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^^ '0* queata leave for Alexander Stuart to enliat 500 men in Engbmd
againat the Muacovitea.— Latin. a a. P. fot L ^ a^.

^ 826. The BenaUof the Hanee Towne to tke came, r^noethg

Mof. le. rtititution of the gooda of the murdered Qerard Poleman to
hia brother.-^Lathi.

827. Neeoktde to Biterelarw WiniAanik. endoabg the nest
l^* 'I* paper ton Hb VLo^fn eonttderatioDi^Spaniah.


e AnUMop Abbot dtted Aof. 4. 163s.

f . Loid POwifieo yft wot om of tbo CmmMemn i» fbt flMtstai of
psBiUltCor. 800 AfohUTi Irldi P^offtgt^ ▼. «7i.

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London, Nov, 13. Rspresentatton by Necdalde of th& in^ |eS8i •
tendons of ih$ Emmror and Kinp ofS/yain relative (o
the peace of the Empire and the affairs of the Palc^ *

tinate. The object of the Duke of Feria'e army in
Germany boins aolcly to drive tlie foreija;nere from the
Empire, Hia Majesty is invited to join in alliance with
them, the proposed restoration of the Prince PAHitine
being likely to be much facilitated thereby, lias no
express orders at present to present this invitation^
the Cond^ d' Onate having not yet arrived, at Vienna
to conclude the treaty between the two Powers them*
selves. — Spanish. CL 8. F. toL L p. n*

SS8. Secretary Wlndehank to Mr. B. Leander, olim John WkUiMI«

Bkidmorct alias Jones, formerly Fellow of St. John's College, '^'^

Oxford, now a Benedictine monk, giving him His Majesty's

leave to return to England.

TbiM Cppicfl^ one a Roagli Ditvght bj WlndeUnk, itatlsf that ItsfS li
fifen I17 the Aichbithop of Ciiiitcmr7*t intcroeiiloii.


829. Prodamation aeainst proselytising and attending mate Nt la*s.
publicly by Roman Catnolies.

Rough Drsasht by Windtbask. CI. 8. P. fol. I p. ;i«

830. Fatker Philip {ike Queen'e Confeeeor) to Secretary NoMa
Windebank. Has spoken to the Queen in the matter of

Mr. Fisher's Patent

331. A Petition of the Resident of Brain to His Mi^esty, No Ma
that justice may be done in the case of Powell and Newmant
alleged by him to be guilty of piracy in the West Indies.

CopyfHUMMt aisnalttro.

332. Two Ment-RcUe of Little Marlow and Medmenham i*||.
Rents due (to the Crown f) Ladyday and Michaelmas 1633.

333. Anewer hy^ Secretary WindAank to NeeetaWe Paper lM3-4i
of Nov. 13/14, requiring as the conditions of Hb Maiesty^s en« Jaa.|i«
tering the proposed mgne that the Prince Pabtine be publicly

Cmonnced free of the ban issued against his father, tnat the
wtr Pabtinate be at once restoredi and means thought of
for the ftituro restitution of the Upper PilaUnatt and the
Electoral dignity. Oopy.

EadoraaJbjWlBdabsok. CL8.V.?ol.l.p.7e.

834. Seeretary Whdebani to Mr. Heptm. Excuses hb Mb.ifc
Unrred manner of writing. Directs him bow to answer the
Spanieh objeetioae to the foemitiiig aOowed in England for

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108t-4. ib0 aenrice of the States. It ie a custom m old m Elizabeth's
time^ and open to the Spaniards eauallv^ with the Hollanders.
Forwards tooo/. of arrears. If tne Infant Cardinal be re-
oalled from Milan, His Majesty will be wilUng, on reouest, to
eonvej him, in his fleet, to Flanders. Drangkt.

Bj^Winaebtiilu CLP.P.voLl.f.7a.

