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levied between Hugh le Despencer, junior, earl of Winchester, and
Elizabeth Comyn, of the manor of Paynewyk, and the manor and
castle of Chastiel Goderich, co. Gloucester.

Dated at Westminster, ist Edw. III. p. 157.


MOTISFONT (Priory of). Composition between the abbot and
convent of St. Edward of Letthely, and the prior and convent of
Motesfunt, rectors of the church of Elinges, and patrons of the vicarages
of the same, also Gilbert, perpetual vicar of the same church, concern-


ing the tithe of corn from 13 J acres of meadow, which the said abbot
and convent had in Estmore, Stretforlang, and Loddingeham, within
the limits of the parish of Elinges. (c. 1270-80.) p. 34.

Agreement between sir John de Earlynton, lord of Asly, kt., of the
one part, and Thomas, the prior, and convent of Motesfont of the other,
namely that the said John leases the whole of his fishpond of Tymber-
bury, with appurtenances for 1 7 years ; for this grant the said prior
and convent gave 45 marks sterling.

Dated on the feast of the Purification B.V.M., 22 Ed. I. p. 32.

Sir Reginald de St. Martin, kt., son and heir of William de St.
Martin, and Robert, son of John "Walraund, enter into an agreement
with William, the prior, and convent of Motesfont, concerning a certain
common of pasture in Westdune, in the church of All Saints of West-
dune, the Monday next after the feast of St. Barnabas, 28 Ed. I. p. 4.

NETTELY (Abbey of). Fine made at Westminster, on the
octave of St. John Bapt., 29 Henry III, between Robert, the abbot of
St. Edwardstow, plaintiff", and Roger de Cler', defendant, concerning
the advowson of the church of Shyr', and 100 acres of land in the
same village, which is acknowledged to be the right of the said abbot
and his church. [popv-] P- 68.

John de Warren, earl of Surrey, son of William, formerly earl of
Warren, confirms the donation of Roger de Cler to the abbot and con-
vent of Edwardstow of the Cistercian order, of the whole of the culture
in the manor of Shyr', together with the advowson of the same.

Dated on the Epiphany, 1257. [Gojpy^ p. 69.

QUARRER (Abbey of). Composition between the abbot and
convent of Lyra, and the abbot and convent of Quarrer, concerning
the tithes of Arreton, Hasely, Titelingeham, Lovecumbe, and Stande-
cumbe, belonging to the abbey of Lyra, and the tithes of Cosham,
and around the castle of Caresbrok, Ruherigg, Ruheburg, within the
limits of the parish of Caresbrok, belonging to the church of Cares-

Dated 1289 on the feast of St. Gregory the pope, viz. 4 Id.
March. p. 80.

Letter to Richard, bp. of Winchester, from William, the abbot of
Stratford, asking for his benediction for Richard Totenham who had
been elected, confirmed, and installed abbot of Quarrer, in the room of
Thomas London, deceased. Dated 22 May, 1508. p. 115.


ACORNBURY (Priory of). Petition of the prioress of Acorn-
bury within the diocese of Hereford, in the marches of Wales, to the
king for letters under the privy seal, praying to be released from the
payment of £10 135. gd. charged upon her priory, for dyme and
half dyme, in consequence of the poverty of her house. p. 65.

X X 2


DORE (Abbey of). Positions made by the proctor of the chapter
of Hereford in a suit between the dean and chapter, and the abbot and
convent of Dore ; with a list of answers intended to be proved by the
proctor of the said abbot and convent. p. 7 2.

Letters patent dated at Worcester, 8 October, 3 Ed. Ill, being a
licence granted to the abbot and conyent of Dore, for the appropriation
of the church of Duntesbum. p. 50.


and Thomas Stoughton, citizens and fishermen of London, demise to
Henry Bourgchier, John Say, William Tyrell of Gyppynge, John
Mongomory, Thomas Mongomory, John Clopton, John Denston,
John Grene of Gosfeld, and David Mortymer, all those their lands and
tenements, woods, meadows, pastures, rents, customs and services in
Esenden and Hatfeld Bishops, co. Hertford, together with the advow-
son of the charity of St. Anne in the church of Hatfeld Bishops,
which they had conjointly by the demise of sir Thomas TyreU, kt., sir
Thomas Charleton, kt., and others.

