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abbot of Waltham, held of Philip de Hertford in frankalmoigne.

(ec) Rents and tenements without the borough of Hertford of the gift
of Alexander de Scherford,

{dd) Rents within the borough of Hertford.

{ee) Land in Gormeleg', co. Hertford, held of sir Richard de Perers in

(ff) Manor of Tywynge, co. Hertford, held of John Godfrey of
Tywinge in frankalmoigne.

(gg) The manor of Holmes, co. Hertford, of the gift of Adam de

(hh) Lands, rents, services, &c., pertaining to the offices of cellerar,

sacristan, infirmarer, refector, cook, and chamberlain, in the city

and suburbs of London.

ST. LAURENCE, OLD JEWRY. The return of Alexander
Seynyle and others, keepers of the fraternity of St. Anne within the
parish of St. Laurence in the old Jewry, London, to the court of

M 2


chancery, 30 January, 1 2 Rich. II, of their foundation, constitutions,
&c., according to a form of proclamation requiring the same. Rolls, 2.

WHITE FRIARS, FLEET STREET. Rules and regulations
of a company of a light of one taper in the quire of the "White Friars,
Fleet Street, of the company of curriers.

Founded 41 Ed. III. Rolls, 3.

branes ; —

(«) The ordinances of the guild of St. Stephen's of Colman Street,
London, made in the year of our Lord, 1369.

(6) Foundation and ordinances of a fraternity in the church of
St. Stephen, Colman Street, London, in honour of our Lord and
of the Assumption B.V.M., for maintaining before the image of our
Lady a candle of 3itt). weight of wax, founded in the feast of
St. John ante port. Lat., 1369. Rolls, 4.

Customs of the offerings in London, with the confirmation of
Thomas, archbishop of Canterbury.

Dated at Lambeth, 6 August, 1497. Rolls, 5.

Roll of two membranes : —

(a) Sums of money paid out of the exchequer to John Hawkins, esq.,
treasurer for the Queen for sea services, from the last day of
December, 1578, to the last day of December, 1579.

(6) An account of £8104 los. paid out of the exchequer to sir
Marmaduke Darrell and sir Thomas Bludder, kt,, for sea service,
I Jan., 1 6 10, to last Dec, 161 1. Rolls, 6.

Roll indented, dated last day of July, 36 Hen. VIII, by which sir
Edward North, kt., chancellor of the court of augmentations, ac-
knowledges to have received of sir Richard Riche, kt., by the hands
of Walter Farr, certain particulars of land sold to divers persons
therein mentioned. Rolls, 7.

ALDERS GATE WARD Without. An assessment upon the
said ward according to an act of parliament for a grant to their
majesties of an aid of 12c?. in the pound for one year, 1689.

[Signed hy * Thos. Pilkington, mayor/] Rolls, 8.

CRIPPLEGATE WARD Without. A roll of 8 membranes,
being an assessment for the relief of the poor for the above ward in
the precincts of Red and White Cross Streets for 3 months after the
rate of £143 14s. 6d. per month from 25 Dec, 1691. Rolls, 9.

ST. SWITHIN'S PARISH. A roll of two membranes, being
a rate for the maintenance of the poor within the parish of St. Swithin's,
London, from Easter, 17 15, to 17 16. Rolls, 10.

An assessment for the relief of the poor, made 17 17 for one year to
Easter, 1 7 18. Rolls, 11.

Two membranes containing duplicate copies of the rate and assess-
ment for the relief of the poor of the parish of St. Swithin for one


year from Easter, 1725, to 1726, with the warrant for collecting the
same. Rolls, 12.

An assessment in duplicate for the relief of the poor from Easter,
1 731, to the same feast, 1732, with the magistrates' appointment
of collectors. Rolls, 13.

Inventory of goods and debts of John Bowyer, late of the parish of
Allhallows in y^ wall, London, deceased.

Taken 20 May, 1685. Rolls, 14.

Inventory of the goods and chattels of Mrs. Margaret Chafin,
widdow, deceased, taken 14 April, 16 — . Rolls, 15.

Inventory of the goods of John Yong alias Norroy, sergeant at arms,
deceased, taken 16 May, 15 16, 8 Hen. VIII. Rolls, 16.

Inventory of the goods and chattels of William Bowyer, late of
Allhallows in the wall, joyner, taken Jan. 15, 1666. Rolls, 17.

