died in England without is-
sue ; 2. Anna P. M. ; ,3. Harriet E. D. ;
4. Cordelia M. ; 5. Ellen ; 6. David ;
7. Frederick R. ; 8. Winthrop ; 9. Grace AV. ;

10. Knyvet AVinthrop.

Ji ms. Quarterly of four, \iz. : —
I. Sears. Gules, a chev. avg., between three eaglets ppr.,
on a chief ermine, an escallop between two mullets,

11. IJouEcniEn. Argent, a cross engrailed gules, be-
tween four water bouycts, sable.

III. Van Egjioxde. Or. four chevronels, gules.

IV. Sears.

Crcsi. An eagle displayccl, wings inverted, ppr.
Motto. Honor et fides.

Neavall, of Town House, Hare Hill, and
AA^ellington Lodge, Littleborough, Rochdale,
CO.. Lancaster.

The NcAvalls are of considerable antiquity,
and from grants of lands, title deeds, and
other documents still in the possession of the
family, deduce a continued and unbroken
line of descent connected with residence on
the family estate of "Toato House," for
nearly four centuries. The estate, formerly
called Town House, or Logher Town House,
came into their possession through the mar-
riage of AVilliain Newall, of Shipden, near
Halifax, co. York, temp. Henry A-"!., with
Isabella, dau. and elder coheiress of Christo-
pher Kyrshagh, of that place, the descendant
and representative of the ancient and feudal
family of De la Tomi. The first mention we
find of the family is in a deed, dated 21st Dec.



1346 (St. Thomas's day), of Beatrice, clau. of
Thomas De Wood, of Gomersall, conveying a
toft and croft in Clayton, to John, son ot
Robert de Newall. Then Lawrence Newall
appears in a deed dated 8th July, 31 Henry
VI., as a grantee for life of certain messu-
ages m the towi of Northowram, being in
Shipden, in the parish of Halifax, co. York,
with remainder to his son William and his
wife Isabella, and their heirs.

Lawrence's son, AYilliam Newall, mar-
ried Isabella, elder dan. and coheiress (with
her sister Eleanor, Avife of Jordan Chadwick,
ancestor of the Chadwicks, of Healey Hall,
Rochdale, co. Lancaster, and Malveysin
Ridware, co. Stafford,) of Christopher
Kyrshagh, of Town House, co. Lancaster,
now called Lower Town House, and with
her acquired that estate. Their son, Lau-
KENCE Newall, Esq., living 16 July, 18th
Edward IV., as appears by a deed of lands
from his father, and also by other deeds, (12
Henry VII., and 13 Henry VIII.) of settle-
ment on the marriage of his son and grandson.
He died before 24 Henry VIII., leaving by
Sibil his wife, a son, AYilliam Newall,
who m. 1st, 12 Henry VII., jMargaret,
dau. of John Alilne ; and 2ndly, 13 Henry
VIII. , Jone, dau. of Richard Clayden, of
Tongton, co. Lancaster, and by the former
had a son, Lawrence, Avhom "his father, by
the articles of his second marriage, covenan-
ted that he should marry Jane, the other
dau. of Richard Clayden ; but this marriage
was dissolved in 1548 by the sign manual of
Edward VI., which document, with Royal
Seal appended, is now in tlie possession of
Mrs. Newall, of Town House. JMr. AYilliam
Newall's will, dated 17th Sept., 15.50, was
proved 11 Oct. foUoAvhig in the Consistory
Court of Chester. His son, Lawrence
Newall, of "The LogherTo\TO House" (so
described m his will, dated 2 April, 1557),
siu-vived his father al)out seven years, and
was father of Robert Newall, who died
4th February, 23 Elizabeth, seized of Town
House and lands in Castleton, and in Hnnders-
field, as appears by an Tnq 2^osl, mortem, taken
2nd Sept., 40 Elizabeth. He left besides a
daughter, Dorothy, who married James Kaye,
a son, Robert Newall, who had been con-
tracted in marriage, when in his minority, to
Alice Belfield, of Rochdale ; but this marriage
was, by reason of their minority, declared
void 21st January, 1.592, and the sentence of
divorce was registered at Chester. He died
in 1659, leavmg by Mary his wife a numerous
family, of whom the eldest son, Robert
Newall, of Town House, baptized in 1599,
married Mary, dau. of James Fielden, Esq.,
of The Heights, in Hundersiield, and by her
had, besides other children, Lawrence
Newall, his eldest son, wlio died unmarried in
1711, aged 87; AYilliam, who succeeded

