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mily on the death of his uncle Hiberni-
cus Scott, Esq., of C'oolmain, co. Cork.

5. Benjamin, b. 5th August, 1784, Cornet
6th Dragoon Guards (Carabiniers) pro-
moted to lieutenancy, in the 6th AVest
India Regiment, and died on service
in the West Indies.

6. Edward, &. 12th Sept. 1788, Lieut. 59th
Regiment, d. unm. on service Avith his
regiment in the East Indies.

7. William, b. 8th Sept. 1789, m. 28th
August, 1819, Mary Anne, dau. of
Samuel Jervois, Esq., of J3rade, co.
Cork, and has issue. 1. Mary Anne

* This gallant officer served ■with his regiment in
1795 in the West Indies, .and ■^N'as in the engagement at
Martinique when his col., Lord Dalhousie, was woimded.
In 17;i7 he ■^•as present at the capture of Trinidad. In
1708 he served in Ireland, and -was in action against
the rebels at Fo"wkes's Mill and Wexford. He ■was
in Holland in 1799, and in action at the Helder .and
at Egmont op Zee ; and in the same year -was present
at the ^^ctory over the French and Dutch. In 1800 he
■was ■svith a flying expedition on board the ' 'Europa," on the
Fi^ench coast, and on the 19th July, of that year, landed
at Minorca. In ISOl he accompanied the expedition to
Egypt, ■where a large body of troops and several batteries
opposed their landing on the 8th of March ; and on the
13th, he shared the victory of the day. He ■was also
present at the battle of Alexandria, at the reduction of
Rosetta and St. Julien ; at the affair at Rahmanie ; the
capture of the French Convoy in the Desert ; at the sur-
render of Cairo, and also at the substquent blockade of
Alexandria. From 1802 to 1805, Major Scott served at
Gibraltar ; in 1807 he was in Guernsey and Portugal, and
at the battle of Yimiera ; in 1809 at the retreat to .and
battle of, Conmna, the expedition to Walcheren, and at
the siege of Flushing. In 1811, he was again in Portu-
gal, and shared in the pursuit of Marshal Massena into
Spain; he was subsequently at the storn-ung of Badajoz.
In 1812, Major Scott served at the siege of the fortified
convent of Salamanca, where the Queen's lost Captain
Sir George Colquhomi and Lieut. Matthews. In July of
the same" year Major Scott was severely wounded at the
battle of Salamanca ; the loss of his regiment, the Queen's,
on this occasion was nearly half of its entire strength, in-
cluding one lieutenant killed, a lieutenant-colonel, a ma-
jor, a captain, and three lieutenants wounded ; at the
close of the action the regiment was commanded by a
subaltern. After tliis, the Queen's, being greatly re-
duced in numbers, the head-quarters with sLx skeleton
companies ■were sent to England, and tlie remaining four
companies of '00 men each remained in Portugal under
Major Scott In 1813 he was present at the battle of
Vittoria, the blockade of Pampeluna ; the actions of the
Pyrenees from the 2Sth of July to the 2nd of August,
aiid led the centre column with the four companies of the
Queen's to the attack of Soult's entrenched position on
the NivoUe. He shared also in all the afiairs in the
vicinity of St. Jean de Luc, Bayonno, in the battles of
Ortlics" and Toulouse, and in all the engagements from
1812 to 181), in which the fourth division of the .army were
concerned. In 1816 Major Scott embarked with tlie
Queen's for the West Indies, and in the same year re-
tired on half-pay.



