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6 do. large table spoons, all marked E. W., 3 do. large
table spoons, marked S. W. E., one do. chased punch
laddie, 2 do. salt spoons, 2 do. salt cellars, all unmarked,
a fine library of medical works, about 160 titles, surgical
instruments, bankstock, turnpike stock and other personal

Calendar of Wills. 7^11

property. Trustees Honble. John Lansing jun., and
Samuel Stringer Lush. Executors Stephen Lush and
Barent Bleecker. Witnesses Isaac Truax, J. H. Wendell
and John Brinckerhoff. Recorded ut supra, p. 123.

1662 SCHUYLER, Philipp, of AlbanyCity. Children

June2o Philipp Jeremiah, Rensselaer, Angelica, wife of John

,,^^27 Barker Church, Elizabeth, w. of Alexander Hamilton,

March 2 ' ' , ^ , • -r r

Cornelia, wife of Washn. Morton, and Catherine, wife ot

Samuel B. Malcolm, grandsons Philipp Schuyler, son of
dec'd son John Bradstreet Schuyler, and Stephen van
Rensselaer, son of dec'd da. Margaret and Stephen van
Rensselaer sen. Land at Saratoga, houses and lots on
Market Str. and on Montgomery Str., Albany, personal
estate. Son Philipp Jeremiah Schuyler, sons-in-law
Alexander Hamilton and Stephen van Rensselaer guar-
dians to grandsons Philipp Schuyler and Stephen van
Rensselaer. Executors sons Philipp Jeremiah and Rens-
selaer, sons-in-law John Barker Church, Alexander Hamil-
ton and Stephen van Rensselaer. Witnesses Abm. ten
Broeck, G. W. Mancius, Catherine Mancius and Margaret
■ ten Broeck. Recorded ut supra, p. 207.

1663 SWIFT, Elijah, of Aurelius Town, Cayuga Co.

May 30 Bro. Jarvis Swift sole heir of real and personal estate,

1824 George Casey of the Town of Aurelius executor. Wit-

"^' ^ nesses Wm. L Hopkins, Reuben Hawley and John

Hawley. Recorded ut supra, Vol. V., p. 23.

1664 STONE, William, of Whitestown, Oneida Co.

ApSlzo Wife Rachel, Nathan Richardson of the same place and

Ma^2 ^'^^^^ Betsey. Real and personal estate. Executors the

^^^ wife and Nathan Richardson. Witnesses John G.

Weaver, L H. Osborn and M. Talcott. Recorded ut

supra, p. 78.


Calendar of Wills.


Decbr. 31



April 19




Septbr. 7

6 P.M.


SWART, Gerard, Schout (Sheriff), of Rensselaers-
wyck Colony and wife Anthonia van Ryswyck. The
survivor, no children. Real and personal property.
Witnesses Jan Labatie, Jan Dareth, Dirck van Schelluyne,
Notary. Albany Co. Records, Notarial Papers, I., p. 188

SANDERSEN, Robert, of Albany, and wife
Elsie Barents. Children Elisabeth, Marytie, Saertie and
Annetie. Real and personal estate. The survivor ex-
ecutor. Witnesses Claes Ripsen van Dam, William J.
Nottingham and Adriaen van Ilpendam, Notary Public.
Albany Co. Records, Notarial Papers, I., p. 530.

SCHERMERHOORN, Reyer Jacobsen, of

New Albany, born there, and wife Ariaentie Arents, born
in the Esopus. The survivor heir and executor. Children
mentioned, but not named. Real and personal property.
Witnesses Omy de la Gransie, Evert Jansen (Wendel)
and Adrien van Ilpendam, Notary Public. Albany Co.
Records, Notarial Papers, II., p. 49.



May I


March 4



March 24


SCHUYLER, Philip p, old Magistrate of Albany,
and wife Margareta van Slichtenhorst. Children Geer-
truy, wife of Stephen van Cortlandt, Alida, wife of
Robert Livingston, Peter, Brant, Arent, Philipp, Johannes
and Margriet. Real and personal property. Executor
and guardian of minor children the survivor, in this case
the wife. Witnesses Mr. Cornells van Dyck and Magis-
trate Dirck Wessells (ten Broeck) and Robert Livingston,
secretary. Albany Co. Records, Court Minutes 1680-5,
p. 511. See No. 1473.

