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Books are entered in the following catalogue under the nancs of authors, when known ;-
under the initial, of the authors names, when these only appear, the last initial ben:
-under the pseudonyms of the writers, when the real names are not ascertained ; -
names of e*or. of collections ; - under the names of countries, cities, societies, or c
which are responsible for their publication. If no such name appears they are entered unde
first m rd of the title not an article or a preposition; but an anonymous work relatmg t
son city or subject is put under the name of the person, city, or subject.

in the headings of titles, the names of authors are given in their vernacular form French
surnames preceded by Le, La, or L , are entered under L; by Du or Des, under D; by d
under the name following this prefix.. In English names, the prefix is treated as a componen
part of the surname, as in De Quincey, Van Lennep. In all other languages,
entered under the name following the prefix. Foreign compound surnames are entered
first part of the name. British noblemen and ecclesiastical dtgiutonc. are ente
family names; all other noblemen, under their titles.

In headings the German diphthongs a, 6, ii, are written ae, oe, ne ; Goethe, for example,
occurs in alphabetical order before Goldsmith, not after it.

A single dash indicates the omission of the preceding heading; a subsequent dash the

of a subordinate heading. Brackets inclose words added to titles or c



Works are entered under the most specific subject; a book on the dog, for instance v
be found under Dog, not under Zoology; one on iron, under Iron, not under Mel
must be remembered" that there are often important, and sometimes the best treats on spec,
Tubjects in general works. He who wants to see all that the Library contams on Aragon
of con se consult the works enumerated under Spain as well as those under Aragon. Cross
enceThave not in general been made from these specific subjects to general ones; as the inquirer
nTsuany see without difficulty what the including subject would be; on the other hand, refer-
nces have been made very freely from general subjects to the various subordinate head.ngs to b
T ml in the Catalogue; as well as to co-ordinate and to illustrative subjects. See, for exam-
p! Jretenc: a t t he end of Agriculture (p. 32); Architecture fp. 120); Bibliography (p 249
1 col). Books containing works by several authors, or several works by the same author,
Irks on several subjects collected under a title which does not sufficiently descnbe them, have ,
Hst of their contents given under the author s name. For economy of room tin, * not usually re-
P e t wUh the subjL-entry; thus, under Arts (p. 146, 2d col.), to ascertain what "opere
B! L-ccx has written about art one must turn to the main entry under Baldnmcc, (p.


The heavy type i, used for the main alphabet of author,, subjects, and titles ;-

the enumeration of the cmtaO, of collections (see, for example, page 6,,

G. Character of Franklin. (/ Boston hook, 3d col.)

,,,. c^s are used in the secondary alphabet for the authors who about
sublet, as under Architecture, AT..K.T,. AUHUCH, As, ATK.XSO* ; so, under Cromwell,
Olvef he n" HO. Cromwell , own work,, the title, beginning ACCOST, AK, ,*,,
B "2 B..L B^r, C.K-.V.B, ,., are of ork, about Cromwell. Ota, . short sketch buefly
n B :r in this ^y, merely the name of the subject, of the author and some .nd^on where e
sketch is, being given; as, "Crespet, Pierre. N,c, M x, I. P. (/ Mem., v. 29

Tho ,, , y pe u ..,-. h,

series of pamphlet-volumes (marked A 1, A 2, A 3, B




Ed edition, editor; .<(., no date; .., no place; n.s, new series; .<.., n
,, tie page mut,la K d; ,.,,-, fle-pagc wanting; v., volume; add., conc^,,, ? , !*.

; : il.i; ^.. ^^ -*-** - * pubw Miaed * a -






Note. Typographical errors are not mentioned in the
following list, when the correct reading is obvious.
1 Aa, A. J. van der. For deelen read delen.

3 Abbott, J. S. C. For Sebastian read Stevens.

4 Abeken. For Bernard R. read Bernhard Rudolf.
6 Abrahams. Fur 1S">4 read 1844.

14 Adams, J. (,. For COLMAN read COLEMAN.
26 African colonization. For COLONIZATION read WAD-
STROM. C. B. Colonization.
36 Albanes-Havard. For A. d A. d , read pseud, for

Havard, Jean Alex.
52 Allgemeines. For 1800 read 1819.