Jervis, b. 30th April, 182G. 2. Lucintla,
h. 12th October, 1827. 3. William, h.
18th October, 1828. 4. Persis, h. 3rd
December, 1830. 5. Benjamin Bous-
field, b. 5th Jan., 1832. 6. Eliza,
h 9th January, 1833. 7. Samuel Jarvis,
b. 20th April, 1836.
8. Percy, now of the Isle of Wight, h.
1st Nov., 1792, m. 30th Nov., 1820,
Mary, dau. of the Rev. Andrew Gother,
M.A., formerly Fellow of New College,
Oxford, and afterwards Vicar of the
Parishes of Chesterton, Oxon, and
Thorley, Isle of Wight, and has issue :
1. Percy Francis Gother, Captain
R.A., b. 6th Nov, 1821. 2. Hiber-
nicus, Lieut. Bombay Artillerj'-, d.
unm., 1847. 3. William Andrew
Gother, Gent. Cadet, Sandhurst, d.
young. 4. E^dward Holmes, BN.I., Z>.
4th July, 1828, w. Lucy Amelia, dau.
of John Roclce, Esq., of Purneah,
' Bengal, and 5, Elizabeth-Persis-Anue.

1. ]\Iargaret, h. 21st August, 1775, vi.
24th Oct , 1805, the Rev. William Sulli-
van, M.A., Curate of Bandon, subse-
quently Rector of Kiluagross,* and
Prebendary of Temple Bryan, co. Cork.
She d. 9th April, 1819 (he 27th May,
1836), having had issue eight daus.
and one'son.

2. Eliza, h. 16th August, 1780, m. John
Howe, JEsq., of Glannavarane, co.
Cork, d. and left issue.

3. Persis, h. 12th July, 1782, m. Capt.
William Nichols, formerly of the 3rd
(Buffs) Regiment of Foot.

4. Martha, h. 4th May, 1786, d. unm.

5. Mary, b. 18th April, 1791, m. Robert
Radcliffe, Esq., LL.D., and d. without

6 Sarah, I. 5th Dec, 1794, m. James
Pratt, Esq., son of J. Pratt, Esq., Castle
Martyr, co. Cork, nephew of Lieut.-
General Sir Charles Pratt, K.C.B., and
has had issue.

Arms. Arg. a chev. between three demi-lions rampt.,
rrased, gu. ; impaling Gotuer.
' Crest. A ilemi-lion, as in the arms.

Appleton, of Waldingfield, Suffolk, now
of Boston, in the United States of America

From " Wever's Ancient Funeral Monu-
ments," and from a pedigree in the Harl.
MSS., British Museum, it appears that the
family of Appleton, whose name seems to
denote its Saxon origin, was established at
Waldingfield, co. Suffolk, previously to the
year 1400. A junior branch, seated at
South Benfleet, Essex, was raised to the
degree of baronet in 1611. The earliest
recorded ancestor of the main line, John

* On his promotion to the living: of Kilnag-ross, his
former parisluoners presented him with an affectionate
farewell addi-ess and a valuable piece of plate.

Apulton, gent., of Great Waldingfield, living
19 Rich. 11., A.D. 1396, died in 1414, leaving
a son,

John Apulton, of Waldingfield, who con-
firmed lands to his son John, and Margaret,
his son's wife, 37 Henry VI. He was
father of

John Apueton. of Little Waldingfield,
who 111. Margaret, dau. of Richard Wellinge,
and d. in 1481, leaving a son,

John Apulton, of Little Waldingfield,
who m- Alice, dau. and co-heir of Thos.
Malchier, of Great Waldingfield, and had
three sons, of whom the second,

Thomas Apieton, of Little Waldingfield,
m. Margaret, dau. and heir of Robert Crane,
of Stonham-parva, and died in 1507, leaving
a dau., Alice, wife of Thomas Spring, of
Lavenham, and three sons, Robert, his heir,
Thomas, Rector of Lavenham, and William.
The eldest,

Robert Appilton, of Little Waldingfield,
TO. i\Iary, daughter of Thos. Montney, and
by her (who in. 2ndly Martyn, of Long ]\Iel-
ford) left at his deceasd m 1526, tAvo sons,
William, his heir, and Edward of Edward-
stone, whose wife was Alice, dau. of Firmin
Rookwood, of Euston, co. Suffolk. The
elder son,

William Appilton, of Little Walding-
field, in. Rose, dau. and heir of Robert Sex-
ton, Esq., of Lavenham, and by her (who
wedded 2dly Robert Gurdon, Esq., of Assing-
ton), had a son and heir,

