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little grove of wood in the parish of Glemsford, which the said John
Raye acquired as security for £14 13s. ^d.

Dated 20 January, 29 Hen. VIII. Ch. 343.

The will of John Brewster of Glemsford, clothier, dated 1 1 October,
1547. Probate attached, dated 21 October, 1547. [With seal broken.]

Ch. 344 a, 344 6.

Memorandum that at the first court of John Alen held for the


manors of Caleis, Methwolds, Wymbolds, and Tylneys, 28 July, 11
Elizabeth, it was presented that John Ffy . . . surrendered certain
lands into the hands of the lord to the use of George Hicks and his
heirs, &c. Ch. 345.

Bond whereby John Allen of Glemsford is bound to John Jermya
of Debden in a sum of ^£70.

Dated 29 November, 31 Elizabeth. \With sedls^ Ch. 346.

John Jermyn of Debden, esq., grants to in Glemsford,

Cavendish, Stanstead, and

Dated 7 October, 32 Elizabeth. Ch. 347.

Indenture dated 2 October, 32 Q. Elizabeth, by which John Jermyn

sells to Thomas Banks and Stephen de . . . . certain land in Glemsford.

[Partly illegible.] CA. 348.

Indenture dated Elizabeth by which John and William

Allen sell to John Jermyn of Debden certain lands in Glemsford.

Ch. 348*.

An abstract of the fines and amerciaments held at the court of
Glemsford, 27 April, 27 Charles I. Ch. 349.

GORLESTON. Joan, relict of William de quit-claims to

Geoffrey de B . . . , for a certain sum of money, one plot of land in

Dated at Gorlestone the Saturday next after the feast of All
Saints, 8 Ed. II. [With seal] Ch. 1304.

Thomas Bardeler of Gorlestone grants to Eiehard Cristemesse of
Somerleyton and Isabella his wife a messuage with a curtilage lying in
the village of Gorlestone.

Dated at Gorlestone, the Thursday of St. Faith, 3 Bich. 11.

Ch. 876.

• Reginald Drowrie, with the assent of Agnes his wife, sells to Thomas
Boyse, sen., of Belton, a tenement &c. lying in Gorleston.

Dated at Gorleston, i June, 5 Q. Elizabeth. Ch. 879.

Margaret Oldringe of Gorleston, daughter and heir of Richard
Oldringe, grants to Reginald Drowing one tenement lying in Gorleston.

Ch. 880.

George Harcocke of Haddysco Thorpe, Norfolk, yeoman, grants to
James Hubberde, gent., in consideration of a certain sum of money,
one messuage and two gardens situated in Little Jernemuth, Gorleston,
and Southerton. Dated 17 April, 21 Elizabeth. Ch. 881.

Nicholas Haverd of Gorleston, yeoman, grants to John Wentworth
and Dorothy his wife a messuage in Gorleston.

Dated .... January, 39 Q. Elizabeth. Ch. 882.

William Ward of Kingston on Hull, co. York, grants to William
Bradefeild of Gorleston parcel of one tenement in Gorleston.

Dated 3 January, 1598. Ch. 883.



"William Dunston of Bedingfeild, co. Suffolk, yeoman, confirms to
John Wentwortb, sen., of Somerleyton, esq,, a tenement &c. in Gorleston,
CO. Suffolk. Dated 24 Nov., 2 James I. Ch. 884.

heir of Robert Gapps of Bradwell, sells to Thomas Banyard, gent., and
others, six pieces of land lying in the villages of Gorleston, Bradwell,
and Gapton, also a tenement and piece of land in Bradwell.

Dated at Gorleston, 20 April, 20 Hen. VII. Ch. 877.

GORLESTON, HOPTON, and GORTON. Indenture dated
20 July, 26 Hen. VIII, by which John Lavyle and Rose his wife, in
consideration of marriage to be solemnised between William Lavyle,
son and heir of the said John, and Katherine Lampet, enfeoffs them
with lands &c. in Gorleston, Hopton, and Gorton, in co. Suffolk.

