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sented by Egbert Chambre Vaughan,
Esq., of Burlton Hall.

Arms. Quarterly of nine: —

I. Arg. a chev. between three boars' heads couped gu.,
armed or. On the centre of the chev. a crescent of
the field within an annulet of the third.

II. Az. three crowns, or.

III. Sa. fifteen bezants, 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1.

IV. Per bend erm. and ermines a lion rampt. or.

V. Az. out of three covered cups or. as many boars'
heads couped arg.

VI. Az. an armed arm embowcd or., issuing from the
sinister, holding a red rose, slipped and leaved ppr.

VII. Az. a cross patonce arg.

VIII. Arg. tlu'ec boars' heads sa.

IX. Ai'g. a fesse between three sea plummets, sa.
Crests. Vaughan : On a chapeau, a boar's head

couped gu., armed or., langued az. Chajibre : A grey-
hoimd's head arg., collared az., therefrom a chain or. and
a wreath of roses. Bollas : A demi-boar woimded in the
breast with a broken spear.

Motto. Afrad Bob Afraid.

The Badge of the family of Vaughan, as given in the
engra\Tng, was used m ancient times, and is to be seen
on the seals of most of the old Deeds of Bias Thomas and
The Wood. It can also be traced on an ancient silver
Drinking Cup, and the needle-worked seat of an old chau-.

Bridges, of Goodnestone, Kent, Bart.

Arms. Az. three water bougets or. within a bordure,

erm. Quartering, II. Palmer, of Wingham ; III

IV. Fowler ; V. Mildniav, of Moidsham Hall ; VI. Rad-
clj-ffe ; VII. Fitz Walter j YLIl. Clare ; I.\. Deverera.

Crest. Out of a ducal coronet or. a Moor's head sa.,
banded arg.

Nevill, of Nevill Holt, co. Leicester, de-
rived from Sir Jolni Nevill, of Pickhall, co.
York, next brother of Geoflrey Fitz Robert
de Nevill, Lord of Raby, and now repre-
sented by Cosmo Nevill, Esq., of Nevill

Arms. Quarterly, 1st and 4th, gu a saltire erm. ; 2nd
and 3rd, arg. frctty gu. on a canton per pale or. and arg.
a ship with sails furled sa.

Crest. A bull's head erm., ducaUy gorged and armed

Motto, Nc vile veils.

Harvey, as borne by Alfred Augus-
tus Harvey, Esq., M.D., of the Lodge,
Bathampton, near Bath, grandson and repre-
sentative of Audley Harvey, Esq., of Colo
Park, near J\Lalmesbury, Wilts, Avho was di-
rectly descended from the marriage of Ro-
bert Harvey, Esq., witli Sarah, sister and
coheir of Hugh Audley Esq , of Cole Park,

Arms. Or. on a chev. gu. between three leopards'
faces of the first, three trefoils ppr. Quarterly with

Crest. A leopard passant, bezantee, gorged with a
ducal coronet, and chauied or. holding in the dexter paw
a trefoil slipped ppr.

Motlo. Je u'oublierayjamais.

Richardson, of Aber Hirnant, co. Merio-
neth, originally of Norfolk, and subsequently
of Knockshinnock, co. Dumfries, as borne by
Henry Richardson, Esq., of Aber Hir-

Arms, Arg. on a chief sa. three lions' heads erased of
the first.

Impali.n'g, in right of his wife, Caroline, daughter of
Arthur Lemuel Shuldham, Esq., of Deer Park, Devon,
Dunmauway, co. Cork, and Palis Green, co. Limerick, the
arms of that ancient family, viz., Az. an eagle displayed
or. beaked and niembercd gu.

Crest. On a ducal coronet or. a unicorn's head couped
erm.. horned or.

Motto, Virtute acquiritur honos.

Smith, of Pygons Hill, Lydiate, near
Ormskirk, co. Lancaster, as borne by Ri-
chard Bryan Smith, Esq., of Pygons
Hill, F.S.A., a magistrate for Lancashire.

