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- .,,^!*s Difance and Magnitude.
Sea . X LVII. IVhy the Light of the Moon gives no

Sea. XL VIII. The Caufe bf Ebbing and Flowing

not inquired into.
Sea. XLIX. T%m Syjlems of the World.
Sea. L. The irnmenfurable Magnitude of the fixed

Sea. LI. 0/ the Parallax of the fixed Stars.
Sea. LII. Whether the Starry Firmament be Solid or

Sea. LIII. Probable Reafons for its being Solid.
Sea. LIV. The amazing Greatnefs and Difiance of

the Stars.
Sea. LV. Convictions from the foregoingObfervations.

* 3 • Scft,


Sect, l.yi, and LVII. The Stars numberlefs, and
Convi5iicn5 fnm thence.

Sed'. LVIIT. Whether the Stars differ in Magnitude^

Sedt. LIX. Alterations in the fixed Stars,

Sedt. LX. Concerning the Planets.

Sedl. LXI. The Magnitude of the Planets.

St£t. LXII. The Times of the Planets Revolutions
and Diftances from the Sun.

Sed. LXIII. The Velocity 0/ Venus ^7;/ J Jupiter.

Sed. LXIV. The Calculation of the Revolutions of
the aforefaid Planets.

Sed. LXV. The Sijoiftnefs of one of ^\x^\x.tx*s Moons.

Sed. LXVI. The amazing Force that is reqiiifite to
7nove Jupiter.

Sed. LX VII. ConviBions from the whole.

Sed. LXVIII. The Evafons of Atheijls, and their

Sed. LXIX. Thofe Evafions anftvsred^ Firfl, By
the Orbs in which the Planets move.

Sed. LXX. The Properties thereof,

Sed. LXXI. Conviclions from thence.

Sed. LXX II. The Atheifs Evafwns anfwered^ Se-
condly, By the Planets continual Approach to the

Sed. LXXIII. Thirdly, By the Courfe of the Pla-
nets in an Ellipfis.

Sed. LXXIV. Fourthly, Becaufe their remotefl
Points extend to different Parts of the Heavens.

S^d:. LXXV. Conviclions from thence.

Sed. LXXVI. The Motions of the Planets about the

Sed. LXXVII. The Velocity of Saturn, and of his

C O N T E M-



Of the unfpeakabk Number, and tmconceivable
Smallnefs of the Particles of which the Uni^
. n)erfe confjis,

Seft. I. Tranfition to the SmaUnefs of Parts^

Stdi. II. All Bodies confifi of f?nall Parts.

Stdi. Ill, Our Conceptions tmijl be rc5lified.

Se6l. IV. A Cubical Inch contains a Million of vifihle

Seft. V. A Cubical Inch of Water contains the like

7iumher of Parts.
Se6t. VI. A Cubical Inch of Water rarified in an2Eo^

lipile, ivlll -jield above 13300 Millions of Parts.
Se6t. VII. There ?nay hang above 13000 Particles of

PFater to the fharp Point of a Needle.
Se6t. VIII. That a Drop of Water is divifible into ^-

bove 26,000,000 of Parts.
Se6t. IX. Convictions from the foregoing.
Sed. X, XI, XII. This Hypothefis founded upon the

Obfervations of Mr. Leuwenhoek, namely., That

a Drop of Water contains many more than a Milli-
on of Millions of Parts : The fame applicable to all

kind of Liquids.
Sea. XIII, XIV, XV. The Smallnefs of the Parti^

cles of Air^ Fire, and Light.
Sed. XVI. How jnany Particles of Light fly out of

a burning Candle in the Second of a Minute.
Stdi. XVn. The Particles of Light compared with the

Sand of the whole Earth.
Sea. XVIII. TheSmallnefs of Parts in Solid Bodies,

fuch as Copper, Brafs, &c.
Sea. XIX. Tbe Sinallnefs of Parts in Solid and Fluid

Bodies in GcneraU


4 Sea,


Seft. XX. Experiments jlordjuigthe determinate Pro-

ferties of fucb fmall Parts.
Se(5l. XXI. Of the Smoak of 'Qtn]oyn.
Sed. XXII, and XXIII. Convictions from the Small-

nefs of the Parts in general and in particular.
Sea. XXIV, and XXV. Voe Hand of God particu-
larly manifefled in the Ufe of thefe fmall Parts.
Sedl. XXVI. Convictions from federal ^extsof Scrip"

Seft. XXVII. Conviiiions from the Smallnefs of the

Particles of Air.
Seft. XXVIII. And from the Smallnefs of the

Particles of Fire.
Sedl. XXIX. ConviBions from all the foregoing.
Seft. XXX. Great Bodies are for the moji part di-

'vided at firfi into fmall Particles,, before God is

pleafed to make ufe of them.


Of certain Laws of Nature,

Sefl. I. What a haw of Nature is.

Se6l. II. '^he Laws and Powers of Cohefion.

Se6t. III. 'The Laws and Powers of Separation.

Se6l. IV. T^he Unattriiion offuchfine and tender Par-

Sed:. V. two -principal Laws of Nature, Percuffion
and AttraElion, &c.

Se6l. VI, and VJI. Gravity and its EffeCfs. .

Seft. VIII. Convi£lions from the foregoing.

Se(5l. IX. Heavenly Bodies G?. vitate towards each

Se6t. X, and XL AJlrong Proof that Heavenly Bo-
dies gravitate towards each other, and Convi^ions
frojn thence.



The C O N T E N T S.

Sefb. XII. I^he Operations of Gravity m Bullets and

Se(5l. XIII. ^he Operallons of Gravity in the Cate-

naria, or Chain-Curve.

Online LibraryBernard NieuwentytThe Religious philosopher : or, The right use of contemplating the works of the Creator ... → online text (page 1 of 27)