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The first register of Saint Mary's church, Bocking, Essex, England. Baptisms, 1561-1605; marriages, 1593-1639; burials, 1558-1628 online

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Saint Mary's Church


Baptisms, . . . . 1 561-1605 ;
Marriages, - - - - 1 593-1 639;

BURIAI^, .... 1558-1628.










Baptisms, - ^

Burials, 54

Marriages, -178

Index, - - 223


In 1768 Philip Morant published his " History and Antiqui-
ties of the County of Essex." From page 383 of the second
volume of that work, the following is taken:


" This fine and large Parish is not a Town, but one of the
most considerable villages in this County, and part of it extends
into what appears the heart of the town of Braintree. It hath
been greatly enriched by the Bay-trade, carried on here with
great spirit and success by the families of Maysent, Ruggles,
Inglish, &c.

"The name of Bocking is form'd from the two Saxon
words, Boc, a beech, and ing, a pasture, qu. Beech pas-
ture; or, according to some, because this was Boc-land, or
free-land, holden by deed, in opposition to Soc-land. In his-
torians and records it is written these other various ways,
Boccinge, Boccinges, Bochinges, Bockyng, and Boquhing.

" In the time of K. ^thelred, who began his reign in 978,
^thelric and Ivcofwine, two noble Saxons, were possessed of
this district, and gave it, with other lands, in 1006, to the
Priory of St. Saviour's in Canterbury; for the table, or main-
tenance of the Monks.

" St. Saviour's was then the name of the Cathedral Church
of Canterbury, as founded by Austin, and served by Monks.
After the burning of it by the Danes in loii, and the re-
building of it by Afp Lanfranc, it was dedicated to the Holy
Trinity; and by that name is the entry made in Domcsday-


' ' It continued in that Church till the general dissolution of
Religious Houses, when it came to the Crown.


"About the j'^ear 1438, John Doreward of this parish Esq;
founded an Hospital at the corner of Church-lane, upon two
acres of his own ground; and named it Maison de Dicu: To
be an habitation for Seven poor people, one whereof was to be
called Prepositus ville de Bockmg^ and to have the government
of the said House and Poor for ever. He procured a license
to endow it with the maner of Tendring, and with 10 1.
yearly rent out of several of his lands and tenements in Essex.
This House continues to this day an habitation for seven poor

' ' An Alms house for eight dwellers.

" WiUiam Bendlowes, Esq; by deed, dated 4 July 1571,
gave out of an estate in Gr. Bardfeild, to the town of Bocking
for ever Three pounds of yearly rent to be distributed to
the Alms-house people there, above the age of 40 years, not
having any child or children with them : or otherwise to
honest people married or unmarried, being no vagrants or
idle persons: and to be given them within 14 da3^s after the
receipt of it by the trustees. * * * * *

" William Marten of Halsted, by deed 26 May 1573, gave a
messuage with appertenances in Castle-Hedingham to the Poor
of Bocking for ever, to raise the sum of four pounds per ann.
to be paid at Michaelmas and L,, by equal portions
in the Church-porch here, and to be disposed of amongst the
poor of this parish.

" Mrs. Joanna Smith, of London, widow, bequeathed by her
will, I April 1 601, 400 1. to be laid out in the purchase of
lands of 40 marks yearly value; to be bestowed and employed
for the relief of the poor of Coggeshall and Bocking.


" The twenty marks belonging to this parish are distributed
to the Poor at five shilHugs in bread ever}' Sunday; and the
distributors have 6s. 8d. yearly for their pains. This annuity
is paid out of the monastery of Launde in Iveicestershire, and
managed by feofees. Out of this annuity was raised the sum
of one hundred and fifty pounds; which being joined to thirty
pounds, bequeathed by Sir Stephen White, Knt. to the Poor
of Booking, 21 Janu 1680; the whole was laid out in the pur-
chase of four closes of land near King's Corner in Booking,
for the yearly use of the poor. The j^early rents and profits
of which are disposed of by the Rector and Feoffees as they
think fit, on a certain day and hour, in the Church of Book-
ing, upon Notice given on a Sundaj' between Michaelmas-day
and Nov. 10.