>^i& 8SS. Secretary Winddankto Mr. HopUm. Narrates the pro-

^ gross of events from the Embassy of the Abbot de Scaglia to

Sropose a league with Spain against the States. Though the
wedes have taken from Spain and Bavaria the whole of the
Lower Palatinate, Necokdae has constantly protested against
any treat v with them, notwithstanding His Majesty^s declara*
, tion that he will not preiudide the Emperor thereby. Neoolalde

has also a grievance auout the ship of sugar broucht by the
Hollanders as a prize into Plymouth, and adjudged to them
b^ the Admiralty. He is now however grown wiser and de-
sires to renew the assurance given to Lord Cottington of the
restitution of the Palatinate. His Majesty dcMures to check
the suocesa- of the Hollanders by assisting^ Spain with a hrm
fleet, under pretext of the vioktion of his narbours by the
hostilities or the Hollanders and Dunkirkers. The motion
however must come from Necolalde, and Hopton must shaoe
his course accordingly, representing^ the ereat offers made oy
France, on condition of r^linquismng the Spanish Alliance.
Encloses a copy of Necoblde^s paper of Nov. 13th. Copy.

By Windebuik. CL 8. P. toL L p. 74.

SS6. Mr. Hopton to Secretary Windeiank. Congratdates
^ ^^™ ^^ ^ promotion to his present pbioe*, and tlutnks him
, ^ for the money sent. CL8.p.foLi.p.So.

S37. The $am$ to the eame. Has endeavoured to force from
the Oond^ Duke an acknowledgment of the news communi-
cated in Windebank's last despatch, and has complained of
the interruption of trade by Spanish men-of-war in^ the
Channel. In an audience of the King has urged the seizing
the present opportunity. Has delivered the enclosed paper,
and thinks they will accept the offer. It is bootless to tell
them of remote conveniences; they will always consider the
interests of the Duke of Aivaria, and wiU greatly presume
upon any partnership. Advises therefore that the fleet be
fitted at His Msjestv^s sole cost NecoUde is more moderate
in bis letters than his wordi» and the Spaniards cannot be
aeeosed of want of jostice. In OypUr.


^ It 4ott Ml sppssr wbsl tUt sIMm Is.
8lslssaJ«Mi|,ti|i. ass LssTs DJity, and B■■l l w u■^l ^ fst M« p. ijfi

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March 1 8. Mr.TIi^im to the Cande Duke, proposing to 168i»
station a fleet in the Channel, to be paid in part by
the King of Spain, and then to propose a peace to the
Hollanders. — Spanish* In Cypher.

ThrM Copies, one endorsed by Mr. Hopton, end two endorsed br
Windebuik. CI. 8. P. toI. I. p. 85, dete not printed.

S38. The eame to Lord Cotttnoton. Refers him to his de- April f.
spatch to Windebank. The business is in danger to miscarry
by the humours of two Spanish ministers vmo will hardly
mend, though ^und^ as tney are^ in the mortar of misfor^
tunes. There is little speech now of the Infant CardinaPs
return. There will be 20,000 men in Milan this year under
command of the Marquis de Leganes.

CI. 8. p. ToL I. p. 87, date wronglj printed.

SS9. An Extract from the last, in Windebank's hand, with No dais,
an immaterial sentence which does not occur in the former

S40. Afotitei and Iteasone to he qfered to Hie Maketft for a M»y tt.
distinction between $uch Recu$ant$ a$ voluntarily tale the Oath
of Allegiance with a raolved conscience of the lawfulneee
thereof and euch other a$ either oppoee the eame^ or take the
eame with a temple of conscience^ making distinction between
religion and loyalty, and contending that the laws against
Becusant« are only to punish disloyalty*

Endorsed bj Windebank as delWercd by Mr. Howard. CI.8.P.T0I.I.P.89.

841. Necolalde to His Majesty, entreatins his attention to London,
his arguments in the matter of the CaraTafhiden with sugar. ^'*X '^
— Spanish. CI. 8. P. ? ol. I. p. 99.

