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Calendar of Wills.

Miller. Witnesses Jury Adam Zufeldt, John Schultz,
Christian Schultz.

494 (D 85)

Jany. 12

July 10

DENTON, Benjamin, of Amenia Precinct, Dutch-
ess Co. Wife Ruth, sons Benjamin and John, daughters
Sarah, Ann and Rachel. Homefarm, land in Sharon
Township, Connt. Executor son Benjamin. Witnesses
Roswell Hopkins, Ruth Peck and Hannah Purdy.

495 (D 86)

March 14

Septbr. IS

DU BOIS, Peter, of the Wallkill, Ulster Co.
" My very dear most excellent and amiable wife Cath-
arine " sole heiress of real and personal property. Exec-
utors the Honble. Henry White, James Duane, Jacob
Walton and Samuel Ver Planck. Witnesses John Bowles,
Wm. Banyar and Cream Brush.

496 (D 87)


June 12

May 17

DE VREESE, Jacobis, of Orangetown, Orange
Co., yeoman. Annetje, youngest da. of Jacob A. Blau-
velt, Jacobis, son of Giles Hooper of Burlington, Jacobis
Durie, Johan Martinhague ; John, son of the late Colonel
Haring residuary legatee of all real and personal property
and sole executor. Witnesses Gerret Eckerson of Orange-
town, yeoman, Johannes Quackenbos and John Eckerson.

497 (D 88)

Septbr. 2

Jany. 26

DEWITT, John, of Rochester, Ulster Co. Wife
Ann, sons Jacob and Henriekus. Real and personal
estate. Executors the wife, son Jacob, cousins Andries
and Charles Dewitt. Has brother Jacob Dewitt. Wit-
nesses Hendrikus Hoornbeek, Michael Enderle and Jacob

498 (D 89)

March 24

Aug. 20

DIEFENDORF, Henry, of Canajohary, Tryon
Co., yeoman. Wife Anna Rosina, son Jacob and other
children. Real and personal estate. Executors the wife
and John Pickerd. Witnesses Peter Miller, Henrich
Sander and Johan Henrich Meyer.

Calendar of Wills. 117

DUBOIS, Isaac, of Green Kil, Kingston Town-
ship, Ulster Co., miller. Wife Jannetje, sons Jacob and
Johannes, daughters Rachel, wife of Andries de Witt
jun., Sarah, wife of Tobias van Beuren, Jannetje, wife of
William Eltinge jun. Real and personal property.
Executors son Jacob, sons-in-law Andries de Witt jun.
and Tobias van Beuren. Witnesses Gerret Freer, Nicho-
las Kierstead. Christopher Tappen, all of Ulster Co.,

DRAKE, Gerardus, of Beekmans Prect., Dutchess
Co. Wife Sarah sole heiress and with Benjamin Griffin
executrix of " all my estate." Witnesses Jonathan
Thorn, Ann Brown, Gabriel Smith.

DUTCH ER, David, of Rumbouth Prect., Dutch-
ess Co, yeoman. Wife Elisabeth, son Barneth, grandson
David, son of son David Dutcher. Real and personal
property. Executors son Barneth and Johannes Dubois.
Witnesses Nathaniel Dubois, Jacob Coapman and Simon
Leroy jun.

DECKER, Mathew, of Shawangunk Prect.,
Ulster Co., yeoman. Wife Magdalena, children Johannis,
Abraham and Maria, sister-in-law Catherine Bevier,
Catherine, da. of Benjamin Smedes, nephew Jacob Has-
brouck, son of brother Johannis Decker. Real and per-
sonal property. Executors the wife, brother Johannis
Decker, Captain Thomas Jansen of Shawangunk and
Mathew Jansen. Witnesses James Fulton, Robert
Hunter, Matthew Hunter jun.

DE NOYELLES, John, of Orange Co, esqre.
Wife Rachel, sons John, Peter and Edward William,
daughter Charlotte. Land in Durham and Deerfield
Townships, Charlotte Co., do in Tryon Co. and on Lake
Champlain, i. e. looo acres granted to Trevor Newland, a
reduced officer, personal property. Executors the wife,

i8 Calendar of Wills.

