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^^^^ named English Ambassador. His character is that of a
very gallant gentleman, but somewhat hasty. The Pope has
named Cardmal Zaneti L^te for the meetinj; of Plenipo-
tentiaries to be held at &>nstance to negotiate a peace.
The Spaniards are more inclined to peace, because they
hear that the Treaty with the Duke of Saxonv is not very
sure. The complaints of the armadorto in Spain are un-
reasonable and oreed much mischief. The East India peace
is well received in Spain and Portugal, so far as it can be
without knowledge of the conditions. CL 8. P. toL L p. 343. «

gsMI, 888. Tk$ $ame to Lord OotHngUm. Has vrritten at large

^^^^ to Windebank concerning the new Spanish Ambassador.

Nothing as yet has been heard of Lord Aston. Endoses the

004 Seville^ Oct. o. Mr. TiMol {(himd oi B$mlU) to Mr.
Hopton. WiU tnr to find a remedy for the evil eom*
fJamed of, that British ships stay so long in haiboor
afksr their nonqrs art aboard.

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555. Secretary Windehank to His Majeety, enclosing the 1686.
draught of a letter to the Lord Deputy eonoeming the Earl Wwtwia-
of Cork, and Sir Robert Gordon's ohiin to the Clerkship of q^ ,|^
the Warrants in the Common Pleas. Again dissuades the
employment of Captain Brett; (to which the King's answer
is, '' If I may trust oaths, he is mine as much as I can expect
any Papist to be/') Original.

With the King^t Mitwen'on etch point written In the mtrgin.

CI. 8. P. ToL L p. 348.

656. Mr. Taylor to Lord Cottington. The Cardinal Infant is Oenep,
leaving for Antwerp. Bahin^on has arrived with forces before ^^ *'•
Limburg. The French retreat from Mayence was not so
disastrous as rei)orted, and Creutznach is not yet yielded.

The Hollanders^ are parleying with the Spaniaras, and are
thought to be willing to make truce.

657. Captain Shaw to Secretary Windebant. Piccolomini OMitp»
has sent Mr. Taylor to the King of Hungary. Two Copiee. ^^ •••

Appeiently tent hj difleient routes.

558. Mr. Hoptm to the $ame. The Cond^ d'Onate will not Madrid,
start till March. Mr. (Christopher) Windebank is well, but ^^^^
apprehensive lest the troubles in Italy should prevent his
passing through that country. a. & P. toL L p. 34^

559. Secretanf WindAank to Hie Majeely, with Captain Weti-
Brett's instructions, and reauesting for himself a safe warrant '^^'^
under the King^s hand in the matter, as being so full of peril.
Has freed on bail sundrv Roman Catholic Priests at the
Queen^s intercession and the King's verbal warranti which he
now asks should be written. Forwards the Lord Tunbridge^s
complaint of the Lord Deputyi and entreats His Majesty to
interfere in his favour ; f whichi in answer, he expresses himself
unwilling to do). Taylor^s statements about Piccolomini'a
good-will to England are oonfirmed by Captain Shaw. The
Treasury is extremely low, and the Commissioners* take no
steps to replenish it, which he conceives to be the mein dutv
of a Treasurer. Original.

Wlth<hsKiiis'tSBmnla<hs«si|ia. CL8.P.fsLLp.35S.


560. Secret Inelructione /or Cmtain Arthur Brett^ eent to ^.

Jtome by our deareet Oeneort the Qwfen. Not to meddle with ^j^"^

religioas matters. Onl^ to style himsdf the Queen's servant. ^^^^
To represent the lemeney shown to Roman Catholics in

