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Brinsley Sheridan), and at Trinity Col-
lege, Dublm. He d. in 1822.

2. Richard, also a surgeon, h. in Dublm,
1753-4, who d. at Kingston, in Jamaica,
in 1821, leaving, by Rachel his w^ife

Richard Chamberlame, ]\I.D.,

M.R.C.S., now of Jamaica.
William Charles, aide-de-camp to
the Liberator of Columbia, and
colonel in the service of that Re-
public, who perished at the bat-
tle of Barcelona.
3 Thomas Robert, Master of the Me-
lainpus Frigate, at the time .she was
engaged with the French squadron off
the coast of Ireland, in 1798, and
. lost his life in the action by a cham

1. Anne, m. to the Rev. John Fish, A.M.,
of the CO. of Kildare.

2. Frances, who m. Thomas Sheridan,
A.M. of Trinity College, Dublm, and
became distinguished as the authoress
of " Sidney Biddtdph." _ She left at
her decease, Avith other issue, a son,
the Right Hon. Richard Brinsley

The present Richard Chamberlaine,
M D. (son of . Richard as aforesaid), m.
12th January,'-: 1830, Frances Elizabeth,
only child and heir of the late Rev.
Colin Donaldson,* Rector of St. George's, in

* The late Rev. Colin Donaldson, Rector of St. George's,
in the island of Jamaica, m. Virginia, third daughter of
the late Chevalier Joseph David de Montagnac, Knight of
St. Louis and Lieut.-Colonel, commandant le Bataillon
Garnison Bourbonnois before the revolution, and then a



the island of Jamaica, and has surviving
issue, Frank Slieridan, Julia, Charles, Colin,
Adeline, Philippe de Tancarville, and Vic-
torine, Frances Bolivia.

Jims. Gu. an inescutcheon arg. within an orle of eight
mullets, or. On an !■ scutcheon op Peetjsnce, Or.
a galley surmounted of an eagle displayed 'n'ith two
heads sa., armed and coupcd gu., in the dexter point a
sinister hand couped gu., and in the sinister point a fish
az , in right of his wife, who is only child and heir of
the Rev. Colin Donahlson.

Cre6t. Out of a ducal coronet or. an ass's head arg.

Motto. Audaces fortuna juvat.

IIOLT. The first mentioned of this family
is Thomas Holt, who had the manor of Sale,
in Ashton, Cheshire, given to him and Masere
in two divisions, by Adam Dtitton, one of
Earl Lupus' Barons, in 1180 (temp. Richard
I.), who authorised them to bear the arms
and crest still used by this branch, as lineal
descendants ; perhaps the only instance of
two families, with different names. Holt and
Sale, having the same bearings. There were
many generations of this family, who resided
at Grislehurst, Lancasliire ; some fought in
the Scottish wars, and also in favour of
the royal cause at Edgehill, NeAvberry,
Marston JMoor, &c., and were named in
Charles's projected order of the Royal Oak.
Also may be mentioned Judge Holt, and
James Holt, whose mother was co-heiress
to Sir James de vSutton ; he was killed at
Flodden Field, 1513. Randle Holme, the
Chester Herald, drew out James Holt's coat
of arms, which consisted of Holt, Sutton,
Fitz Hugh, Pole, Vernon, Neville, Latimer,
IMontalt, Umfreville, Marmion, Gourney,
Darcy, and Gamel, and styled him " James
Holt, of Grantliam, Lincolnshire, Elton and
Sutton," Cheshire. He has also mentioned
five of his descendants, successively, and
their marriages, signed by Randle Holme,
August 12th, 1672. The relations of John
Holt, the last of the five above named, have
the original document.

