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the term of his life.

Dated at Stermesworth the Sunday next after the feast of Easter,
13 Ed. TIL [With seal] Ch. 21.

la ZOUCH, &c. Letters patent of K. Ed. VI, granting to Francis,
earl of Huntingdon, and Thomas Hasylwood, the rectories of Stough-
ton, Pakyngton with its vicarage, Billesden with its vicarage, Ashby
de la Zouch and its vicarage, together with lands, houses, &c. in
Stoughton, Pakyngton, Snybston, Billesden, Asshby de la Zouch,
Col war by, Blakefordeby, Alton, and Assheby, in the county of
Leicester ; also the chantry of the B.V.M. of Aller, co. Somerset ;
also 4 messuages, &c. in Frisbye, co. Leicester, to hold the same to
their use for ever.

Dated at Westminster, 2 Jan., 3 of his reign. [ With seal]

Ch. 22.

STRETTON (Little). Robert of the Hall of Little Stretton
grants to his lord, sir Richard de Harecourt, one piece of land 100 ft.
long and 60 ft. wide in Little Stretton ; to hold the same according
to the custom of the manor, paying 455. of silver beforehand.

Dated on the feast of St. Botulph, 18 Ed. I. Ch. 23.

STRETTON (Great). Robert Sauveye of Great Stretton grants
to sir Richard de Harecourt, lord of Boseworthe, the half of a house
and the whole of a toft which he had of the gift of Peter, son of Adam
le Fraunceys in Great Stretton. (c. 1270-80.) Ch. 24.

Yvo Eyriby of Great Stretton grants to sir Richard de Harecourt,
lord of Boseworth, the half of a house and the whole of a toft which he
had of the gift of Peter, son of Adam le Franceys, in Great Stretton.
(c. 1270-80.) Ch. 25.

WYTHCOK alias WYTHYCOK, &c. Letters patent of King
Hen. VIII, dated at Westminster, 18 July, 36 of his reign, granting



to Jolm Beaumont, esq., in consideration of the payment of £1040
45. 2d., certain lands, &c. in Wythcok alias Wythycok, co. Leicester,
part of the late dissolved monastery of Launde in the same county,
together with several other properties. [^Wiih seal.'] Ch. 26.

LEICESTER. Proceedings in a matrimonial cause in the church
of St. Martin's, Leicester, before Robert, the official of the archdeacon
of Leicester, between Emma, daughter of William de Swineford of the
one part, and Thomas de Limstil of the other part, 1295-6.

Leicester Molls, i.


CASTHORP. Deed by which the testimony of Wm. Bretan and
others is perpetuated concerning the manor courts of Casthorp.

Dated in the said manor of Casthorp upon St. John, evangelist,
in Cristamasse weke, 1470. \^With seals,]

Lincolnshire Charters, i.

FERIBY. Hugh, son of Ralph, grants to Robert de Salceto with
Beatrice his daughter, the whole of his land of Feryby, to hold the same
to him and his heirs of the body of his said daughter, (c. 1 230.) Ch. 2.

GRETFORD. Presentation by King James I, of Henry Carpenter,
M.A., to the rectory of Gretford.

Dated 4 September, 11 of his reign. Ch. 4.

GRIMSBY. Adam, son of John le Carter of Grimesby, grants to
Gilbert, son of "William Rayn, two selions of arable land in the field of
the village of Grimesby, paying annually one halfpenny for all demands.
(c. 1270.) Ch. 5.

HAXAY (Church of AU Saints at). Thomas Long of Craslund
grants to the church of All Saints, Haxay, in frankalmoigne, one selion
(of land) in the fields of Craslund. (c. 1220.) Ch. 6.

COTOM. Roger de Singilton grants to the Knights Hospitallers
of St. John of Jerusalem, in frankalmoigne, a certain part of land in
Cotom, namely, seven acres, and one piece upon which a certain barn
is able to be built, (c. 1260-70.) Ch. 6.*

HAUBOYS, and WALCOTES, co. NORFOLK. John, son of sir
John de Wylughby, kt., quit-claims to dame Joan de Wylughby, lady
d'Eresby his mother, all right of action for waste in those lands she
holds in dower in the counties of Lincoln and Norfolk for the term
of her life. Dated at Eresby, 16 April, 24 Ed. III. Ch. 14.