Thomas Appleton, Esq., of Little Wal-
dingfield, who m. JIary, 2d dau. and coheir
of Edward Isaack, Esq., of Patricksbourne,
in Kent, and had issue :

I. Isaack (Sir) Knt., who resided in the
Manor House of Holbrook Hall, Suffolk.
He m. ]\Iary Cage, and by her (who in.
2dly Lawrence Cutler) left at his de-
cease, 14 Sept. 1608, one son and three
daus. — viz. :
Isaac, of Holbrook, who??z. jMarj^, widow

of Sir Robert Crane, but d.s.p.
Frances, in. Jacob Preston, Esq., of

Beeston St Lawrence, Norfolk.
Dorothy, in. to Robert Fairford, Esq.

Mary, in. to Craddock, Esq.

TI. John, buried at Chilton.

III. Tliomas, citizen of London, d. un-

IV. Samuel, who emigrated to America.

I. Mary, in. to Robert Ryece, Esq., of
Preston, an eminent antiquary.

II. Judith, m. to Dr. Lewis Bayley, Bishop
of Bangor.

Ill Sarah, in. to Edw. Bird, Esq., of
Walden, and 2ndly to Henry Smythe,
D.D. y i ^

The fourth son,

Samuel Appleton, b. in 1586, at Little
Waldingfield, emigrated to America, and




settled in New England with his wife, Mary
Everard (of ancient Suffolk descent), and
their tive children. Those children were
I. John, b. in 1622, who was Deputy to
the General Court, as Lieut. John
Appleton, from 1650 to 1664, and sub-
sequently as Captain. He ??i., in 1651,
Priscilla, dau. of the Rev. Jose Glover,
(at whose charge was established the
first printing press in America), and
dying in 1699, left issue :
John, b. in 1652, Town Clerk of Ips-
wich, in America, and Deputy to tlie
General Court in 1697, with the title
of Lieut-Colonel. He was for many
years Judge of Probate. By Eliza-
beth, his wife, dau. of President
Rogers, he left at liis decease, in 1739,
with other issue, a son,
Nathaniel, D.D., a very eminent
Divine, h. 9 Dec, 1693, who in.
jNlargaret Gibbs, and d. 9 Feb.,
1784, having had issue, Nathaniel,
a merchant of Boston, b. in 1731,
Commissioner of Loans : he to.
twice, and died in 1798, leaving
Nathaniel Walker John, Thomas,
and other issue. Henry, a mer-
chant, of Portsmouth, America ;
John, a merchant of Salem, who
d. in 1817, leaving, with other
issue, JohnSparhawIc, of Salem and
Boston, an antiquary and genea-
logical collector ; Margaret, m.
Prentiss ; Elizaljcth, m. Rand ;
Mehitable, m. Rev. Dr. Sam;\el

2. Samuel, wlio d. in 1693, leaving issue.

3. Joes, of Boston, New England, mer-
chant, d. unmarried, 1721.

1. Eliz., m. to Richard Dunmier, jun.

2. Priscilla, in. to the Rev. Joseph
Capen, of Topsfield.

3. Sarah, m. to Samuel Rogers.

4. j\Iary, in. to Natlianiel Tlionias, of

IL Samuel, b. at Waldingfield in 1024,
who accompanied his father to New
England, and in 1G75 became Com-
mander in Chief of the army on the
Connecticut River, in the Indian war.
His services were of the greatest im-
portance, and were marked by skill and
courage. This Major Samuel Appleton
was the most distinguished of the Ame-
rican Appletous. His letters from
lladley, wliilst holding the chief com-
mand of the troops, show him to have
been a man of good education and de-
cided character, whilst the perseverance
with which he held out under the perse-
cution of Sir Edmund Andros, may be
regarded as the shadowing forth of the
great principle of resistance to "taxa-

tion without representation,'' which re-
sulted in the independence of America.
Samuel Appleton, whose will bears date
in 1695, and Avas proved in 1696, mar-
lied twice. By his first wife, Hannah,
dau. of William Paine, of Ipswich, he
had a son and two daughters, viz.,

1. Samuel, of Lymi, and afterwards of
Boston, who died in 1725, leaving
by Elizabetli Whittingham, his wife,
a son Samuel, an emment merchant,
who d. in London in 1728.

