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co-heir of E. I. H. Blair, Esq., of Gifford-
land, and grandson of the Rev. John War-
ren, LL.D., Archdeacon of Worcester, and
Chaplain in Ordinary to King George IH.,
who Avas si.xth in descent from William
Warren, of Newton, co. Suflblk, by Bridget
Odiham, his wife.

Arms. Quarterly 1st and 4th. Arg. a fesse, chequy,
or. and az., between three talbots sa., for WARur.N ; 2nd,
arg. on a saltire sa. five mascles of the field, a chief
crm., for Blair; 3rd, az. three saltires or., for Glan-


Crests. 1st, Waerem: On a mount vert, alionrampt.
or., supporting a spear erect gu , headed arg. 2nd, also
for Warren: A demi-greyhound eriu. collared chequy,
or. and az. And over these Crests, the Motto, Curre ut
\'incas. .^rd, for Blair, a falcon's head erased ppr.;
over it the Motto, SubUmiora speetemus.

Farmer, of Nonsuch Park, co. Surrey,
as borne by William Francis Gamul
Farmer, Esq., of that place.

Arms. Arg. a fesse sa., between three lions' heads
erased gu.

Crest. Out of a ducal coronet, gold, a cock's head gu.,
crested and wattled or.

Motto. Hora e sempre.

Spode, as borne by JosiAii Spode, Esq.,
of Armitage Park, co. Stafford.

Arms. Per bend indented sa. and erminois, a bend be-
tween two mullets counterchanged.

Impaling the Coat of Heyavood, viz. : Arg. three tor-
teaux in bend between two bendlets gu. on a canton of
the last a cross patee, or.

Crest. A demi-griffin, wings elevated, gu., between the
paws a shield, as in the Arms.

Motto. Sub tutela Domini.

Allan-Fraser, of Hospitalficld, co. For-
far, as borne by Patrick Allan Eraser,

Esq., of that place, of Blackcraig. co. Perth,
and of Hawkesbury Hall, co. AVarwick, son
of Robert Allan, Esq., of Arbroath, by
Isabel, his wife, daughter of Alexander
Macdonald, Esq , also of Arbroath. He
married, in September, 1843, Elizabeth,
only daughter of ftlajor John Eraser, of
Hospitaltield, by Elizabeth, liis wife, dau. of
Francis Parrot, M.D., of Birmingham, and
assumed in 1851 the additional surname and
arms of Eraser.

Arms, Quar-torly, 1st and 4th; az. three frazes
arg. ; 2nd and 3rd, gules, a lion rampt. arg. all
within a bordure indented or. (for distinction) a canton

Crest. A b\ish of strawberries ppr., for distinction on
a mount vert.

Motto. Nosce teipsum.

Trafford-Southwell, as borne by
Jfiss Trafford -Southwell, who assumed
by Royal Licence, in 1849, the additional
surname and arms of Southwell. Her
father, the late Sigismund Trafford, Esq., of
Wroxliam Hall, Norfolk, was son of Sir
Clement Trafford, of Dunton Hall, co. Lin-
coln, Ijy Jane, his Avife, daughter of Ed-
ward Southwell, Esq., of Wisbeach, and de-
scended, in a direct line, from Thomas
Trafford, l'>q., of Langham, co. Rutland,
third son of Sir Edmund Trafford, of Traf-
ford, CO. Lancaster, by Elizabeth Longford,
his wife. (See Landed Gentry.)

