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Mary's hospital, Bishopsgate- without, for 50 years, at an annual rent of
£10. Ch. 59.

Robert Hare assigns to Michael Hare a lease granted to him by
Steven Vaughan, dated 31 December, 1580, of a tenement within the
precincts of St. Marie Hospitall without Bisshopesgate of London, for
which the said Michael gives £220.

Dated 27 January, 34 Elizabeth. Ch. 60.

Indenture made 14 March, 4 James I, by which Robert Hare in
consideration of the receipt of £200 delivers to Edward Hobart and
Robert Hobert a messuage in the precincts of St. Mary's hospital
during the residue of a lease and under the same covenants granted to
the said Robert Hare. Ch. 61.

Certificate of Edmund (Gibson), bishop of London, that William
Sherlock, clerk, M.A., subscribed to the articles before his admission
to the rectory of St. George, Botolph lane, London.

Dated 8 Nov., 1725. [Signature of the bishop.] Ch. 62.

Indenture made 20 May, 1686, by which Mark Kinton and Richard
Janaway, in consideration of the cost of building a new brick house,
have demised to James Evetts a parcell of ground in the parish of St.
Botolph, London, for 71 years, at an annual rent for the ist year one
peppercorn, and every succeeding year £3 15s. Ch, 63.



Indenture made 23 October, 1686, by which Bridgett Looker,

widow, demises to Samuell Goodwin of St. Botolph, tanner, a piece

or parcel of ground in Skinners street, for 60 years, at an annual rent

of ig 55. [With plan 0/ ground demised.] Ch. 65.

Indenture made 22 June, 1686, by which Bridgett Looker of St.
Botolph's, widow, demises to Mary Mothine of Whitechapel, widow, a
piece of ground in the parish of St. Botolph, for 60 years, at an annual
rent of £7. [^With plan of ground demised.] Ch. 64.

Institution of William Sherlock, M.A., to the rectory of St. George,
Botolph lane, London, vacant by the death of William Bedford, S.T.P.,
on the presentation of the dean and chapter of St. Paul's.

Dated 8 Nov., 1725. CA. 67.

A plan to a lease from Christ's hospital, London. Ch. 68.

Articles of agreement (indented) made 20 February, 13 William III,
between Gregory Hastard, D.D., rector of St. Clement's Danes, of the
one part, and William Bramston of Woodham Walter, co. Essex, clerk,
and George Bramston of Doctors' Commons, D.C.L., of the other part,
relating to serving the cure of St. Clement's Danes. Ch. 69.

Marriage settlement of Thoinas Leaver of St. Clement's Danes,
London, tallow chandler, with Frances Keate, daughter of Mary JCeate
of East Hagborne, Berks, widow. Dated 28 Jan., 1722. Ch. 70.

Indenture made 20 Sept., 163 1, 7 Chas. I, witnesseth that William
Gray, surviving son of Richard Gray, citizen and haberdasher of
London, and of Alice his wife, sells and assigns unto the said Richard
Gray, liis father, two messuages within three Lyon yard alias Grayes
alley, in the parish of St. Dyonise Backchurch, in consideration of the
receipt of an annual payment of X26. Ch. 71.

Letters patent of William, archbishop of Canterbury, allowing
William Sherlock, M.A., to hold the rectory of St. George, Botolph
lane, with St. Botolph, Billinsgate, with the rectory of Little Burstead,
CO. Essex. Dated i Nov., 1725. Ch. 72.

Ground plan of the inn called the Cross Keys, in St. Giles' parish,
Cripplegate, surveyed by John Jennings, 2 July, 1667. Ch. 73.

Declaration of Bartholomew Hesketh of his loyalty.

Dated 7 June, 1660. [Signed.] Ch. 74.

Richard, the prior, and the convent of the Holy Trinity, London,
grant to Agnes, tlie prioress, and nuns of St. Jolm of Haliwell, all the
lands which Richard de Lofstonescherch held of them in the village of
Alsewik. Dated the 4 Non. of August, 1239. Ch. 75.

John, the prior of the order of Carthusians near London, and the
convent of the same, grant to William Hulles, prior of the hospital of
St. John of Jerusalem, and the knights, brethren, &c. of the same,
certain religious privileges, for their kindness in allowing a water way
through their land.

Dated on the feast of the Assumption B.Y.M., 1430. Ch. 76.