Goldsborow Banyar, Thomas Duncan, Isaac Low and
Edward William Kiers (?). Witnesses Peter van Schaack,
Waldron Blaau of N. Y. City innkeeper, John Kelly.

504 (°^95) DEFOREST, Philip, of Rensselaerswyck Manor

Febry. 2 Albany Co., yeoman. Wife Maria, sons David and John,
May 24 daughter Rebecca. Real and personal property. Execu-
tors the wife, brother Martin Deforest and brother-in-law
Maas Bloemedal. Witnesses Henry Beasley of Albany
City, cordwainer, Jno. Ostrander of the same place, school-
master and Abraham Roseboom.

5°5^°^96) DIETZ, Adam, of the Beverdam, Albany Co.,

Septbr. 26 husbandman. Wife Geertruy, brothers Johannis and
Septbr. 2 William Dietz (sister?) Elisabeth, wife of Juri Sible,
Adam Dietz jun. and his son Adam, Geertruy Sybel and
Anna Eker. " Whole estate." Executors brother Wil-
liam Dietz and John R. Bleecker. Witnesses Nalley
Schuyler, Jno R. Bleecker and Barent Bleecker.

So6^D^97) DU BOIS, Jonas, of Cornwall Prect., Orange Co.,

April 26 yeoman. Wife Hannah, daughters Easther, Hannah and
May 15 Gertruy, son Nathaniel. Real and personal property.
Executors the wife, brother Zacharias Du Bois and
brother-in-law Jesse Woodhull. Witnesses Rennelche
Parkhurst, Elsy Wilkins and Thomas Moffat of Orange
Co., merchant. Vide No. 475.

507(098) DEPUY, Elias, of Rochester Township, Ulster

I 775 • • •

March 8 Co., esqre. Wife Rachel, sons Moses, John, Elias, Jesaia

. ^779 and Josia, daughters Sarah, Mary, wife of Joseph Depuy,

and Grietie. Land in Ulster Co., personal property-
Executors the wife, sons Moses and John, brother Benja-
min Depuy, brother-in-law Jacob Hoornbeek. Witnesses
Johannis G. Hardenbergh, Petrus Schoonmaker and
Joseph Hasbrouck jun. of Marbletown, farmer.

Calendar of Wills. 119

DECKER, Joseph, of Shawangunk Prect., Ulster
Co., yeoman. Wife Rachel, children Benjamin, Jacob,
Joseph, David, Rachel, Catherine and Elizabeth. Farm
at Shawangunk, personal property. Executors the wife,
Jacob Smedes, Matthew Smedes and Cornelius C. Schoon-
maker. Witnesses George Smith of Shawangunk Prect.
innkeeper, Teunis TerwiUigen and Elizabeth Smedes,
who at date of proof is wife of John Taylor.

DUNNING, Samuel, of Goshen, Orange Co.
Wife Elizabeth, sons Samuel, Ephraim, Isaac, Matthew,
Abijah and David, daughters Mary and Margaret. Real
and personal property. Executors sons Samuel and
Ephraim, and cousin Jacob Dunning. Witnesses William
Denn of Ulster Co, schoolmaster, Loes Dunning and
Ketum Dunning.

DECKER, Cerrit, of Shawangonk Prect. Ulster
Co., yeoman. Sons Manasa, Elias, Ruben and Petrus
jun., daughters Geertie, wife of Lewis Gasherie, Elisabeth,
wife of Cornelius Decker, Janneke, wife of William
Goodjyon. Real and personal estate. Executors sons
Manasa, Elias and Ruben. Witnesses Abraham Decker,
Joshua Decker, Cornelius C. Schoonmaker.

DOUW, Johannes Vol., of Albany Co. Son
Cornelius, da. Margaretje. House and lot in Albany
City, land at Sachendage, Albany Co., personal property.
Executors son Cornelius and nephew Volkert Oothout.
Witnesses Hendrick Bogert, Henry Oothout jun., Ino.
Jost Zabriskie.

DEYGERT, Werner, of Canajoharie Distr.,
Tryon Co., yeoman. Wife Lana, sons Han Jost (has
wife Marilla), Zepherenus, daughters Mary, Catherine,
Anna, Elizabeth, Lana and Mary Catherine. Real and
personal property. Executors Nicholas Herckheimer,

I20 Calendar of Wills.

