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Stapilton of Edenell, sen., esq., and Robert Couper, rector of Whitfelde,
all his lands and tenements, rents and services in Hantwesill, Caldlable,
Hensalgh, Thornegrafton, and Miluehouse, and all other lands &c.
within the lordship and liberty of Tyndale.

Dated at Hantwesill, 5 Oct., 3 Hen. YI. p. 134.


daughter of Thomas Gierke of Sybthorp, formerly wife of John
Wymbyssh of Gunthorp, grants to John Golyn of Assewell, called John
Wymbyssh of Loudeham, and Alice his wife a capital messuage and
other lands and tenements in Gunthorp, Loudham, Gathorp, and
elsewhere, in the county of Notts, which she had by the gift and
feoffment of William, parson of the church of Netherbroughton,
reserving certain conditions and an annual rent of 1 3s. 4c?.

Dated at Gunthorp the Monday on the vigil of the Nativity of
St. John, 17 Rich. 11. p. 5.


BRUERN (Abbey of). Fine (mutilated) between the abbot and
convent of Bruer', plaintiff's, and Juliana de Caudr , defendant, con-
cerniug one carucate of land in Gortell which the said Juliana gave in
frankalmoigne, for that carucate which the abbot claimed of her in the
Bame village, &c. p. 137.

William, son of William de Seldesleg, grants to the monks of
Brueria that half hide which he gave and confirmed by his charter, in
frankalmoigne, and one virgate of land which Osbert de Ludelan sold
to the said monks, (c. 1220-30.) p. 109.

DEDINGTON. Alice, daughter of Thomas Basseth, grants to

Gilbert Basset half a virgate of land which William which is

of her free marriage in Dadinton, also one virgate which Thomas
Basseth her father gave her, held by William Ploth in the same
village ; paying annually one pound of cummin, (c. 1160—70.)

p. 106.

Convention made the Monday next after the feast of St. Edburge,
virgin, 10 Ed. Ill, between Robert, the prior of Burcestr', and
convent of the same of the one part, and John le Man and Amicia
Pikhard, and Walter Pikhard, son of the said John and Amicia, of
the other, viz. that the said prior and convent have granted one
messuage and 50 acres of lands with its ' cheviciis ' and appurtenances
situated in Dadyngton to hold the same during their lives at an annual
rent of 24*. P- 7 1»




OVERTON (Market). John, earl of Oxford, and Peter Baxter,
clerk, demise to sir John Say, kt., and Tiiomas Pro wet, clerk, their
manor of Marketoverton with appurtenances in the county of Rutland,
with the advowson of the church and all other lauds, tenements, &c.
which they have conjointly with George, archbishop of York, John
"Walter, clerk, and "VVilliam Staveley, esq. ; and John Bothebroke, clerk,
and Thomas Braughyng are appointed attorneys to deliver seisin of
the same. Dated 30 June, 9 Ed. IV. p. 67.


BECKINGrTON. Ysolda de Erlegh, widow, grants to Felicia
de Erlegh her daughter that half virgate of land in the manor of
Bekenton which Hamo de la Rigge sometime held of her, together
with the said Hamo and all his chattels, and 15^ acres of land of her
lordship, payinsf annually for the same I2d. and one half pound of
cummin ; to hold the same to her and her heirs, in default to revert
to Ysolda and her assigns, (c. 1260.) p. 66.


SOUTHWARK. The title of Henry Seman to three tenements
in the suburb of Southwark, dated on St. Dunstan's day, 1390.

p. 105.

SURREY and SUSSEX. The names of the knights dwelling
within the counties of Surrey and Sussex. p. 93.


ALENCEASTER (Abbey of). Certificate of T[heobald], arch-
bishop of Canterbury, that the monks of Alecester have the right of
free election of their abbot, against the claim of A., the bishop and
monks of Worcester, (c. 1158-60.) p. 143.

BORDESLEY (Abbey of). Indenture reciting the debates
between the abbot and convent of Bordysley and sir John Hubant, kt^
lord of Ipesley, concerning the bounds and common of their manors of
Tordebege and Ippesley, and setting forth the conditions for the
settlement of the same.

Dated 3 June, 32 Ed. III. p. 15.