Indenture witnessing that Richard Roston, master of the College of
St. Laurence, Poulteney, London, and the chaplain of the same, demise


to John Waller, sen., of Speldehurst, in Kent, their manor of Spelde-
hurst for 7 years, paying annually for the same 56s. 8d.

Dated at London, 10 Feb., 11 Hen. VII. Ch. 'j'j.

Indenture made 29 10 George I, by which Susan Faw-

kener, of Hatton garden, demises to William Pearsehouse, coffeeman of
St. Mary-le-bow, a messuage and yard on the west side of Bow lane
for 21 years, at an annual rent of £30. Ch. 78.

Plan, indorsed in Dr. Rawlinson's hand —
' A plan to a lease
from St. Michael
parish in Cornhill.' Ch. 79.

Indenture made 13 Feb., 8 George 11, by which William Perrott of
Tottenham High Cross, gent., demises to John Medley of London, a
messuage in St. Mildred, Poultry, for seven years at an annual rent of
.£22. Ch. 80.

Sentence of the judge of the Prerogative court of Canterbury, con-
cerning the granting of letters of administration to Elizabeth Hamp-
son, wife of Henry Hampson of St. Paul's, Covent Garden, deceased.

Ch. 81.

Robert Wathewe, citizen and tailor of London, and Thomas Vise,
being seised of certain lands and tenements, rents and services, situate
in the parish of St. Peter, London, in the lane called Trig lane, to the
use of sir Gervase Clifton, kt., for his life with remainder to the use of
John Jernygan and Isabella his wife, daughter and heir of the said
Gervase, at the request of the said John and Isabella, grant the said
lands to John Scotte, Edmund Hedyngfeld, Ralph Willughby, Thomas
Hevenyngham, William Grey, Richard Willughby, and George Cum-
berford, their heirs, &c., for ever. Dated 13 Feb., 17 Ed. lY. Ch. 82.

Indenture made 24 Feb., 12 Anne, by which Thomas Akers and
Mary his wife have demised to John Davy and Thomas Moulton
certain messuages in Salisbury street for the remainder of a lease of
35 years upon certain trusts, &c. [Mutilated.'] Ch. 83.

Certificate of the appointment of Robert Goodshawe, as keeper of a
register of broggers, brokers, hucksters, and such like for the liberties of
the duchy of Lancaster in accordance with an act of the councell of
the city of London for the prevention of the plague.

9 April, 37 Q. Elizabeth. Ch. 84.

Appointment of Christopher Goade as lieutenant in lieut.-coU.
Emerson's regiment of foot, by Henry, earl of Peterborough.

Dated at Tanger, 13 January, 1662. [Signed, 'Peterborough.'']

Ch. 85.

Part of an inquisition taken at Braynford, Middlesex, 14 Hen. VI,
before Thomas Holgill, escheator, relating to the acquiring of lands,
&c., without a licence, in mortmain. Ch. 86.

Royal letter, signed by James II, for granting to Margaret Box of
the parish of St. Margaret's, Westminster, widow, an almes woman's
place of the almes-houses in Lady alley. King street.

Dated 16 August, 2 of his reign. Ch. 87.


Writ, addressed to the sheriff of Middlesex, to summon a jury and
inquire what damage Adam Richardson has sustained by the non-pay-
ment of a certain debt due from sir Herbert Perrott Packington, bart.,
dated 29 November, 10 Geo. II, with inquisition annexed, finding
£S 155. due for costs, and £66 10s. due for damages.

Dated 10 January, 10 Geo. II. Ch. 97.

Copy of the will of Andrew Reynewell, citizen and draper of London,
made 8 January, 1447. Ch. 100.

Copy of the will of Nicholas Hallam of Whitechapel, shoemaker,
dated 30 April, 1629. Probate, dated 12 Sept., 1633. Ch. loi.

Copy of the will of Rowland Wandesford, kt., attumey of the court
of Wardes, dated 3 September, 1640.

Probate, dated 20 Sept., 1653. Ch. 102.

Copy of the will of Thomas Man, citizen and mercer of St. Botolph's,
Aldgate, dated 11 October, 1654.

Probate, dated 10 November, 1654. Ch. 103.

Copy of the will of Elizabeth Smith of St. Paul's, Covent Garden,
spinster, dated 28 Jan., 1661. Probate, dated 3 Feb. 1661. Ch. 104.

Copy of the will of Francis Bosworth of Newgrave lane, in the parish
of St. Paul, Shad well, co. Middlesex, dated 14 September, 167 1.