Loid Jortlisrs dtsth i

Mk is i<34, tiM oAos sf Tnmmm wmhe^

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England. To oloar oil mitunderstandinfia oonoorning the
Oatn of AllogianoOi and to moke thorn understand that the
Enfflish lloman Oatholici groan under the burden laid on
their eonioiencea by the Pope'a briefs and eensurea against
It To press for exemplary punishment of Gourtena^, other«
wise the Kinff will execute the rigour of the law against hioL
* The Kinff wiU never hare a Roman Bishop in Enpand, as a

foreign jurisdiction within the jurisdiction of tiie Church of
England* To get the Jesuits recalled from Englandi or the
King roust put the penalties of the law in force aeainst them.
To roake orertures conceminff the restitution of the Prince
Palatine. To find out about tne Kingof Poland's rumoured
marrioffe with an Italian Princess. To advise with Father
Wilford Bead, Procurator of the Benedictines.

OfiMdMiddAtodlyftlieKiiif. a 8. P. foL L p. 354.

^p^ 061. Mr. Tafht to Secretary Windehani. The King of
^^^ Hungary is going towards Vienna. Piccolomini has shewn
him very great courtesy. The Imperialists have taken
Sibui^. rrankendale cannot hold out long. Uncertain
rtimours about a Treaty between the Duke of Saxony and
Oxenstiom. a a. P. toll p. 346.

568. Mr. ffaptim to tk$ $am$. The Spaniards have nomi-
^^* '• nated their Commissioners and have a jrood inclination for

Ccci which the Emperor also desires. The Cond^ de Sobre
been sent on an Embassy to conciliate the King of
Poland. CL 8. P. vol. 1. p. 349.

IMrM, 063. The eame to Lord Cottinffton. The King of Hungary

'^* '* has been dangerously ill, but is said to have recovered*

CL 8. P. voL L p. 350.

VMUbffl^ 564. Mr. Taylor to Secretary Windehni. The plague has

'^'^ made dreadful ravages throughout the Palatmate. In

Heidelberg there are said to be not fifty burghers left. The

Treaty between the Duke of Saxony and the Swedes broken

off. CL8.P.volLp.|5t.

UsMi, 568. jt/r, ffoptoi^ to the eame. The Marqius de Le|pines

>^* 9* has embarked at Barcelona. The Nuncio has had an mter*

view with the Kiog about the treaty of peace» which goes on

fairly, but great preparations are being made for a sharp war

next year. a8.p.voLLp.337.

Msf . 9. 566. Father Loander to the earn. Beimr so near death, he

lecommends his brother Benedictines to Hk MaJesty^s (kvoor,*

and rsquesti protection for Mr« Price.

^ '^ aa.p.vii.LM(s^

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507. In$1rt(ction$ to the Lord Seitdamore^ our Amba$$ador U8S.
niidina with our pood Bi'ofher the French King. To roproiK^nt JfW**WI»
that the restitution of the Palatinate conooms France more **
than Endand. To remind him of his oath at the confedera-
tion of Heilbronn not to make peace until the liberties of
Germany were re-established/ To induce him to restore
Lorrain to the Dukoi on condition that the Emperor restores
the Prince Palatine. If the Emperor refuse this, England
will join France in the war. To declare to the Kin^ the
strange conduct of his Ambassador Extraordinary in refusing
to receive this proposition. Tuso Oopite.

Ont bj WIndebtnk. CL S. P. vol 1. p. |9«.

568. Mr. HopUm to Lord Cotttnpton. The Gond^ is well Madrid,
pleased with the state of the war m Germany and Italy» but ^^^' '^
would not refuse a good peace. a 8. P. toL i. p. 358.

BGO. Mr. Taylor to Secretary Windehanh Has had an Nortlnftiii
audience with the King of Hungary. The afluirs of the M<^«<>«
Palatinate are likelv to l)e put in the same state as before
the wars with Sweden. The French are reported to hare
retired to winter quarters. ci. 8. P. vol. 1. p. bbS.

870. Lord Aeton to the $ame. Has had audiences of com- MsdHd,
pliment ^ith the Kine, Queen, Prince, and Cond^ which latter ^^v* H«
told him often that Wat Aston was very welcomct speaking
it like an Englishman. Windebank's sons are well.

