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heirs, one toft in the village of Aton and one ridge of land there.

(c. 1240-50.) Gh. 123.

Christiana, daughter of Ralph, son of Letitia de Aton, grants to
Matilda, her daughter, 3s. of annual rent in Aton, subject to a certain
condition in the event of William, son of Richard le Palmer, her uncle,
returning from France at any future time. (c. 1250-60.) Ch. 124.

Walter, the porter of Aton, grants to William Haralde of Aton the
whole of his land which he bought of Emma, daughter of Roger de
Cnaresburg (Knaresborugh), in the village of Aton.

Dated the Sunday after the Sunday in which is sung ' Quasi modo
geniti,^ 128^. [With seal.] CA. 125.

Adam, son of William Carman, of Aton, grants and quit-claims
to Simon, son of sir William de Aton, kt., all right in one toft,
2 messuages, with a curtilage adjoining in Aton, near Pikerynglyth.
Dated at Aton, 4 Feb., 4 Ed. III. Ch. 126.

BARDEWY. John, son of William de Oelar' of Athelyngflete,
remits and quit-claims to sir Gilbert de Aton, lord of Bardewy, all his
right in a messuage lying upon the bank of the Ouse, in the fee of

Dated at Bardewy the Monday next before the feast of St. Mark
the evangelist, 19 Ed. II. [With seal.] Ch. 126*.

BARMBY upon DUN. Inventory of the household goods of
William Rydlyngton of Barmby upon Doune, praysed after his death,
7 November, 1540. Ch. 12*7*.

BATLEY. Deposition of Thomas Smalwood of Topliffe, late
minister of Batley, co. York, to the information of sir Jefferie Palmer,
kt., attorney-general. Sworn at Leeds, 9 Dec. 1662. Ch. 127.

BAYLDON. Thomas de Thornore grants to William de Bayldon
and Margaret his wife his manor of Bayldon for their lives, with
remainder to Nicholas de Bayldon and Joan his wife and their heirs, &c.
Dated at Bayldon on the feast of St. Michael, 9 Hen. IV.

Ch. 128.

BEPORD, &e. Margaret, wife of Thomas Northiby of Gymelyn,
grants to John de Wartre and Alice his wife all the lands and tene-
ments she holds in fee tallage or fee simple in the villages of Beford,
Seton, and Catfosse, also her goods and chattels in Gymelyn or else-
where in the county of York.

Dated at Gymelyn the Thursday next before the feast of the
Purification B. V. M., 5 Hen. IV. Ch. 339.

BENTLEY. Adam de Swylington grants to Adam de Poo
and Dionisia his wife one messuage and land in Bentley for 20 years,
paying annually 65.

Dated at Leeds the Wednesday on the feast of St. Katherine,
virgin, 1327. Ch. 12S*.



BEVERLEY. John, son of Philip of London, burgess of Beverley,
grants to John de Beverley, clerk, son of Petronilla Lambe, the whole
of his edifice in Beverley, (c. 1240-50.) Gh. 129.

BOLTON. Indenture dated 8 May, 22 Hen. VIII, by which
"William Golthropp of Shepley and others demise to Roger Hanson of
Derfelde a close with two leys, 9 acres of arable land and one acre of
meadow in Bolton. Ch. 130.

BOLTON (Priory of). Alan, son of Richard de Wyntewrthe,

quit-claims to the church and canons of St. Mary, Boulton, for a sum

of money in hand paid, all right in one acre of land in the fields of

Wyntewrthe within the lordship of the aforesaid canons, (c. 1270-80.)

[With seal'] Ch. 41.

BOTHEM. John de Burton demises for a term to John Dade
of Wakefield the whole of his manor of Bothem for 20 years, paying
annually 40s. of silver.

Dated at Wakefield the Monday after the feast of St. Tiburtius,
1323- Ch. 131.

BRADPIELD. Cecilia, who was the wife of Roger de Westone,
remits and quit-claims to Hugh de Bradefeld, clerk, and Mabil his
wife, all right in that land which the said Roger de Westone sold to
the said Hugh and Mabil.

Dated at Bradefeld the Thursday next before the Assumption of
B.V. M., 18 Ed. L Ch. 132.

BRAMLEY and HEDINGLEY. Letters patent of Queen
Elizabeth, dated at Westminster, i April, 34 of her reign, granting to
John Savile and Thomas Lynchclyffe a licence of alienation of certain
lands in Bramley and Hedingley to Robert Walshe and Robert
Crowther. [With seal^ C^A. 328.