large landed proprietor in the ill-fated island of St. Do-

The Chevalier, a distinguished and intrepid ofRcev,
emigrated with the French princes, and served the
whole campaign in the army of the French nohility,
commanded by them (then IMonsieur and the Conite
iJ'Artois, subsequently Louis XYIII. and Charles X.) in
1792. On tills army being disbanded at the retreat of the
Prassians commanded by the Duke of Brunswick, the
Chevalier retired to England, and from thence took refuge
in tlie island of Jamaica, where he remained and bore
with exemplary fortitude the bitter evils of his unfortunate
lot until tlie restoration, when he returned to France,
and was immcthately raised by the king to the full rank
of colonel, and honoured by liim with the decoration of
the Lily, in acknowledgment of his services and devotion
to the cause of the Bourbon d)'nasty ; but he did not long
enjoy these favors, and died at Paris in 1818, on the eve
of being promoted to tlie rank of Major-General. The
Chevalier was descended from tlie branch of the house of
Hlontagnae, settled in Langucdoe, which is itself a shoot
of the main tree, sprung originally at the Castle and
Warquisate of Montagnac in Limousin, anno 9.30, as re-
corded, from a junior scion of the sovereign house of the
Vicomto de Limoges, in the south of France. It bore for
arms sable a saltire, or St. Andrew's Cross, arg. be-
tween four mullets of the last. Supporters, two lions
pp. regardant. Motto. " Virtus mild numen et ensis."

John, the first Holt of Tottenham, from
Grantham, married for his second wife. Lord
Santry's granddaughter, and he died 179G.
Dr Holt, of Enfield, Middlesex, is grandson
to the above lady, and direct descendant of
the Thomas Holt above mentioned.

Arms. Arg. on a bend engrailed sa. tlii'ee fleur-de-lys
of the first.

Ci est. A spear liead ])pr.
lilotto. Ut sanem vuluero.

Fletcher, as borne by Jacob FLETcnER
Fletcher, Esq., of Peel Hall, near Bolton,
CO. Lancaster.

Arms. Erra. across engrailed between four escocheons
sa , each charged with a pheon arg., all within a bordure
wavy az.

Crest. Three arrows, two in saltire, and one in fess
ppr., diverging from each angle a fleur-de-lis az., and
surmounted in the centre by a saltire wa^•y sa.

Motto. Alta pete.

Ralston of Ralston, co. Renfrew, a very
ancient lamily, stated by Crawford to be
" descended from the Macduti's, Thanes of
Fife," rendered illustrious by tradition as hav-
ing slain Macbeth. A younger son of one
of the Thanes, named Ralph, having obtained
a grant of lands in Renfrewshire, called thein
Ralphstoun, and this, softened down in time
to Ralston, became the family name.

Arms. Arg. on a bend az. three acorus in the seed,

Crest. A falcon ppr. belled.

Suppoi ters— dexter, An armed man with a drawn sword.
Sinister, A greyhound rampt.

Motto (referential to the supporters). Fide et Marte.

Ralston, of Warwick Hill, a branch of
Ralston, of Ralston.

Same Arms, Crest, and Motto.

Ralston of Tower Hill, Kilmauns, as
borne by John Ralston, l<]sq.. Captain of
Dragoons, foiu'th in descent from William,
second son of Hugh de RaLston, of that ilk,
by Janet Hamilton, his wife.

Same Arms, Crest, and Mntto.

Morris, as borne by Thomas Morris,
Esq., of Peckham, Surre3^

Arms. Per fesse or. and gules, a lion rampant between
three quatrefoils within a bordure indented, charged
with eight annulets all counterchanged.

Crest. ITpon a mount vert a lion rampant or. semec of
quatrefoils, and holding iiV the dexter paw an annulet gu.

Stephens, as borne by Edward Ste-
phens, Esq., F.R.C.S. London ; M.D. Le) -
dcn ; D.C. Berlin ; L.A.C. London ; Lecturer
on Pathology aiul j\Iorbid Anatomy at the
Royal School of Medicine, Manchester, &c.,

Arms. Vert a cinquefoil ermine between four cross
crosslets fitchee in saltire their points towards the centre

Crest. On a wreath on a mount, and in front of a



fern brake proper, a falcon rising argent bealted and mem-
bered gules balled or., in the beak an ostrich feather
azure qiiilled, also gold.

