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Richard Beer. Dated 3 March, 1524. Ch. i^j^.


BERLESTON. Humphrey, earl of Stafford and lord of Tonbrygge,
commands his bailiff or minister of his lordship of Berleston to pay to
Edward Doly and Anne his wife an annuity of £10 from the profits
of the said manor.

Dated at Hull, 12 January, 3 Hen. VI. \With seal] Ch. 180.

BISSHEBTJRY. William de Worlascroft, vicar of Bisshebury,
and William de Wybaston, chaplain, grant to Thomas Undeihill of
Bisshebury and Elene his wife one messuage and certain lands and
tenements in Bisshebury, excepting a garden and cottage adjacent
which were formerly Richard UnderhiU's, and a croft and garden
formerly William de Bokyngham's.

Dated at Bisshebury the Sunday next after the feast of St. James,
apostle, 48 Ed. TIL [With seal] Ch. 181,



BROMLEY ABBOTS. John de Hampton, vicar of Bromley
Abbots, and Thomas Graunger, chaplain, grant to John de Henleye
a messuage with a curtilage adjacent in Bromley Abbots, also they
grant to the aforesaid John de Buleye (sic) all their lands and
tenements in ' Le ThornyhuU/

Dated at Bromley Abbots the Tuesday next after the feast of St.
Michael, 2 Rich. II. [With seals.] Ch. 182.

BROMLEY. Thomas Kynneresley of Loxley, in co. Stafford, esq.,
and others, in performance of the last will of Emote Stanlowe, deceased,
remit and quit-claim to Richard Stanlowe all right in a burgage or
meirsuage in Bromley.

Dated at Bromley on the vigil of St. John the Baptist, 22
Hen. YIII. [With seal.] Ch. 183.

COKESLONE. William, son of Richard de Harecurt, grants to
Gilbert Reyner of Stafford three virgates of laud in Cokeslone, paying
annually 1 2 c?. of silver, (c. 1240-50.) [With seal.] Ch. 184.

CROKESDENE, and all abbeys &e. of the Cistercian order.
Bull of Pope innocent IV, granting to Leonora, queen of Henry III,
the privilege of entering the abbeys and religious houses of the
Cistercian order with her attendants, and sleeping there, notwith-
standing the statutes of the order.

Dated at Lyons, 2 Kl. May, 7th year of his pontificate, 1250.
[With the bulla.] Ch. 185.

DIEULACRES (Abbey of). Thomas, abbot of Dieulacres, and
convent of the same grant to Richard Plant of Stonycliff a licence to
enclose about Lymgrene as much as to them pertains.

Dated at Dieulacres in the feast of St. Thomas the apostle, 16
Hen. YI. [ With seal] Ch. 186.

HORBOURNE. Thomas Fichet of Spraxton grants to Richard,
son of sir Richard de Egebaston, kt., one messuage and carucate of
land in Horbourne.

Dated at Westminster the Saturday next after the feast of the
Conversion of St. Paul, 22 Ed. III. Ch. 187.

Richard Cloddeshale of co. Warwick, esq., remits and quit-claims
to Emma, who was the wife of sir Edward Doylle, kt., all right in a
messuage and land which were sir Richard de Egebaston's, kt., in

Dated at Coventry, 22 May, 3 Hen. V. [With seal.] Ch. 188.

HUN GREY. Master William, son of William Gunny, grants to
John the baker ('pistori') of Stafford certain land with the buildings
&c. in the wav of Hungrey, at an annual rent of 2d. (c. 1260-70.)
[With seal] Ch. i8g.

MORTON. Thomas Gifford, late of Chillington in the county of
Stafford, esq., grants to Thomas Forster and Mary his wife the manor
t>f Morton. Dated 29 April, 22 Hen. VIII. [With seal] Ch. 190.



An exemplification of a recovery, dated at Wefetminster, 14 June,
23 Hen. YIII, for passing the manor of Morton, with 6 messuages,
300 acres of land, 100 acres of meadow, 300 acres of pasture, 100
acres of wood, and 100 acres of underwood and furze, with appurte-
nances in Morton, to Thomas Forster, gent. [With sealJ\ Ch, 191.

WEDNESBERG-HB. Adam de Hamwolde grants to Richard de

Scrinklinge, son of Robert and Matilda, and John his eldest son one

half acre of land lying in the parish of Wednesberghe at Suthamwolde.

Dated September, 9 Ed. I. [PT^i^A sedl^ Ch. 192.