Plan of the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th floors of the Fleet prison, and of
the 2nd and 3rd floors of y^ dwelling houses next y® ditch. Rolls, 18.

Roll of decrees in chancery, 2 1 ft. 3 in. long : Annesley v. Giles, 2 1
July, 1729, and Payne v. Stratton, 23 July, 1726. Rolls, 19.

One membrane of a decree of the high court of chancery made in a
cause of John Aynsley, gent!, against Shaftoe and Margaret Yaughan,
Trinity Term, 1729. Rolls, 20.

Tabular statement of monies expended from May 1 1 to Dec. 21,
at the workhouse and various wards of London, in charity, apprentice
fees, &c. [Undated.'] Rolls, 21.

SOUTHMYMES MANOR. Rentall of sir Roger Lewkenor, kt.,
lord of the above manor, 13 Hen. VII. Rolls, 22.

WESTMINSTER (Borough of). Quarter sessions roll consisting
of three membranes : —

I. contains the fines, &c. levied at a general quarter sessions held at
Westminster, 3 Oct., 7 Wm. Ill, and 9 Jan., 7 Will. Ill : 2. sessions
held 15 Apr., 8 Will. Ill : 3. do. 3 July, 8 Will. III. Rolls, 23.

Roll of 3 membranes containing the sessions rolls for Westminster
of the 9th and loth of William III. Rolls, 24.


CALDICOTT. Deed by which William Beaw of St. George's,
Southwark, and Mary his wife, assign to John Maun certain proj^erty
in Caldicott, formerly belonging to Mary Kemeys, as security for an
advance of .£40.

Dated 15 Dec, 172 1. Monmouthshire Charters, 4.

CHEPSTOW. Probate of the will of Sarah Thomas, formerly of
Bristol, but late of Chepstow, widow, deceased, granted by the court
of Canterbury, 2 Feb., 17 13. Ch. 3.

TON. An exemplification of a decree inrolled at Westminster,


Michaelmas, 1658, first roll, between John Hawkins, gent., and
Humphrey Bearcroft, gent., plaintiffs, and Humphrey Holloway, gent.,
and Edward Hughes, gent., defts., concerning 5 messuages, 6 gardens,
70 acres of land, 35 acres of meadow, 50 acres of pasture, 30 acres
of wood and common of pasture with appurtenances in Metheene,
Trelenny, Polenierick, and Mouncton.

Dated at "Westminster, 29 Nov., 1658. Ch. 2.

TINTEE.N (Abbey of). Promulgation by the abbot and convent
of Tintern of the decree of John, bishop of Norwich, dated 13 kl.
March, 1 30 1, for the appropriation of the church of Halnergate, and
ordination of the vicarage.

Dated at Norwich, 11 Kl. March, 1301. Ch. i.


ACLE. Letter from Thomas, duke of Norfolk, sir Roger Towne-

shend, kt., sir Wm. Paston, kt., and others, notifying the appointment

of Austen Arneyop of Acle, a collector of contributions towards the repair

of a bridge called the Weybridge by Acle market, in the co. of Norfolk.

Dated 4th October, 1529. Norfolk Charters, 2.

ANSBRIG-GE. Richard Gernun of Blafeld, with the assent of
Matilda his mother, grants to John, son of William de Plumsted, the
half of his turbary at the west part of Haiesbrigge ; paying annually
id. for all services. For this donation the said John gave to him 45.
of silver, (c. 1190.) Ch. i.

ASHWELLTHORPE. Letters of confirmation from Robert, the
prior, and convent of the cathedral church of Norwich to sir John
de Tliorpe, kt., for the foundation of a chantry within the church of
Asshewellethorp, containing a recital of (i) confirmation by John, bp.
of Norwich, (2) letters patent of King Edward II dated at Westminster,
15 Dec, 5 of his reign, (3) charter of sir John de Thorp, kt., granting
a messuage croft and 63s. 4c/. annual rents in the village of Asshe-
wellethorpe for the foundation of the same chantry, (4) grant from
John de Claveryngg, lord of Horsford, for the assignment of the said
messuage and rents, (5) grant from John de Thorp, rector of the
church of All Saints, Asshewellethorpe, confirming the donation of his
brother. Dated at Norwich, 10 Kl. July, 13 16. Ch. 3.