him in the family estate, and Jane, who mar-
ried James Dearden, of New-house and AVhit-
field, in Ilundersfield, ancestor of the present
James Dearden, Esq., F.S.A., Lord of the
Manor of Rochdale. The second son and
eventual inheritor, AA'illiam Newall, Esq.,
of Lower Town House, had issue one son,
Robert, who, by his wife Jane, dau. of
Joshua Dawson, of Heptonstall, co. York,
was the father of Lawrence Newall, who
died in 1786, aged 69, having married Sarah,
dau. and coheiress of -John Travis, gent., the
kinsman of the Venerable George Travis,
Archdeacon of Chester (celebrated for his
controversy with Porson). By her he had
issue two sons, AA^illiam, the elder, who died
in 1805, ancestor of Newall, of Town House,
and of Wellington Lodge ; and LaM'rence, the
younger, ancestor of Newall, of Hare Hill,
both near Littleborough, Rochdale, co. Lan-

jFnmilii n! Ihjrsliagji.

John de Kyrkeshagh paid a rate of two
shillings to AA^illiam de Litholres ante 1281,
9 Edward I. Llis son, i\Iatthew de
Kyrkeshagh, living at that time, married
Margery, dau. of AVilliam de Litholres, and
received from his father-m-law by deed, a
circuit of land, called Longleghheye, Litholres
and Milne, in Honersfeld. He was father of
Henryde Kyrkeshagh, who, by Isabellahis
wife, had a son, " Galfridus del Jiyrkeshagh,"
living 44 Edward III., who settled all his
lands in Honersfeld, Butterworth, &c., on
John Fythcler, A^icar of Rochdale, his trustee,
14 Richard 11. Henry's widow, Isabella,
released in 1 408 all her claims in the lands of
Lytholres, Belfield, and Newbold, iji the
Villes of Honersfeld, Butterworth, and
Castleton, to her son, John de Kyrkeshagli,
or Kyrshagh, of Town Houses, near Roch-
dale, who married Alargaret, dau. of Thomas
le Hayward. This John was living 2 Henry
VI., and was father of Christopher Kyr-
shagh, of Town Houses, who left tAvo daugh-
ters, his coheirs, the eldest of whom,
Isabella, married AYilliam Newall, and
conveyed the estate of ToA\m House to that
family. The other daughter, Eleanor, mar-
ried Jordan ChadAvick, ancestor of Hugo
Malveysin Chadwick, of Healey LTall, near
Rochdale, co. Lancaster, IMalveysin Ridware,
CO. Stafford, and Ncav Hall, co. AYarwick,

Arms. Quarterly, 1st and 4tli, Newall : Per pale
gu. and az., tljrcc covered cups or., within anorle of the
last. 2nd, for Kykkesiiagh : Or. on a chief per pale
gu. andsa. three bezants or. 3rd, for Litholres : Vert, a
lion rampt. or. seniee of caltraps sa.

Cicst. A t^aracen's head, afTronte, ppr., wreathed
round the temples or. and gu., suspended from the
mouth by a ribband of the last, a shield paly indented of
four, also or. and gu.

Motto. Non recedani.



Akers, as borne by Aretas Akers,
Esq., of Mailing Abbey, co. Kent, a magis-
trate for the counties of Kent and Sussex,
and de^nity-lieutenant of the former.

Arms. Gu. thi-ce escallops, arg. These arms belonged
to the family of Acres, of Acres Hall, in Lancashire.

