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I. The act or oath of a Burgis at his admission into the Burgh of

II. . The act or oath of a Gild-Brother.

III. The admission of James Flemming into the same Burgh, 22
James VI, anno 1567. CA. 3.




KIRKCALDIE. Admission of Colonel Charles Fairfax to the
freedom of the borough of Kirkcaldie.

Dated 19 October, 1652. [With seal.] Ch. 6.

ST. ANDREW (University of). Medical diploma granted by
the University of St. Andrew's to William Cowper, M.A.

Dated 11 June, 1753. Ch. 4.

TORPHICHEN (House of St, John of Jerusalem at). Philip
de Carriber, son and heir of Adam Manclerc of Carriber, grants to the
Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem of Thorphyen in frankalmoigne an
annual rent of 25. from his land of Carriber. (c. 1 280-1 300.) Ch. i.


ASAPH (St.). Commission of Henry, bishop of" St. Asaph,
directed to John Stanny and Robert Holbeche, relating to Ecclesiastical
Jurisdiction in the deaneries of Marchia Mayznat, &c.

Dated 23 Feb., 1523. Welsh Charters, i.

Admission of Edward Pugh to the office of deacon by Edward,
bishop of St. Asaph. Dated at Pola, 20 Sept., 1702. Ch. 8.

BANGOR DIOCESE. Constat from the Pipe-office for the first
payment of a subsidy due ist December, 1629. Paid, ist May, 1630.

Ch. 2.

Constat from the Pipe-office for the second payment of the third
subsidy due ist June, 1630. Ch. 3.

CAERNARVONSHIRE. Commission of Peace for the county of
Caernarvon. Dated at Westminster, 23 June, 43 George III. Ch. 4.

GLAMORGANSHIRE. Writ from Hugh le Despencer, jun., to
John Jugge, sheriff of Glamorganshire, commanding him to accept £60
in full satisfaction of £80 for a trespass committed by John de Butoillier
-and Aleyn de Old Castle. Dated at St. Brevel, 5 May, 14 Ed. II.

Ch. 7.

LLANDYNDED. Plaint of Walter Thomas, clerk, against James
Davies, gent., for a debt of £20.

Dated 3rd William and Mary. Ch. 10.

Names returned to the Lords of the Counsell for the counties of
Glamorgan, Brecknock, and Radnor, to serve the office of High
Sheriff; with the appointment of Lemuel Lloyd to be High Sheriff of
Radnorshire in the room of Thomas Williams, deceased.

Dated 1698. Ch. 9.

MOULD. Indenture made 13 April, 5th Chas. I, by which
Henry, earl of Huntingdon, &c. and Elizabeth his wife, covenant
within one year to convey to Henry Hastings, of Donnington Park,



esq., their son, the rectory of Mould in Flintshire, to the use of the
said Henry Hastings for ever. [}F^<^ seal.^ Gh. 6.

Indenture made 20 May, 12th Charles I, by which Henry Hastings
and Ferdinand Hastings, in consideration of the receipt of £500, grant
to Mathew Davis, of Shaston, co. Dorset, esq., the moiety of the
parsonage of Mould for 99 years, commencing after the death of Alice
Countess of Derby, at a peppercorn rent, unless a sum of £520 be
paid upon the 22nd of November next, when this grant shall be
void. Ck 5.

T t 2



BEDFORD. "Walter, warden of the friars minor of Bedford, grants
to Robert Mechel and Agnes his wife participation in the prayers &c.
of the convent.

Dated at Bedford, 1444. [With seal.] Ajppendix Charters, i.

LUTON. Thomas Hookebyd of Luton grants to William Kyppyng
and Agnes his wife two acres of land in a field called Blacwaterfeld,
near the land of Sir Robert Turk, kt.

Dated at Luton the Sunday next after the feast of St. Valentine,
9 Ric. n. Ch. 2.


LONGWORTH. Letter of Lionel Sharpe, S.T.R, archdeacon of

Berks, of the admission of Samuel Fell, S.T.P., to the rectory of

Longworth, with the chapel of Charney co. Berks, on the resignation

of George Warberton and presentation of Sir Henry Marten, kt., LL.D.

Dated 17 March, 1620. Ch. 3.

Letters patent of King James I, dated at "Westminster 4 April,
19th of his reign, confirming to Samuel Fell, S.T.P., the rectory of
Longworth, with the chapel of Charney. Ch. 4.

