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WIDFORD. Walter Smyth, Thomas Bedell, and John Plomer,
of Great Hadham, demise to John Scot, rector of Widford, and others,
all the lands, tenements, &c., which they had by the gift of William
Okholt and John Mundes, lying in different parcels in the fields of

Dated at Wydeford the Thursday after the Epiphany, 9 Hen. YI.

Ch. 22.

John Scot, rector of Wydeford, John Leventhorp, esq., and others
grant to John Elyot of Wydeford one toft and half an acre of land in

Dated at Wydeford, 10 January, 16 Hen. VI. Ch. 23.

John Leventhorp, jun., and others demise to Robert atte Mille, jun.,
and others all lands, &c., which they had by the gift of Walter Smyth,
Thomas Bedell, and John Plomer, in Wydeford.

Dated, 27 July, 25 Hen. YI. Ch. 24.

John Porys of Wydford grants to Thomas Wheler and others
certain lands, &c., in Widford.

Dated at Wydford, 9 October, 20 Ed. lY. Ch. 25.

John, son and heir of John Eliott of Wydeford, husbandman, grants

to Philip Conwey and others all his lands and tenements in Wydeford.

Dated at Wydford, 22 May, i Hen. YIII. Ch. 26.

John Mellys and Thomas Ellyott de Wydford, co. Hertford,
demise and confirm to Thomas Mellys and others all their lands lying
in divers parcels in the village and fields of Wydford.

Dated at Wydford, 12 June, 29 Hen. YIII. Ch. 27.

WINDERICHE. Indenture made 6 September, 4 Ed. YI, by
which Edmond Foster, gent., in consideration of the receipt of £116,
sells to Raynold Carte, gent., all his term of years in the site and
capitall mansion of Wynderiche granted to him from the crown by
letters patent bearing date 26 May, 3 Ed. YI. Ch. 28.

WELLING. Licence for solemnizing matrimony between Ni-
cholas Bonfoy of Welling, co. Herts., and Elizabeth Hale of Little
Ayot, Herts., at the chapel of Gray's Inn.

Dated, 17 October, 1701. Ch. 29.



HERTS. Exchequer Constat, being the account of sir John Gore,
kt., sheriff of the county of Hertford for the year 1654.

Hertfordshire Bolls, i.

Roll, dated 1663, containing a list of rectors, &c., within the
various deaneries of Hertfordshire who have not paid the tithes due
to the king. Eollsj 2.

SACOMBE. Copies of evidences delivered by William Plompton,
esq., to sir Philip Boteler, kt., after the sale of the manor of Sauccompe,
CO. Hertford. Dated 151 3. Bolls, 3.

TEMPLE-CHELSYN. View of frankpledge with court baron
of sir Ralph Saddeleyr, kt., for the manor of Temple Chelsyn from
3 Dec, 3 Ed. YI, to 3 June, 6 Ed. VI. (6 membranes.) Bolls, 4.

The same, from 21 June, 2 Elizabeth, to 29 Nov., 7 Elizabeth,
(i membrane.) Bolls, 5.

The same, held 19 June and 24 Sept., 8 Eliz. (i membrane.)

Bolls, 6.

The same, from 20 April, 13 Eliz., to 8 June, 24 Eliz. (i mem-
brane.) Bolls, 7.

The same, for i April, 25 Eliz. (i membrane.) Bolls, 8.

View of frankpledge with court baron of Henry Sadleir, esq., from
I June, 30 Eliz., to 28 Dec, 31 Eliz. (i memh-ane.) Bolls, 9.

Court baron of sir Philip Boteler, kt., held 21 June, 37 Q. Eliz.
View of frankpledge with court baron, held 9 March, 38 Q. Eliz.
(2 membranes.) Bolls, 10.

View of frankpledge and court baron of sir Philip Boteler, kt., held
9 March, 41 Elizabeth, (i membrane.) Bolls, 11.