Ch. 878.

GOSBECK. Indenture made between Gilbert de .... of the
one part, and John . . . , chapman, of Codenham of the other

part, by which an annuity of 13s. 4c?. from lands &c. in the

village of Gosbeck.

Dated .... on the feast of St. Peter ad vine, 15 Rich. H.
\With seal.'] Ch. 636.

GRETINGHAM. Richard Flur grants to sir Roger le Denays
of Gretingham, the lady Matilda his wife, William le Denays their
son, and others, for 6 marks of silver sterling, certain land in the
village of Stepel Greeting. [Temjp. Ed. I.] Ch. 1306.

GROT ON. Nicholas Cokerel of Groten grants to Henry Melksop
of Melding one piece of arable land in the village of Groten.
(c. 1280-90.) \With sedl^ CA. 1305.

niegible charter, dated 36 Ed. III. Ch. 350.

Edward Appulton grants to Adam Wyntrop a pasture and certain
land in Groton. Dated at Groton, 20 June, 2 Elizabeth. Ch. 351.

GUNTON. Robert, son of Nicholas le Poor of Goneton, appoints
Geoffrey, son of sir John de Askeby, his attorney to receive 2\d. at
the feast of St. Michael, which falls to him by heirship by the death
of .... son of Adam le Poor. Dated 15 Ed. I. Ch. 885.

HADLEIGH. John, son, of William Segge of Hadlegh, and
Agnes, daughter of William son of Wydne, grant to Robert le Ro of
Edwardeston, and Matilda, daughter of Thomas le Chalmier of Hadlegh,
the half of a tenement in Hadlegh. (c. 1270-80.) Ch. 1308.

Sir Richard Waldegrave aclinowledges to have received of John
Doyley 20s. as a reasonable aid either for making Richard his eldest
Bon a knight, or for marrying Isabella his daughter.

Dated 12 July, 28 Hen. YI. [With seai:\ Ch, i445-


The will of John Doyle of Hadlegh, co. Suffolk, made 15 August,

Probate attached, dated 9 October, 1483. [ With seals.] Ch. 1 307.

Sir Henry "Wentworth, kt., and others appoint to

receive of Edward Doyle, esq,, in their name, seisin of and in the
manors of Pondhall and Corsford in Suffolk and other lands elsewhere
in various counties. Dated 8 Nov., 12 Hen. VII. Ch. 1309.

Particulars of the moneys of the guilds of Hadleigh, viz. Trinity
guilde. Corpus Christi guilde, St. John's guilde . . . . , and our Lady
guilde, either in hand or paid. [^Mutilated.] Ch. 13 10.

Bond given by Robert Abbes of Hadleigh, clothier, for performance
of covenants in a certain indenture between him and Hoger Kolff of
Hadleigh. Dated 26 May, 4 and 5 Philip and Mary. Ch. 131 1.

Indenture by which Eobert Rolfe of Grey's Inne, Middlesex, gent.,
son and heir of Boger Eolfe of Hadley, approves and ratifies to
Thomas Atkinson of Hadley all right and title to a capital mansion,
&c. in Hadley, which the said Thomas purchased of him and Edward
Colman. Dated 28 October, 24 Elizabeth. Ch. 13 12.

HANFORD. William de Badele quit-claims to the church of

SS. Peter and Paul of Ipswich, in frankalmoigne, the gift which Roger

de Badele his brother made to them of the half of tlie mill of Haneford.

(c. 1270-80.) Ch. 204.

HASELWODE. William Hebbys of Hasylwode grants to John
» . . kele one piece of meadow lying in the village of Hasylwode.

Dated at Hasylwode, 10 Hen. lY. Ch. 1193.

HAVERHILL, &o. Thomas Master, clerk, rector of Somerleton,
and Roger Page of Bury St. Edmund, grant to John Aleyn and
others the whole of the messuage in which the father of the said
Thomas lives, with all the lands, &e. to the same messuage pertaining,
also all the lands formerly John Kelyng's, also the lands of John
Payne which were afterwards the said Thomas Master's in the villages
and fields of Haverhill, Kedyngton, Little Wratting, and Bumpsted
Helyon, in the counties of Suffolk and Essex.