Hole of Caunton Manor,

near Newark,

Arms. Az. three crescents between, in chief two
horses courant, and in base a unicorn's head erased arg.
The horses are derived from the ancient family of Ker-
cheval, which intermarried with that of Hole.

Crest. Between two sprigs, a demi-lion rampant,
holding between the paws a crescent

Motto. Frxna vel aurea nolo—" I 'd have no bit, the'
it were gold."

aforesaid, tlirougli lils mother, Frances, his
eldest sister and co-heiress.

Tlie estate at Harlestone, which had been
in the family of Andrew in and from the
reign of Henry VII., was sold by Robert
Andrew to George John, second Earl Spen-
cer, in 1829, and the remainder of his estates
were devised by his will to Colonel Packe,
his brother-in-law. son by a second marriage
of the late Charles Packe, Esq., of Prest-
wold, CO. Leicester.

Walker : as borne by Robert Onebye
Walker, Esq., of Bedford Square, London,
one of the Registrars of the Court of Chan-
cery, son of the late Thomas Walker, Esq.,
Senior Registrar of that Court ;

Arms. Quarterly, 1st and 4th, arg. a chevi-on gu.
charged with thi-ee crescents arg. between three pellets,
for Walkeb ; 2nd, or. a chevron vert between three
towers gu., for Ontebye ; ,3rd, gu. a saltire, or., sur-
mounted of another, vert, for Andrew, late of Harle-
stone Park, CO. Northampton.

Crests. Walker, A sun in splendour, ppr. ; Onebye,
A bear's head, couped, party per pale, arg. and gu , by
grant from the Herald's College, 7th Aug., 1680, to the
descendants of. John Onebye, of Ondeby {alias Oadby),
CO. Leicester.

Motto. Passibus aequis.

Of the ancient family of Onebye, now-
extinct, a full and interesting account is
given in the Appendix to Nicholl's History
of Hinckley. The first of that name there
mentioned is John Oneby, Higli Sheritf oif
Rutland, Henry IT., 11.5G. In 1403 Thomas
Ondeby represented the county of Rutland
in Parliament. In 1423, John Oneby occurs
as Sheriff of Rutland ; and Thomas Ondby,
as Sheriff of Leicester and AVarwick, 17th
Richard II., 1484. From the Hail. MSS. it
appears that eight of the family were ad-
mitted at Gray's Inn, and four were ancients.
Of these, John was one in 1G27, whose only
son (Sir John Oneby, Knt., also an ancient)
dying s.p., his four daughters became co-
heiresses : viz. 1st, Elizabeth, m. to Benj.
King, of Kirby Muccles, co. Leicester ; 2nd,
Dorothy, m. to Ezekiel Wright, whose son.
Sir Nathan, was Lord Keeper of the Great
Seal; 3rd, Emmet, m. to Richard ]\Iason,
M.D., of Leicester ; and 4th, Mary, m. to
Thomas Stavely, Esq., who also left four
daughters, co-heiresses. Anne, the second
daughter, m. the Rev. Leonard Welstead,
father of the poet of that name; Christiana,
the third daughter, m. the Rev. Joshua
Walker, Rector of Great Billing, co. North-
ampton, only son of John Walker, of Hurds-
field, near Macclesfield, Cheshire, by his
second wife; Joshua died in 1705. The
above-named Robert Onebye Walker is now
his heir, and only remaining descendant of
that name ; he is also co-heir of the late
Robert Andrew, Esq., of Harlestone Park

Chad, of Thursford, co. Norfolk, as borne
by Sir Charles Chad, Bart., of Thursford,
and Pinkney Hall, elder son of the late Sir
George Chad. Bart., by Sarah, his wife,
daughter of John Rowlls, Esq., of Kingston,
and grandson of Robert Chad, Esq., of Nor-
folk, by Elizabeth, his wife, daughter of
Charles Wright, Esq., of Kilverstone, son
of Thomas Wright, Esq., by Catherine, his
wife, daughter of Sir Charles Harbord, Sur-
veyor-General to Charles 11.