ATTLEBOROUGH. Robert, son and heir of sir Eustace de
Mortimer, kt., constitutes John Haudes, chaplain of Reymereston, his
attorney, to deliver in his name to sir . . Kerdeston, kt., Thomas de
Swathyngg, William de Burgh, parson of the church of Cantelee,
Thomas, parson of Sculton, and Andrew de Byrwell, chaplain, seisin
for the manors of Attleburgh, Schulton, and Banham, together with
the advowsons of Sculton, Banham, and Bykerston, with the third
part of the church of Attleburgh.

Dated at Attleburgh the Friday next after the feast of the
Assumption B. V. M., 33 Ed. III. Ch. 3*.


AYLSHAM and PAKENHAM. Exchequer Constat extracted
fiom the great roll of the pipe, 44 Hen. Ill, containing a grant
of the manor of Wyghton with the hundred of Northgreneho and the
manors of Aylesham and Fakenhamdam in co. Norfolk, the manor of
Saham in county Cambridge, the manor of Whitgift, co. York, manor
of Berton Bristol, co. Gloster, manor of Sevenhampton and Stratton,
CO. Wiltes, to Robert de Knolles and Constance his wife for the whole
term of their lives at an annual rent of £745 75. The acquittance is
given to the prior and convent of Ely for £76 13s. 4c?., being the
reserved rent for a portion of the year due for the manor of Saham, co.
Cambridge, committed to the said prior and convent, 26 Sept., 43
Hen. Ill, at a rent of £100 per annum. Gh. 4.

AYSSTHELE. Isabella, Alice, and Maria, daughters of Geoffrey
Page, grant to sir Tliomas de Nerford, kt,, five acres of land lying in
the fields of Ayssthele.

Dated at Ayssthele the Sunday next before the feast of St. Thoma?,
Apostle, 1 7 Ed. II. Ch 5.

BACTON. A deposition of Waryn Kyng and i o others ' made
the nexst day after the Assencion of our Lorde God, 19 Ed. IV, that
they with many other, at the instauns and request of Henry Waryns
of Paston, apery d at the manere of Huntyngfeld in Bakton, and there
and than Symon de Gunore, be fors of a dede with a letter of attornye
to him made as he seid by Agnes Paston, and there shewed, delyvered
seizin of and in the halfpele of the foresaid manor of Huntyngfeld
otherwyse called Seweresby only, and of no other manors, lands, 11 or.
tenements in the foresaid shire, to William Paston, swyer, and other
wyth hym named in the seyd dede be fors of letter of attornye made to
us the foresaid William Barker and John Boule (2 of the 10) be y^
seid William Paston and other named in the dede.' Ch. 6.

BAST WICK. Sir Roger la Vehie of Bastwic, kt., grants to
Humphrey, son of Rothic de Bastwic, and William his brother, for
their homage and service and 20s., two acres of land lying in the fields
of Bastwic; paying annually to him and his heirs "^d. (c. 1250-60.)

Gh. 7.

BATTYSFORD, co. Suffolk. Indenture dated 3 August, 26
Hen. VIII, by which the rt. rev. father, Richard, busshope of Norwich,
with the assent of William, prior of the cathedral church, demises to
Henry Aylmer, of Battysford, co. Suff., the manor of Battysford for 72
years, at an annual rent of ^13 15s. 6c?. [With seal.^ Ch. 292.

BAYPORD. An acknowledgement from Robert Wyghtman of the
receipt of five pounds from John Horrewodde.

Dated 14 July, 21 Hen. VII. Ch. 8.

BELHAC. John, son of Ybir de Belhac, grants to Henry, son of
Alan de Horninge, for his homage and los., one half acre of arable
land lying in the fields of Belhac, in two pieces, at an annual rent of
id. (c. 1240.) Gh. 9.


BEESTON. John Garbet of . . . ston, grants to John Rattok
of Beston one piece of land lying in the jfields of Beston.

Dated at Beston .... after the feast the Apostle,

27Ed. IIL CA. II.

John, son of Roger Coche, late of Cossey, grants to Edmund Mortoft
of Beston, one tenement formerly called 'Corpesties,'with all lands and
appurtenances in the village and fields of Beston or elsewhere, which
lately he had, conjointly with Richard Ferrour, citizen and alderman of
Norwich, John Purdy senr. of Heylesdon and others.

Dated at Beston, 6 Oct., 12 Hen. YI. Gh. 12.