842. Mr. Hopten to Secretary Wind^nl. ^ Has nothing to Madrid,
communicate but the good-wiU of the Spanish people to His ^*T **•
Majesty, ct 8. P. yoL L p. 93.

343. The same to Lord Cottinyton. Condoles with him on Madrid,
his great loss. Will account for the pictures which have mis- ^"7 tt.
earned. Wishes an allowance of loof. a quarter for secret
service. Cl. 8. P.^yoI. I. p. 94.

844. The same to Secretary Windehank. The galleons of
Terra Firma under Don Antonio Oouendo are gone. Great
forces are collecting at Biscay and Navarre, and there is
some probability of a rupture with France. The Marquis of
Leganes is arrived at Milan. The Genoese disavow the peace
made for tiiem bj the Cardinal Infimt with the ^Doke of

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1684. Savo;. The King of Denmark's eon is to marry the Elector
of Saxonv's daugliter. The Duke of Arscot is still impri-
soned. The English prisoners at Cadis and seventeen at
SeTille have been set at liberty. Don Joan de BenavideSy
General of the Armada which the Hollanders took five veam
since, has been beheaded at Seville. (kfy.

Endondl bj hhnielt CL 8.P. foL I. App. p..tiiiL

y«^_ 846. Beer^tary WindAank to the Lwd Trtawrer {Portland^

'"*'^' His Mak)st]r desires that the whole business be communicated

to the Council next Sunday, and that Lord Cottington^ the

Lord Treasurer, and Windebank, meet Necolaldo at once and

enter into treaty with him*.

No dit«^ eodoned b? tb« Eul of PtetlMid u recdTod Juno (Ul


Bolriim S46. The Lwd Ikmiy {Wadwwih) to Lard MwnUNwrii,

^■^ *?• Christopher Wmdeeford, E$^. {Master of the Rolls], and Sir
George Raddiffe, Kni., appomting them a Commission to exa-
mine into the amount or the fees taken by his Secretaries.



847. Prince T%omas (o/Satoy) to Hie Majesty. Sends assu-
^^'^ >^ ranees of his gratitude and respect by Capt. Fulvio Pergamo,
his private Secretary. — French. ci. 8. P. toL L p. 96.

348, Mr. Ilopton to Secretary Coke. Two taxes have been
imposed— onc*eiffhth of all wine usoil in the town, and one*
twenty-fourth of all that is sold in the kingdom of Castile
hy the yard. It has been the most plentiful year ever known.
. The revenues of the Crown have been nearly doubled in four
years, and expenses lessened by one-ouarter of all salaries
paid by the Crown. The Duke of Ciudad Real has reduced
Bilboa to order by putting six of the chief malcontents to
death. The French Ambassador has not yet received satis-
faction, and abstains from visiting the pahice. Don Antonio
Musooso has gone as Ambassador from the Kingto the Infant
Cardinal, who.bas concluded a peace between the Duke of Savoy
and Qenoa. Levies continued to be shipped to Barcelona.

NodUto. EndorMd I7 WiDddwnk u deUrwod lo Idm by Loid Cotti^^
OB JuM ajUi. CL 8. P. voLL p. 98.

849. PetUim of Sir John St. John and Sir Edward Uun^
yerford to the Ktny^ in behalf of their nephews and nieoes,
children of the bte Sir Allen Apsleyi begging for them a
reversion which had been promised to their father. With
the King^s pleasure thereon, annexed, |^ whMsnyi burf,

^ 8lr R. Wsilsa wsi cmisi Biri or tartkMia Is 1631.

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350. Mr. Plunkett to Mr. Courtney. Has delivered to Mr. 1684.
Howard Courtney's answer to that gentleman, who desires to ^^7 6*
confer with Mr. Preston, from whom and from Mr. Withring-

ton he had chiefly drawn his book. CL 8. P. ? ol. i. p. loo.