2. Hannah, m. to William DoAAiies, of

3. Judith, m. to Samuel Walcott, of
Windsor, N.A.

By his second wife, Mary, daughter of
John Olivei*, of Newbury, ]\Iajor Samuel
Appleton had three sons and a daughter,

1. John, who married twice, and d. in
1724, leaving issue John and Benja-

2. Isaac, Major, h. in 1664, who 5??.
Priscilla Baker, granddaugliter of
Lieut. -Governor Symonds, and had,
with several daughters, a son, Isaac
Appleton, b. in 1704, who m. Eliza-
beth Sawj^er, a merchant's daughter,
and d. in 1794, leaving issue Isaac,
of New Ipswich ; Francis, also of that
town ; Samuel (father of General
James Appleton) ; Thomas, of Be-
verly ; John, of Buxton, Maine ; Da-
niel, William, of Portsmouth ; Joseph
(Rev.), of North Brookfield, and
two daughters. The eldest son,
Deacoir Isaac Appleton, of New
Ipswich, b. in 1731, OT., in 1760, Mary,
daughter of Joseph Adams, of Con-
cord, and d. m 1806, leaving issue:

1. Isaac, of Dublin, N.Il., m. and
had issue.

2. Joseph, d. 1791.

3. Samuel, mercliant of Boston.

4. Aaron, of Keene.

5. Moses, of Waterville, jM.D.

0. Nathan. Tlie Hon. Nathan Ap-
pleton, merchant of Boston, h.
6th October, 1779, m., first, in
1800, j\Iaria Tlieresa Gold, and has
by her one surviving son, Thomas
Gold, and two daughters : jMary,
m. to Robert James iNIackintosh ;
and Fanny Elizabeth, m. to Henry
Wadsworth Longfellow. The Hon.
Nathan Appleton m., secondly, in
1839, Harriet C. Sumner, and has
by her William Sumner, Nathan,
and Harriet.

7. Eben, b. 1784, d. in 1833, leaving

1. Dolly, m. to David Everelt.



2. Mary, m. to Joseph Bairett.

3. Emily, m. to Moses Jewett, and d,
in 1809, leaving a son, Isaac Apple-
ton Jewett.

3. Oliver, m. and had issue.

4. Johanuah, in. to Nathaniel Wliip-

III. Sarah, ???., m 1651, the Kev. Samuel
Phillips, of Eowley, and d. in 1713,
leaving two sons and two daughters.

IV. Judith, ?H., ua 1657, Samuel Rogers,
brother of Jolui Rogers, President of
Harvard College.

V. Martha, in. Richard Jacob, of New

Arms. Arg. a 'fesse sa., between three pomegranates
gu., slipped and leaved vert.

Crest. An Elephant's headcouped sa., tusked or.
a serpent wreathed about the nose vert.

Motto. Ne cede malis.


Torp, of Huddersfield,co. York, descended
from the old family of Topp, or Toppe, which
was seated at a very early period at Stock-
ton, in the coimty of Wilts, and of which the
Topps of Whitton, co. Salop, and Torinar-
ton, CO. Gloucester, were branches. The
present Samuel Topp, of Huddersfield,
IMPALES with his paternal arms the coat
of Clapham, in right of his wife, Sarah,
daughter of William Clapham, Esq., brother
of the present Tliomas Clapham, Esq., of
Stack liouse, in Craven.

Nathaniel Topp, descended from the

Wiltshire family, living at Bowden, in

Cheshire, 1736 ; buried there about


Nathaniel Topp.

Samuel Topp. _ Alice Buardman.