William Chopyng of Sprouston, near Norwich, John Carbot, John
Raunson, and Henry Lucas, grant to Hugh Cotes of Norwich and
Edmund Rightwyse, clerk, \ an acre and \ a rood of land in Beeston,
which they had by the concession of John Roberdys, sen.

Dated at Sprouston, 4 April, 18 Ed. IV. []Vith seal^ Ch. 15.

Thomas Reede, clerk, and others, demise to John "Waryns and others
one piece of land in Beeston.

Dated at Beeston, 14 May, 14 Hen. VIL Ch. 18.

John Coche, Robert . . . . , Philip Calthorp, and Henry Rolff,
grant to Simon Nunne, Ralph Styward, and others, a tenement in
Beston called * Corpesties,' and appoint Thomas Attemere their attorney
to deliver seisin of the same.

Dated at Beston, i October, 7 Hen. VIII. Ch. 19.

NEATISHEAD, and HORNING. Nicholas de Herdwyk, rector
of the church of Bestone, grants to sir Harvey de Broks, chaplain,
and "Walter atte Halle of Antingham, all his tenements which he
acquired of the lady Cecilia, formerly wife of sir John de Cokefeld,
kt., in the villages of Beston, Berton, Smalebergh, Ashmanhaghe,
Netishirde, and Horningge.

Dated at Norwich the Thursday on the morrow of St. Faith, 10
Ed. II. Ch. 10.

WORTH. Robert Page of Beston and Roger Warde, citizen of
Norwich, bedwever, demise to John Corpscy, rector of St. Augustine's,
Norwich, John Wasy, taylor, and John Newman, 20 acres of land in
the villages and fields of Beston, Crostweye, Sprouston, and Spikes-
worth. Dated at Beston, 14 Jan., 18 Hen. VI. Ch. 13.

CROSTEWHEYTE, and CATTON. Walter Goose, clerk, and
Robert Camond, chaplain, at the request of Margaret, late wife and
now executor of John Talbas, deceased, demise to John Heydon,
Richard Suthwell, esq., and others, all the messuages, lands, rents, &c.,
in the villages of Beeston, Sprouston, Spekesworth, Attylbrigg,
Crostwheyte, and Catton, which were lately John Talbas'.

Dated 20 October, 3 Ed. IV. Ch. 14.

Richard Ferrour, Hamo Claxston, and John Purdy senr. of Heylesden,
demise to AVilliam Spenser, chaplain, his heirs and assigns, all their


messuages, lands, tenements, rents, and services, in the above villages,
whicli were formerly John Talbas', and they appoint Bobert Garbotte,
their attorney, to deliver seisin of the same.

Dated at Beeston, 28 April, 2 Kich. III. Ch. 16.

WYCKE. James Nunne of Beeston, in performance of a certain
agreement made between himself and Robert Partriche of Great
Fynberow, co. SufF., dated 27 March, 6 Eliz., sells the whole of the
capital messuage in Beeston, lately Simon Nuune's his father, and
also all other lands, &c. in Beeston, Sproston, Spixworth, and Crost-
wycke, and all the other lands and tenements, &c. in the occupation of
John Dryver. Dated 30 March, 6 Eliz. Ch. 20.

BARMER. Appropriation of the church of Bermere to the use
of the prior and convent of Cokesford by Walter, bp. of Norwich, with
the consent of Simon, the prior, and convent of Norwich, and William
de Lydesterne the rector.

Dated atWescham 6 Id. Dec, 1252, and confirmation by William,
bp. of Norwich, and William the prior, and convent of Norwich,
in 1326. [2 deeds, with seal. ^ Ch. 73.

BERTON and ESTMOR. Peter, son of Peter de Nerford, grants
to the abbot and canons of St. Mary of Derham, Richard son of Alan
de Aysschele, Simon le Wodehirde, and Simon the carter of Saham,
with their tenements, belongings, and services ; also i2d. of annual
rent which Walter de Estmor owed for the land he held in Berton
and Estmor. To hold the same in frankalmoigne for the sustentation
of one canon in the abbey of Derham to celebrate for the souls of the
faithful, (c. 1280.) CA. 67.

BESTHORPE. An inspeximus charter of Roger, the prior, and
convent of Norwich, of the charter of Simon, bp. of Norwich, which
he made to the prior and convent of Wymondham appropriating to
that priory the church of Besthorp.

Dated at Norwich the Tuesday next before the feast of St. Gregory,
1259. Ch. 585.