Peter Deygert and George Henry Bell. Witnesses
George Henrich Bell, Nicholas Bell and Isaac Johnson.

513 (D 104) DAVIS, Frederick, of Marbletown, Ulster Co.

May I Sons Jacobus, Isaac, Andries, and Samuel, daughters Jane,

Septbr. I Mary, Elizabeth, Rachel and Sarah. Real and personal
property. Executors son Jacobus and David Bevier.
Witnesses Levi Pawling, Robt. Harper late of N. Y. City,
now of Dutchess Co., esqre., John Davis of Marbletown,
blacksmith. Letters testamentary granted to Johannis
Oostrander of Hurley Town, farmer, Moses Pattison of
Marbletown carpenter and William Hume of the same
place schoolmaster, all sons-in-law of testator March 24,
1783, the above named executors declining to act.

5^4^(D^io5) DOLSEN, James, of Goshen Prect., Orange Co.

Febry. 8 Wife Phebe, sons James, Asa and Samuel, daughters
Febry. i Mary and Abigail, Real and personal estate. Executors
brothers-in-law Isaiah Veal and Abraham Harding. Wit-
nesses Henry White, Benjamin Whitaker and James

5i5^(D^io6) DUSINBERE, SilvanUS, of New Windsor, Ul-

July 28 ster Co. Wife Mary, son Samuel. Farm and personal
Ma/ch^'^o property. Executors the wife or Samuel Sands or Ben-
jamin Westlake. Witnesses William Cumming of New
Windsor, yeoman, Agnes Cumming, his wife and Eliza-
beth Westlake.

^'^i7°8°^^ DE WITT, Jacob, of Rochester Township, Ulster

April 18 Co., yeoman. Nephew Jacob, son of brother Cornelius
Octbr. 10 DeWitt, and Hendrikus De Witt. Real estate in Roch-
ester Township. Executors Moses Depuy, Benjamin
Cortreght and Hendricus De Witt. Witnesses Philip
Hoornbeek, Ino. Sleght, Christ? Tappen.

5^7 P^J08) DRAKE, John, of Goshen Prect., Orange Co., yeo-

Febry. 6 man. Wife Martha, sons Benjamin, Joseph, Samuel,
Jany.°28 William and Zephaniah, heirs of son John, daughters

Calendar of Wills. 121

Martha Jackson, Mary Holly and Esther Knap, grand-
daughters Martha and Mary, das. of Joseph Holly.
Home farm, land in Queens and Kings counties, inherited
from grandfather Adam Brewer; personal estate. Ex-
ecutors Captain Colvil Bradner and son Joseph. Wit-
nesses Daniel Vail of Goshen, weaver, Isaac Smith and
W. Thompson.

DENTON, Samuel, of Newburgh Prect., Ulster
Co., farmer. Wife Phebe, daughters Abigail and Sarah,
wife of John H. Scheutz, nephew Samuel, son of brother
Thomas Denton, brothers Thomas, Daniel, James and
Jonas, sister Sarah Wickham. Real and personal estate.
Executors the wife, son-in-law John H. Scheutz and
brother Daniel Denton. Witnesses Hope Mills, Monson
Ward and Lewis Donnovan of Newburgh Prect., school-

de PEYSTER, William, late of N. Y. City, now

a refugee at Albany. Children John, William, Gerard,
Nicholas, Abraham, James, Ann and Margaret. Real and
personal estate (two silver teapots, nine silver tablespoons,
gold sleeve buttons, silver salt cellars, a silver tankard, six
silver teaspoons). Executors sons William and Abraham
with Egbert Benson. Witnesses Evert Bancker, Henry
Rutgers and Gerard Bancker.

DE LAVERGNE, Nicolas, of Charlotte Pre-
cinct, Dutchess Co. Wife Mary, sons Giles, Joseph,
Nicolas, James, Ebenezer and Walter, daughters Mary,
Sarah, Elisabeth, Hannah, and Susanna. " Wordly
estate." Executors the wife with Richard Snedicker as
overseer. Witnesses Silas Devel, Joseph Woolley and
Aaron Haight jun., farmer.