Cl. 8.F. ToLl.p.|64.

571. Lord Mount-Norrie to the Kiny, entreating an audience Dvbllai
to submit certain propositions concerning the Customs in Ire- ^^v* •&
land, and enclosing the next paper. CL & p. ?ol. L p. 361.

572. A Note 0/ the dear ProJUe o/the Cuetome 0/ Ireland to
the Farmen/or tke three yean from Lady-day 1632 to
Lady-day 163C1 being respectively 4951/. as. 6c(.|
8373A I3t. ioa.| and 20,019/. ^y* ^*


579. A Propoeal to Ilie Majeety eonceminy the Ouetoine of Neiils.
Ireland^ oflering 6000/. a^vear more rent than the Duchess
of Buckinriiam pays, or, ii no fiirther restraint be made than
now, Sooot. a-year more.

Indoned hf Windebtfik, •«8lr JsoMt Odkimy.** a 8.P. foLL M6e.

61^ Mr.lhrcyUPryH^eale to BieMineelf about th Cuetome Vote^

ef Irdand^ that the farmers bo required to give up their

leaeee, and make returns of th^ goods exported and imported

sinee Lady-daj 1639.

- ' llfWIiidtMk. ail.P.foLl.p.44*,

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16M. 076. lUoim huwMy ^ffkr^ to HU Moit BxeOUnt Mqfeilf

MtMti /^ to ro^aaumo tko CwUom and Lio€no$$ of Ireland ifUo B%$

rojfol kaiuli lattiog forth th« profits ond probable increoM of

tilde. TwoCopim.

OMlaWtodtlwiik'tohMd. CLn.f,vA.lf.4^

th Mi. 570. Romomhrofioii touehinf th lUvonm ^frohndf ptittin|
the eiibeidiee at 308,946/.: the King's rerenue for 1637 u
49|Ooo/. I the King's whole oharge at 62fioot. i and his debts
In Ireland at 73,000/. Proposes that the debts bo paid,
300,000/. of the subsidies be appropriated, and the rerenue
laised at least 10,000/. per annum.

PiHI)rlilir.D»rqr*ilMui'« aaiP.vol.l.^44i«

MMi. 577. ImproHmmiio to U mad$ in Inlhrnd; setting the sum
(0 be gabled by re-assumption of the Customs at 58,000/. per
annum. ZWoCi^.

laDiNj'faiidWIiiMMk'fbMdf. a a.P.?oLL^448«

ItsMa 078. Mr.I>arejf$ PropoMht to (krm the revenues of Ire*
land at an Increase of i3«ooo/. per annum 00 the present
rent, and to make yearly returns of profits.

i by WiidtWnlr, Cka P.foLl.p.444,

WUHMI^ 079. Warranit to Sir Robert Alton (Seeretary of the Court

Nsf. •<• of Requests) to use the Privy Seal pro tmjporo on the death

of the Chancellor, Viscount Savage. Oppjf.

itoUL 080. Mr. ffopton to 8oer$tarf WlnMtmk. Praises Lord

llsv.ll. Aston greatly. Don Suero de Qubiones has *' played the

Cde^' with him, and sold the omure of LuguettOi which
wever may be re-bought for 7 cl Mr. Wfaidebank Is w^.
and win set out to Italy in MaroL


IfdML 081. 2!bi0Nisla£or«/Co<f6i^<sii^praIsliwLordAs^

Vm*^ begghig for money due to Umself. aa.p.voLLM6s.

fiSt. Lord Alitor to BoerolMrpCkh^mMk an aeeount" of Us

first finrmal audience of the King. Copp.

Ms MS| no>ibl| omhmi li Hoflos*> pfsiloci lillw ts WMskmlu

088. Tk$ Htm h L0rd CMMib of his audience of the
Cond^Duke. * ^

Ho 4/0$, p v kM f ■i Ji p fMyi e g Ifcc p isi k m hHw.