Convention made between W., the abbot, and convent of Bordesl'
and Ralph Butler of Duresleia, concerning the easements which the
aforesaid abbot and convent were accustomed to have in the wood of
Buddela, viz. that the said Ralph and his heirs will give to the
church of Bordesl* 5s. annually for all the said easements, so long as
the abbot and convent will warrant the same to the said Ralph,
(c. 1210-20.) p. 43.;


Geoffrey, son of William de Beniggewrth, grants to the abbot and
convent of Borderleg to perpetual fee farm the whole of his lands with
rents and all appurtenances of Houteselna and Tysho, and of Pilardinton
End Whatcote in the county of Warewic, paying annually to him and
his heirs one mark of silver in the church of All Saints, Norliamton,
■and to the chief lord of Tysho 4s., and to the prior of Pilardinton in
one year los., and in another year iis. 4d. (1240.)

"Witness — Philip de Assellis, then sheriff of "Warewic. P- 45*

Inquisition as to the state of the house of Bordesley taken on the
feast of the Invention of the Holy Cross, 1332. p. 94.

Four documents as under : —
(i) Writ from the king to the sheriff of "Warwick commanding him
to enquire what lands of Geoffrey de Benigworthe's are held by the
abbot of Bordesl'.

Dated at Westminster, 26 November, 35 Ed. I.

(2) John de Bathon' in Easter term, 8 Ed. I, returns that the land
and tenements which the abbot of Bordesl' holds in the co. of Warwick,
are of the heirship of Sarah, wife of Gilbert de Benigworthe, and not
of the heirship of the said Gilbert.

(3) Inquisition made at Skeles the Wednesday next after the feast
of the Holy Trinity, 31 Ed. I, returns that the abbot of Bordesl' holds
nothing in the co. of Warwick of the lands and tenements which were
Geoffrey de Benigworthe's.

(4) Writ of the king to the sheriff of Warwick to enquire what lands
and tenements the abbot of Bordesley held which were Geoffrey de
Benigworthe's, deceased.

Dated at Carlethon at York, 29 April, 31 of his reign. p. 13.

ERDBXJRY (Priory of). Two charters of Roger, bp. of Coventry
and Lichfield, being the composition by the prior and convent of
Erdbury for the church of Chelverescot.

Dated at Ichynton, 6 Kl. August, 1390. p. 141.


PAELEIGH, '' ^. Copy made i486, of the foundation charter
by which Humphrey de Bohun and Margaret his wife, with the counsel
and assent of their barons and men, grant and confirm to the church
and monks of St. Mary Magdalen at Farleia, in frankalmoigne, the
whole manor of Farleia with the park and all other th: .^s to the same
village belonging, besides one hide of land which "William D'Lisle
holds; also they grant and confirm divers churches, tithes, and pensions,
in the county of Wiltshire and elsewhere ; also an entry by which
Thomas, the prior of St. Pancras of Lewes, collates John Stone to the
priory of Farleigh in the place of John Bayly resigned.

Dated in their monastery of Lewes, 13 April, i486. p. 74.

LYDYARD TREGOZ. Confirmation by Jolm de Granson, bp.
of Exeter, of the grant of his brother Peter to Roger de Beauchamp


and Sibil his wife of the advowson of the church of Lydeyerd Tregoz
in the county of Wilts.

Dated at Chuddelee, 6 Id. July, 23 Ed. III. p. 87.

STAUNTON QUINTUN. Chirograph witnessing that Ralph
de Monthermer, earl of Gloucester, after the death of Herbert de St.
Quintun, who held the manors of Frome, co. Dorset, and Stauntun
Quintun, co. Wiltshire, of him in cajpite, on the petition of Margery
his widow, assigns to her for her dower lands in Staunton Quintun
in lieu of those in the manor of Frome.

Dated at Staunton Quintun the Wednesday next after the feast
of St. Luke, evang., 31 Ed. I. p. 120.


EVESHAM (Abbey of). Indenture between the abbot of Evesham
of the one part, and Nicholas de Stafford of the other, being a grant
of the wardship of Hugh, son of Hugh de Wrottesleye and Isabella his
wife, until full age.