Crest. [Granted, 16th March, 1576, by Nicholas Xar-
bon, Ulster King of Arms, to George Acres, son of Ro-
bert Acres, of Acres Hall, co. Lancaster, as a reward for
his ser^-ices in Ireland, France, Flanders, and other
places.] " An arme from ye clbowe ui)-n'arcl, holding an
Ensigne bende wave azure and gold semed contia-
changed with fflower-de-luces, and in the midest of the
said Ensigne an Irish kern's hedd, the sieve of ye said
hand ptd p pale in a wreath argent and sable."

Motto. Je vive en esperance.

Mr. Akers is eldest son of Aretas Akers,
Esq., formerly of St. Christopher and St.
Vincent, in the West Indies, by Jane, his
wife, youngest daughter of the Rev. James
Ramsay, vicar of Teston, and rector of Net-
tlested, Kent, the celebrated writer on the
African slave-trade, and the originator of the
discussion which terminated in the abolition
of that traffic on the part of the country.
Mr. Akers descends from a family which was
amons? the earliest settlers in the West In-
dian colonies. He derives, through his pa-
ternal grandmother, from the Douglases, of
Baads, co. Lanark.

Seton, of Mounie, co. Aberdeen, a branch
of Seton of Pitmedden, derived from George
Seton, of Mounie, Esq., second son of Sir
Alexander Seton, Bart., Lord Pitmedden.

Arms. Quarterly, 1st and 4th, or. three crescents, and
in the centre a man's heart distilling blood. The whole
within a royal double tressure, flory couiiterflory, gules,
for Seton. 2nd and 3rd, arg., a demi-otter sable, armed,
langued, and crowned with an antique crown, gules,
issuing out of a bar wavy of the second, for Meldruji.
In the centre point, a crescent (for difference) azure.

Crest. A demi-man, in military habit, holding the
banner of Scotland, with the Motto on a scroll above,
" Sustento sanguine sigua."

Peers, of Chislehampton, co. Oxford, de-
scended from Sir Charles Peers, Knt.,
Alderman of London, and Lord Mayor in

Arms. Quarterly, 1st and 4th, sa:, a ehev. between
three lions' heads erased arg. a chief, or. for Peers. 2nd
and 3rd, or. a lion passant in base, and in chief three
esquires' helmets, sa., for Knapp. The quartering is de-
rived from the marriage of Charles I'eers, Esq., of
Chislehampton (the grandfather of the present pro-
prietor), \\-ith KatherLne, daughter of John ICnapp, Esq.

Crest, A demi-griffin segreant, wings addorsed arg.

Johnston, of Wairiston. Tliis family,
in common with the Johnstons of Hilton, is
descended from GowAiN Johnston, the
chief in Annandale, who had the charter of
the lauds in Clerk Orcliard, &c., in 1555.

Archibald Johnston, his grandson,
having married Rachel, daughter of Sir
John Arnot, Treasurer Depute and Lord
Provost of Edinburgh, had three sons : 1.
James, of Warriston ; 2. Samuel, of Schien-
nes ; and 3. Joseph, of Hilton. The eldest,

James Johnston, of Warriston, was a

Senator of the College of Justice. He
married Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Thomas
Craig, a distinguished lawyer, and had issue :
1. Archibald; 2. Beatrice, married Sir
Patrick Congalton ; 3. Elizabeth, married
Robert Burnet, known by the title of Lord
Oriinond, by whom she had two sons, the
elder being Gilbert, the celebrated Bishop
of Salisbury.

Sir Archibald Johnston, the only
son, was a very eminent leader of the
Covenanters. He was knighted by Cliarles
I. in 1641, and addressed as Lord War-
riston, in 1G43. In tluit year he repre-
sented the county of Edinburgh in Parlia-
ment, and was appointed Speaker to the
Barons. In 1649 he was nominated Lord
Clerk Register. After the battle of Dunbar,
in which he was present, he lived for some
years in retirement, but was at length pre-
vailed on to accept office under Cromwell,
who (9th July, 1657) reappointed him Lord
Clerk Register, and called him to his House
of Peers under the title of Lord Warriston.