Ch. 105.

Copy of the will of Richard Crawley of St. Leonard, Shoreditch.
Dated 6 April, 1679. ^^' ^°^'

Copy of the will of James Beech of Westminster, wine cooper.
Dated 5 November, 1690. Ch. 107.

Copy of the will of John Tremaine of St. Mary le Savoy, gent.,
made 8 May, 1693. Ch. 108.

Copy of the will of William Richardson of St. Martin's Orgar, fish-
monger. Dated 6 June, 1694. Ch. 109.

Copy of the will of Sarah Warner of Kentish -towne, widow.

Dated 7 March, 1695. Ch. no.

Copy of the will of William Hurst, citizen and merchant taylor of
London. Dated 31 May, 1697. Ch. iii.

The will of Thomas Banks. Dated 28 Feb., 1699. Ch. 112.

Copy of the will of James Hayes of Stoke Newington, surgeon.

Dated 17 Sept., 1702. Probate, dated 16 Nov., 1702. Ch. 113.

Copy of the will of Thomas Ailay, surgeon of London, then bound
for Borneo on the E. I. ship Susannah.

Dated 29 Jan., 1700. Probate, 25 October, 1704. Ch. 114.

Copy of the will of Ann Conyers of St. Mary Somersett, London,
widdow. Dated 4 Nov., 1705. Ch. 115.

Copy of the will of dame Elizabeth Heme of the parish of St. Ann,

Dated 24 July, 1707. Probate, dated 12 May, 17 10. Ch. 116.

Letters of administration granted to John Collins, administrator of
Mary Collins, the residuary legatee, named in the will of Elizabeth
Bradshaw, by Thomas, archbishop of Canterbury.

Dated at London, 30 April, 17 15. Ch. 117.

Copy of the will of Abraham Dudley of Gray's Inn. Dated 14
April, 1703. Probate, dated 22 April, 17 13. Ch. n8.

Copy of the will of Richard King, citizen and joyner of London, in
the parish of St. Faith, near St. Paul's. Dated 2 7 Sept., 1723. Ch. 119.

Copy of the will of Jane Anthony of Stepney, Middlesex, widow.
Dated Dec. 10, 1726. Probate, Sept. 2, 1727. Ch. 120.

Copy of the will of Catherine Thurman of Millbank, co. Middlesex.
Dated 15 October, 8 Geo. II. Ch. 121.

Citation from Thomas, archbishop of Canterbury, to Mary Corney
alias Phillips, wife of Christopher Corney, pretended executrix of the
will of Arthur Levings, to appear before Charles Hedges, LL.D., com-
missary of the Prerogative court of Canterbury.

Dated 27 May, 17 14. Ch. 122,

Copy of the will of Edward Gardiner, citizen and iremonger of St.
Botolph's without Aldgate, London. Dated lo November, 1655.

Probate, dated 23 November, 1655. [With seal.^ Ch. 173.

Citation from "William, archbishop of Canterbury, to Thomas Manwood
to appear before John Bettesworth, his commissary, in a will cause
ex jparte Hannah Heape. Dated 6 Feb., 17 15. Ch. 123.

Letters patent of King Charles II, granting to William Coventre,
esq., power to provide for shipps within and without England.

Dated Westminster, 19 August, 18 Chas. II. Ch. 124.

Sentence of the judge of the court of Admiralty concerning the pro-
prietorship of the ship called the Blessing. Ch. 125.

Certificate of the appointment of Mr. Robert Dobson, first lieutenant
of their Majesties ship Advice. Dated 4 June, 1692. Ch. 126.

The roll of captain William Hay's company. Dated 1693. Ch. 127.

Appointment of lieutenant Robert Dobson to be first lieutenant of
his Majesties ship Sterling Castle. Dated 13 October, 169-. Ch. 128.

Warrant (^mutilated) signed by Prince George of Denmark, lord
high admiral. Dated 22 May, 1705. Ch. 129.

Proceedings in a cause of subtraction of wages of seamen belonging
to the ship the Supply, in the Admiralty court.

Dated 23 January, 1706. Ch. 130.

Certificate of the appointment of lieut. Charles Pollkinhorne as
lieutenant of her Majesties ship Moncks prize.

Dated 6 Jan., 1709. Ch. 131.

Certificate of the commissioners for executing the office of lord
high admiral of Great Britain, &c., on behalf of the ship Layfield
Galley, of London, to pass without lett, hindrance, or seizure.