Dated at Evesham the Monday next after the feast of All Saints,
5 Rich. II. p. 96,

PERSHORE (Priory of). Indenture made on the feast of St.
Michael, 1 7 Henry VII, between Dan William Aldermerston, prior of
Pershor, and John Chalnor, of the same town, by which the prior lets
the ferm place of Allesberough with all appurtenances for 1 3 years,
paying annually ij wey of wheat, vij wey of barley, well winnowed,
1 2 geese, 1 2 capons, with other conditions and a payment of 6s. Zd. ;
also certain stock and utensils delivered to the said John for his term.

p. 98.

TIDILMYNTON. Fine made at Westminster, 8 Ed. II, between
Simon de Combe and Joan his wife, plaintiffs, by Henry de Wenlond,
their locum tenens, and Thomas de Botiller, defendant, concerning the
manor of Tidilmynton with appurtenances, and one messuage, one
carucate of land, and 10 marks of annual rent in Admundescote.

p. 100.


BARNEBY. Fine made at York on the morrow of the Purifica-
tion of the B.V. M., 9 Ed. I, between Robert, the abbot of Koche,
plaintiff, and William, son of Richard de Barneby, defendant, by which
the said William permits the abbot to have common of pasture for all
his cattle in Barneby, except goats, also his pigs to be quit of pannage
in his woods there, also to have 6 cartloads of wood for ever, with a
grant of other liberties to the said abbey: an illegible writ of K.
'Ed. I. touching the same grant is annexed. p. 1 1 4.

BAYNBRIGrE (Forest of). Memorandum of the rights of the
foresters and others to common within the forest of Baynbrige. p. 159.


BECTON. Nicholas de Novo foro grants to Thomas Gere of
Becton the whole of his demesne arable land within and without the
village of Becton, paying annually to him and his heirs one pound of
cummin at the feast of St. Thomas, for all service ; for this donation
the said Nicholas gave ii marks of silver, (c. 1250-60.) p. 150.

Jurdan de Chenereturt grants to Richard de Becton the whole of
the land in Becton, paying annually 2S.

Ralph de Chenereturt grants to Richard de Becton one culture of
land in Becton at an annual rent of 2s. p. 150.

BLACKTOPT (Manor of). Sir Gerard de Ufflete, ki, Gerard
Sothill, John Kirkeby, and Thomas Spenser assign Gilbert de Lincoln
and Thomas Sandale conjointly and dividedly to deliver full seisin to
Richard, son of sir Robert Hansard, kt., and Joan his wife of the
manor of Blaktoft.

Dated 20 August, 12 Rich. II. p. 130.

BOLTON (Priory of). Act of court in the greater church of
Lincoln on the morrow of St. Gregory, 1245, before William de Novo
Castro [Newcastle] and Peter de Mixebyrii concerning a composition
for tithes, between the prior and convent of Boultun, and Robert, rector
of the church of Hylkeley. P« 44*

Confirmation by .... of the charter of "William, son of Gilbert de
Rither, granting to the church of St. Mary Boultoun and the canons
there one toft in the village of Rither in a place which is called Hill,
and one inclosed plot of land and 1 1 acres in the fields of Rither hill
and Doggethorp.

Dated at the castle of Pontefract, 15 Dec, 19 Ed. II.

[ p. 147,

BRIDLINGTON (Priory of). Confirmation by T., administrator
of the church of York, of an agreement between the canons of Beverley
and Bridlington for mutual participation in the prayers and alms of
each house, (c. 1182-90.) p. 147.

BYLAND (Abbey of). Portion of a roll of charters concerning
the abbey of Bellalanda. p. 146.

(a) Jordan, son of Henry de Deneby, quit-claims to the abbot and
monks of Bellalanda one pound of cummin for the carucate of land
given to them in frankalmoigne, with his brother Simon.

(6) Symon, son of Henry de Deneby, grants to the abbey of Bellalanda
one carucate of land in Deneby which Henry his father gave to

(c) Ralph de Nonavill confirms to the church and monks of Bellalanda
in frankalmoigne, those donations made by Henry liis son and
William, son of Osbert, in Deneby.