Thomas Topp, of Lan- ^ Sarah Scales, daughter

cashire, died in 1S22.

of Joseph Scales, by

Mary, dau. of Fiancis

Burdett,of Fallhead, near


Samuel Topp,
of Hudders-
field, m. nth
June, 1840.

Sarah, dau. of
WUliam Clap,
ham, Esq., son

of Thomas
Clapham, Esq.,
of Stavbotton,

in Craven.

Thomas, of

1. Alice.

2. Arthur, h.

3. Horatio,

5. Samuel,

7th October,

6. 29th Nov.,

St. John,


1845. 4.

6. 13th.

Charles Al-


fred, h. •22nd




Anns. Arg. a bordiire cngr. az., on a canton gu. a
gauntlet clasped ppr. Impaling Clapham : Arg. on a
bend az. six fleurs-de-lis or. 2, 2 and 2.

Crest. A gauntlet holding a hand naked, couped at
the wrist, ppr.

Motto. Fortior est qui se.

Maxwell, of Williamwood, co. Renfrew,
descended from the Maxwells of Aldhouse,
who were sprung from a scion of the ancient
family of Maxwell of PoUoc. The present
representative is James Maxwell Gra-
ham, Esq., of Glasgow, Superior of Wil-
liamwood, and a Commissioner of Supply
for the county of Renfrew.

John Maxwell, Esq., of
Williamwood, Sheriff
Depute of Renfrew-
shire, descended,
through Maxwell of
Aldhouse, from PoUoc.

John Maxwell, Esq., of

Williamwood, eldest

son and heb-, married

in 1727.

. Elizabeth daughter of

Henry Woddrop, Esq.,

of Dalmarnock and

Dalbeth, m. 1691.

Annabella, daughter
of Gavin Ralston, of
that Ilk, by Amie,
daughter of William
Porterfield, of Porter-
field. Annabella was
descended from James
II., King of Scotland,
and Edward III., King
of England. (See
Bukke's Royal

John Max-_Martha, dau. CharlesMax-^Ann Max-

well, Esq.,
of William-
wood, only
son, m. 17G1.

James Max-_
well, Esq.,
of William-
wood, Major
26th Dra-
goons, died,
s.p, 18C6.

of John

Baird, Esq.,

of Craigton.

Mary, dau.

of John

Esq., of

well, Esq.,
of Merks-

worth, CO.

well, eldest

Janet Max- -^James Gra-

well, second


and eventual


ham, Esq.,
second son
of James
Graham, of

1. James
Esq., Supe-
rior of Wil-
present re-
of the fa-
milies of
wood and
Merks worth.

2. Charles


second sur-

vivmg son.

1 . .\gnes,

eldest sur-

^ivuig dau.

m. James

Smith, Esq.,

of Craigend,

and has

2. Janet, d.

3. Annabella

4. Ann Max-


5. Henrietta

Maxwell, m.

in 1851 to



Esq., of

Rockend, co.


Arms, &c., seepage 4.

AVallace, of Asholme, Knaresdale, and
Featherstone Castle, Northumberland. Al-
bany Wallace, Esq., of Worthing, Sus-
sex, succeeded to the representation of the
family of Wallace of Asholme, Kaiaresdale,
and Featherstone Castle, in Northumber-
land ; and also to that of French, of French-
land, and Tliornidykes, in Scotland ; on the
demise of his eldest surviving brother, John
Wallace, Esq., of the Hon. East India Com-
pany's Civil Service, August 4th, 1846.
This family claims descent from a cadet of
Craigie Wallace, in Ayrshire, whose pos-
terity settled in Northumberland early in
the sixteenth century.



First husband, Tlioinas ^ Dulcebella, daughter of ^ Si-cond husband, Rev.

Wallace, of Asholme and
Brampton, born 1697,
was fourth in descent
from Thomas "Wallace, of
Larabley, first Lord of
Asholme, in Northum-
berland, died 1737.