After the death of the Protector, he acted
as President of tlie Committee of Safety,
when Richard Cromwell had resigned the
reins of Government. At the Restoration,
orders were issued for liis arrest; and,
knowing that from his compliance with tlie
usurper, and his uniform and intrepid sup-
port of the Covenanters, he might expect no
mercy from the new Government, he escaped
to France, and was outlawed lOtli October,

An Act of Forfeiture being passed in his
absence, he was condemned to deatli, 15th
May, 1661. An emissary of Government
subsequently discovered his retreat at
Rouen, and, with permission of the French
Government, brought liirn prisoner to Eng-
land. He was on his arrival lodged in the
Tower, but was soon afterwards removed to
Edinburgh, where, without tlie formality of
trial, he was hanged at the Cross, 22iul
July, 1665, dying with the utmost constancy
and Christian fortitude.

The Act of Forfeiture against him was,
however, reversed in all respects by the Act
of AVilliaraand Mary, 22nd July, 1690, " as if
the same sentence and doom had never been
given or pronounced."

His nephew, Bishop Burnet, in the course
of a suminar}' of his character, observes that
" he was a man of great application, could
seldom sleep more tlian three hours in twenty-
four, and that he had great quickness of
thouglit, with an extraordinary memory." Of
his cliildren, 1. Elizabeth, married Thomas
Hepburn, of Iluinbie ; and secondly, "\^^il-
liam, first Viscount Strathallan, by whom
she had issue the second viscount, and a
daughter Elizabeth, married to the sixth Earl
of Kinnoul ; 2. Rachel, married Sir J.



Wemyss of Bogie, also other cliildien, and
his successor.

James Johnston, who likewise became
an eminent iniblic character. He was at
one period Secretary to King William, and
at an early period in his reign was sent as
envoy to the Court of Berlin.

In 1G92 he was appointed Secretary of State
for Scotland ; and in 1704, Avhen tlie Marquis
of Tweedale became Commissioner to the
Scottish Parliament, tlie Queen made Mr.
Joluiston Lord Registrar, the most lucrative
employment in that kingdom. By his first
wife, Catherine, daughter of second Lord
Paulet, he had no cliildren ; but in 1718,
bemg then seventy-four years of age, he con-
tracted a second marriage, and left issue,
L Lucy, who died unmarried, and a son
James. He died in September, 1737.

Jlis son. General James Johnston, was
a distinguished cavalry officer, and aide-de-
camp to George III. He was desperately
womided at the battle of JMinden, while serv-
ing m the Scots Greys, Avhich regiment he
subsequently commanded. He was twice mar-
ried ; hisiirst wife being Lady Charlotte
Montague, daughter of the first Earl of Hali-
fax ; and the second, Mrs. Twysden, widow of
the Bishop of Raphoe. By the latter there
was a daughter jMary, who died unmarried,
and by Lady Charlotte, one son and two
daughters, viz. :

1. Richard.

2. Frances. She died unmarried.

3. Charlotte, married her first cousin, Sir
John Burgoyne, by wliom were issue :
1 . Sir Montague, eighth Bart.; 2. Frances,
married Lord Ongley ; 3. Frederick,
Captain Royal Navj.

He died in 1795.

Richard Johnston, the son, an officer in
'the Guards, Avas aide-de-camp to the Go-
vernor of i\Iiuorca, when it was captured by
the French, and was made prisoner. While
on his parole, in France, he married Madlle.
Jean Baptiste Maillard, of Dole Franche
Compte, and by her (who married, secondly,
General Sir James Lillyman Caldwell,
G.CB.) he left at his decease, in 1792, four
sons and one daughter, viz. :

1. WlLLiASl-MoNTAGUE, who married
Sarah, daughter of John Duncan, Esq.,
of Jamaica, and died in 1836, leaving
issue :

WiiJ-iAM Montague Johnston, Cap-
tain Madras Army, born in Decem-
ber, 1815, married, in 1844, Isaliella,
daughter of Captain Reynolds, Bom-
bay Army.

James Duncan.

2. Benjamin, R.N., died unmarried.

3. Charles Coruwallis, of the Jladras
Army, who married, in 1815, Eliza,
daughter of Gilbert Ricketts, Esq., and

niece of Sir Robert Ricketts, Bart., by

Avhom he had issue :

James Gilbert Johnston, Captain

Madras Engineers, married, in 1849,

Harriet Anne, daughter of Sir W. IT.

