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Gilbert de Aton all right in a messuage and two bovates of land, with
rents and services of the free tenants of Roston and Wikham in

Dated at Snaynton the Thursday next after the feast of St.
Michael, 1343 — 17 Ed. III. [With seal] Ch. 292.

Robert Passelewe of Lodes grants to sir William de Fynchedene, kt..



sir William de Mirfeld, parson of Bradeforth, William de Mirfeld,
Richard de Normanton, vicar of Batelay, Hugh de Wombewelle
and William de Geldesome, two tofts and two bovates of land in

Dated at Ruston the Tuesday next after Palm Sunday, 43 Ed. III.
[With seal.^ Ch. 293.

Charter (indented) of obligation by which John Staynton is bound
in a sum of .£100 to pay to Laurence Kay a sum of 18 marks at the
feast of St. John the Baptist next, with other covenants in case of
default. Dated 11 March, 12 Henry YI. [With seaLl Ch. 294.

ROTHERHAM. Bull of Pope Innocent V, confirming William
Donke in possession of the mediety of the parochial church of

Dated 3 Kl. May, 9th of his pontificial year (i.e. 1361).

[With Bulla.] Ch. 2g4*.

Robert Inkersell grants to sir Thomas Fitzwilliam, kt., Thomas
Fitzwilliam his son and heir, Richard Fitzwilliam, Edward Fitzwilliam,
esq., Thomas Reresby and John Beit, his capital messuage called
Moundesderhall in the parish of Rotherham.

Dated at Moundesderhall on the feast of St. Peter in cathedra,
2 Hen. VIL Ch. 295.

ROTHWELL. Indenture between William Calverley, John
Burton, Richard Pek, Water Baildon, and Thomas Gargrave, esqs.,
feoffees of William Watson, of one part, and George Box, esq., of the
other part, witnesseth that the said feoffees have demised to George
Box a close and land near Rothwell for six years.

Dated 24 November, 10 Hen. VII. Ch. 296.

Inquisition taken on the death of Robert Tailler at Rothwell, dated
3 Elizabeth. [Held lands at Rothwell and Leeds.] Ch. 297.

SALDEN. Robert de Arturret, son of Ralph de Beremund,
surrenders Bernard de Ripel and his heirs to his lord Eustace de Vescy
and his heirs to make to him and his heirs the service of a 13th part
of one knight's fee for two carucates of land which he gave him in
Salden. (c. 1 190-1200,) Ch. 298.

Thomas Chaymang of Brunton grants to Thomas de Dales, staying
in Salden, that land which he has at Fukedal which extends from the
valley of Salden to the .... of Buttes. (c. 1290.) Ch. 299.

William Portar, staying in Saldan, grants to sir Gilbert de Aton all

his goods and chattels in a certain messuage in Saldan in Pykeringlyth.

Dated at Saldan, 6 January, 9 Ed. III. [ With seal.] Ch. 300.

Sir William de Aton, kt., sen., appoints sir Richard de Hoton,
chaplain, his attorney to receive for him and in his name of Richard
fitz -William of Salden in Pykeringlyth seisin of one acre of land, as
is contained in a certain writing.

Dated at Aton in Pykeringlyth the Tuesday after the feast of the
translation of St. Thomas, 3 Rich. II, [With seal] Ch. 301.


SCARBOROUGH. William de Tothale, prior of the hospital of
St. John of Jerusalem, grants to the friars minor of Scartheburg one
messuage in Scartheburg.

Dated at Melcheburn on St. Barnabas' day, 1300. [With seal]

Ch. 303*.

SEDBERGH. The foundation charter and ordinances of the
grammar school of Sedbergh, containing the signatures of K. Ed. VI,
R. Somerset, T. Cant., R. Ryche, W. Wiltesh^ L. Bedford, W. Northfc,
E. Clynton, T. Darcy, G. Cobham, T. Ely. Ch. 302.

SETONE. William le Wasteneys, lord of Bressingburg, appoints
Richard de Herelthorp and William Artebrende his attorneys to place
sir John de Lalford in full and peaceable possession of all lands and
tenements &c. in the village of Setone.

Dated at Coltone in co. Stafford, the Monday next after the feast
of St. Andrew, 4 Ed. II. Ch. 303.

SOWTHOWROME. Thomas Lacy of Crumwelbothome, esq.,
grants to Richard Mylner of Halyfaxe two parcels of land called
Sydale, parcel of the demesne of Sowthowrome.