SCHUYLER, Arent, of Albany, and wife Jan-
neke Teller. Expected children. Real and personal
estate. Executor the survivor. Witnesses Jan Vcrbeeck,
Jacob Abrahamsen and Jan Becker, Notary Public.
Albany Co. Records, Notarial Papers, II., p. 552.

Calendar of Wills.



May 21



July I



Aug, 23


Aug. 31

July 27




Decbr. 15


SHERMERHOORN, Jacob Jansen, of Shin-

nechtady, Albany Co., yeoman. Wife Jannetje, children
Ryer, Symon, Helena, wife of Myndcrt Harmensen,
Jacob, Machtell, wife of Johannes Beeckman, Cornelis,
Jannetie, Neeltie and Lucas. Real and personal estate
(plate). The wife sole executrix. Witnesses Domine
Gideon Schaets and Jacob Staets. Albany Co. Records,
Wills, I., p. 26.

SMITH, Carsten Frederiksen, and wife Tryntje

Warners, of Albany. Children Margaret, 20 yrs. old,
Warner, 15 yrs, Anna Mary, 12 years, and Magdaleentje,
9 yrs. Real and personal estate. Executor the sur-
vivor. Witnesses StofTel Jansen Abeel, Evert Jansen
(Wendell) and Robert Livingston, secretary. Albany Co.
Records, Minutes 1686-1702, p. 122.

SCHOONHOVEN, Geurt Hendricksen, of

the Half Moon, Albany Co., yeoman. Wife Maritje
Cornelissen, children Jacobus, Hendrick, Hendrickie,
Geertruy and Jacomyntie, heirs of da. Margriet. Real
and personal property. The wife sole executrix. Wit-
nesses Jacob Staets and Hendr. van Dyck. Albany Co.
Records, Wills, L, p. 85.

SYMONSEN, Pi ete r, of Rensselaerswyck Colony.
Wife Neeltie, children Symon and Maritie. Real and
personal property. Executors brothers Gerrit and Vol-
kert Symonsen. van Rensselaer Manor Records, No.

SCHUYLER, Abraham, of Albany City, free-
man. Wife Geertruy, children David, 17 yrs. old, Chris-
tyna, 15 yrs., Dirck, 10 yrs., Abraham 5 yrs., and Jacobus,
3 yrs. Real and personal estate. Guardians and execu-
tors brothers David and Myndert Schuyler and brothers-
in-law Wessel and Zamuel ten Broeck. Witnesses
Andries Coeyemans, Johs. Cuyler and Pieter van Brugh.
Albany Co. Records, Wills, L, p. 186.


Calendar of Wills.


Jany. 28


April 5

April 8

SLINGERLANT, Aarent, of Rensselaerswyck
Colony. Wife Geertruy, children Teunis, Gerrit, Engeltie
and Sarah. Real and personal estate. Executors bro.
Albert Siingerlant, Johannes Myngaal and Casper van
Hoesen. Witnesses Johannis Myngal, Albert Siinger-
lant and Rutger Bleecker. Albany Co. Records, Wills,
I., p. 160.

SCHERMERHOORN, Reyer, of Schonectady

Co., esquire. Wife Aryantie, sons John, Jacob, Aerent,
daughter Janneke, wife of Volkert Symonsen, children of
dec'd da. Cataline, late wife of John Wemp, vizt. Myndert,
Ryert and Ariaentie, bro. Luycas Schermerhoorn, Han-
nah, da. and Wiihelmus, son of Garret Symonsen, Aryan-
tie Symonsen, wife of Daniel Danielsen. Real estate in
Schonectady, do. in the Raretans, East N. J., personal
property. Executors the three sons. Witnesses Dou
Aukes, Capt. Philipp Schuyler and Phil. Verplank. Albany
Co. Records, Wills, II., p. 163. See No. 1480.


May 26

June 3

SPOOR, Gerrit, of Albany. Wife Mary, children
Johannes, Annmary, Cornelia, William and Abraham.
Real and personal estate. Executors the wife and Claas
van Woert. Witnesses Abraham Staats, Johannis Maesen
and Rutger Bleecker. Albany Co. Records, Wills, I.,
p. 107.