Allin, James. Head Allen, James and add the title*

to thoxe on p. 50.
Antiquities. L nder BRASSELR DE BOLRBOURG for

Monuments read Monuments; for Sur

read Sur.

Amer. Acad. Memoirs. For 1833-61 read 183S-68.
Am. Assoc. Proc..v.2. For Chase. S. rvac/Chacc-, G. J.

Same. v. 4 6. Aft r Burnett, /<<? W. J. read W.I.

Sanif, v. 12. For Wienland, read Weinland.
1-1 American Ethnolog. Soc. For Bey read Poey.

101 Androscoggin River. For McKENE. J.. read McKEEN.

105 Animism. For See Life read See Biology.

11-J Appleton, John. !>.]>. Th<- title Lectures belongs

under Appleton, Jesse. D.I).
125 Archaeological Inst. For 1848 rtad 1848-49. 2 v.

9 Armenian kingdom. For Newman read Neumann.
143 Arrianus. De exyeditione. Eng. For Brooke read


156 Assyria. FERRARIO. G. For 1859 read 1829.
164 Atlantic almanac. For 1868-37 read 1868-73.
14 Ballou, II., Brief. For Merrill read Merritt.
Barba, A. A. For Montague read Montague.
Barbadillo, A. J. de S. For sabro read sabio.
Barbe-Marbois, F. Etat. For Dominique read Do-

Barlow, J. For NOTICE, etc., read OELSNER, K. E.

Notice sur la vie. etc.
214 Barney, M. For 1732 read 1832.
224 Bassus. Hi ad Bassus Cassianus. Geoponica, Cos-


227 Baudoin, T. Head Baudouin.
229 Bayard, James Ashton. Speech on the admission of

Kansas, etc.. ix by Bayard, James Ashton. Jr.
232 Beasley, Her. V. Kssays. For Linn, W., and others,
read Hobart, J. II.

237 Beda. Opera. For 1833-34 rtad 18*3-44.

238 Bedell, W. For CLOGG, A. read CLOGY. A.

251 Bengel, J. A. Gnomon. For Stendel read Steudel.
267 B6ze, T. de. Psalmorum Davidis. For 1500 read 1580
296 Bibliotheque, v. 12. for Inchbald, Miss E. S. read
Mrs. E. S.

Bischoff, J. Comp. hist. For 1849 read 1842.

Blackall. Head Blackball.

Blackwell, T. Inquiry. For 1786 read 1736.
319 Blumenbach, J. F. For Manual read .Short system.
For S. Lawrence read W. Laurence
327 Boivin, F. de. For de Villars read du Villars.
334 Borch, O. For Holmias read Hafnia3.
350 Boston Soc. Civ. Eng. Constitutions, etc. belongs to

Boston Soc. Med. Improv., on. p. 351.
358 Boulliau. For Bulliadus read Bullialdus.
360 Boutell, C. Arms. For 1871 read 1870.

Bouterwek. -id titl< . For History read Ilistoria
380 Bridge, li. Treatise on the three. For 1821 read 1817
404 Brunet, J. C. Manuel. For 1841 read 1814.
411 Buddha. For CATECHISM read CHU-HUNG. Catechism.
465 Canada. GR. BRIT. Purl. Debates. For 1838 read 1839
470 Canut nad Cantu.
473 Capital punishment. For CHRISTMAS, Ken. H. read


476 Carey, Matthew. Head Mathew.
479 Carlos, I ton. d. 1568. GACHARD. For 1861 read 1863
488 Casanova, Jacopo. Germ. For 25 read 28; for 7 v
read 11 v.

518 Chambers, R. Tracings. For Ireland read Iceland

519 Chancellors, Lord. CAMPBELL. For -47. 7 v. read

-69. 8 v.

544 Cheron, A. F. Read ChSron.
558 Chippeway. Lang. GALL. J. Same. For New York

read Grand Traverse Bay.

