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Dated, R. chancellor, at Buref. (c. 1135.) \Wiih seal hvoken^


ED G WORTH. License of alienation granted to Jerome Jefferyes
and Mary his wife, to enable them to assign to William Jones alias
Lewes a messuage, garden, 20 acres of land, and 4 acres of wood,
with appurtenances at Edgworth, co. Gloucester, held of the King in
capite. Dated at Westminster, 2 Dec, 14 Chas. I. Ch. 4.

EWELEGH. Final concord made at Canterbury on the morrow /^

of the octave of SS. Peter and Paul, 6 Hen. Ill, by which Peter de U"^ '^
Eulegh remits and quit-claims to Henry, the abbot of Gloucester and
his successors, all his right in the advowson of the church of Ewelegh.

Ch. 9.

GLOUCESTER (St. Peter's abbey). Grant from King Stephen ^^^, ^
to the abbot and monks of St. Peter's of freedom from toll throughout ^""^"^
the kingdom, (c. 1135.) [With seal broken.']

Dated at Gloucester. Ch. 6.

The confirmation of Magna Carta by King Henry III [2nd of his ^'^ "^
reign] with the seals of the legate and earl Marshall. Ch. 8.

Confirmation by King Henry III 6f Magna Carta and the Cizrtaj J^ CyUrw^
de Foresta.

Dated at Westminster, 2 8 Jan., 2 1 st of his reign. [ With great seal^ i>tgiMj

Ch. 10. J







Confirmation of the 3mgna Carta and the Carta de Foresta of King
Henry III, by King Edward I.

Dated at Lincoln, 14 Feb., 29 Ed. L [With great seal.'] Ch. 26.

Agreement between Gilbert, lord Talbot of Castell Godricli, of the
^ one part, and Walter, the abbot, and convent of St. Peter's, Gloucester,
r^^ of the other, by which the said Gilbert grants to the said abbot and
convent the lasher-pool and fishery of ' Fromelod ' and the soil adjacent
called * Coliescroft.'

Dated at London, 18 Feb., 9 Hen. IV. [With seal] Ck 10*.

GLOUCESTER (City of). Indenture made 25 Feb., 21 Ed. IV,
^ by which Thomas Saundres of Brystowe, gent., gives to Thomas
I / Morgan and Thomas Kyngescote a tenement in Smythestrete in the
town of Gloucester. Ch. 11.

Arthur Cole, clerk, grants to an annual rent

or annuity from a tenement in the town of Gloucester for the term of
y ^' his life. [Mutilated.]
7' Dated 20 August 24 Hen. VII (?). Ch. 12.

Grant of arms to the city of Gloucester by Christopher Barker,
garter, 30 Hen. VIII. [Original^ with seals ^^ Ch. 13.

{L^ TEMPLE-GUYTING. Indenture by which sir William Weston,
P kt., prior of the hospital of St. John of Jerusalem, and the knights

of the same, demise unto John Stradford of their tithe of

Temple Guyttyng for 40 years, at an annual rent of £20.

Dated 27 June, 1533, 25 King Henry VIII. Ch. 17.

KINSTANLEY. Institution by Godfrey, bishop of Gloucester,
# % of James Chadwicke, clerk, M.A., to the rectory of Kinstanley.
IV Dated at le Wyneard near the city of Gloucester, 17 May, 1630.

•~ "^ ^ a. 4*.

LONGENEYE. Stephen, son and heir of Robert Agu of
Longeneye, with the consent of his father, acknowledges to have
endowed Agnes, daughter of William Saundres of Longeneye, his
wife, at the church door of Longeneye, on Wednesday next after the
feast of St. Barnabas the apostle, 5 Ed. Ill, being the day he espoused
her, with the third part of a messuage and one virgate of land in
Longeneye. [With seal.] Ch, 14.

