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belonging to the abbey of St. Werburgh, Ciiester. Dated at Win-
chester, 19 April, 2nd of his reign. Richard de Cleymundestowe —
notary. [Mutilated.] Ch. 13.

CHESTER (Bishoprick of). Letters for deacon's orders from
Nicholas, bishop of Chester, to Jonathan Wilkinson.

Dated 20 May, 1695. Ch. ^.

Certificate of subscription to articles by Jonathan Wilkinson, upon
being admitted priest. Dated 23 Sept., 1695. Ch. 4.

Certificate of subscription to the articles upon the admission of
Edmund Pughe to the office of priest, by Nicholas, bishop of Chester.
Dated 11 June, 1704. Ch. 5.

CONGLETON. Henry de Lacy, earl of Lincoln, grants to Bene-
dict, son of Walter de Stanleg', four acres of land with appurtenances
of the waste in the territory of his town of Congleton, at an annual
r-ent for each acre of 6d. [ With seal] CL i.


HATTON near DERESBURY. John Hatton, Stephen Somp-
nor of Leigh near Acton Brygge, and Hugh Colstanehok, clerk,
grant to Peter Hatton of Hatton their capital messuage in Hatton
near Deresbury with all other messuages &c. in the village and
territory of Hatton, to hold the same to him for his life with remainder
to his sons. Also they appoint Henry Grymesdych near Norcoot and
Thomas Hatton of Crooton to give seisin of the same.

Dated at Hatton, 9 Dec, 2 Hen. VII. Ch. 8.

KIRKHAM, LANCASHIRE. An acquittance of John, bishop
of Chester, for £6 135. ^d. for half a year's pension going out of the
church of Kirkham, by the hands of master Richard Anderton, receiver
of Ch. Ch., Oxon. [Mutilated.] Temp. Hen. YIII. Gh. 2.

PICKMERE. Will of John Arderne of Pickmere, co. Chester,
gentleman, made 1698. Cli. 9.

ROTHESTORN. Receipt given by Richard Smyth, archdeacon
of Chester, for 21s. ^d., last day of Oct., 1542. Ch. 10.

WIBBUNBITRY. The master of the fraternity of the chapel and

hospital of St. Cross and St. George of Wibbymbury grants to John

Fenton and Agnes his wife participation in all the masses celebrated

in the said chapel and all other works of charity in life and in death.

Dated at Wibbymbury, 4 July, 1464. Ch. 11.


TAMERTON (North). An exemplification of a suit in Avowry
and of the fine, from Thomas French, gentleman, to John Moore,
gentleman, of and concerning 3 messuages, 3 gardens, 60 acres of land,
20 of meadow, 100 of pasture, 100 of furze and brushwood, and 40
acres of maze, in AUistonwaye and Tamerton, and common of pasture
in Tamerton More. Tested at Westminster, 1 7 June, 1 1 James I.

Cornwall Charters, i.

An exemplification of a recovery by John French and Alice his
wife against Thoraasine Crewkerne, widow, and John Trewene upon
an assize, of a tenement in Aliston in the parish of Tamerton.

Dated 7 Elizabeth. Ch. 2.


Henrj% son of Rocelle of Cornay, grants to God, the blessed Mary
and St. John, and to the hospital of Jerusalem, and the brethren of
, the same house, the whole of his land of ' Bracchane thait,' namely to
these divisions, from the gate which is upon the bank of ' Kirkeslecbec '
and as far as to the ditch towards the moat, and from the chief ditch by
the hedge which extends itself beyond Starcimes towards Blasich, and
just as Blasich falls into Bracamethaccbec and by that river descending
to the ditch on the south part of Brachamechacc and by the ditch to
Kirkesletboc and by Kirkesletbec ascending to the foresaid bridge.
To hold the same in free alms for the health of his soul, &c. (c. 1200.)

Cumberland Charters, i.


LANCASTER (Hospital of St. Leonard's). Henry, duke of
Lancaster, earl of Derby, &c., empowers sir Henry tie Heydock, chan-
cellor of Lancaster, to confirm to the prioress and convent of Seton
the hospital of St. Leonard of Lancaster to them and their successors.
Dated at the castle of Lancaster, 27 March, 30 Ed. III. Ch 2.


HAY. Indenture made 2 Feb., 11 Charles I, being the settlement
upon the marriage of sir Paul Neile, knight, son of the lord archbishop
of York, to Elizabeth Place, one of the daughters and heires of William
Place, gent., deceased, by which certain lands in the above villages are
settled to the use of the said Paul and Elizabeth. Derbyshire Charters, i .