John, second son of

Daniel So^^■erbye, of

Sleetbeck and vo^^er-

bye, born 1705, died 1765.

William Plaskett, Vieur

of Brampton and Gan-

toudale, died 174y.

1. James

Esq., of Ash-
and Feather-
stone Castle,
all in North-
died, Attor-
in 1783.

. Elizabeth,
only dau,
and heir
of Tho-
mas Simp-
son, Esq.,
of Carle-
ton Hall,
died isn.

2. John Wal-
lace, Esq ,
of Sedcop
Kent, and
Square, born
1733, died

Thomas, Lord Wallace,

of Knaresdale, so
created in 1828, married
Lady Jane Hope, dau.
of John, seconcl Earl of
Hopetoun, and widow of
Heniy, first Viscount
Melville, died s p., 1844.

died un-
married in

' Elizabeth,
only child of

son and heir

of David
and last of
the Frenches
of French-
land and
died 1813.


wife of





died 1811.

Anne Plaskett, wife first of
John Thomiinson, Esq , of
Blencogo and AUonby ; and
secondly of John Low, D.D.,
Lord Bishop of Elphin,
brother to lidmund, first
Lord EUenborough, died

1. Rev. James

Wallace, late

a Fellow


of Christ's



married Miss



born 17 06,


died in 1S29.

2. John Wal-
lace, Esq.,



Resident at


East Indies,
died 1810.

3. Thomas

East India
Civil Service,
died 1800.

4. WiUiam
90th Regi-
ment, died

5. Albany
Wallace, tlae

present re-

of the fa-

mUv, born

6. Robert
K.H., a
Colonel in
the array,
and late Ma-
jor King's
ried in 1814.

, Henrietta,

dau. of
IMajor Ellis,
of Abbeyfeal,


and sister of


Ellis, Esq.,

M.P. for


I. Elizabeth,
2. Anne, wife of
Roger, 2nd son
of James Par-
tridge, of Njnnet
Rowland Bar-
ton, CO. Devon,

died 1S21. 3.
Louisa, died un-
married. 4.
Emma, widow
of Richard Tay-
lor, Esq., of tiie
War Office. 5.
Mary, died at
Sedcop in

John Wal-
lace, Lieut.

■J4th and
41st regt.,


Robert AVal-,
lace, a Capt.
in the East
India Com-
pany's Ser-
vice, born
in 1810, mar-
ried 1S40.

dau. to Ed-
ward Lord,
Esq , bro-
ther of Sir
John Owen,
Bart., M.P.

3. Richard
Ellis Wal-
lace, died an

4. Thomas
French Wal-
lace, born
1819, mar-
ried 1839.

Eliza, dau.
of Reverend
James Wal-

5. WUliam
Wallace, died

an infant.

6. Albany
French Wal-
lace, Captain

7th Royal

7. Charles
James Stuart


Lieut. 25th


8. Henry Wal-
lace, died an
infant at York.
1. Mary Anne
French Wal-
lace. 2. Hen-
rietta Eliza-
beth Wallace.

Robert Edward Albany Wallace,
Wallace, born born in India,

19th Sept., and died in in-
1843. fancy.

Cliarles Mau-
scl Wallace.

Eliza jNIary
Owen Wal-

Fi-ench Al-
born in 1841.

James John Albany.
Cliarles Hemy. 1 homas.
Stuart. Mercy.




Arms. Quarterly, first and fourth, gules, a lion rampant arg., and in cliief, two crosses patoncc, of the last, all
within a bordure, invccted compone, ermine and aziu'e. Second and third, azure a che^Ton, between three boars'
heads, erased or.

Crests. [• iist : An ostrich's head arg. with a horse shoe in the beak sable, out of a crown vallcry or., with Motto,
Speranduni est. Second ; A wolf passant or., with Motto, Nee Timeo nee Sperno.



Knatciibull IIugessen, of Provender,
Kent, as borne by the children of the late
Riglit Ilonourcable Sir Edward Kuatchbull,
Bart., by his second wife, Fanny Catheruie,
eldest daughter of Edward Knight, Esq., of
Godmersham Park, who have assumed, in
compliance with the testamentary mj unction
of their father, the additional surname and
arms of Hugessen.