WHICCLEVE, BREME, and COLFORD. Henry Parcye of
Colford, in performance of an indenture bearing date 18 Oct., 30 Hen.
VIII, grants to William Parcye his son and heir apparent all his
messuages, lands, etc. in the above places, and appoints Edmund
Barowe his attoniey to give seisin of the same.

Dated 19 January, 30 Hen. VIII. Ch. 15.

STANEDIS. Final concord made at Gloucester, 30 Hen. II,
5 March, by which Odierna, wife of William, son of William the
provost, acknowledges the right of the abbot and convent of Gloucester



to 20 acres of land in Stanedis. For this agreement the said abbot
and convent granted to the said Odierna and her heirs for ever, one
half virgate of land in Stanedis which William her husband held.

Ch. 7.

STOW on the WOLD. Fine dated at Westminster, Hilary Term,
5 Geo. I, by which John Chamberlayne and Joan his wife quit-claim,
etc. to Anne Freeman, widow, their right in a messuage, garden,
orchard, and land in the parish of Stowe on the Wold, for which the
said Anne paid to the said John and Joan X200 sterling. Ch. 24.

Duplicate of no. 24. Ch. 25.

TAINTON (Great). Matilda, formerly wife of John Clerk of
Great Teynton, quit-claims to John Coli all right, etc. to lands and
tenements in Great Teynton,

Dated at Kempeley the Sunday next before the feast of St. Mark,
evangelist, 15 Ed. III. [With seal.l Ch. 16.

TEWKESBURY (Abbey B.V.M. at). Randle Finegal, for the
health of his soul, and his heir, Reginald Finegal, and of Margaret
his wife, with the consent of the said Reginald, grants to the church of
the B.V.M. of Tewkesbury in frankalmoigne the whole of that land
which is called Neuland. (c. 1200.) Ch. iS.

John L .... of Tewkesbury grants to John Whythe of the same
place a burgage which he lately acquired by the feoffment of Agnes
de Cryckelade in the village of Tewkesbury.

Dated at Tewkesbury the Thursday next after the feast of
St. Michael * in monte tumba,' 5 Rich. II. Ch. 1 9.


BASINGSTOKE. Mandate from King Charles I to John, lord
Finch, keeper of the great seal, to issue letters patent containing an
Inspeximus of the grant of the house of the brotherhood in Basingstoke,
3 and 4 Philip and Mary.

Dated 30 May, 16 Chas. I. Hampshire Charters, 2.

BEBEFOHD. John Stoford, son and heir of Joan Prikemere,
grants to William Peracourt the whole of a messuage in the village of
Bereford St. Martin's.

Dated at Bereford aforesaid the Sunday on the feast of St.
Michael, 16 Rich. II. [With seal] Ch, 3.

kt., and others, appoint Henry Rawe and others their attornies to
receive in their name of sir John Seymour of Wolfale, co. Wilts, kt.,
possession of the manor of Elnetham in county of Southampton, and
the manors of Laurence Lydyrard and Shipton Beauchamp, co.
Somerset. Dated 4 Nov., 20 Hen. YII. Ch. 4.

G 2


EXBURY, PAWLY, BWOKENHURST, etc. Final concord
dated Michaelmas, 8 Q. Anne, by which John Gretnam and Joane his
wife, Daniel Edwards and Elizabeth his wife, and John Burton,
acknowledge the right of Joseph Sheppard to a common of pasture
and a common of turbary in Exbury, Fawly, Bwokenhurst, and the
New Forest, for which he gave £60 sterling. Ch. 5.

FREMANTELL. Roll of expenses for the king's park of
Fremantell, 4 Hen. VII. [Mutilated.'] Ch. 6.

Mutilated roll indorsed, ' 1 8 Hen. VII. Compotus Johannis Waller
vicecomitis co. Southampton de diversis custibus et expensis, etc., pro
parco de Fremantell.' Ch. 7.

GUERNSEY (Island of). Letters patent of George, bishop of

"Winton, confirming to John Saumarez, clerk, dean of Guernsey, all

the rights and ecclesiastical jurisdiction belonging to his office as dean.