Dated at Haverhill, 21 March, 13 Hen. VII. Ch. 1313.

Thomas Master, rector of Somerleyton, and Roger Page of Bury
St. Edmund, executors of the will of Thomas Master, late of Haver-
hill, recites the last will (dated 4 November, 1473) of the said Thomas
Master, father of Thomas Master, rector of Somerleyton.

Dated at Haverhill, 21 March, 13 Hen. VII. Ch. 13 14.

HELMINGHAM. Thomas de Helmingham, chaplain, grants to
sir John de Lampet, chaplain, for his homage and service, one piece
of land in the village of Helmingham, paying annually for the same
four-pence, (c. 1280-90.) Ch. 637.



HEMMINGSTON. Robert Thedware of Codenham grants to
Geoffrey his son, chaplain, five pieces of land in the village of

Dated at Codenham on the day of St. Francis the confessor, 24
Ed. L Ch. 638.

HEN GRAVE. Anselm, the abbot of St. Edmund, grants to Leo
and his heirs the manor of Hemegrede in fee and heirship, to hold of
the altar of St. Edmund and of the sacristan, to pay on the altar each
year at stated times loos., &c. [TFz^A seal.^ Ch. 2.

HEN GRAVE, &c. Chirograph by which Hugh, the abbot, and
convent of St. Edmund grant and confirm to William, son of Leo,
and his heirs after him, the manor of Hemmegredhe ; also the whole
of the land which his father Leo held in Westleia of the court of
Fornham, and land in Cheventona of the court of Cheventona, and
land which he held in Sexham of the court of Sexham, &c. ; paying
1 1 OS. for Hemmegredhe, 4s. at the court of Fornaham for AVestleia,
3s. at the court of Cheventona for Cheventona. (1157-80.) Ch. 4.

HENSTEAD. Humphrey Yermouth of Neustead remits and
quit-claims to AVilliam Sydnor of Blundeston all his right to cause of
action against him. Dated 2 August, 16 Elizabeth. Ch. 1194.

Bond given by Richard Sallowes of Benacre in £70 to William
Sydnor, for the performance of certain covenants.

Dated 3 May, 24 Eliz. Ch. 1197.

Richard Sallowes, for a certain sum of money in hand paid, grants
to William Sydnor of Blondeston a messuage and 1 6 pieces of land in
Hensted. Dated 3 May, 24 Q. Elizabeth. Ch. iipS,

Edward Fleetcroft of Henstead, husbandman, for a consideration,
grants to William Sydnor of Blundeston two pieces of land in
Henstead. Dated at Henstead, 18 November, 32 Q. Eliz. Ch. 11 96.

HERRINGELEET. Ralph, son of William de Ferya, grants to
the church of St. Olave, Heringflete, in frankalmoigne, "jd. annual
rent, viz. from Hugh, son of Gilbert de Blundeston, and his heirs, 6d,
for a tenement in Somerleyton, and id. from Hugh de Elmesete for
a piece of land in Heringflete. (c. 1250-60.) Ch. 201.

John Gernegan grants , to the priory of St. Olave

[Illegible.'] Ch. 202.

The will of the lady Beatrice (?), daughter of Roger Fitz-Osbert,
dated . . Hen. ILL, Ch. 200.

Isabella , in her lawful widowhood, grants to Geoffrey, son

of John of Askeby, the whole of her turbary in Heringflete. (c. 1260.)

Ch. 886.

William, son of John le Gos of Herlingflet, grants to John de
Herlingflet, taliur, a piece of land lying in the fields of Herlingflet.
Dated at Herlingflet, St. Gregory's day, 32 Ed. I. Ch. 887.


Agatha, formerly wife of Nicholas de Freton, grants to Robert de
Eye her brother certain lands, &c., together with lod. annual rent,
in Herlingflet.