BRAMLEY. Letters patent of King James I, dated at West-
minster, I April, 21 of his reign, granting to Henry Musgrave and
Margaret Askwith, widow, a licence of alienation of certain messuages
and lands lying in Bramley, to James Gale, sen., James Gale, jun.,
Agnes Lister, widow, and John Lister her son.

[With seal.'] ^ Ch. ^2g.

BREREHAGE and ECOP. Jordan, son of Stephen de Witton,
quit-claims to Alan de Brerehage, all right and claim which Richard,
son of Peter his grandfather, held in Brerehage and Ecop, excepting
those two bovates of land which Stephen, father of the said Jordan,
held of Robert his father in Ecop. (c. 1210 - 20.) Ch. 131*.

BRETTON (Priory of). G., bishop of Coventry, confirms to the
canons of Bretton two parts of the tithes of corn of the lordship of
the Lord Ailric of the village of Midelton, with the small tithes of
the same lordship, (c. 1206.) [Douce, No. 69.] Ch. 42.

, William de Winteworth, son of Hugh, son of Henry of the same


village, grants to God and the monks of St. Mary Magdalen of Bretton,
in frankalmoigne, 1 1 acres of land of his demesne in Winteworth.

(c. 1180-90.) Gh. 43.

Gregory, son of William of Cothewrth, grants to the church of
St. Mary Magdalene of Bretton and the monks there, in frankal-
moigne, the homage and service of Robert the smith of Wirkesburg
for a plot of meadow in Cothewrth. (c. 1270-80.) Ch. 44.

Convention between the prior of Monk Bretton of the one part and
Robert de Poyngton of Dunstall and John Williamson of the other,
by which the said prior grants to farm to Robert and John all their
lands, &c. in the village and fields of Dunstall for 30 years, paying
annually 165.

Dated at Monk Bretton on the feast of St. John Evang., 1392.

Ch. 44*.

Writ from K. Henry IV, dated at Westminster loth of his reign,
addressed to William Gascoigne and Thomas Tildeslegh, to hear a cause
between the prior and convent of Monk Bretton of the one part,
and Roger de Preston of Hikilton and AVilliam Jonson of Cudworth
of the other, concerning common of pasture in Hykylton and Cud-
worth. [ With seal^^ Ch. 45.

BRIDLINGTON (Priory of). Sentence of the official of the
archdeacon of Richmond, concerning the appropriation of the churches
of Couton and Grenton to the prior and convent of Bridelington.

Dated at York, 2 Kl. Aug., 13 19. Ch. 46.

BRUMPTON. Grant by King Hen. I of certain liberties to
Eustace, son of John, in his manor of Brumton, which he holds as
of the fee of Roger de Dated at Winchester. Ch.1'^2*.

BURTON (West). Thomas de Ardern, staying in Westburton,
grants to sir Adam de SpofFord, vicar of Westburton, and sir William
his brother, chaplain, the whole of the land which he has of the gift
of the dean and chapter of York in the village of Westburton.
Dated at Westburton, Ides of February, 1284. [JiViih seal.']

Ch. 133.

BURLEY. Convention (indented) made the year Lodovic [King of
France] returned from England [i.e. 12 17], on the feast of St. Martin,
for a term of 6 years, by which Isabella des Rodiz and William her son
demise to Ralph, son of Bernard, and Jordan, son of Warine, three
bovates of land in Burley, which Owain held, for i is. of silver, which
the said Ralph and Jordan gave for a recognition, and a rent of 8s. per
annum. Ch. 133*.

BYLAND, alias BELLA-LANDA (Abbey of). Grant from
King Hen. Ill to the abbot and convent of Byland confirming their

Dated at Windles (Windsor), 20 Feb., 31 of his reign. [Doucey
No. 25.] Ch. I.



CALVERLEY. John Symson of Pudsey, son and heir of William
Symson, grants and quit-claims to Robert Symson his brother all
his messuages, lands, and tenements, within the parish of Calverley.
Dated at Pudsey, 22 Oct., 4 Hen. YIII. [With seal] Ch. 134.

CAMFSALL. Cecilia, daughter of John the cook, confirms to
Hugh, son of Agnes, one plot of 32 feet in breadth and 88 ft. in
length, in a toft which John the cook formerly held in the village of
Cannsall. (c. 1240-50.) Ch. 135.

CARLTON. Henry de Lamel grants to Richard de Norman-
ville the whole of the land he has in Duniscroft, viz. those two ridges
which lie to the east of the way called Kirkegate between Carleton and
Sedling. (c. 1260-70.) Ch. 136.