June 7

July 13



Septbr. 24


Jany. 30

SLINGERLAND, Albert, of Niscothaa, Albany
Co., yeoman. Wife Hester, children Johannis, Thomas,
Engeltie, wife of Anderies Wittbeek jun., Teunis. Real
and personal estate. The wife sole executrix. Witnesses
Joh. Myngal, Jacob Roseboom and Rutger Bleecker,
Albany Co. Records Wills, I., p. 188.

STAATS, Abraham, of Claverack, Albany Co.,
yeoman. Wife Elsje, da. of Johs. Wendell, sons Abraham,
Samuel, Jochem, Johannis, Isaac and Jacob, daughters
Maria, Catrina, Sarah, Elizabeth and Elsje. Real and

Calendar of Wills. 381

personal estate. Executors sons Johannis and Isaac, Mr.
Barent Staats, Robert Sanders and Johannis Provoost.
Witnesses Jacob Staats, Abraham Provoost and Barent
Sanders. Albany Co. Records, Wills, I., p. 224.

STALE Y, Hendrick, of Albany Co., yeoman.
Sons Matthias, Haramanis, Hendrick, Jacob, George,
Rulif, grandson John Staley. Real and personal prop-
erty. Executors sons Hermanis and Hendrick. Wit-
nesses John Manning, George Lin and Christyan Man-
ning. Albany Co. Records, Wills, I., part 2, p. 35.

SCHUYLER, John Courtlandt, of Water Vliet,

Albany Co. Wife Angelica, da. of Henry I. van Rensse-
laer, mother Barbara, widow of Courtlandt Schuyler.
Real and personal estate. Executors father-in-law Henry

1. van Rensselaer, uncle Stephen I. Schuyler for property
in America and mother Barbara Schuyler for estate in
Europe. Witnesses Francis Nicoll, Ozias M. Huntington
and Ph. Schuyler. Albany Co. Records, Wills, I., part

2, p. 61.

i682(Ti) TITUS, Hannah. Sons Content, John, Samuel,

1672 7 J 7 7

May 14 Abiall, da. Susanna. Real and personal estate. No

1079 executors named. Witnesses Richard Williams and

May 23

Thomas Skidmor. Proved at Huntington.

TAYLOR, Edward, of N. Y.City. Mrs. Elizabeth
Plumley, children Mary, Edward and Charles. Real and
personal estate (half a dozen silver forks, 6 do. spoons, 6
do. porringers). Executors William Nicoll, Ebenezer
Wilson and John Hutchins. Witnesses Dan Bate, Ren^
Rezeau, Abraham Rezeau and Roger Jones. Codicil of
Septbr. 16, 1701, makes William Nicoll, Ebenezer Wilson,
Edward Antill and Elizabeth Plumley heirs, in case the
children should die without issue, and the three first-
named executors and guardians. Witnesses Ren6 Rezeau
and Wm. Dalton.


Calendar of Wills.

1684 (T 3)


Febry. 5


1 685 (T 4)

Febry. 4


1686 (T 5)

Septbr. 6

July 10

1687 (T 6)

Decbr. 11


Octbr. 29


ten HOUT, Severyn^ of Shawankonk, Ulster Co.,
farmer. Wife Geertruy, stepson Jacob Bruyn, who has
son Severyn ten Hout, sole heirs and executors of real
and personal property. Witnesses Col. Jacob Rutsen,
Major Johannis Hardenbergh, Capt. Johannis Schep-
moes and Johannis ten Broeck.

ten BROECK, Dirck Wesselsen, late of Al-
bany, now of Livingston Manor. Wife Christyna, sons
Wessel, Samuel, Johannes, Tobias, daughters Elsje, wife
of Johannes Cuylaer, Catalyntje, wife of Johan Lissier,
Cornelia, wife of Johannes Wynkoop, Geertruy, wife of
Abraham Schuylaer, Christyna, wife of Johannes van
Alen, Elizabeth, wife of Antny Costers, Lidia, wife of
Volckert van Vechten. Houses and lots in Albany, land
in Livingston Manor. Executors the wife and the four
sons. Witnesses Jan Vosburgh, William Scott and Peter

ten EYCK, Geertie, widow of Jacob, of Albany.
Children of dec'd son Barent ten Eyck, vizt. Jacob,
Joannes, Geertie, Annetie, Maria and Barentje, sons
Coenraat and Hendrick, daughters Mayke, wife of Andries
van Petten of Schanegtade, and Jenneke ; (Jacob ten
Eyck of N. Y. City, bolter, above named as son of Bar-
ent, is called great grandson of Coenraat ten Eyck). Real
and personal estate. Executors the two sons, Hendrick
and Coenraat. Witnesses Jacob Staats, Geysebert Mar-
celis and Nicolaes Bleecker. Seal.

