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Reprinted from the original

G. K. HALL CO., 70 Lincoln Street

Boston, Massachusetts 021 1 1


Jfote. Typographical errors are not mentioned in the
following list when the correct reading Is obvious.
14 Adams, J., Pret. For PHOCION, pseud, read SMITH,

W. L.
16 Adams, J. Q. Speech on his resolution. For June

22 read Jan. 22.

20 Adorno. For Cattarina read Caterina.
86 Alabama, steamer. Before SOME casual papers

read NYE, G.

88 Albret, J. d . For See Jeanne read See Joanna.
47 Alison. Sir A. Add Several articles.] (In Black-
wood s mag., v. 32, 33.)

62 Allgemeines Reperlorium. For 1800 read 1819.
69 Ambulance*, for GWILT read GURLT.
00 America. LECLERC, C. For 1847 read 1807.
101 Amiros, Sir E. for MATHER, I. Revolution read
RAWSON, E., and SEWALL, 8. Revolution.
MATHER, I. Same. (In Force.) for 1830 read

106 Animalcules. MANTELL, G. A. For 1857 read 1840.
123 Arago, D. F. J. Notices eel. for 1337 read 1837.

140 Artols, R. d . Add Eng. (In Paris. Inat.

Ace. of ms., v. 2. 1789.)
174 Austria. Hist. Before AusTRO-HuKOARiAN empire

insert WORM*, Baron H. de.

181 Backus, Rev. I. Letter. For 1810 read 1794.
187 Baily, F. Journal. For 1810 read 1850.
202 Bannatyne Club. Publ. Namely. After 1807 insert
Knox. J. Works, ed. by D. Lamg. 1840-04.

209 Barclay, J. The last Same belongs to the Satyr icon

not to the Icon aulmorum ; the date of the latter it
1014 instead of 1714.
207 Barbary. LA MOTTE, P. de. For 1703 read 1730.

210 Baring, D. E. Contents. Insert Strove, B. G. be

fore Dlss. de crkeriU manuscrlptorum.
210 Barrell, Hiss. For 1800 read 1800.
210 Barrell, J. Before Statement invert BARRELL. C.,

and others. Before True statement insert JOT, B.
217 Barrow, Sir J. TV. Life and correspondence, etc., to

Barrow, John, Jr. (p. 218).

222 Baruffaldi, G. De poelis. For 1099 read 1723.
225 Bate, J. Essay. For 1732 read 1752.
227 Battle of Dorking. For Cbeeney read Chesney.
230 Bayley. Ren. Klab. Transfer title to Bailey, Rev.


236 Beaavoir, R. de. For 1849 read 1859.

237 Beet ford, Wra. Descriptive account of Jamaica and

Parliamentary opinions are by Wm. Beckford, the

alderman; the rest are by his son Wra. Beckford.
248 Belaham, T. for WILLS, W. read LOWELL, J.
171 Bible. Commentaries. LUTHER, M. For 1829-44.

8 v. read 1829-01. 23 v.
277 Genesis. Commentaries BuNYAN, J. For v. 20

read v. 2.
290 Peter. LEIGHTON. R. Expository works. For

1748 read 1798.

806 Biot. E. C. TV. Zodraque clrculolre de Denderah to

Blot, J. B.

807 For Bismarck-Schoenhaasen, Carl Eduard Leopold

Otto read BUmarck-Schoenhausen, Otto Eduard


809 Bixio, C. L. Before. 1840 insert v. 3.
310 Blackmore, Sir R. Dissertation. For 1772 read

814 Blakey, R. History of moral science. For Zv. read

2 v.
816 Blatchford. Samuel, />./>., b. 1820. The Reports are by

BLatchford, Samuel, judge.
310 Bleaburn. for [by Mrs. E. C. Gaskell ?] read [by

H. Martineau].
319 Blunt, E. M. An appendix, for Camb. read New-

822 Boeder, J. EL De comparanda. For Schaffor read


843 Boston. (Massacre.) For LOWELL read LOVELL.
353 Botany. LINN.ECS, C. For 1049-09 read 1749-09.

MARTYN, T. For n.p., [179-] read London,

1792. 2 v. In 1.
355 Botany Bay. See also. After Australia insert New

South Wales.
855 Botta, C. G. G. The History of Italy is a translation

of the Btoria d ltalia, not of the Histoire des


850 Boucheroni, C. For Doniano read Damlano.
359 For Bourquelot, Felix read Bourqnelot, Louis Felix.
303 Bowyer, G. fur statistics read statutes.
300 Boy s own book. After diversions insert ; [by W.