Court baron of sir Philip Boteler, kt., held 29 July, 42 Elizabeth,
(i membrane.) Bolls, 12.

The same, from 3 April, 42 Eliz., to 9 April, 44 Eliz. (3 membranes.)

Bolls, 13.

The same, from 27 April, i Jas. I, to 11 April, 3 Jas. I.
(3 membranes.) Bolls, 14.

View of frankpledge with court baron of the lady Jane Botiler,
widow, dated 1608. (i membrane.) Bolls, 15.

The same for 16 Sept., 11 Jas. L (i membrane.) Bolls, 16.

The same for 22 Jan., 16 Jas. I. Bolls, 17.

Court baron of the lady Jane Boteler, widow, held ii October,
19 Jas. I, and 5 July, 20 Jas. I. (i membrane.) Bolls, 18.

WATTON ATTE STONE. Rental of Philip Botiller, esq.,
there taken, 6 October, 6 Hen. V. Bolls, 19.




ALCMUNDEBURY. William, son of Robert the smith of
Alcmundebyri, grants to Robert, son of Ralph of Little Stivecle, 4
selions of land in the fields of Alcmundebyri; for this grant the
said William paid one mark sterling, (c. 1260.)

Huntingdonshire Charters, i.

WANBRYGaH (Forest of). The metes and bounds of the
forest of Wanbryggh as set out in an inquisition taken 28 Ed. I.
[Copy.] Ch. 2.

Commission from Thomas Bruce, earl of Ailesbury, &c., lieutenant
of the county of Huntingdon, appointing Samuel Pepys, esq., a deputy
lieutenant for the above county. Dated 17 March, 1685. Ch. 3.

HUNTINGDON. Licence of alienation from Oliver Williams
alias Cromwell, kt., Elizabeth Williams alias Cromwell, widow of
Oliver Williams alias Cromwell, esq., and Elizabeth his wife, to
Richard Oakley, esq., and Richard Owen, gent., of a capital messuage
called *le Augustyne ffryers' alias 'Austine ffryers,' within the
town of Huntingdon, with all messuages, houses, &c., late in the
occupation of Elizabeth Williams alias Cromwell, widow.

Dated at Westminster, 20 May, 7 Chas. I. Ch. 4.

Citation from William, bishop of Lincoln, to the archdeacon of
Huntingdon, to appear with two proctors of his archdeaconry at a con-
vocation of the province of Canterbury in the church of St. Paul on
Thursday, 8 July, 1708. Ch. 5.

ST. NEOT'S. Simon Bret of St. Neot's grants to John Cros his
cousin the whole of that messuage which he had by the gift of Robert
West in the village of St. Neot's, excepting one chamber.

Dated at St. Neot's the Thursday next after the feast of St. Dunstan,
3 7 Ed. III. [ With seal] Ch. 6 .

Portion of the hundred roll for the county of Huntingdon, taken 6 (?)
Ed. I. Huntingdon Bolls, i.


BARHAM. Decision of Walter, archbishop of Canterbury, in a
dispute between John de Ros, rector of the church of Bisshoppesbourne
and chapel of Bereham, and the convent of St. Gregory, Canterbury,
concerning the great and little tithes of the demesne lands of Henry
de Bereham, decreeing that the said John and his successors should
take all the said tithes, and pay annually to the said convent six
marks. Dated at Lambeth, 2 Ides Aug., 13 15. Kent Charters, 149.

BONTTON-MALHERBE. John Childeston of Bontton-Mal-
herbe grants to Richard Tayllour and his heirs of Lenham, a certain



annual rent of 6s. Sd. from eight acres of land in the parish of

Dated there the Tuesday in Whitsun week, 37 Ed. III. Ch. 143.

BORDEN. William Wysinden and John atte Melle grant to
Stephen Baker two pieces of land, one called Knobhold, the other
Broc, in the parish of Bodrisden.

Dated at Bodrisden the Saturday next after the feast of the
Conversion of St. Paul, 40 Ed. III. Ch. 142.