DERBY. Indenture made i Oct., 30 Hen. VIII, by which
Thomas, the abbot, and convent *of St. Mary's, Darley, demise to
Richard Hey of Derby ten acres of land and two acres of meadow in
Derby for 80 years at an annual rent of us. \]Vith seal.'\ Ch. 2.

KALFDON. Bertram, son of William, son of Ralph, grants to
Nicholas the clerk, son of Geoffrey the clerk of Esseburn, and his heirs,
eight bovates of land in Kalfdon and three tofts with three ....
paying annually for the same 105. For this concession the said
Nicholas gave two marks of silver, (c. 1200.) Ch. 12.

LE DALE, or * De parco Stanley.* Copy of a charter by which
Richard, son of Peter de Sandiacre, confirms to the church and the
canons of St. Mary of Stanley Park in frankalmoigne the whole of his
wood of Drisco, with the land of the same ; also he quit-claims all his
right in the wood which is called Blithgare, with the whole of the
land from the rivulet of ' Bromesbroc' between the park of Chirchehalla,
and the park of Stanley as far as ' in Wacellum ' near the park of
Chirchehalla, and from thence the whole wood with the land from the
aforesaid ' Wacellum ' on the west part of the old way which is
nearest to the wood of Chirchehala, as far as the way which divided
the wood of Chirchehala and the wood of Westhala. Ch. 11.

ME ASH AM. Indenture made 20 Oct., 33 Elizabeth, by which
the right honourable Henry, earl of Huntingdon, &c., in consideration
of a sum of money paid to him by sir George Hastings of Copishill, co.
Leicester, grants all the tithe?;, glebe land, &c. in Me&sam, co. Derby,
belonging to the rectory of Repingdon in the said county. \Seal and
signature of H. Huntingdon.^ Ch. 3.

Counterpart of the deed, dated 20 Oct., 33 Queen Elizabeth. \^Seal
arid signature of sir George Hastings.^ Ch. 4.

Indenture made 14 June, i James I, by which George, earl of
Huntingdon, &c., in consideration of the receipt of £25, demises to
Nicholas Taylor of Measham certain land in Measham for 99 years, at
an annual rent of 20s. and two capons. Ch. 5.

Indenture dated i April, 1 6 James I, by which the right honourable


Henry, earl of Huntingdon, &c., in consideration of the good services
of Edward Carpenter, servant of tlie said earl, have granted to him for
his life and three years after, a messuage and tenement standing upon
part of the parsonage of Mesam, co. Derby, for an annual rent of 205.
[Seal and signature of the said earl.j Ch. 6.

Indenture made 7 Nov., 8 Charles I, by which Henry, earl of
Huntingdon, in consideration of the receipt of X1580, sells to William
WoUaston of Shenton, co. Leicester, esq., the rectory or parsonage of
Measam in the county of Derby. Ch. 7.

REPINGDON. Indenture dated 9 May, 34 Queen Elizabeth, by
which Henry, earl of Huntingdon, &c. and sir George Hastings, kt., for
the sum of .£550 paid to the said sir George, sells to the right honour-
able sirEdmonde Sheffeyld, kt., lord Sheffeylde, the glebe lands, tithes
of corn and hay, &c. in Messam, Parkington, Oktliorpe and Denisthorpe,
cos. of Darbie and Leicester, belonging to the rectory of Hepingdon.

Ch. 8.

WINSTER. Indenture witnessing that William de Birchover
demises to Richard Gerard and Agnes his wife 3 messuages, half a
bovate of land, 3 acres of land, with a meadow adjoining in Winster,
paying annually for the same I'jd. of silver.

Dated at Winster the Thursday next after the feast of the be-
heading of St. John the baptist, 8 Ed. III. [With seals.] Ch. 9.

Richard Gerard grants to Willian\ de Birchovere three messuages,
the half of one bovate and three acres of land in Wynster. Also he
gave the same William all his goods moveable and immoveable in the
same tenement at the time of the making of this charter.

Dated at Wynster the Monday on the feast of the beheading of
St. John tlie baptist, 8 Ed. III. [With seal.] Ch. 10.


CHULMLEIGH. Deed (not executed) by which Hugh Bury of
Chulmeleigh assigns to Jane Sibil Gray, late wife of Arthur, lord Gray
of Wilton, deceased, all his estate, interest, &c., for a term of years in
certain lands, &c., in Chulmeleigh.