TITSOOR,Willem, of Dutchess Co. WifeNeeltje,
da. of Teunes Swart, children Abraham, Stefanus, Jacob,
Isaac, Elizabeth, wife of James W^itte (?), Eghie, wife of
Abraham Freer, Rebecca, wife of Jurean Quick, Helena,
wife of Damon Palmetier, Areiantie, wife of Jacob van
Kuykendal and her da. Maragrieta, and Marya Titsoor.
Real and personal estate. Executors the wife, son Jacob
and Capt. Barent van Kleeck. Witnesses Henry van der
Burgh, Elias van Bunschooten and Leonard Lewis.

Calendar of Wills.


1688 (T 7)

Decbr. 2

June 26

1689 (T 8)

Febry. 28


June 5

1690 (T 9)


June 12


March 6


1691 (T 10)

Febry. 15

1692 (T II)


June 16

Aug. 17

TEUNISSEN, Egbert, of Albany City. Wife
Marritie Brad, sons Teunis, Dirck, Benjamin, Barent, da.
Susanna. Real and personal property (a bible, a silver
cup). Brothers-in-law Dirck and Daniel Brat mentioned.
Executors not named. Witnesses Hendrick Hansen,
Johannes Pruyn and Woutcr Quackenbos.

THOMPKISSlSlTomkins), Ed mo nd, of Scars-
dale Manor, Westchester Co., yeoman. Wife Hannah,
sons Edmond, John, Eligia, Obadiah, Caleb, Roger,
Joseph, daughters Susanna, Mary and Jane. Real and
personal estate. Executors the wife, Noah Barton and
Jonathan Odell. Witnesses Joseph Tomkins, Thomas
Huddon and John Gifford. Copy.

TAPPEN, Teunis, of Kingston, Ulster Co. Wife
Sarah, children Jurriyaan, Marytie, Arriantie, Johannes,
Catharina and Rebecca. Real and personal estate.
Executors Jurriyaan and Johannes Tappen with Wilhel-
mus Hooghteylingh. Witnesses Pieter Tappen, Willem
Schepmoes, Willem Eltinge and Steph. Gasherie.

TELLER, Andrew, of N. Y. City, merchant.
Second wife Mary, da. Catherine by first wife, children of
uncle Oliver Teller dec'd. Real and personal estate (a
Dutch bible, plate and jewelry). Executors the wife,
bro.-in-law David Provoost of N. Y. City, merchant, son
of William Provoost, Stephen Bayard, Jacob Goelet jun.
and Abraham van Wyck, all of N. Y. City, merchants.
Witnesses Simeon Soumain, Alex. Mills, Jacob Bergen
and Direck van Allen.

TRAPHAGEN, Willem, of Kingston, Ulster Co.,
yeoman. Stepmother Eva, sister Janitien, uncles Peter
Winne of Kingston and William Traphagen of Dutchess
Co. Real and personal estate. Executors cousins Abra-
ham Burhans and Samuel Burhans. Witnesses Jan
Pyetersen Oosterhoudt, Abraham Oosterhoudt and
Peetervs Oosterhoudt.


Calendar of Wills.

1693 (T 12)


Aug. 3


May I

ten EYCK, Mathys, of Hurley, Ulster Co., yeo-
man. Children Coenradt, Andries, Jacob, Abraham,
Wyntie, wife of Jan Hendricksen, Maritie, wife of Tjerck
van Keuren, Grietie, wife of Willem Burhans, Sarah, wife
of Lawrence Cortreght, Ragell, wife of Cornelis Newkerk,
grandda. Janneke, da. of eldest son Aldert dec'd. Real
and personal property. Executors the four sons. Wit-
nesses A. Gaasbeeck Chambers, Wessel ten Broeck and
Gilbert Livingston.