BURLINGHAM. Humphrey, son of N. le Claver of Grovele,
grants and quit-claims to Thomas de Waltune, all his right in the
village of Birlingham, viz. an annual rent of i6d. from Adam de la
Mare, 2d. from Henry Champeneis, id. from Symon, son of Adam
de Cruce, 2d. from Alice, daughter of William Olegot, and 2d. from
Letitia, daughter of Margaret. For this charter the said Humphrey gave
to the said Thomas iis. and one robe. (c. 1230.) [Wiihseal.^ Ch. 22.

BURLINGHAM (North). John, son of Thomas Hardyngham of
North Birlyngham quit-claims to Margaret, late wife of John Maynard
of Martham, all right of action against her to this date.

Dated at Billokby the Tuesday next before the feast of St. Faith,
2 Hen. VI. CA. 23.

William Daubeneye, lord of the manor of North Birlyngham, sells


to "William Rond of the same place, i^ rood of land in Smallescroft,
paying annually to the said William Daubeneye 2d.

Dated at North Birlingham, 27 October, 8 Hen. VI. Ch. 24.

Edward Mileham of Northburlingham, in consideration of the receipt
of £5, sells to Henry Kempe of Northburlingham, carpenter, one
l)ightell or close, lately a cottage in Northburlingham.

Dated 7 May, 1646. Ch. 25.

Bond of £100 given by Robert Richer, clerk, to Edmund Corbett
for performance of certain duties. Dated 10 April, 1650. Ch. 26.

BURLINGHAM (South). An obligation on the part of John,
the prior, and convent of Weybridge, to pei-form mass and obit, for
Alice called of Stoke, for her benefaction of lands, rents, and tenements
in Southbyrlyngham, after her death, under a penalty of 10 marks,
payable to the prior and convent of the Holy Trinity, Norwich.

Dated at Weybridge, 23 May, 1379. [Seal broken.] Ch. 567.

BLOFIELD. Sir Robert de Cateston, kt., quit-claims to Ralph,
bp. of Norwich, and his successors, all right to fish or cut reeds or
grass in any part of his great pool of Blofield, and in the upper part
towards Witton.

Dated at Breydeston on the vigil of St. Lawrence, 22 Ed. L
[With seal.] Ch. 27.

John, son of John .... of Blofeld quit-claims to John, son of
Gregory Wymer, of little Plumstead, all his right in one piece of land
in the fields of Blofeld.

Dated at Blofeld the Sunday after the feast of the Annunciation
B.V.M., 16 Ed. in. Ch. 28.

Memorandum from the manor court roll of Blofeld held the Friday
next after the feast of St. Luke, 13 Ed. IV, that Robert Townesend
held of the lord 2 J acres and i rood of land, with a cottage formerly
John Gybbes', in North Byrlingham, and died so seised j William his
son and heir admitted to the same. Ch. 29.

John Bernard of Blofield and Edward Pette demise to William Barker,

chaplain, one piece of land containing 2 J acres in the field of Blofield.

Dated at Blofield, 4 June, 22 Ed. IV. Ch. 30.

Manor court entry dated the Thursday next after the feast of St.
Gregory, 5 Hen. VII, reciting that Katherine Gylberd, widow, surren-
dered into the hands of the lord to the use of Thomas Gylberd, and
Margaret his wife, a cottage and 6 acres of land in North Birlingham.

Ch. 31.

Manor court entry dated the Wednesday next before the feast of St.
Luke the evangelist, 38 Hen. VIII, reciting that John Spencer sur-
rendered into the hands of the lord one acre of land in Byrlyngham
to the use of Richard Gylberd and his heirs. Ch. 32.

Memorandum that at a court held the Thursday after the feast of
St. Edward the king, 3 & 4 Philip and Mary, came Richard Gylberd
and petitioned for licence to stop up k path lying under his bakehouse ;
licence granted by Thomas Calthorpp, gent., supervisor. Ch. 33.


Anthony Burrowe of Thurlton, gent., grants to William Howse of
Toft Monks, and Thomas Owby, a capital messuage in Blofield, to the
use of William and Alice Burrowe.

Dated lo April, 37 Eliz. Ch. 34.

Indenture dated 17 Nov., 1674, by which Martha Mentle, widow,
of Blofield, demises unto Mary Mentle, of Great Yarmouth, widow,
an annuity of £4 issuing out of two closes called the ' Clynt closes ' in
Blofield, for her life. Ch. 35.