Dated at Sowthowrome, 26 July, 22 Ed. IV. [With seal.]

Ch. 304.

SPENYTHORNE. Extract from the plea roll 1258, co. York,
held at Westminster, Hilary term, 6 George I. The chancellor &c. of
the University of Cambridge against sir Marmaduke Wybill, bart., and
Anthony Routh, concerning the right of presentation to the church of
Spenythorne. [Mutilated.] Ch. 304*.

STANLAY. John, son of John Mous of Wakefeud, grants to John
le Botiller, staying there, one acre of land in the fields of Stanley.

Dated at Wakefeud the Friday next after the feast of St. Mark,
evang., 23 Ed. I. Ch. 305.

John de Eery de Wakefeld grants to John, son of Robert of the
same place, and Joan his wife one acre of land in Stanlay near
Fimane brigge.

. Dated at Wakefield the Wednesday next before the feast of Easter,
13 1 4. [With seal.] Ch. ^06.

Convention indented and dated 25 . . . . 1347, between Robert,
son of John de Wakefeld, of one part, and Matilda, who was the wife
of John la Reyde of Stanlay, of the other, by which the said Robert
demises to Matilda one toft &c. lying in the village of Stanlay.

Ch. 307.

STOKESLEY. Adam Cok of Bubwhyth and Agnes his wife
grant to John de Hornly and Cecilia his wife a messuage in the village
of Stokesley in Cliveland.

Dated at Stokesley the Wednesday next after the feast of St.
William, archbishop of York, 1344. Ch. 307*,

William, son of Simon the smith of Stokesley, remits and quit-



claims to sir John de Eure, kt., all right he had in one burgage lying
in Stokesley.

Dated at Stokesley the "Wednesday next after the feast of the
translation of St. Thomas, 2 1 Ed. IIL Ch. 308.

Indenture between sir Ralph de Eure, kt., of the one part, and
William Colynson of the other part, witnesseth, .... Ch. 309.

STUBBUSEM. Adam, son and heir of William de Stubbusem,
grants to Matilda his sister four acres of land in Stubbusem.

(c. 1270-80.) Ch. 310.

SXJNNINGTHWAYT Priory. Matilda de Hornington grants
to the nuns of Sunning-thwayt, in frankalmoigne, the whole of her land
of Neuryding in Meusington, together with pasture in Mensington for
20 cows and one bull, for 20 mares and one stallion, for 10 sows and
one boar, and for 40 goats and 100 sheej^, with their young of 3 years
old. (c. 1230,) Ch. 76.

SUTTON. Stephen Lungespeye grants to Philip de Wappele 17^
acres and one rood of arable land in the fields of Sutton, (c. 1270-80.)

Ch. 311.

Indenture (reciting a bond of Grace, lately wife of Hugh de Thorp
of Thorp near Newerk, for £26 13s. 4c?., payable to Robert Merflete,
rector of Sutton) fixing payment of the same by certain instalments,
when the bond shall become void.

Dated the Friday next before the feast of the apostles SS. Simon
and Jude, 1424. CA. 311**.

SWINDON. Grant of administration to Joan Southeron of
Swindon, York diocese, widow, of the goods of William Southeron, late
of Swindon, deceased, by the Prerogative Court of York.

Dated York, 19 Feb., 1576. Ch. 311***.

TANTIELD (West). Licence from Nicholas, bishop of Chester,
to Henry Lodge, deacon, to perform the office of curate in the parish
church of West Tanfield, York. Dated 6 June, 1701. Ch. 315*.

THIKHEVED or THICKET Priory. Robert le Lyndesey of
York confirms a donation of 105. annual rent from a tenement in
Colbergate, York, to the nuns of Thikheved which . . . . de Feryby
and Juliana his wife and mother of the said Robert had granted to
them for 14 years.

Dated at York the Saturday next after the feast of St. Nicholas,
bp., 8 Ed. in. Ch. 77.

THORPE (Manor of, in Balne). Articles of agreement (indented)
made 20 September, 1632, between the lady Philadelphia Wharton,
mother of Philip, lord Wharton, of one part, and Rowland Wandesford
of Lincoln's Inn, co. Middlesex, esq., of the other, for securing certain
settlements on the marriage of the said Philip, lord Wharton, with
Elizabeth Wandesford. (7A. 3 1 1 *.