{d) Jordan, son of Henry de Deneby, quit-claims to the monks of
Bellalanda two pounds of pepper which they were annually ac-
customed to pay unto him for one carucate of land in Deneby and
a bovate in Aretun.


(e) "William, son of Michael de Brerewysel), grants to the monks of
St. Mary of Bell' the whole of his land of Heghleys.

(/) Matthew de Soppeley, Eustace de Howby, and Thomas de Mohant
quit-claim to the monks of Bell' all their right in two .... of

(g) Jordan de Flochton grants to the monks of Bell' a sufficient way
from Benetleya as far as to Deneby.

(A) Sir Michael de Brertwysell, kt., grants to the monks of Bell' 2S.
annual farm which he bought of William de Flochton for the way
from Benteley to Deneby.

(i) William de Deneby grants to the monks of Bell' his culture of
Haubenysolis in exchange for a culture lying near the bounds of

i^k) William de Deneby by his chirograph made 1220 granted to the
monks of Bell' common of pasture in Deneby.

(I) Four grants from William, son of Michael de Brertwisell, to the
monks of Bell' of lands in Brertwisell.

CLATTON, &c. Richard Bussell grants to Richard Fiton and
his heirs eight carucates of land, viz. Hed Kilswic, Clatton, Wythul,
Welton, Wythinhull, Hotton, Rodelfisworth with appurtenances, for
the fourth part of one knight's fee, and with that land which William,
son of Alan, held of Richard Fiton. p. 14.

DHAX (Priory of). Three leaves from a register book of the
priory of Drax, being an inrolment of 13 documents concerning the
appropriation of the church of Roxby, Lincoln diocese, (c. 1350.)

pp. 124-126.

ELLERTON (Priory of). Inquisition taken at Gyseburne before
Roger Lascels, escheator, 16 June, 46 Ed. Ill, by virtue of the king's
writ to inquire concerning the grant of five stijpjpis of salt in West
Cotom by Alan Wilton, late lord of the manor of Wilton in Clive-
land, to the priory of Ellerton. p. 160.

ESK, &c. William, son and heir of sir William de Eboraco, kt.,
grants to Amand de Surdeval and Cecilia, mother of the said William,
his wife for dower, four bovates of land and three tofts in Esk with
certain serfs their chattels and belongings, together with the first gift
of the moiety of the church of Breunesale in Craven, which sir Richard
de Knol had by gift of his father in exchange for her dower in Craven,
viz. in Coniugston, Hebbedenne, Breunesale, Heton, and in Thorp,
saving certain serfs and rents to the said Amand and Ceciha.

Dated Pentecost, 14 Ed. I. p. 107.

FOUNTAIN'S (Abbey of). Indenture tripartite witnessing that
Richard de Ravenser, archdeacon of Lincoln, John de Ravenser, parson
of the church of Algarkirk, and John de AValtham, canon of Hereford,
assign to the abbot and convent of Fonteyn the manor of Queldryk
which was formerly William Darell's, with 8 messuages, 19 tofts, 180
licres of land, 14 acres of meadow, 14 acres of wood, ipo acres of more,

Y y


6s. and one pair of gloves annual rent in Queldryk, upon condition
that the said abbot and convent pay to the master and brethren of
the hospital of St. Leonard, York, 16 marks annually.

Dated at York on the feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross,
6 Rich. 11. p. 116.

GISEBURNE (Priory of). Convention between Ralph, the prior,
and convent of Gyseburn of the one part, and Agnes, formerly wife of
John Herbald, in her free widowhood, of the other, viz. that the prior
and convent have granted to the aforesaid Agnes and her heirs two
tofts and crofts, of which one is held of Adam Babe and another is
held of Robert, son of Dene, in the village of Uplythum, in exchange
for the half of one toft and croft which was formerly called the chapel
toft. (c. 1260.) p. 37.