Dated 19 May, 1711. Ch. 132.



Certificate given to George Berly, master of the ship George and

Mary Gallis, staying in the port of London, and going to St. Sebastian's,

of the non-existence of pestilence, plague or contagion in the said port.

Dated ii Nov. 17 12. Ch. 133.

Charter party for the ' Robert and Samuel/ Robert Austin com-
mander, for a voyage to Gambia, Africa, to take in 230 negroes, and
from thence to Jamaica. Dated 3 June, 1724. Ch. 134.

Draft proclamation of sir Robert Holmes, kt., his Majesty's commis-
sioner for the suppressing of pirates, &c., in America. Signed but not
dated. Ch. 135.

Judgment of sir Charles Hedges, kt., judge of the Admiralty in a
cause between Samuel Slator, Peter Anderson, and William Price,
against the ship John and Sarah, of which Robert Sowers was the
master, recovering X103 i8s. 2d., and costs. . Ch. 136.

Blank appointment of William Weldey, to be master, captain, and
commander of a ship trading to the East Indies. Ch. 137.

Writ from King William III to the vice-chamberlain of the city of
London and keeper of Newgate, to receive the bodies of certain pirates,
for offences committed on the high seas, within the jurisdiction of the
Admiralty of England. Dated nth October, 12 of his reign. Ch. 138.

Letters patent of Queen Anne, addressed to sir John Powell, kt.,
and others, concerning a suit in the Admiralty court for the subtrac-
tion of salary, between Edward Arnold and others, sailors of the ship
Thomas and John, of the one part, and Daniel Oley and others,
owners of the said ship.

Dated at Westminster, 18 July, 6 Q. Anne. Ch. 139.

Indenture (quadripartite) made i st May, 2 Queen Anne, of articles
of co-partnership between Thomas Kynaston, Nevill Wytherley, Alex-
ander Goodall, and James Lowe, as mercers. (5 membranes.) Ch. 140.

Citation from the Prerogative court of Canterbury to Margaret Can-
ning, alias Kilby, concerning the administration of the goods of Leopold
Searle, late of Batavia. Dated 16 June, 1702. Ch. 141.

Indenture {illegible). (7A. 142.

Indenture made 28 October, 1705, witnessing that sir William
Fazakerley, kt., chamberlain of the city of London, has delivered to
the hands of sir Thomas Rawlinson, kt., the lord mayor, certain parcells
of jewellry and plate, and he, the said Thomas, undertakes to redeliver
them at the expiration of his mayoralty. Ch. 143.

Certificate of the appointment of William Knight, esq., as serjeant-
major of a regiment of foot of the trained bands of the city of London,
whereof sir Thomas Rawlinson, kt., lord mayor, is colonel.

Dated at the Guildhall, London, 20 June, 5 Q. Anne. Ch. 144.

Certificate of the appointment of William Hulls, esq., as serjeant-

major of a regiment of foot of the trained bands of the city of London.

Dated at the Guildhall, London, 10 March, 7 Q. Anne. Ch. 145.


Appointment, signed by Q. Anne, of Stephen Hutchinson, esq., as
captain to the regiment of foot commanded by colonel John Hill.

Dated at "Windsor, 3 July, 1708. Ch. 146.

Citation from the Prerogative court of Canterbury to Anne Godfrey,
widow, mother of Philip Godfrey, deceased.

Dated 22 June, 17 10. CJi. 147.

Indenture made 25th March, 1712, of articles of co-partnership
between Mr. Godfrey, Mr. Goodall and Mr. Cunningham as mercers.
(^membranes.) Ch. 148.

Indenture made 27 Sept., 1709, between John Hildesley of London
and others of the one part, and [Illegible^ Gh. 149.

Citation from John Beltesworth, LL.D., dean of arches, to Rebecca
Heamshaw of the parish of St. Botolph's without Aldgate, to appear
at the common hall within the parish of St. Benedict, near the river.
Dated at London, 17 July, 17 14. Ch. 150.

Composition deed for various debts owing by Henry Barton, citizen
and grocer of London. Dated 4 June, 17 15. Ch. 151.

Certificate of the marriage of Joseph Rossell of Skinner's street,
London, son of Samuel Roswell, deceased, with Rebeckah Dickson,
daughter of Joseph Dickson of London, linen-draper, deceased, at the
Quakers' meeting-house, near Devonshire square, London.