CROSSLAND (North), near HALIFAX. Adam de Linchweyt
grants to the Knights Templars, in frankalmoigne, the whole of his
herbage in the village of North Crossland, with a third part of his land,
&c. in the same village, (c. 1240-50.) • Ch. 96.

kt., appoints Robert Derkyn and Richard Thwayt his attorneys to
deliver seisin to John Secroft of AVentbrigg and Margaret his wife of
all those lands in Wentbrigg and Darthyngton.

Dated 12 Oct., 23 Hen. VI. [With seal.] Ch. 142.

DRAX (Priory of). Henry de Stainegreve pledges himself that
the 4 acres of land which Ralph, son of Richard ad Wei his man
demised to the prior and convent of Drax for eight years, at Ss. rent
shall be enjoyed by them for that time. (c. 1 190-1200.) Ch. 47

Henry de Stainegrive grants to "William, son of Nicholas Russel

and Richard his brother, licence to sell or pledge to the church of St

Nicholas of Drax, in frankalmoigne, the whole of his land in Neuhay

(c. 1 1 90-1 200.) [With seal.] Ch. 48

The prior and canons of Torkesey grant to the prior and canons of
Drax certain land and a mill, paying annually to the lords of the fee
105. (c. 1200-10.) Ch. 49.

Martin, son of Ingeram de (' Nova haia ') Newhay, with the counsel
of Agnes his wife and Richard his heir, grants to the church of
St. Nicholas of Drax, three acres of land in Neuhay, (c. 1200-10.)

Ch. 50.

John de la Pomeray confirms to John, son of Nicholas de Osgotby,
a certain assart in Osgotby called *Arnebrandriding,' also I2d. annual
rent out of the said assart and one ridge of land near the way leading
to Osgotby, i)aying annually to the prior of Drax at the altar of
St. Nicholas one rose for all services. (c, 1270-80.) [With seal.]

Ch. 51.

Jordan, son of John de la Pomeraye, grants to John, son of
Nicholas de Osgoteby, and his heirs, a certain assart in Osgoteby
which is called * Brenbrand ridding ' ; also he grants to the said John
1 2 pence rents, to hold of the prior and convent of Drax by the service
of one rose annually. (0.1270-80.) [With seal] Ch. ^^2.


DUFFELD. Alan Wastehose grants to Peter, son of Godfrey de
Roxtun, one bovate of land in Duffeld. (c. 1200-10.) [^S'^aZ.]

Ch. 137.

ECCOP and ADELE. Roger Musteile grants to William de
Wytheton ' tofhusu/ viz. one carucate of land with the common of Ecob,
within and without the field to the mill of Adele. (c. 1210-20.)

Ch. 137*.

EMLEY, BIRTON, and THORNTLAY. Richard Dronsfeld,
parson of Helon, Richard de Staynton, chaplain, William Lyle, and
William Pelle, chaplain, grant to John, son of Lawrence de Haynton
of Lepton, and Cicely his wife, all lands, &c. in Birton, Emlay, and

Dated at Thorntlay, 10 July, 7 Hen. IV. [With seals^ Ch. 138.

ENESBY. Roger de Fulthorp grants to Raulyn de Eure all his
lands and tenements in the village of Enesby in Clyveland.

Dated at Tunstall on St. Michael's day, 46 Ed. III. \With seal^

Ch. 139.

ESTBESWIKE. Thomas de Langefeld grants to sir Brian de
Thornhill, rector of Bedall, the half of the land and meadow in the
village of Estbeswike which William de Langefeld his father held.
Dated at Thornhill on St. Martin's day in the winter, 1300.

Ch. 140.

FARNLAY and WHITDEHUSE. Roger de Notton grants
to Baldwin the Teuton the whole of his land of Farnlay and Wood-
house within and without the village, also the homage and service of
William de Buelay and his heirs. For this gift the said Baldwin and
Margaret his wife quit-claim to the said Roger all right* in land at
Silkeston which she had by the name of dowry of Gilbert de Notton
his father and formerly her husband, (c. 1220-30.) Ch. 141.

FOSTON, &c. Indenture made between Peter Hykson of London
of the one part, and William Holburne of Beuerlec of the other, being
an agreement for the safe custody and delivery to the right heirs
of certain evidences concerning lands, &c. in Fpston, Gemelyng,
Befforth, and elsewliere in the county of York.

Dated 4 March, 13 Hen. IV. [With seal^ Ch. 340.