"John Stocker Jekyll Esq; gave to the Poor of Booking,
forty pounds for ever. It was laid out with other monies for
the purchase of the Work-house. But the profit of that sum,
being forty shillings per annum, is received of the Overseers
by the Minister and Church-wardens, and distributed by them.

"Mr. Skinner by his will, dated 10 Janu. 1628, gave two
crofts called Wentlands in Booking, for the use of the Poor
for ever. The rents and profits of them to be laid out in linnen
and woollen upon the poorest and honestest sort of people upon
St. Andrew's day.

"Thomas Trotter, of London, merchant, born at Braintree,
by deed 20 September. 1630, gave an Annuity of three pounds
six shillings and eight pence out of a house in Braintree. The
money to be paid yearly, and to be disposed of to Thirty poor
people of honest life, that are men of trade, viz. weavers,
combers, and fullers, 14 days before or after St. Thomas's day.

" Mr. Garrard did settle on trustees one messuage, or tene-
ment, and a field belonging to it of two acres, lying in Black
Notley; yielding about three pounds per an?inf?i, to be paid at
Michaelmas and Lady-day, to be given to the Poor according
to the will of the donor.


" George Elkin by his last will gave to this parish Fifty
pounds, to purchase some messuage, lands, or tenement, that
the yearly rents and profits should remain to the use of the
poor for ever : to be from time to time distributed by the
Church-wardens to poor deserving people as they shall think
fit, upon All Saints daj^ which was his birthday.

" John Aylett, of Bocking, did, by his will, dated i6 August
1707, give the reversional moiety of a house and land in Bock-
ing, of the yearly value of seven pounds, to the poor of Brain-
treee and of this town for ever.

"John Mathum of Braintree, bricklayer, by his will, dated
14 Novenib. 1721, gave some messuages, or tenements, in
Braintree, with the outhouses, &c. to John and William May-
sent, Henry Ray, Matthew Jeep, trustees, to pay the sum of
Twenty one pounds for ever to 20 poor people in Bocking
taking no collection, to be distributed at the discretion of the
said trustees and their survivors for ever.

"John Maysent of this parish, Gent, by his will, dated 8
August 1723, gave an annuity of forty shillings per annum
for ever, for the repairing of his tomb and vault, and the over-
plus to the Poor of this parish. He tyed the Queen's-head in
Bocking for the payment of it. The Dean of Bocking and the
Church-wardens for the time being, are perpetual feoffees.

" Dr. John Gauden Rector of Bocking, and afterwards Bishop
of Worcester, in the last century, gave the sum of four
hundred pounds; to purchase an endowment for a Charity-
School. With some part of it was bought a tenement or mes-
suage in Church-lane; for a School-master to dwell in, and
teach School. The other part of the gift was employed in the
purchase of a farm and lands in Much Ivces, called Langlands.
Sixteen pounds a year out of the profits of that estate was to
be assigned to the School-master by the feoffees for his main-
tenance; and the remainder, if any, to be paid into the hands
of the Dean of Bocking for the time being, as a stock for the


necessary repairing or improving of the premises. The School-
master, and every Scholar, is to be nominated and elected, and
also to be suspended from the School, by the Dean of Bocking,
Rector of Stisted, and Vicar of Braintree, for the time being,
or any two of them, whereof the Dean to be always one, who
are overseers of the school. The school is for teaching 30
poor Boys, born and living in this parish, to read and write;
whereof each to be of the age of 7 years at the least at the
time of his admission; to continue there for the space of 3
years; and none to remain bej^ond the age of 12 years.

" This parish is rated to the land-tax at 3685 1. is. 4d.

"The Church, dedicated to the Virgin Mary, is spacious
and handsom : both Church and Chancel having north and
south isles. In the tower there are 6 Bells. ' Tis supposed to
have been built about the reign of K, Edward III.

