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AYilliams, Benjamin, Esq. (Cowley Grove), 213
AYilliams, Sir J, IL, Bart. (Bodehvyddau), 47


Williams-Bulkeley, Sir R. B., Bart. (Baron

Hill, CO. Auglesea), 243
Willson, A., Esq. (Bauceby Hall), 82
Wilson, Matthew, Esq. (Eshton Hall), 127
Wilson, Sir Thos. Maryon, Bart. (Ciiarlton),

Wilson, Edward, Esq. (Rigmaden), 253
Williamscotc, co. Oxford (John Loveday, Esq.),

Wilton, CO. Wilts. (Earl of Pembroke), 181
Winthorpe Hall, Notts (Grosvenor Hodkinson,

Esq.), 196
Widmerpool Hall, Notts (Frederick Robinson,

Esq.), 58
*Witton House, Lancashire (Joseph Feilden,

Esq.), 134
Wokefield Park, co. Berks (Robert Allfroy,

Esq.), 148

Wombwell, Sir George, Bart. (Newburgh

Park), 265
Woodbridge Abbey, co. Suffolk (Lieut.-Col.

Morden Carthew, E.I.C.S.), 201
Woodhall Park, Herts (Abel Smith, Esq.), 173
Woodcote Park, co. Surrey (Baron de Teissier),

Wollaston, Frederick, Esq. (Shenton Hall),

Wonersli Park, co. Surrey (Lord Grantley),

Wythall, Herefordshire (J. S. Collins, Esq.), 81
Wythenshawe, Cheshire (T. W. Tattou, Esq.),


Yorke, J. W., Esq. (Walmsgate Hall), 8
Yotes Court, Kent (Viscount Torrington), 4.9
Young, James, Esq. (Kingerby Hall), 22


* The asterisks prefixed denote those Arms that are illustrated by Engi\ivings.

''Acton, of Gafacre Park, 67, PI. III.
Adams, Sir G. P., 2.5

Ainsworth, of Smithell's Hall, 29
Acworth, of the Hook, Northaw, 70
Akers, of Mailing Abbey, 56
*Alclersey, of Alderser, 19, PL XII.

* Allan, of Blaekwell Grange, 9, PI. I.
*iillan, of Blaekwell Hall, 9, PI. I.
*Allan-rraser, of Hospitalfield, 59, PI. X
*AlIcard, \Ym., Esq., of Warrington, 69, PI. XI.

Anstruther, Sir Ralph Abercrombie, Bart., 38
Anstrutlier-Thomson, of Ciiarlton, 62
AppJeton, of Waldingfield, and Boston, U.S., 73
*Appleton, Hon. Nathan, 73, PI. VIII.

Baker, ofOrset Hall, 18
*Barlow, of Upton House, 4, PI. V.
*Barnes of Havering att Bower, 21, PI. VII.

Barrett, of Milton House, 22

Basnett of Barnton, &c., &c., 49

Bassett, James White, Esq., of Newport, 40
*Baxter, S. S., Esq., of Athcrstone, 31, Pi. III.

Bayly, Sir Henry K. H., 14

Beadle, of South Ella, 24
"••Beadon, of Gotteu House, PI. XIII.

Beatson, of Kilrie and llosseud, 32

Bellew, of Stockleigh Court, 27
*Bell, of Norris Castle, PI XV.
*Bcnnitt, of Stourton Hall, 13, PI. XII.

Benson, of Lutwyche Hall, 24
*BentIey, of Birch House, 65, PI. X.

Biddulph, the Eev. Theophiius, 38

Bidwcll, ofThetford, 40
*BirIey, of Halliwell Hall, 69, PI. IL

Blair, of Balthayock, 9

Blair-Warren, of Horkesley Hall, 59
'.Blakeley, of Thorpe Hamlet, 69, PI. III.