Dated at Esenden, 15 April, 37 Hen. VI. P- 9^'

MUNDEN-PURNIVALE. An exemplification of entries from
various records preserved in the exchequer, concerning the knights' fees
held in the county of Hertford by Gerard de Furnival, and afterwards
by John Dosevylle, for the manor of Munden Furnevale in the same

Dated at Westminster, 8 November, 24 Hen. VI. p. 24.

MUNDEN (Great). The title of John Fray and his co-feoffees to
the manor of Great Munden in the co. of Hertford.

[Tiemp. Hen. VI.] p. 21.

ROWHEINY (Priory of). Sir John Talbot, kt., lord of Fumy-
vale, son and heir apparent of John, earl of Shrewsbury, quit-clainw
to John Fray, chief Baron of the exchequer, in his full and peaceable
possession of the manor of Munden Furnyvale, all his right of and
in the said manor and in the advowsons of the church of Munden
and the priory of Bownehey with appurtenances in the county of
Hertford, saving to the said John Talbot the homage and service of
one knight's fee. Dated 14 Nov., 26 Hen. VL p. 23.

Agnes Selby, the prioress, and convent of Rowheiney, alias Rowenea,
alias Beveneia, otherwise called the nunnery of St. John the Bapt.
of Mundene, alias Rawnay, after due consideration of the ruinous state
of their church and house, aud the sincere devotion and pious intention
of John Fray, the true patron of the same, grant to the said John the
church, house, or priory, with all and singular the manors, lands, tene-
ments, meadows, woods, rents, reversions and services for ever.

Dated in their chapter-house of Rownay, 1 1 Sept., 36 Hen. VI.

p. 17.


Fine made at Westminster on tlie octave of the Holy Trinity,
25 Henry YI, and afterwards within the 15 days of Easter, 26 Hen.
VI, between John Fray and Ralph Gray, plaintiffs, and Tliomas
Porter, esq., and Anne his wife, cousin and one of the heirs of Thomas
Howard, esq,, and John Bellers, esq., another heir, defendants, con-
cerning the manor of Great Munden, with appurtenances, and of the
advowsons of the churches of the said manor and priory of Eowney,
and of 100s. rent, also 3 lbs. of cummin and two cloves in Great
Munden, Wakelee, and Walton atte Stone, acknowledged to be right
of John Fray, for which they received 300 marks of silver. p. 25.

SOPEWELL (Priory of). Sir John de Sheldford, kt., grants in
frankalmoigue, to the church and religious of St. Mary of Soppewelle,
55. of annual rent with homages, reliefs, wards, escheats, and all other
appurtenances in the Soke of the park {Socha de ]}arco), which he
bought of Geoffrey, son of John de Ey wude.

(c. 1240-50.) p. 103.

HERTFORDSHIRE, &c. Sir Humphrey Stanley, kt., John
Stokes, John Grene, William Burton, Richard Doughty, in accordance
with the last will of William Benstede, esq., deceased, grant to Jocosa
Dudley, aU and singular the lordships, manors, lands, &c., in the counties
of Hertford, Essex, Wiltes, and Southampton, or elsewhere within
England, which they had to the use of the said William Benstede,
by the concession of John Botyller, John Clopton, and Henry Sotebyll,
except the manor of Stoudbrugge in Essex, to hold the same for her
life, with remainder to Edward Benstede and his heirs for ever ; and
the said sir Humphrey and others appoint John Byrche their attorney
for the delivery of seisin, according to the form of this present
writing. Dated 4 Nov., i Hen. VII. P- 83.


BRAMPTON. Inquisition taken at Huntingdon before Guido de
Seyncler, escheator of the counties of Hunts and Cambridge, 4 Oc-
tober, 22 Ed. Ill, by the oaths of John Dike and others, who say that
Laurence de Hastynges, late earl of Pembroke, held in his demesne as
of fee the day he died, the manor of Brampton in the co. of Hunt-
ingdon, of the king in capite by the service of two knights' fees, and
the said jury say the earl died the Friday on the feast of the beheading
of St. John the Bapt. last past, and that John de Hastynges is his son
and heir, aged one year and more. p. 7.