SUNNING"WELL. Mandate from John, bp. of Sarum, for the
induction of Samuel Fell, S.T.D., to the rectory of Sunuingwell, on
the presentation of K. Charles I. Dated 18 Jan., 1625. Ch. 5.

Institution by Robert, bp. of Sarum, of Samuel Fell, S.T.R, to the
rectory of Longworth, with the chapel of Charney annexed, by the
presentation of Sir Henry Marten, kt., LL.D., on the resignation of
George Warberton, clerk. Dated 8 March, 1620. Ch. 6.

Certificate of John, bp. of Sarum, of the presentation of Samuel

Fell, S.T.P., to the rectory of Sunningwell, alias Soningwell, co. Berks.

Dated 18 Jan., 1625. Ch. 7.



Mandate for the induction of Samuel Fell, S.T.P., to the church of
Sunningwell, vacant through the death of the last incumbent.

Dated 19 Jan., 1625. Ch. 8.

WHITE WALTHAM. Faculty granted by the Archdeacon of
Berks to enable the churchwardens of White AValtham to remove the
pulpit and reading desk. Dated 13 April, 1687. [Paper.] Ch. 9.


NEWPORT PAGNELL. John, son of Michael le Mareschal of
Newport Paynel, grants to John de Swantone and Emma his wife half
an acre of arable land in the field of Caldecote sujper Claydenehul.

Dated at Newport Paynel the Saturday next after the feast of
St. Petronella, virgin, ii Ed. II. Ch. 10.

TICKPORD (Priory of).' William Salom of Astun remits and
quit-claims to the prior and convent of Tickford all right in certain
land in (c. 1230-40.) Ch. 11.


ALBOROWE and COTTENHAM. Inquisition taken at Cam-
bridge 24 March, 15 James I, before Peter Phelips, esq., escheator,
on the death of George Peapes, gent. The jury say he died possessed
in his demesne as of fee of and in a moiety of 3 messuages 18 ac.
3 roods of meadow, and 40 acres of land in Cottenham, and the half
of a close in Alborowe, and in one close called Brockhill close in
Cottenham. Ch. 12.

CAMBRIDGE. Diploma of the admission of Thomas Witherley
as honorary fellow of the College of Physicians.

Dated 6th Cal. July, 1665. Ch. 13.


I. Final concord made at "Westminster on the octave of the Holy
Trinity, 9 Ed. I, between Robert de Leycestre, plaintiff, and Gilbert
Peche and Joan his wife, defendants, concerning one messuage, certain
lands and rents in Swafham Priors.

II. Grant (by fine) from Gilbert Peche and Joan his wife to John
Peche of the manor of Plecheden co. Essex, and of Swafliam co.
Cambridge. Dated on St. John Baptist's day, 2 Ed. I. Ch. 14.

TEVERHAM. William, son of Hugh of the Manor, grants to
Geoffrey the merchant of Dittun six acres of land which his father
gave to him in the field of Teverham ; paying annually to the monks
of Ely 1 2d. (c. 1250-60.) Ch. 15.




DURHAM (co.)- Appointment of William Probec as an agent
under the provisions of an act of Parliament for the prevention of the
exportation of wool.

Dated London, 4 April, 11 "William TIL Ch. 16.


FAIRSTEAD. Geoffrey de Slamundesheye grants to Hugh the
carter (carucatoris), for his homage and service and i^d-, two acres
of land in the parish of Fayrstede, paying annually 8c?. for all services.
(c. 1260-70.) C/i. 17.

STANESGATE (Priory of). Letters patent of King Edward

III, dated Nov., 25th of his reign, to William de Caunterbury,

prior of the priory of Staynegate, being a grant of protection to that
priory. Ch. 18.

TIPTRE (Priory of). William grants to the prior and

canons of Typpetre I2d, of annual rent for two parts of the land he
held in Staremere, Dated 45 Hen. III. Ch. 19.


GLOUCESTER (St. Peter's Abbey). Confirmation of Privileges
of St. Peter's monastery at Gloucester by Burghred, king of Mercia,
A.D. 862. Ch. 20.

TEWKESBURY. Richard Whytehed, brother of John Whytehed
of Worcester, vicar of Fayreford, quit-claims to William Tayllor of
Tewkesbury the whole of half a burgage in Tewkesbury.

Dated at Tewkesbury the Thursday next after the feast of the
Exaltation of the Holy Cross, 8 Hen. VI. Ch. 21.