" This valuable Rectory hath been all along in the collation
of the Archbishops of Canterbury. It hath a Glebe of 108

" Bocking is the head of the Archbishop's Peculiars in
Essex and Suffolk. These Peculiars consist of Seven Parishes;
namely 4 in Essex, Bocking, Stisted, lyachendon, and South-
Church; together with their appendents, Little Coggeshall;
Runsell, a hamlet in Danbury; Callow-green, a hamlet in
Purley; and Milton in Prittlewell. The 3 other Peculiars, in
Suffolk, are Hadley, Monks Heigh, and Molton. They are all
exempt from the authority of the respective Diocesans, and
their subordinate officers, and subject only to the jurisdiction
of the Archbishop of Canterbury, or his Commissary, who is
called Dea7i of Bocking.

" There were formerly three Altars in this Church, namely,
those of St. Mary; St. Nicolas; and St. Catharine. And five
Chantries: i. One founded about the year 1253 by Robert,
Arch-deacon of Stafford, and Dean of Bocking; Endowed by
him with a messuage and lands valued at the suppression at


6 1. 17s. 8d. and granted in 1549 to Edw. Bury. 2. Another
founded in 1362 by William Doreward Esq; and endowed with
2 messuages, 140 acres of arable, 8 of pasture, 4 of meadow,
and i2d. rent, in this parish and Stisted : valued at the sup-
pression 8 1. OS, 5d. granted to Antony Aucher and Henry
Polsted. 3. One founded in 1396 by John Doreward Esq;
endowed with a house, and 7 1. per annuvi rent issuing out
of Bocking-hall. 4, and 5. Two less considerable, founded by
William Clarion, and John Wanne.

" In the Certificate of Chantry-lands, it is said, that this was
then a Market Town, and had in it to the number of 800 of
howseling people."

We quote a few notes made by an architectural expert
regarding the present state of Bocking church, while visiting
the place for the purpose of procuring the views which illus-
trate this volume.

" The church is mostly in the perpendicular style of archi-
tecture; the east window is late geometric or decorated period.
It has a wide nave and two aisles, in a very good state of
preservation, the oak work to the roofs especially so. There
are several monuments in the north aisle, notably one espec-
ially fine marble, kneeling figure in renaissance canopy, of
Mrs. Grissel Moore, wife of Adrian Moore, and daughter of
Thomas Eden, Knight, 1613. In front of the altar there is a
brass to Oswald Fitch and Edward Jekill, 1613. Partly under
the organ is a 14th century brass of a knight and his lady, no
name being visible. Other monuments and slabs are to the
families of the following: Jeremiah Brock, 1772, Nottidge,
1768, Snells, Wakehams, Ayletts, Aynesley, Walford, Green,
and to the Reverend Charles Barton, Dean of St. Mary's,
1766. The pulpit and choir stalls are modern. On a bracket
in the chancel is a helmet of the time of Charles I."

Statistics regarding the census of Great Britain taken in
1831, were by order of Parliament printed in 1833. Appended
thereto and forming volume 3 of the series is a mass of in-
formation relating to Parish Registers.

The following relating to the Parish of Bocking is taken
from page 99.

' ' Parish Register Books Earlier than the new Registers
commencing with A. D. 1813 (according to 52 Geo. III. c.
146) remain at the following places: —

Bockiyig^. No I. (in lyatin) Bap. 1561-1605; Bur. 1558-

1627; Marr. 1595-1639.

No II. Bap. 1655-1668; Bur. 1655-1670; Marr. 1655-1670.

No III. Bap. Bur. 1671-1797; Marr. 1671-1753.

No IV. Bap. Bur. 1798-1812.

Nos V-VII. Marr. 1754-1813."