LITTLEHEI. John, son of John le Moyne of Selford, quit-
claims to Vincent de Stonle an annual rent of 5 marks, which he was
accustomed to pay for the whole of that land which he has in the county
of Huntingdon, as the father of the said John sometime held that
land in Littlehei, for an annual payment of 4 marks, which rent is
reduced by various charters to an annual charge of 2s. for all services.
Dated at Selford the Thursday next after the feast of SS. Simon
and Jude, 52 Hen. III. p. 90.


STONELY (Priory of). William de Mandevill, earl of Essex,
grants to James de Calceto (of the causeway), for his homage and
service, his lordship of Kynebauton, in exchange for his land of Boli'nton
and Brokeburn, which he quit-claimed to the said earl, and the land
called Werkewelle, with other lands, &c., in Stow and Neuton.
Attached to this deed are the evidences showing how "Werkewelle
came into the possession of the prior of Stonlee. p. 99.


SWANSCOMB. Petition of Richard, son of Gilbert Talebot, and
Elizabeth his wife to the king and his counsell, complaining of the
Hugh le Despensers (father and son) having imprisoned the said
Elizabeth and obtained by force a deed conveying the manor of
Swannescompe. Referred to John de Bousser, one of the justices.

p. 131.


C ATON. Roger, son of Vivian Gemet, grants to the brethren of
the hospital of St. John of Jerusalem, one bovate of land with a messuage
in the village of Caton, also one acre in the same village between the
land of the abbot of Cokersand, and the land of Roger Gernet of Caton ;
and two perches of land lying at the upper head of Welested.

(c. 1260.) p. 112.

WIG AN. Judgment against Robert de Cliderhou, parson of "Wigan,
who had supplied Thomas, earl of Lancaster, with arms and men
against the king. Dated at Wigan, 17 Ed. II. p. 95.


BRINGHURST, &c. Fragment of an account for certain lands
held in Leicestershire (Bringhurst, Presteigne, Drayton, Blaceton,
Coderslok, and Kirkeby mentioned). P- 75*

LEICESTER (Abbey of). Convention {heading torn away)
between the abbot and convent of the monastery of Leicester of the
one part, and the church of Lincoln of the other, concerning the
manor of Knihteton and suburbs of Leicester, also the land of Sedgrav6
with the homage of Stephen de Sedgrave and the mill of Effordeby.
Dated in the chapter of Leicester, 12 17, on the feast of St.

Witness — Ralph, the parson of Effordeby. P- 73*

OSSUL VESTON (Priory of). Judgment of the priors of Leicester,
Belvoir, and Bredon, to whom the cause had been delegated by pope
Gregory IX, in a dispute between the abbot and convent of Osolveston,
and the prioress and convent of St. Michal of Stanford, concerning an
annual rent of one mark for the mill of Moston.

Dated on St. Maur's day, 1236. p. i.


SLAUSTON, Memoraudum to H., bp. of Lincoln, from Alexander
de Ferenter, canon of St. Paul's, London, reciting a bull of pope
Alexander IV, dated Lateran, iij Non. Jan., 3rd year of his pontificate
(1257), for the granting to the abbot of Peterborough the advowson
of the rectory of Slawston, vacant on the resignation of Robert, sub-
prior of Ossulveston, to whom the said rectory had formerly belonged.
Dated at Slawston the Sunday next after the octave of Easter,
1257- p. 8,


BULLINGTON (Priory of). Mutilated grant from Walter de
Nevill, to the prior and convent of Bolyngton, of lands, tenements,
&c. in Tirrington, South Feriby, Bolyngton and Redburn. p. 156.

Roger de Benyngwode grants to the prioress and nuns of Bolyngton,
of the order of Sempyngham, the mill called Beyne with its appurten-
ances. [^Mutilated.] p. 154.

Agnes, wife of Herbert, son of Adelard, grants to the church of
St. Mary, Bolyngdon, and the brethren there, one small carucate of
land in Suth Feriby, and one toft in the same village of the fee
of Bartume, and a donation of half the church. p. 133.

The prior and convent of St. Mary of Sixhill, of the order of St.
Gilbert of Sempyngham, co. Lincoln, grant to the prior and convent
of St. Mary of Bolynton, in the same county, in frankalmoigne, one
bovate of arable land in the territory and fields of Nettilton, with the
advowson and patronage of the church of St. John Bapt. there.