FOUNTAIN'S (ABBEY). Martin Birkhed of Cotyngham and
John West of Beiston, for a sum of .£54 4s. ^d., sell to John Bekwith a
messuage and two closes of land in Pathlobrigge, co. York, part of the
monastery of Fountains. Dated 5 April, 4 Q. Eliz. Ch. 29*.

Composition between the church of Fountains and the church of
Messaham concerning certain tithes of land called Aldeburch.

(c. 1150-60.) [With seal.^ [Douce^ No. ^.'\ C7i. 30.

GEMBLIWa. Roger Flex, Stephen Bernacle, William de Sauton,
and William Gyliott, chaplain, grant to John de Olburn of Gemlyng
one messuage with a croft and one bovate of land in the village and
fields of Gemlyng which they had by the feoffment of the said John de


Olburn, and which he first had by the gift of Alice Fyrsmersk, mother
of Beatrice, formerly his wife.

Dated 3 April, 14 13. (7A. 341.

William Smyth of Gemelyng surrenders to John Bilton of Beverlaco,

chaplain, the whole of his title in one messuage in Gemelyng, situated

upon ' le Hallhill,' by virtue of a certain charter made by William

Danyek, deceased.

Dated at Gemelyng, 20 April, 1435, and 13 Hen. VL

[With seal.] Ch. 342.

John Warter of Gemling and Richard Karter of the same place

grant to John Elis of Gemling and Joan his wife one messuage with

a croft and two bovates of land in the village and territory of Gemling

which they held by the gift and feoffment of the said John Elis.

Dated at Gemling on the feast of St. Mary Magdalen, 1437.

Ch. 343.

GISEBTJRN (Priory). William, son of Walter Ingeram, confirms
to the brethren and church of St. Mary of Ghisburn the whole
donation of his father in churches, lands, and other things, viz. the
churches of Erneclife, Welleburghe, and Heslerton, with lands adjoining,
in frankalmoigne. (c. 1180-90.) [Douce, No. *jQi\ Ch. ^2.

Hugh Malabestia, with the assent of Hugh his heir, grants to God
and the church of St. Cuthbert of Marton, in frankalmoigne, 40 acres
of land in Marton. (c. 1 190-1200.) Ch. 53.

Letter addressed by Pope Celestine (III) to H., precentor of York,
and B., prior of Newburgh, to hear and determine a dispute between
the canons of Giseburn and the rector of the chapel of Herlessey,
belonging to the mother church of Erneclive.

[5 Celestine III, i.e. 1196.] Ch. 54.

An agreement between the prior and convent of Giseburn and the
monks of St. Mary's, York, concerning the tithes of Urvele Sich and
certain other lands between Piketon and Apelton, referred by Pope
Celestine, by bull dated Lateran, 3 Kl. Aug., 5th year of his ponti-
ficate (i.e. 1 196), to the abbots of Kirkstall and Suanesbi and R., prior
of Malton, for settlement. [With seal.'] [Douce, No. 47.] Ch. 29.

Peter Escarbot grants to the church and canons of St. Mary,
Giseburn, two bovates of land in the fields of TJpplium which Walter
Pinneferthing held, with a toft belonging to the same.

Dated 1 188. 6%. 55-

L., prior, and the convent of St. Mary of Giseburg, grant to
Lucian de Lund that house of Jarum on the north of the church,
which Ernisius, the chaplain, gave them in frankalmoigne. (c. 1 2 1 1-18.)

Ch. 56.

William de Kelton grants to the church of St. Mary of Giseburn,
in frankalmoigne, his church of Lium. (c. 1200-10.) [Do2ice, No. 4^.]

Ch. 56*.

John, the prior, and the convent of Giseburn, grant to John de
Jarum, tanner, one toft with an edifice in the village of Jarum, paying
annually for a light before the image of the Virgin 5s. (c. 1230.)

[With seal] Ch. 57.


"William, the prior, and the convent of Gysburn, grant to William
de Ryvaus, one toft and one croft in the village of Giseburn.

(c. 1290-1 310.) Ch. 58.

"Walter Faucomberg, lord of the castle of Skekton, ordains John de
Levincthon his attorney to give seisin to the prior and convent of
Gyseburn, of one acre of land in exchange, lying near the church of
Merskby. (c. 1 290-1 300.) Ch, 59.

Confirmation of the appropriation of the church of Brydekyrck,
Carlisle diocese, to the prior and convent of Giseburn by Ralph, bp. of

Dated at Skelderischoth Prid. Non. September, 1287. [With seal.^

Ch. 260.