Blofield, of Hoveton House, 60

BloxBome, of the Rangers, 26

Bold, of Bold Hall, 23

Bolton, Rev. Thomas Ambler, CO
'S'Booker, of Velindra House, 16, PI. XII.
'Eorrer, of Henlield, 41

Borrer, Rev. Gary Hampton, M.A., 41
*Bottomley, PI. VII.

Bourne, of Stalmine, 14
•= Bourne, of Hackinsall, 9, PI. VI.

* Bridges, Sir Brook W., Bart., 68, PI. VII.
'Broadwood, Thos., Esq., of Holinbusb, PI. XI.

Brooke. Sir James, K.C.B,, Rnjah of Sarawak,
&c., 37

Browne, of Caughley, 29

Browne, of Bronwylfa, 12
*Biichan, of Auchmacoy, 20, PI. IV.

Burke-Ryan, 20
*Biirnes, Sir Alexander, 12, PI. V.

Buxton, of Shadwell Court, 48

*Cairns, of Antrim and Down, PI. XIII.
^Campbell, Hugh Bruce, Esq., of Barquharrie,

Campbell, of Stracathro', 4

Cardale, of Dudlev, 26
^- Gary, of Follaton Pailc, PI. VII.

Casley, John, Esq., 17

Cass, of Littlegrove, 38

Gliad, of Thnrsford, 65
*Ghad, Sir Charles, Bart., 65, PI. V.
*Chadwick, of Pudleston Court, PI. II.

Chamberlaine, of Jamaica, 63

Chamberlayne, of Granbury, 23
*Charaier, of London, 33, PI. IX.

Chaplin, of Blankney, 61

Chaplin, of Tathwell Hall, 61

Charleswoi'th. of Lofthouse House, 5

Cheney, of Badger Hall, 62
*Childe-Pemberton, 26, PL IX.

Clipp, of Taunton, 13
*Glaxson, Marquis of San Miniato, 69, PL VIIL

Clive, of Whitfield, 22

Comber, of East Newton (Rev. H. G.Wandesford
Comber), 58
*C";omer of Fitzhead, 66, PL VI.
*Comyn, Sir Robert B., 22, PL XV.

Constable-Maxwell, of Terregles, 21

Cooke, John, Esq., of Bellecroft, Isle ofWight,40

Cox, of Charton and Trevereux, 24

Creg'oe Colmore, of More End, 26

Crossley, John, Esq., of Halifax, 12
■^Colquhonn, of that Ilk, and Luss, 66
*Coulthart, of Coulthart and CoUyn, 39, PI. IV.

Gust, of Dauby Hill, 26

*Davies, W. R., Esq., 69, PL XIIL
Dakeyne, Henry Charles, Esq , 66
Dalton, of West Bilney, 15
Darwin, of Elston Hall, 22
Davis, Sir J. Eras., Bart , 27
Dawnay, Hon. Payan, 12
De Butts, Sir Augustus, 13
De la Beclie, Sir Henry Thomas, C.B., 5
Deimctt, of the Isle oi' Wight, 40



Dent, of Sudeley Castle, 26

Des Champs (now Chamicr), 33

De Teissier, of Woodebte Park, 57

DUke, of Maxstoke Castle, 29
*Dixon, of Page Hall, 40, PI. VII,
*Doherty, Sir Richard, 69, PL XL

Doveton, Sir John, 14

Dwarris, Sir Fortunatus, 8

*Edwards, of Toxtcth Park, 16, PL I.
*Edwardes, of Gileston Manor, 30, PI. XVI.

Edwards-Moss, Thomas, Esq., of Roby Hall, 62

EUerton-Lodge, of Bcdsilin, 37

Ellis, Sir Henry, 5

Entwisle, of Foxholes, 30
*Evans, of co. Hereford, 41, PI. XJL

Farmer, of Nonsucli Park, .59
*Farnall, II. Burrard, Esq., 21, PI. VIIL

Faussett, of Heppington, 24
♦Fenwick, John, Esq., of Newcastle, 60, PI. VIIL
*Feilden, of Witton, PI. VI.