During the many years in which investigations have been
made in England for information relating to the Goodwin
family, numerous inquiries have been made for the first vol-
ume of the Bocking registers, which always resulted fruit-
lessly. Recently Mr. Eothrop Withington, the antiquary of
London, not feeling satisfied with the previous attempts to
learn of this register, caused a more thorough search to be
made, with the result that the sheets were found in a roll
lying in the safe where they perhaps had been for more than
sixty years.

Mr. Withington writes, — "The sheets found, then loose,
have since been bound up; they correspond in date to the
census of 1830-1; before which time the sheets missing (as
shown both by dates & numbering of folios, where folios are
numbered) must have been lost. The book is in excellent
state throughout; all leaves of the Jacobian transcript are
signed by the vicar and churchwardens."

It will be noticed that the dates given for the Registers are
the beginning and ending of the record, no mention being
made of any incompleteness therein.


In volume I, records are wanting as follows:

Baptisms, March 23, 1571 to May 5, 1583; April 28, 1588
to October 8, 1592; and October 21, 1599 to (October?) 12,

Burials, August, 1580 to September, 1583.

Marriages, May 24, 1613 to September 3, 1618.

Also between the first and second volumes there is a total
lack of records as follows: Baptisms, 1605 to 1655; Burials,
1627 to 1655; Marriages, 1639 to 1655.

Unfortunately these omissions occur at a time when all
possible information is desired regarding the families of that
region, many of whom emigrated to America.

That other persons interested in their English ancestry
may be saved the trouble of searching for these records,
this volume is printed.

Jamks J. Goodwin.

Hartford, Conn., January, 1903.

"FOL. 2."

Baptismi 1 56 1.
Willmus Clarke bapt. 4.
Johannes Thirsbie bapt. 5.
Eduardus Thirsbie bapt. 5.
Margareta Harding bapt. 13.
Johanes Turner bapt. 14.
Margareta Kyug bapt. 20.
Johannes Cowman bapt. 23.
Gracia Turner bapt. 25.
Willmus Gardiner bapt. 30.

Richardus Skiner bapt. 3.
Barbara Jonson bapt. 10.
Richardus Garrat bapt. 20.
Maria Upcher bapt. 20.
Springe bapt. 26.

Agnicia Wesbye bapt. 8.

Robertus Hay ward bapt. 5.
Willmus Hull bapt. 14.
Alicia Sander bapt. 28.


Anne Osborne bapt. 2.
Daniel Brier bapt. 2.
Jana Springe bapt. 26.


Johanes Frynde bapt. 5.
Edwardus Wentworth bapt. 7.
Johanes I,awsell bapt. 5.
Willmus Eamson bapt. 25.
Jona Ussher bapt. 27.


Willmus Corn well bapt. i8.
Willnius Ballard bapt. 25.
Thomas Smyth bapt. 29.

Jonas Gutter bapt. 2.
Richardus Winkfild bapt. 2.
Johanes Andrew bapt. 8.
Robertus Smyth bapt. 15.
Edmundus Rothman bapt. 15.
Richardus Ussher bapt. 22,
Eduardus Turner bapt. 22.

Baptismi 1 56 1.
Martha Bacon bapt. i.
Robertus Badcocke bapt. 7.
Thomas Ay let bapt. 8.
Thomas Abraham bapt. 8.
Johanes Archer bapt. 8.
Johanes Fytch bapt. 8.
Magdalen Tyler bapt. 8.
Maria Ansell bapt. 23.
Johanes EHice bapt. 24.
Richardus Bucke bapt. 24.

Anno 1562.

Jonas Gutter bapt. 28.

Thomas Dowe bapt. 29.

Johanes Edes filius Johnis bapt. 30.

Eduardus Goodwin bapt. 20.

Richardus Crowch bapt. 13.
vSara Bereman bapt. 16.
Johanes Edes filius Hereci bapt. 16.
Anna Crowch bapt. 24.


Nathaniell Fryth bapt. 7.
Thomas Rj^tchal bapt. 21.