300 Bracebridge Hall. Insert ; [by W. Irving], and add
Same. (In Irving, W. Works, v. 0. 1860.)

373 Brattle, Wm. For Boston read Boston!.

374 Bray, T. Papal usurpation. For 1712 read 1712, 11.

2 pu.
&80 Bridgeman, T. For 1857 rtad 1800.


V i >

383 Brisson, B. For Dictlonarium lurldlcura ; eura read

De verborum qu ad jus civile pertinent slgnlHca- L/1 -

tlone opera.
884 Brissot de Warville, J. P. Eng. Discourse. For

1781 read 1791.
380 Brit. Col. in Amer. History. OLDMIXON, J. Dutch.

For 2*. read 2 v. 4*.

387 British Columbia, for BARRETT.LENMAKD read


388 British for 1800-07 read 1837, 30.

307 Brown, G. W. Origin. For Med. Hist, read Mary-

land Hist.

402 Brownlows. The. After 1808 insert 3 v.
410 Banker Hill battle. For PUTNAM, D. read DEAR.

BORN, H. ; insert by D. Putnam after Israel Putnnrn .
421 Burgundy. MONSTKKI.ET, E. de. Same. For 1807-

00 read 1857-00. Eng. For Johns read Johnes.
427 Burnet, T.. Master. For Sacred theory of the earth,

etc., rtad

Answer to the late exceptions made by E. Warron

ayalnst the Theory of the earth. London, 1090. f*.

Review of the Theory of the earth and of Its proofs

especially In ref. to Scripture. London, 1090. f*.

Short consideration of E. Warren * defence of hi* ex

ceptions against the Theory of the earth. London,
1091. r.

Theory of the earth : books 1, 2, cone, the deluge and

Paradise; books 3, 4, cone, the burning of the world

and the new heavens and new earth. London,

1091, 90. 3 v. f*.
435 Buxtorf, J. B. TV. the Lexicon Chaldnicum to Bux-

torf, J. B., d. 1004 (p. 430).
430 Byles, M., d. 1788. Death of the Queen. For 1721

read 1737?

430 Byrne, J. Influence, for 1830 read 1803.
466, 460 Camden Soc. Pub. 8. For Marco read Macro.

21. for Jordan read Jerdan. 25, 54, 89. for

2 v. read 3 v. 87. Fur Long read Leng. 90.

for Gardiner, S. W. read Gardiner, S. R.
458 Campaigns of the armies. For 1804 read 1808.
400 Campbell, John, b. 1779. Contents. Put the 3 befort

Ld. Kenyon.

473 Capital punishment. For MORI read MOIR.
488 Casanova, Jacopo is the same at Casanova, G. J.
610 Celts. Language. DAVIES, J. For 1860-01 read

612 Central Soc. of Educ. Oontentt. S. For O Brian

read O Brien.

614 For Cevallas read Cevalloa.
619 Champlain. 8. de. Voyages to Canada. For T. 1

read v. 2.
619 Champollion-Figeac, A. L. TV. Etat actnel to Cham-

pollion-Figeac, J. J.
619 Champollion-Figeac, J. J. Lettri-s des rots. For

1839 read 1839-47. 2 v.
642 Chemistry. LAVOISIER, A. L. CEuvres. For 1804-

OS read 1864, 02-68.

658 Chinese repository. For [1838-48] read [1832-48].
673 Church. T. Same. Withintrod. For v. 2 read no.


014 After Cochran, J. insert STINCHFIELD, E.
025 Collier, J. P. Misc. tracts. For London, 1803 read

[London, 1807-08.] 8 v.
033 Colvin, 8. For ATKINSON, J. B. (In his read

Criticism on E. B. Jones. (In Atkinson, J. B.
040 Compleat geographer. For London, 1709. f*. read

London, 1709. 2 v. f*.
002 Contagion. For DISCOURSE read MEAD, R. Short

070 Corinne. For Works read OJuvres.

087 Countess Gitela. For Wlstar read Winter.

088 Conrcelles, J. B. P. J. For 1832-33 read 1822-33.

092 Cox. Rev. G. W. Diet, of science, for Brand read


093 Coyle, J. For Lain read McLain.

094 for Cradock, R. Z. read Cradock. Samuel. TV.