Dated 5 James I. Devonshire Charters, i.

Licence from the rt. hon. the lady Gray to Hugh Bury, whereby he
is warranted to set over his lease of the Bartons of the Lee to Henry
Parker. Dated 1607. Ch. 2.

DAWLISH. Thomas Cosyn remits and quit-claims to William
Hoper all right in a cottage with a garden in Estdon within the
parish of Dawlysshe. Dated 8 April, 17 Hen. VII. Ch. 3.

Roger Holand, epq., and John Bowe quit-claim to TTilliam Hoper
all right and claim in a cottage with a garden in Estedon within the
parish of Dawlisshe in co. Devon.

Dated 6 April, 17 Hen. VIL Ch. 4.


Roger Holand, esq., and John Rowe demise to William Hoper a
cottage with a garden in Estedon within the parish of Dawlysshe.

Dated 3 April, 17 Hen. VII. Gh. 5.

EXETER (Cathedral of). Portion of a roll of accounts of Richard
Marten, clerk of the work at the cathedral church of Exeter, from
Michaelmas, 1548, to Michaelmas, 1549. Ch. 7.

IiEGH (Priory of). Matilda de Clare, countess of Grioucester and
Hertford, for the health of the soul of Richard, formerly her husband,
earl of Gloucester and Hertford, grants to the church of St. John the
evangelist and St. Etheldreda of Legh, in frankalmoigne, the whole of
her manor of Sydingbow to hold the same for ever. (c. 1280.) Ch, 8.

HOLLAND. Grant of arms to Hugh Culme of Molland, co.
Devon, by William Hervy, Clarencieux.

Dated at London, 12 Sept., 1564. Ch. 6.

TORRINGTON (Great). Mutilated indenture by which the dean
and chapter of Oxford grant the rectory of Great Terryton, co. Devon,
to Robert (c. 1520.) Ch. 9,


at Westminster, Easter Term, 4 Jas. II, by which John Speke, esq.,
and Elizabeth his wife, in consideration of the payment of <£8oo, grant
and quit-claim to John Hardinge and John Fyler all their right to
the half of the manor of Compton Valence, alias East Compton.

Dorsetshire Charters, i.

CORFE CASTLE and PURBECK. Particulars of lands late
lord Hatton's in Dorsetshire, within the island of Purbeck, and in
Warham. Ch. 5.

POOLE. Bill of sale of three parts of the ship Katherine of Poole,
from William Orchard, sen., of Poole, to the rt. lion. Charles, lord
Baltimore. Dated 18 Dec, 35 Chas. II. Ch. 3.

emplification of a recovery inroUed at Westminster, Trinity Term,
5 William and Mary, between sir John Cropley, bart., and Edward
Clarke, esq., plaintiffs, and John Taylor and John Carpenter, defendants,
of the borough of Shaftesbury, with appurtenances and manors of
Wimborne St. Giles, Wimborne All Saints, Emsage All Saints,
Hinten Marten, Chalbury, Long Crotholl and Pentridge with ap-
purtenances : likewise the hundred of Wimburne St. Giles, with
appurtenances, also of messuages, lands, &c., in the same hundred;
also the rectory of Loders with appurtenances, and also the advowson
of the churches of Wimborne St. Giles, Wimborne All Saints, Hintea
Marten, and the advowson of the vicarage of the church of Loders as
their right and inheritance. Dated 5 July, 5 Will, and Mary. Ch. 2.

. STALBRIDGE. Pardon granted to Robert Boyle of Stalbridge
in the county of Dorset. Dated at Breda, 4 April, 1 2 Chas. II. (7A. 4.




EVENWOOD. John Haunsard, lord of Evenwood, eldest son of
Gilbert Haunsard, grants to Thomas Haunsard of Toftes and Joan his
wife, the whole of the land with messuages, &c., which the aforesaid
Gilbert his father had granted to them for the term of their lives,
paying annually three arrows for all service. And they may grind the
third part of the whole of their corn growing in the aforesaid tenements
in his mill of Evenwode. Also he grants pannage for lo pigs in his
woods of Evenwode.

Dated the Monday on the feast of St. Peter 'in cathedra,' 1293.

Durham Charters i.

bishop of Durham, grants to "Walter de Bermeton a toft and 127
acres of land of the waste in the fields of Wotton, Escoumb, and
Stanhope, to hold the same for an annual rent of 625. 3c?. (c. 1300.)
\With seal^ Ch. 2.