3 Oct., 17 17. [^Signed by all the congregation^ Ch, 152.

Covenants and proposals for printing the * Lives of Painters/ entered
into by Luke Stockoe and William Bray, as the publishers, with Robert
Samber, the author.

Dated 29 June, 1 7 2 1 . [Work does not seem to have been published.^

Ch. 153.

Letters patent for a dispensation to William Sherlock, clerk, M.A.

Dated at Westminster, 4 November, 12 Geo. I. Ch. 154.

Indenture made 25 March, 2 Geo. II, by which Elizabeth King of
St. Faith's, London, demises to James Bonwicke, sen., and James
Bonwick, jun., a messuage in St. Faith's parish, known as the Red
Lyon, for 14 years, at an annual rent of £34. Ch. 155.

Certificate of the appointment of Henry Mory as copying clerk of
the entries inwards in the port of London.

Dated 17 November, 1727. Ch. 156.

Indenture made 21 August, 12 Geo. II, by which Simon Crane of
Agmondesham, co. Bucks, esq., and Elizabeth his wife, lease to James
St. Amand, of St. George the martyr, esq., a house situated in East
street, for 3 years, at an annual rent of X45. Ch. 157.

Piece of parchment (mutilated) having the signatures of —
W. Cant.
Parker, C.
Townshend, P. Ch. 158.

The answer of Joshuah Lisle, clerk to John Sterne. Ch. 159.

Replication of Joshuah Lisle, clerke, repliant to the answer of William
Harris, deft. {No date.) Ch. 160.



Draft petition of the freemen of London to the House of Lords,

against a bill passed the House of Commons, for regulating voting

in elections in the city of London. Ch. i6i.

Copy of the inscription on a monument of the Eawlinson family,
printed on vellum. Ch. 162.

List of the names of the adopted sons of Mr. John East, nephews of
Mr. Wra. Chapman. Ch. 163.

Blank certificate for the appointment of a midwife. Ch. 164.

Adam de Sumery grants to Henry fitz Fenner of London, in ex-
change for an annual quit-rent of a pound of pepper, a quit-rent of 3 1
pence, that Nigel, son of the priest was accustomed to pay for the land
held of the said Adam. (c. 1230.) [With seal.'] Ch. 16^.

Commission from the Court of Admiralty to George Lilborne and
others, impowering them to recover the cargo, &:c., of the ship 'God's
Guyfte,' of London, wrecked near Newcastle, from the inhabitants of
the places adjacent. Dated at London, 12 October, 1646. Ch. 166.

Elizabeth, duchess of Norfolk and lady of Urelby and of Knapp, ^ /

quit-claims to Robert Mildenhale, citizen and skinner of London, and J? I
John Clee, citizen and clothier of London, all her right in an inn called j

* le Ryoll,' in London in Ventnor's Ward. ^

Dated at London, i July, 5 Hen. IV. [With seal] Ch. 176.

Letters patent of King Charles II, dated at Westminster, 18
February, 13th year of his reign, granting to Honora Harding an
annuity of £300 per annum from the exchequer. [With great seal,
broken.] Ch. 168.

Letters patent of Philip and Mary, dated at Westminster i May,
3 and 4 of their reign, granting a special pardon to sir Nicholas
Throgmorton. kt., late of London. [With seal, broken.] Ch. 169.

Indenture by which sir John Champeneys, knyght, alderman of the
city of London and master of the guild of Corpus Christi of the company
of skinners of London, and others, demise to Barnard Jenyn, citizen
and skinner of London, a great tenement in which the said Barnard
now dwelleth, and other tenements in Watling Street in the parish of
St. Antholin, for 20 years, at an annual rent of <£io 7 s. 8d.

Dated 9 November, 1537. [With seal.] Ch. 170.

John, earl marshall and Nottingham, &c., John Lancastre, esq.,
Richard Steresacre, esq., Th<imas Brunham, and Robert Southwell, are
bound to Joane, queen of England, and to John Everdon, clerk of the
treasury and receiver-general of the said queen, in £100 sterling,
payable at Westminster on the feast of St. Martin in the winter next
following the date of these presents.

Dated 25 March, i Hen. V. [With seals.] Ch. 171.

Letters patent of King Charles II, tested at Westminster, 25 Jan.,
30 of his reign, granting to sir Gabriel Sylbins, kt., a licence of
denization. [With seal] Ch. i'j2.