Dated 14 July, 1664. Ch. 14.

HANTS. Memorandum of the descent of the family of De Quincy,
earls of Winchester, from Robert, earl of Mellent, showing their right
{inter alia) to the manor of Buckeby, co. Northampton, (c. 1440.)

Ch. I.

Roll of accounts of "William Uvedale, sheriff of Southampton, 3 Hen.
VII. [Mutilated.'] Ch. 11.

LAURENCE WOOTTON. Admission by the commissioners for
approbation of public preachers of Mr. William Manning, clerk, to
the church of Laurence Wootton in the county of Southampton on the
presentation of William Withers, esq., the patron.

Dated at Whitehall, 25 June, 1656. Ch. 8.

LEMYNGTON. A certificate of the appointment of Robard
Osborne by George Kent, mayor of New Lemyngton, and other
burgesses, to collect and receive alms for the building of a bridge at
Bolder in the said parish. Dated there, 19 Feb., 16 Ed. IV. Ch. 9.

LINEENHOLT. Certificate of the institution of Richard Spicer,
M.A., to the rectory of Linkenholt, co. Southampton, by George,
bishop of Winchester. Dated 4 May, 1683. Ch. 16.

MOTLESTON. Indenture made 20 September, 10 Chas. I, by
which Robert Dillington of Knighton in the Isle of Wight, baronet,
grants to Barnabas Leigh of Shortwell, Isle of Wight, esquire, the
manors of Motleston and Knighton in the parish of Newchurch, together
with other lands for the term of 28 days. Ch. 10.

STOKBRIDGE. William de Gamel of Stockbridge grants to
William the miller and his heirs three deals of meadow in the
meadows of * Benetleus ' [) Bentley] which Osbert Bust held of him.
(c. 1230-40.) Ch. 12.

SWATHLYNG and HERTELE. Portion of a manor court
roll for the manors of Swatlyne and Hertele held the morrow of
St. Nicholas, 10 Rich. II. Ch. 13.

WOODHAY (East). Adam, bishop of Winchester, grants to


Walter Zele his chamberlain certain land in the parish of Wydehay.
(c. 1340.) Ch. 15.

ALVEESTOKE and GOSPORT. The account of John Browne,
bailiff of Alverstoke, from the loth to the nth of Charles I and the
3rd year of Walter Curie, bishop of Winchester, and the account of
James Bell, bailiff of Gosport, for the same year. Hampshire Rolls, i.

ASSHEMERSWORTH. The account of Arthur Wescote,
farmer, and of John Thurman, collector of the rents there, for one
year to Michaelmas, 12 Elizabeth. Rolls, 2.

CHILBOLTON. The bailiff's account for the manor of Chil-
bolton in the county of Southampton for the year 1365 and the 4th
of sir Hugh, prior of Winchester. Rolls, 3.

MANYDOWNE MANOR. The account of Thomas Baff,
farmer, and Richard Jamblevey, collector of the rents of the manor of
Manydowne in 1484, and 15th year of Thomas Hunton, prior of
Winchester. Rolls, 22.

WALTHAM (North). The accounts of the bailiffs of the bishops
of Winchester for the manor of North Waltham from 15 Hen. VI to
. . Eliz. (18 rolls), viz. : —

(i) John Cole, 1435-6. Rolls, 4.

(2) The same, 1445-6. Rolls, 5.

(3) The same, 1446-7. Rolls, 6.

(4) Geoffrey Baker, 1468-9. Rolls, 7.

(5) Nicholas Lamvale, 1484-5. . Rolls, 8.

(6) The same, 1489-90. Rolls, 9.

(7) The same, 1 490-1. Rolls, 10.

(8) The same, 149 1-2. Rolls, 11.

(9) Duplicate, 149 1-2. Rolls, 12.

(10) The same, 1494-5. Rolls, 13.
(n) The same, 1495-6. Rolls, 14.