BOOKING. Roger Wentworth of Bokkyng, co. Essex, in con-
sideration of a marriage between him and Anne Cressy, widow, late
wife of William Cressy, gent., deceased, grants unto the said Anne an
annuity of X20 out of the manor of Bokkyng for the term of her life.
Dated 8 Sept., i Mary. Essex Charter 169.

BRADELEY. Charter witnessing that whereas "William atte
Lake has infeoffed John de la Grene of Northleye with 2 plots of
ground in Bradeley within the fee of Alnytheleye, as in a charter
to the said John more fully is contained ; nevertheless the said John
grants for himself and his heirs that if the said William be disturbed

in possession of a moiety of a mill called * Trokenhulle Mulne '

then the said charter of feoffment shall be null and void.

Dated at Alnytheleye the Sunday next after the Nativity B. V. M.,
25 Ed. in. a. 170.

BULMEB. John Carpenter C^) grants to all his claim in

certain land in the village of Bulmer, making service to the lord of

Smetheton and his heirs. For this concession the said gave to

John one mark of silver. (1280.) [Illegible.^ Ch. I'ji.

Cassandra, who was the wife of Hugh de Nassandra, grants to Henry
de Wicham the whole of her wood called * Frithwode ' in Bolemere.
(1265.) Ch. 172.

Roger atte Stur' grants to Edmund Botelyr one croft in the village
of Bolemere, in exchange for one acre of meadow lying in Great

Dated at Bolmere, the Wednesday next after the feast of the
Nativity of St. John the Baptist, 4 Ed. III. Ch. 173.

John le Smeth of Bolemere, sen., and Mabilia his wife, grant to


John Burel of Sudbury one piece of land called ' Kyngeslond ' in the
village of Bolemere.

Dated at Bolemere ....'.. the feast of St. Barnabas the apostle,
29 Ed. in. Oh, 174.

Richard le Kuyth ? of Bulmer grants to farm to Geoffrey Badkyn of
the same place one piece of land lying in Bulmere in Wodefeld, called
* Haselwell,' between the land of John Prentye on the one part, and
land of the heirs of John Scullok on the other, to hold from Michaelmas,
34 Ed. Ill, for five years next following, paying annually 2od.

Dated at Bulmere, the Monday after the feast of St. Barnabas the
apostle, 35 Ed. III. Gh. 176.

John Gave (V) of Sudbury grants to John Aleyn of Sudbury one
croft of land in Bulmer.

Dated at Bulmere, 16 Jan., 13 Rich. II. Ch. 177.

Richard Ederyche and Robert his sou appoint William Wallsshe
of Wycham, their attorney, to deliver seizin of certain lands and
tenements in Bulmer, co. Essex, to John Wallsshe and others.

Dated 12 July, 14 Ed. IV. Ch. 178.

Richard Ederyche of Coggeshale in co. Essex, fuller, and Robert his
son, grant to John "Walsshe of Pebmersst and others, all their lands, &c.
in the parish of Bulmer.

Dated at Bulmer, 12 July, 14 Ed. IV. Gh. 179.

BULMER and HENY. Roger, son and heir of Edmund Boteler,
grants to Thomas Boteler his uncle one toft, 120 acres of land, 3 acres
of meadow, 20 of pasture, 20 of wood, and 30s. annual rent in Bulmer,
Great Heny, and Bridge Heny, for the term of his life and to his
executors ten years after his decease, paying annually one rose at the
feast of St. John the Baptist.

Dated at Bulmer the Monday after the feast of St. Mark, 33
Ed. Ill Gh. 175.

BUMSTEAD (Steeple). John de Latheleygh quit-claims to sir
Robert de Sures, kt., all right, &c. in the manor of Stepilbumstede, co.

Dated at Latheleygh the Thursday next after the feast of the
apostles SS. Peter and Paul, 7 Ed. II. Ch, 180.

BURSTED (Little). Institution of William Sherlock, M.A., to
the rectory of Little Bursted, vacant by the death of William Dunbar,
on the presentation of John, bishop of London.

Dated at Hampstead, 30 March, 1723. Gh. i8i.