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584. Mr. Tayhr to Secretary Windebani. The Emperor !• 168S.
oat of town. There is a rumour that the Swedee and the ^f^^
Duke of SaxoAjr are agreed. as.P.toi.l.p.|68, ^^*^*

085. Lerrf Aitan to tk$ $atM, promising a detailed aooount liidrld,
of his eeoond audienoe with the King. Dta ^

No iddmi, but endorMd bj Wladebtnk.

586. Hfr. Tayhr to the eame. Hat had an audience with TitBMi
the Emperor. Pressed him on the subieot of the Treaty ^^^
with the Duke of Sasony, and informed nira that the King

was ready to enter into the propounded league with Spain
and himself for tlie defenoe of the hereditary oountries and
restitution of the Duke of Lorraine. Presses for money.

Orifliiily sii4 alio s dnpUotts copj of llio priaoiptl ptri

CI i. P. vol. I. p. |09.

587. The $ame to the $ame. The news that the Prinoe VImis,
Pdatine is in England has shown them that the King is 1^"«
determined to take a party. They neither hops nor appr^

bend muoh from the Kmg of Poland. The proposition ot a
general Treaty is now a game grown eold, nor does the Pope
muoh incline to it. Again presses for money. Has heard
flrom Secretary Coke that His Majesty expected his retunt
before this, which was impossible.

With the f xn;>tloii of the partgrtph oonoerniBi moBejr and the pottKripl
•bout Seerotarj Coke*o Mtter.

588. Lord Atton to the eame* Has bad an audience MsML
with the King and delivered the next paper to him \ also I^H* .
with the Condi Has found in the Marquis de Mirabel
particular good affections towards His Majesty. The Condtf
affirms that the proposition which passed between Lord
FieMing and the vondi de Roca at Venicet concerning the
sati^^ing of the Duke of fiayaria with the Electorate of
Bobomia, originated with the former. Has compkined to

the Oond< of the untowMrd carriage of Necolalde in England.
Has ddiTcrtd alto a paper on the East Indian business,


580. Madrid, Dec 0. Paper Mitered ly F.$rd Atton t9
IJU Kina ^ Spain. If through Us intercesrfon the
ImperiJ baa t9 taken oO; and the Prince PakiUne
restored, His Mi^sety will eottr into aiiy confederacy
with Spain Md AnstriA m skill be rensonable.—
Spanish. Cv9.


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MM. 000. XW AttM to B^enUtTft Ooh. The French King haa
li^^ oraftntad to the TreatVi and named bia Plenipotentiariea,
''^ tt* but there ia not nmoh likelihood that Spain will do the aame.

B9\. Th0 $am to Beentarj^ WindeUtnk. The Spaniarda
nej|;leot the maritime Treaty, beoauee they have their hearta
•0 aet upon a league of greater importanoei that they hope to
include the one in the other. A Mr. Lindaay haa been there
Arom Sir Thomaa Diahington with a project for the King^a
aervice^ but ia referred to Necolalde. a t. P. voL L ^ $84.

50S. iff, Tnjflor to the $ame. A review of the miaerable
'^'l* atate of Germany. The King of Soain and the Oond<
Duke have with mat duplicity brougnt about the Treaty
with the Duke of Saxon3r, who waa aunpoaed to bo firm
in the matter of the Pabtinate. The Duke ia now ready to
make peace with the Swedea, who will not however so easily
quit the footing they have gotten in Germany. The Gennan

£rincea have no sreat mind to the war with France. Spain
I too weak to heipi the Pope watchingto play them a Mck
for Naplesi Pohma not well inclined, Denmark likelv to be
angered by the lose of the bishopric of Bremen, Holland at
war with them, the Turk threatening the border. All their
hope is in the King of England. Haa been told by a chief
minister that the Electorate is still in the p|Ower of the
Emperor to dispose of. The Duke of Uavaria since his
mairiage feeds on nothing but capona and chickens fed with
the flesn of vipers. What a child would he beget to infect
the world I Two Copim.