WAKEFIELD. Peter, son of Robert de Bruer, Nicholas de


Batelay, Adam son of Walter of Wakefeld, and Jordan le Mower of
the same, are bound to John, son of Robert the mercer of Wakefeld,
in 53s. 4d., to be levied on their goods and chattels if Ellen, daughter
and heir of Thomas, son of Thomas Dade of Wakefeld, or other of
his heirs, claim a third part of a burgage in Wakefeld.

Dated at Wakefeld on the feast of All Souls, 4 Ed. I.

[With seals.] Ch. 312.

A licence granted to John Howssone of Wakefeud by John de
Warenne of exemption to beer-tasters entering his house.

Dated Friday after the octave of Easter, 7 Ed. I. Ch. 313.

Letters patent dated at Walden, i September, 35 Hen. VIII, in
consideration of a sum of 21s. a licence of alienation is granted to
Richard Andrews and William Romsden for property in Wakefeld,
formerly belonging to the monastery of Monkebretton.

[With great seal.] Ch. 336.

Adam, son of Robert de Wyrenthorp, grants to Robert, son of John
de Wakefeld, all and singular the messuages, tofts, crofts, lands,
tenements, &c. of Stanlay, and one tenement in Wakefeld.

Dated at Wakefeld the Friday next after the feast of the Purifica-
tion, 1343. [With seal.] Ch. ^14.

WENTWORTH. Administration granted by Henry, archbishop
of York, to John del Wod and Joan his wife of the goods &c. of William
Wyntworth of Wyntworth, deceased.

Dated at Cawod, 3 August, 131 3. [TFiiA seal.] Ch. 315.

WHITBY (Abbey of). Lease from the Crown granted to
Christopher Pj^karde of the chapel of Newton, in Cleveland under
Oversbury, part of the rectory of Ingleby, and late belonging to the
monastery of Whitby, for 21 years, at an annual rent of 33s. 4c?., the
reversion of which together with the rent granted to William, lord
Eure. Dated 27 July, 17 Q. Elizabeth. Ch. 36.

WIKHAM, &e. Juliana Galiz of Roston quit-claims to John de
Aton one acre and a half of meadow near Derewente, and ^ acre of
arable land to the east of Wikham, and J acre in Soldale. (c. 1250.)
[With seal.] Ch ^16.

Ralph Bucel quit-claims and confirms to Gilbert de Aton two bovates
of land in the territory of Wicham and Drostun. (c. 1 2 10.) Ch. 317.

William, lord of Aton, grants to John Scote of Wycham a certain
toft in Wycham, and also half an acre of land in the same village for
his life. (c. 1270-80.) [With seal] (7A. 318.

William de Hatterberg, staying in Wycham, grants to sir William
de Aton and his heirs i2d. of annual rents which he was accustomed
to pay to him for a part of land in Wycham. (c. 1270-80.)

[With seal.] (7A. 318*.

WILBESAYE. William, son of Jordan de Vilbesaye, grants to
William de Swinelington and his heirs the whole of his land in
the village of Yilbesaye. (c. 1220.) Ch. 319.



WINTOTi". John, son of Richard Barbot, grants to Reyner, son
of William de Wambuelle, one bovate of land in the village of Winton.
(c. 1230-40.) C/i. 320.

WOMBWELL. Roger, son of Robert the sadler of AVambwell,
grants to Matilda his sister, for her life, a toft and a croft and 5^ roods
of land.

Dated atWambwell on the feast of St. John ante Port. Lat., 1324.

Gh. 321.

WYLEERFOSSE (Priory of). Indenture dated 2 May, 25
Hen. VIII, by which Elizabeth, prioress, and the convent of Our Lady
of Wylberfosse demise to Jorge Adayll, husbandman, their ferm in
Semer, with 3 cottages, 4 oxgayngs of arable land, &c., for 31 years,
at a yearly rent of 415. Ch. 84.

Bond entered into by George Dayll of Semer and others in a sum of
i£io to keep the covenants of a certain lease made 2 May, 25 Hen.
VIII, between the said George and Elizabeth prioress of "Wilberfosse.
Dated 2 May, 25 Hen. VIII. Oh. 85.

TON. Letters patent of Q. Elizabeth, dated at Gorambury, 20 Jan.,
15 of her reign, reciting a grant to sir John Foster, kt., of certain
lands and tenements in Little Broughton in co. York, bearing date 1 2
April, 10 of her reign, for 40 years, parcel of the lands of the monastery
of Hexhame, and by these granting to William lord Ewre the manor
of Yokeflete and all that belongs to it in the parishes or hamlets of
Yokeflete, Brompton, Westowe, and Rillyngton, together with the
reversion of the above grant, also an annual rent of £12 185. 3^c?.,
also the rectory of Inglebie, co. York, and the chapel and church of
Newton with all that belongs to them, late part of the priory of
Whitby, with many other properties, to hold the same for ever.