Arms. Pean, on a fesse engr. or. between three squir-
rels sejant arg., each holding a marigold slipped ppr.,
three fountains, also ppr.

Ijipalixg, Erm. a lion rampt. sa. a canton of the last.

Crest. On a mount, a squirrel as in the arms, charged
on the body with a fountaui ppr.

Motto. In medio tutissimus.

Strotfier, of the Shrubbery, Shooter's
Hill, Kent, as borne by Anthony Stro-
ther, Esq., of that place.

Arms. Az. fretty arg. on a bend nebuly or. three
eagles displayed of the first.

Crest. Upon a jnount vert., in front of an oak tree
ppr. fructed or. a falcon belled also ppr.

Motto. Accipiter pra^dam scqiiitur nos gloriara.-

Newman, of Thornbury Park, co Glou-
cester, settled at Fifehead, Magdalen, co.
Dorset, at a very early period. Branches
were also seated at AA'incanton, and other
places in Somersetshire. The present re-
presentative is Henry Wenman New-
man, Esq., of Thornbury Park, J. P. and
D.L., eldest son and heir of the late Richard
Newman Toll, Esq., M.D. (grandson of
Anne Newman, sister of the first baronet),
who, with his brother, the Rev. Ashburn •
ham Philip Toll, inherited the Newman
estates on the death of their cousin, Frances,
sister of the second baronet, and assumed
thereupon the surname and arms of New-

Arms. Quarterly, sable and argent, in the iirst and
fourth quarters, three mullets of the second. In the
centre an e.scutcheon gu., charged with a poitcullis im-
perially cro^\^led, or., being an augmentation granted by
King Charles II. to Colonel Newman for his loyalty at the
battle of Worcester.

Crest. A martlet rising ppr.

M'ltto. Lux mea Christus.

Mr. Nc^Tuan, in right of his marriage with Fmnces
Margaret, d.uightfr of the Rev. John .Toseph Goodenough,
D.D., Rector of Broughtou Pogis, and great niece of the



late Dr. Goodenough, Bisliop of Carlisle, impales the
arms of Goodenough, ^-iz., Or. a chevron gu. between
three guttes de sang.

Blakely, as borne by Edward Blakely,
Esq., of Thorpe Hamlet, near Norwich, and
registered in H.M. College of Arms, The
father of Mr. Blakely inherited a small
estate in Sulfolk, called Goswold Hall, in the
parish of Thrandeston, which was granted
by William the Conqueror to Walter de
Bowycr, and descended from him through
the families of Grey and Rix, to that of

Arms. Quarterly, 1st and 4th : Arg. a lion rampt. gu.
sem6 of trefoils'or. within a bordure doTctail of the 2nd,
for Blakely ; 2nd and 3rd, az. a fesse between two uni-
corns' heads erased in chief, and a cross patee in base or.
for Rix.

Crest. A unicorn passant az. gutte d'or, and ducally
gorged arg., resting the dexter leg upon an escocheon or.
charged with a pale vair.

Motto. Aliens Dieu ayde.

Allcard, as borne by William All-
card, Esq., of Warrington, co. Lancaster,

Arms. Quarterly, arg. and or. on a bend nebuly az.
thi-ee swans' heads erased of the first, beaked gu.

Crest. A demi-swan, wings elevated arg. seme of
mvdlets az., in the beak a buU-rush, ppr.

Motto. Semel et semper.

Claxson, as borne by the Eev. Benja-
min Saunders Claxson, D.D., of Eastgate
House and Wottou Lodge, Gloucester, Mar-
quis de Sau Miniato.

Arms. Gules, a fesse engi-ailed paly ermine and or.,
between two porcupines in chief, and in base a stag
lodged argent, attired and hoofed of the third.
Quarterly with Saitnders, per chevron gules
and or., in chief two elephants' heads of the last, in base
a crescent azure.