Arms. Quarterly 1 st and 4th ; arg. three cinquef oils,
two and one, gu. iwerced of the field, each charged with
five bezants; 9ud and 3rd, arg. a griffin segreant gu.
Quarterings: 1, Trafford; 2, Boehm; 3, DUke; 4, Traf-
ford ; 5, V enables ; 6, Fitton; 7, Gasworth ; S, Massy;
9, Whitney; 10, Thornton; lI,Kingsley; 12, Sylvester ;
13, Hellesby; U, ILitton ; 15, Collier; IG, Johnson;
17, Wood; '18, Chantrell ; 19, Storv; 20, Colwich ; 21,
Southwell ; 22, Norcliffe ; 23, Bamburgh ; 24, Armitage ;
25, Dpnoke ; 26, Ludlow ; 27, Mannion ; 28, Jlarmion
as Champion; 2'', Hebdtn ; 30, Rye; 31, Welles; 32,
Periton; 33, Engayne; 34, Eruley ; 35, Waterton; 36,
Sparrow; 37, Ta'.b'oys ; 38, Baradon ; 39, Fitzn-ith ; 40,
UmfrevUlc; 41, Angus; 42, Kymc; 43, Snoden; 44,



Fenwick: as borne by John Fenwick,
Esq., of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, great -grand ■"
son of the Rev. Edward Fenwick, Vicar of
Kirk-Whelpington, Northumberland, sou of
the Rev. Edward Fen^^-ick, Vicar of Stara-
fordham (a descendant of Sir AVilliam Fen-
wick, of filaldou), by Agnes, his wife, only
dauglater of Sir Francis Liddell, Knt., of
Eedheugh, by Agues, his wife, dau. and
heir of Sir William Chaytor, Knt., of Croft,
which Sir William Chaytor was grandson of
Christopher Chaytor, Esq., of Butterby, co.
Durham, by Elizabeth, his wife, only dau. of
William Clervaux, Esq., of Croft.

The Rev. Edward Fenwick,
Vicar of Stanifordham,
Isorthumbevland, son of
Ambrose Fenwick, of Lon-
don, merchant, who was
son of Sir William Fenwick,
of Wallington, and brother
of Sir WiUiam Fenwick, of
Meldon, whose dangliter
Catherine was wife of
Francis, Earl of Derwent-

., Agnes, only daughter of
Sir Francis' Liddell, Knt.,
of Redheugh, by Agnes,
his wife, daughter of Sir
■\Villiain Chaytor, Knt.,
of Croft, whicli Agnes was
descended, through the
Clervaux, from Alfred the
Great and Charlemagne,
through the Percys, from
llugues Capet, King of
France ; and, through the
Uelliughams and Cur-
wens, from King Edward

The Rev. Ambrose

Fenwick, Vicar of

Stainfordliam, d.


Anne, daughter
of Thomas New-
ton, Esq., of


Edward Fenwick, baptized at Stani-
fordham, 14th February, 1729, m. at
Hexham, 29th December, 1757, d. at
Giuiamaco, -tth November, 17C2.

The Rev. Ed-
ward Fcuwick,
Vicar of ICirk-
died 1740.

Mavy 'Wilson,

died" at IIc.x-


Edward Fenwick, ?;. at Hexham, I6th _ Mary_ Shield,
September, 1758, m. at St. Andi'ew's,
Newcastle, 1781.

cUed 7th Aug.,

John Fenwick, Esq., of Newcastle-on- _ iVnn, youngest

TjTie, Alderman of that town i)i 1S36,
6. at Hexham, 14th April, 17B7.

daughter of
Ahram Kum-
ncy, Master of
the Grammar
School at .\ln-

1. Anne, d.

2. Mary,

young; 3.

m., m



Eliza, d.




1844; 4.




d. an in-




ward Am-

brose, d.



3. Jane, ?«., G.Maria 7. John
in 1837, II. Uumney. Clervaux
Schofield, Fenwick,

Esq., of of New-

Rochdale, castlc-on-

and d. in Tyne, h.

1844, leav- 1st Nov.,

ingJohn 1825.

and Agnes


ylrms. Per fesse gu. and arg-, six martlets counrer-
changcd: QuAnTKRiNG II. I.imjKLr., arg. fret ty gu. on a
cliief of the last three leopards' faces of the first; III.
Chaytor, per bend dancettLC az. and arg. three cinque-
foils, two in chief and one in base, counterchanged; IV.
Ci.EiivAux, sa. a saltire or. Impali.n-q or. on a chev.'
per fesse az. and gu. three roses arg.