351. Mr. Anthony Fletcher to Alderman Venn, concerning the RotitidMB^
ship Thomas belonging to the Merchant AdventurerSi which ^^J 9>
has been seized by a Hollander man-of-war. Copy.

Endonod hj Wlndobank.

Jslj II.

352. Secretary IVindelank to Mr. Ilopton. The Question of
the sugar-ship has been decided in favour of the Hollanders,
but costs awarded to the Portuguese, as a favour to the King
of Spain. He is to represent the iubtice of this course, and
the tinfriendly behaviour of Necolaldo in this and other
matters. Also to hint at the offers of Prince Thomas, the
league between France and Sweden, the powerful fleet of the
Hollanders, (being twenty sail in the Channel, of which the
Admiral is of looo tons with flfty-flve brass ordnance,) and
the consequent importance of His Majesty^s friendship. Has
received from Necolalde copies of intercepted letters oetween
Richelieu, the Prince of Orange, and the States Ambassador,
with propositions to surprise Dunkirk and Gravelin without
the knowledge of England and Spain. Gerbier writes from
Druftsels that the Abbot Scaglia nas made overtures similar
to those of Prince Thomas, but holds Necolaldo unflt to be
employed in such treaty. The Hollanders have taken English
ships trading to Dunkirk, and profess their determination to
confiscate all traders with Spanish subjects.

Also a rough dnug ht of iho tamo. CL 8. P. ?oL I. p. 103.

353. Extract of a Letter from Sir John PenningUm, men*
tioninff that some French gentlemen from the French Am-
bassador have been suspiciously observing the English ship«
ping, having come from London to Dover in light horsemeni
and his anxiety as to their intentions.

354. A Paper of the Forms of Address proper to the NoMib
different foreign Princes.

July 14*

355. Minnie by Secretary Windebank of an interview with
Necokddo held at Boehampton. His Majesty is content to
defer farther treaties of restitution if the ban be taken off.
Neeolalde^s answer that it is not in his mastor*s poweri but
that the Oond< d* Oiiate hM been sent to solieit it. He hM
power to oontrnet for the monqr requisito to ftimish the pro-
poeedfleei a 8. P. veil, ^ id


Digitized by



856. Mr.HcpUm to SeerMarf Windebank. The Spanwrdf are

Yj^ backward in accepting His Majesty^e oflTer either becauae the

^^ ''* league between France and Holland hat dcetroyed their hope

of iucoeMi or becaiiee thejr have not moimr enough. Neoo*

lalde^i claim of interference iii the aflBiir of the eugar-ehip ii

extravagant Ol.8•P.foLL^loe.

S67. Th$ ioim to ik$ $am0. Defends his conduct in having

^ '7* ddivered to the Oond< Duke his paper of March iSth^ which

expressed nothing more than a proposition between the Lords

of the Oounoil and the Spanish Resident, a a P. fsLL ^lo|«

Jilr II. 888. A ifinnU ^ Chnneit, authorixing a writ to bo issued

to SheriflRi and Mayors, to divide the six months* payment (of
the^ contribution for the Queen of Bohemia?) into two ouar^
terly payments. Copy.

Msdrli 880. Mr. IToptan to Secntary WMebank. The Cond£ Duke

^slf ta* has informed him of the intercepted letter of the Prince of

OrangCi and has conversed with him on the decision in the

matter of the sugar-ship. a8.^voLLAp^^xB3dr•

Dtblla 860. Pelition^Sir Charlto Oooto to th Lord Deputy {W^nf^

SSf^i. ^^rth), against sir Rowland do la Hoyde (l), who tias usurped *
^ *" the office of Collector of Omipositions in the county of Clare.

861. {(Hd) Art%cl4$, by v^hieh the Agremtni or oeeret Cajn^

JJlJj hilttiion coneertnnff th armtnff of the Fleet by IIi$ Majesty of

*^ ''* Oreat Britain may h equally Mettled. When the ban is taken

olf| twenty ships to be armed by England, of 400 tons at

the leasti Ave to be at the charge of the King of Spain.