CHAPFORD (Hundred of). Charter by which Edmund de
Columbers of Turrok Breonzun is bound to sir John Carbonel, sheriff
of Essex, and his heirs in £5 and half a mark for the custody of the
hundred of Chafford from the feast of Pentecost, 20 Ed, I, unto the
feast of Michaelmas next following, payable at the castle of Colchester,
Dated at Chelmer the Wednesday in Whitsun week. Gh. 182.

COLCHESTER. Richard le Bortmer of Colchester grants to John
de la Forde of the same place, eight pence of annual rent from the

E 2



whole of his tenement with appurtenances in the suburbs of Colchester,
which tenement he formerly bought of Robert Lorette.

Dated at Colchester after the feast of St. Batulph, abbot,

Ed. L Ch. 183.

COLN. John de Glonvile grants to Emma, daughter of Alexander
le Pope of Coin, for her homage and service and 2 marks of silver, two
acres of his wood with appurtenances in the wood which is called
*Hyda,' lying between his wood and the wood of Walter, son of
Philip del Rope, abutting upon a wood of the said Emma, and the way
which extends itself towards the wood of Geoffrey de Pelham, paying
annually for the same 6d. (c. 1280.) Gh. 184.

COLUM or EARLES COLNE (Priory of). William, son of
Alured of AVicham, grants to the church of St. Mary of Colum and the
monks there, in frankalmoigne, 2d. annual rent from his land of Le-
fledewelle called ' Randulues hamstal.' (c. 12 10.) Ch. 185.

An acknowledgment that Thomas Payn, one of the executors of
Thomas Rolf, has received of the prior of Earles Colne 40s. for
Christiana Sparwe, Rosa Bertlot, and Joane Goorge, and 135. 4c?. for
Isabella Parson by name of Margaret Parson, of the charity and
bequest of the said Thomas Rolf for marrying girls.

Dated 7 May, 23 Hen. VI. Ch. 186.

DEEPDEN and WIDDING-TON. Indenture made 15 May,
1658, between sir George Stonehouse of Radley^ co. Berks, bart., and
Robert Perrott of Grayes Inne, and dame Dionyse Fayremeadow of the
Strand, in the county of Middlesex, widow, of the one part, and Robert
Williams of St. Andrew's, Holborne, London, gent., of the other part,
being a mortgage to the said Robert Williams of Amerden Hall, with
messuages, &c., in the parish of Deepden, alias Debden, and AVid-
dington. Ch. 187.

Receipt given by Robert de Dynton, treasurer of St. Paul's, London,
to John Carbonel, sheriff of Essex, for £4 levied on the goods and
chattels of John Berneval, by the king's brief.

Dated at London on the morrow of St. Nathy, 21 Ed. I. Ch. 188.

Bond given to sir John Carbonel, sheriff of Essex and Hertford, 20
Ed. I. [Illegible. With seals.] Ch. 189.

An aclmowledgment from William de Hamme, that he has received
from sir John Carbonel, sheriff of Essex, by the hands of Roger de
Shireburn his clerk, 40s. of silver, which the said John levied of the
goods of John de Say to his use by the king's writ.

Dated at London the Friday next after the Quindena of St.
Martin, 21 Ed. I. [With seal] Ch. igo.

Writ from King Edward III to the sheriff of Essex and Hertford
commanding him to distrain the lands of John, son of Humphrey de
Bohun, son and heir of Humphrey de Bohun, late earl of Hereford,
and to summon him before the barons of the exchequer to answer for
the relief of the said Humphrey his father for the lands of the said
Humphrey his grandfather held in capite the day he died, of Edward,
King of England, grandfather of the present King.

Dated at Westminster, 1 7 Dec, 4 Ed. III. Ch. 191.



. . ELNEDENEHALLE Manor. Indenture witnessing that sir
William de Burgate, kt., Koger de "Wolferston, Gilbert de Debenham,
Thomas Samsomp, John Gernegan, sir Andrew Hamund, rector of
Horham, Richard Donne, rector of Somerleton, and sir William dil hil,
rector of Soterle, demise to farm to Henry Stampe of Leyrebreton
their manor called . . elnedenehalle, in the county of Essex, with ap-
purtenances, to hold the same from the feast of St. Michael next for
3 years, paying annually at the manor of Little Wenham £24.

Dated at Wenham the Friday next after the feast of St. Barnabas
the apostle, 11 Rich. II. Ch. 192.

FORDHAM (Great). Matilda, relict of William Seburgh of
Fordham, grants to Richard de Ewelle of the same village, for 40s.
of silver, one field with hedges, &c., called ' Haukeslor,' in the parish
of Great Fordham, payin<j^ annually 2S.