Crest. A phtfiiix in llamcs ppr. gorged with a mural
crown. Over it the motto, A Fcuwykc ! A Feiiwyke ! !
A Feuwyke ! ! !

Motto, below the arms. A tousjours loyal. This motto
was granted to Sir John Fenwicke by King Henry V.,
when in France ; the mure ancient legend allusive to the
Crest, was Perit ut -savat.

Gape, of St. Albans, Herts, derived from
Henry Gape, there resident A d. 1558.

Arms. Or. three lions passant, in bend, sa. between
two bendlets, vair.

Crest. A lion passant reguardant or. pellettee, gorged
with a collar vair.

Bolton, as borne by the Rev. Thomas
Ambler Bolton, born at I'opplewick, near
Nottingham, in 1816, who married, in 1843,
Caroline, eldest dau. of William Chowler,
of Wiseton, co. Nottingham, Esq.

Benjamin Bolton, of West Tanfield, near Ripon.

George Bolton, of \Vest_Thomasina Bourne.*

Thomas Bolton, of West—Elizaheth, dau. of Thomas

Tanfield, died at the age
of 83.

Thomas Bolton, of Wake-

Burn, and grand-dau. of

;\Iichael[Burn. She died, aged

03, in 1837.

Hannah Ambler, dau. of
Richard Ambler, Esq., by his
wife, Elizabeth, dau. of Jolm
Pyemont, of Carlton, near
Lofthouse, Esq.


The Rev. Thomas Ambler_Caroline Chowler, eldest cliild
Bolton. of W. Chowler, Esq., of Wise-


* Thomasina Bourne had a relative, Ralph Bourne,
wlio was said to be the last surviving soldier who fouglit
mider Cromwell. He died in 1728, aged U 3 years. He
was for some time absent from home (says the tradition)
with others, who never returned. These are supposed
to be the menibers of the family of Bolton, who at this
period settled in Ireland.

Arms. Arg., on a chevron gu., three lions passant
gnardant, or.

Cresl. A buck's head erased, arg., attired or., gorged
with a chaplet, vert., pierced through the neck with an
arrow of the second.

Blofield, of Hoveton House, co. Norfolk.
Tlie Rev. Tiiojias Caltiiorpe Blofield,
M.A., of Hoveton House, Vicar of Hoveton,
and Rector of Felminghain, CO. Norfolk, J. P.
and D.L., only surviving son of the late
Thomas lilofield, Esq., of Hoveton, Barrister-
at-Law, J. P. and D.L., and grandson of
John Blofield, Esq., by Sarah, liis Avife and
cousin, only child and heiress of Thomas
Blofield, Esq., of Hoveton, descends from a
family settled in Norfolk as early as 1466,
and bears a shield of si.x: quarterings, with
an escutcheon of pretence for Grose, in right
of his wife, I\rary-Caroline, third dau. and
eventually only surviving child of Francis
Grose, Esq., F.S.A., the celebrated anti-

Anns. Quarterly, first, sa. a che\Ton arg. between
three fleur-de-lis, or. ; second, chei]uy, az and or. a fesse
erm. : third, erm. a maunch, gu. ; fourth, az. three bars
or. and a bend arg. ; fifth, harry of six, or. and az. ; sixth,
gu. on a chief, arg. two mullets of the field. An escut-



clicon of pretence, or. on a mount between two lesser
ones vert, a paschal lamb sa. bearing the cross and pen-
nant erm.

Crest. Three ostrich feathers arg.

Motto. Domino quid reddam.