561 Chopin, J. M. For 1838-40 read 1838-42.
5fi8 For THOMAS. W. read THOMSON. W.
569 The age of infidelity, and Same. Part Z.bilonf/s to

WILLIAMS, T. Prosecutions of infidel blasphemers


571 Chronology. For PUTNAM. G. V. read PUTNAM G P
586 Cicero, fiioa. ESTIENNE, H. For Xigolianorum read

Ni/.olianorum ; for 1678 read 1578.
592 Civilization. For VERICOLR, It. de read DE VERI

>i R. L. It.

621 Collection, Seventh. For 1689 read 1688.
711 Crystal sphere. Transpone this and the, next title.


















Abbeys. After See also add Bath ; Notre Dame

de la Roche ; St. Albans ; Teviotdale.
Abbreviations. Add See also Diplomatics ; Writ
Abipones. Before Account insert Eng.; after A. add

; [tr. by Sara Coleridge].

Aborigines, lie fore Indians insert Colonization.
Addison, J. Add Criticism on Paradise lost . (In

Milton, J. Poetical works, v. 1. 1801.)
Afghanistan. Add See also Cabul.
Africa. Bibliography. Add See also Oriental.
Agassiz, L. J. It. [Various articles.] After 4 add 5.
Agriculture. After Spade cultivation add ; Waste

After Albion, ship, etc., insirt Albion, New. See

New Albion.

HASOLLE. J. After science add [by A. Dee].
Before Aliares insert Aliaga, Luis da. See Avella-

neda, A. F. de.

Alif, 3</ title, after Lane add 2d ed.
Almanacs. After Directories add Nautical almanac.
Almon, J. Insert Asylum for fugitive pieces. See


Ana. Before SANTELIL. J. de insert PEIGNOT, G.
Des livres d ana. (In his Repertoire de bibliog.
speciales. 1810.)
Ancient art. Insert GOURY. G. Recherchcs hist.

moiuinientales. Paris. 1833. 8
Anglo-Normans. Before HOUARD. D. insert BENOIST.

Chroiiique des due* de Normandei.
Apocryphal. Ik-fore See also insert Epistolas
Corinthiorum ad Paulum apost., Paul! ad Corinthios,
Armenice, Gr., et Lat. (In Moses Clwrenensis. Hist.

Liinijiiiiije. Insert CASTELL, E. Lexicon, cni ace.

grammatical deliniatio. (In hi* Lex. heptaglot. 1699.)

Architecture. See also. Before Carpentry insert

Building materials.

Armenian Church. Add See also Gregory.
Arts, Useful. Alter See, also add Printing.
Bagdad. After Bassora add ; Emirs.
Bailey, Kiah. Insert the lico titles note under Baylev,

Kiah. on p. 230.
Baratariana. Add See Brutus, pseud., and Search, H.,

pseud. Essays, a suppl. to Baratariana.
Insert Bartholomaeus Plalinensix. See Platina.
Belief. After See also insert Certainty.
GENESIS. Insert Anglo-Saxon. Genesis. Exodus,
Daniel. [Ca?dmon s metrical version.] (In Grein,
C. W. M. Bibl. angelsachs. Poesie. v. 1. 1857.)
After laxt title add Bible in Spain. See Borrow.
Bills of Exchange. Insert BELGRANO, L. T. Le
cambiale appo i Genovesi, sec. 12-15. (In Archiv
stor. Hal., ser. 3. v. 3, pt. 1. 1806.)
Biographies. BOYHOOD. After great men insert ; Thy

J. G. Edgar].

Book of ballads. Add Same. New ed. N.Y.. 1852. 12.
Boston daily courier. Add See above Boston courier
Boston daily journal. Add Note. For previous vols.

nee Boston mercantile journal.

Boston mercantile journal. Add Note. From 1835-45
called Evening mercantile journal. After Apr. 1,
1845 called Boston daily journal.
Add Bourne, Silvanus. See Dangerous vice.
British Col. Politics. After See also, etc., add New


Bucke, C. Before Xew York inntrt Same.
Burial. After Churchyards add Coffins.
Burke, E. Add Speeches on the trial of Warren
Hastings. (In Speeches of the managers. 1859-61 )
Byron, G. G. N. Aft,r Werner, etc., add Note. The
plot, characters, and even the language of this play
are taken from Harriet Lee s German s tale .
Camp. Add See also Castrametation.
Chancery. Add ; New York.
Chronology. Diet. Insert OETTINGER. E. M. Moni-

teur des dates. Dresde. 1866-68. 6 v. 4.
Clark, John. Considerations. Add Same N Y
1823. 8. (B 1492)