DUBOIS, Cornelius, of New Paltz, Ulster Co,
Esqire. Wife Margaret, son CorneHus, daughters Tryn-
tje, Jannetje, Jacominetie, Saretie, children of da. Rachel


Calendar of Wills.

522 (D 113)


Jany. 22

March 14

dec'd, viz : Nathaniel Dubois, Wilhelmus Dubois and
Polly Dubois, children of da. Leah dec'd, Dirck and Lea
Wynkoop. Real and personal estate. Son-in-law Cor-
nelius D. Wynkoop guardian of the grandchildren. Ex-
ecutors son Cornelius, son-in-law Jacob Hasbrouck jun.,
grandsons Josiah Hasbrouck, Nathaniel Dubois and Cor-
nelius Hasbrouck. Witnesses Denie Ralyea, yeoman,
David Louw, blacksmith and Joshua Dubois.

DE LAMETER, Abraham, of Kingston, Ulster

Co., miller. Wife , sons Cornelius and John,

daughter Sarah. Real and personal estate. Executors
the two sons. Witnesses Antye Hasbrook, Abraham W.
van Gaasbeek, John Dumont.

523 (D II-


July 14

Aug. 9

DE WITT, John, late of New York Island, now of
Poghkeepsie Prect. farmer. Wife Ann, son William,
daughters Ann, wife of John Quackenbush, Nancy, wife
of Peter Ogilvie and Gertruyd, wife of Samuel Harris.
Real and personal property. Executors the wife, and
sons-in-law Quackenbush and Ogilvie. Witnesses William
Barns, Peter Tappen and Gilbert Livingston.

524 (D 115)

Decbr. 2

DUNN INC, Jacob. Memorandum given by, rela-
tive to his property. Had wife Jeeturah (?) two sons,
brother John Dunning and William Hollis, who are
named as executors. He disposes of a homefarm and
land on the W. side of the Wallkil, Ulster Co. His in-
tentions are proved by the testimony of Caleb Smith,
yeoman and wife Abigail and of Lois, wife of Jabez

525 (D 116)

22d Day

5th Month


Febry. 27

DAVIS, Joseph, of Beekman's Prect., Dutchess Co.
Wife Jemima, sons Joseph, Abner, David, daughter Mary.
Personal property (4 silver tablespoons). Executors the
wife, Joseph Davis and Robert Moone. Witnesses Joseph
Clapp, John Lee and William Moore.

Calendar of Wills. 123

DEAN, Jedediah, of New Paltz Prect. Wife
Ariontyea, sons Gideon, Jedediah, Isaac, Jonathan, Daniel
and Abraham, daughters Jenny Ellsworth, Elizabeth
Wolsey and Mary Laroe. Real and personal property.
Executors sons Gideon, Jedediah and Isaac. Witnesses
Benjamin Ely of New Marlborough, Ulster Co., physician,
Andries Dubois jun., of New Paltz, farmer and Simon

DIETZ, William, of Schohary, Albany Co., yeo-
man. Children William, Johannes, Adam, Johan Jost,
Eva and Marilis, wife of Hendrick Ball. Real and per-
sonal property. Executors sons William, Johannes and
Johan Jost. Witnesses David Sternbergh, Peter Vroman,
Abraham Sternbergh.

DAVIS, Ann, of Fishkil Landing, Dutchess Co.
widow. Daughters Elizabeth and Ann, sons John and
Andreas. Real and personal property. Executors Richard
Snediker of Poughkeepsie Precinct, gentleman, Peter
Bogardus jun., of Fishkil Landing, skipper and John Mc-
Cabe of Stony Kil, Rumbout Precinct, yeoman. Wit-
nesses John Young of N. Y. City, schoolmaster, Petrus
Bogardus and Shibboleth Bogardus.

DEMOTT, James, of Newborough Precinct, Ulster
Co., yeoman. Wife Catherine, sons James, Michael,
daughters Hannah, wife of Eliezer Lusee, Elisabeth.
Real and personal estate. Executors the wife, Eliezer
Lusee and Gilbert Jones. Witnesses Isaac Demott,
David Keech and William Buckingham.