Sermon before the King to Cradock, Zacbary.

708 Crowe, J. A., and Cavalcasselle, G. B. After Hist.

of painting In Italy insert 2d-16th cent.; for 5 v.
read 3 v.

709 Crown Point. Be/ore SECOXD letter to a friend in

sert CHAUMCY, C.

T10 Cunningham, A. Lives. Same. Contents. After
previous ed. insert 5 same as 6 of pret. ed.

710 Cunningham, P. Two years. For 1825 read 1828.
731 Dancing. For KATFUS read KATTFUSS.

730 Dare, Jeanne. SCHILLER, J. C. F. For v. 5 read

741 D Avenant, C. New dialogues. For Vol. 2 read

Vol. I.
745 Davis, N. M. For Memoir of N. Mitchell read

Memoir by N. MITCHELL.
758 Delavigne. J. F. C. Discours. For 1820-29 read



T59 Delignieres, E. For 1860 react 1867.

759 Dellon, M. D. i> the tame an Dellon. C.

760 Delisle. . (Lettre) is the tame at Delisle, G uilhiume.
704 Denmark. ffintory. For DITIIEIL, L. read LA


7M Depping, O. B. Hfslolre den expedition*. Insert
2 T. a/ter 1826.

776 Diary of a late physician, for 1832 read 1862-63.

777 Dibdin, C. The deserter, for v. 4 read v. 1.
777 Dick. J. for 1863 rend 1836.

797 For Dolomica*rca(/ Doloraiea.

799 Dominican artist, for Farrar, IT. 8. read Lear, Mr.


803 for Doubeux read Dubeux.
823 Dumas, A. D. Lea morta vont vile. Contents. 2.

for Lefevre. Dtumler read Lefevre-Deumler.
833 Dutch literature, for MIELLER, J. rtarfMuLLER. J.
860 Edwards, J/rt. A. Ought we to visit her? for (In

Sharpe s mag. read (In Temple Bar.
802 Edwards, Jonathan, Pret. of College of X. J. For

WEST, 8. Read WEST, Samuel. Before Essay on

moral agency intert WEST, Stephen.
MS EATi. for Aoi [1837] read .Ao*^ [1737].
873 Ella Rosenberg, for v. 6 read v. 37.
886 Encyclopedias. NICHOLSON, W. Same, After

1818 add 12 T. S*.
921 Erchempertus. for De postumis read De postre-

mls; /or Langobardum read Langobardorum.

Hiatorla. After Langobardorum rtad Beneventi.

After The*, antlq. Ital. read v. 9, pt. 1.
928 Essex Co. Before WATSON, W. C. intert Essex

County, JV: F.
930 Estienne, R. Fragments. After Latlnornm read

; ed. ab H. Stephano; for Par., 1564 read [Gene-

v,J 1564.
933 Etomana ancient and modern. After Eton intert :

by W. L. Collins.

933 Etruria. LANZI, L. for 1824 read 1824-25. 3 v.
948 Evesham. for MAYO, G. read MAY. G.

948 Evidence. O ABKIEI,, M. for V. H. Tolon read

[V. H.] Solon.

949 Examination of the British doctrine. After peace

rtad ; by J. Madison.
961 Experience* of R. Taylor. for 8. Warren read

[Mrs. J. Johnstone].
961 Exposition of the weakness, etc. After States read

; [by C. F. Mercerl.

961 Expression. Before WEBSTER, D. interl Expunging.
963 Farmer, H. Christ s temptations, for E. s Inquiry
read F. s Inquiry. Thii it about, not by. Fanner.
963 Farmer s letters, A. After people insert ; [by L. Lin

981 Fiacchi, L. for brattl read trattl.
989 Fifiher, J. Be/ore Conference intert LAUD, W.
1002 Florian, J. P. C. de. CEuvres. Dela (v. 3 w.).
1007 Fonseca, G. L. da. for Mousanto rta<l Monsanto.
1009 Forbes, J. D. Tour. For 1845 read 1855.
1015 Fortification, for COKMONTAI.NGNE, L. de read


1018 Fothergill, J. Rules. For 1762 read [177-].

1043 France. Route of Bourbon. LAFAYETTE.M. M. P.

After 1828 Insert and Michaud v. 32. 1854. LA-

CHETELLK, J. D. For 1819 read 1819-26.
1063 (Lang.) Protody. OLIVET, J. T. de. for 1787

read 1737.
1066 Literature. HERICACLT, C. d . for Pesprlt

avr. read 1 esprit franc-; after Mondes, read avr.
10n For Fredst. P. read Fredet, P.