ACTON. John, son of Robert Carbonel, grants to Hugh de
Grangia and Dionisia his wife, for 50s. in hand paid, a certain pasture
with trees and hedges, at an annual rent of idd.

Dated the Sunday on the feast of St [Mutilated.^

[With seal^ - C/i. 192*.

BLUNDESTON. Sir Thomas Erpyngham, Miles de Stapilton,
Brian de Stapilton, Roger de Boys, knights, Oliver Groos, and John
de Boys, esqrs., quit-claim to Oliver Roberd of Ingham all their right
in the advowson of the church of Blundeston.

Dated at Blundeston, 20 September, 2 Hen. Y. [With seals ^

Ch. 193.

BBIDEBROKE. Final concord, made at Westminster, 28 Hen. Ill,
between Robert de Blaneny, plaintiff, and Gilbert Peche, defendant,
concerning half a virgate of land in Bridebrok. Ch. 194.

CORSFORD. Convention made the Thursday next before the
feast of St. Dunstan, 16 Ed. I, between Bartholomew de Glouc. of
Hadleye, and Nicholas de Lasham of the same, viz. that the said
Bartholomew confirms the grant and demise of Roger de Audham of
the whole of his arable land at Corsforde, which he had by demise
from Osbert his brother, for a term of six years, for an annual payment
during five years of seven measures of corn and other conditions.

Ch. 195.

GORTON. Notarial instrument attested by Thomas de Wotton
concerning the appropriation of the church of Gorton to the abbot and
convent of Leystone.

Dated 27 November, 11 Pope Urban VI. [With seal^

Ch. 196.

EDWARDSTON, &c. Elizabeth, relict of John Lynne of Ed-
wardston, grants to John Chilton of Colcestr', and John Lynne of
Edwardston, certain lands &c. in Edwardston and Great and Little

Dated at Edwardston, 24 January, . . Hen. V. Ch. 197.


FORDLEY. Adam, son of Simon Godwine of Fordle, grants to
Elye the smith, for his homage and service and 4s. of silver, one piece
of l)is land in Fordle, between the land of the said Elye and the land
of John le Plummer. (c. 1220-30.) [With seal] Ch, igS.

HAHILLE. Thomas de . . . . and Isabella his wife grant to Hugh
Gernegan all their right in the service of the land which Albert de
.... held of the said Hugh in Hahille. (c. 1270-80.) Ch. 199.

liOUNDE. The will of William Maydewell of Lounde, dated
15 Feb., 1427; proved 27 Jan., 1429. C?l 200.

SOMERLEYTON. Ralph the cook of . . . grants to Bartholomew,
son of Robert de . . . . , an annual rent of one halfpenny from certain
land in Sumerletun. (c. 1270-80.) Ch. 201.

Illegible charter dated at Somerleton, 12 October, 21 Hen. VII.

Ch. 201*.

Sir John Wentworth of Somerleton, kt., demises to Arthur Bacon
a piece of land and turbary in .... at an annual rent of 6d.; and
appoints James Aldrich, clerk, and John Martyn his attorneys for the
giving peaceable possession of the same.

Dated 8 August, 1644. Ch. 202.

STONHAM GERNEGAN. Indenture made between sir Thomas
Vysdelu, kt., and John Gernegan, being a marriage settlement upon
the espousal of Margaret, daughter of the said Thomas, and John, son
of the said John Gernegan.

Dated at Kyrkton the Wednesday after the feast of St. Barnabas
the apostle, 49 Ed. III. Ch. 203.

SUDBURY. John Still, S.T.P., archdeacon of Sudburie, grants
to Thomas Bead, jun., the office of notary public or registrar of his
archdeaconry, and confirmed by Edmund, bp. of Norwich, and George
Gardiner, the dean and chapter of the same church.

Dated 18 July, 18 Elizabeth. [With seals.] Ch. 204.

WALDINGFIELD. John Arundel and others grant to William
Chasteleyn the manor of Staneforde in the village of Great Waldiug-

Dated the Monday next after the feast of the translation of St.
Thomas, 32 Ed. IIL Ch. 205.

Robert Crane, esq., and John grant to William Colman of

Great Waldingfeld, miller, and others, certain lands &c. in Great
Waldingfeld. Dated 10 Hen. VIII. Ch. 206.

WICKHAM SKEYTH. Indenture dated 7 Dec, 45 Elizabeth,
being a lease from Richard Freston of Mendham to Peter Frere of
Wickham Skeythe of certain land in Wickham Skeythe.