Richardson, of Chessel.
Charles Cornwallis, Captain Madras En •

gineers, married, in 1843, Letitia,

daughter of Dr. White.
4. Alexander, of the 6th Madras Ca-
valry, died in 1827.
1. Marianne, who married Hesse Gordon,
Esq., and left issue : William-Colin,
died unmarried ; Allan-Drummond, died
at I\Iunich ; Hesse-Augustus-Maxwell,
died at Malta ; Elizabeth Fanny, m. to
Rev. H. Cockerell; Charlotte Cathe-
rine, m. to William Lyon Smart, Esq. ;
IMarianne Sally, who on. G. T. Lush-
ington, Esq., and died in India.

/Irms. Arg. a saltire engrailed, sa. on a chief gti.
three cushions or.
Crest. A spur erect or., winged arg.
Molto. Nunquam non paratus.

De Teissier, of Woodcote Park, co
Surrey. Tlie name was originally Teissieri,
and one of the ancestors of the family was
High .Justiciar)^ of the coimty of Nice at the
end of the fifteenth century ; in later times,
and up to the French revolution, the family
were Barons de Teissier de Marguerettes,
and Barons des Etats de Languedoc. The
title of Baron was assumed by the present
Baron de Teissier in 1819, by permission
of the Prince Regent, and at the desire of
Louis XVIIL, Kmg of France.

Arms. Or. on a mount a boar sa., a chief gu.,
thereon a crescent between two estoiles, arg.
Supporters. Two greyhounds.
Coronet of ]\Iarquis.

Prime, of Walberton House, co. Sussex,
as borne by Richard Prime, Esq., of
Walberton House, a magistrate and deputy-
lieutenant for that county, and its high
sheriff in 1823, M.P. for AVest Sussex, and
Chairman of Quarter Sessions, son of the
late Samuel Prime, Esq., of Whitton, j\Iid-
dlesex, and grandson of Sir Samuel Prime,
l<jit., Serjean"t-at-Law, by Hannah, his wife,
daughter* of E. Wilmot, Esq., of Banstead,
Surrey, and widow of Jolm Sheppard, Esq.,
of Ash Hall, CO. Suftolk.

Arms. Quarterly 1st and 4th : Arg a hmnan leg
erased at the thigh, in pale, sa., for Prime ; 2nd and
3rd, arg. on a fesse gu. between three eagles' heads
erased sa., a unicorn couchant between two escallops or.
for WiL^ioT. , -i, ,

Crest. An owl, gorged with a collar, charged with two
mullets and issuing from the mouth a scroll with this

Motto. Nil invita Minerva



Comber, of East Newton, co. York, now represented by the Rev. Hekry Geoeg

Wandesford Comber, Rector of Oswald Kirk.

Thomas Comber, D.D., Rector of Stone- = Alice, eldest dan. and co-heir of William

grave and Dean of Durham, Lord of

East Newton in North Riding, co. York,

jure uxoris, died Nov., 1699, and

buried in Stonegrave Church.

Thornton, of East Newton, Esq., by
Alice, dau. of Sir Christopher Wandes-
ford, of Kirkling-ton, co. York, Knt.,
Lord Deputy of Ireland, by Alice, dan.
of Sir Hewitt Osborne, of Kiveton, co.
York, Knt. (ancestor of the Duke of

Alice Comber, born March,
1G80, married,, Francis
Blackburn, of St. Nicholas,
near Richmond, co. York,
gent., and had issue ; 2nd,
"William Kirkhy, of Kirkby
and Ashlaeh, cb. Lancaster,
gent., and had issue.

Thomas Comber, of East
Newton, Esq., Justice of tlie
Peace for North Riding of
Y'onvshire, and Deputy
Lieutenant of the same ;
died Slay, 1 7G.i, and buried
in Stoncgrave Church.

Anne, dau. of
Rev. Andrew
Wilson, Vicar of
Easingwold (re-
lict of Rev. Elias
died J\me, 1754.