(12) The same, 1496-7. Rolls, 15.

(13) The same, 1498-9. Rolls, 16.

(14) The same, 150 1-2. Rolls, 17.

(15) The same, 1519-20. Rolls, 18.

(16) James Rumbold, 1 570-1. Rolls, ig.
{17) The same, 1573-4. Rolls, 20.
(18) James Yates {undated). Rolls, 21.

mote held at Whitchurch, 1391. Hundred court of Evingar held at
Whitchurch same year. Court held at Husseborne the Saturday 4
November, 1391. Rolls, 23.


WHITCHUIICH and EVYNGAR. View of frankpledge with
portmote, held at Whitchurch, 3 Nov. 1496, and 1497-

View of frankpledge with hundred, held at Evyngar same day and
year as Whitchurch. Rolls , 24.


BILLINGHAM. Certificate by Robert le Wright, justice of the
peace for Middlesex, of the marriage of sir John Scudamore, late of
Billingham, co. Hereford, bart., and the lady Margaret, daughter of
sir George Crymes of Peckham, co. Surrey, kt.

Dated 24 July, 1656. Uerefon^shire Charter s^ 2.

CLIFPORD (Priory of). Gilbert Hannyeys, the prior, and
convent of Clifford, grant to Howel ap . . . . a messuage and certain
parcels of land under le Harewode. (c. 1420.) [Mutilated^ Ch. 3.

DAGLINGWORTH. A convention between Bartholomew
Erchumband of Cirencester and Richard de Beenham concerning
the dowry of Constance, wife of the said Richard, in the village of
Daglingworth. Dated i Ed. I. Ck. 4.

EGLETON. Court roll held 14 May, 9 Henry VII, beifore John
Breynton, seneschal. Ch. 8.

HEREFORD. Licence from Thomas [Spofford], bishop of
Hereford, to sir Walter Devereux, kt., and EHzabeth his wife, for
the celebration of mass in any place within the diocese of Hereford,
without prejudice to the mother churches, for three years.

Dated in the house of the rector of Ross, 15 April, 1445.
[With seal] Ch. i.

Richard de Medymor, son of Walter de Medymor, quit-claims to
the church of St. Mary and St. Ethelbert, and the dean and chapter
there, all right in the lands and rents of four of his men, for which they
gave the said Richard 2^ marks of silver, (c. 1270.) Ch. 6.

Extract from the book called ' Nomina Villarum ' in the exchequer
concerning the city of Hereford, (c. 1500.) Ch. ^.

The whole tax of the city of Hereford, amounting to £46 14s. id.
[On the reverse is a vegetable prescription.] Ch. 9.

* The canons' fee in Hereford by John Shepenhams dayes, being mere
sessyd for payment of par lament sylver.' (c. 1560.) Ch. i^.

Indenture made 20 March, 4 Chas. I, by which Francis Phillpotts
of the city of Hereford quit-claims to John Best, D.D., and Francis
Kerry, D.D., his right to certain houses in the city of Hereford. Ch. 14.

Indenture made 5 Feb., 11 James I, by which Robert, bishop of
Hereford, leases to Anne Doughtie and others the mansion, canon
house in Hereford, to hold the same during the life of the said parties
at an annual rent of six shillings and eightpence. [With seal] Ch. 15.



Receipts signed by Francis [Godwin], bishop of Hereford, for various

sums for the subsidy of i June, 163 1, from the dean and chapter of

Hereford, &c. Ch. 16.

Two receipts, dated 8 Oct., 164 1, signed by George Leak for rent

due to the king in Hereford. Ch. 17.

Appointment of Francis Kerie, S.T. P., as proctor of Jonathan

Browne, dean of Hereford, for the admission of Henry Rogers, S. T. R,

to the prebend oi Fratum major. Dated 24 Feb., 1641. Ch. iS.

Letters patent of King Charles II, granting to George Benson,

clerk, the office of archdeacon of Hereford.