Edwahd ICxATCHBrLL, _ Mart, daughter and

Esq., eldest, son of Sii'
E. KnatchbuU, seventh
Baronet, of Mersham
Hatch ; s. as eighth
Baronet in 1789, and
died in September,

co-heir of William

Western IIugessen,

Esq., of Provender.

She died in 1785.

The Right Honourable = Fanny Catherine,

Sir Edward Knatch
BULL, ninth Baronet of
Mersham Hatch, M.P.,
died in 1849.

eldest daughter of Ed-
ward Knight, Esq., of
Godmersham Park,
Kent, second wife, m.
in 1820.

1. Edward Hvgessen 5. William Western.
ICnatciibule Huges- 1. Matilda Catherine.
SEN. 2. Louisa Susanna.

2. Reginald Bridges, 3. Fanny Elizabeth

3. Richard Astley. Alicia Sophia, died

4. Herbert Thomas. young in 18-15.

.-Irms. Quarterly, 1st and 4th, as granted to Hughe
Hugessine by the Duke of A'andomme, and subsequently
confirmed to his descendants in England, by a patent in
1624 froiu Sir William Segar : Arg. on a mount vert., in
base, an oak fi-ee ppr., between two boars combattant,
sa., armed and tusked or. 2nd and 3rd, ICATCHBUit:
Az. tluce'cross crosslets in bend, between two coteses
engr. or.

Crests. Hi'GEssEN : A tree, as in the arms, between
two wings, az. Kuatchbull ; On a chapeau az turned
up crm., a leopard statant arg., spotted sa.

Mackenzie, of Grove House, Middlesex,
and of Harmony Hall, in Jamaica. The
late Peter Mackenzie, Esq., of Grove
House, was born at Clarendon, Jamaica, m
1754. He married, at Vere, in the same
island, 27t]i June, 1778, IMary, daughter and
co-heir (with Dorothy, wife of Tristram
RadcMe, Esq.) of Eunis Read, Esq., of
Harmony Hall, Jamaica, descended from the
Reads of Brocket Hall, Herts, and died at
Brighton, 8th September, 1807, aged fifty-
three. His widow died, at Grove House,
22nd July, 1836, aged seventy-four. Both
were buried at Worplesden, Surrey. He left
three daughters, who succeeded him as co-
heiresses :

1. Mary Stevens Mackenzie, born at
Horton, Bucks, 16th December, 1784,
married, 4th Jmie, 1804, at St. Georce's,
Hanover Square, to Colonel j'olin
Byng, of the 3rd Guards, who was after-
wards created Earl of Strafford. She
died 17th June, 1806, and was buried at
Worplesden, leaving issue an only son
George Stevens Byng, Viscount

Enfield, born in Duke Street, Man-
chester Square, 8th June, 1806, mar-
ried first, 1829, Lady Agnes Paget,
fifth daughter of the first ]\Iarquis of
Anglesey. She died in 1846, leaving
issue. He m. secondly, 1848, the se-
cond daughter of Honourable Charles
Compton Cavendish, and granddaugh-
ter of the Earl of Burlmgton.

2. Sarah ]\Iackenzie Mackenzie, born in
London 14th August, 1788, married,
30th May, 1809, Frederick Garsham
Carmichael, Captain 9th Dragoons, who
died 6th January, 1836, leavmg issue.

3. Dorothy Parker Mackenzie, horn at
Exeter 18th June, 1793, married, 30th
May, 1811, Henry Bellairs, Esq., Lieu-
tenant 15th Hussars, son of Aliel Wal-
ford Bellaii-s, Esq., of Ufluigtou, co.
Lmcoln, who had previously been in the
Ro)'al Navy, and wounded at Trafalgar,
and afterwards entered Holy Orders,
and is Rector of Bedworth, co. Warwick,

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