1694 (T 13)


April 28

July 28

TALLAMAN, Tunis, of Nayack, Orange Co.,
carpenter. Wife Margret, sons Dowe, John, Tunis, Har-
manus, daughters Greetje Blawvelt, Antye Hennion,
Derrickye van Dolphsen, Maria Smith, Breahye Tallaman,
Yannata Blawvelt. " My estate." Executors sons Dowe
and Tunis. Witnesses Vint. Mathews, Peter Mathews,
Klaes Yanson Cuyper. Seal.

1695 (T 14)

Febry. 9
March 6

THOMSON, John, of Goshen, Orange Co. Wife
Jean, daughters Sarah, Margret, Anna, Cathrin and Elisa-
beth, son William, father and mother. Real and personal
estate. Executors brother Robert Thomson and bro.-in-
law James Thomson, both of Goshen, overseers James
Jackson, Daniel Everet and George Car. Witnesses
David McCamly, William Car and David Car.

1696 (T 15)


Febry. 4

Decbr. i

THOMSON, James, of Goshen Prect., Orange
Co. Wife Mary, sons George, John, James, da. Mary.
Real and personal estate. Executors the wife, bro.
Robert Thomson and bro.-in-law Michael Jackson. Wit-
nesses Wait Smith, Henry Smith and Jeremiah Smith.

1697 (T 16)

Jany. 29

May 14

TAVEAU, Isaac, of N. Y. City, shipwright. Wife
Sarah sole heiress and executrix of real and personal
estate with legacy to sister Susannah Taveau. Witnesses
John Dally, shipcarpenter, John Kip and Abel Harden-
brook. Copy.

Calendar of Wills.


1698 (T 17)

April 27

March 2


1699 (T 18)

Septbr. 17

Novbr. 4

ten BROECK, Wessel, of Foxhall Manor,
Ulster Co., yeoman. Children Sarah, Lovveransie, wife
of David Delamatre, Rachel, wife of Abraham Salsbury,
Wessel, Coenraedt. Real and personal estate (a bible).
Executors the two sons. Witnesses A. Gasbeek Cham-
bers, Thomas van Gaasbeek and Gilbert Livingston.

ten EYCK, Richard, of N. Y. City, cordwainer.

Wife and children, not named.* Real and personal estate.
Executors the wife, father-in-law William Roome and
uncle Abrm. ten Eyck. Witnesses John Riven, Cornelius
Quick and John Kerfbyle. Proved by the testimony of
Hester Elsworth and Sarah Bussing as to handwriting.

A-.'In l\a't^\

1700 (T 19)

Octbr, 14

Octbr. 26

TENBRUCK, John,ofPoghkeepsie,DutchessCo.,
shopkeeper. Wife Hannah, children Sarah and Hendri-
cus, sister Mary. Personal estate. Executors the wife,
brothers-in-law Henry Filkin and Tobias Stoutenburgh.
Witnesses J. Elmendorph and Bartholomew Crannell.

1701 (T 20)


March 31

May 18



1702 (T 21)

March 14

May 8


ten BROEK, Jacob, of Kingston, Ulster Co.
Wife Elisabeth, children Wessel, Cornelis, Judickje, wife
of Teunis Van Vegten, Catharina, Jacob, Maria, wife of
Henry de Wit, grandson Johannis, son of dec'd son Jo-
hannis. Real and personal estate. Executors the wife
and sons Wessel, Cornelis and Jacob. Witnesses Coun-
rat ten Broeck, Benjamin ten Broeck and Jan Eltinge.

TUTHILL, Mary, widow of Jonathan, of Goshen

Precinct, Orange Co. Son William Tuthill ; Salomon

Tuthill, Thomas Tuthill, John Tuthill. Personal estate.

Executor James Tuthill. Witnesses Abigail Norton,

Patrick Mullen and Alexander Smith.

386 Calendar of Wills.

1703 (T 22) TARE PEN N I !\5G, Tunis, of Kingston Corpora-
May 6 tion, Ulster Co. Wife Gritje, sons Gerrett, Jacobus, Abra-

T.T ^X^^ ►, ham, Hendricus, daughters Esther, wife of Robert Hanna,
Novbr. 17 ' ' ° ' '

Maiy, wife of Petrus van Aken, Bridget, Hannah and Elis-
abeth. Real and personal estate. Executors the wife, son
Jacobus and Abraham Hasbrouck. Witnesses DirckTere-
penning, Marynies van Aken and Jacob Tarpenning.