311 Blackwall, A. Omit the 1st title.

338 Bossange, H. Omit the 3d title.

379 Omit Brewer, J. Residence, etc.

384 Britaines remembrancer. Omit fby J. Bunrhl

391 Omit Bromfleld, Charles James, etc.

463 Canada. Omit STATISTICAL sketches, etc

514 Chambert, J. L. Omit the 1st title.

573 Omit Chubbe, John, etc.

riends of the AthenaBiim are requested to com
municate to the Librarian the correction of any other
errors they may discover, the authorship of any works
treated as anonymous, or the real name hidden under
any pseudonym.



1 After A., E. S. insert A., M. Are not the clergy ar- 945
raying themselves agaiiibt church and queeu ? Lou-
don, 1848. 8". (B 1231) 950
36 Albani, Francesco. Fur Trezza rtad Frezza.
54 Almanacs. PETIT almauaeh. For 1S48 rei.ul 1S40. J77
60 America. LECLEKC, C. For 1S47 read 1S67. 9SO
70 American Assoc. Proc., v. 6. JUanuf. Farrington, 1015
A. (. . On the economical, etc. ; Hunt, T. S. i the Iu4
author of Process, tt<:.

93 Anatomy. See io. Omit Osteology. ; 1069

Iu8 Annie Vincent is by [Mrs. Elizabeth Sandham].
113 Antiquities. UOCHLTTE. For 1864 read lS4b.
146 Arts, Fine. SPRIXGER, A. Before Werke insert \ 1073


170 Augustinus. De ciuitate. For 1743 r<?ad 1473.

171 Aunt Mary s tales me by [Mary Hughs]. 111S

213 Barnard. For Jluj.-(jtn. Jonathan Gilbert read Col.

John Groes.

214 Barnett, M. For v. 9 read v. 18. 1144
218 Barter, \Vm. BruUenell. Otnit Earl of Carlisle. \ 1153
228 Baviera, Maria Antonia Walburga. Omit this tntry ; 1166

with, t/ie Contents. , 1206

246 Belleisle, C. L. A. de F., due de. For Another copy,

rtad ny. Letters to Murechal de Contades. Lou- 1242

don, 1759. 8".
250 Benett, J. Reply. For computation read commu-


250 Benezet, A. A ote. For 1784 read 1774.
252 Omit Bennet, Henry, ttc.
2C>4 Bentivogiio, (jr. Kelazioni. Omit this entry. \ 1307

274 Bible. J/i*< . and ill. works. For MELMUTH, C., i 1310

rtad PRATT, 8. J. i 1314

316 Blaze de Bury, A. H. B., dit. Le chevalier, etc.

Omit this title. 1351

316 Bligh, Lieut.-Gen. T. For Appeal read APPEAL.
iilS Blood. SCLDAMORE, C. For 1832 read 1824. 1376

323 Boelen, J. For 1726 read 1826.

323 Bogota. For STEWART read STUART. 1380

332 Bousliommes de cire, Les is by [A. H. Blaze de Bury].
348 Boston. New North Church. PARKMAX, F. For 1383

Enquiry read Enquiring. lo>4

348 For LEPLAX read LVMAX.

oSl Bridges. For Riow read Kiou. 1414

393 BrooJts, Eleazar. For See Brooks, E. read See 1417

Stearns, C. 1440

394 Brougham, Henry, aron, etc. The Account of Ld.

Bacon s Novuin organum, is ascribed to Prof. J. 1466
Hoppus by Lowndts in his Bibliographer s man
ual , v. 11, p. 282.