Copy of the inquisition ad quod damnum taken at Poklyngton
before James Pikeryng, escheator, the Wednesday next before the
feast of St. Wilfrid, bp, and confessor, 4 Rich. II. The jury say that
it is not to the injury of the king nor any one else for the king to
grant to Richard de Ravenser, archdeacon of Lincoln, Robert his
brother, and Emma, wife of the said Robert, that they may give or
assign to the prior and convent of Gysburne five messuages, two tofts,
seven bovates and four acres of land and 2^. rent in Lund super le
"Walde, for the increase of the sustentation of one canon regular or
one chaplain not regular, to celebrate divine service daily in the church
of the Holy Trinity of Kyngeston upon Hull, likewise to 1 2 poor men
in a certain hospital existing there, of the foundation of the said Richard
and Robert, one halfpenny daily; the said lands &c. being held of
Henry de Percy, earl of Northumberland, by homage and fealty and
of the yearly value of 525. p. 42.

HATERBERGH. Indenture witnessing that sir William Bruya,
kt., grants to sir Alexander de Bergli, kt., the whole of his land in
the village and territory of Haterbergh, paying annually to the said
William and his heirs 135. 4d.

Dated at Haterbergh, near Stardeburgh, the Sunday next after the
feast of St. William, 1339. p. 151.

HESSEL, &c. Osmund de Stutevile, rector of Cotingham, grants
to John ' nutrito meo ' the whole of his land and tenement with ap-
purtenances which he had by the gift and sale of Saer de Hesel, son
of sir William de Sutton, kt., in the villages and territories of Hesel,
Traneby, Elvesle, and Swaneslund, with buildings, windmill, &c. in the
Bame villages, (c. 1260-70.) p. 12.

to Simon de Grymmesby, escheator in the counties of York, North-
umberland, Cumberland, and Westmorland, commanding him to pay,
out of the lands of Ralph, late baron of Graistok, deceased, now in the
king's hands, an annual rent of twenty marks, together with two robes
suitable for a knight, which said rent and robes were charged upon
the manor of Hildreskelf, and certain other lands and tenements in


Galinethorp, and payable to sir Thomas de Belton, knight, as by the
evidences appear.

Dated at Kenilworth, 3 January, 20th year of his reign, p. 82.

HYLDERSKELP and GALINTHORP. Petition of Thomas
de Graystok (1) concerning certain rents due on lands in Hylderskelf
and Galinthorp, now in the hands of the escheator by reason of the
minority of the heir of Ralph de . . . . , the said lands being held of
John Bygot and Ralph de Nevill. p. 158.

HYMELELE WORTH. Copy of the licence in mortmain granted
by K. Ed. Ill to Simon de Balderston for the foundation of a
chantry in the church of Hym el ele worth, endowed with a messuage,
toft, 51^ acres of land, 4^ acres of meadow, 12 acres of wood, and 235.
annual rent in Hymelel worth, Hyndeley, Kymeslay, Thorp, Audelyn,
South Elmesale, and Ollet.

Dated at Redyng, 27 April, 21 Ed. III. p. 127.

JOREVAL (Abbey of). Pleadings in a cause between the abbot
and convent of Jorevall and Ranulf, son of Robert, for preventing the
said abbot pasturing and enjoying other easements in the forest of
"Wendesleydale, which liberty was confirmed on the day of pope Calistus,
1214. p. 88.

LANG-EBERGH. Richard Malleurer grants to the poor of the
hospital of St. Peter, York, the whole of his arable land in the territory
of Langebergh which William the smith formerly held of him.
(c. 1240-50.) p. 143.

MIDDILTON and WALINGTON. Final concord, made at
Newcastle on Tyne the Thursday next after the feast of the Nativity
of St. John the Baptist, 53 Hen. Ill, concerning certain lands in
Middilton and Walington. p. 48.

NEWBURGH (Priory of). The dean and chapter of York
confirm the churches of the prior and canons of Newburgh, viz. of
Hod, Cukewad, These, Hovingham, Wellebruny, Kyrchebi, Ridal,
Cundale, Kirchebi near the bridge of Burgh, with all their chapels,
tithes, lands and tenements of what kind soever pertaining, saving all
the rights of the church and archbishops of York, for the time being.
(c. 1204-10.) p. 46.

NOSTELL (Priory of). Indenture witnessing that on the feast
of St. Martin in the winter, 1374, it was agreed between the prior
and convent of St. Oswald of Nostell of the one part, and Robert
Dany, vicar of Buscall, and Robert Swepstak of Westerton of the
other, that the said monastery should demise their manor of Buscall,
called the rectory, with appurtenances for 20 years, paying annually
535. id. p. 145.