Crest. A mount vert., thereon a stag lodged, as in the
arms, the dexter forefoot supporting an escutcheon gu.,
charged with a porcupine arg.

Impaling, in right of his wife, Charlotte Anne, dau.
of the late Sir John Earner, Ivnt., Lord ]Mayor of Lon-
don — Azure, between two lions passant or., the sceptre
or mace fesseways,represeuting that anciently borne by the
Lord Mayor of the city of London (the same being crystal,
the head ternuuating in crosses patee and fleurs-de-lis,
and the whole richly ornamented with gold, pearls, and
precious stones.) Quarterly with Richaedson— Sable, on
a chief argent, three lions' heads erased of the field.

BiRLEY, as borne by the Rev. J. S. BlR-
LEY, of Halliwell Hall, co. Lancaster.

Arms. Sable on a fesse engrailed between three hoars'
heads couped argent, a mascle between two cross cross-
lets of the field.

Crest. A dcmi-boar sable, collared arg., chain reflcxed
over the back or. supporting a branch of Burdock ppr.,
and charged on the shoulder with a irdllrind, also arg.

Motto, Omni liber metii.

Davies, of Farthing\ille, co. Cork, de-
scended through Richard Davies, Captam of
Horse m Cromwell's army, from the family
of Davies of Berrmgton, co. Hereford. A
direct descendant in the male line, is Wil-
liam RocnFORT Davies, Esq., now in

'Ihe Rev. Rowland Davies, Chaplain to
King WUliamlll., and Dean of Cork
and Ross, descended from the family of
Davies, ol Berrington, co. Ilercford, was
born at GiU Abbey in 1G49, and died in
1721. _

George Da-
vies, Esq., of
near Cork,
where his fa-
mily stUl

The Rev. Mi-
[of Cork, fa-
ther of
several sons
and daugh-

Simon Da-
vies, Esq.,

married Ju-
dith, dau.

and heiress
of Robert

Esq., of Far-

Cork, by

whom he got
the estate.

Martha, m,
the Rev. Ri-
chard White,

and was

mother of

Mary Vis-

comitess of


and gi'and-

mother of

the present

Earl of

Ban try.

Robert Fartliing Davies, Esq., of Far-
thingville, co. Cork, married Mary,
daughter of Colonel John Ramsay (of the
Dalhousie family), by Mary, liis wife,
sister of Arthur Smith, Archbisliop of
Dublin, and widow of Sir Nicholas Os-
borne, Bart.

1 I ^'

Simon Row- Robeht

Davies, land Da- Davies
Esq., of ^^es went to
Far- m. and India, in
thing- had se- the scr-
vUle, m. veral vice of
and had chil- the

issue. dren. E.I.C.,
and was
Aide-de-Camp to
Marquis "WeUes-
ley. Having vo-
lunteered to com-
mand a detach-
ment of troops
that were sent on
board the Sybelle
to act as ma-
rines when she
sailed to engage
a French frigate
(La Forte), was
killed in the

of Col.
m. in


1. Mary

2. Judith

m. to
ther of
3. Har-
riet Da-
of Lech-

4. Anna
who m.

5. Char-
lotte Da-
vies, d.
ried in


Robert Da- =:Sarah, eldest Cliarlotte, i. —Major HcniT'

vies, b. 17th

Julv, 1787,

m. ISth

April, 1810.

daughter of
John Glas,

Esq., of Pit-

rea^"ie, co.


22nd Aug.,

Patch, East
India Com-
pany's Ser-

Three daughters.

Henry Tho-

mas, b. 3rd




Charles Ed- William George Crut-

mond, b. 4th Rochfort, b. tenden, 6.

October, 24th Jan., 7th Nov.,

1814. 1817. 1819.