INGELBY (North). Indenture witnessing that sir John Gra,
kt., and Thomasyn his wife, have let to farm to sir Gerveis Clyfton,


knight, their manor of North Ingelby in the county of Lincoln, with
a close called the park, also the gardens, orchards, houses, &c., courts,
rents, and services, for 13 years, at an annual rent of Xio.

Dated at North Ingelby the 21st day of March, 32 Hen. VI.

Ch. 7.

LEAKE. Writ from Oliver Cromwell to the Dike-reeves of the
town of Leake to collect .£35 15s. 6d. assessed upon their town for the
erection of a ' goale ' according to an order of the commissioners of
sewers. Dated 8 March, 1653. Ch. 8.

KINGrERBY, Deed made 24 May, 38 Elizabeth, acknowledging
that Henry Disney, of Kingerby, esq., has received the day above
written £1000, of ladie Jane Pickeringe, widow, late wife of rt. hon.
sir John Pickeringe, kt., according to a clause in a certain deed bearing
date 12 Dec, in the said 38th year of Q. Elizabeth. Ch. 9.

KNIVETON. Robert de Acastra, for the health of his soul and
Hauwise his wife, grants to the church of the Blessed Mary of Nebo
and the canons there, in frankalmoigne, 2 acres of arable land in the
fields of Kniveton. (c. 1230.) Ch. 11.

ORMESBY (Priory of). Charter (indented) by which the prior
and convent of Ormesby agree with the prior of Rovenham, concerning
the gift of certain lands in Rovenham by Clement Flandrers to the
said priory of Ormesby in 1243, viz. that the said prior of Rovenham
quit-claims all right in the said lands, and the prior and convent of
Ormesby agree to pay to the prior of Rovenham annually 2c?.
[With seaV^ Ch. 12.

STANESFELD. Agatha de la Kersuneraand Thomas her son
grant to Thomas de Muleton the whole of the land which they hold of
the fee of Peter de Nerford in Stanesfeld at an annual rent of 3s.
(c. 1200.) [With seal.'] Ch. 1^.

TEDILBY. Letters patent of K. James I granting to Edward
Southe, gent., an annuity of 205. from the manor of Tedilby alias Bayons,
together with the custody of the lands and heirship of Gabriel Talbott,
son of Brian Talbott, deceased.

Dated at Westminster, 12 Feb., 5 Jas. I. Ch. 16.

TOINTON. John, son of William the clerk of Toynton, quit-
claims to John de Staverton all right to 4 Jc?. annual rent for 2 acres of
land lying in the field called ' le Worse.'

Dated at Toynton the Tuesday before the feast of the Annuncia-
tion B.V.M., 28 Ed. L Ch. 17.
Alice, formerly wife of John the clerk of Great Toyntone, quit-claims
to Ralph Ware of Toyntone all her right, by the name of dowry, in
houses, lands, &c., in Toyntone.

Dated at Toyntone the day of the Annunciation B.V.M., 9 Ed. II.

Ch. 15.

WILLINGHAM. Writ of Queen Elizabeth to the sheriff of
Lincoln commanding him to distrain Thomas Compton for the manor
of Willingham, and of divers messuages, &c. in Potter, Hauworth,

L 2


Hadington, Thorpe, More, and "Wilby, held of the Queen as of her
duchy of Lancaster by kts. service, and for which Ambrose Sutton
made fealty 17 Nov., 5 Ed. VI, and to show by what title he holds the
same. Dated at Westminster, 16 May, 22 Eliz. Ch. 18.

WITHAM. Petition of Anthony Thomas and John "Worsoppe,
esqrs,, for themselves and others, to the House of Commons, for relief
against the inhabitants adjacent to a certain number of acres of the
Fens, drained, &c. by the ancestors of the said petitioners, who have
thrown down the buildings and inclosures, destroyed the corn, and
driven away the cattle, (c. 1650.) Ch. 10.

LINCOLN (Diocese of). Return of the bishop of Lincoln,
collector of the loths, &c. for the diocese of Lincoln for the year
ending 1663. {Eoll of two membranes.) Lincolnshire Rolls, i.


BOW. Indenture made 19 May, 36 Hen. VIII, by which sir
"William Roche, kt., alderman of London and master of the Drapers'
Company, and others of that company demise to Henry Phillips,
citizen and haberdasher of London, a shop in the parish of Bow,
London, for 20 years, at an annual rent of £5.

Middlesex Charters , 88.