Fletcher, Jacob F., Esq., of Peel Hall, 64

Flower, John Wickhaui, Esq., 14

Foquett, Major William, of Stride House, and
J. J. of Newport, 40
*Fraser-Allan, of Hospitalfield, 59, PI. X.

Freer, George, Esq., of Glasgow, 40

Freshfield, of Moor Place, Betchworth, 9

': ,;i. of St. Alban's, 60

>t, of Wyreside, 52, PI. XIV.
. of Bleasdale and Quernmore Park, PI.

:.- ' . •., Sir W. R., Bart., 68, Pl.XIIL
'I .jftam, of Bishop's Lydiard, Enmoi'c and
Eochford, 1.3
*Graham, of Williamwood and Mai'ksworth, 3,

75, PI. XV.
* Granger, of Tcttenhall Wood, 49, PI. XlV.
*Grant, Sir James Robert, 3, PI. IV.
*Graut, Edward Fitzherbert, Esq., Capt. R.H.A.,

48 PI. XL
*Gree'n, of Poulton Hall, PI. XV.
*Grimwood, J. Grimwood, Esq., PL IX.
Gronow, of Ash Hall, .32
*Gunning-Sutton, 67,P1. IIL
*Gyll, of Wyrardisbury, 70, PL XIII.

*Hall, Ed., West Bank Honse, PL IX.
*Hambrough, of Steephill Castle, PL XVI.
*namond, of Pampisford Hall, PL XVI.
*Hampton-Lewis, of Henllys and Bodior, PL

Hanbury, Sir John, K.C.H., 14
*Harford, of Blaize Castle, 70, PL XII.

Harris, of Leicester, 5
♦Harrison, of Snelstone Hall, 10, PL VIL

Hart, of Catton, 24

Hartcup, of Upland Grove Honse, 13
*IIarvey, A. A., JLD., of tlie Lodge, Bathampton,

08, PI. XIV.
*Harwood, of the Cloisters, Bath, 15, PL II.

Hawker, of Longpavish, 4

Hcaru, of the Isle of Wight, 40

Heber, of Hodnet, 29

Heygate, of Southend, Bart., 27

Hej'sham, Robert Thornton, Esq., of Weston, 52

Hoblyn, of Colquite, 27

Hoghton, Dame Susana, of Astlej^, 22

Hoghton, of Hoghton Tower, 23

Hole, of Caunton Manor, 65

Holt, Dr., of Enfield, 64
*Honywood, of Markshall, 66, PL VI.
*Hopwood, Robert, Esq., of Blackburne, 10,

How, James and William, Esqrs , of Brook
House, Isle of Wight, 40
*IIngesson, of Provender, 77, PL XII.
*Hutchison, of Rock End, 70, PL XV. '

Hutton, of Gate Bnrton, 17

James, of Bai rock, 2 1

Johnson, Osmond, Esq, of the Isle of Wight,
""Johnston, of Warriston, 56, PL XV.
Jones, of Pantglas, 19
Jones, of Gurrcy, 27

Kelhani, of Great Gonerby, and Bleasby

Hall, 48
Kerr, of Keriislande, 36
Eirkpatrick, George, Esq., of the Isle of Wight,

Kyunersley, of Loxley Park, 9

*Lanesborough, Earl of, PL XI.

Legh, of Lyme, 30

Legb, of East Hall, 30

Legh, of Norbury Booth's Hall, 30

Legh, of Adlington, 30

Leigh, of West Hall, 28

Leigh, of Letherlake Honse, 28

Leigh, Right Hon. Thomas Pcmberton, SD

Leigh, of Stoneleigh, 30

Le Hunt, P. Bainbrigge, Esq., 14

Lescher, of Essex, 48
*Lcwis, ofHenllys, PL XIL

Lodge-Ellcrton, of Bcdsilin, 37

Longcroft, of Ilall Place, Havant, 13

Lowndes, of Cliesharn, 61
"••Lowther, of Shrigley Park, PL XIV.
*Lucy, William, Esq.^ Birmingham, 39, PL VL

Lunisdaiiie, of Lumsdaine and Innergallie, 14
*Lysley, of Mimwood, 70, PI. X.