DEAL, LaurentZ, of Rhinebeck Prect., Dutchess
Co., yeoman. Stepdaughters Catherine, wife of Peter
Freer, Eva, wife of Thomas Omfrey, Margaret, wife of
Matthew van Steenbergh, son-in-law Jacob Tremper,
grandchildren Laurentz, Jury, Helmus, Jacob, Manus


Calendar of Wills.

and Mary Tremper. Real and personal property (four
silver teaspoons). Executors son-in-law Jacob Tremper,
cousin Carol Deal, and John Ryckert Shell. Witnesses
Joseph Reichert, John Francis Ellistone and Christian

531 (D 122)

Octbr. 20

Octbr. 16

DUBOIS, Elisha, of Rumbout Prect., Dutchess
Co., farmer. Wife Sarah, grandson Elisha, son of dec'd
son John, children of da. Sarah, wife of Duncan Graham
and of da. Barbara, wife of Adriaen Couenhoven. Real
and personal property. Executors Mathew van Ben-
schoten, Obediah W. Cooper and Adriaen Couenhoven.
Witnesses Isaac van Hook, John Hauk and William

532 (D 123)


June I


Septbr. 15

DECKER, Joshua, of Shawangunk Prect., Ulster
Co. Wife Geertie, and children. Real and personal
property. Executors Severyn T. Bruyn and Johannis A.
Hardenbergh. Witnesses Daniel Wackman of New Paltz,
farmer, Adna Heaton and Cornelius Schoonmaker.

533 (D 124)

Febry. 27
March 4

DODGE, Jeremiah, of Pauldings Precinct, Dutch-
ess Co. Sons Stephen, Daniel, Robert, Jonathan and
David, daughters Rebecca, Lidia and Elisabeth (?).
Apparently only personal property. Executors sons
Daniel and Robert. Witnesses Caleb Lamb, Joseph
Lamb and Elisha Champlin. Nuncupative will, written
March 2 after the death of testator from recollection of

534 (D 125)


Novbr. 19


July IS

DENNISTON, Hugh, of Albany City, innkeeper.
Sons Daniel, James, Isaac, John and Hugh, daughters
Isabella, Lydia, Margaret and Annie. Real and personal
property. Executor John Taylor of Albany City, esquire.
Witnesses Stephen Lush of Albany, attorney-at-law,
Herman ten Broek and Neal Shaw.

Calendar of Wills. 125

DWIGHT, Stephen, of Newark, N. J. Wife
Hannah, daughter Martha, son Stephen, children of
brothers and sisters, vizt : Thomas Dwight, Catherine
and Mary Dwight, Joseph Monnel, Gennet Monnel, sister
Catherine Monnel. Real estate in Newark and in State
of New York (grandfather Eagles estate), personal prop-
erty. Executors Richard Davis of New York and Isaac
Ailing of Newark. Witnesses Israel Reach, James Green
and William Lee. Copy from N. J. records.

DEMLER, Henry, of .Ulster Co. Mother Sus-
anna. Real and personal estate. Executors David
Brooks and Richard Piatt of New York. Witnesses
Adolph de Grove sen., Isaac Belknap sen., John Du
Bois sen.

DIEDERICK, Jury William, ofthe West Camp,

Ulster Co. Sons William, Matthise, Zacharias, Jacobus,
daughters Hannah, wife of Jacob Conies, Maria, wife of
George Carl, Eve, wife of Johannes Falkenburgh, Mar-
gerit, wife of Frederich Marda, Elisabeth, wife of Johannes
Moore, Catherine, wife of Jeremiah Wolf, grandchild
Altge, da, of dec'd da. Sarah. Real and personal estate.
Executors sons Matthise and Jacobus. Witnesses Peter
P. Eygner of the West Camp, weaver, Peter Myndertse
and Philipp Rockefeller.

DOUW, Volkert P., of Greenbush, Rensselaer Co.
Son John de Peyster Douw, daughters Rachel, wife of
Henry I, van Rensselaer, Magdalena, wife of John Stev-
enson, Mary, wife of John de Peyster ten Eycke, grand-
children Martin Hoffman and Catherine, wife of Barent
T. ten Eycke, both children of dec'd da. Catherine Hoff-
man. Real and personal estate. Executors son John de
P. Douw, and sons-in-law Henry I. van Rensselaer and
John Stevenson. Witnesses H. Woodruff, Jacob van
Loon, Ab. van Vechten.