Robertus Curry bapt. 12.
Anna More bapt. 12.
Richardus Web bapt. 16.
Richardus Osborn filius Thomae bapt. 26.

Jobaues Chandler bapt. 6.
Johanes Butler bapt. 6.
Georgius Clarke bapt. 16.
Willmus Houyly bapt. 23.
Johanes Drake bapt. 23.
Robertus Clarke bapt. 23.
Blanch King bapt. 23.

Susanna Ungly bapt. 16.
Thomas Upcher bapt. 16.
Willmus Amys bapt. 27.

John Smyth. william Kente.


[end of page i.]

Baptismi 1562.
Margareta Smythe bapt. 4.
Rahab Person bapt. 4.
Richardus Bere bapt. 15.
Maria Evered bapt. 24.

Richardus Freman bapt. 8.
Rebecca Wickam bapt. 15.
Pri.scilla Goodwin bapt. 15.
Joana Stephen bapt. 15.



Maria Ward bapt. 13.
Johanes Coke bapt. 17.
Elizabetha Gent bapt. 26.
Robertus Goodwin bapt. 26.
Johanes Sadler bapt. 26.
Elizabetha Bollocke bapt. 26.

Ann Clayton bapt. i.
Franciscus Gala way bapt. i.
Tymothie Bruer bapt. 3.
Katarina Prat bapt. 6.
Richardus Dier bapt. 10.
Thomas Smyth bapt. 17.
Maria Tliirsbie bapt. 27.
Susanna George bapt. 31.
Alicia Person bapt. 31.
Susanna Shawe bapt. 31.
Johanes Ussher bapt. 31.

Margareta Port way bapt. 2.
Achier Portway bapt. 2.
Priscilla Abraham bapt. 7.
Eduardus Kater bapt. 21.
Thomas Hunt bapt. 24.
Johanes Edes bapt. 26.
Susanna Browne bapt. 28.

Franciscus Tayler bapt. 13.
Johanes Nicolle bapt. 13.
Johanes Gutter bapt. 21.
Rychardus Sympson bapt. 25.

Baptismi 1563.

Johanes Pigram bapt. 28.
Dorathy Mixer bapt. 28.



Gracia Harlo bapt. 4.
Jane Dowe bapt. 8.
Timothie Wolward bapt. 8.
Jona Smyth bapt. 10.
Ricliardus Badcocke bapt. i,
Judith Bacon bapt. 18.


Jeremie Reve bapt. 16.
Johanes Lawsell bapt. li.

Anna Wentworth bapt. 3.
Jona Skynner bapt. 4.
Egidius Campian bapt. 5.
Maria Leverich bapt. 6.
Joseph Ivoveday bapt. 10.

Eduardus May bapt. 4.
Franciscus Archer bapt. 8.
Margareta Smyth bapt. 31.

Margareta Fytch bapt. 29.




Johanes Woodward bapt. 4.
Franciscus Springe bapt. 21.

Jeremias Harding bapt. 24.
Richardus Rery bapt. 24.


Judith Tyler bapt. i.
Denice Badcocke bapt. 7.
Johanes Ansell bapt. 24.
Susanna Warde bapt. 25.



Jael Wesby bapt. 5.
Anna Ungly bapt. 6.
Jane Clarke bapt. 19.
Thomas Turner bapt. 19.

[end of page 2.]

"FoL. 3."

Baptismi 1563.

Parnell Smyth bapt. 9.
Adam Tabor bapt. 19.
Georgiiis Sympson bapt. 23.
Margeria Coke bapt. 30.

Amos Andrew bapt. 12.

Johanes Evan bapt. 2.
EHzabeth King bapt. 6.
Alicia Dowe bapt. 1 1 .

Anno dni. 1564.
Samuell Hay ward bapt. 3.
Johanes Shorie bapt. 16.
Willmus Smyth bapt. 16.
Thomas Crowch bapt. 16.
Maria Osborne bapt. 25.