1704 (T 23) TOLL, Daniel, of Schonechtadie Township, Albany

Aug. I Co., yeoman. Grandson Carel Hanszen, son of son Jo-

r^ lu^'' o hannes Toll dec'd, daughters Susannah, Hannah and
Octbr. 10 .

Geertruyd, son-in-law Cornelius van Santvoord, da.-in-
law Eva, widow of son Johannis, Sarah, da. of Peter
Meby. Real and personal estate (a silver cup). Execu-
tors Peter Cornue and Rynier Mynderse. Witnesses
John Visger jun, Claas van derVolgenand Joseph Drake,

1705 (T24) ten BROECK, Dirck, of Albany City, merchant.
July I Wife Maragrita, children Abraham, Catharina, wife of
Tu/^^ Johs. Livingston, Christina, wife of Philipp Livingston,

jun., Maria, wife of Gerardes Groesbeck, Sara, wife of
Johannes H. ten Eyck, Maragrita and Dirck. Houses
and lots in Albany, land in Serigtoge Patent, do. in Wes-
tenhook Patent, personal estate. Executors the wife and
sons Abraham and Dirck. Witnesses John Jas. Roose-
boom, Adam Yates and Johannis Spoor. The two sons
qualify as executors March 18, 1768.

1706 (T25) ten EYCK, John, of Kinderhook, Albany Co., cord-
July 8 wainer. Wife Susanna sole heiress and with bro.-in-law
Tuly^^8 Peter van Buren executrix of real and personal estate.

Witnesses Jan Tyse Goes, Marthys Vasburgh and Arent
van Dyck.

i707(T26) TELLER, William, of South Precinct, Dutchess

July 23 Co., yeoman. Wife Mary, children William, Jeremiah,

May% Rachel, wife of John Lin, Anne, Mary, wife of Jacobus

Buys, John, Jacobus, Isaac, Margrit, Gualterus and

Sarah. Real and personal estate. Property derived from

Calendar of Wills.


1708 (T 27)


:8th Day

:;th Month

Aug. 30

1709 (T 28)

March 17
June 29



Aug. 23

171 I (T 30)

March 10

Octbr. I

grandmother Sarah Roeloffse, otherwise called Sarah Stot-
hoff, widow of Hans Kierstede and from father William
Teller. Executors the wife, sons William, Jeremiah,
John, Jacobus, Isaac and Gualterus and son-in-law Jaco-
bus Buys. Witnesses Henry ter Bos, Cor. Osborn and
James G. Livingston.

TOWNSEND, Nathennel, of Jericho, Oyster
Bay Township, Queens Co., yeoman. Wife Martha, sons
Stephen, John and Nathaniel, daughters Martha and
Almey. Real and personal estate. Executors brothers-
in-law Samuel Doughty and Benjamin Doughty and son-
in-law Richard Willets. Witnesses William Seaman,
Zebulon Seaman and Samuel Willis. Copy.

TUTHILL, James, of New Windsor, Ulster Co.,
yeoman. Wife Mary, children Joel, Thomas, James,
Jamima and Mary. Real and personal estate. Execu-
tors father James Tuthill and Seely's Strong, both of
Orange Co. Witnesses Ebener Seely jun, Moses Gale
and John Thompson of New Windsor, schoolmaster.

THURMAN, Susannah, widow of Francis, of N.
Y. City, mercht. Daughter Elisabeth, sisters-in-law Elis-
abeth, wife of Nicholas Roosevelt and Gertrude Thur-
man, aunts Agnes, wife of Joseph Lockwood, Grace, wife
of William Williams, Sarah, wife of Isaac Brown, son
Richardson Thurman, brothers-in-law Ralph and John
Thurman. Real and personal estate. Executors bro.-in-
law John Thurman, merchant, Nicholas Roosevelt, gold-
smith, and Dirck Schuyler, merchant, all of N. Y. City.
Witnesses Thomas Pettet, Abraham Bussing and John
McKesson. Copy made Novbr., 1763.

TUTHILL, Freegift, of New Windsor, Ulster Co.
Wife Abigail, children Abigail, Nathaniel and Joshua.
Real and personal estate. The wife sole executrix.
Witnesses Col. Thomas Ellison of Ulster Co., John Elli-
son and William ElHson.