Arms. Per pale gu. and arg. a cross potent, in the 1st
and 4th quarters, a rose, in the 2nd and 3rd, a cross
patee, all counterchanged.

Crest. A falcon, wings expanded ppr., beaked, legged,
and membered or., supporting in the dexter claw a cross
potent, as in the arms.

Peters, of Platbridge, co. Lancaster,
originally Petre, claiming to be a branch of
the noble house of Petre. The s was added
during the sojourn of the family in Wales,
where they still possess a patrimonial estates
for several generations they were seated at
Platbridge House, near Wigan, but the late
Ralph Peters, Esq.. of Platbridge, Barrister-
at-Law, sold that estate, soon after he suc-
ceeded to his uncle, Bertie Eutwisle's West
India property. By Frances, * his wife,
second daugliter and co-heir of the Rev\
Thomas Blackburne, LL.D., of Thelwall
Hall, Cheshire, he had, with three daughters,
two sons, the Rev. Thomas Peters, Rector
of Eastington, co. Gloucester; and William
Henry Peters, Esq., of Harefield House,
Lyrapstone, Devon.

Arms. Gu. a bend or. between two escallops arg.
Quartering, Blackburne, of Urford Hall; Assheton,
of Prestwich; Queen, ofChilwall; Aspinwall, of Aspin-
■wall ; and Ireland, of the Ilutt and Hale.

Crest. Two lions' heads erased and endorsed, the
dexter or., the sinister az., each gorged with a pbin collar

Motto. Sans Dieu rien.

Bentley, of Birch House, co. Lancaster :
an old Lancashire family, for some centuries
seated at Bentley Hall, near Bury. John
Bentley, Esq., now of Birch House, im-
pales the arms of Royds, in right of his
wife, Emma, eldest daughter of Clement
Royds, Esq., of Mount Falmge.

* This lady was sixteenth in descent from King Ed-
ward III,




Arms. Arg. on a bend sa. three wolves passant or.
Crest. A wolf rampt. erm. ducally collared or.
Motto. Benigiio Niimine.

Impaling, erm. on a cross engrailed gu. between four
lions rampt., a spear in pale ppr,, between four bezants.

Dakeyne, of Biggin Grange, co. Derby.
Henry Charles Dakeyne, Esq., of Hamil-
ton Terrace, St. John's Wood, a descendant
of tlie very ancient family of Dakeyne, of
Biggin Grange {i^QO " Landed Gentry "),
bears the modern and ancient coats of
Dakeyne, quartered.

Arms. {See Plate Vol. II.) Quarterly, 1st and4tli, gu. a
lion passant guardant, and two mullets in pale or. between
as many flaunches arg., each charged with a griffin segreaut
sa. ; 2nd and 3rd, arg. a cross between four lioncels, gu.

Crest. A dexter arm embowed ppr., issuing out of a
naval coronet or. holding a battle-axe arg., on the wrist
a riband gu.

Motto. Strike Dakeyne, the Devil's in the hempe.