Arvis. Or. a chev. between three mullets sa.
Crest. A lion's gamb. ppr., holding a mullet sa.
Motto. Prudentem nihil punget,

DOHERTY, of Inishowen, co. Donegal, de ■
scended from Cean Faola, Prince of Tire
Connell. The present I\L^jor■■General Sir
Richard Doherty, Ivnt., is son of the late



Leonard Doherty, Esq., of Coolmoyne, co.^
Tipperary, by Aime, his wife, daughter of
Roger Scully, Esq., of Cashel, and grandson
of Richard Doherty, Esq., of Kedragh, by
Catherine, his wife, daughter of Leonard
Keatinge, Esq., of Knockagh, which Ri-
chard Doherty of Kedragh was son of James
Doherty, Esq., of Kedragh, by Honora, his
wife, daughter of Theobald Butler, Esq., of
Grange, and great grandson of Jolui
O'Doherty, Esq., some time of Inishowen
(See " Landed Gentry," Supplement, p.
103.) In right of his wife, Rachel Sophia,
daughter of Jonathan Anderson Ludford,
Esq., M.D., and widow of Gilbert Munro,
Esq., Sir Richard impales the arras of the
very ancient family of Ludford, which can
be traced by authentic evidence as pos-
sessed of the estate of Ansley, co. War-
wick, from the close of the fourteenth cen-

Anns. Quarterly, Ist and 4th, arg. a stag at full
speed, gu. on a chief vert, three mullets of the first; 2iid
and 3rd, arg. a chev. engi'. between three trefoils vert.

Crests. First, a grej'hound, courant, holding in tlie
mouth a coney, all ppr. 2nd, a naked hand, couped at
the -svrist, holding a sword ppr., lultaud pommel or.

Potter, of Buile Hill, near j\Ianchester, as
borne by Sir JoiiN Potter, Knt., a magistrate
for the borough of jNIauchester and for the
county of Lancaster, of which he is also a
Deputy Lieutenant. Sir John, who is son
of the late Sir Thomas Potter, the first
IMayor of j\Lanchester, by Esther, his wife,
daughter of Thomas Bayley, Esq., filled the
office of Mayor of Manchester for three suc-
cessive years, and received the honour of
knighthood on the Queen's visit to Man-
chester in 185L

Arms. Sa. on a fesse erm. between, in chief two cinque-
foils pierced or., and in base a knight's hchnet ppr.
a terrestrial globe, also ppr., between two garbs of the

Crest. On a mount vert., a sea horse erect, ppr. gorged
with a collar gemel sa., supporting a rudder or.

of Wyddial, knighted at Whitehall, 23rd
July, 1603, was an officer in the army, and
accompanied Robert, Earl of Essex, in his
expedition to Cadiz. The present male re-
presentative is Brooke HaiAiilton Gyll,
Esq., of WyrardislKU-)'-, eldest son of the
Late William Gyll, Esq , of Wyi'ardisbury,
Captain 2nd Life Guards, by Lady Har-
riet Flemjmg, his wife, only child of Hamil-
ton Flemyng, last Earl of Wigtoun.

Arms, Quarterly, 1st and 4th, sa. two che\Tons arg.,
each charged with three mullets of the field, in base a
cinquefoU of the second, on a canton or. a lion passant
guardant gu. ; 2nd and 3rd, lozengy or. and vert., a lion
rampt. guardant gu.

QuAKTERiNGS. — If. Canon ; III. Lawrence; IV.
Brooke; V. Broome; VI. Flemyng; VII. Fraser;
VIII. Ross; IX. Melville; X. Child; XI. Hooke.

Crests. 1st, a hawk's head az. between two wmgs
frettee vert. ; 2nd, a goat's head erased ppr.

Motto. Vii-tutis gloria merces.

Hutchison, of Rockend, co. Dumbarton,
as borne by James Hutchison, Esq., of
that place, a magistrate for Lanarkshire,
eldest son of the late Rev. Patrick Hutchi-
son, A.M., by Helen, his wife, third dau.
of Robert Graham, Esq., of Tararawer, co.

Arms. Arg. a fesse az., surmounted by three arrows
points downward, one in pale, the other two meeting in
point, counterchangcd, in chief a boar's head, erased sa.