BRABORN. The will of John Ramsey, priest, vicar of Braborn.
Dated 26 July, 3 Hen. VIII. Probate attached, dated 10 Aug.,
1512. Ch. 144.

BRADSTEAD. Thomas Holeweye and John Benet, son of Thomas
Benet of Snodeland, grant to Thomas Geffrei of Bradestede one
messuage called ' le Esthous ' with a garden adjacent in the village of

Dated at Snodeland the Tuesday next after the feast of St.
Michael, 41 Ed. III. Ch. 145.

BRIDGE. Grant of a pardon by King Charles the Second to
Arnold Beames of Bridge in the county of Kent.

Dated 7 June, 1660. Ch. 146.

BROMLEY. Andrew Shotte, late of Bromley, grants to Richard
Violet one messuage with houses, gardens, &c. in the village of
Bromley. Dated at Bromley 20 Sept., ist Ric. III. Ch. 147.

Sir Nicholas de Hondesaker, chaplain, grants to John Mol of
Bromlegh and Isolda his wife the whole of a messuage in Bromleg'
for the term of their lives.

Dated the Monday next after the feast of the exaltation of the
Cross, 35 Ed. IIL Ch. 148.

CANTERBURY. Thomas Bac of St. Dunstan's near Canterbury
grants to William Kyng of Canterbury a tenement in the parish of
St. Mary of Northgate, Canterbury.

Dated there the last day of Feb., i Hen. VI. Ch. 150.

John Bourne of the parish of St. Mary's, Northgate, Canterbury,
grants to John Redy, clerk, and John Cheest of Canterbury, one tene-
ment in the parish of St. Mary's, Northgate.

Dated at Canterbury, 27 Oct., 7 Hen. VI. Ch. 151.

Gervase Clifton, esq., grants to John Shotte, esq., and Roger Downe
of Braboume, an aldermanry (* aldermanriam ') of H . . . . in Canter-
bury, with rents, view of frankpledge, custom reliefs, &c., together
with the whole of a rent called ' Chicchesrente ' within the liberties of
the city of Canterbury.

Dated at Canterbury 26 of May, 27 Hen. VI. Ch. 152.

Bond of 40 marks given by Richard Metford of Nonyngton to
William Colman, for securing possession of a tenement in the parish
of St. Mary's, Northgate. Dated 3 June, i Hen. VII. Ch. 205.

Thomas Bowsar of the city of Canterbury, cook, grants to John


Harry son of tlie same city, pewterer, a messuage and garden in the
parish of St. Mary's, Northgate, in the said city.

Dated 2 May, 4 Ed. YI. Ch. 153.

CANTERBURY (Friars minor of). Blank form for the ad-
mission of persons of the third degree to the privileges of the order of
St. Francis, written 1479. C'A. 153*.

Bond given by Robert Frusdon of Canterbury, vintner, and
William Frusdon, yeoman, to William Langley, esq. in .£300 sterling,
for merchandise bought of him payable at Michaelmas following the
date of this bond.

Dated at Canterbury, 11 Dec, 15 Ed. IV. [3 seals.l Ch. 154.

Richard Metford of Nonyngton and Alice his wife quit-claim to
William Colman, master John Colman, and others, all their right in a
tenement in the parish of St. Mary of Northgate, Canterbury.

Dated 3 Oct., i Hen. VII. Ch. 155.

CANTERBURY (Ch. Ch. priory). Indenture made 20 April,
1 6 Hen. VIII, between Thomas, the prior, and the convent of Ch. Ch.,
Canterbury, of the one part, and Edward Ryngeley of Knolton co.
Kent, and Jane his wife, of the other part, witnesseth that the said
prior and convent demise to the said Edward and Jane all houses,
land, meadows, marshes, and pastures, of their manor of Lyddecourte
in Kent ; with certain reservations to hold the same for 2 1 years at an
annual rent of £36 13s. 4(?., with clauses for re-entry in case of
death, and regulations' as to the store conceded to them by the prior
and convent for the time. [With seals. ^ (7A. 155*.

gent., grants to Laurence Caldocke and others all his lands, &c. in
Charring, Pette and Westwell.