The Spanish King to make reparation for depredations by

Biscaynersi Dunkirkers, and other his subjects on the coast

, of England; and to provide a kMtn of aoo,ooo crowns to»

wards the expenses of England. The ships to put to sea

bf the beginning of September, and agi^n in the beginning

ef April.

> Coelffi iwA Hi ftmiili, **u thtf wtie Mtnttd bj Mr. Hsiitoa Is
lbs kins of Bpshir ess with as artkls omltttd, and om lifnsdf bj lbs
lUtit,wHblbspff«softbswsid«*OM'*lQblibsiid. AlMlbwfo«|b
drMuibU bf WMtbsiik sf psrti sT tbs ArlMivsM Hi HMisiab sM
BsfiUi. a.8.P.fsLl.^l09.

Mtf tl. 868. NeooUUU to Lord (kUington. Requests in menacing
language the 4000/. promised towards the costs of the Poi^
tugueee In the coit aboul the cngai^ipi^-^Spanish.|.

Digitized by



863. A Paper of Nooolaldei containing tho points inmsted 16M.
on by him in tho Secret Treaty (all which are mentioned in ^^ tl.
Secretary Windebank'f subsequent letter to the King of

Aug. 8.) — Spanish. . ^

864. M%nuit9 relating to the same Articles. — Spanish. No.Ms.

S65. Mr. Hopton to Secretary Coke. The Queen is with Jily.
child. Nothing is spolcen^ of but the Infant Oardinal's
loume^. He will march with 24,000 men. The Dulce of
jSavana refuses to join his forces with tho King of Ilungaryi
and is suspected of a loagtie with Franco. Tho attempt to
make the war a war of religion has oflunded tho Protestant
forces of the Emperor so nuich that the pretence Is with*
drawn. A fleet is preparing at Lisbon for remambuco, with
Don Frederick do Toledo as Gcnerali much against his will|
Don Philip de Silva being declined by the Portuguese, llie
Duke of Arscott is still under restraint. Satisfaction has
been given, to the French Ambassador. Copy.

Eodoned bf hloMelfi tod Um date '*Mf* bj Wlndebank.

CL 8. P. f oL 1. p. 107.

866. Tk$ oame to Secretary WindAani. Taylor has arrived. iCadrMi
Has conversed with Secretary Camero about the sugar-ship, As|. y«
and pointed out the impossibility of His Majesty's interfering

with the sentence of a Court of Law.

CL8. F. voLl.p.115.

867. Secrdary IVindebani to ITU Me^jeety. Forwards a Ai«.l.
copy of tho new Articles, the alterations having been required

by Necolalde, who has refused to be screwed higher than
accooQ crowns. Comments upon the alterations, to which
be is faiclined to agree. a a P. toL l. p. ii|.

868. (New) Artieke hy which may he eettled the armifUf iff a
Fleet 0/ twenty Shipe hy Hie Mq/eety ^ Great Britain with M# Awf. ti.
aeeietanee of the Kintf of Spain. The important differences
between these and tlie last Articles are the omissions of the
condition of the removal ot the ban, the charge of five ships
vpon Spaiui and the claim for reparation of depredations.

TveCsplii, lifiisd bf ths Kto|. ens wHh lbs puis sf lbs wsf< «'Ntw**
la his bsad. Aus s drisiat, sad two sopM la Ipsalsb, mbir, la
WlidtUak*tbsad,witbbtoeimsadKtSBli&*>sitwstioBS. '^


860. Mr. ffcplem to Becretarw Wlndehmk. ^ The Cond< Msdrld,
Dnko win not be dmwB to speak of the MigftMblp bosineiSi ^^'l*

Digitized by



but bd doet not think it ii muob talcra to betrt Prinoo
Thomaf's Seorttarv hM Mrriredi but ndther ho nor bii p^pari
are muob ettoeoieA.