Impaling, in right of his wife, Henrietta Maxwell,
youngest daughter of the late James Graham, Esq., of
Glasgow, by .Tanet Maxwell, of AVilliamwood, his wife,
the quartered coat of Gr-vham and Maxwell.

Crest. A stag's head, erased gu., attired or.

Motto. Memor esto.

Gyll, of Wyrardisbury, Bucks, resident
at an early period (temp. Edward I.) in Cam-
bridgeshire, and subsequently at Buckland
and Wyddial Hall, Herts. Sir George Gyll,

Harford, of Blaize Castle, co. Glou^
cester, originally of Bosbury, co. Hereford.
The present John Scandrett Harford,
Esq., D.C.L., F.R.S., of Blaize Ca-stle, im-
pales with his own arms the coat of Davis,
in right of his wife, Louisa, eldest daughter
of Richard Hart Davis, Esq., M.P. for

Arms. Sa. two bends arg., on a canton az. a bend or.

Impaling, gu. a chev. between three boars' heads
couped arg.

Crest. From flames ppr. a dragon's head or. between
two wings az., fire issumg from the mouth.

Motto. Inter utrmnque tene.

AcwORTH, of the Hook, Northaw, Herts.

Anns. Erm. on a chief indented gu. three coronets

Motto. Vincet qui patitur.

Poole, of I\Iarbury Hall, near Whit-
church, Salop.

Arms. Az. a lion rampt., arg. between eight fleurs-
de-lis or.
Crest. Out of a ducal coronet or. a griffin's head arg.
Motto, Tenax propositi.

Williams, formerly De Avan, of Aber-
pergwm, co. Glamorgan. The present pos-
sessor is William Williams, Esq., of

Arins. Quarterly, Ist and 4th; Gu. three chev-
ronels arg., for Jestvn ap Gwrgant; 2nd and 3rd, sa.
a chev. between three fleurs-de-lis arg. for Ei.mon ap

C? est. The paschal lamb ppr.

Motto. Y ddioddefws y orfu. Anglice : He who suf-
fered has conquered.

Lysley, of j\Iiniwood, Herts, as borne
by William John Lysley, Esq., of that
place, high sheritFof the county in 1851.

Arms. Quarterly, 1st, gu. a lion passant, guardant,
arg. ducally crowned or. ; 2nd, or. a fesse between two
chen'ons sa., both for Lysley ; 3rd, or. a bend vair, be-
tween three hurts, for Pitt, of Goldhall ; 4th, as the
first, with three mullets arg. pierced of the field in chief,
also for Lysley.

Crests. First, on a ehapoau, gu. turned up erm. a
millstone, arg. with millvind or. ; 2nd, a cubit arm iu



armour, the hand in a gauntlet grasping a war mace, all
ppr., froDi the handle of the mace a chain pendent, en-
circling the arm, or.
Motto. Forward.

Scott, of the Isle of Wight. The present
Percy Scott, Esq., of Shrewsbury House,
Newport, Isle of Wight, youngest son of
Benjamin Scott, Esq., of Coolmain,co. Cork,
formerly served as an Ensign in tlie 2nd,
or Queen's Royal, Regiment, and is a Lieut.
H.P. late 98th Regiment. lie is also Captain
Commandant of the 63rd, or Isle of Wight
Light Infantry Militia, and a Justice of the
Peace for Newport, of which borough he
served the office of mayor for four several

He impales with his paternal arms the
coat of GoTHER, in right of his wife, Mary,
dau. of the Rev. Andrew Gother, M.A.

The branch of the numerous I'ace of Scott
to wliich ^Ir. Percy Scott belongs, has long
been settled in Ireland, and claims to be con-
nected with the ancient English family which
unhappily numbered amongst its members the
regicide Thomas Scott, Esq., M.P., who, with
others, signed the death-warrant of King
Charles I., and who Avas tried, condemned,
and executed iu 1660.