BROMLEY ST. LEONARDS. An exemplification of a fine
levied at Westminster, Hillary Term, 18 and 19 Chas. II, by which
Gerard Whorwood and Jane his wife acknowledge the right of William
Whorwood, gent., to and in a messuage, garden, and an acre of land,
in the parish of Bromley St. Leonards. Dated at Westminster, 12
February, 19 Chas. I. [With seal.} Ch. 175.

CHELSEA. List of quit- rents due to Hans Sloane, M.D., lord of
the manor of Chelsea, and appointment by him of Matthew Hutchins
of Chelsea as bayliff and receiver of the same.

Dated 6 December, 1705. Ch. 89.

Sir Thomas More of Chelsehith, kt., grants to John Clement, M.D.,
Henry Say, gent., and others, all the lands, tenements, &c. in the
village and fields of Chelsehith, in the co. of Middlesex.

Dated 25 March, 25 Hen. VIII. Ch. 90.

FTJLHAM. Nicholas Wymbyssh, clerk, quit-claims to William
Venour, esq., William Chattok, fisherman, and others, citizens of
London, all his right, &c. in a messuage called ' Lanes place,' in the
parish of Fulham. Dated i May, 37 Hen. VI. Ch. 92.

Writ of King Charles I, of restitution or re-seisin of a messuage in
Fulham, to William Clough, John Lee, and William Swetenham.

Dated 12 February, 17 Chas. I. Ch. 52.



thorp, esq., and others, grant to John, son of John de Leventhorp,
esq., and Joane his wife, daughter of John Lane, citizen of London,
all his lands, rents, &c. in the villages of Fulham, Braynford, and
Yelling. Dated at Fulham, 26 Nov., 4 Hen. V. Ch. 91.

HACKWEY. Memorandum of an entry on the Court Rolls of
Hackney, of the 18 Queen Elizabeth, of the admission of Nicholas
Turner, one of the sons and heir of Nicholas Turner deceased, to the
half of a cottage or toft, with a garden adjacent, lying in Hackney,

Ch. 93.

Court Roll, with view, for the manor of Hackney, 14 April, 14
Chas. II. Ch. 94.

Extract from the Court Roll of the court baron of Sir George
Vyner, kt., held 17 May, 1669, for the manor of Hackney. Ch. 95.

Institution of Richard Roach, M.A., to the rectory of Hackney on
the death of Nehemiah Moorhouse, clerk, presented by Thomas Cook.
Dated 17 March, 1689. Ch. 66.

Certificate of Henry, bishop of London, that Richard Roach, clerk,
M.A., who was presented to the parish church of Hackney, had sub-
scribed to the articles, &c. Dated 17 March, 1689. Ch. 96.

HAMPTON COURT. Letters patent of King Charles the II,
granting to James Marriott the office of keeping of our privy lodgeing
and of our wardrobe within our honour of Hampton Court, in room of
Richard Marriott, lately deceased.

Dated at Westminster 2 Feb., 17 of his reign. Ch. 36.

LONDON. Confirmation of Magna Charta by King Henry III.
Dated at Westminster 11 February, 9th of his reign. Ch. i.

Bond for £300, given by John Dadley, citizen and skinner of
London, to William Leman, citizen and fishmonger of the same, to
secure the payment of £180. Dated 8 August, 1627. Ch. 2.

An appeal of the lady Anne Bourchier, Marchioness of Northampton,
wife of William Parr, to King Edward the VI, in a cause of divorce.
Dated 25 August, i Ed. YI. Ch. 3.

Letters patent of King Henry VI to John Hampton, esq., granting
him a pardon and release from debts, actions, &c.

Dated at Westminster Dec, 30 Hen. VI. Ch. 4.

Richard Metford, bishop of Salisbury, and others, quit-claim to
Robert Mildenhale and John Clee, citizens of London, all right in an
inn called * Le Reall,' in London.

Dated at Loudon 31 March, 5 Hen. IV. Ch. 5.

Power of attorney of Cecilia Mildenhale, widow, late wife of Robert
Mildenhale, granted to Thomas Croke, to receive seisen of the inn
called 'Le Reall,' in London. Dated 5 Feb., 17 Ed. IV. Ch. 9.

Letters patent of King Henry IV, granting a pardon to Edward,
son of Elming Leget, for a fine of <£io, payable in the court of the
honor of Clare, for divers alienations of certain lands which were


William Lofham's, held of the said honor, which honor by reason of
the minority of Edmund, son and heir of Roger Mortimer, late Earl of
March, were in the King's hands.