Two Coplett OM la eyplMr. Ci 8. F. fol L ^ IIT*

870, Mr. HcpUm to SeerHa$y Windihmi. Praises Mr.
tj* Taylor. Necoliude baving eonoealsd his ordors from Spain
has put all things at a dsMi fault. If Windebaok^s son oono
abroadf be will mmish bim wiA a ssnrant» and assist bbn in
his trarels,

Matfi 871. Mifmtm 9/ a De$paiek ^/Bemtary WituUhmk to ffi$

• Muffttty. Bo has coromuhioatcd to the Resident the King's
alterations in the Artiolesi at which he seemed much troubled^
and said he durst not agree to them. His objections are
detailed at lenffthi and are in substance exactly the same as
those expressed in Neoolalde's subsequent paper of Aug. %6.

Batoiidl bfWfaidtbsBk.

Ifo *ils. 871 (i\r#tMf<) Artidm, including

Madrid, Oct f 8, 163a. NieohWi Pouf$r$firm th King
^ Spain to conclude the treaty.— Spanisk Copy.

CwtUM Kj Nfookld^ tad drtad Ais. iS, 1634*

Powm h Lordi Pwfhnd and CMindtm and Sir F.
Wind^nk from His Mi\|aaty to treat with Necokdde.


And differing from the former Articles In the wording of some
passages, in requiring tho loan to be paid in two or three
months' time, and in delaying the sailbg of the ships till the
next year.

Dnragbl Vj WindebMlL eorreetod Vj III* Kbif. and tndontd. "NiwttI
ArHcK" with Om praSi qf Om mt&M, «M hold «o iiraunbto SttMl,*'
la hit hiuid. CL Si F. foL I. p. itt.

Ai*. ft. 878. y0colatd$ to Secrolary Windebani, forwardbg a copy
of a speech made by the French Ambassador in the Assembly
at Frankfort^— Spanish.

hj Wlad^hMih, •'Hm Wtmdk Aaik tpmk si Ih* AmiMy si

91%. Mr.ffop^tothoamo. There is no alteratioo bi the
Aa|. lit main business, but tbsir will name a sneeessor to Veedaldi»
Mr. Taylor will return by sea la a few days.

. CL&F.filLVbtfC

Digitized by



875. Mr. Taylor to Seentarv Wind€hank. Don Franofico 1684.
de Melo It spoken of at the Ambassador to England. ^C^lridi
Mr. Hopton has provided for Mr. Windebank's Jouruoy from *•' **•
St. Sebastian to Madrid. CL 8. P. toL I. p. it ;•

876. Th4 $am0 to Lord Chttinaton. Has spoken with the Midiid«
Cond< Duke on matters of the KngUsh trade to Brazil. ^^* *^*

CL 8. P. foL I. p. nj.

877. N$colaldo to Boentary W%ni$hanh Contains his ob« Ai|.i6.
Jeotions to the alterations in the last Artiolos. Desires that

all prises brought into English ports bjr either side should be
restored. Objects to any definite sum of money being fixed
OS yet— Spanish. a. 8. P. ? oi. I. p. i is.

878. Copy of the Alterationo in the AniioUo as proposed by NoMib
Neooblde.— Spanish.

In cjpbtTi parUf decjrplMftd by Wlndebaak,

879. Faihr Leandor to Secretary Windebank. Bespeaks Ass**^
his favour for the bearer, and the eontinuanee of his pro«
teetion to himself. Eneloses the next paper, with the direo*

tions of Father ReadOi Procurator at Itome of the English
Benedictide monks. a 8. F. ? d. I. p. i tS.