Dated 22 May, 8 Hen. VIII. Ch. 158.

List of lands of the manor of Petts out of which Hewe at Hatche
hath sold a yearly rent of £3 to Stephen Draver of Cranbroke, 8 Hen.
VIIL Ch. 157.

Indenture made 22nd day of May, 8 Hen. VIII, by which Hewe at
Hatche of Charyng co. Kent, gent., and others charge certain lands in
the CO. of Kent with an annual payment of £3 to Stephen Draver of
Cranbroke. Ch. 159.

Indenture made 8 March, 9 Henry VIII, by which Hewe at Hatche
of Charryng, in consideration of the receipt of <£8o, sells to Stephen
Draver of Cranbroke one yearly rent of £4 issuing out of the manor
called Pettesplace, and six score acres of land in the parishes of
Charryng, Pette and Westwell. Ch. 1 60.

Indenture made 15 March, 16 Hen. VIII, by which Stephen Draver of
Crainbrook sells to the lord archbishop of Canterbury all his messuages,
lands and tenements, called Pett or Pett-place, in the parishes of'
Charyng, Pett and Westwell. Ch. 161.

Indenture made 2 March, 25 Hen. VIII, by which John Lauraunce


of Charryng, husbandman, sells to Thomas Cherrell, citizen and haber-
dasher of London, two pieces of land in the parish of Charryng.

Ch. 162.

Decree of the privy counsell in a cause between John Harrys and
Jone his wife as in the righte of the said Jone, Thomasyn Fowler,
Thomas Bateman and Alice his wife, as in the right of the said Alice
and Robert Savage and Jone his wife, as in the right of the said Jone,
Rauffe Lawreaunce and Richard Lawrence, cossyns and next heyres to
Richard Tubbe, parties complainants against William Johnson, party
defendant, concerning 2 messuages and lands in Charyng, Westwell,
Little Chart, Staweffeld and Pevyngton co. Kent.

Dated Michaelmas, 36 Hen. VIIL Ch. 162*.

Letters patent dated at Westminster 28 June, 4 James I, granting
to Robert Hunnywood, esq. the whole of the wood, underwood and
wood land called Downewood, containing 95 acres lying within the
manor of Charring, to hold the same for 31 years, at an annual rent
of .£9 6s. [With the great seal.^ Ch. 163.

CHEPSTED. "Walter le Mareschal de Chepstede grants to Henry
de Brentone a messuage situated near the house of Henry Pikeruth in

Dated at Chivenigge the Saturday next before the feast of St.
Martin, 27 Ed. L Ch. 163*.

CHIDDINGSTONE. Indenture made 5 March, 32 Charles II,
by which Robert Streatfield, citizen and grocer of London, demises to
Edward Medhurst of Chiddingstone, Kent, yeoman, six pieces of land
lying in Chiddingstone together with other lands in the same parish
for II years, at an annual pa3anent of £21 105. Ch. 164.

CniLHAM. Robert Sandum of Chylham grants to Walter
Culpepur of the parish of Concherst, and Thomas Amyte and Hamon
his son of Dreklegh, and Geoffrey Baker of Scheldwych, all his lands
and tenements lying in the village of Chylham.

Dated at Chylham, 27 June, 21 Hen. VI. Ch. 165.

clerk, and others grant a lease of houses, lands, &c., in the parishes of
Chistelet, Heme and Reculvers for ten years, to Robert Clifford, esq.
after the death of his wife Joan, the said houses &c. being held by
Robert and Joan during the life of Joan ; on condition of a payment
being made to John Hunt.

Dated at Welle in the feast of St. George, 6 Hen. V. Ch. 166.

CINQUE PORTS (The). InroUment of five writs relating to
the liberties of the Cinque Ports, &c., 26 Ed. II to 18 Ed. III.