Robert, the prior, and the convent of Giseburn, appoint Walter de
Marton their attorney to receive full seisin of John Grethened, sen., of
one messuage and a croft in Marton.

Dated at Gyseburn the Wednesday next after Easter, 1343.
[With seal] Ch.6i,

Confirmation by the dean and chapter of Glasgow of an instrument
of John, bp. of Glasgow, to the prior and convent of Giseburn,
concerning the churches of Anan, Cumbertree, Gretenhou, Kirkpatrick,
Loch-Maben, and Rein-patric, in Scotland.

Dated at Glasgow the Sunday next after the feast of the Ascension
of our Lord, 1330. [TTi^A seals.] Ch. 62.

John, the prior of Gyseburn in Clyveland, and the convent of the
same, demise to farm to William Rypplyngham, burgess of Kyngeston
on Hull, one tenement with a garden lying in the north part of the
cemetery of the chapel of St. Trinity, for 60 years, at an annual rent
of 22s. Dated at Gyseburn, 3 Feb., 1430. [With seal.] Ch. 63.

Lease from the court of exchequer, dated 10 July, 27 Q.
Elizabeth, granting to Richard Man a messuage and four bovates
of land lying in Ormesby, late the monastery of Giseburn, for 2 1 years,
at an annual rent of 376'. [ With seal^ Ch. 64.

GRAYSTAN. Richard, son of Adam de Screnam, grants to
Robert, son of Hugh, 5 acres of land in his croft in the middle place
of Graystan near Godefreyhened. (c. 1240-50.) Ch. 142*.

GRIMESTON. Andrew de Grimeston, clerk, grants to Thomas
de Grimeston, clerk, one piece of his close in Grimeston.

Witness. Hugh, vicar of Garton, then deau of Holderness.
(c. 1260-70.) Ch. 143.

Alice and Isabella, daughters and heirs of Richard, son of Alan de
Grymeston, confirm and quit-claim to Thomas de Grymeston, clerk,
two bovates of land with a toft and croft in the village of Grymeston.
(c. 1260-70.) Ch. 144.

William, son of Ralph de Grymeston, grants to Thomas de Grymeston,

B r



clerk, a close in Grymeston, together with two ridges of meadow, a toft,
croft, and two bovates of land in the same village, (c. 1260-70.)

Ch. 145.

GUTHMUNDHAM. Walter de Roclif of Barethorp, Thomas
de Clyf, rector of the church of Guthmundham, and Hugh Colvell,
chaplain, grant to Thomas de Grymeston of Guthmundham, one toft
with a croft and bovate of land in Guthmundham.

Dated at Guthmundham, 29 May, 4 Hen. IV. Ch. 146.

HAGH!Ej. Richard, son of Hugh del Haghe, grants to William
his son and Anabella, daughter of Adam de Tumbholm, wife of the
said William, certain land with a tenement and toft at Haghe.

(c. 1270-80.) Ch. 147.

HALIFAX. The will of John Schay of Halyfax, dated 4 June,
14 Henry VII. Proved 17 June, 1499. ^^- ^A^'

Elizabeth de Halifax, called the daughter of the chaplain, grants to
Elizabeth her daughter the whole of her land in the territory of South-

Dated at Halifax the Wednesday next after Palm Sunday, 1337.

Ch. 149.

Richard, the clerk of Halifax, quit-claims to William de Eland,
chaplain, two acres of land in * Suthmerium ' which lie in Stonirode.
(c. 1270-80.) \^With sedl^ Ch. 1^0.

William de Eland, chaplain, confirms to Amabilla, daughter of

William the tailor of Halifax and her children (pueris suis), viz. my

foster-children, the whole of that land which he holds in Suthmerium,

Witness. Ingelard, then mayor of Halifax, (c. 1270-80.)

\^With seal^ Ch.i^i.

John, son of John Eli of Crumwelboym, grants to Richard the clerk
of Halifax the whole of his land in the territory of Huverum, viz.
that land which lies near the way called Morgate on the north and the
water called Halifaxbroych on the west. (c. 1260-70.) [With seal.]

Ch. 152.

made at Durliam on the feast of St. Matthew, apostle, 20 Ric. II, by
which Robert Emeryson and Margaret his wife acknowledge the right
of sir Ralph de Eure to two messuages, 24 acres of land, and 10 acres
of meadow in Southbedburn and Hamsterle. For this the said Ralph
gave ihem a young sparrow-hawk. Ch. 153.