"The strangest of all northern mottos,
' Stryke Dakeyne, the Devil's in the hempe,'
which is noticed as a curiosity of heraldry
by Mark Antony Lower, is, 1 believe, first
found in the grant of new arms by Flower
in 1563, to Arthur Dakyns, Esq., of Linton
and Hackness, in Holderness. He repre-
sented Scarborougli in Parliament, 7 Edward
VL, and was the younger son of Thomas
Dakyns, Esq., of Chelmorden. co. Derby, a
junior member of the Dakyn family settled
at Biggin Grange (parish of Hartington) in
that county. His only child, Margaret, died
issueless in 1G35, having survived her three
husbands, AValter Devereux, Esq., brother
to the Earl of Essex ; Thomas Sydney, Esq.,
son of Sir Henry Sydney, K.G. ; and Sir
Tliomas Posthumous Hoby, Knt. Her
epitaph in Hackness Church states her to
be burled ' so near unto the Bodies of her
Father and of her Mother, as that all three
will become one heape of Duste.' Arthur
Dakyns was a General in the army, but as
two or three centuries ago generals com-
manded on sea as well as land, I imagine he
had distinguished himself in some gallant
fight, perhaps against the Spaniards, Avherein
all the turning point in victory consisted in
cutting some peculiar portion of a ship's
hempen sails or cordage. It often happens
that mottos are dispersed among branches
to whose history they are wholly inappli-
cable. The elder Dakyns, or Dakyenes, of
Derbyshire,* enchanted with the exploit of
cutting the Devil out of the hemp, assumed
the odd motto in question at the very com-
mencement of the seventeenth century (con-
firmed to them in 1611 by St. George). It
is now worn by all the families of that
name so descended." — " Slogans of the
North oj England and Martial jif ottos" hg
M. A. Denham and W. Hylton Longstaffe,

* From a branch of the Derbyshire Dakvns descended
the late Rev. D)-. William Wliitiicld Dakins, Chaplain-
General to the Forces, ■whose son is the present Rev.
Horsely Dakins, D.D., m. to a daughter of the late Dr.
Herbert Marsh, Bishop of Peterborough.

Esqrs., ^. 14 ; vide also " HinderwelVs His-
tory of Scarborough . ' '

Wilson, of Stowlangtoft, co. Suffolk;
Henry Wilson, Esq., of Stowlangtoft Hall,
late M.P. for West Suffolk, impales with
his own arms the coat of Fitzroy, in right
of his wife, Caroline, daughter of the Kev.
Lord Henry Fitzroy.

Arms. Sa. a 'wolf salient or. on a chief of the last a
Ijale of the first, charged 'with a fleur-de-lis arg. between
two pellets.

Crests A demi wolf or. the sinister paw resting on a
pellet charged with a fleur-de-lis, gold.

Motto. Wil sone wil.

Honywood, of j\Tarks Hall, co. Essex, a
branch of Honywood of Evington, Kent,
now represented by William Philip Hony-
wood, Esq., of Marks PLall.

Arms. Arg. a chev. between tlu-ee hawks' heads erased
az. Impaling arg. a chev. between three roses gu.
Crest. A wolf's head erm.
Motto. Oume bonum desuper.

Comer, of Fitzhead, co. Somerset, settled
in that shire for many generations, and now
represented by Thomas Comer, Esq., of


Arms. Vert, on a fesse between three eagles displayed
or. as many keys, wards upwards, sa.

Ciest. A squirrel sejant ppr., collared daucottee and
line reflexed over the back or., holding in the paws a
key, as in the arms.

Motto. Persevere.

WiLLiNGTON, of Willington, CO. Derby ;
Sandhurst, co. Gloucester ; Umberleigh, co.
Devon ; Barcheston, Hurley, Whateley, and
Tamworth, co. Warwick, descended from
John de Willington, of Willington, co. Derby,
temp. Conquestoris.

This ancient family, seated at Willington
at the Conquest, held baronial rank under
the early Plantagenets, and was early
possessed of estates in Gloucestershire
and Devon. The chief line established at
Umberleigh, in the latter, and at Willington
Court in the former shire, is represented,
through female heirship, by the Chichesters
and Bassets ; of the Barcheston branch, there
are several co-rejiresentatives, Charles Holte
Bracebridge, Esq., of Atherstone Hall, the
Marquess of Anglesey, the Earl of Denbigh,
&c. ; the Hurley branch is represented by the
Levetts of Wiehnor Park,and the Floyers of
Hints ; the Whateley Willingtons by John
Martin, Esq., M.P. for Tewkesbury ; and
the branch settled at Tamworth by Francis
Willington, Esq., now of Tamworth, pre-
sent male representative of the family.