THORNBURY. Confirmation by Walter, bp. of Worcester, of
the appropriation of the church of Thornbury, Worcester diocese, to
the abbot and convent of B.V. M. of Theokesbur'.

Dated at Lamhuth, 5th Nones of May, 1316. Ch. 22.


OKE. Grant of lands &c. in Oke, which the donor, conjointly
with John Gurdon, acquired by the gift and feoffment of Walter, son
and heir of Thomas Spolas, of Winchestre.

Dated at Oke, 16 March, 17 Ed. IV. Ch. 23.




LEDBURY. Daniel Price, S.T.P., the dean, and the chapter of
Hereford, present Francis Kerie, S.T.P., to the hospital of St.
Catharine in the town of Ledburie, vacant by the death of Thomas
Thornton, S.T.P. Dated 27 April, 1629. Ch. 24.

Presentation of Francis Kerie, S.T.P. , to the hospital of St. Catherine
in Ledburie, on the death of Thomas Thornton, S.T.P., by Daniel Price,
the dean, and chapter of Hereford.

Dated 27 April, 1629. Ch. 25.

WELLINGTON. Letters patent of King Charles II, dated at
Westminster 9 July, 1 2th of his reign, granting the prebend of Wel-
lington in the church of Hereford to George Benson, clerk. Ch. 26.


WARE. Counterpart of an indenture made 23 June, i8 Q.
Elizabeth, reciting a deed of feoffment made by the Lady Katherine,
Countess of Huntingdon, late wife of Francis earl of Huntingdon, by
which the lordship and manor of Ware was granted to Thomas Fan-
shaw under certain conditions, and by the present indenture it is again
recited that the said Thomas is seized as of fee of the park called
Ware park, subject to the payment of four score pounds annually to
the said Lady Katherine, her heirs, &c., under the former indenture.
[With seal and signature of Thos. Fanshaw.^

Ch. 27.


ISELHAM (Deanery of). Letter of William, bishop of Rochester,

to the dean of Iselliam, for the collection of a subsidy of 40?. in the

pound in the said deanery. Dated at Trottesclyne, 31 Oct., 1395.

On the back of the document is an early English verse entitled —

* Hec est carta Dei.' Ch. 28.

NONNINGTON. William, son of John Cundy of Sandwich,
and Stephen, son of Andrew Yook, grant to John de Ketynton four
acres of land at Ketynton, in the parish of Nonynton, and also 4 1 ac.
3 r. and 6 ft. of land, with the half of a certain place called Par-
sonyestoun at Ketynton aforesaid.

Dated at Nonynton, 20 Feb., 33 Ed. III. \With seal.'] Ch. 29.


ELDYNG. Richard . . le of Eldynge grants to Roger de Frendes-
bery, rector of Stradesele, Norwich diocese, one croft in the parish of

Dated at Stradesele the Wednesday next after the feast of
St. Edward, King, 4 Ed. III. Ch. 30.


TUDELEY. Mathew de Creuequer grants to Walter, son of
Benjamin de Chytercrofte, the whole of his meadow in the parish of
Theudelu, after the death of Hamon de Crewequer. (c. 1260-70.)

Ch. 31.

WESTWELL. A confirmation by William and Simon, arch-
bishops of Canterbury successively, of the agreement between John
Barler, rector of Westwell, and John Frebody, rector of Bocton Alulph,
concerning the tithes of the hamlets of Chilberton, Shotyngdon, and

Dated at Lambeth, 4 Kl. Nov., 1376. [With seals^ Ch. 32.


BERMETON, &o. John, son of the King, cons^ble of England,
recites the grant by letters patent to Thomas Boteler of all his lands,
tenements, &c. in the counties of Leicester and Durham, in the villages
of Bermeton, Bisshopton, Newebyggyng, little Stayriton, and Hedley ;
by this charter he appoints Sir William Fulthorp, kt., and John
Nonwyk, esq., his attorneys to deliver seisin of the same.

Dated at Werkeworth, 14 May, i Hen. V. [With seal^ Ch. 33.


INGELBY, &c. Thomas Spenser of Somercotes, William Mailore
of York, John Craven of York, and Robert Luflese, vicar of Bukmyns-
tyre, quit-claim to John Talbot, earl of Shrewsbury, and Thomas de
Dacre, all their right in the villages of Salfletby and Somercotes, the
church of Basyngham, with the free chapel of Ingelby.

Dated at Ingelby, 3 April, 27 Hen. VI. Ch. 34.