Chaplin, of Blankney, co. Lincoln, de-
scended from Sir Francis Chaplin, Lord
Mayor of London in 1G77, and now repre-
sented by Charles Chaplin, Esq., of
Blankney, M.P. for Lincolnshire from 1818
to 183L

Anns. Erm on a chief indented vert, three griffins'
heads erased, quartering the arms and quarterings of Sir
John Hamby, as displayed on the knight's monmnent in
Tathwell Church, co." Lincoln, viz. : — II. az. three
esquires' hehuets or. ; III. per pale or. and gu. three
mullets counterchanged ; IV. arg., a cross iuvected gu.,
in the 1st quarter an annulet of the second; V. or. a
chevron between ten cross crosslets sa. sis. and four.

Crest. A griffin's head erased or. muially gorged vert.

Chaplin, of Tathwell Hall, co. Lincoln,
a branch of the Blankney family, now re-
presented by Frederic Chaplin, Esq.,
of Tathwell Hall, son of the late Eev. Wil-
liam Chaplin, by Isabella, his wife, dau. of
Sir Richard Sntton, Bart., of Norwood Park,
and grandson of Charles Chaplin, Esq., who
was younger son of Thomas Chaplin, Esq.
(ancestor of the Blankney line), by Diana,
his wife, sister of Thomas, Lord Archer.

Arms, Quarterings and Crest same as those of Chaplin
of Blankney.

Palmer, of Carlton, co. Northampton,
origmally settled at Stony Stanton, co. Lei-
cestei'. The elder branch appears to have
ended in a female heir ; but a scion of the
old stock, William Palmer, an eminent
lawyer, became possessed (9tli Heur}'- IV.),
partly by marriage with an heiress of the
name of Ward, and partly by purcliase, of
the Lordship of East Carlton, co. Northamp-
ton, where his descendants have ever since
been seated. The present representative is
Sir John Henry Palmer, Bart.

Arms. Sa. a chev. or. between three crescents arg.
AVhether by accident or design, it is impossible at this
distance of time to say, but the arms of Fabner and
Ward in the family shield seem to have been inverted.
The original Palmer arms are engraved in NichoU's
Leicestershire, "Arg. on a bend sa. five bezants or.,"
■which coat is assigned in the Palmer shield to the name
of Ward. In confirmation of this surnuse, there for-
merly existed in Carlton Church some old brasses re-
presenting a man in a long gown between his two 'ndves,
■with six places for shields, all of which became efi'aced
except one in the left hand corner, under the wife on the
right, which bore the chevron and the crescents.

Crest. A wyvevn or. armed and langued, gu.

Molt OS. Pour apprendre obleies nepius, in old Norman
French ; and. Par sit fortima lubori. The latter is the
motto now usually borne.

Sampson, of Henbury, co. Gloucester.

Arms. Per bend or. and gu. a cross-flory bet^neen two
escallops in bend de.xter, and as many billets in bend si-
nister, all counterchanged.

Crest. A fret or., thereon a -nyvern's head erased gu.,
collared and semee of billets gold.

Lowndes, of Chesham, Bucks, as borne
by William Lowndes, Esq , of the Bury,
Chesham, High Sheriff of Bucks in 1848,
representative of a branch of the family of
Lowndes of Winslow, and a descendant,
through the Barringtons and Poles, from the
royal house of Plantagenet, the arms of
which he is entitled to quarter, as one of the
co-representatives of Margaret, Countess
of Salisbury, dau. and sole-heir of George,
Duke of Clarence, brother of King Edward

Arms. Arg. fretty az., the interlactngs each charged
with a bezant, on a canton gu. a leopard's head erased
at the neck, or. Quarterings : Shales, Barrington,
Pole, and Plantagenet.

C) est. A leopard's head, as in the arms, gorged with
a laurel branch, ppr.

Motto. Ways and Means.

The founder of the Buckinghamshire
branch of the Lowndes family was AVilliam
Lowndes, Esq., Secretary to the Treasury,
and for many years Chairman of AVays and
Means in the House of Commons.