Dated in their chapter-house of Sixhill, 20 March, 1469. p. 129.

BTJRLEY. "William Cumin grants to Robert, son of William de
Burleya, half a hide of land in Burleya, with a grove, except the close
which is near Pathelaune, and the tenement of Thomas, son of Geri,
paying annually i8d. for all service, (c. 1230.) p. 144.

EPWORTH and BELTON. Assize taken at Lincoln, Trinity
term, 5 Ed. Ill, in a suit between Thomas de Beltoft, senior, and
Roger de Beltoft, concerning a free tenement in Ep worth and Belton.

p. 129.

ELIXBURGH, &c. Norman de Arcy, son of sir Philip de Arcy,
grants to sir Robert de Arcy his son, all the homages, services, &c.,
of sir Richard de Arcy of Flixburg, sir Robert de Lisle, lord of
Salekline, William Pynton of Konyngesby, sir Robert de Nevill, and

Dated at his manor of Noketon, on the feast of St. Peter ad vine,
23 Ed. L p. 29.

GATBURTON, &c. John, lord Darcy of Menell, grants to sir
John de Melton, kt,, Thomas Clarell, esq., John de Moore, rector of
Beghton, Thomas Mapirlay, Robert Plomley, Ely de Elyth, and John
Daunay, all lands and tenements, rents, &c., which were William
Mortoyn's, in the villages of Gatburtou and Lee, or elsewhere within the


county of Lincoln, and in Hyrst, in the county of York, and in the
villages of Retford in le Cley and Rampton, in the county of Notting-
ham, together with the whole of the ferry {cum toto ^assagio) beyond
the Trent, called Lytylburgh fery.

Dated at Gatburton, i September, 4 Hen. IV. p. no.

John, lord Darcy and de Menell, appoints Nicholas Daunay and
John Grayne to deliver seisin to the said parties of the lands, &c.
enumerated in the preceding charter.

Dated at Gatburton, i Sept., 4 Hen. IV. p. no.

HAKETHORN. The lady Clemencia de Nevile, formerly wife of
sir William de Alencun, grants to Geoffrey, son of Alexander de
Hakethorn, one toft with appurtenances, viz. that which Beatrice
Makefare formerly held of her, paying annually one penny for all
services, (c. 1270-80.) p. 155.

HUNGERTON. Court rolls for the manor of Hungerton, com-
mencing the Friday before the feast of St. Barnabas, 20 Ed. I. p. 19.

IWARDBY. Sir Robert de Tibethot, kt., grants to sir John de
Ry, for his homage and service, the whole of his manor of Houstorp in
the village of Ywarby, with all its appurtenances, freely as Reginald
de la Launde formerly held it of sir Richard de Haya ; paying annually
one pair of gilt spurs or 6c?. at the feast of St. Botulph. For this
grant the said John gave to him ^£300 and acquitted the said manor
of all debts and demands from the beginning until the day of
SS. Simon and Jude, 46 Hen. III. p. 2.

KIRKSTED (Abbey of). Robert de Marmium grants to the
church and monks of St. Mary of Kyrkestede, the whole half of the
land which Adelsi, son of Bern, and Asketinus, son of Od, his nephew,
held of his predecessors, or of the said Robert in Ruchtuna, viz. 6
bovates of land, with all works, &c., and all other easements ; paying
annually to him and his heirs 30s.

Dated 11 63, in the month of July, on St. James' day at Luda.

p. 18.

WEWHOUSE (Abbey of). "Writ of the king to his justices, &c.,
setting forth the grant of his letters patent to the abbot and convent
of Neuhous of a licence in mortmain, to enable them to hold 8
messuages, 7 bovates, and the third part of one bovate of land in
Kelingholme, given to them by William, son of Robert de Welton of
Brothesby, parson of the church of Baynton.

Dated at St. . . . , 6 Sept., 9 Ed. IL p. 138.