Ch. 167.

Extract from the red book of the Exchequer of the services due to
the crown from the Cinque Ports and their members. [^Mutilated.^
Dated the octaves of St. Hilary, 21 Ed. I. Ch. 168.

DEPTFORD. Indenture dated 7 October, 8 Geo. II, by which



Matthew Cunstable of Woolwich, baker, leases to William Williams

of Deptford, pavier, a brick messuage in Deptford for 7 years, at an

annual rent of £8. Ch. 169.

EGERTON. Robert Tournor of Whitstapull quit-claims to John
Pyers of Egerton, sen., all right of action, demand, &c., against him
to the date of this charter. Dated 6 May, 6 Hen. VIII. Ch. 170.

Indenture made 10 July, 24 Hen. VIII, by which John Carpinter
of Egerton sells to Stephen Draver a piece of land called the wood in
the said parish of Egerton. Ch, 171.

EIiHAM. An agreement reciting that whereas certain lands, tene-
ments, rents, &c., in Elham, were granted to Henry, formerly the
abbot, and convent of St. Radegund's, near Dover, by William, the
prior, and convent of St. Andrew's, Rochester, for an annual payment
of 10 marks, this chirograph witnesses that, in consequence of the
said lands not being w^orth the said rent, the prior and convent agree
to fix the annual rent at 8 marks, 6s. 8d. for the future.

Dated 4 August, 1293. [With seal.] Ch. 214.

ERHETHE. Richard Bokeloud, citizen and fishmonger of London,
and others, demise to William Segood a certain tenement lately
Robert Foulere's in Erhethe in the parish of Lesnes.

Dated at Erhethe, 6 June, 9 Hen. V. Ch. 196.

EWELL. Inventory of the goods and chattels of Allen Hoord,
late of Ewell, gent., deceased, taken 6 May, 1603. Ch. 172.

FARLEIGH. John Cok, son and heir of Robert Cok, grants to

• Gybe and Joan his wife of Farleigh a tenement in Farleigh

and certain land. [Mutilated.']

Dated at Farleigh ... St. John ante port. Lat., 4 Hen. IV. Ch. 173.

FAVERSHAM. Will of Elizabeth CuUen of Faversham, Kent,
dated 3 October, 1692.

Probate dated 18 October, 1697. - Ch. 174.

GODMERSHAM. Robert Coleman of Saham antegawy, and
Petronilla, daughter of Simon le Riche, grant to John de Boketon
one curtilage in the parish of Godmersham.

Dated at after the feast of St. Augustine, 10 Ed. I.

Ch. 176*.

GODNESTON. The will of John Brooke, dated at Godneston in
the feast of St. Lawrence the martyr, 27 Hen. [VI.] Ch. 175.

GRETINERSE. Fragment of a grant to William, son of Thomas
de Faucham, of a meadow, &c., in Gretinerse [Greenhithe]. (c. 1260.)

Ch. 177.

HADLOW. William atte Longesfrith grants to sir Henry de
Shipton, clerk, a certain field called Risse containing five acres of
arable land lying in the parish of Hadlo.

Dated St. Martins day, 15 Ed. II. Ch. 178.

HARRING and SELLING. William Billyngton grants to
John Jernegan, Isabella his wife, and others, the manors of Harryng



and Selling in Kent, together with all other manors and lands in the
same county. Dated 2 April, i Hen. YII. Gh. 156.

John Jernegan, esq., and Isabella his wife, demise to William
Billyngton their manors of Harrenge and Sellynge in co. Kent.

Dated at Harrenge, 26 March, i Hen. VII. Gh. 179.

HARTLIP. Ralph Canut grants to William Scurlag the land of
Hertlacheope, paying annually for the same 3s. (c. 1180.) Gh. 180.