Dated at Freton the "Wednesday next after the feast of St. Lucy,
virg., 33 Ed. I. Ch. 888.

Illegible charter.

Dated at Heryngflet, Michaelmas day, g Ed. II. Ch. 1315.

Richard Peris of Blundiston and Alicia his wife grant to William,
son of Thomas Borel of Herlingflet, one rood of land lying in two
pieces in Herlingflet.

Dated the Tuesday on the feaSt of St. Katherine, 1 2 Ed. III.

Ch. 889.

John de la Mers' of Heryngflet grants to Henry de la Hyl of
Somerleton and Joan his wife one piece of arable land in the village
of Heryngflet.

Dated at Heryngflet on the feast of St. Luke the evangelist, 43
Ed. IIL Ch.Sgi.

John, son of Robert Pain of Heiyngflet, grants to Richard
. . ulbere and Margaret his wife one piece of land in Heryngflet.

Dated , 20 Ed. IIL [With seal.] Ch. 892.

Robert Neve of Askeby grants to Simon de Banburgh, parson of
Askeby, the half of a marsh in Heryngflet.

Dated at Heryngflet the Sunday next after the feast of St. Faith,
48 Ed. III. Ch. 893.

William of Somerleton grants to Richard Austyn one

piece of land in Heryngfleet.

Dated at Heryngfleet the Thursday after the feast of the apostles
SS. Philip and James, 2 1 Rich. II. Ch. 894.

Andrew, son of John Andrew of Heryngflet, grants to Robert

messuage and lands in Heryngflet.

Dated at Heryngflet the Sunday after the feast of St

6 Henry IV. Ch. 895.

Thomas Bawde of Great Cliesterforth, Essex, and Cecilia his wife
appoint Thomas Eddewyn and Thomas Bene their attorneys to de-
liver seisin of a certain tenement in Heryngflete called Newtonys to
Thomas Belstede of Mulkeberton, co. Noifolk, and Robert Howorth,
clerk. Dated 5 Feb., 6 Hen. V. Ch. 896.

John Curlw, clerk, Isabella Curlw, relict of Robert Smyth, William
Hay, and Adam Foster of London demise and confirm to John Fastolf
of Great Yarmouth all those lands &c. in the villages of Heryngfleet,
Haskeby, and Somerleton which they had by the gift of Roger
Mettfelde of Menham, William Leons of Castro St. Edward, and
Thomas Fyncham of Norwich.

Dated at London on the day of St. James, 10 Hen. V. Ch. 897.

I i


Thomas Banstede remits to John, son of Alexander Fastolf, all his
right which he has in certain lands, meadows, and pastures iu Heryng-
flete and villages adjacent.

Dated at Heryngflete, 8 February, 2 Hen. VI. Ch. 898.

The will of Henry Reppys of Heryngflet.

Dated at Heryngflet, 14 Dec, 4 Hen. VI. Ch. 899.

Henry atte Mersch of Becclys and Richard Cristemasse of Somer-
leton grant to John Terald of Asby and Richard atte Dole one half
acre of land in Heryngflet.

Dated at Heryngflet, 20 June, 6 Hen. VI. Ch. 900.

Illegible charter, dated 15 January, i Hen. VII. Ch. 902.

Thomas Deryng and Robert Bugge grant to Robert Curtes and
others one piece of land lying in Heringflete.

Dated at Heringflete, 12 April, 8 Hen. VIII. Ch. 907.

Thomas Cady and Thomas Gooff quit-claim to Richard Jenney, esq.,
all their right in a messuage &c. in Heryngflete.

Dated 1 6 Henry VIII. \^Nearly obliterated^ Ch. 908.

John Mytes of Heringflet sells to John Mellinge a messuage and
8 acres of land in Heringflet.

Dated at Heringflet, 30 November, 42 Elizabeth. Ch. 909.

HERRIWGFLEET and ASKEBY. Robert .... of Halys
and John Carable of Horsham grant to John de la Merhs, sen.,
John de Merhs, jun., and others, all their messuages &c. lying in
Herlyngflet and Askeby.