[Mutilated.] Ch. 207.




HORSHAM. Godfrey de Crokhurst grants to William ate Denne
and Joan his wife one messuage and 14 acres of arable land in a field
called 'Brodefeld' in the parish of Horsham, also the reversion of 13
acres and i rood in Crokhurst.

Dated at Horsham the Thursday next after the feast of the Holy
Trinity, 14 Ed. II. [With seal] Ch. 208.

SADELESCOMBE. Condition of a bond from sir Thomas de
Nerford to master Paunce de Controno, that the said Thomas shall
give up the goods and chattels of the manor of Sadelescombe which
he held of the prior of the hospital.

Dated at Westminster the Friday next after the feast of the
Annunciation B.V. M., i Ed. II. [With seal] Ch. 209.


SALISBURY (Diocese of). Letter of John, bp. of Sarum, to
master George Wood, bachelor of decrees, for the collection of a subsidy
within his diocese. Dated 14 April, 1496. Ch. 210.


John Stanley, esq., grants to David ap . . . feysur one burgage lying
between the burgage of Hugh Huls on the north, and a burgage of the
said John on the south, for 24 years, at an annual rent of 6s. 8d.

Dated at ... . 14 October, 4 Ed. IV. Ch. 211.

John, son of Thomas de .... of Wythio, grants to Joan his sister
the whole of a tenement with appurtenances, at an annual rent of
3s. 4d. Ch. 212.

Fragment of a charter dated 1131. Ch. 213.

Robert Moys grants to the lady Lucy Deros an annual rent of 2d.

Ch. 214.

Grant of an indulgence from Peter Evincent, apostolical prothonotary
and LL.D. of England, to William Byeerhaw and Joan his wife for
their contribution towards reclaiming the Greeks to the Roman
church. Dated 1440. Ch. 215.

John Clements, rector of the church of Semere (*?), grants to John
Bukenham, clerk, a piece of land &c. lying on the east of the grange
of the rectory of Semere &c.

Dated at London the Monday next after the feast of St. Hilary,
..Ed. n. Ch. 216,

Letters patent of K. Hen. VI, dated at Westminster, . . . June,
30th of his reign, being a pardon granted to the prior and convent of
. . . . [Mutilated.] Ch. 217.


Robert de . . . . grants to Thurstan BrailesLam one meadow In
Todingeword. (c. 1220.) Gh. 218.

Probate of tbe will of Robert Lathom ; died October, 1480.

Ch. 219.

Mutilated grant from William .... to Juliana Wal . . .of 2 s. 6d.
annual rent. Dated at 25 Ed. L Ch. 220.

Margaret, who was the wife of John le Smyth of Gosfeld, grants to
Adam le Warremer of Aketon one messuage and six acres of arable
land in ... .

Dated at Gosfeld the Monday next after 10 Ed. III.

Ch. 221.

WYKE. Robert de Burton grants to Muriel his sister the whole
of his land which Christiana his mother gave to him in Wykes.
(c. 1230.) Ch. 222.

Cecilia, daughter of .... , grants to . . . de Flecho seven acres of
land &c. in Rucumbe. [Fragment^ Ch. 223.

A quit-claim to sir Simon Peche of money which was accustomed
to be received of John Undeman. [With seal^ Ch. 224.

Fragment of the pleadings in a recovery suit for land in Asshe.
.... 14 Ed. IL Ch. 225.

Felicia, who was the wife of William the monk (monachi), quit-
claims tP John de Henstesheia one acre of land above Torn eye, and
half an acre of meadow in the island which extends into Norphe ; for
this quit-claim the said John gave 9s. 4d. (c. 1230-40.) Ch. 226.

Letters patent of King Edward III, dated at Westminster, 6 May,
5 1 of his reign, being a general pardon to John de Thornebury.

[With seal] Ch. 227.

Acknowledgment of the receipt of .£250 los. 6cL of Roman money
from Otto de Daniel, abbot of the monastery of .... by George ....
deputy receiver of the pope.

Dated at Rome, 30 Jan., 1405. Ch. 228.

Bond of £20 entered into by Roger Sharle alias Roger .... with

Richard atte Helle of

Dated on the feast of St. Gregory the pope, 10 Hen. VI. Ch. 229.

John de Bu . . . . , chaplain, grants to Robert at Halle of Hastone
one acre of land formerly belonging to Robert Howes.