PIKERING. Licence from Thomas, abbot of . . . . , to sir
William de Bruys to enable him to assign a messuage and two bovates
of land in Midelton near Pikering for the foundation of a chantry in
the church of St. Peter, Pikering.

Dated the Saturday on the feast of St. John, 1337. p. 161.

y y 2


SCORREBY and STAINPORDBRIDGE. Indenture witnessing
that whereas sir Robert de Scorburg, kt., acknowledges in the king's
court at York to owe £1000, payable to sir "Walter de Heselarton, kt.,
on the feast of Easter, 1343 ; by this indenture the said "Walter wills
and grants for himself and heirs that if the said Robert pays to him
and Eustachia his wife the said sum, then the manor of Scorreby and
Staynfordbrigg held by the said Walter shall revert to the said
Robert, in default the said Robert to quit-claim all his right in the
same to the said "Walter and Eustachia and their heirs and assigns.
Dated at Beverley the Friday next after the Quinzaine of Easter,
1336. p. 39-

SHESNECOTE. William, son of Thomas de Kingesford, grants
to AVilliam de Ponte, bishop of Caped, and his heirs, one hide of land
in the village of Shesnecote which is of the fee of William de
Beauchamp, which Avice, mother of the donor, gave and granted to
the said bishop, paying annually 205. ; in case he cannot warrant the
said land he will give to him in exchange land in the village of
Northwic to the value of the same. (c. 1210-20.) p. 152.

SOUTH OLME. Brian Stapilton, Thomas Colvill, David de . . . . ,

John de Pykeryng, William de Sproxton, and Robert de grant

their manor of Southolme in Ridale to Alice de Kirkeby.

Dated at Southolme the Thursday next before Palm Sunday, 1 7
Rich. II. p. loi.

WATH. Adam de Novo mercato [Newmarket] grants and quit-
claims to William of Flanders all right in two parts of the church of
Wat. (c. 1260-70.) p. II.

WESTERDALE MANOR. Writ of King Edward II, to the
sheriff of AA^arwick, reciting the inquisition on the death of Guy de
Beauchamp, earl of Warwick, by which it was found that at his death
he was seised in fee of the manor of Westerdale, a member of the
barony of Castle Barnard, which said manor is alleged by John de
Eure to be part of his barony of Stokesleye, and to have been in his
possession 17 years before the death of the said Guy; the said John
having been dispossessed of the said manor by John le Irays, constable of
Castle Barnard, the sheriff is commanded to make an inquiry into the
said matters and to cite William la Zousche, who had married Alice,
widow of the said Guy de Beauchamp, as the said manor had been
assigned to her as dower.

Dated at Clarendon, 25 Feb., loth Ed. 11. p. 86.

WHARROM-PERCY. Robert de Percy, lord of Wharrome-
Percy, quit-claims to Henry de Percy, his son and heir, all his right to
a park in the village of Wharrome-Percy, and also in a certain stank
(stagnum) and acre of land in the same village, (c. 1270-80.) p. 162.


Letters patent, dated at Westminster, i Ed. Ill, granting to the
abbot of Jorevall a licence in mortmain to hold six messuages, one ^
bovate, and 23 acres of land with appurtenances in Est Witton,


Overelyngton, and Hoton-hang in the county of York, given by
"William de Thornton, vicar of Est Wytton, for providing a chaplain
to celebrate daily in the church of the B. V. M. of Jorevall for ever.

p. 113.

YORK (County of). Indenture made i August, 6 Ed. IV, being
a grant from Richard Welles, Lord Willoughby, and Robert Waterton,
knights, to Robert Flemmyng, dean of Lincoln, Thomas Dyramok, kt.,
and others, of the manors, lands, and tenements in the co. of York,
which late they had with Lyon, late Lord Welles, kt.. Waiter
Calverley, and Richard Waterton, of the demise of Gilbert Lee,
Raynald Tynley, and Thomas Elys, to hold the same to them and
their assigns for ever. p. 142.

An indenture made between King Edward III of the one part, and
William de Acastre, John Goldbeter, and William de Skelton of the
other part, concerning the sale of a portion of the wool collected in

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