1098 Galleries. After Castle Howard intert ; Pap-

worth. J. W. and W.

1099 Gallipoli, . Read Gallipoli. FERRARI, A.

1100 Gambler, J. Be/ore MALTE.BRUN, V. intert Gam-

bier Islands.
1109 for Gatoube read Gatonbe; for v. 3. 1745 read v. 6.

1111 Gayangos, P. de. Escrltoreo. Content*. For Tancho

rear! Sancho.

1114 for Gendyin, A. X. read Gendrin, A. N.
1116 Genlis, 8. F. D. de St. A. for Lindane et Talmire

read Lindane et Valrnire.
1131 for Gerarde read Gerade.

1131 Germany. Architecture, for Moeller read Holler.
1153 Gillies, R. P. for Pierce read Pearse.
1183 Goyer, P. von. for NF.CHOF read NIEUHOFF.
1196 Gray, F. T. Before LETTER to the friends intert

1207 Or. Brit. Gen. Bd. of Health. Rept. on the supply.

for 2 v. read 5 v. Home Office. Education in
quiry. After 1835 insert 1 v.
1226 Gen. and mite. biog. BcRKE, Sir J. B. for

p. 1235 read p. 1236.
1276 Greenland. O REILLY, B. For N. E. passage read

N. W. pasRage.

1281 Grenville, G. Before Conference insert MAUDUIT, I.


1289 Grosart, A. B. Miscellanies. Content!. Effort A

cruciflxe read Lever, C.
1307 For Hachert, read Hackert.
1309 Haendel, G. F. Transfer all the littet to Handel,

G. F. (p. 1330).
1314 Hale, Sir M. Contemplations. Afttr divine read

(Vol. 2, 4th ed.) ; for 1746 read 1763, 46.

1316 Hall. Jfrt. A. M. F. Ireland. For Hall, 8. R. read

Hall, 8. C.

1317 Hall, J. P. for Precott read Patten.

1320 Ballet, Joseph. The Letter to the Moral philosopher 1

it not by Hallet but to Mm.
1327 Hampden, Co., Matt. Before Sketches iniert DAVIS,

E., and othert.
1332 Hargrave, F. For Judicial arguments read Juridical

arguments; for 1797 read 17(<7-99.

1334 Hardships. After government intert; [by T. Rey
1340 Harleian miscellany. Content!. 12. Before Nine

worthies insert Johnson, K.
1348 Hartford Convention. OTIS, H. G. Before SHORT

account intert LYMAN, T.

1360 Hansrath, A. For Koflcr s read Eofler g.
1371 Hazlitt, W. C. Shakespeare jest-book*. Contentt.

2. for George Pule read George Peele.
1382 For Hellwald, Friedrlch von read Heller von Hell-

wald, Friedrich.

1385. For Henniken, Sir Frederick read Henniker.
1388 Henry, W. Omit by J. R. McDowell.
1392 Hercules, thip. Before Narrative read STOUT, B.
1397 Herodotus. LARCHER, P. H. Easai. for Buchan

read Bucbon.
1401 Hetzel, P. J. Contentt. 1. For Lemoine, C. read

Lemoine, E. ; 2, before Histolre d un merle blano

intert Musset, A. de.
1416 Hirsch, T. Script. Contentt. 4. J. Lindau s. for

SOjahr. read ISjnhr.

1437 Homans, J. Obituary. ?*orv.4. 1869 read v. 11.1868.
1441 Homo tr. Darwin. After man read ; [by W. P.


1450 for Homer, T. read Hornor, T.
1474 Hunt,J.H.L. Attempt. For 1869 read 1809.
1481 Hntchinson, T. for 1674 rtad 1765.
1488 Hymns. Biblioa. For BUCHANAN, C. read PEAR
SON, C. B.
1490 Indian. JONES, P.. For genungumouat read

1494 Idolatry. MOSES BEN MAIMON. For Hebnea read


1519 Inquisition. For DELLON. M. DELLON, C.
1531 Ireland, fed. Hint. Inttrt MASON, H. J. M. before

1563 Jackson, P. T. For HCNT, F. Life of J. (fn Mt

Lives read Same (In Hunt, F. Lives.
1562 For Jannson read Jansson.
1586 Johns, H. T. For 1844 read 1864.
1592 Joliet. Voyage, for Marqnette, P. read Har-

qnette, J.
1613 For Kathchen reatl Kaethchen.