HOWMAKSHE near ROCHESTER. Robert Freke, gent.,
John Walter, and Henry Goldefynche alias Fynche, for certain con-
siderations, quit-claim to Thomas Fane of Buston, co. Kent, all
right in a marsh, lands, tenements, &c., in Howmarshe near Rochester.
Dated 12 October, 5 Q. Eliz. Gh. 181.

Robert Freke, gent., and John Walker of London, sell to Richard
Goldefynche alias Fynche of Feversham and Robert Giles of the
Middle Temple the whole of a marsh called Howraarsh with all that
belongs to it, situated and known as Howmarsh near Rochester.

Dated 15 February, 6 Q. Eliz. Gh. 182.

ICKHAM and WICKHAM. Indenture made 12 July, 19
Elizabeth, between Richard Rogers, suffragan bishop of Dover, and
executor of the last will of Edward Isaak, late of Canterbury, esq., of
the one part, and Henry Palmer of the said city, John Jermy of
Ipswich, and Thomas Apelton of Waldingfeld, of the other part,
witnesseth that a grant is made to the said second parties to this
indenture of a messuage or tenement with appurtenances in Ickham
and Wickham, co. Kent, for ever. Gh. 183.

IVECHURCH. Robert Pondherst of Ivechurch grants to
Thomas Hanyfeld 19c?. of annual rent in Ivechurch.

Dated 20 January, 20 Hen. VI. Gh. 184.

Robert, servant of Hugh of the manor, quit-claims to Geoffrey the
mercer, six acres of land which William his brother sold to him, which
acres his father gave to his said brother. For this concession the
said Geoffrey gave 205. (c. 1230.) Gh. 176.

Richard With, with the consent of Agnes his wife, grants to
William, his son and heir, free liberty to marry whenever it shall please
him, and that he will not sell or alienate his lands, &c., unless under
great necessity or with the consent of the said William during the
term of his life. [c. 1270-80.] CA. 185.

Fragment of a gi-ant by which Richard Curtone grants to

.... Beatrice his wife, Francis and Roger their sons,

lying in the parish of Dated 26 Ed. I. Gh. 186.

Receipt given by Henry, duke, marquis, and earl of Kent, to Peter
Burrell, sheriff of Kent, for the sum of £20 due to the said Henry, for
the honor of Kent, granted by King Edward IV, by letters patent
bearing date 29 May, 5th of his reign, to Edward, earl of Kent, and
his heirs male lawfully begotten.

Dated Michaelmas, 9 Geo. I. [ With autograph signature.^

Gh. 187.
KINGESDON. Michael, son of Arnulf de Kingesdon, grants to


Ralph de Chimbeham a rent of 2i|d^. which John Joseph was ac-
customed annually to pay to him for land which lies between the field
called Northfeld and the land of William Clodham's ; also ^d. annual
rent in the same village which William, son of Felicia de Brauke-
shecche, paid at an annual rent of one halfpenny for all services and
demands. For this grant the said Ralph gave i6s, sterling, (c. 1210.)

Ch. 1 88.

LAMBERHURST. Agnes Toly, late wife of William Toly, grants
to William Wyse and William H . . . . one tenement, two crofts, and
one rood of land in the parish of Lamberhurst.

Dated at Lamberhurst, 16 June, i Ed. IV. Ch. 189.

LEDES (Priory of). Adam Yvori and Richard, son of Richard
Trochor, grant to the church of St. Mary and St. Nicholas of Ledes

in frankalmoigne certain land at an annual rent

of one penny, (c. 1280.) Ch. 190.

LEIGH. Indenture made 30 April, 17 Hen. VIII, being the
marriage settlement agreed upon by Humfrey Lewkenore of Legh,
esq., father of Robert Lewkenor, and Edmund Thwaytts of Ostyng-
hanger, executor of the will of sir Edward Ponyngs, kt., upon the
marriage of the said Robert and Mary, daughter of sir Edward.

Ch. 191.

LENHAM. Indenture made 1 6 October, 1 7 Hen. YIII, by which
Markys Downe of Lenham, husbandman, in consideration of the
receipt of £16 3s. 4d., sells to Edward Wotton of Bocton Malherbe,
esq., all his part of howsys, lands, &c., called Downe court, in the
parish of Lenham. Ch. 192.