Dated at Westminster, 19 July, 12 Chas. II. Ch, 19.

LYDNEY. Bond given by Thomas Gethinge alias MarbuU of
Hereford, yeoman, to the dean and chapter of Hereford, in a sum of
40 marks to keep the condition of certain indentures concerning a
lease of the parsonage of Lydney.

Dated 15 January, 38 Hen. VIII. Ch. 10.

Indenture made 15 January, 38 Hen. VIII, by which the dean and
chapter of Hereford demise to Thomas Gethinge, otherwise Merbull,
of Hereford, their parsonage of Ledeney and chapel of St. Brevell,
for 29 years, at an annual rent of £16 68. Sd. Ch. 11.

Indenture made 18 Dec, 3 Elizabeth, by which the dean and
chapter of Hereford, in consideration of the sum of £10, demise unto
Roger Brougham their parsonage of Lydney and the chapel of
St. Brevell's for 60 years, paying annually £16 6s. Sd. Ch. 12.

TADYNTON. Mutilated roll of tenants of a manor commencing,
' U. Waltero Yerwarth Vicario de Tadynton qui tenet secundum cons'
manerii per cojpiam Cur* unum Mes^ cum j Clans' adjac nwper in
tenur' Hugonis Taillor e. r. p. a.' Ch. 20.

WHOLHOPE. An exemplification of documents filed in the court
of the marches of Wales in a cause between Henry Lane of Wholhope,
plaintiff", and sir Nicholas Walwin, master of St. Ethelbert's almshouses,
Hereford, defendant, concerning a lease of lands in Buckenhill, delivered
to Richard Cam upon his petition.

Dated at Gloucester, 5 August, 36 Q. Eliz. [With seal.] Ch. 22.

WILTON. Indenture made 18 Feb., 41 Elizabeth, by which lord
Grey of Wilton demises to Charles Wake of London, a close called the
*' ould orchard ' in the lordship of Wilton, and six acres of land in Wilton
field, six acres in Peterslome field, and a cottage and garden at the
Poole myll, &c., for five hundred years, at a yearly rent of a peppercorn.

Ch. 21.

WORCESTER. Stephen, called abbot of Dore, and the convent
of the same, confirm to Adam de Stratford, skinner, of Worcester, all
their land in Worcester which was Christiana Godefray's, at an annual
rent to themselves of one pound of cummin, and to the prior and
convent of Worcester 6d (c. 1230.) Ch. 5.



Court rolls of the above manors (part of the possessions of the dean
and chapter of Hereford) from 1274 to 1405. (35 rolls.)

Herefordshire Rolls, 1-34.

HEREFORD (Bishoprick of). The accounts of all and singular
the bailiffs, provosts, and other ministers of the rt. rev. John, bishop
of Hereford, from Michaelmas, 37 Hen. VIII, to the same feast,
38 Hen. VIII. [Fine roll of 21 membranes.] Rolls, 35.

HEREFORD. An agreement between the dean and chapter of
Hereford and the mayor and citizens of Hereford, to show certain
documents to substantiate the right of the dean and chapter to
jurisdiction within the city of Hereford, with the replies of the mayor,
&c. to the documents produced. Rolls, 36.

A paper roll (heading gone) of rents issuing out of various parishes
in the city of Hereford and elsewhere, belonging to the dean and
chapter of Hereford. Rolls, 37.

Rental of the canons within the city of Hereford. (Temp. Hen. VII.)

Rolls, 38.

LEDBURY (Hospital of). The account of Francis Kerie, S.T.P.,
keeper of the hospital of Ledbury, from Michaelmas, 1640, to 1641.

Rolls, 39.


BAYFORD. "William Hykman alias Barbour of Hertford appoints
Gilbert att Hill of Bayford his attorney to give seisin to Henry Coke
and Gilbert Foster of lands, &c. in Bayford.

Dated the Sunday next after the feast of St. John the Baptist,
4 Ed. IV. Hertfordshire Charters, i.