1615 Keen, for CROCKER read CROKER.

1616 Kelly, J. For 1861-66 read 1861-71.

1621 Keppel, Maj. G. it the tame person as Keppel, Geo.

1629 King s own. For 1845 read 1854.

1631 Kinne, A. Laws of the different States and Ques
tions and answer are by Asa Kinne.

1660 Latnbton, J. G. Letter. For Dunham read Durham.

1662 Lancaster Co., Pa. Before NARRATIVE intert

1669 Landscape gardening, for TAYLOR, I. read TAY

1669 for Lannan read Lanman.

1685 Lauzun, A. L. de G., due de. for v. 2 read v. 25.

1724 for Lev6e Le Monnier, Jerome Balthazar Guillaume
Antoine read Levee, Jerome Balthazar, and Le
Monnier, Guillaume Antoine.

1744 For Linnsan read Linnean.

1768 Lockwood, J. The tears, for Woodbridge read

1789 for Lothrop read Lathrop.

1795 Louisiana. History. ORR, G. For 1830 rend 1803.

1852 Manchester, Mass. CANDID enquiries. For 1819
read [1825].

1907 Mass. Hist. Soc. Col. 88. For Asplnwall papers.
Pt. 1. read Mather papers. 39. for Winthrop
papers read Aspinwall papers. Pt. 1.

1948 Mellen, P. For See Gray, H. G. read See Otis,

2037 For Morean, Georges read Moreau, Jenn Victor.

2080 Narraganset Country. The titles COFFIN and. at
the end, FARMER thould be under Narraganset

2108 New Gloucester, Me. For 1793 read 1847.

2167 For O., Y. read O., T.



L- J. Barney. (In Longacre, J. B. Nt. portr. gal., T. 4.

18 - W.)

L, H. N. O. See Hickman, H.
I., R. Nova Britannia ; offering most excellent

fruitcrt by planting la Virginia. (In Force, P.

Cul. of tracts, v. 1. 1836.)

Same. With a pref. note by F. L. Hawks.

London, 1609, reprinted New York, 1867. 4.

New life of Virginia ; second part of Nova

Britannia. London, 1612. 4.

Stimf. (In Mas*. Hist. Soc. Col., T. 18. 1819;

and in Korea, P. Cut. of tract*, v. 1. ISoO.)
L, 8. R. N. Sre Scot, T.
I am afraid there I* a God! [by L. M. Sargent]. Boston,

1833. A*. (D 18)
I-Klng. PIPER. O. O. Ueber das I-King. (In- Zeitschrifl

d. D. morgvnl. Ges., v. 3. 7. 184, 53.)
I m not mesilf Ht uil; by C. A. Maltby. (So. 116 o/ Da

Witt s actinic plays.)
I will be a gentleman ; by Mrs. Tuthill. Boston,

1844. 18".

I wish you a happy new year. nJ.p. 1842. 12*. (C 246)
lamblichua. De mysteriis ; priemittitur epiatola

Porphyrii ; ed n Lat. vertit, etc., T. Gale. Ox-

onii, 1678. f.

Drama. See Eroticl scriptures (p. 923).

De vita Pythagorica, Gr. et Lat. notis illust. a

L. Kustero ; vers. Lat. confccit U. Obrechtus;
ace. Male bus sive Porphyrius de vita Pyth-
agone itemque anonymus apud Photium de
Tita Pythagone. Amst., 1707. 4.

De vita Pythagune. (/> Diogenes Laertius. De clar.

phllo*. vitis. 1850.)

Emj. Life of Pythagoras ; [also] fragments of

the writings of Pythagoreans and a collection
of Pythagoric sentences ; tr. by F. Taylor.
London. 1818. 8.

I&mbnlas. Sre Diodorus Sicrtlut.

latrcliptic remedies. CHRESTIEX, A. J. De la
methode iatroliptice, ou Obs. pratiques sur
1 administration des reinedes u 1 exterieur,
dans le traitement de maladies internes.
Montpellicr, [1804]. 8.

IbbeUon, James. Pleu for the subscription of the clergy
to the 3D articles. 5th ed. Loud.. 1772. 8*. (B 1965)

LETTEK to J. I. ou the 3d ed. of his plea for the sub

scription of the clergy to the 39 articles. London,

1771. 8*. (B125, 905)

Ibbetson; Juliu*. Drawings of quadrupeds. See Church, J.
Ibbot, Benjamin. L>.1>. Nature of the office of the civil

magistrate; sermon, St. Liiwrence Jewry, Hept. 2U.