The Irish branch may be traced for a
period of upwards of 200yearsback, through
the Prerogative Courts and tlie Office for the
Registration of Deeds in Ireland, from the
circumstance of a succession of its members
having borne the somewhat singular Christian
names of Ilibernio and Hibernicus, which
seem to be peculiar to it. The name Hibernio
appears indeed to have been invented for the
first-born son after the settlement of the
family in Ireland, and conferred upon the
infant in honour of their adopted country.
The ancestors of this branch acquired and
held landed estates of somewhat considerable
extent in several Irish counties ; which es-
tates however, in the process of time, became
divided between the male and female mem-
bers of it, and thus partly passed into other
families of different names.

Lieut. jMatthew Scott,* of Taygard, in
tlie CO. Dublin (who had a brother, also a
Lieut. Ilibernio Scott), bequeathed by will,
dated the 30th November, 1656, to his
wife, INIartha, and his daughter, Barbara, all
his lands in the counties of Kilkenny, Wex-
ford, Cork, and Kerry, share and share alike,
and for his wife's share and proportion, after
her death, he left that to his kinsman
(nephew), George Scott, son of the above-
named Lieut. Hibernio and his heirs for
ever. Barbara Scott, the daughter named
above, married Richard Wilson, Esq., of the

* It is inferred from old famUy docimients that Lieut.
Matthew Scott was indebted for his military rank, and
for grants of lands in Ireland to the influence of the
Regicide Scott with Cromwell.

CO. of Wexford, and had a son named John
Wilson. This John Wilson and the before-
named George Scott, after the death of Lieut.
Matthew Scott and of his widow Martha,
being then possessed of all the lands of Lieut.
Matthew Scott, share and share alike, did by
articles of agreement dated the 14th July,
1693, covenant to divide them ; John Wilson
taking the lands in the counties of Wexford,
Kilkenny, &c., and George Scott those in the
CO. Cork ; and thereupon John Wilson exe-
cuted a power of attorney to his maternal
imcle, Lieut. Hibernio Scott, to deliver for
him one moiety of the Cork estates, viz., of
Drinah, GlounakilUn, and Cappamore to the
said George Scott, to be possessed of them
according to the aforesaid articles of agree-
ment, or deed of exchange, of each other's
interests in their several lands.

The CO. Cork estates just enumerated —
which are of moderate extent and value —
have, with the exception of the moiety of them
held for a short time by John AVilson, line-
ally descended from ]jieut. Matthew Scott in
possession of the family, and are now (1852)
vested in i\lr. Percy Scott's nephew, Hiber-
nicus Benjamin William Percy Scott, Esq.,
of Giu'taglanna, CO. Cork, only son of Major
Scott, formerly of the 2nd (or Queen's Royal)
Regiment of Foot. While of the other moiety
of the lands of Lieut. Matthew Scott, the
Wexford property is at this day in the pos-
session of the descendants of the said Lieut.
Matthew Scott's grandson, John Wilson, who
have taken the name of Palliser.

George Scott, son of Lieut. Hibernio Scott,
and nephew to Lieut. Matthew Scott, after he
succeeded to the lands which he inherited from
the latter, married, had issue, and was suc-
ceeded by his son,

Matthew Scott, Esq., of Ballingarrah,
or Bogstown, co. Cork, who m. Phoebe, dau.
of Samuel Milner, Esq., of Drinah, and had
issue three sons — Hibernicus, Samuel, and
Matthew. Mr. Scott, by a deed dated in
1721, entailed his estates upon his eldest son
(and his heirs male) and successor,

Hiberkicus Scott, Esq., of Lishnaleen
or Flaxfoit, co. Cork, who ?/^. 1st, Elizabeth,
dau. of Thomas Bousfield, Esq., of Cork,
sister to Sarah, wife of Falkner Herrick,
Esq., of Shippool, near Innishannon (see
Herrick of Shippool in " Lauded Gentry"),
and 2ndly, Anne, dau. of Percy Smyth,
grand-dau. of Sir Percy Smyth, of Ball}Ti-
natray, co. Waterford (see Smyth of Ballyn-
natray in " Landed Gentry"), and sister to
E.sther, wife of Francis Bernard, Esq., of
Castle Bernard, co. Cork, mother of Francis,
first Earl of Bandon (see Earl of Bandon iu
" Burke's Peerage"). By the first marriage
]\[r. Scott had issue,

1. Benjamin, heir to the entailed pro-
perty, of whom hereafter.



2. George, m. in the West Indies to tlie
only dau. of a Governor of St. Eustatia,
and had issue one son and one dau. Both
parents and chikh'cu are now extinct.