Margeria Hunt bapt. i.
Jane Braynhod bapt. 11.
Susanna Galliway bapt. 28.
Richard us Dier bapt. 31.



June. ^J>'']^^ V*^!-,^,

Sara Upcher bapt. 4. - . ^"^ { ^\ ^V, U^

Josias Goodwin bapt. 4. &^ ' jl 5iM yj^

Anis Sander bapt. 4. ^ . ^^'''^ r ^ " f^J^^

Eduardus Gutter bapt. 28. -^^ M- aT

Christoplierus Andrew bapt. 8. Yy^

Abdias Andrew bapt. 8. 0-^

Abdias Hudswell bapt. 9. ^ ri^

Roda Ballard bapt. 16. ^^^

Guililnis Curry bapt. 21.
Ann Harvey bapt. 23.

Margerita Baldwin bapt. 6.
Henricus Wentworth bapt. 9.
Jeremias Badcock bapt. 13.
Dorathia Bockford bapt. 23.

Franciscus Loveday bapt. 3.
Kdwardus Chapman bapt. 17.
Priscilla Fuller bapt. 17.
Andrew Osborne bapt. 19.
Johaues Freman bapt. 24.

Henricus Edes bapt. 8.
Jane Skiner bapt. 15.
Thomas Harvye bapt. 22.
Dorithia Harvye bapt. 22.
Rebecca Frend bapt. 22.
Jonas Cockerton bapt. 24.
Natlianiell Bacon bapt. 29.

Franciscus L^ovrance bapt. 5.
Maria Web bapt. 12.
Bridgitta Osborn bapt. 19.
Margeria Marchall bapt. 19.


the; register of the; church

Sainuell May bapt. 26.
Thomas lyawsell bapt. 26.
Edmundus Turner bapt. 30.


Jolianes Herde bapt. 2.
Franciscus Ay Hot bapt. 10.
Richardus Abraham bapt. 10.
Thomas Portvvay bapt. 21.
Andrew Clarke bapt. 24.


Elizabetha More bapt. 7.
Margareta King bapt. 7.
Susanna Smyth bapt. 14.
Robertus Ussher bapt. 2 1 ,
Johanes Butler bapt. 28.


Willmus Ussher bapt. 2.
Willmus Moule bapt. 2,
Henricus Goodwin bapt. 24.
Maria Crowch bapt. 25.
Martha Warde bapt. 25.


Jona Fylde bapt. 8.
Anne Smythe bapt. 15.

Anno dni. 1565.

Abraham Bucke bapt. 15.
Thomas Potter bapt. 15.
Philiuion Myxer bapt. 23,
Anna Woodward bapt. 24.
Susanna Browne bapt. 24,
Georgius Browne bapt. 24.



Richardus Abraham bapt. 6.
Elizabetha Bacon bapt. 13.
Thomas Dowe bapt. 31.

John Smyth. wilHam Kente. STEVENES.

[end of page 3.]

Baptismi 1565.

Barbara George bapt. 12.
Margareta Tibbold bapt. 25.

Johanes Tottredge bapt. 8.
Richardus Fytch bapt. 8.
Johanes Butler bapt. 9.
Barbara Amys bapt. 15.
Maria Ouerall bapt. 22.
Georgius Shawe bapt. 22.


Margareta Unglie bapt. 5.
Maria Loveday bapt. 19.
Maria Prat bapt. 19.
Jane Buckford bapt. 26.
Mylcent Sadler bapt. 26.
Robertas Archer bapt. 26.


Henricus Curry bapt. 9.
Elizabetha Butcher bapt. 16.
Georgius Halle bapt. 16.
Jonas Richman bapt. 30.


Torner bapt. 3.

Johanes Badcocke bapt. 28.


Elizabetha Campy bapt. ii.
Willmus Skyiiner bapt. ii.
Richard us Crumiiell bapt, ii.
Thomas Harvey bapt. 14.
Willmus Sparke bapt. 21,
Richardus Springe bapt. 25.