Dated at Herlyngflet the Thursday before the feast of St. Margaret,
virg., 35 Ed. III. Ch. 890.

Freman of Becclys, widow, grants to Robert Manwode, John Fen, and
William Symond all the messuages, lands, &c. in Heryngflet, Askeby,
and Beldeston, in the counties of Norfolk and Sufi'olk, with others as
contained in divers writings.

Dated 20 May, 10 Ed. IV. Ch. 901.

Ryppes, senior, and Henry Ryppes his son, grant to sir Robert Drury,
knight, and Edward Jernegan, esq., all their lands and tenements
situated in Heryngflet, Ashby, and Somerleton.

Dated 24 day of March, 21 Hen. VII. Ch. 905.

Indenture made 9 March, 21 Hen. VII, by which sir Robt. Drury,
knight, and Edward Jernegan, esq., purchase of Henry Reppes, the
father, and Henry Reppes his son, all their lands, tenements, rents,
and services in Heryngflet, Ashby alias Askeby, and Somerleton.

Ch. 906.

Henry Ryppes, senior, gentleman, and Henry his son, grant to sir
Robert Drury, kt., and Edward Jernegan, esq., all their lands &c. in
Heryngflet, Askeby, and Somerleton.

Dated 24 March, 21 Hen. VII. Ch. 904.


Sir John Hevyngham, kt., according to the intention of the last
will of John Heppys, late of Heryngflet, grants to Thomas Jermy of
Stokesby and others those messuages and tenements called Smethes
and Newetons in the villages of Heryngflet and Somerleton.

Dated at Heryngflet 5 Hen. VII. Ch. 903.

HEPWORTH. Indenture witnessing that Eobert Sutton of
Bury St. Edmund, master of the chantry of John Smith, esq., at the
altar of St. Mary, and others, demise to John Brundissh and William
his son a parcel of land with a house in the village of Hepworth, for
80 years, at an annual rent of 6d.

Dated at Hepworth, 16 March, 24 Hen. VIII. Gh. 149.

HESSET. Indenture witnessing that William, the abbot of Bury

Seynt Edmund, and the convent of the same have demised to Thomas

Bakon of Heggesset their manor of Heggesset pertaining to the office

of the tresory of their monastery, for 20 years, at an annual rent of .£8.

Dated 12 Sept., 19 Hen. VII. Ch. 137.

Indenture by which William, the abbot, and the convent of Bury St.
Edmund have demised to Thomas Bakon of Heggesset their manor of
Heggesset, for 20 years, paying annually to the treasurer of the
monastery .£8. Dated 12 September, 19 Hen. VII. Ch. 138.

John, the abbot, and the convent of Bury St. Edmund grant to Thomas
Bacon of Heggesset two acres and a half of pasture, part of the manor
of Heggesset, in exchange for 2^ acres of the said Thomas Bacon's
lying in the same village. Dated 5 April, 20 Hen. VIII. Ch. 148.

The will of Henry de Heleweton, dated at St. Edmund the Tuesday
next after the feast of St. Botulph, 1274. [With seal^\ Ch. 75.

HINDERCLAY, &c. Final concord at CateshuU on the morrow
of the Ascension of Our Lord, 35 Hen. Ill, by which Osbert de Thorp
and Margaret his wife demise to the abbot and church of St. Edmund
1 05. of annual rent in Hyldercle, Rykinghale, and Watlesfeld. For
this concession the abbot gave to the said Osbert and Margaret five
marks. Ch. 50.

HOLBROOK. William Sprot of Holebac grants to Robert le
Sponere of Holebac one piece of land and one piece of herbage in
Stepelcreting. (c. 1230-40.) Ch. 131 6.

HOLTON. William de Stanham remits and quit-claims to the

lady Petronilla de Neiford all right and claim in John Folke and

Geoffrey le Boo of Holton his natives and all that belongs to them.