RODON, of Vere, in the Island of Jamaica.
This family (a branch of tlie respectable
family of Rowdon, of Rowdon, in the West
Riding of Yorkshire, whose name appears in
divers documents temp. Richard II.) ob-
tained from the crown as early as 1680
grants of land in Jamaica. In Edwards'
work on the West Indies, we find one Cap-
tain Rodon as having been destroyed in the
great earthquake of 1692. Another member
of the family became a judge and Custos
Rotulorum ; he left a son,

JohnRodon,born 1728, d.l7S9.^

George, born 1750, died 1813.^


John, born in 1788, ?»., first, Henry, born Francis, born
Eliza, dau. of Dr. Ludford, !8(J3, died 1805, died

and had a dau, Ann Mit- 1836. 1837.

chel), born 1811; he?;;.,
secondly, JIary Anne, dau.
of Geoi'ge Mackenzie, of the
Blackenzies of Ord, and has
a sou, Jolui, bom 1816.

Arms. Arg. on a fess gu. bet^^'een three pheons sa.
a lion pass or.
Motto. Magna est Veritas et prevalebit.

Menzies : as borne by Colonel Charles
Menzies, Colonel Commandant of the Ports-
mouth Division of Royal Marines, Aide-de-
camp to the Queen, Knight of the Royal
Hanoverian Guelphic Order, Knight of the
Royal and Distinguished Order of Charles
HI. of Spain, and KJuight of the Royal Por-
tuguese Order of the Tower and Sword.

This gallant officer was employed in Lord
Nelson's squadron off Boulogne, and par-
ticipated in the several desperate cutting-
out expeditions on the French coast. In
1804, when in command of a detachment of



Royal Marines, he landed at Port Jackson
during an alarming rising of the convicts,
and by his promptitude and exertions quelled
the insurrection, and preserved the town of
Sydney. In 1806 he served in one of the
boats of the Minerva frigate at the cutting-
out of five luggers under a fort in Finisterre
Bay ; shortly afterwards was one of the
crew of the Minenxi's barge when she cap-
tured (fifty miles from the frigate, and after
a very severe action at noon-day) the
Spanish privateer Buena Dicha, with a
picked crew of thirty six men; commanded
a boat at the capture of a Spanish gun- brig
at Carrib, and shortly afterwards commanded
the marines at the capture of Fort Finisterre,
where he led the storming party, and was
the first to enter the fort. In 1808 he
served in boats at the cutting-out of the
Spanish vessel of war San Josefs on which
occasion he landed and made the Spanish
Commodore prisoner, who surrendered to
him his swoi'd ; commanded the marines at
the capture of Fort Guardia, and subse-
quently at the cutting out of the French
corvette La Mosella, from under a battery
in Basque Roads, on which occasion he was
slightly wounded ; was engaged at the cap-
ture of some gun-boats from under the guns
of Fort Camarinus, and also at the capture
of the fort itself; has been engaged in other
severe boat actions and encounters with
batteries, and was presented with a sword
for liis services by the Patriotic Fund.

Colonel Menzies descends from the an-
cient Scottish family of Menzies, or IMengues
(as the name was originally Avritten), one of
the first surnames adopted in Scotland,
temp. Malcolm Caumore, when those desig-
nations were introduced into that kingdom.


Arms. Arg. a chief gu., impalin-g or. a lion rainpt.
gu. (Tucally crowned gold T\-itlxin a bordure az., charged
with twelve bezants.

C est. A Saracen's head issuing out of a mural
coronet ppr.

Motto. Will God I shall.

Anstruther Thomson, of Charlton, co.
Fife, as borne by John Anstruther Thom-
son, Esq., of that place, a Magistrate and
Deputy-Lieutenant for Fifeshire, eldest son
and heir of the late John Anstruther Thom-
son, Esq., of Charlton, by Clementina, his
wife, only dau. of the Right Hon. William
Adam, of Blair Adam, and grandson of Col.
John Anstruther, second surviving son of
Sir Philip Anstruther, Bart., of Balcaskie,
by Grizel Maria Thomson, his wife, heiress
of Charlton, co. Fife, and heiress of line of
the St. Clairs, Earls of Orkney and Lords
Sinclair of Ravensheugh.