Thomas atte Wode, late of Bayford, gentleman, quit-claims to Henry
Coke of Bayford all his right to and in certain lands in the county of
Hertford which he, the said Thomas, lately had in conjunction with
others by the gift and concession of Philip Clement, late of Bayford,
deceased. Dated 24 Nov., 7 Ed. IV. Ch, 2.

Walter Hanham of Chesthimte grants to Agnes, formerly wife of
Philip atte Hell of Little Berkhampstead, and John their son of
Beyford, all those lands, &c. which were Thomas atte Grene's in
Beyford and elsewhere in the county of Hertford.

Dated at Beyford on the feast of AU Saints, 7 Hen. VI.
[With seai:\ Ch. 2*.

Charter (indented), being the award of William Langford, Thomas
Birch of Hertford, William Gierke otherwise Sutton, and William Roe
of Hoddisdon, arbitrators chosen to settle a dispute between John
Wightman of Hertford of one part and Richard Hill of Hoddison of
the other part, concerning the title and right to certain land in Bayford.
Dated 10 June, 3 Hen. VII. Ch. 3.

Sir William Say, kt., and John Foster, clerk, quit-claim to Robert


Wyghtman, son and heir of John Wightman of Bayford, all their right
in certain lands and tenements in Bayford, formerly Walter Hanham's,
late of Cheshunt. Dated 7 July, 2 1 Hen. VII. Gh. 4.

John Horrdwood, brother and heir of Benedict Horrdwood, grants
to William Humfrey of Bayford and others, a messuage and 14 acres
of land in the village and fields of Bayford.

Dated at Bayford, i March, 1 1 Hen. VIII. Ch. 5.

John Benet and William Coke, at the instance of Agnes Umfrey,
widow, Robert Longe, and Robert Gaunt, executors of William Umfrey,
deceased, demise to Timothy Knyghton, Joan his wife, and John his
son, a tenement of the said William Umfreys in Baj^ord.

Dated at Bayford, 23 Feb., 14 Hen. VIII. Ch. 6.

BERKHAMPSTEAD. Convention (indented) made the Sa-
turday next after the feast of the Assumption of the B.V.M., 40
Hen. Ill, by which Bernard fitz-Ralph lets to farm to John, son of
Adam Gossalmer, the whole of his capital messuage, mill, &c., wliich
were Osbert le Ster's in Berchamstede, at an annual rent of 28s.
[With seal] Ch. 'j.

BRODWATER and WICCHE (Hundreds of). Peter .... is
bound to sir John Carbonel, sheriff of Essex and Hertford, in a sum

of for the custody of the hundreds of Brodwater and

Wicche from Easter, 20 Ed. I, to the feast of the nativity of the
B.V.M. [Illegible, with seal] Ch. "j*.

CHESHUNT. Copy of the will of William Tutty of Cheshunt,
CO. Hertford, made 15 Feb., 17 Greo. II. Ch. 8.

HERTFORDSHIRE. Receipt given by Toresmus le Pape,
merchant of Florence, to John Carbonel, sheriff of Hertfordshire, for
£15 of silver from the lands and goods of John de Balliol, in part
payment of £8 1 1 35. 4c?.

Dated the Saturday next after the octave of St. Michael, 20 Ed. I.

Appointment of sir John Grore as deputy lieutenant of the county of
Hertford, by Lawrence, earl of Rochester, and lord lieutenant of the said
county. Signed and dated 5 January, 1687. Ch. 10.

MYMS (North.). Bond given by Philip Conyngesbye of Twigmore,
CO. Lincoln, to sir Ralph Conjnigesbye of North Myms, co. Hertford,
kt., to secure payment of £40.

Dated 18 June, 8 Jas. I. [With seals.] Ch. 11.

ROYSTON (Priory of). An acknowledgment that Richard
Higham, prior of Royston, has received the sum of six marks from
John Chapman, his farmer in Coddenham, co. Suffolk.