Dated at Westminster 5 Nov., i Hen. IV. Gh. 6.

The account of master Thomas Bekyngton, secretary of the King,
and one of the ambassadors to France on a treaty of peace, under the
privy seal. Dated 10 Dec, 18 Hen. VI. Gh. 7.

Memorandum from a roll No. 28, Hillary Term, 36 [Hen. VI], of a
suit for debt between Sir John Fastolf and Thomas Danyell, esq., debt
and costs £51. Gh.%.

Mandate from King Henry the VIII (not signed), addressed to
master Thomas Haniball, master of the Rolls, to make void a certain
bond or recognizance bearing date 27 January, 23 Hen. VII, for the
payment to King Henry the VII and his heirs £40, by certain instal-
ments entered into by Thomas Hopton of Armeley, co. York, esq.,
Thomas Legh, of Middelton, esq., and John Wynslowe of Dychaunt,
CO. Northumberland, esq. Dated February, 15 Hen. VIII. Gh. 10.

Writ of King Henry VIII summoning Sir George Hastings of
Hastings, kt., to the parliament to be held at London 3rd November,
2ist of his reign.

Dated at Westminster 9 August, 2 1 of his reign. Gh. 1 1 .

Commission from cardinal Pole to William Sparkman, dated Brussels,
1554, granting him authority to receive into the church those who had
been guilty of heresies, &c., in England. [Autograjfli of cardinal Pole.l^

Gh. 12.

Bond entered into by Robert Edgore of London, mercer, in a sum of
£5, with John Southwell for the keeping of covenants contained in a
pair of indentures bearing date 3 June, 29 Hen. VIII. Gh. 13.

Willyam Johnson in performance of a certain decree between him-
self, Alice his wife, daughter and heir of Thomas Cherell, deceased,
and the heirs of Richard Tubbe, paid in open court to John Warcopp
of Alysford, to the use of John Savage being within age, and to
Mathew Warwyk, carpenter to the use of William Savage also being
within age, and to Raufe Lawrence, Rychard Lawrence, John Harryes,
und Johan his wife, certain sums of money.

Dated the morrow after the feast of All Souls, 37 Hen. VIII.

Gh. 14.

A warrant from Queen Mary to the keeper of the wardrobe for pay-
ment of certain sums of money for apparel, &c.

Dated 10 April, i and 2 of Ph. and Mary. [Signed by the Qiteen.]

Gh. 15.

A warrant from Queen Mary to sir Edward Waldegrave, knight,
master of the great guarderobe, for payment of the apparel of the
Queen for half a year, ended at Michaelmas.

Dated i Oct., 2 and 3 of the reign of Ph. and Mary. [Signed by
the Queen.] Gh. 16.

Letters patent, being a commission from Q. Elizabeth to sir Nicholas


Bacon, kt., and others, commanding them to carry out the provisions
of an act of parliament made 25th January last, concerning the col-
lection of a subsidy then granted.

Dated at Westminster 27th Nov., 2 Elizabeth. Ch, 17.

Letters patent, dated at Westminster 15 January, i Eliz., being a
special pardon granted to John Stepkyn, late of Thavis Inne, in the
parish of St. Andrew in Holborn, gent. Ch. 18.

Petition to Queen Elizabeth from George Puttenham, asking that
the half of lands that he shall discover as concealed lands, may be
granted to him in payment of £1000 paid to the use of her Majesty.

Ch. 19.

An acknowledgment that John Spenser, citizen and cloth worker of
London, has received of the right hon. the earl of Huntingdon the sum
of £250. Dated 20 Nov., 15 Elizabeth. Ch. 20.

Bond given by Thomas, lord Grey, Francis Dayrell, and Henrie
Parker to Queen Elizabeth, to secure the payment of .£50 for the fine
for the marriage of the said right hon. Thomas, lord Grey, due to her
majesties Court of Wards.

Dated 15 January, 39 Queen Elizabeth. Ch. 21.

Bond given by Thomas, lord Grey of Wilton, Francis Dayrell of
Whaddon, Bucks, and Henry Parker of Woodford, Essex, of £40, to
secure a payment to her Majesties receiver of the Court of Wards at
the feast of All Saints, 1599, of £25, being part of a sum of £101 due
for the livery of the right hon. Thomas, lord Grey of Wilton, heir of
the late Arthur, lord Grey. Dated 22 Feb., 39 Q. Eliz. Ch. 22.