■ 1''T\ Tm"^"^ = ■^l■^^; a stag's head gu. on a chief
indented of the second, three lozenges, or. ; nuarterlv
■with ANSTF.vTnr.u, viz., arg, three piles sa. ' '

Crests. Thomson : A de.\tcr arm armed, holding a cross

crosslet gu. ANSTnrTiiiin : Two demi arms holding a
pole-axe with both hands, jipr.
Motto. Periissem ni periissem.

Edwards-Moss, of Roby Hall, co. Lan-
caster, as borne by Thomas Edwards-Moss,
Esq., who m., 18th j\fay, 1847, Amy Char-
lotte, only child of thelate Richard Edwards,
Esq., of Roby Hall, and assumed the addi-
tional surname and arms of Edwards.

Aims. Quarterly, 1st and 4th, Moss: Ermine and
enniiiois a cross pattee az. between six billets, three in
chief and three in base gu. 2nd and 3rd, Edwards : Arg.
a lion rampt. guardant sable, on a chief dancette of the
last, two eagles displayed of the first, for distinction, a
canton or.

Crests, of Moss; Issuant from the battlements or.
charged with a rose gu., slipped ppr. a gryphon's head •
ermine, on the neck a cross pattee az. Of Edwards: A
rock ppr., therefrom issuing a dove arg. (charged on the
breast for distinction with a cross crosslet gu.i, in the
beak :ui olive branch, surmounted by a rainbow, also

Motto, En la rose je fleurie.

Saavyer, of Heywood, Berks, there lo-
cated since the year 1G27, and now repre-
sented by Charles Sawyer, Esq., of
Heywood. Sir Robert Sawyer, of High
Clere, Hants, Attorney-General to King
Charles II., and counsel for the seven Bi-
shops, temp. James II., Avas youngest son
of Sir Edmund Sawyer, Kt., the purchaser
of Heywood.

Arms. Az. a fesse chequy or. and sa. between three
seapies arg.
C> est. A talbot on the scent pjir.
Motto. Cherches et tu trouveras.

Cheney, of Badger Hall, co. Salop, a
branch of the great family of Cheney, of
Sherland, in the island of Sheppey, founded
by Ralph de Caineto, temp. William the Con-
queror. One of the descendants was Sir
John Cheney, K.G., created Baron Cheney
by King Henry VIII.

John Cheney, of Sherland, an eminent
soldier under the banner of Henry of Rich-
mond at Bosworth, personally encoimtering
King Richard, was felled to the ground by
the monarch, had his crest struck off and his
head laid bare ; for some time, it is said, he
remained stunned, but recovering he cut the
skull and horns off the hide of an ox, Avhich
chanced to be near, and fixed them upon his
head to supply the loss of the upper part of his
helmet ; he then returned to the field of battle,
and did such signal service, that Henry on being
proclaimed King, assigned Cheney for Crest,
the Bull's scalp, which his descendants still

Arms. 1st and 4th, Az. six lioncls rampt. arg., three,
two and one, a canton erm. 2nd and 3rd, Erm. a bend
sa. between three martlets, or.

Crest. A bull's scalp arg.

Motto. Fato prndentia major.

Rumsey, of Southgate, co. JMiddlesex, of
ancient descent in IIamp.«hu-e, where the fa
niily was settled time immemorial. The grand-
father of the present James Richard Rum-



SEY, Esq., of Southgate, died at Easton, near
Wuichestei', leaving a son, wlio fii'st quitted
Hampshire, and removed to Ipswicli, co.
Suffolk, -where he married Ann Chaplin, a
lineal descendant of Sir Francis Chaplin,
Lord Mayor of London in 1G77. His son,
James Richard liumsey. Esq., before named,
born at Ipswich, resides at Soutligate, where
all his children were )3orn ; the eldest of
whom, James Eichard Rumsey, is married
to Caroline, eldest daughter and coheir of
the late John Carrick, Esq , of Southgate.