LESNES (Abbey of). William, the abbot, and convent of B.V.M.
and St. Thomas of Lesnes grant to John, bishop of Rochester, and
others, a certain annual rent of iocs., payable during the natural life
of Henry Blakemore, late abbot of Lesnes.

Dated 9 March, 151 6. Ch. 200.

ROME-N". James Frogenale, John Coumbe, and Thomas Everyng
quit-claim to William Lotrich the whole of their right to certain
lands in Lifden, Wotton, Alkeham, Swenefeld, and Romen, within
the liberties of the five ports.

Dated at Swanton the Sunday next after the feast of the Nativity
B.Y.M., 50 Ed. III. [With seals.] Ch. 201.

LODENHAM, OWRE, and SENSHAM. Indenture by which
the abbot and convent of Lesnes demise to sir John Norton, kt., 83
acres of marsh ground in the parishes of Lodenham, Owre, and
Sensham, co. Kent, paying yearly five marks.

Dated 31 Jan., 12 Hen. VII. Ch. 199.

MALLING (East). Robert French of West Mallyng grants to
Simon Cheyne of the same the whole of a piece of land in East


Dated at West Mallyng the Sunday next on the feast of St. Matthew
the apostle, 4 Ric. II. Ch. 202.


MARGATE. Bond to secure payment of loos. given by Edward
Catelote of Margate to Thomas and John ate Stone of Westebroke.

Dated 5 March, i Hen. [V1 1]. Gh. 203.

NONNING-TON and KATYNGTON. Christiana Masoun of
"Waldvvareshare grants to William de Langele half an acre of land in
the parishes of Nonynton and Katynton.

Dated at Knolton the Saturday next after the feast of St. Matthew,
26 Ed. in. Ch. 204.

NORTHPLEET. Final concord, made at Westminster, 26 Eliz.,
before Thomas Meade and others by which William Browne and
Katherine his wife acknowledge the right of Robert Childe to a
messuage, garden, and 15 acres of land in Northflete, for which the
said Robert gave to the said William and Katherine 130 marks of
silver. Ch. 207.

NORTHWAYE. Receipt given by Lambart Cooke of Northwaye,

esq., for £50 to John Wentworth of Somerleton, esq., his father-in-law.

Dated 25 July, . . . James I. Ch. 206.

OSPRINGE. Indenture made 20 Feb., 1650, by which sir
John Wollaston, knight, and others, commissioners for abolishing
deans and chapters &c., bargain and sell to David Judd of London,
gentleman, in consideration of the receipt of £266 lis., a barn and
land in Ospringe co. Kent, part of the lands of the cathedral church of
Rochester. Ch. 209.

PECKHAM (East). William Erkebould grants to Christian
Renekyn two pieces of land lying in East Peckham.

Dated at East Peckham the Sunday next before the feast of St.
Michael, 19 Ed. III. Ch. 210.

Richard Foxtone grants to Richard Renekyn of East Peckham a
piece of land called Crouchefeld in East Peckham.

Dated at East Peckham the Monday next before the feast of the
Annunciation, 43 Ed. III. Ch. 211.

Geoffrey Welde of East Peckham quit-claims to Richard Roytone
and Anne his wife all right in a certain piece of land called West-
feld in East Peckham.

Dated at East Peckham, i April, 5 Hen. IV. Ch. 212.

ST. RADEGUND'S (Priory of). Charter by which William
Gemun, with the consent of Grisilia his wife, grants to the church of
St. Mary and St. Radegund's, in frankalmoigne, the rent and service
of Gerard Kalkston of Rochester, (c. 1230.) Ch. 213.

RAMSEY (Abbot of). Fragment of an acquittance.

Dated 1384. Ch. 215.

ROCHESTER. John, son of Simon Potyn of Rochester, grants

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