Bond entered into by Thomas, lord Grey of Wilton, Francis Dayrell,
and Henry Parker for the payment of £25, part of sum of £101 2S. 8(?.,
due for the livery of the said lord Grey.

Dated 22 Feb., 39 Elizabeth. Ch. 23.

Bond given to William Payne of London by Thomas, lord Grey,
and Henry Parker to secure payment of £5 1 5s.

Dated 31 December, 1601. Ch. 24.

Bond of £80 given by Thomas, lord Grey of Wilton, to Henry
Bate of London, embroiderer, to secure the payment of £40.

Dated 22 May, 1602. Ch. 25.

Indenture witnessing that by a certain recognizance entered into
before sir Robert Catlyn, kt., the day of these presents, Francis Holte,

Thomas Palmer, and John undertake to pay to Edward

Worsope, £60 on the vigil of the feast of Easter, 1563, in the hall of
Lincoln's Inn. Dated 8 Feb., . . Elizabeth. Ch. 26.

Indenture made 12 May, i James I, by which Michael, son and
heir of Thomas Dalton, deceased, covenants to deliver to sir Robert
Cecill, knyght, secretary to the court of Wards, and Cuthbert Pepper,
esq., surveyor of the same, an indenture containing a list of all the
lands, tenements, &c., which came to the said Michael, and of which
he intends to take possession, by reason of a general livery. Ch. 27.

Indenture made 20 December, i6io, by which William Robynson,


citizen and merchant tailor of London, agrees with Nicholas Towse,
citizen and mercer of London, to accept a monthly payment of X6
until £600 be paid, which the said William had recovered of the said
Nicholas before sir Edward Coke, kt., lord chief justice of the Common
Pleas. Ch. 28.

Indenture made 3 December, 19 James I, by which sir John Davies,
kt., sergeant at law, in consideration of the receipt of £2558, sells and
assigns to John Mohun of London, two sums of X700 and £2604
8s. 8c?., acknowledged by a statute of the staple, taken before Raphe
Turney, mayor of Bodmyn and Nicholas Sprey, clerk, to be due from
John Trelawney of Trelawney, in co. Cornwall, esq., to the said sir
John Davis, kt. Ch. 29.

Faculty, granted by George, archbishop of Canterbury, to Walter
Dobson, allowing him to act as a public notary.

Dated 20 October, 1624. Ch. 30.

Deed by which Francis, dowager duchess of Richmond and Lennox,
makes over to Thomas Garrett, goldsmith, her interest in the manu-
facture of farthing tokens in consideration of the receipt of X300.

Dated 15 Feb., 22 James I. Ch. 31.

An inventory of debts due to Frances, duchess dowager of Rich-
mond and Lennox, sir Francis Crane of London, kt., and Thomas
Garratt, goldsmith, by reason of their severall interests in and to the
making, yssuing and rechanging of his majesties farthing tokens of copper
now current. Dated 1624. Amount, £1281 145. 2d, Ch. 32.

Bond given by John Watkyn for £150, to secure the payment of
£103 156'. to the lady Martha Robinson. Dated 2 April, 1640. Ch. 33.

"Writ from the court of Chancery to Walter Jones, S.T.D., for pay-
ment to John Ireton, esq., 465. 80?., for which judgement had been
obtained. Dated at Westminster 27 Feb., 24 Chas. II. Ch. 34.

Special grant from King Charles I to sir Patrick Ruthven, kt., lord-
general of the King of Sweden's army.

Dated at Edinburgh 13 Sept., 1636. Ch. 35.

An exemplification of a recovery inrolled in the common bench
Mich., 1649, between Adam Bowen and Valentine Markeham, plaintiffs,
and George Ibie, esq., and Oliver Ibie, gent., defendants, concerning
50 messuages, 40 gardens, 10 acres of land, and 60 acres of marsh in
the parish of St. Mary Matfellow alias Whitechappell, and Stebun-
heath alias Stepney. Dated at Westminster 28 Nov., 1649. Ch. 37.

Letters patent from Oliver Cromwell to Susanna Lemaire of Amster-
dam, allowing her to reside in England.

Dated 6 November, 1654. Ch. 38.

Certificate of the appointment of Filibert Yematty, esq., as register
of the court of Civil Judicature in the city of Tanger by John, lord
Belasyse, baron of Worlaby, &c., governor of Tanger.

Dated 15 June, 1655. Ch. 39.