[With seal.'] Gh. 337.

YORK. William, son of Reynard Sporri of York, confirms to

John de Housom, citizen and merchant of York, one plot of land in

Hertergate way in the city of York for ever, at an annual rent of 5s.

Dated at York the Wednesday on the feast of the apostles SS.

Philip and James, 1325 — 18 Ed. II. Gh. 322.

Nicholas de Appelby, citizen of York, remits and quit-claims to
Richard de Brakenthuait and Agnes his wife all right in a certain
messuage in Bontham. Dated at York, 20 Nov., 1336. Gh. 323.

Final concord made at Westminster on the octave of the Purificatioa
of the Blessed Virgin, 50 Edw. Ill, between John de Berden of Yorkj
John Brathwayt of the same, and William de Brumpton, plaintiffs, and
John de Westiby of York, butcher, and Alice his wife, defendants,
concerning the half of a messuage in York. Gh. 324.

Indenture made 1 2 Jan., 1 603, by which Mathew, archbishop of


York, leases to Edward Croft of tlie city of York a messuage or
tenement in the flesh shambles of the city of York. [^Wiih seal.]

Ch. 334.

Probate of the will of Stephen Todd of York, gent., dated 4 March,
1653, ^^^ granted to Anne Todd, relict and sole executrix. Ch. 325.

A certificate of Thomas, archbp. of York, that in the register of
John de Thoresby hia predecessor, Thomas de Saltmersse, deacon and
acolyte, the Saturday on the vigil of St. Matthew, apostle, 1371, in the
old church of St. Mary, York, was admitted sub-deacon, and the Saturday
in the first week of Quadragesima, same year and place, was admitted
presbyter by the venerable Richard, then suffragan.

Dated at York, 12 June, 1392. Ch. 327.

YORK (St. Mary's Abbey of). R. de Appeltuu grants to the
abbot and monks of St. Mary of York, two bovates of land in Appeltun,
(c. 1200.) Ch. 37.

Wimarca, daughter of Gervase the constable, remits and quit-claims
to the church of St. Mary of York and the monks there, all right in a
certain tenement, &c. [Partly obliterated^ Ch. 38.

Charter by which , rector of Kirkeby in Hindoldale,

grants to the abbot and convent of St. Marie of York, the whole of

that plot which he had of the gift of L ays de Pokelington

in Boicchom. Dated 133-. \Mutilated.] Ch. 39.

YORK (Priory of Holy Trinity). At a court of the venerable
Robert Halowe, prior of the Holy Trinity, York, held 16 October, 10

Hen. VII, came Katherine , widow, and took of the lord

a certain parcel of waste in Kyrkgate to hold to her and her assigns^
paying annually d>d. [Memorandum.] Ch. 78.

YORK (Priory of St. Clement). Lord Peter de Percy confirms
and quit-claims to God and the nuns of St. Clement the whole of that
area which is against their gate towards the north, (c. 1250-60.)

Ch. 79.

Nicholas, son and heir of Ernisius ad Barram de Walmegate, grants
to Agnes de Wyten, prioress of St. Clement, York, his right and claim
to the whole of his lands and edifices in Walmegate in the suburbs of
York. (c. 1280.) Ch. 80.

YORK (Convent of White Friars). Grant from Mauger, prior
of the White Friars of York, to Roger Low, of the right of
participation in the prayers of the convent during his life, and
commemoration after death.

Dated at York, 8 Kl. April, 1387. Ch. 81.

Grant from Robert, prior of the White Friars of York, to Richard

Wade and Joan his wife of the right and benefit to and in the prayers

of the convent during their lives, and commemoration after their death.

Dated 1473. Ch. 82.


Grant from John, prior of the Carmelites of York, to sir John
Hodghsone, chaplain, and his parents and others of the right of
participation in the prayers of the convent during life and com-
memoration after death.

Dated on the feast of St. John, evang., 1520. Ch. 83.

YORK (Hospital of St. Leonard). William de Kirtelington,
chaplain, grants to the poor of the hospital of St. Leonard, York, all
his lands and tenements which he holds of the said hospital in the
village of Kirtelington. Dated at York, 1 1 April, 26 Ed. I. Ch. 107.