Arms. Arg. a fesse gu. a label of five j^oints az. An
Escutcheon of Pretence for Caekick, viz., or. a fesse
dancettee between tbree talbots passant sa.
• Crest. A horned owl, ppr.
Motto. Virtute non vi.

NuTTALL, of Kempsey House, co. Worces-
ter, as borne by Robert Nuttall, Esq., of
Kempsey House, son and heir of the late
John Nuttall, Esq., by Eliza, his first wife,
daughter of Jonathan Howarth, Esq., of
Manchester and ]jlackburn, and grandson
of Robert Nuttall, Esq., by Mary Kay, his
wife, niece of the Rev. Roger Kay, j\I.A.,
Rector of Fittleton, and Prebendary of
Sarum, who founded, and most liberally
endowed. Bury Grammar School. In Dug-
dale's and other Visitations, the name of
Nuttall often appears written Nutthall, and
the family then resided at Nutthall Hall,
near Holcombe. A descendant, Thomas
Nuttall, Esq., Avho had very considerable
estates in Oldham and Tottington, left an
only daughter, the wife of Robert Radcliffe,

Arms. A shacklobolt, sa. ; impalhig the arms of
Andrews, in right of his -wife, Susan Anne, only dau.
of the Rev. Randal Andrews, M.A., Vicar of Ormskirk.

Crest. On a chapeaii sa. turned up erm., a martlet, sa.

Motto. Servajugum.

Chamberlaine, of Jamaica. Eicuard
CnAJiBERLAiNE, M.D., M.R.C.S., of Tan-
carville Castle, in the island of Jamaica,
descends from the Irish branch of the family
of Chamberlayne, of Wickham, and bears the
arms of that ancient Norman house, which
was founded in England by John, Comte de
Tancarville of Tancarville Castle, m Nor-
mandy, who was Chamberlain to King Henry
I., and father of Richard, Chamberlain to
King Stephen, Avho, from his office, assumed
this surname.* {For full details, see Burke's
Extinct Baronetage.) At an early period an
offshoot of the parent stem was planted in

* On the KoU of Battle Abbey, among the illustrious
individuals who accompanied "William the Conqueror to
England, are to be found the names of Tankcr\ille and
Chamberlaine. William, Comte de Tancarville, came into
Englanci -vrith the Conqueror, but returned to the duke-
dom, leaA-ing behind him bis kmsman, John de Tancar-
ville, who -was Cliamberlain to Henry I., and father of
Richard, Chamberlain to King Stephen, who from his
office, assumed his surname, and bore for arms. Gules, an
inescutcheon arg., betwixt eight mullets in orle or. quar-
tering, gu. a cheveron between three escallops or., both
by that name ; the first as the arms of the Earls of Tan-
kerville, Chamberlains of Nonnandy-Guillim.

the sister kingdom, by a scion of the English
stock, and spread into the counties of ]\leath
and Louth, the branch seated in the latter
county beuig now represented by Lord

Dr. Philip Chamberlaine, a descendant of
this distuiguished Anglo-Norman race, was
collated to the Prebend's stall of Rathmichael,
in the diocese of Dubhn, a.d. 1713, and be-
came Archdeacon of Glendalough, and Rec-
tor of St. Nicholas without. He married
Miss AVhyte, an English lady, si-ster of Solo-
mon Whyte, Esq., Deputy Governor of the
Tower, of Capt. AVhyte, R.N., and of Colonel
Whyte, and by her had issue.

L Walter, in Holy Orders, d. unm.

2. Richard, who mhcrited from his uncle,
Mr. Whyte, a considerable estate in the
county of Longford. He m. Miss Patti-
son, dau. of Captam Pattison, R.N., but

3. "\A^illiara, Barrister-at-Law, who became
a Judge m Jamaica. He in. a lady of
the name of Smythe, and d. 5th Nov.
17G8, leaving with one dau. three sons.

1. William, of London, a very emment
surgeon, who received his education at
Harrow, (with his cousin Richard

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