Arms. Gu. a saltire vaire arg. and az.
Crest. A pine tree vert, fructed or.

CoLQUiiOUN, of that Ilk and Luss, one of
the oldest and most eminent families in
Scotland, now represented by Sir James
COLQUIIOUN, Bart., of that Ilk antl JjUSS.



Arms. Arg:. a shltire engrailed sa.
Crest. A hart's head erased gu. ; over it i\\^ Motto,
Si je puis.
Supporters. Two greyhounds, collared, sa.
Motto. Cnock Elachan.

Shuckbuegh, of Shuckburgli, co. War-
wick^ a family there seated at the beguining
of the twelfth century. The present re-
presentative is Sir Francis Shuckburgh,
Bart., twenty-sixth hereditary Lord of the
Manor of Shuckburgh, and Feudal Lord of
Nap ton.

Arms. Sa. a chev. between three mullets, arg.
Crest. A black Moor, couped at the waist ppr., with a
dart in his hand, or.
Motto. Hcec manus ob patriam.

Weldon, of Swanscomb, Kent ; Shottes-
brooke, Berks ; and Rahenderry, co. Kildare,
descended from Bertram de Weltden, temp.
Conquestoris. The present i-epresentative
of the Rahenderry branch is SiR Anthony
Weldon, Bart., who bears for

Arms. Arg. a cinquefoil ijierced, gu. ; on a chief of
the second, a demi-lion issuaut, of the first.

Crests. 1st, A demi-lion rampt. arg. guttfe de sang.;
2nd, the bust of Queen Elizabeth.

Motto. Bene factum.

Robertson, of Kiulochmoidart, co. In-
verness, as borne by William Robertson,
Esq., of that place, eldest son of the late
Lieut. -Col. Robertson, by his wife, jNIargaret
MacDonald, of Kmlochmoidart ; and grand-
son of Dr. William Robertson, the historian,
Avho was a descendant of the IMuirton branch
of the Robertsons of Strowan.

Arms. Gu. three crescents interlaced, or. between as
many wolves' heads erased arg. armed and langued az.,
all within a bordure of the third, charged with eight
mullets of the first. Quartering the quartered coat of
Macdonald of Kinlochmoidart.

Cred. A dexter hand issuing from a cloud, holduig up
a wheatsheaf ppr.

Motto. Perseveranti dabitur.

Philips, of Snitterfield, co. Warwick, as
borne by Mark Philips, Esq., late M.P.
for Manchester.

Arms. Quarterly, 1st and 4th, per pale az. and sa.
with an orle of fleurs-de-lis arg. a lion rampt. ormuiois,
ducally crowned and holding between the paws a mascle
or. ; a canton erm. 2nd and 3rd, gu. on a bend arg.
between two cotises engrailed or. three bucks' heads,
all between two pheons.

Crest. A demi-lion rampt. ermir.ois, collared sa.
ducally crowned, or., holding between the paws a fleur-
de-lis arg. witliin a mascle gold.

Motto. Shnplex munditiis.

Sutton, as borne by the late Orlando
George Sutton Gunning Sutton, Esq., of
Blendworth, Hants, Capt. R.N., foui-th son of
Sir George William Gunning, second Bart, of
Horton, and grandson of Sir Robert Gun-
ning, Bart., K.B., by Anne, his second wife,
only daughter of Robert Sutton, Esq., of
Scofton, Notts, and granddaughter of Richard
Sutton, Esq., of Scofton, Lieut. -General in
the Army and Governor of Bruges, who was
younger brother of Sir Robert Sutton, K.B.,

the father of Sir Richard Sutton, first Bart,
of Norwood Park. Capt. Giuining assumed
by Royal Licence in 1850 the additional
surname and arms of Sutton.