Dated at Wardon the Saturday next after the feast of St. Michael,
44 Ed. in. Ch. 230.

Adam de Kyngesley grants to John, son of Henry del Lowe, all the

lands and tenements which he has in Senerley within the fee of

Eulford and which he first had by gift of Alexander Hancokessone.

Dated at Senerley the Friday next before the feast of St. Matthew,

21 Rich. n. Ch. 231,



Reginald of the churcli grants to Richard le Ter one croft of land
which lies between the land of the church and the land of Robert, son
of Robert the smith, paying annually Sd. (c. 1250-60.) Ch. 232.

Receipt by John Heydon for lOos. by the hands of John Bernard.
Dated February, 27 Hen. VI. Ch. 233.

John, son of Roger Avelin, grants to Thomas .... a certain part of
his land in Bruteror' (^) ; for this donation the said Thomas gave 5s. 6d,
sterling. Ch. 234.

CURRIGGrE. Memorandum from the court roll of Currigge (?),
1 1 June, I Hen. VIII, of the taking by W lliam Harbarde from the
lord of one messuage and one virgate of land in the tenure of John
Blysset. Ch. 235.

Mutilated deed concerning the privileges of the Premonstratentian
order, promulgated by the archbishop of Canterbury. Ch. 236.

William grants to Juliana Wa .... 2S. 6d. annual rent

going out of her tenement of Eure ; for this she paid 7s. sterling.

Dated on the feast of St. Lucy, virgin, 25 Ed. i. [3£utilated.]

Ch. 237.

CHELEFORD. Convention made 3 Ed. I, between Hugh de
Cheleford of the one part and Hugh Pyrum of the other, being a grant
of a More in Cheleford, in the parish of Estone. Ch. 238.

Letter of pope Gregory to the archdeacon of Bedford, concerning
master Custes (?), chaplain of the church of B . . hyevell, Lincoln
diocese. Dated 12 Kl. June, 2nd year of his pontificate. Ch. 239.

Certificate by Mich, le Poulletrer, keeper of the seal of bonds of
tlie viscounty of Rouen, of a declaration by John Gonel, notary,
that John Wyth, an English esquire, was prisoner in the castle of
Tremamsame in Britany about three years before, and that he died
a year and a half before. Dated Sunday, 9 Dec, 1436. Ch. 240.

ANGLIA. Ecclesiastical subsidy collected from alien religious
houses. [Temp. Hen. III.] EoUs, i.

Fragment of an ecclesiastical subsidy. [Temp. Ed. III.] Holls, 2.

Roll, indorsed .... Hen. VI ; the office of inquisition after the deth
of Rich, de Monte-acuto, and anoder office after the deth of Edmund,
duke of Somerset. Bolls, 3.

Valor of the manors, lordships, lands, &c. of John, lord le Scrope,
ending the feast of St. Michael, 32 Hen. YI. EoUs, 4.




STAVLAY. An inventorye of the goods of Peter Sackvil of
Stavlay, esquire, late disceased, taken and prysed the i6 Feb., 1581,
by Robert Setwell, George Pole, Thomas Turnar, George Savage,
Henry Bowman, and Robert Lylly. Derbyshire Rolls, 1.

SCARSDALE (Hundred of). Subsidy roll, made 9 June,
7 James I. Rolls, 2.

Subsidy roll, made 27 April, 7 James I. Rolls, 3.

SCARSDALE and HIGH PEAK (Hundreds of). Subsidy
roll, 4 Sept., 8 James I. Rolls, 4.

Subsidy roll, made for the marriage of the lady Elizabeth, the king's
eldest daughter, 22 Oct., 10 James I. Rolls, 5.

Subsidy roll for the above hundred, 31 Oct., 16 12. Rolls, 6.


ICKHAM. Rent roll of John de Kent Rolls, 12.


MITFORD (Hundred of). Account of Richard Welby, bailiif of
Thomas de Arundel, bp. of Ely, for the hundred of Mitford, from
Mich., 2 Rich. II, to the same feast, 3 Rich. TI. Norfolk Rolls, 99.


TJie following Charters form Vol. LXXVI. of the Dodsworth MSS.


HOO and PERTENHALL. John Brokholes, clerk, grants to
Alice who was the wife of Thomas Strikelond, late of Bedfordshire, all
the lands, tenements, rents, and services in the villages of Hoo and
Pertenhall, and elsewhere in the same county; after her death, to
revert to Edward, son and heir of the said Thomas, and his heirs
for ever, in default of heirs then to Elizabeth his sister and others
in succession as set forth in the charter.