LINCOLN. Presentation of James Brooke, clerke, to the prebend
of South Scarle in the church of St. Mary, Lincoln, vacant by the
cession of Hamlet Marshall. [Mutilated^ Ch. 35.


PULHAM. Elizabeth Plumbe of Fulham, widow, grants to
Henry Thornton of Fulham, gent., the whole of the acre of arable
land lying in a certain close called Little newelandes, near the
common called Gibbes place in Fulham, in exchange for one other
acre in a field called Great newelandes.

Dated 3 Nov., 39 Eliz. [With aeal^ Ch. 36.

The will of James Knowles of Fulham, gent.

Dated 18 January, 161 3. [With seal.l^ Ch. 37.

Presentation of William Loe, S.T.P., to the parish church of
St. Stephen the martyr, Coleman streete, London.

Dated 2 July, 1618. Ch. 38.


LONDON. Plan of demised premises in Charles Street, London,
(c. 1730.) Ch. 39.

Letters patent of K. Charles I, dated at Westminster, 28 No-
vember, 5tli of his reign, granting to Robert Ducie, alderman of
London, the degree of a baronet of the province of Ulster in Ireland.

Ch. 40.

A patent to William Sancroft, archbishop of Canterbury, to be a
governor of the Charterhouse.

Dated 10 Jan., 1679. [With seals^ Ch. 41.


ESTHERLING. Randal, son of Walter de Estherling, grants
to William de Aldeberge, parson of the church of Estherling, 2 acres
and half a rood of land in Estherling, at an annual rent of 3c?.

(c. 1260-70.) Ch. 42.

PLEGG- (Hundred of). William, bp. of Winchester, John
Beauchamp, lord of Beauchamp, Sir John Howard, kt.. Sir William
Yelverton, kt., Thomas Lytelton, William Jenney, William Paston,
Thomas Howys, and William Grene, remit and quit-claim to Sir John
Paston all their right of and in the manor of Castre in Flegge called
Vaux and Bosoms, and in those lands and in tenements in Castre
called Redham, with the advowson of the chapel of St. John the Baptist
in the same village, and the manors of Heryngly called Spensers
and Fennes, the third part of the manor of Runham, the manor of
Wynterton called Begvyles with one windmill, the manor of Reppes iu
Bastewyk, and all messuages, &c. in Great Jernemuth, and in lands
and tenements called Billes in Stokesby, and those lands and tenements
called Cattes in Heryngby, and all other lands &c. in the villages of
Castre, Great Jernemuth, Ormesby, Scroutby, Mautby, Wynterton,
Somerton, Martham, Baslewyk, Reppes, Hikelyng, Stokesby, He-
ryngby, Runham, Thyrkby, Filby, or elsewhere within the hundred of
Est Flegge and Westflegge, together with other lands, advowsons, and
rents in the counties of Norfolk and Suffolk.

Dated 11 January, 7 Ed. lY. Ch, 43.

HICKLING, &c. Letters patent of King Charles I, dated at
Westminster, i March, 1 2 of his reign, being a licence of alienation to
Martin and John Calthorp, esqrs., to enable them to assign the
manors of Hicklinge, Netherhall, Stanhow alias Stannowe, and Paw-
linge, and divers other lands &c. in the county of Norfolk, to Francis
Bacon and Henry Mordaunt, esqrs. Ch. 44.

HULME (Abbey). Proceedings in the cause between the abbot
and convent of Hulme and Hervey de Surlingham, the Monday next
before the feast of St. Margaret, 1275. Ch. 45.

KELESHALE. Indenture between John de Framlyngham, rector
of Keleshale, Norwich diocese, of the one part, and Mary de Wyngefeld,
the prioress and nuns of Caumpesse, of the other concerning the



grant of the manor of Karleton near Keleshale, for the foundation of
a chantry in the church of Keleshale. [ With seals. ^ Ch. 46,

METHEL WODE. Ordination of the vicarage of Methelwode by
Ralph, bp. of Norwich, appropriated to the Prior and Convent of
Castleacre. Dated at Eccles, 2 Non. August, 1293. [^With seals.']

Ch. 47.

MUNDSLEY. The will of John Howet of Monesle, dated
4 October, 1502, proved 16 Jan. following. Ch. 48.

NORWICH. Deed for the separation of the churches of St. Swithin
and of St. Simon and Jude, Norwich and Crosthwayt, and the deaneries
of Norwich and Taverham.

Dated in the chapter-house of Norwich, 3 Kl. Sept., 1329.
[With seal.] Ch. 49.