Convention between the abbot and convent of Neuhous, and William
de Sibertoft, ^ corrodarius' of the said abbot and convent, demising
the manors of Akerholes and Wykehame, with the lands, meadows,
and pastures pertaining to the same, excepting those meadows and
pastures retained for the flocks of the abbot and convent ; to hold the
same together with all horses, bulls, and cows, and other animals and
things existing in the said manors, to the said William, his heirs and


assigns, from the feast of St. Michael, 39 Ed. Ill, until the end of five
years, at an annual rent of 40s. and the wages of two shepherds, and
other conditions as to the repair of all the houses at Akerholes and
Wykehame, &c. p. 128.

William de Lamara and Beatrice his mother, to Robert, bp. of
Lincoln, confirming the gift of Adam, son of Harvey de Kiringtune, to
the church and brethren of St. Martial of Neuhus, in frankalmoigne,
of the toft Gunne Wate and two bovates of land in Kiringtune, of the
fee which he holds of the earl of Richemund. (c. 1147-1173.) p. 40.

NORMANBY, near OUNEBY. Sir John de Arderne, kt., grants
to John, son of Walter Bek of Normanby and his heirs or assigns,
except religious, and the chief lords of the fee, his manor of Normanby
near Ouneby, with all its appurtenances ; paying annually to him and
his heirs 20 pounds of silver, (c. 1 290-1 300.) p. 10.

FIKEHALE. Helias, parson of the church of Pikehale, grants to
the house of St. Mary of charity of Svvanebi, situated in his parish of
Pikehale, that they have a cemetery and chantry, so much as pertains to
the brethren of the order there serving God, saving the rights of the
mother church, (c. 1220.) p. 52.

SCRIVELBY, &c. Maria, who was the wife of Philip Marmyon,
grants the manor of Scrivelby with appurtenances and the advowsons
of the churches of Scrivelby, Holtham, Rughton, Conesby, and
Wilkesby, to Thomas de Lodelbwe and Joan his wife, daughter of the
Baid Maria, saving an annual payment of £40 for the term of her life.
(c. 1260-70.) p. 20.

STALLINGBOROUGH. Robert, son of sir Norman de Arcy,
kt., grants to sir Philip de Kyme, kt., the whole of his manor of
Stalyngburgh with appurtenances; also the homage and whole of
the services of William de Moigne, Agnes le Moigne, and others,
which they held of him in the county of Lincoln; also he grants
Walter Scharpe his native, with all his chattels, &c., to hold the same
for ever. p. 29.

Norman de Arcy, son of Philip de Arcy, grants and assigns to sir
Bobert de Arcy, his son, and to his heirs and assigns, all the homages
and other services of sir Richard de Arcy of Flixeburg and others
(enumerated), pertaining to the manor of Stalyngburgh or elsewhere.
Dated at Noketon, on the feast of St. Peter ad vine, 23 Ed. I.

p. 36.

WYTHOM (South). Robert Dycon remits and quit-claims to
William Brett of Castell Byteham, all his right, &c. in all those lands,
tenements, rents, and services, in South Wythom, co. Lincoln, which
descended to him by heirship after the death of Katherine Dycon his
mother, and one of the heirs of William Mason of Svvafeld.

Dated on the feast of St. Martin, bp., 36 Henry VI. p. 139.

LINCOLNSHIIIE. An account of the sheriff of Lincolnshire,
4 and 5 Ed. I. p. 54.




LONDOW. Amercements levied upon the sheriffs of divers
counties for contempt, 14 Ed. I. p. 52.

Writ of K. Henry VI, dated at Westminster, i March, 8th of his
reign, to the escheator of the co. of Buckingham, concerning the homage
and fealty of Otho de Wortlyngton and others. p. 28.

Letter of G. de Hucy to King John containing information con-
cerning the custody of the castle of Mounteneye, the imprisonment of
Elias de Sunewelle, and other matters concerning certain enemies of the
king in Poictiers. p. 22.

An account of the payment of £40,000 to John, duke of Brabant,
in which sum king Edward I, conjointly with W. de Valenc' and
others, were bound to the said John with a memorandum of the
delivery of the bond to the treasurer and chamberlains of the
exchequer by John, lord of Cuyk, 22 March, 33 Ed. L p. 47,

An account for carriage and transport of silver by the warrant of
the bp. of Durham. [Temp. Ed. I.] p. 16.