Arms. Quarterly, 1st and 4th, arg. a canton sa. 2nd
and 3rd, gu. on a "fesse erm. between three doves arg.
as many crosses formee sa. Impaling the arms of Sey-
mour, in right of his wife, Mary, daughter of the late
Admiral Sir Michael SejTnour, Bart.

Crests. Sutton, A wolf's head erased gu. Gunning,
A pigeon holding in the dexter paw a caducous ppr.

Motto. Touts jours prest.

AcTON, of Gatacre Park, co. Salop, as
borne by Edward Farrer Acton, Esq.,
of that place, representative of Thomas
Acton, Esq., of Gatacre Park, second son
of Sir Edward Acton, first Bart, of Alden-

Arms. Gu. two lions passant arg. between nine crosslets
fitchee or.

Crest. Within a torse a human leg and thigh in ar-
mour, couped and dropping blood, all ppr.

Motto. Avita; glorioe memor.

]\Lvssey, of Denfield and Dunham Mas-
sey, CO. Chester, derived, in a direct line,
from Hamon Massey, first Baron of Dun-
ham Massey, temp. William the Conqueror,
and now represented by Mar(}Aret Eli-
zabeth, only child and heir of the Rev.
Millington Massey-Jackson, M.A., of Dun-
ham Massey and Baguley Hall, co. Chester,
Vicar of Warminster, Wilts, and Rector of
Kingston Deverill, who Avas son and heir of
George Massey, Esq., of Dunham Massey,
and grandson of Charles Massey, Esq., of
Denfield whose grandfather, William Mas-
i&Y, Esq., of Denfield and Mosse, is re-
corded in the Herald's Visitation, a.d. 1663,
as the lineal descendant of Hamon, the Con-
queror's companion in arms : the said SIar-
GARET-Elizabeth, only daughter and lieir
of the Rev. i\L Massey-Jackson, m. Richard
Mansel Oliver, Esq., of Melton Lodge, co.
Leicester, youngest son of Laver Oliver,
Esq., of Brill House, Bucks, J. P., by
Mar}^, his wife, daughter of John Sliake-
speare, Esq., and has issue one son, Augus-
tus Shakespeare, h. 21st November, 1827,
and one surviving daughter, ]\Iadeline- Eli-
zabetli. By Royal Licence, beai-ing date
10th May, 1844, Richard Mansel Oliver,
Esq., his wife, and their issue, were author-
ized to take the siu-name of Massey, in ad-
dition to, and after that of Oliver, and to
bear the arms of INIassey, quarterly with
those of Oliver.

Arms. Quarterly, 1st and 4th, Massey : quarterly gu.
and or. in the 1st and 4th quarters, three escallops arg.
(for distinction, a canton of the second) ; 2nd and 3rd,
Oliver, per saltire or. and erm. on a chief per pale gu.
and sa., three lions rampant arg., collared of the first.

Crests. Massey, A moorcock sa. combed and wattled
gu. (charged on the breast for distinction with a cross
crossletor.) Oliver, A lion's gamb erased grasping a
branch of olive, ppr., and a chain, therefrom DenduLvt a
bugle, or.



Mottoes. Marsey, I'l'o libei'tate patriae.
Nimquam falleutis termes Olivae.


Gilbert, as borne by Lieut. General

Sir AValter
G.G.B. ;

Ealeigh Gilbert, Bart.

Arms, Erm. on a chev. sa., three roses arg. leaved

Crest. A sqnin-el sejant gu.

Supporters, dexter. A Grenadier of the 1st European
Bengal Fusiliers ; sinister, A Sepoy oflhe 15th (now 30th)
Bengal Native Infantry, each holding in the exterior
hand a musket, all ppr.

Motto. Mallem mori quam mutare.

Vaughan, of Burlton Hall, co. Salop,
descended from Tudor Trevor, Founder of
the Tribe of the Marches, and now repre-

Online LibraryBernard BurkeA visitation of the seats and arms of the noblemen and gentlemen of Great Britain (Volume 1) → online text (page 74 of 79)