Thomas Andrew bapt. 3.
Dorithia Kempen bapt. 9.
Judith Rost bapt. 9.
Priscilla Harding bapt. 16.
Willmus Harding bapt. 30.

Anthonis King bapt. 6.
Franciscus Lavender bapt. 13.
Sara Andrew bapt. 13.
Amy Archer bapt. 27.
Richardus Butler bapt. 27.

Thomas Osborne bapt. 2.
Priscilla Bilingale bapt. 24.
Agnes Hues bapt. 24.
Jaena Kyng bapt. 24.
Johanes Gangley bapt. 24.

Thomas Chapman bapt. 3.
Thomas Cavell bapt. 3.
Joana Rery bapt. 3.
Jonas Hutte bapt. 10.
Nicholaius Clarke bapt. 24.

Anno dni 1566.
Christopherus Osborne bapt. 15.
Margarita Butcher bapt. 15.
Katerina Dowe bapt. 28.



Jonas Windle bapt. 19.
Thomas Marshall bapt. 19.
Maria Horton bapt. 26.

Johanes Badcocke bapt. 16.
Margarita Smyth bapt. 23.
Maria Street bapt. 30.
Amy Coke bapt. 30.


Elizabetha Baldwin bapt. 14.
Johanes Speere bapt. 27.

Guihelms Overall bapt. 5.
Thomas Freman bapt. 5.
Guilielms Parnill bapt. 5.
Anna Dowe bapt. 12.
Elizabetha Crowcli bapt. 12.
Margarita Jonson bapt. 18.
Elizabetha Turner bapt. 18.
Elizabetha Garlond bapt. 25.

[end of page 4.]

"FOL. 4."

Baptismi 1566.

Georgius Dyer bapt. i.
Thomas Archer bapt. 7.
Eduardus Chapman bapt. 15.
Priscilla Goodwin bapt. 22.
Franciscus Ryley bapt. 22.

Marthia Laye filia Eawreutij bapt. 11.
Ricus Smallbrooke filius Robti bapt. 13.


Margarita Campion filia Guiliel bapt. 13.
Hericus Hearde filius Henrici bapt. 27.
Elizabetha Woodland filia Rici bapt. 27.

Jacobus Osbourn filius Thome bapt. 10.
Johanna Bucke filia Richardi bapt. 10.
Anna Frith filia Johannis bapt. 10.

Petrus Hutt filius Guilielmi bapt. 8.
Richardus Cater fihus Richardi bapt. 15.
Stephanus Taber filius Richardi bapt. 22.
Giulielms Hudswell filius Robti bapt. 22.
Anna Springe filia Thome bapt. 22.

Johanna Penifather filia Johannis bapt. 12,
Giulielmus Frende filius Thome bapt. 19.
Georgius Ansell filius Georgij bapt. 19.
Johanes Braynvvod filius Robti bapt. 19.
Johanes Hall filius Giulielmi bapt. 16.

Philippus Bacon filius Thome bapt. 2.
Johannes Wolwarde filius Henrici bapt. 9.
Amie Smith filia Thome bapt. 12.
Johannes Fuller filius Johanis bapt. 23.
Priscilla Aniys filia Giulielmi bapt. 25.
Priscilla Hunt filia Caroli Hunt bapt. 26.

Johaima Wesbie filia Johannis bapt. 13.
Frauncis Goodwin filia Johanis bapt. 16.
Amie Abraham filia Richardi bapt. 16.

Anno 1567.

Johannes Camps filius Thome bapt. 30.
Emma Ballard filia Guilielmi bapt. 31.


Richardiis Rerie filins Robert! bapt. 6.
Sara Turner filia Henrici bapt. 20.

Alicia Wakefield filia Stephani bapt. 4.

Susanna Smith filia Johanis bapt. i .
Agneta Saunders filia Johanis bapt. 6.


Clara Dier filia Richardi bapt. 4.
Simeon Beckwortli filius Rici bapt. 13.

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