Memorandum (indented) of the account of Peter de Guldeford,
provider of lights for the King's Inn, for the nth year of his reign,
i. e. Ed. II. p. 30.

Charter of pope Clement VI, concerning the foundation of the
college of St. Stephen, in the king's chapel in his palace of West-

Dated at Ammon, xiij Kl. December, 8th year of his pontificate.
[1350-] P- 38.

Pedigree and documents relating to the family of Constantyn, and
the demise of tenements, &c. in Pentecostlane, London, 23 Ed. Ill,
which tenements, by grant of John Constantyn, came to the prior and
convent of the Carthusians, London. p. 9.


PEAMLYNGHAM (Castle of). Inquisition taken at Kerseye,
CO. Suffolk, before John Rede, escheator, 13 May, 5 Rich. II, upon the
death of sir William la Souche de Haryngworth, kt. p. 26.


ANESCOTE (Manor of). Inquisition taken on the death of

Alianor, who was and held the manor of Anescote of the

king in capite, and that Thomas, son of Ralph Maundeville, is next
heir. [Mutilated.] P« 91.

RODESTON, Proceedings in a suit for the recovery of the


tnanor of Rodeston between Antony de Lucy and John de Multon of
Egermond, plaintiffs, and John de Claveryng, defendant. p. iii.

Petition of Antony de Lucy and John de Multon de Egermond to
the king and his counsell against John de Claveryng concerning the
manor of Rodeston. p. 104.

WYRTHORP (Priory of). Indenture made between Agnes
Bowes, prioress of St. Mary of Wyrthorp, of the one part, and Alan
Bretherhous of Wyrthorp, of the other, witnesseth that the said
prioress and convent with the consent of John, rector of the church of
Martynesthorp, guardian of the said prioress and house, have granted
to the same Alan for his life, i \ acre of meadow in the fields of Eston
and Wyrthorp.

Dated at Wyrthorp the Sunday next after the feast of St. James,
27 Ed. III. p. 6.

Indenture made between dame Margaret Gudchepe, prioress of the
priory of St. Michael besyde Staunford on the one part, and Wyllyam
Brewster of Wyrthorp and Anne his wife on the other, wyttenesseth
that the said prioress has graunted to ferme a cottage with a gardeyn
^in Wyrthorp for 20 years, at an annual rent of 12 c?.

Dated i Feb., 5 Henry VII. p. 27.


BICKERTON and GREAT TOSSAN. Indenture witnessing
that Thomas, son of Hugh de Bykerton, lord of Bykerton, grants to
Hugh his son, in free marriage with Alice, daughter of sir Luke
Tailleboys, lord of Heppehale, the whole of his land and meadow of
Farmley in Bykerton with appurtenances; and the said sir Luke
grants the knight's service due and accustomed to the mill of Great
Tossan to Hugh and Alice his daughter and their heirs, (c. 1280-
1300.) p. 31.

NETHERTON. Fine made in the court of the Bp. of Durham,
at Durham, on the morrow of St. Hilary, 11 Ed. I, and 9 th year of
Bp. R. de Lisle, between Alan de Slykeburn and Agnes his wife,
plaintiffs, and Robert, son of Henry de Est Slykeburn, and Eva his
wife, defendants, concerning one messuage, 44 acres of land, and 2|
acres of meadow in Nedderton, viz. the said Robert and Eva acknow-
ledge the said tenement to be the right of Alan and Agnes, also they
grant that all the tenements which Alice de Ravensworth, who was the
wife of Robert, brother of the said Eva, held in dowry, in the village
of Nedderton, after the death of the said Alice, shall remain to Alan
and Agnes for ever. For this grant Alan gave to the said Robert and
Eve 28 acres of land in Est Slykeburn. p. 49.

STATJMFORD, &c. Inquisition taken at Neuton near the sea
before Thomas de Musco-Campo and Thomas Galon, collectors of the
aid granted to the king at the making of his eldest son a knight the
Monday on the morrow of the Holy Trinity, 33 Ed. Ill, concerning
the barony formerly John Vescont's in the villages of Staumford,


Emyldon, Burton, Warndam, and Dunstan, held of the king i« capite
for 3 knights' fees. p. 3.

TYNDALE (Liberty of). Oder de Ridlee grants to William de

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