Calendar of Wills.

539 (D 130)

June 15
July 17

de SEGUR— Pitray, Vicomte Louis Antoinc,
Chevalier de I'ordre de St. Louis, late of the Province of
Perigord, France, now of the State of New York. Wife
Marie Nicole Ralin, two eldest sons Claude Nicolas Louis
and Joseph Cj'^prien, and other children. Real estate in
U. S., Island of St. Domingo and in France. The wife
guardian of minor children and sole executrix. Witnesses
Antide Menyin, late priest of St. Emilion (?), Charles
Adams and Noel John Barbarin.


1 785

June 18

Decbr. 21

DELAVAN, Samuel, of Salem, Westchester Co.,
going on a long journey. Wife Agnes, daughters Annes,
Cornelia and Levisee, brothers Cornelius, Timothy 3d,
children of brothers Abraham and Nathan. Real and
personal estate. Executors the wife and brother Daniel
Delavan. Sister-in-law Hannah, wife of brother Abraham
Delavan, to be guardian of the children, should their
mother die before they are of age. Witnesses Barthw.
Ryan, Nathan Delivan. Recorded in Wills and Probates,
Vol. L, p. 36.

^ '784
Septbr. 2

Febry. 28

DENNISON, Frances, of N. Y. City, widow.

Daughter Deborah and husband, Richard Norwood,
Isaac Hubbel, Catharine and husband James Kairns.
Houses and lots in Goold and Fair Str. N. Y. City, per-
sonal property. Executors son-in-law Richard Norwood
and Marinus Willett. Witnesses Hercules Mulligan,
merchant, D. Niven and Elias Nexsen. Recorded ut
supra, p. 51.


March 10
March 26

DURYEE, Sarah, of N.Y. City, spinster. Mother
Sarah Duryee of N. Y. City widow, brother Jacob heirs
and executors of " worldly estate " (one silver sugar pot,
one silver milk pot, six table spoons, five tea spoons).
Witnesses Neal Mclntire, Jas. N. Roosevelt, Wm. Carman
jun. Recorded ut supra, p. y^.

Calendar of Wills. 127

DURYEE, Magdalen, of N. Y. City, spinster.
Mother Sarah Duryee of N. Y. City, widow, and sisters.
Real estate in State of New York and Great Britain, per-
sonal property. Executors the mother and Harry Peters
of N. Y. City, merchant. Witnesses Ino. D. Crimsheir,
Wm. de Peyster and Peter Demilt of N. Y. City tailor, a
quaker. Recorded ut supra, p. 78.

DRAKE, Garrardus, of Southampton Township,
Suffolk Co, Wife Martha, son Aaron, daughters Loraney
Thompson, Martha Brown and Elizabeth Becket. Real
and personal property. Executors the wife and son
Aaron. Witnesses Daniel Gibbs, Joseph Russell and
Edmund Perry. Recorded ut supra, p. 85.

DALTON, Richard, late of the City of Kilkenny,
mariner. Friend John Dalton of N. Y. City, surgeon,
sole heir and executor. Money due from owners of ship
Empress of China, Capt. Green master. Witnesses
Charles Norris and James Gilchrist of N. Y. City surgeon.
Recorded ut supra, p. 145.

DAINTY, Joseph, late of Dunington Wood, Par-
ish of Lillyshore, County of Salop, Great Britain, now of
New York, miner. Mary Felton, spinster, late of Chesele
Hill, Parish of Longford, County of Salop, now of N. Y.
City, da. of William P'elton of Chesele Hill, husbandman,
brothers and sisters James, John, Ann, Elizabeth and
Mary Dainty. Real estate in Shifner and Lillyshore
Parishes, Salop Co., now occupied by Edward Emery and
Richard Johnson resp. George Hewlett, personal property
(money in hands of Renwick and Hudswell of William
Str., N. Y., merchants. Major William Shaddock of
Niagara, Canada, Michael Cowan of Schenectady mer-
chant, Willard Farmer of York, Canada). Executors
Mary Felton and Robert Glover of Burlington, Stafford
Co. Witnesses Joseph Smith, James Darrow and Edwd.
Wilson. Recorded ut supra, p. 407.


Calendar of Wills.