Dated 6 February, 17 Hen. VI. Ch. 12.

SACOMBE. John de Holt and Alice his wife attorn and in

their places appoint Robert Bray to receive seisin of the manor of

Savecomp, with the advowson of the church, which were Elizabeth's,

the wife of Roger de Elmerugge, in Staundon and Epcomp.

Dated at Northampton the Monday next after the feast of the
Annunciation B. V. M., 50 Ed. TIL Ch. 13.


Extract from the manor court roll of Savecomp held the Tuesday
next after St. Nicholas, bishop, 28 Hen. VL Agnes, late wife of
John TJpherst, sen., and John his son surrender to the use of John
Taylor and Katherine his wife a tenement and land in Elmedell.

a. 14.

Memorandum that at a view of frankpledge for Sacombe, of Philip
and Mary, held 22 April, 3 and 4 of their reign, by reason of the
minority of William Plompton, cousin and heir of Isabella Plompton,
widow, cousin and heir of Ralph Babthorpe, kt., Edward Snell sur-
renders into the lord's hands certain lands, to the use of Elizabeth
Snell and John Snell. Ch. 15.

SAWBRIDGEWORTH. Will of John Enever of Sawbridg-
worth, CO. Hertford, grocer, dated 6 December, 28 Chas. I. Ch. 16.

STICHEHACH. Margery, daughter of Ralph de Gavele, grants
to William, son of Simon de Thicheburst, for his homage and service,
one virgate of land in the village of Stichehach which is called
Reinhulle ; paying annually to the cook of St. Alban's los., and to the
said Margery and her heirs one pair of white gloves or one halfpenny ;
for this charter the said William gave i o marks, (c. 1 2 30.) [ With seal!\

Ch. 1 6*.

STORTFORD. John and Edward Willay grant to Richard Bede-
well of Stortford one acre of land in Stortford.

Dated 9 Dec, i and 2 Philip and Mary. Ch. 17.

Indenture made 2 June, 8 Hen. VIII, by which Thomas Grace of
Stortford, tanner, sells to John Wylley, citizen and grocer of London,
one croft of land containing 8 acres, which will descend to the said
Thomas after the death of John Grace his father. Ch. 17*.

ST. ALBAN'S (Monastery of). A public instrument attested
by John Vernon, notary public, by which John Buckmaster, vicar of
Shepale, belonging to an exempt jurisdiction of the abbey of St. Alban's,
resigns the said vicarage.

Dated 1492. Ch. 18.

WARE. Indenture made 10 April, 16 Elizabeth, by which the
lady Katherine, countess, and the now earl of Huntingdon, in con-
sideration of the receipt of 20s., sell to Robert Maryott the park of
Ware in the county of Herts. Ch. 19.

' Indenture made between Katherine, countess of Huntingdon, late wife
of Francis, earl of Huntingdon, deceased, and Thomas Ffanshawe, esq.,
by which she the said Katherine grants to the said Thomas the whole
of the lordship and manor of Ware to hold the same for ever at an
annual rent of £80.

Dated 21 June, 18 Q. Elizabeth. [With seaZ.] Ch. 20.

An exemplification at the request of sir George Hastings, kt.,
concerning the manor of Ware, co. Hertford, being the depositions on


the behalf of the younger children of Katherine, countess of Hun-
tingdon, against Thomas Fanshawe.

Dated, i8 April, 23 Elizabeth. [With seal] Ch. 21.

WESTON. John, duke of Norfolk, &c., grants to John Mow-
bray, earl AVarren and Surrey, and Elizabeth his wife, daughter of
John, earl of Shrewsbury, the manor of Weston near Baldok in the
county of Hertford, and all and singular those lands and tenements,
rents and services, in Chygwell and Gynge Margarete, in the county
of Essex, formerly belonging to Elizabeth his grandmother^ deceased.
Dated, 30 June, 29 Hen. VI. [Signed.] Ch. 21*.

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