Dated at Hoo, i6 July, 9 Hen. VI. Dodsworth Charters, p. 81.

KERDYNGTON and BROMHAM. Letters patent of K. Edw.
Ill, dated at Westminster, 15 June, 46 of his reign, being a licence
to enable sir Thomas Wake, of Bliseworth, kt., and Alice his wife
to infeoff William Marchall, parson of Mersshton, and John Ludenham,
parson of Bliseworth, with certain lands and rents in Kerdyngton and
Bromham, co. Beds, and Lynchelade and South ... in co. Bucks,
to the use of Thomas, son of the said Thomas and Alice, and Matilda
his wife. p. 84.


CHESHAM. John Adkyn of Cheshara grants to Robert Cheyne,
John Cheyne, jun., Robert Goodif, Stephen Rowberd, Richd. Fox,
James Birche, and Henry Adkyn his son, the whole of that messuage
or tenement, with curtilage and garden adjoining, in Chesham, co.
Bucks, also 8 pieces of arable land in a field called ^ le westden feld '
in the same parish.

Dated at Chesham, 26 July, 24 Hen. VIII. p. 136.

CRAWLEY (Little). Sir Thomas Wake of Bliseworth, kt., and
Alice his wife, grant to Thomas Wake their son, and Matilda his wife,
one of the daughters of sir John Pygot, kt., the whole of their manor
of little Crowlee.

Dated at Crowlee the Sunday on the feast of St. James, 46 Ed.
III. p. 85.




ELY. Letter of H., bp. of Ely, concerning the indulgence granted
to the Master and order of Semplingliam.

Dated at Dunham, 5 Id. March, 1268. P- 4i-

IKLYNGTON. Indenture witnessing that sir Thomas Sw}'nbourne,
kt., lias demised to James Eussell of lidynton the whole of the manor
of Iklyngton, in the county of Cambridge, with all its appurtenances,
also all the lands, rents, &c. called Brokyngton Rente, which John
Clynton holds for his life in Iklyngton, also divers other lands called
le Milleland, in the same village, to hold the same for 6 years at an
annual rent of 35. 4d. ; with further conditions in case the said sir
Thomas should build the mill there.

Dated 12 December, 10 Hen. IV. p. 149.

SWAFHAM BULBEK, &c. Final concord made at

. . . Ric. II, between Thomas de Arundel, bp. of Ely, Robert de Welughby
de Eresby, sir John Playse, kt., sir Richard de Waldegrave, kt., sir
Robert Haward, kt., sir John Dengayn, kt., sir John Wylton, kt., John
Brunne, James de Grancestre, "William Scot, John Topclif, William
Notton, "William Hore, and William Sandale, clerk, plaintiffs, and sir
John de Burgh, defendant, concerning the manors of Burglihalle in
Swafham Bulkek and Burgh, with the advowson of the church of the
same village of Burgh, in the county of Cambridge, and of the manors
of Walton and Calthorne, and of the advowsons of the churches of
Mirfelde, Heghholand, and Heton, in the county of York, and of the
manor and advowson of Somerton, in the county of Suffolk, acknow-
ledged by the defendant to be the right of the plaintiffs, for which
recognition he received one thousand marks of silver. p. 118.

WATEE-BECHE. Convention made between the lady Dionisia
de Muntchenes', lady of Anestie, of the one part, and Richard le Butiller,
rector of the church of Mesdone, of the other, namely, that the said
Richard grants to Dionisia the whole of a tenement which Robert his
brother held in the village of Waterbeche, in the co. of Cambridge,
with all its appurtenances, to hold the same for her life as dower, for
the third part of the lands of the said Robert le Butiller, formerly her
husband; also he grants the manor of Mesdone, in the county of
Herteford, with the wood called ' Smalhey/ to hold the same from the
Quindene of St. Hilary, 47 Hen. Ill, until the feast of St. Michael,
and from the same feast to the end of five years, at an annual rent of
£30 of silver. p. 102.

CAMBRIDGESHIRE, &c. Amercements and payments in the
counties of Cambridge and Huntingdon. p. 79.


WIGTON. An extent of knights' fees and advowsons of churches,
which were formerly John de Wygeton's, deceased, (c. 1315.) p. 70.