July 23
Octbr. 14

DROUGHT, Sherigley, of N. Y. City, leaves to
wife Margaret " all my Right and Interest in the suit
now pending in Commens Town, County Kildare. Like-
wise all my own Property in Plunkits Town and whatever
Else property belongs to me." Witness Samuel Collins
of N. Y. City. Letters testamentary granted to the
widow. Recorded ut supra, p. 605.


[any. 26
Jeptbr. 7

DAVIS, Isaac, of Stamford, Fairfield Co., Con-
necticut. Wife Naomi, daughter Emma. Real and per-
sonal property. Executors the wife and father-in-law
Daniel Tuttle. Witnesses Sarah Clock, Jacob Walesbury
and Frederick Weed. Recorded Vol. IL, p. 8.


Febry. i

June 5

de RAADT, William, of Zoetermeer, farmer.
Wife Fryntje Bos and possible children, mother Adriana
Huyser, formerly widow of Peter de Raadt, now wife of
Cornelis Velthooven. Guardians of possible children
Cornells Huyser of Zoetermeer and Cornelis de Raadt of
Rhoon. Real and personal property. No executor
named and letters testamentary for lands in N. Y. State
granted to testator's brother Adrian de Raadt of N. Y.
City, farmer. Recorded ut supra, p. 30.



April 18


June 31 (?)

DREW, James, Captain Royal Navy, at present
living in the Out Ward, N. Y. City. Wife Lydia sole
heiress of real and personal estate and with her brothers
Charles and Samuel Watkins executrix. Witnesses John
Maunsell, Major General in his Britanic Majesty's service,
EHzabeth Maunsell (at the time of proof widow). Re-
corded ut supra, p. 74.


Novbr. 2
Decbr. 29

DICKINSON, Jonathan, of Philadelphia, Penna.
Brother Isaac Dickinson. Real and personal property.
Executors Jeremiah Bone and Joshua Dorsey, both of
Philadelphia. Witnesses James Hussey and J. Waterman
of N. Y. City. Recorded ut supra, p. 60.

Calendar of Wills. 129

DUFFIELD, Caesar, of N. Y. City, son of

Thomas Duffield, late of Burkstown, Parish of Tintern,
Barony of Shilburn, County of Wexford, Ireland, dec'd
and Bridget, his wife. Wife Margaret sole heiress and
executrix. Farm at Ballatarsna, Parish of Tintern afore-
said ; personal property. Witnesses Henry Forrest and
Richard Clarke of N. Y. City, house carpenter. Recorded
ut supra, p. 165.

DUBELLOIS, Pierre Robert Gabriel Des-

pres, inhabitant of the Island of Guadeloupe, now in
N. Y. City, about 60 years old. The Chevalier de Brage-
lougne, cousin Despret, officer of the regiment of Guade-
loupe, Toinette Dumoulin, my niece according to the
custom of Bretagne, Mr. Laujol Desfonds, daughter
Escudier of Madame Khouel, godson, i. e., the son of
Mr. Bragelougne Berlange. Madame Laroche of N. Y.
City is given a legacy for her services to testator's son
and daughter-in-law. Real estate on the Island of Guade-
loupe ; personal property. Executor for New York,
Thomas Pasturin of Guadeloupe merchant. Witnesses
Jh. Mercadier) Jn, Bte. Duclos and Desabraye, Recorded
ut supra, p. 182.

DIES, Jane, of Catskil Landing, Albany Co., widow.
Children Mathew, Rebecca, Jacob, John, Catherine, grand-
children Mathew and John, sons, Jane, Margaret
daughters, of son Mathew, Isaac, John Dies, James and
and Jennet Dubois, children of dec'd da. Jane, children
of son Jacob. Farms at Schoharie Kil, lot at Cats kil
Landing, land in Femmenhook Patent ; personal prop-
erty. Executors John I. Dubois of Catskil Landing,
who is also made guardian of his above named children
by Jane, da. of testatrix, the three sons Mathew, Jacob
and John and daughter Catherine. Witnesses John Lay,
Lawrence Merkel and James Parker. Recorded ut supra,
p. 200.


Calendar of Wills.



Septbr. 24


May 16


May I
May 15


Febry. 14

Novbr. II

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