Thomas Brooke,
of Fieldhead and
Dodworth, M.A.,
Rector of Rich-
mond, and in the
Commission of
the Peace for the
county of Y'ork,
died April, 1739,
and buried at

Mary Comber,
born Feb., 1685 ,
died July, 176S,
and buried in Silk-
stone Church.

William Brooke, of Field-
head and Dodworth, M.D.
and M .A. of St. John's Col-
lege, Cambridge, in Com-
mission of Peace for West
Ridmg of Y'^orksbire, died
Aug., 1755, buried at Silk-

. Alice, eldest dau. and co-
heir of William Mawhood,
alias Mouhard, of Auckley
and Doncaster, co. Y'ork,
Alderman and some time
IMayor of that corporation,
by his mfe and first cousin,
JIargaret, dau. of ^\'illiam
T^lawhood, of Ardesley, co.

William Comber,,

second son,
Vicar of Kirkby
Moorside, and
Justice of the
Peace for the N.
Riding of York-
shire, Lord of
Amplcforth, jure

.Dorothy, only
dau. and sole
heirof Jr,mesAr-
buthnott, of Am-
plcforth, Esq.


Tliomas Comber, ^
LL.D., in the Com-
mission of the Peace
for North Riding of

Yorksliire, and
some time A'icar of
Kirkby Ovcrcarr,

and afterwards
Rector of M orboi-ne
and Buckworth, co.
Huntingdon, died
at Buckworth, Ap-
ril, 1778, and
buried at Stone-

Alary, eldest dan. of Wil-
liam and Alice Brooke,
born April, 1739, died Oct.,

John Charles Brooke, second
son, F.S.A., Somerset Herald,
and Secretary to the Earl
Marslial of England, ob. Co;! ,
3 Feb., 1794, and buried in the
church of St. Bennett, Paul's
Wharf, London.



second son,

some time of



born May,

1770, died,


in April,




fourth son,

of Liverpool,


born April,

1774, died

Jan., 1847,

and buried in

St. Anne's


Sarah, third
dau. of John
of Little
in the parish
of Darfield,
CO. Y''ork, by
dau. and co-
heir of Jonas
Rich, of
Esq., living



eldest son,

A.B. of Jesus


Rector of
in the North

Riding of
and in the
of the Peace,
(sold East
Newton to
Sir George

born 3rd
March, 1765,

died 1837.

Elizabeth, third dau. of

Jolni Coote, of Hampstead,

near London, gent., liraig


Anne Comber, only,
born at East Newton, Feb.,
17G4, died April, 1832; m.
AVilliam Hood, of the parish
of St. Bennett, Paul's Wharf,
London, merchant, died Feb.,




WiUiam ,
Turner Com-
ber, third
son, some
time of Lon-
don, mer-
chant, born
Jul}', 1771,
died at Hove,
in Sussex,
Sept., 1827.

Jane Helen,
dau. and co-
heir of
Henry Cas-
some time in
the Koyal
and after-
wards Dejiu-
ty Barrack

General, liv-
ing 1852.

ren, of whom
two sons are
living in
J852— viz.,
born .March,
1800, a mer-
chant in
Manchester ;

born, Aug.,
1810, a mer-
chant in

Henry _Hester Cautley,

Comber, only
son, Picctor
of Oswald-
Ivirlv, living

Issue, three sons
and one daugh-
ter, living in


Issue, five sons, two

Several children, of

whom the eldest son, Ileury

Wandesford Comber, is at

present a Lieutenant in the

Koyal Navy.

Arms. Or. a fesse danceit§e gu. between three cstoilcs sa.

Cresl. A greyhoimd's head sa. charged on tlie netk with three bezants, two and one.

Motto. Sapiens dominabitur astris.

Blair-Warren, of Horkesley Hull,
E.ssex, as borne by the Rev. John Crabb
Blair Warren, M.A., of Horkesley Hall,
Essex, and Giffordland, Ayrshire, sou of the
late Rev. ^Yillialn flamilton Warren, by
Sarah-Syndry, his second wife, sister and

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