PEVERIL (Honor of, &e.). List of knights of the Honours of
Peverell, Tykehull, and Leicestr', with a mandate addressed to Fulk
de Cancel', to cause all knights to be summoned to Winchester the
Sunday next before Midlent, with horses and arms, for service with
the king or with whomsoever he shall send. p. 117.


STANBOROUGH (Hundred of). Articles of complaint against
the Sheriff of Devonshire, praying for his removal and substituting
another knight in his place. [Temp. Ed. I.] p. 33.


rORDINGTON. Writ from king Richard II, to Richard Otery,
his escheator of the county of Dorset, commanding him to take the
fealty of sir John Trevet, kt., for the third part of the manor of
Fordyngton, on the death of Joan, late princess of Wales, mother of the
king, who held the same in dower ; the said manor having been granted
to sir John Trevet by Edward, late prince of Wales, and confirmed by
letters patent.

Dated at Westminster, 27 November, 9 Rich. II. P- 153*

LANGTON PURBECK. Writ of king Richard II, dated at
Westminster, 8 June, 6th of his reign, to the sheriff of the counties
Somerset and Dorset, commanding him to distrain John Fillol and
Margaret his wife, late wife of Adam de Seydon, daughter and heir of
Roger le Walssh, and Joan his wife, for all their lands and chatels in
his bailiwick, and to answer for the same to the exchequer ; also to
cite them before the barons of the exchequer, to answer to the king for
their relief concerning one toft, with appurtenances within the manor
of Langton Purbyk, held by the said Roger when he died of K. Ed.
Ill, in capite, by knights service. p. 14.

WICHAMPTON. Inquisition taken at Wymborne Mynstre be-
fore .... Husee, escheator in co. Dorset, the . . . day next after the
feast of St. Luke, evang., 14 Hen. VI, on the death of Alianor, lady
of Mautravers, who was seized in her demesne as of fee tallage, of the
manor of Wycheampton. p. 119.


HATFIELD PEVEREL. Plea in chancery on the morrow of
the close of Easter, 30 Ed. Ill, concerning the manor of Hatfeld
Peverel, returned by John de Coggeshale, escheator for the co. of
Essex, as being held by Margery, wife of Nicholas de la Bech, and
widow of Edmund Bacoun ; claimed by William de Molyns and
Margery his wife, daughter of the said Margery and Edmund Bacoun.

p. 92.



HORNDON, WEST. Writ from king Ed. II to R. de Pers, sheriff
of Essex, setting out the grant of the manor of "West Hordon, from
William de Trent, late citizen of London, to William Noyl, to hold to
him and his^ heirs, which manor James Beauflour (whose daughter
William Noyl had married) demised for a term of years to Geoffrey
de la Lee, without the assent of the said William, and the said Geoffrey
by fine granted the said manor to Hugh le Despenser, jun., to hold to
him and his heirs for ever, and by forfeiture the said manor came to
the hands of the king and was still held by him ; the king assigns John
de Cantebrigg, Robert de Asshele, and Henry Gernet to make in-
quisition as to the truth of the said premises.

Dated at York, 30 May, ist of Ed. II. p. 89.

LALLEPORD. Extract from the great roll of the pipe, co. Essex,
38 Hen. VI, concerning the issues and profits of the manor of Lalle-
ford, which had been granted by the king, 10 October, 26 Hen. VI, to
John Say, keeper of the king's chamber, deceased. p. 97.


CASTLE GODERICH (co. Hereford). Fine made at West-
minster on the morrow of the Ascension, 1 8 Ed. II, by which Elizabeth
Comyn acknowledges the right of Hugh le Despenser, jun., to the castle
and manor of Castel Godrich, with appurtenances in the marches of
Wales, for which the said Hugh gave £500 sterling. p. 148.

Writ from king Edward II to John de Bousser to take from
Elizabeth Comyn her acknowledgement of the fine levied in the king's
bench between herself and Hugh le Despencer, jun., concerning the
castle and manor of Castel Goderich, with appurtenances in the
marches of Wales.

Dated at Beaulieu, 8 Apl., i8th Edw. II. p. 135,

PAINESWICK. Eine made at Westminster on the morrow of
the Ascension, i8 Ed. II, between Hugh le Despencer, earl of Win-
chester, plaintiff, and Elizabeth Comyn, defendant, concerning the manor
of Payneswick, which the said Elizabeth grants for a consideration of
£500. p. 76.

Edward III, to his treasurer and chamberlains, concerning the fine

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