418 Buonamici, Castruccio. Wishart s translation is a 14(>S
Version of the Commentarii, not of the De rebus .

438 Byzantine art. KAXITZ, F. For 1S22 read 1862. 1468

439 C.,J.,JJ.D.,F.R.S. For 1717 read 1707. 1487
443 Cairnie, J. For 1S3S read 1S33.

401 Campeuse. J-ur 1074 lead 1573. 1503

461 For Camponesse rtad Camporese.

462 Canada. Canals. PHILLPOTTS, G. For 1862 read 1511

1S42. 1567

466 Canary Islands. MURRAY, E. For 1869 read 1859. 1567

467 Omit Candidus, pseud. Plain truth, etc. 1586
473 Capital punishment. PHILAXTHKOPOS is W. LADD. 1658
503 Catholic Church in Poland. VICISSITUDES it by 1673


508 Caxton, W. \\ ILE.IAM Caxton, etc. is by C. Knight. 1711
530 Charles Auchester. For [Shepherd] read [Shep-

pard]. 1720

547 Omit Chevalier de Ohasot, etc. 1733

5S5 Cicero. Philosophical works. De consolatione. For \

1750 read 1(575. 1763

596 Omit Clarke, C. On the edge, etc. 1763

597 Clarke, John, d. 1798. To the author, etc. This is to,

not by Clarke. 1769

604 Clement ix. Before XEU-EROEFFXETES insert Clem- 1781

ent xi.

653 Congress of nations. PHILAXTHROPOS is W. LADD. 1787
672 Copeiand, Melvin. For Glasgow, n.d. rtad Hartford, 1793


082 Cosby, Arnold. Before DEATH insert R., W.
703 Criminal law. KKMARKS are by T. Jevons. ; 1801

709 Cruikshank, George. Oruiksliank at home is per
haps not by Cr. Cruikxhank, 1805
721 Cuthbert, St. REGIXALDLS. For 1805 read 1835.
736 Dard. For v. 2 read v. 11.
765 Denmark. History. MAUKER, K. For v. 12 read

v. 1, 2.

803 For Doubeux, Louis, read Dubeux, L. 1809

811 Drummoud, D. T. K. For Tenot read Terrot. 1831

850 Ecclesiastical polity. JbrTHATCHBKreadTHACHWJ. 1845
877 Elmwood, Klnuthan is pseud, for A sa Greene. 1850

885 Emphvteusis. For VEKY read VUY.
901 English fiction, tsea stories. The Sailor boy is not

by Hannay.

942 1st column. SKETCH is by W. HLXTER.
944 Evadne. For Shiel read Sheil.

Evarts, J. See Penn, W. paeud. for J. Evarts

(p. - -

Excommunication. SARPI, P. For 1663 read 1763.
Family pride is by T. S. Arthur.

Ferrier, Mary. For Mary read Susan E Jmonstone.
Fevers. For PYOX, W. read PYM. "NV.
Fortification. VALLAXCEY. For 1757 read 1758.
France. History general}. STLDEXT S France is bv

Franzetti. A. After pub. read [Raccolta di veduti

di Roma e di alcuniluogi suburban]], n.t.p. fRouia,


Free trade. 2,1 col. REMARKS are ly FAY, R. 8.
Gammer Gurton s famous histories and Gammer

Gurton s pleasant stories are ly Will. T. Thorns.
Gentleman s calling. Afttr this title a^lil Same.

(In Whole duty of man, Author of. Works, pt. 1.

loST: 1695.)

Gerson, J. C. Sopra. For 1S63 read 1763.
For Oilman, Parker, read Gilrnore, Parker.
Godin des Odonais. For 1710 read 1770.
Great Britain. Court of Chancery. SPEXCE. For

jurisprudence read jurisdiction.

- Hi*t. (Kev. of 1688, etc.) For WEBSTER, X. read


For Grillo, Cattaneo read Grillo Cattaneo.
Grosse, F. Classical. For 1705 read ITSo.
For Guarda, J. M. read Guardia;

Vicissitudes. For 186i> rtad 1*07.
For Habits of men read Habits and men.
Hagen, Godefrit. Memoir is by Gotthilf Hagen.
Hale, Charles. Before .S<-f insert Hale, Charles, b.

1831 : omit also.
Harvard College. Divinity School. For WALKER,

J. read AISTIX, J. T.
Hebrew lang. Diet. Latin. PCHIXDLER, V. For

1712 read 1612.
Heinsius, Gottfried. In prudentium is by Xicolaus


Helvetius, Jean Adrien. For 1729 read 1739.
Henderson, Marc Antony t.s pseudonfor Kev. G. A.