Calendar of Wills.



May 9


Febry. 15

1713 (T 32)


April 6

Octbr. 22

1714 (T 33)

Febry. 23
Septbr. 28

1715 (T 34)

Octbr. 30

Decbr. 24

ter BOS, Henry, of Rombouts Prect., Dutchess
Co. Wife Catharyna, sons Henry, Seymon, John, Isack,
Benjamin, Lukas, Pieter, Jonas and Freer, daughters
Ehsabeth and Marya. Real and personal estate. Ex-
ecutors sons Henry, Seymon, John and Isack. Witnesses
John Bailey, Samuel Mills of said Prect., cordwainer, and
Jacobus Buys.

TELLER, John, of Dutchess Co. Wife Margret,
son Jacobus, bro. Isaac Teller, sister Margret Teller.
" Goods and chattels." Executors the wife and brother.
Witnesses Samuel Anthoney, Charity Lumaree and
Samuel Stakham.

TUTHILL, Daniel, of Gorshen Prect., Orange
Co., yeoman. Wife Susanna, sons Daniel, John, Phenias,
Samuel, and apparently other children, not named. Real
and personal estate. Executors the wife, son Daniel and
Joshua Broun. Witnesses John Brewster of Orange Co.,
farmer, Samuel Smith and Selah Strong.

TONGUE, John, of Haverstraw Prect., Orange
Co., yeoman. Wife Tamason (Thomasine ?) son George,
daughters Alice, Anna and Betse. Homefarm, land at
Old Poundridge, Westchester Co., personal property.
The wife sole executrix. Witnesses John June, Samuel
Bird and David Stanley of Westchester Co., yeoman.
James Clarke of Westchester Co., son-in-law of testator,
made administrator.



Octbr. 30


June 8

ten BROECK, Dirck, of Albany City, merchant.
Wife Ann, bro. Abraham ten Broeck, sisters Catharina,
wife of John Livingston, Christina, wife of Philipp Liv-
ingston, Marya, wife of Gerardus Groesbeck, Sarah, wife
of' John H. ten Eyck and Margaret, wife of Stephen
Richard. Real and personal estate. Executors the wife,
father-in-law Volckert P. Dow and bro. Abraham ten
.Broeck. Witnesses Peter Hansen, merchant, Stephen
Groesbeck and S. v. Rensselaer. Supra, No. 1705.

Calendar of Wills.


1717 (T 36)

Decbr. 13

April 27




Aug. 9

Novbr, 4

ter BUSH, John, of Orange Co. Wife Catherine,
children John, Cornelis and Neeltie, mother Neeltie
Bush. Real and personal estate. Executors the mother
Neeltie Bush, Mrs. William Wickham, John de Noyelles.
Witnesses John Anderson, Thomas Willson and Gabriel

THORN E, Isaac, of Charlotte Prect., Dutchess
Co. Wife Hannah, children Hannah, Jacob, William,
Isaac, Phcbe Griffin, grandson Isaac Deuel, cousin Phebe
Smith, grandda. Patience Deuel. Real and personal
estate. Executors sons Jacob and William with Mica
Griffin. Witnesses Joseph Griffin, Edward Griffin and
Joseph Thorn of Amenia Prect., yeoman.

1719 (T 38)


Decbr. 8

June 18

TREMPER, John George, of Rhinebeck Prect.,
Dutchess Co., yeoman. Wife Susanna, children Catherine,
Jacob, Lena, wife of Abr. Roel. Kip, John. Real and
personal estate. Executors the wife, son Jacob and
son-in-law Abram Roel. Witnesses Adam Shever, Henry
Diel and Christian Schultz of said Prect., schoolmaster.

1720 (T 39)

Febry. 20

Novbr. 4


1721 (T 40)


June 15

May 24


TITSORT, Sarah, of Poghkeepsie Prect., Dutch-
ess Co., widow. Children Leonard, Neiltie, Isaac,
Thomas, Elizabeth, wife of Joseph Willson, grandda.
Sarah Willson. Real and personal estate. Executors
Leonard van Kleek and Leonard Lewis. Witnesses John
Seabury of Dutchess Co., currier, Joseph Gale jun. and

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