Cm wHhoat Um Isillwo par^snpbt of Um pifoM eopjr.

CL 8. P. ?oL L p. |7f .

508. D<m Juan do Nooolaldo to lordAtton. A letter of
I^ >^ compliment on his arrival in Spain« — Spanish.

CL i.F. fsl.Lp.4i7.

504. J(fr. Taylor to Soerotarjf WitMank. Haa had an
audience with the Emperori and delivered the iiest paper.
His Majestv^s power Is the ffreatest this day in tho whole
worldi and he is able, with ms only authority, to settle the
affairs of Christendom. Haa taken a resolved tone and let it
bo known that unlesa the whole Lower Pahitinate be brought
ti^ther again, nothing can be done. An Ambassador should
bo sent to the Duke of Saiony, who is not likely to oppoee
the businees. The Empress so much resents the King'a
denying her, from inadvertence aa he assured her, the title of

■ Digitized JDy



^Bfi^Jettyr that the bod muoh ado to hold from tears*

R p m ii again for money. 7^ (%ipj«9.

OL •• P. vol, I, p. 375 ) Um date Wlaf Hmn mliprinttd.

505* Vienna, Deo. i6. JUemortak iinrum^ qum €9 Maj€$tai0
$ereni$$imi Magnm Britannia Begu Cmtartm $um Ma*
jettaii Joannei ^Taylorm $xpo$uii. A repetition of the
ai^menta used by him in his audience as narrated in
his despatch of Dec. 6.— Latin. Three Chpiei.

Om ptrUf la cjrphtr. Bndonad l>7 WIndebMik.
CL 8. F. vol L p. 377.

896. Secretary WiniAank 1o Lord Aeton, enclosing letters Wt^
from the Queen to the Queen of Spain about a daughter of
the Lady of Falkland. Captain Porter has returned ftt>m
Dunkirk. The King is pleased to recall Mr. Hopton.


fi07. The eame to Mr. ffo/^on. A recapitulation of and W^
answer to his despatches from Oct. 20 to Nor. 9. His Majesty '^'^
recalls him in order to employ him next spring at the Diet in
GermanT. Sends a proposition of His Majesty to the French
King, which Seneterre the French Ambassador has re(\ised
to receive. The Prince Elector is lodged at Whitehall with
an ailowance of j^o/. per diem. The French Ambassadors
refuse to give him the title of Elector, but only Abeeee
Palatine. Necokilde has given hun his full Utlc. Thanks
bun for his care of his son. Draught.

Ib Wiadebtok't hud. a. S. F. foL I. p. 389.

098. Mr. Hopton to Secretary Winiehank. Character of the
Cond^ d^OnatCi who has always been an op^oser to the l^*'*
ambition of the Duke of Bavaria. By the Spanish ministers
generally the abatement of the Duke is more studied than his
advancement by the Emperor. The journey of the Prince
Palatine to Enghind has made much noise there.


099. Th$ earn to Lord Cottington. Though he sees a good
inclination hi those of power, he is in great fear lest passioni ^^ *>•
distnisti and want of time bring all to nought


000. Lcttere Patmt ftx» His Majesty, annextog a Wan.

Prabend of Ch. Ch. to the PubHo Oratorship of the Uni- »|»^t

versityofOzford^Latin. TwoOopim. *^"'

Sot hmt% BItltty or iito CtowrilofiMr, M.

Mtisfiiotory progfess <


001. irr.FM<0fitoXsftfOb«jfid«s^ UMi.

tisfiiotorypffOffesiofthebasiiissikLordXste X>M.ti.


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1686. 602. Th Duki o/MiditM to Lml CaiHnpUm. Abriefletter
1>M.«4. ofoompliment. — Spanish. Endoned bj WiiuMMak.