Hints to my countrymen j* by [T. Sedgwick].
Historia histrionica is attributtd to James Wright.
Homerus. Commentaries. BLACKWELL. For 1786

/</ 1736.
Hughes. After Thomas insert, barrister, M. P. ; The

human will and The ideal theory of Berkeley are

by Thomas Hughes, a Wesleyan ministir.
Hull, Isaac. The victories of Hull , etc. is about H.

and not by him.

Hullmandel. For Pancourt read Rancourt.
Hygiene. I eriodiials. The Tables alpha-

betiques , belong to the AXXALES.
India. Maps. HIXDOSTAN an<l IXDIA are by J.


Indians. History. PEXX is pseud, for [J. Evarts].
Omit Jebb, G. J.

Jebb, John, b. 1736. Resignation in by E. TEW.
John Bon. After person insert [by Luke, physician] ;
After La Martiniere insert Pichant de.
La Roquette. For de read Jean Baptiste Marie

Alexandra Dezos.
Leonardo da Vinci. For Virgin, etc. read See

Vinci, L. da.

Letter to the public i by [R. Sharp].
Libraries. Lib. econ. SIIURTLEFF. For 1851 read


Livingston, M. For Cheetham, S. read Cheethatn, J.
Livingston, Wm. Before Review insert and Smith,


For Locher read Loeher.

Londonderry. MACK and PARKER relate to Lon
donderry, .V. //.

Loring, C. G. WRIGHT. For Camb. read Chicago.
Louis xviii., of France. RF.LATIOX d un voyage i

BruxeMi-s, is by Louis; for VOYAGE de Louis, etc.

;<(( / Same.
Lucas, R. Twenty-four sermons. For 1810 read

Before Lukis, Frederick C. add Luke, physician.

The enterlude of John Bon and Mast Person; a dia
logue on the festival of Corpus Christ! and on tran-

substantiation; ed. from black-letter ed. by W. II.

Black. London, 1S52. 8.

Luther, M. LLTHEH. For 1854. 12. read 1S34. 16.
Madden, R. R. Twelvemonth s. For 1855 read 1835.
For Malchowski, K. read Malachowski.
Malton, T. Add. Appendix; or, Second part to

the Treatise , cont. a brief hist, of perspective.

London, 1783. f.
Mass. (Col. and Prov.) Gen. Court. Acts and laws.

For Colony and town officer read County and town




1891 Mass. Commis. [on the] Survey for a R. R. Report.
For 1834 read 1830.

1900 Politics. PHILELEUTHEROS. For Address of
read Address to the.

1901 Zoology. STOKER. Same. For 1855-60 read

1908 Mass. Hist. Soc. Proc. Chief contents. 1860-62.

The Relation cone. New Eng. is by I. Stoughton.
1914 Massie, T. For 1804 read 1806.
1919 Mathematics. MILES, S. P. For SHERMAN read


1929 Maxwell, W. H. Wild sports. For 1822 read 1832.
1941 Medici, SALIMBENI. For Vol. 2,Sread\ol. 23.

1944 Medicine. Periodicals. Omit RECUEIL, etc.

1945 Meet for Heaven. After home insert , [by W.

B ranks].

1953 Omit Mendoza, P. de S. do, etc.
1963 Methodism. STEVENS, A. Early progress. Omit

this entry; before History insert STEVENS, A.
1965 Mexican Indians. PIMENTEL. For 1863 read 1862-65.
1978 Mignet, F. A. A. Negociations. For 1833 read 1835.
1980 MUgenwater. After pseud, insert for G. A. Strong.
1985 Militia. Omit SHARP, G., etc.

TRACTS is byG. SHARP. For (m&8) read (E 767)

After TRACTS, etc. add Same. 3d ed.

London, 1782. 8".

1985 Milizia, F. After Principj add Del teatro. Ve-

nezia, 1773. 4. (E40)
1999 Mirabeau. (Euvres. For 1834 read 1835.

Lettres a Chamfort. For J. G. Schwab read

J. C. Schwab.
2003 Mississippi. Descr. and hist. 1805-07. PIKE. For

1808 read 1810.
2009 Mohammed. SPRENGER. Das Leben. For 1861.