3. Sarah, m. to John Freke Smyth, Esq.,
of Castle Doneen, near Ross Carberry.

4. Phoebe, m. to William Stawell, Esq.,
and bad issue.

5. Hannah, m. to Robert Patterson, Esq.,
of Cork, and had issue.

G. Esther, m. William Radcliffe, Esq., and

had issue.
By his second marriage Mr. Scott had
issue, two sons and one dau., viz. : —

1. Percy (Scott Smyth), who succeeded
to the estates of his maternal uncle,
William Smyth, Esq., of Headborough,
CO. Waterford, and took the name of
Smyth in addition to that of Scott.
He m. Sarah, dau. of Samuel Kingston,
Esq., of Bandon, and had issue two
sons and five daus., viz. : 1. William, a
magistrate of the co. Waterford, of
which c(5unty he also served the office
of high sheriff; he Avas drowned by
the wreck of the " Waterwitch" steamer
in Tramore Bay, and d. unm. 2. Percy
Scott, in Holy Orders, m. 4th of Sept.',
1827, Catharine, dau. of John Odell,
Esq., of Carriglea, co. Waterford ; and
died, leaving issue one son, Percy
Smyth, of Headborough, co, Water-
ford. 1. Isabella, d. unm. 2. Eliza-
beth, d. unm. 3 and 4. Ann and Sarah,
drowned in the " Waterwitch" with their
brother William, and d. nnm. 5.
Esther, to. Crofton Uniacke, Esq., of
Balyre, Cork.

2. Matthew, Lieut.-Col. 28th foot, d. vnm.
on service with his regiment in the
West Indies.

3. Anne, m. the Rev. Edward Spread,
and left issue, one dau. Anna, m. to
the Rev. Henry Hamilton Beamish,
formerly of Mount Beamish, co. Cork,
Incumbent of Conduit Street Chapel,
London. She died, and has left issue.

Bekjamin Scott, Esq., of Coolmam, co.
Cork, eldest son of Hibernicus Scott, Esq.,
of Lishnaleen or Flaxfort, succeeded his
father to the possession of the entailed
family property. He m. Persis Dowe,* dau.
of Benjamin Dowe, Esq., of Belrose, co.
Cork (date of marriage settlement, 28tli
Octobei-, 1772), and had issue, eight sons and
six daus., viz.

1. Hibernicus, h. 16th Jan., 1774, d. unm.
9th Feb. 1852.

2. George, h. 21st July, 1776, Captain
90th Regiment, d. unm.

3. Benjamin, b. 3rd May, 1777, d. in in-

* lyiiss Dowc's mothcr'.s name ■was Mavkhnm, a near
relative of the Kight llev. Richard Markham, Arclibisliop
of York.

4. Mattliew,* h. 5th Julj^ 1779. Major
2nd (Queen's Royal) Regiment of Foot,
a magistrate for the co. Cork, m. 31st
May, 1822, Frances, dau. of J. Pratf,
Esq., of Castle Martyr, and niece to
Lieut.-General Sir Charles Pratt, K.C.B.,
by Avhom he left at his decease, 1st June,
1845, one son and two daus., viz. ; 1.
Mary, b. 7th August, 1823. 2. Sarah,
b. 6th Sept., 1825, and 3. Hibernicus
Benjamin William Percy, b. 10th June,
1828, who succeeded 9th Feb., 1852, to
the hereditary landed property of the fa-

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