Dated at Wisset the Tuesday next before the feast of Pentecost,

5 Ed. IL Ch. 1 1 98.

HOPENT, EUNGEST, and BARTON. Hugh, the abbot, and

convent of St. Edmund, grant to Vital and his heirs all the tenures

and gifts which abbot O. gave to him, viz. land in Hopent and Eungest,

and in Bertune, also a toft in St. Edmund, subject to certain services.

[ With seat:] Ch. 5.

I i 2


H OPT ON. Stephen Boyes of Hopton remits to William Kempe
and others all his right in a certain tenement in Hopton.

Dated at Hopton 8 Jan., i Hen. IV. [With seal] Ch. 910.

Geoffrey Campyng, burgess of Great Yarmouth, grants to William
Bluwet of Hopton his messuage and five acres of land in Hopton.
- Dated at Hopton, 8 . . . . , 2 Hen. VI. Ch. 911.

John Goche of Hopton grants to Thomas Grote and others certain
land lying in Hopton.

Dated Hen. YI. [Nearly obliterated.] Ch. 912.

Richard Hoper of Hopton and Thomas Denne grant to Edmund
Wydewell, Hugh de Fenne, and Robert Gedge two acres of land in
Hopton. Dated at Hopton, 20 January, 6 Ed. lY. Ch. 913.

John Sparow of Hopton and Henry Bosom, rector of Marlyngforthe,

grant to William Davy and others a certain messuage lying in Hopton.

Dated at Hopton, 20 Jan., 13 Ed. lY. Ch. 914.

Edmund Bee of Hopton and Thomas Aleyn of Lowystoft grant to
Henry Bosom, clerk, all their right in a messuage in Hopton.

Dated at Hopton on the feast of St. Luke the Evangelist, 7 Ed. IV.

Ch. 915.

John Jernyngham of Hilderston remits to William Kempe and John
Bee all his right in a messuage, lands, &c. in Hopton,

Dated 8 July, 4 Hen. VII. Ch. 916.

Thomas and Roily s demise and confirm to

Thomas Coupei' of Hopton and others one piece of land

Dated at Hopton on the feast Hen. VII. [Mutilated.]

Ch. 918.

Thomas Nutman of Great Yarmouth grants to Thomas Feltwell,
Joan his wife, and Richard Collet a tenement with a croft in Ho{)ton.
Dated at Hopton, 16 June, 22 Hen. YII. Ch. 919.

Illegible charter, dated at Hopton, 4 August . . Hen. YII.

Ch. 917.

William Hall of Hopton grants to John Reddwycke one messuage
in Hopton. Dated 21 Hen. YIII. Ch. 920.

Indenture dated 18 December, 36 Hen. YIII, by which the dean
and chapter of Norwich demise to John Jernegan their manor, church,
and parsonage of Hopton, paying annually for the same £6, for a term
often years. Ch. 921.

William Duayte (?) of Hopton, husbandman, and William Westmeth
of the same, grant to John Blacke (?) of Hopton the whole of a messuage
called Hakons in Hopton.

Dated at Hopton, 17 February, 37 Hen. YIII. Ch. 922.

Ralph Parker and Margaret his wife grant to and Cecilia

his wife a tenement with a croft called Sheeres in Hopton.

Dated at Hopton, 10 November, 8 Q. Elizabeth. Ch. 923.


Indenture, dated 20 March, 21 Q. Elizabeth, by which John
Jernegan of Somerlejton demises to "William Roberdes of Swynston,
Norfolk, all his right and interest for the remaining term of years in
the manor and rectory of Hopton, in consideration of a payment of
^100. Contains a clause of redemption on payment of the said sum
of£ioo, &c. 0/^.924.

John and Alice his wife grant to George Farby (?) a tene-
ment with an inclosure in Hopton.

Dated at Hopton Q. Elizabeth. Ch. 925.

John Carpenter of Hoj)ton quit-claims to sir John Weiitworth, kt.,
all his right in a tenement, with a croft adjacent, lying in Hopton.

Dated . . . January, 7 Charles I. Ch. 926.