2 v. read 1861-65. 3 v.
2016 Money. Gen. and. Miscel. works. 1829. Before


2021 Montalembert. Avant-propos. For 1864 read 1862.
2036 Mordaunt, Charles, Rrf Earl. For HALIBURTON, T.

C. read WARBURTON, T. C.

2040 For Morgan, Manville read Morgann, Maurice.
2047 For Moschevosch read Moscherosch.

2051 Moxon, J. Mechanic exercises. For 1683 read 1693-


2052 Mozley, H. N. The property. For Butter read


2052 Mrs. Brown s. For Ross read Rose.
2057 Mulberry. For LA BROUSE read LA BROUSSE.
2059 For Munroe, Lewis B. read Monroe, Lewis B.; and

tr. to p. 2019.
2076 Naples, Kingd. of. Descr. SWINBURNE. For 1777-

88 read 1779-88.
2085 Natural history. Gen. and Miscel. works. 1839.

RKICHENBACH. For Przeboiyb read przelozyt.
2089 Naval chronology. Before NAVAL insert BCBOM-


2104 New Eng. Descr. 1853. PATHFINDER. For 1853
read 18o5.

2106 New England Asylum for the Blind. Add to the
Note In 1840 the name was changed to Perkins
Institution and Mass. Asylum for the Blind.

2126 New York Hist. Soc. Col. Contents. 2d ser., v. 2.
For Nouville read Nonville.

2132 Newton, Thomas. Transfer Letters on relig. sub
jects to Newton, John, d. 1807.

2135 Nichols, John Gough. Narratives. For v. 17 read
v. 77.

2140 Nine years old. After Olave s, insert [Miss E.


2141 Nisard, M. E. C. For Edouard read Leonard.

2149 North Amer. Maps and Charts. For LE RONGE
read LE ROUGE.

2126 Omit N. Y. (State) Soc. for the Prom, of Agric.. etc.

2151 North Carolina. COLONY. Description. 1650. -For
W., E. read WILLIAMS, E.

2160 For Nouville, Marquis de, read Nonville, Mara. de.

2168 Obi ; or, Tlie history is by [W. Earle, Jr.].

2178 After Oldys, Francis insert pseud, for George Chal

2180 Oliver. For Fitch Edward, read Henry K. ; for 1860

read [I860].
Before Selection insert Olivier, Fitch Edward.

2181 On the edge in by [Miss M. Roberts].

2182 Onion. For meeting read munity.

2191 Orleans, P. J. d . History of the two. For 17 read 16.
2195 Osborne, T. Catalogues of libraries. For 1753 read

2195 Osgood, David. For 1832 read 1802.

2196 Ossawattomie Brown. After by read Mrs. J. C.


2197 Otis, James. PROPOSALS. Trowel is Thomas Dawes,

and Bluster is James Otis. The pamphlet was pub
lished at Boston in 1761.
22C6 Padua. Agric. For 1843 read 1856.

2209 Paine, Thomas, b. 1736. OLDYS, F. is pseud, for G.

2215 Paley, W. View. Same. Epitome. For Rome

read Rowe.
2218 Pamphleteer. Contents, v. 5. For S., W. read

Stafford, W. ; v. 6. For Smith, C. read Smith, W.


2229 Paris, A. P. Nouvelles. For 1843 read 1842.

2230 Paris. Description. SHORT is by R. VAI.PY.

2242 Institut. Ac. des Sci. Morales et Politiques.

Comte rendu. For 1846 read 1845-46.
2257 Parsons, Rev. Jonathan, Funeral sermon on. For

1785 read 1776. The sermon by J. MURRAY (B 324)

is on Capt. Jonathan Parsons.
2260 Pasquali, G. B. Omit Del teatro. Venezia, 1773. 4.


2273 Peace. 1831. PHILANTHROPOS. After peace insir ;

[by.W. Ladd].

2274 1836. PHILANTHROPOS. Before Boston insert ,
[by W. Ladd].

2276 Peck, F. Complete. For 1835 read 1735.
22S3 Penn, Wm. in pseud, for [J. Evarts].
2289 Pepperell, Sir W., Funeral seimon on. For 1759

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