IMackenzie, of Grove House, 77, of Dalmunzic, 37

Jlarsliall, of Broadwater, 29 '
*Massev, R. M. Oliver, Esq., 67, PL IIL
"Maxwell-Graham, 3, 75, PL XV.

I\Iaxwell, of Tcrreglcs, 21
* Meadows, of Great Bealing's Place, 27, I
*Menzies, Col. Charles, K.H., &c., 61, PL
*Miller, of Preston, 49, PL XII.

Mitchell, of Forcet Hall, co. York, 38

Moore, Rev. John Walter, 23
*jMorris, Thomas, Esq., of Peckhani, 6

Mosley, of Ancoats, Bart., 29

]\Ioss-Ed wards, of Roby Hall, 62
*.\iounsey, George Gill, Esq., PL 11.

Mountfort, of Bcamhurst'^ lall, 39
*Murray, of Philiphaugh, 5, PL I V,



Napier, of Kilniahew, 36

Naylor, of Leighton House, 22
*Nevill, of Ncvill Holt, 68, Vl VIII.
*NeM'all, of Town House, Hare Hill, &c., &c., .'i-i,

*Newman. of Thornbury Park, OS, PL II.
*Nicoll, Donald, Esq., 5, Pi. VI.

Nind, of Hawthorns, 49

Nisbett, of Soutlibroonie House, 3
*Noel, of Moxhul Park, PI. XIV.

Nuttall, of Kempsey House, G3

*0'Brien, Rev. James, A.M., S, Tl. II.
*Ord, of Fornham, 15, PI. IX.
Oswald, of Auchencruive, 9

*Palmer, of Carlton, Gl
Parr, of Lythwood Hall, 23
Parr, Rev. Henry, 23, PL XIII.
*Peel, Edmund, Bryn-y-Pys, PL X.
Peers, of Chislebampton, 56
Pemberton, of Millichope, 26
Pembertou-Barncs, 21
Peter-IIoblyn, of Colquite, 27
Peters, of Platbridge and Ilarefield, 65
Peto, of Somerleyton Hall, 27
^Philips, Mark, Esq., of Snitterfiekl, 67, PL VII.
*Phillips, Edward, Esq., E.S.A., of Whitmore

Hall, 36, PL VIII.
Phillips, Edward, Esq., M.D., of Coventry, 36
Pierrepout, of Evenley Hall, 18
Pinchard, William Price, Esq., of Taunton, 38
"•^'■^"-len, of Lassam, G
■■ — ""en, William Henry Chichele}^ Esq., 6
01 Marbury Hall, "0
•, Sir .Iohn,'70, I'l. XIV.
, of Tyringham, 52
:, of Walberton House, 57, PL X.
Purchon, of Leeds, 32

*Paikes, of Treberfydd, 9, PL IX.

Pvalstou, of Pi.alston, 64

Ealston, of Warwick Hill, 64

Ralston, of Tower Hill, 64
*Ravenshaw, PL VIII.

Richards, of Reading, 52
Miiehardson, of Aber Hirnant, 68, PL XII.
^Richmond, Lesb, 10, PL VIII.

Roach, of the Isle of AVight, 32
■'Robertson, of Kinlocbmoidart, 67, PL VII.
''Rodon, of Vere, Jamaica, 61, PL XYl.

Rose, Rev. Francis, D.D., 37

Rothery, Charles William, Esq., 12
■ "Rons, of Courtyrala, PL V.
-^Jiumsey, of Southgate, 62, PL X.

Russell, of Ham, 16
*Rutsou, of Xewby Wiske, 10, PL III.