880. London, July xa. Father I^ander to Cardinal BentU
togliot of ecclesiastical affairs in Kncland, Explains the
controversy about the Oath of Allegiance, Justifying His
Mdesty's intentions, and quoting passages irom the book
against the oath, offensive to the ruritans. Why should not
the Pope^ who writes to the Paffans of India and the schis-
matics of Abyssinia, write to His Majesty, expressing hie
interest in him» and regretting that the doctrine of the aepo«
sition of princes should have been promulgated in Engkindt
Advises that the Bishop of Chalcedon^ be not sent bock to '
Ensland, and that it will be dangerous to send hither any
Bishops with foreign jurisdiction, the Irish and Scotch being
sufficient for Oonfirmation.^Latin« Copy.

d. 8. P. vol. I. p. 119.

881. Thomae WUliam$ to the ArMUkop iff Cantef^ry Pid%
ILaud). Narrates two notable controversies debated at A«i.|s»
Rome, one between the English and Seminary Priests about

the Bishop of Chalcedon, and the other between English
and French Gapuchine about missions to England and Soot-
land. The Seminaiy Priests contend thai a Jiishop is neoec-

«» MdMidrflBltlL «s wss iHiihiiiil mi IfHimi si Wi^ssfh la i<ft,
Iss Bsplsi vsL M. pb sf&i


Digitized by



1084i larjr for ConftmiAtioiii for proteotinff monejrf left to poor
Catholics but appropriated by the Jetuiti, and generallV to
restraia the abuses of Jesuit oonfessors. The Jesuits aenr
the necessitjTi and object personally to the Bishop of Chaf-
eedon. There is now a good opportunity to drive the Jesuits
out of the realm. Thev have grown to such power in forty
years, that they have doiljr in their oollem 550 young students
of the best Papist families in England^ each paying 30/. or
40/. yearly. Tnev have also 200JQ06I. or ^300,000/. yeariy in
rents ; they numoer 360 of their order, with Rectors in each
countyi ana a Provincial over them} Uiey raise persecutions
against the priests while they escape themselves; and are
deadiv enemies to the state and religion. Friar Joseph is
the chief mainspringi endeavouring to get a French Capuchin
appointed Queen's confessor, filling the country with French
fnars, and having obtained that no Engliili <Hr Scotch Capu*
chins be allowed to visit the couniry. XMy intend to educate
the Queen's children as Papists.

AbftfMt, Mdoned bj VHndilMiik. CL 8. F. voL L p. 138.

lUdrid, 88S. A/r. ffantan to Sedrttary Windehani. Don Francisco

8«P^»* de Irassoi Conq^ de Humanes, is the new Ambassador to
England. Though he is of good understanding and has suffl*
dent knowled|[e, there is nothing whereof we need be afraid.

CL 8. P. foL L p. 143.

If^drU, 888. iff; Tojilor to th $am. Of the recall of Necolalde,* and the new Ambassador. CL 8. P. vol L p. 144.

UtdrUt 884 Powen from the King of Spain to Neoolalde to act in

^^ •• the Secret Treaty.— Spanish. Copy.

In WindebMik't handf and •ndoned hr him. In tabijtnnee this
Jt the tamo ai thoM printod m CL 8. P. foL L p. las.

885. Mr. Taylor to the Lord TVeoiunr (Portland). Has
*^ "' represented to the Cond^ Duke that the Infant Cardinal must

not in his passage to Flanders disturb the Count Palatine in
the possession of his countryi to which the Cond^ has agreed.
Has pressed thereupon that the King of Hungary and the
Duke of Lorraine obiservo the same respect. The Duchess of
Mantuay Ursino Duke of Brachiano^ the Prince of Subruo
nephew to Paul V., and the Cardinal of Polonia are expected.
Humanes is to leave on the 15th.

AbotndbjWiadobMk. a 8. P. foL L p. 143.

886. Mr. ffopton to Beerdary Wtndehnk. Gives reasons
Oflt. It. for the request with reference to the Infiuit Cardinal's march

through the Palatinate. aap.foLLVMT.

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Oat II.

887. Mr. Hoptim to ih$ Lord Treasurer ^Portland). The 16M.
French Ambaasador and the. Nuntio continue their secret H'ff'^
negotiationfl with the Condd Duke, but the treaty is not

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