Writ addressed to Philip, lord Wharton, to attend the parliament
of 20 January, 1657. Dated 10 December, 1657. Ch. 40.


Appointment of Thomas Crutchley as surgeon to lord Howard's
regiment of horse.

Dated 22 March, 1659. [Signed, George MonckJ] Ch. 41.

Letters patent of Richard Cromwell granting to John Greene, esq.,
recorder of London, the privilege and freedom of practising at the bars
of the courts of Westminster. Dated 18 April, 1659. Ch. 42.

Grant from K. Charles the second of the office of historiographer and
remembrancer of the most noble Order of the Garter to sir Elias
Ashmole, with a salary of £100.

Given at Whitehall 20 December, 166 1, 13th year of his reign.
[Signed by K. Charles.^ Ch. 43.

Power of attorney from John Collins, esq., of London, and governor
of the island of Barbuda, to John Champante of London, merchant,
to act for him and in his name.

Dated 11 November, 15 Chas. II. Ch. 44.

Certificate of George, duke of Albemarle, appointing captain John
Downing his majesties game keeper for London and Westminster and
10 miles beyond the said cities; also the endorsement by the said
captain John Downing of the appointment of captain John Hart as his

Dated and signed by 'Albemarle' 20 March, 1666, and the ap-
pointment of Hart dated and signed 20 Nov. 1667. Ch. 45.

Writ from King Charles II granting to sir John Champante, kt.,
receiver-general for Ireland, freedom from arrest. Signed by John
Bysse, esq., chief baron of the Exchequer at the King's court, Dublin,
24 May, 31 Chas. II. Ch. 46.

Certificate of the appointment of William Swan of the city of
London, gent., to collect the revenue or duty of fire-hearths and stoves
in the cities of London and Westminster, and the counties of Middle-
sex, Sussex, Surrey, Kent, and Hartford.

Dated 8 October, 36 Chas. II. [Signed and sealed hy the com-
missioners^ Ch. 47.

Letter of thanks from the heralds, &c. of the College of Arms, London,
to sir Thomas Mainwai'ing of Peover, in the co. palatine of Chester,
bart., for collecting subscriptions for building the College of Arms,
destroyed in the late fire. Dated 20 January, 1676. Ch. 48.

Certificate of the entry of the name of Gabriel Silvium of Scotland
on the act books of the College of Arms, to whom K. Charles II, 28
Jan., 1669, had granted a baronetcy.

Dated 25 October, 29 Chas. II, 1677. ^^' 49-

Certificate of the appointment of Hildebrand Alington, esq., as
captain of a regiment of foot in the regiment whereof Wm., lord
Alington, is colonel.

Dated 17 Feb. 167I. [Signed hy the King.] Ch. 50.

Promulgation by James, duke of York and Albany, «fec., lord high
admiral, of the sentence found in the Admiralty court records against



the ship called the Cat, alias the Greene glasse, alias the White ball,
alias the New globe of Amsterdam.

Dated at London ii April, 1673. Ch.^i.

Letters patent of King James II, addressed to William Dowse,
William Collis, George Howard, and Nicholas Frebarfoot, for the arrest
of John Pery and Edward Neell.

Dated at Westminster 9 May, 3 James II. Ch. 53.

Illegible indenture. Ch. 54.

Indenture made 1 7 June, i Queen Anne, by which the mayor and
commonalty of the city of Loudon demise to James Fell, gentleman,
keeper of Newgate gaol, their ground known as the press yard, for 2 1
years, at an annual rent of .£40. (3 membranes, with j^lan of demised
premises.) Ch. 55.

Copy of the return of Wm. Dowes, vicar, and Robert Smith and
William Armar, churchwardens, of Alhallowes, Barking, to the articles
concerning the chantries within the parish church of Alhallowes,
Barking. Dated 27 March, 2 Ed. VL Ch. 56.

Commission in bankruptcy against Thomas Sparrow of London wall,
chapman. Dated 21 June, 8 George I. Ch. 57.

Petition of Joseph Feild of London to the lord high Chancellor for
a commission in bankruptcy against Thomas Sparrow of London wall,
parish of St. Alphage, chapman. 24 June, 1722. [Signed, Maccles-
Jield.] Ch. 58.

Indenture made 31 December, 1580, by which Steven Vaughan of
St. Mary, Spitell, demised to Robert Hare of London, gent., in con-
sideration of the receipt of £100, a tenement in the precincts of St.

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