Charter dated 29 Ed. I, the Friday on the feast of St. Katherine
the virgin, at York, being a convention between Walter, bp. of
Coventry and Lichfield, master of the hospital of St Leonard, York,
and Roger, abbot of Melsa, concerning two mills (water) in Great
Wharrum. [With seal.] Ch. loS.

YORK (Hospital of St. Peter at). Grant from Paul, the master,
and the convent of St. Peter, York, to the canons of St. Mary, Bolton,
of their land in Bleistreta in York, paying annually I2d. and husgavel
for all services, (c. 1200-20.) [With seal.] Ch. 106.

Crispin de Bramham, with the assent of Cecilia his wife, grants to
the poor of the hospital of St. Peter, York, in frankalmoigne, three
acres of land in the fields of Bramham and one toft in Bramham and
common of pasture in the same village, (c. 1200-10.) Ch. 105.

John Apylton, receiver of sir Robert Bolneden, treasurer of the
cathedral church of St. Peter, York, received of Edward Dole and
John Sallnam, esq., 20 marks sterling in part payment of a greater
sum. Dated at York, 22 October, 9 Hen. VI. Ch. 106*.

Charter dated 5 April, 1375, by which sir William de Atoun the
father, in the presence of the sire de Percy, challenged sir Robert de
Boneton on account of the arms he bore, namely. Or, on a cross sable
five bullocks' heads argent, which had been a ground of controversy,
and was submitted to the sire de Percy, who after deliberation ad-
judged the arms to belong to William de Atoun, who grants the same
to Robert de Boneton and his heirs for ever. [With seal.] Ch. 335.

An indenture made the loth of April, 25th year of Q. Elizabeth,
between the rt. hon. William lord Eure of the one part, and Richard
Medd, Robert Bell, and Christabell White, of the second part, wit-
nesseth that lord Eure has demised to Richard Medd, Robert Bell, and
Christabell White two closes called Potter's and White's closes, with
a cottage, for 2 1 years, or during the life of Ralph Eure, son and heir
of lord Eure. Ch. 21.

Blank commission, signed H. Newcastle, for the appointment . . .
..... in the Trained Bands, . . . Riding of York.

4 K. James II— 1688. Ch. 326.



ALLERTONSHIRE. Subsidy roll for part of Allerfconshire.
Temp. Chas. I. Yorkshire Bolls, I,

BURGH, and PIKERING. The accounts of the provosts, &c.
of the villages comprising the barony of Emeldon and the lordship
of Pickeringlyth pertaining to the duchy of Lancaster, from the 24th
to the 25th of Edward III. £olls, 2.

PYCKERIWG. I. The account of John Harding, provost of
Pickering, from Michaelmas, 1 5 Ed. Ill, to the same feast, 1 6 Ed. III.

2. The account of William Broune, provost of Esyngwold, from
Michaelmas, 15 Ed. Ill, to the same feast, 16 Ed. III.

3. The account of Ralph Hastings, receiver of Pickering, from the
15th to the 1 6th of Ed. III. Molls, 3.

The account of Alan Scot, herdsman there, from Michaelmas,
45 Ed. Ill, to the 46 th, for one year, Eolls, 4.

The account of John Raufson, provost, from Michaelmas, 45 Ed.
Ill, to the 46th, for one year.

The account of William de Thurneyst, bailiff there, from Michaelmas,
45 Ed. Ill, to the 46th, for one year.

The account of Robert de Pokley, provost there, from Michaelmas,
45 Ed. Ill, to the 46th, for one year.

The account of sir Ralph Assheton, kt., receiver, from Michaelmas,
7 Ed. IV, to the same feast, 8 Ed. IV. Eolls, 5.

Roll of 2 membranes : —

1 . The account of William West, provost of Pykering, from Michael-
mas, 1 1 Ed. IV, to the same feast, 1 2 Ed. lY.

2. The account of sir Edward Hastyngs, kt., bailiff of Pykering,
from Michaelmas, 1 1 Ed. IV, to the same feast, 1 2 Ed. IV.

Bolls, 6.
Roll of two membranes : —

1. The account of John Kempe, provost of the manor of Pykering,
from Michaelmas, 16 Ed. IV, to the same feast, 17 Ed. IV.

2. The account of sir Ed. Hastings, kt., bailiff of Pykering, from
Michaelmas, 16 Ed. IV, to the same feast, 17 Ed. IV. Bolls, 7.