PLUMSTEAD (Little). Adam, son of William del A , quit-
claims to Eadmund de Plumsted, Basilia his wife, and Avice their
daughter, all his right in four acres of land in Plumsted.

Dated at Little Plumsted the Sunday on the feast of the translation
of St. Thomas the Martyr Ch. 50.


LIMPENHOW. Robert, son of Edward Browne of Limpenhow,
grants to "William Norton and Mary his wife one piece of land in the
field of Limpenhow. Dated 3 Feb., 1640. Ch. 51.

STENEMORE. Pardon under the sign manual of K. Henry VII.
to Thomas Barker of Stenemor for the alleged taking of arms at
Bosworth felde.

Dated at the manor of Richemount, 27 November, 21 of his reign.

Ch. 52.

SWYNEFORD. Alice, wife of Richard Gyffard of Gyldes-
borough, grants to John her son the whole of her lands &c. in
Swyneford. (c. 1260-70.) Ch. 53.


BROCKHOLLE. Bond in X25 given by Robert Skypton of
Biockholle, yeoman, to Thomas Ilston, prior of Daventr', payable on
the feast of the nativity of our Lord following the date of these
presents. Dated at Daventr', 16 May, 3 Hen. YIII. Ch. ^4.

COIiD-ASHBY. Peter de Goldinton grants to the church and
monks of Daventr' in frankalmoigne two virgates of land in Cal-
dessebi of the fee of Cotes, namely, those two virgates which their
chapel of Caldessebi before had held from the day of its dedication.

(0.1170-80.) a. 55.



William the skinner of Cold Esseby and Agnes his wife, grant
to the prior and convent of Daventre one cottage and plot of land
in Cold Esseby near the grange of the said prior and convent, to
hold the same in frankalmoigne. (c. 1280.) CA. 56.

Peter, the prior of Daventr' and parson of Cold asheby, and con-
vent of the same remit to the abbot and convent of Pipwell a bond
of £4 I OS. annual payment for the tithes of corn and hay from the
lordship, and 3 virgates of land belonging to the abbot and convent
in Coldehasseby.

Dated at Daventre on the morrow of the purification B.V.M.
1332 (?). a. 57.

DAVENTRY. Cecilia, formerly wife of .... of Daventr', quit-
claims to the church and monks of Daventr' all her right in a house
with appurtenances in Daventry. (c. 1210-20.) [TFiiA seal.^

Ch. 58.

Grant to William Gemme of Daventry and his heirs of a messuage
and virgate of land in Daventry. (c. 1220-30.) Ch. 59.

Nicholas, the prior, and convent of Dauntr' grant to Hugh de
Brokehole, for his homage and service, that messuage which Robert
Danegode sometime held of them in Norton, at an annual rent of 25.
(1231-1264.) Ch. 60.

Convention made 1241 on St. Valentine's day between Nicholas the
prior and convent of Davintr' of the one part, and William son of
Nigel de Davintr' of the other, namely, that the said prior and con-
vent grant one acre of land in the fields of Draitone in exchange for
one acre which the said William gave without the village of Davintr'
on the east side. Ch. 61.

An attestation of Robert, bp. (?) of Lincoln, dated at the Island of
Barbaram, 3 Kl. June, 1250, of a judgment of John, Cardinal of

St in a cause between the abbey of Cluny and the prior

and conv. of Daventry.

Dated at Lyons, 6 Kl. June, 7 Pope Innocent IV. Ch. 62.

William Galien grants to Thomas the chaplain, son of William de
Witton, two acres of land, of which one acre is called ' Burleker,' with
a manse, and the other is near the wood he held. For this grant the
said Thomas gave 20s. (c. 1260.) Ch. 63.

An act of court in the matter of an appeal in a suit between Master
Hugh Hamel and the prior and convent of Daventry concerning the
tithes pertaining to the church of Scandeford. (c. 1260.) Ch. 64.

Simon Pinnoc of Davintr' grants to the church and monks of
Davintr' one acre of his land with one 'chevicio' of a meadow
belonging to the same behind Langedon in the field of Davintr', which
John Plumpton gave to the said Simon in exchange for one half acre
of land in the fields of Drayton, (c. 1260-70.) Ch. 65.

Amabilia de Braunceston, formerly relict of Simon Pinnoc of



Daventr', quit-claims to the prior and convent of Daventr* and their
successors all right which she has by name of dower in one half acre
of land and one ' chevico ' of meadow pertaining to the same behind
Longedon in Daventr'. (c. 1270.) Ch. 66.