Dated at Fordham the Sunday next before the Ascension of our
Lord, 23 Ed. III. Ch. 193.

FREMNALLES, aUas HEMNALLES (Manor of). Indenture
dated 18 July, 3 Chas. I, witnesseth that sir John Tirrell sells unto
sir Henry Brown and Edward Bulstrod his manor of Fremnalles alias
Hemnalles in the county of Essex, and the park known by the name
of Fremnalles park alias Hemnalles park alias Downeham park, for
their lives ; also the manor of Ramseys Tirrell in the said county,
together with the patronage of the churches of Little Warley, Stocke
alias Haverstocke, Springfield, and Bosworth. Ch. 194.

GOLDH ANGER. Gilbert Mauduit grants to Roger, son of
Thomas de Uveleya, the whole of the land which the said Thomas held
by heirship of his ancestors in Rukkele in the parish of Goldhangre.
(c. 1230.) Ch. 195,

GRETEHALLYNGERY. Indenture made 4 Nov., 36 Hen.
VIII, by which George Whetenall of Estpecham in the county of Kent,
esq., demises to Edward Clonvyle of London, gentleman, a fullyng
mill and all that appertains to it at Gretehallyngery in the county of
Essex, for 21 years, at an annual rent of £7. Ch. 196.

HADLEIGH. Sir William Cokerel, ki, and Cecilia his wife,
grant to sir AVilliam Giffard, of Stokeneylaund, kt., and Isabella his
wife, 55 acres i rood and 12 perches of land in four pieces, lying in
the parish of Hadlegh in a hamlet called Lasham, in exchange for the
same quantity of land lying in the same village in sixteen pieces.

Dated at Hadlegh the Sunday next before the feast of the apostles
SS. Simon and Jude, 5 Ed. III. Ch. 197.

Cecilia Spicer, formerly the wife of Andrew ate Broks called the
Spicer, grants to John Hadle, citizen of London, a piece of arable
land lying in the field called ' helmeston.'

Dated at Hadlegh, 5 June, 51 Ed. III. Ch. 198.

Richard Loveman of Hadlegh grants to Matilda Spylman of Hadlegh,
lands, rents, &c., in the village of Hadlegh.

Dated at Hadlegh the Tuesday before the feast of All Saints, 4
Hen. lY. Ch. 199.

William, son of Edward Clopton, quit-claims to sir John Howard,


kt., sir "Walter Clopton, kt., sir Gerard Braybrook, kt., sir William, son
of sir Thomas Clopton, kt., and John Bryan, sen., all his right in the
manor of Hadlegh, called Topesfeld hall, after the death of Elizabeth,
consort of the said AValter Clopton, for the lives of Alice and Elizabeth,
daughters of the said Walter and Elizabeth.

Dated at Hadlegh the Tuesday next after the feast of St. Boniface
and his companions, 13 Hen. lY. [With seal.] Ch. 200.

Sir Gerard Braybroke, kt., quit-claims to Robert Caundyssh, Thomas
Mylde, John Smyth, and Gilbert Morell, all right in the manor of
Topesfeld in Hadle, given to them, after the death of Elizabeth Clopton,
by William Clopton of Melford, co. Suffolk, esq., and John Brian of

Dated at Hadle the Monday next before the feast of All Saints,
I Hen. VL [With seal.] Ch. 201.

William Clopton, son and heir of sir Thomas Clopton, kt., quit-
claims to Elizabeth, who was the wife of sir Walter Clopton, kt., and
Alice Bendyssh, daughter of the said Walter, all right in the manor of
Toppesfeld in Hadleye.

Dated at Melford the Thursday after the feast of All Saints,

1 Hen. VL Ch. 202.

HALFAMSTON. John Lytell of Colne earl's

Joan his wife of the same place, John fy Williams of Colne earl's, and

William grant to ner of Halfamston, Essex, esq.

William Aylemer the whole of that messuage with

a garden in the village of [Mutilated^

Dated 13 Hen. VI. Ch. 203.

HALSTED. Will and probate of James Fullerton of Halsted, co.
Essex, gent.

Will dated 25 Jan., 4 Will, and Mary; probate dated 29 March,
1693. Ch. 204.

HATFIELD-BRO AD-OAK. Philip Palmere and William Marchal
of Hatfield Regis grant to John Newton and Agnes his wife of the
same place, two messuages, 17 J acres of land, i| acre of meadow with

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