The account of Robert Clay, provost, from Michaelmas, 22 Ed. IV,
to I Rich. III.

Also the account of sir Edmund Hastyngs, kt., bailiff, for the same
year. Bolls, 8.

The account of Nicholas Lewnthorp, receiver of the king, from
Michaelmas, i Ric. Ill, to the same feast, 2 Ric. III. Bolls, 9.

Roll of 5 membranes, being — The account of . . . Reeve, from
Michaelmas, 18 James I, to the 19th, for one year, for Pykering.

Bolls, 10.


SKYRAKE, (Wapentake of). Subsidy roll, dated 1 2th February,
37 Hen. Vni, for the wapentake of Skyrak, being the first subsidy
granted by act of Parliament in the 37 th of his reign.

(4 membranes.) Bolls, 11.

Roll of three membranes, being — Estreat indented, dated 1 1 March,
7 James I, between sir Thomas Fairfax and sir Henry Groodrick, kts.,
commissioners appointed for the waj^entake of Skyracke, for assessing
and levying and collecting the second payment of the third subsidy
granted in the 3 James I, of one part, and Gilbert Kirke of Cow-
kricke, high collector, of the other part. Payment to be made into
the Exchequer on or before ist day of May next. Holls, 12.

YORK (City of). The account of Thomas Beverlay, William
Crathorn, and John Marton, chamberlains of the city of York, — time
of John Croyser, mayor, — of receipts and payments in their office from
the feast of St. Blasius, 25 Hen. VI, to the same feast, 26 Hen. VL

Bolls, 13.

Part of a roll, with heading and side cut away, of the expenses
of the Court of Common Council for the city of York. Bolls, 14.

The account of John Lee, fyssher, and George Hutchousen, baker,
burgoinasters, of Ffossebrig, from tlie feast of St. Maurice, abbot,
the 32 Hen. VIII, to the same feast, 33 Hen. YIII, in the time of
Robt. Halle, merchant, mayor of York. Bolls, 15.

Instructions to Thomas Viscount Savile, baron of Pontefract and
Castlebar, president of the councell of the north, and others therein
named appointed to be of the same councell, to be observed by them
and every of them. [Boll of four membranes.) Bolls, 1 6.

SHERIFF'S RoU. The great roll of the Exchequer for the county
of York, being the sheriffs account for the 9th year of Q. Anne.

William Nevile, esq., being sheriff that year, and William White-
head his deputy. Bolls, 17.

YORKSHIRE and DURHAM. A return of the passing of
various fee farm rents, parcel of the dissolved monasteries, from the
Crown to various persons, extracted from a book as attested by * Robert
Paddon,' auditor, Dec. 24, 16 10. Bolls, 18.

List of reserved rents from the dissolved monasteries and religious
houses of the county of York. (9 memhranes) Bolls^ 19.




KILCXJLLEN. Receipt for the excise for the town of Kilcullen
to 24 June, 1661. Ch. 5.

KILDAKE (County of). Receipt for the excise for the county
of Kildare to the 24 June, 166 1. Gh. 4.

KILKENNY, &c. Receipt for the Crown quit-rents in the
county of Catherlough, Queen's County, and county of the city of
Kilkenny. Dated 10 Feb., 1675. Irish Charters ^ i.

Admission of Sir Henry Piers, bart., to the freedom of the city of
Kilkenny. Dated 28 August, 1702. [With seal ^ Ch. 6.

MEATH (County of). Receipt for various sums from divers
places in the county of Meath for i| year ending Michaelmas, 1663.

Ch. 7.

NAAS. Receipt for the excise of Naas in the county of Kildare
to the 25 Dec, 1663. Ch. 3.

REATHY and OTJG-HTERIN (Baronies of). Receipt for
the excise of the above baronies to the 25 Dec, 1663. Ch. 2.

WICKLOW. Receipt given to Thomas Hacket of Wicklow for
Ireland excise to the 25 Dec, 1663. Ch. 8.

Names nominated to James, duke of Ormond, for the office of High
Sheriff of the Irish counties, 15 Chas. II. Irish Rolls y i.


CRAIL. Grant of the freedom of the Burgh of Craill to Captain
John Haatfeild.

Dated 3 April, 1654. \With seal {broken) of the borough.']

Scotch Charters, 5.

EDINBURGH. Notarial instrument of the surrender of a house
and land in Edinburgh to William Mous and Katherine his wife.

Dated 24 October, 1497. ^^' 2-

Copy on parchment of —

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