Notice of an appeal by the proctor of the prior and convent of
Daventry in a suit with Stephen de Camvile, late rector of Merch.
(c. 1270-80.) Ch. 67.

John, son and heir of John Neel of Daventr*, quit-claims to Richard
the tailor 3s. of annual rent in Daventr*. (c. 1300.) [Mutilated.]

Ch. 68.

John, son of John the butcher of Davyntr*, grants to Simon de
Aula 25. annual rent going out of that messuage which John Fers
holds in the same place.

Dated at Davyntr' on St. Nicholas' day, 22 Ed. I. Ch. 69.

Geoffrey quit-claims to William Ydenhele (1) of Daventr' and

Matilda his wife, the whole of his plot of land in Daventr' with houses
thereon in le Brochend.

Dated at Daventr the Tuesday next after the feast of the
apostles SS. Peter and Paul, 26 Ed. I. Ch. 70.

Robert, son of sir John, son of Philip de Daventr*, confirms a
certain feoffment made to Walter de Buckeby of 25. annual rent
bought of sir John his father, going out of the tenement of the said
Walter in Daventr'.

Dated at Daventr' the Sunday next after the feast of St. James
Apostle, 34 Ed. I. Ch.'ji.

Fragment of a charter dated 7 Ed. U. [With seal.] Ch, 72.

John Horn of Daventr', chaplain, grants to John the wheelwright
the whole of his tenement, with houses, buildings, curtilages, easements,
and appurtenances in Daventr' in * le Netherende.'

Dated at Daventr' the Sunday next after the feast of St. Laurence,
7 Ed. IL Ch. 73.

Promulgation of a sentence of the dean of arches concerning the
tithes due to the prior and convent of Daventry from the fee of Hugh

Dated at London, 2 Kl. August, 1317. [Mutilated.] Ch. 74.

Mutilated charter dated 13 18. Ch. 75.

Convention made the 1 2th of Ed. II, on the feast of St. John ante
port. Lat., between Richard the tailor of Davintre of the one part,
and the prior and convent of Davintre of the other, being a demise of
4«. annual rent in Davintre going out of the tenement that Robert
Horn held. Ch. 76.

Richard Hemery, staying in Buckeby, grants to Richard the taylor of
Daventr' 4s. of annual rent in Daventr'.

Dated at Daventr' the Thursday on the feast of the Invention of
the Cross, 12 Ed. IL Ch. 77.



Joan, daughter of Robert de Heyeringtone of Daventre, quit-claims
to the prior and convent of Daventre her right in certain land upon
a culture called * Olnesbrech/

Dated at Daventre on the day of St. Peter ad vine, 17 Ed. II.

Ch. 78.

"William quit-claims to Edmund Newenham and others all

right in certain land in the village and fields of Daventry.

Dated , 22 Ed. II. [Mutilated.] Ch. ^g.

Richard le Taylor of Daventre grants to the prior and convent
of Daventre 2S. 6d^. annual rent from a tenement of William West's,
and 6s. from a tenement of John Ent's, and 8s. annual rent going out
of the messuage which Geoffrey Gamel sometime held.

Dated at Daventre on the feast of St. Mark the evang., 4 Ed. III.

Ch. 80.

William de . . . . grants to Hoger his son one house in Daventr',
together with certain annual rents and land in the same village.

Dated at Daventr' the Tuesday next after the feast of the Con-
ception B.Y. M., 9 Ed. in. C^. 81.

John Herberd, wheelright of Davyntr', grants to Nicholas Herberd
of Throp, a certain tenement in Davyntr' which the said John held of
Isabella, the lady of Davyntr', for his life, by the service of 12c?.

Dated at Davyntr' the Friday next after the Purification B.V. M.,
14 Ed. III. Ch. 82.

Adam de Brochole, chaplain, John de Pistrinal of Davyntr', and
Richard Gunvyle of Stavertone, chaplain, quit-claim to Robert Bate-
man of Davyntr and Matilda his wife, all their right in one house
with a curtilage adjoining in Davyntr' in le Netherende.

Dated at Davyntr' on Maunday Thursday, 14 Ed. III. Ch. 83.

Alice, wife of John Herberd, wheelwright of Davyntr*, widow,
quit-claims to Nicholas Herberd of Throp, all her right in that tene-
ment in Davyntr in ' le Netherende ' which the said Nicholas gave to

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