603. Afr. Taylor to Secretary Windelank. Stralendoif,
Yice-Chancellor of the Empire, sent for him to shew his
eommission, which he told hiro was a4 referendum not ^UhU
potentia. They mightily apprehend the Uuke of Bavana by
reason of the election of the King of the Romans. ^ We are
certain of three voices, the Bishop of Treves they have in
their hands, Brandenberg is so near to the Palatine house
we may assure ourselves of him, the Duke of Saxony will not
oppose it, the Bishop of Mcntz owes them many obligations.^'
He is told that so as the Electorate remain in the house of
the Duke of Bavaria, he will be willing to elect a King of the
Romans. a.8.P.vol.LM87.

BLJmmif^ 604. ImtruetioHi /or our (rueiw and wdl-heloved John
]>ta so, Taylor, Eeq.. our Agent with the amperor. To deliver the

* demand for Investiture, and desire an authentic attestation
of such delivery. Not necessarily to insist upon the restora-
tion of the Upper Palatinate, but to press earnestly for that
of the Lower, or at least that it be temporarily sequestered
to some neutral Prince ; and to endeavour to win the Spanish
representatives to favour this sequestration. To press for

• the reservation of the jointure of the Queen of Bohemia^
which is the best piece of the Lower Palatinate. Two Oopiee.

Cl. 8. F. ToLL p. 403.

Hh Mil 605. Bii Majeety to ike Emperor {FMKnand). A letter to

accompany the demand for investiture. — Latin. Draught.

Bj Windsbtiik. CL 8. P. voL L p. 40t.

HeasK. 606. The Prince Elector Palatine io the $ame. A demand for

investiture of his rights, being now of full age.— -Latin. Copy.

Bf Wlndebsnk. CL 8.P. foLL p.40t.

[iftf.] 607. Mr. Chittinyworth to Mr. Lewyer, giving his reasons

for being unable to join the Church of Rome» or allow her
daim to supremacy. Ccpy.

8m CldOiBgwortli't Wsiln, p. 301.

MasK. 608. PrcpoeUione hunMy tendered to Hie Majeety hf Sir

Safer OShauyneeey, Kni., Patrick Darey, and Richard Martin,
Sept., Ayentefor the Freehotdere of me Higkneei Connty ef
OaUoay in Ireland, praying that their titles may bo seottred
to them, and their tenures bo according to tho compositions
madt with the late Qoeen Elixabeth.

iLtll«i^vsl.Lpp.4|4t4}^4M* CL8.P»voLLp.|is.

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609. ReoMoni and Motivn presented to Hi$ MajeityUgraema 1686.
eomideratiim ly the Affenta far the Freeholden of the Chuniy of No dptt.
Galway, tohereby he may le gracxouely inclined to hear and
determine their eauee here in England, and not to remand the

eame into Irdand^ alleging many preoedenU of appeal from
the Lord Deputy to the King and Privy GounoU.

Endoned by Windebanlu CL 8. F. foL L p. 365.

610. Warrant from His Majestyi reduoing the eomposition No date,
for reousano^ pdd hy Biohard Forster, Eiq.^ from %qI. to 5/.

per annum, m oonsideration of his poverty. Cbjjy.

611. Petition from Mr. Walter Williams^ a compounded No dais,
recusant to His Majestr, to hare the accusations against

him, of proselytizing and harbouring a priesti examined by
the Justices of the Peace for Monmouthsnire. Copy.

Endoned bj Wiiidebank, " B*. Grcgorio.**

612. A Letter concembg some cyphers entrusted to the Nedais.

613. Mr. Hopton to Secretary Windebank. The rupture be- No dais,
tween France and Spain goes on. The Spanish fleet under

the Marouis de St. Cms 1ms suffered great loss in a storm.

The Conm d'Humanes is learing for England. Copy.

Witliovt figottmi endoned, ''Copj of Bine to Mr. See. Windebank.**

614. A Valwxtum of the caigo of the Plate Fleet— No dais.


Endomd bj Mr. Hopton (?), '• Tbe Cargafon of tbe Pleet tbal eame this
year. 1635."