Fragment of court roll, 18 Chas. II. Ch. 36.

BODHAM. Letter of Anthony, bp. of Norwich, appropriating the
church of Bodham to the abbot and convent of Langley.

Dated at Norwich, 1330 ; confirmed by the prior and convent of
Norwich, 27 August, same year. Ch. 231.

BONEWELLE and MERTON MANORS. Sir Robert Clyfton,
kt., recites that the custody of William Grey, son of Fulk Grey,
deceased, is in his hands, together with the custody of the manors of
Bonewelle and Mertou, and by this present charter, in consideration of
the sum of .£100, grants him a licence to marry whom and when it shall
please him, as also the profits and issues of the manor of Bonewell
from the feast of St. Michael the archangel last past, reserving to himself
for a time the issues, &c. of the manor of Merton.

Dated i June, i Hen. VI. [With seal.'] Ch. 37.

BOXLAND and FRITTON. Indenture made

Q. Elizabeth, by which Nicholas Harrys demises to Charles Harrys
the manors of Boxland and Fritton in the county of Norfolk for 40
years at <£i6o rent. Ch. 38.

BRADFIELD. John le Polmer of Bradefeud quit-claims to Alan
Mushere of Bradefeud all his right, &c. in the said Alan and in his heirs,
with his suit and belongings.

Dated at Bradefeud on the feast of SS. Philip and James, 3 1 Ed. I.

Ch. 39.

BRANCA STER. Indenture dated 20 Feb., 7 James I, by which
sir Charles Cornwallis of Horsham St: Faith, in consideration of a sum
of <£iooo to him paid by sir Henry, sir John, Edward, and Robert
Hobart, gives his full assent to all and every assurance made by John
Co well and others, of some or any part of the manor of Brancaster to
the clear yearly value of three score and ten pounds for securing and
saving harmless the said sir John, sir Henry, Edward, and Robert
Hobart, any troubles or incumbrances concerning the manor of Erleham
to be purchased by the said Hobarts of sir C. Cornwallis, kt., and
others. Ch. 40.

BRANDESTON. Copy of the decree of John, bp. of Norwich, in a
cause between William, the prior, and convent of St. Faith, Horsham, of
the one part, and John de Redham, rector of the church of Brandestone,
of the other, concerning the tithes of certain lands within the limits of
the parish of Brandestone. Dated 1302. Ch. 196.


John de Brandiston, chaplain, grants to sir Roger de Hecham,
chaplain, and John de Methelwold and their heirs all their right in
one piece of land lying in the village of Brandiston.

Dated at Brandiston the Sunday next after the feast of St.
Valentine the martjT, 3 Ed. Ill, Ch. 41.

BRIDGHAM. Thomas, son of Alexander de Brigham, brother and
heir of John de Brandone, grants to William, son of the said John,
and Agnes de Hotham, that donation and grant of a messuage and
half acre of land in the village of Brigham which the said John gave
to William and Agnes.

Dated at Brigham the Tuesday next after the feast B.V. M., 20
Ed. L Ch. ^2.

John, son of Alexander de Brigham, grants to William his son, and
Agnes de Hotham his servant, for their homage and service, a certain
messuage and lands in Brigham ; paying annually one penny.

Dated at Brigham the Tuesday next after the feast of the
Purification B.V. M., 20 Ed. L Ch. 43.

BRUNDALL. Memorandum from the court roll of the manor
of Brundale held 26 Sept., 18 James I; viz. Leonard Oxwick
surrendered into the hands of the lord all his reversion to the lands
of John Oxwick his father, which said lands, &c. were re-conveyed to
the said Leonard and Bridget his wife and to their heirs according to
the custom of the manor. Ch. 44.

Memorandum from the manor court roll held 4 October, 1639, by
Thomas Turner, gent., seneschal there, at which Leonard Oxwick
surrendered a rent into the hands of the lord of the said manor, to the
use declared in the last will of the said Leonard. Ch. 45.

At a manor court held the 28 day of March, 7 James I, William
Pikeringe surrendered into the hands of the lord, for the use of William
Reynolds, half an acre of meadow lying in Brundale, according to the
custom of the manor. Ch. 46.

BURGH-APTOH". Judgement given by John, bp. of Norwich,
concerning the right to the tithes of the rectory of Bergh with the
chapel of Apton appurtenant to the said rectory, in a cause instituted
between the prioress and convent of Carhowe on the one part, and

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