Indenture made 4 July, 17 Charles II, by which the dean and
chapter of Norwich demise to William Lockier of the precincts of the
cathedral, notary public, their rectory, churchyard, glebe, and tithes
of Hopton, for 21 years, at an annual rent of 53s. 4c?., and certain
wheat and malt. Ch. 927.

HORHAM, Indendure made 18 Dec Elizabeth.

[Illegible.~\ Ch. 13 19.

HORHAM and STONHAM. Sir John Hevenyngham, kt., and
others demise to John Jernegan of Somerleton and Agnes his wife all
their manors, lands, and tenements in the villages of Horham and
Stonham, and the advowsons of the churches of Horham, Stonham, and

Dated at ... . feast of the Invention of tlie Cross, 23 Hen. VI.

Ch. 1317.

John, son and heir of Edward Jernegan, esq., grants to Robert
Drury, William Waldegrave, and others his manors of Little Horham,
Stonham Jernegan, Newton, Corton, and Lownde, with other lands,
to the use of Bridget Jernegan, wife of John, for her life.

Dated 10 May, 13 Hen. VIII. Ch. 1318.

HORNINGSHERTH. Thomas le Gaunter of St. Edmund grants
to the hospital of St. Peter the whole of a quarter of an acre of land
in the fields of Horningeserd in frankalmoigne, paying annually i half-
penny. Ch. 64.

HOWLESLEY, &c. Indenture made 20 May, 38 Q. Elizabeth,
witnesseth that William Cade of London, gent., has leased to John
Hobart of the Middle Temple 40 acres of marsh in Howesley, and
lands and tenements &c. elsewhere, as in letters patent, 37 of Q. Eiiz.,
being part of the lands of the dissolved monastery of Butley in Suffolk,
for 21 years. Ch. 194.

HUNSTON. William Appulton, son of Thomas Appulton, grants
to William Appulton, son of the said Thomas, and others, his manor

of Hunstanhall in

Dated at Hunston . . . February, i Hen. VIII. Ch. 1320.


William Appulton of London and others appoint John Coket of
Ampton their attorney to receive in their name the manor of Hunston
Hall in Hunston. Dated i8 January, i Hen. VIII. Ch. 132 i.

ICKLINQ-HAM. Indenture between king Henry Vill and
George Rowse reciting an indenture dated 18 October, 30 Hen. VIII,
from the abbot and convent of Bury St. Edmund, of a lease of the
manor of Iklyngham, co. Suffolk, for 60 years, at an annual rent of £24,
which said lease is surrendered, and another, by the present indenture,
granted for 2 1 years at the same rent.

Dated 12 December, 31 Hen. VIII. [With seal of Augmentation
Office:] Gh. 1322.

INGHAM. Indenture witnessing that John, abbot of Bury St.
Edmund, and the convent of the same, concede to farm to John
Piayford and John Calbot de Ingham their manor of Ingham and all
that belongs to it, except the advowson of the church, for 20 years,
paying annually to the cellarer of the monastery £16.

Dated 10 Sept., . . Hen. VIIL Ch. 133.

Indenture made 5 Nov., 28 Hen. VIII, by which John, abbat of
Bury St. Edmund, demises to Thomas Andrew and Thomas Reve the
manor of Ingham, Suffolk, for 60 years, at an annual rent of £39.

Ch. 150.

IPSWICH. Robert de Buteler of Hemmingestun grants to the
house of St. Peter and St. Paul at Ipswich, in frankalmoigne, 6d. of
annual rent from an area formerly Avice Tingtitis' in the parish of
St. Nicholas, Ipswich, (c. 1260-70.) Ch. 207.

John Clement, burgess of Ipswich, grants to the canons of the church
of St. Peter and St. Paul, Ipswich, 6d. of annual rent for sustaining
a light at the altar of the Blessed Virgin.

Dated the Thursday ,23 Ed. I. Ch. 214.

Mutilated bull of Pope Innocent III, dated at Lugdun, 15 day of
Ch. 206.

Christiana, wife of Hubert de Mory of Branfeld, grants to Costentine

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