615. Petition of Francis Fana, shiiH»rpenter» a native of No dais.
Angola, and Spanish subjecti to His Majesty ajptinst Captain
Peters* a Dutchman, alleged to have usea him hardly aud
detained him in England for two and a half years without
giring him wages. Copy.

616. A Dedaraiion of muk thinge ae hate hempened to John Models.
k Drue and hie company, einee hie arrival ai TiMy. A nar-
rative of the wrongs lOleged by a Dunkirker to have been

done him by the fiUyor, and Sir John Parrott, the Vice-

617. Jfdsieftifiifasi eoncermng a proposed sale of land to Mdsisi
par a bequest of 500I. of the lato Sir Harry Shirley to tho
Oollego of Dooay, which Lord Esseii goardian to his son and

heir, will not aUow. .

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618. Mr. Tajflor to Secretary TVindebani. The Emperor «t
the King's reouest has set open the gates of his full mercy to
the Count Patatine, promising to do quicquid eeeundum puii-
Ham et diffnitatem Imperii fieri potest. The Commissioners in
return have pressed him to unfold himself, and he has given
them the accompanying paper. He hopes to get the ban
taken off and the Lower Palatinate restored. The Electorate
and Upper Palatinate must be treated of afterwards. The
Spanish ministers hang back. Tlie Prince Palatine must
come to thjs court when the ban is taken qS, but the pro-

K led marriage must be treated of warily, else the Duke of
varia will more hearen and earth against them. The
Oreat Cham of Tartary has sent nn Ambassador to the
Emperor with protestations of friendship. The Emperor has
graced Taylor with a wild boar killed by himself. Encloses
the three next papers. Two Copiee.

PurtlylncypheridecjplMrfdlyfWIiiMaak. C1.8.F.fol.l.p.394«

610. Vienna, Dee. a8, 1635. The Emperor {^Ferdinand) to
Hie Majeety. A mere general declaration of friendly
feeling. — I^itin. Copy.


690. Reeponeum Joannie TayUri 2 Jan. ad ea quee 28 Decemhr.
ipet a Dominie Coneiiiariie Ceeearem eua ifajeefatie
juerunt proj^oeita^ rcHouesting the Emperor, as an
earnest of his good-win, to remove the ban from the
Prince Palatine. — Latin. Three Copiee.

CL8.P. fol.l. p.397.

6S1 . Reeponeum Ceeearem Majntatie ad ea qua 16 DecemMe
^ Joannee Taylerue erkibuit. Notwithstanding the con-

duct of the late Palatine and his uncle in making war
and fostering the hostilities of Sweden, he has deter-
mined, at the intercession of the King and the Cardinal
Infant, to appoint commissioners to treat with Tavlor
concerning the Princes. — Latin. O^.


9em. s. 682. Secretary Windebani to Mr. TajjAoir. Answer to his

despatches from Sept. 11 to Dec. ii. The proposition which
he made of a league diould not be ventured too far, unless on
Tecy sure grounds of the entire restitution of the Prince Pala-
tine. He need not be troubled at Secretaiy Coke's mention
. of his return, and if ho has acted on it| must go back to
Vienna* Sends copiee of the demand for iii?estitart, and the
proposition made to the IVeneb King. Dram^.

lahltevnilNiUL CL t. ?• ViLI. ft^so.




623. Captain Shaw to {Secretary Windebar^?). Piooolomini 1686-6«
has arrived at Brussels. If the Spaniards do not hinder
the treaty, there will^ be no difficulty from the Emperor.
Renews bis application for a sergeant-mojorship, which
Neoolalde had before asked for him.

Jib. 3,

624. Secretary Windebank to Lord Atton, forwarding copies Jam 4.
of the demand for investiturei and tlio instructions sent to
Taylor. Thanks him for his euro of his son. Two Copiee.

In hit own hAnd. CI. 8, P. toI. I p. 414 •

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