Judgment of master Richard Gwent, archdeacon of London, and
official of Thomas, archbishop of Canterbury, attested by George



Holande, notary public, in a cause of divorce from bed and boawi
between sir William Parre, K.G., and the lady Anne Bourchier alias
Parre. Dated 9 May, 1543. [With seal, broken. \ CA. 174.

ST AN WELL. Indenture made 28 September, 33 Elizabeth, by
which Abraham Veale, citizen and draper of London, in consideration
of the sum of .£30, sells to John Butcher of Stanwell, yeoman, a
messuage called * Wyngams ' in the parish of Stanwell.

Ch. 98.

STEPNEY. Indenture made 30 October, 10 James I, by which
Hildebrand Prusen, citizen and Salter of London, and John Dorrell of
the tower of London, merchant, demise to Francis Wincke of Wapping,
a piece of ground lying in Wapping in the parish of Stepney for a
term of 26 years, at a peppercorn rent. Oh. 99.

Leget grants to John Annesthorp, master of St. Katherine's, London,
and others, his manor of Totenham, and all his rents, lands and tenements
in Totenham, Edmelton, and Hereingey.

Dated at Totenham 23 May, 12 Rich. II. [With seal.] Ch. 176.

LONDON (St. Bartholomew's Priory). Copy of a roll made
by Roger de Luda, Easter, 34 Ed. I, under John de Kerasingham,
prior, of an extent of the lands and services of all the tenants of the
priory of St. Bartholomew, London : in a handwriting temp. Hen. VIL
Containing evidences and notes concerning the following places, viz. ;

Middlesex Rolls, i.

(a) The church of Little Jernemuth, with the chapel of Nortvilla
annexed, Suffolk, of the gift of King Henry I.

(b) The church of Gorleston, Suffolk, of the gift of King Henry I.

(c) The church, rents and services of Lowistoft, co. Suffolk, of the gift
of King Henry I.

(d) The chapel of Wenlacston, co. Suffolk, situated in the demesne
lands of Geoffrey de Wenlacston, of the gift of his ancestors.

(e) The manor of Schortgrave, Essex, held of Thomas, son and heir of
Andrew de Merke, by the annual service of 6d. or 2 gilt spurs.

(/) A tenement at Finchinfeld, Essex, held by Robert Robichun.

[g) Manor of Langeley, Essex, held of the lord Robert Fitz-Roger, by
the service of 4s. 6d. annually.

(h) Certain lands and tenements at Elmedon, Essex.

(i) Presentation to the church of Teyden, Essex.

(k) Messuages and lands at Bubbingwood, Essex.

{l) The moiety of the church of Daningbyr', Essex.

(m) The village and church of Bradfeld, Essex, held of sir William de
Reynus in frankalmoigne.

(n) Rents from tenements in Colchester, Essex.

(p) Annual rents from tenements, &c., in Maldon, Essex, of the gift



of Osward de Maldon, and confirmation of William, brother to King

Henry. ^

(p) Land at Welcostovve, Essex, held of sir Robert de Tony at an

annual rent of i ^d. at Easter, for all services.
{q) The manor and church of Mentmore, co. Bucks, held of Ralph le

Poer by the service of 2S. per annum,
(r) Land at Hokclive, co. Beds, held by the master and brethren of the

hospital of Hokclive, at an annual rent of los.
(s) Land at Totenham, Middlesex, of tlie gift of Bartholomew, son of

Geoffrey de Cornhull, and Gilbert, son of William de Totenham, in


(t) Land at Edelinton, Middlesex, of the gift of Ralph Heyron in

{u) Land in Enfield, Middlesex, of the gift of Raljjh Heyron, William -
Quarell, WiUiam de Gyvewell, Richard de Eorde, and of John, son
of Astoner, in frankalmoigne.

(v) The tithes of one carucate of land in Cherdington, Middlesex,
of the gift of Alan Dapipere.

(iv) The manor of Iseldon, Middlesex, held of Edmund de Berners for

45. annually.
(x) A messuage and land held by Robert Robert in Hendon, Middlesex.

{y) One virgate of land held by the master and brethren of St. Thomas
of Aeon, called ' Lachefeldis,' in Northall, Middlesex.

(z) The manor and advowson of Little Stanmer, Middlesex, held of
the king in capite by the service of one knight's fee.

(aa) The manor of Idestre in the village of Eggewere, Middlesex,
held in frankalmoigne of the gift of Philip, formerly earl of

(bh) Land in the village of Arawell, co. Hertford, of the fee of the

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