Ryan, William Burke, il.D., 20

Salt, Titus, Esq., of Crow Nest, 37

Sampson, of Henbury, 61

Sandys, of Northbornc Court, 14
*Saudys, of GraythM-aite Hall, PL IX.

Sav.'yer, Charles Richard John, Esr|. (East
Cowes Castle), 40

Sawyer, of Heywoi..a, 62
*Scott, of the Isle of Wight, 7), PL XVL

Scott, of the CO. of Cork, 70
■*Scott, Rev. Thoma?, A.M., of Dublin, 36, PL IX.

*Sear3, now of Boston, U. S., 52, PL XV.

Seton, of iMounie, 56

Sewell, of Queen wood Hall, 25
"•Shann, George, M.D., of York, 25, PL IIL

Shann, of Hampsthwaite, 25

Shortt, Major John Macourtie, E.I.C S., 37
*Shuckburgh, Sir Francis, Bart., 67, PL V.

Skinner, Rev- Russell, 17

Sloeoek, of Newbury, 49

Sloper, of Devizes, 5
*Smith, of Pygons Hill, 68. PL XIV.

Smith, of Colpike Hall, 17

Sncyd-Kynncrsley, of Loxley Park, 9

Somerby, of Sonierby aud Boston, U.S., 49

* Southwell, aiiss TraiTord, PL VI.
^■^Spode, of Armitage Park, 59, PL XV.

Steinthal, Henry M., Esq., Bradford, PL X.

Stephens of Prospect Hill, 49
*Stephens, Edward, Esq.,F.R.C.S., 64, PL XVI.

Stevens, of Crychell, 5
*Stewart of Belladrum, 18, PL IIL
'■'Strother, Anthony, Esq., of the Shrubbery, 6f j

Sumner, Archbishop of Canterbury, 30

Surman, of Swindon HaU, 8
*Sutton, Orlando Gunning, Esq,, Captain R.N.,

67, PL III.
*Swan, of Baldwinstown, 42, PL XL

*Tavlor, of Moreton House, 13, PL V.

Taylor-Smith, of Colpike Hall, 17

Tharp, of Chippenham Park, 13

Thomas, of Pantvgof, 45

Topham, of IMiddleham, Hall, 28
•*Topp, of Huddersfield, 75, PL XV.

Townend, Charles, Esq., Moss Side, PL X.

Trafibrd, of Traflbrd I'ark, 29
'^Trafford -Southwell, Miss, 59, PL X.
*Twemlow, of Hatherton, PL XIV.

*Vaughan, of Builtou Hall, GS, PL XIV.

Walford, Arthur, Esq., 7
Walker, R. Onebye, Escp, 65

* Wallace, of Asholme, 75, PL XL
AVallace, Rev. Allan, of the Isle of Wight, 4G
Walter, of Bearwood, 23

*Walton, Thomas Todd, Esq., 16, PL IIL

Warrcn-Blair, of Horkeslcy Hall, 59

Washington, of Washington, 42

V/atts-Russell, of Ham, 16
*Wcldon, Sir Anthony, Bart., 67, PL IL
*\Vestby, of jMowbreck, PI. IX.

Western, of Essex, 25
^Western, of the Grange, 25, PL V.
=• Westeruian, of Castle Grove, Sandal, 25, PL II

Weston, of Somerby, 32
*Whieldon, of Springfield House, 30, PL II.

Williams, Sir John Hay, Bart., 12

Williams, of Abcrpcrgwm, 70
"Williams, of Cowley Grove, 44, PL XIIL

Willingtou, of WilUngton, Sandburst, Umber-
leigh, Barcheston, Hurley, Whateley, anc?
Tamworth, 66

* Wilson, of Stowlangtoft, 66, PL VL

* Woodcock, of Norwich, 15, PL VL
Wright, of Osraaston, 2 1

Yarker. of Leybnrn, 3f,


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