HAUKESWORTH. Isabella Keterynge, lady of Haukesworth,
grants to William de Brerehagh de Menston, one messuage and one
bovate of land which were formerly William de Heller's.

Dated at Haukesworth the Sunday next after the feast of the
Assumption of the Virgin, 1384. Ch. 154.



SEDON. John Cliekym of Hedon grants to William, son of

Stephen de Hedon and Agnes his wife, a messuage lying between

a messuage of the said William on the west part and a messuage of

Henry Brounesby on the east. (c. 12.90-1300.) Ch. 154*.

HESLEY. Richard, son of With, grants to Adam de Popelton
and his heirs in fee, &c. one carucate of land in Helesseia. (c. 1 220-30.)

Oh. 155-

HOLDEN. Letters patent of Queen Elizabeth, dated at West-
minster 22 May, 27th year of her reign, granting to John Gate of
Holden the manor house of Holden, &c., for the term of years
unexpired of a lease made by Richard, bp. of Durham, to the crown
of the said premises for 90 years, paying annually £34 o5. 8(Z.

[With seal] 6^^.330.

HOLME. John, son of Ralph de Balnia, quit-claims to Ralph
his brother the whole of i2d. rent annually paid by the heirs of
William, formerly Stote of Holme, (c. 1270-80.) [With seal^

Ch. 156.

HOTON. Cecilia, relict of Hugh de Driffeld, quit-claims to
William called 'Schynner' of Hotun all right and claim in a toft
and croft in the village of Hoton. (c. 1230-40.) [With seal?\

Ch. 157.

HOTON BUSCELL. Ralph Buscell of Hoton Buscell grants
to John de ' Camera' of Hoton one toft in Hoton. (c. 1270-80.)

Ch. 158.

HOTON PAYNEL. Adam Paynel of Hoton Paynel grants to
Hugh his brother nine acres of land for his homage and service in
(c. 1270-80.) Ch. 159.

HOTON RITFS. Alice, relict of Adam de Melling, widow,
grants to Sir John de Hodeleston one acre of land in Hoton Rufs.,
together with the advowson of the hospital of St. Leonard of Teneleshend
in the same place, (c. 1270-80.) Ch. 160.

HOWELL. Bond given by William Woodroff of Howell, co.
York, gentleman, to the dean and canons of Ch. Ch. in £60, for
the performance of covenants in a pair of indentures.

Dated 8 June, i Ed. VI. Ch. 160 *.

HOWGRAVE. John de London grants to Robert de C^oyngners
all lands and tenements which he holds by right of dowry of Joan
his wife, formerly wife of Robert de Melmorby, in the village of

Dated at Ripon the Friday next before the feast of St. Mary
Magdalene, 1339. [With seal ^ Ch. 161.

HUGBY and WYTHETON. Ingelram de Munceus grants
to Thomas de Screvyn and Agnes his wife certain lands and tenements
in Hugby and Wytheton in Wherveldale. (c. 1280-90) 6'A. l6l*.

R r 2



INGLEBY. John de Kirkeby grants to John de Eure and
Agues his wife the homage and service of William del How and
his heirs for lands and tenements which he holds in Ingelbi near
Grenehou, and also the homage and service of the prioress of Basadale
for lands, &c. in the same village, and the homage and service of
Thomas the son of "Walter Lane far lands, &c. in the same, also the
homage, &c. of William the son of Juliana, for lands, &c. in the same,
(c. 1270-80.) Ch. 162,

Hugh Fouler of Ingelby near Grenehou confirms to John de Eure
the homage and service of Adam de Elleredby, son of Robert the
clerk of Ingelby, and others, for lands and tenements held of him
in Ingelby.

Dated at Ingelby the Monday next before the Purification oi
the Virgin, 1300. Ch. 163.

Hugh le Fouler grants to John de Eure the homage and service
of his tenants of Ingelby.

Dated at Ingelby the Monday next before the feast of Pentecost,
1 30 1. Ch. 164.

John de Euer confirms to Robert Snogel of Sayceby and Ellen
his wife one bovate of land in the village of Ingelby.

Dated at Ingelby the Thursday next before the feast of St.
Gregory, Pope, 1305. [With seaZ.] Ch. 165.

A charter of obligation of John de Eure to pay to Robert, the
son of Robert de Malteby, after thirty years, £10 annually for a
messuage and lands in Calde Ingilby, if he should so long hold the

Dated at Calde Ingilby the Sunday next before tbe feast of the
Assumption, 9 Ed. II. Ch. 166.

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