London. 1720. 4 . (B 93, 1250)

Same. (In Baron, R. 1 illnrs of priestcraft, v.l. 1768.)

Sermon before Sir O. Thorold, Lord Mayor, etc., Bept,

29. London. 1720. 4*. ( B 1250)

True notion of free-thinking. (In Boyle lecture ser-

mons, v. 2. 173U.)

Iboriada, La: puemu epico. See Valvidarea y T.ongo, R.
Iberville, P. Leinoyne d . See Lemoyne d Iberville.
Ibn. For Arabic names beginning thus tee alxo Bin.
Iba-Abi-al-Hakam. History of the conquest of

Spain ; tr. and ed. by J. H. Jones. Goett.,

1858. 8.
Ibn Abi ffayuldt. Traite sur I amour. (In Bibl. univ. des

ronians, Nouv., v. 1. 1798.)
Ibn-ad-Dm al-Ayfiic<iti. Journey into the Interior of

Northern Africa. (In Oriental Trans. Fund.

Misc. tr., v. 1. 1831.)
Ibn al-Maqriz. Taqi ad-Din Bin Ali, called. LANCLES, L.

M. Le livre des avis et sujets de reflexion*, ur la

descrlpt. hist, des divisions lerritor. et des vestiges,

Urea des annales de I Kifyptc-. (In Paris. Int. Ac.

</. /n*tr. Not., v. 6. ISol.)
Ibn-Batuta, Abu-Abdallah Muhammad, called.

Travels of Ibn Batuta ; tr. with notes by S.

Lee. London, 1829. 4.

Ibn Butiita s travels in Bengal and China. (In Yule,

H. Cathay. ISM.)

ST. JOHN. J. A. (In AM Lives of ccl. trav.. v. 1. 1844.)
Ibn Foazlan. KKAEIIN. C. M. Die Ultc-ten nrabiirchen

Nachrichten ilbc-r die Wolaa-Bulglmren. ans Ibn-
Foszlan s Koisebcrichte. (/ St. Petersburg. Ac.
ScL Mem., 6e scr.. v. 1. 1832.)
187. (2. 6. 78.)

Ibn Hankal, Muhammad Abu-1 Kasim, calleil. Aliklij-
hitad or The Kitaliu-l miisalik w:i-l tnnmnlik. (In
Elliot, H. Nf. Ill-t. of India, v. 1. is.,7.)

Ibn-Khaldun, Abd ar-Rabman Bin Muhammad al.fHi,lli
ul-IIatttiraml. lallnl. Prolt-giuiu-neH ; lexte rnl>f,
pub. par K. Qnatn-mere. (In Paris. Inst. Ac. d.
In*cr. Not. des ins*., v. 16-19, part 1 of each.

Onanr.Rc. AT ITrMso, J. Account of the great histor
ical works of K. (In ROT. Asiatic Soc. Trans.,
T. 1. 1827.)

Ibn Khnrdadba, Abu-1 Kaaim TTbaidu-llah Bin Abdh-llah
Bin Khurdadba. culled. Kit iKn-l mn-uhk wu-l mam.
Ilk. ELMOT, U. M. (In nit History of India, v. 1.

Ibn Malik, Jamal-ad-Din Muhammad, called. Aln-

yyaou la quintessence de la grammaire arabe ;

pub. par Silvestre de Sacy. Paris, Oriental

Trans. Fund, 1833. 8.
Ibn Muhallib Bin Mohammad Bin Shadi. Mujmahi-tTaw-

arikh. ELMOT, II. M. (In hit Uiu of India,

v. 1. 1887.)

Ibn Roshd. Sre Averroea.
Ibn Sina. Set Avicenna.

Ibn Wahshih, Ahmad Bin Abnbakr pseud, t An
cient alphabets and hieroglyphic characters ;
with an account of the Egyptian priests, etc. ;
in English by J. Hammer. London, 1806. 4.

A ote. On the authorship tec Graeise s Allgem.
Llt.gench. , u. I. 1. p. 804.

Ibn Zafar, Ibn Abi Muhammad. Solcvan el
mota ; ossiano Conforti politic!, versione ital.
de M. Amari. Firenze, 1851. 12.

Iburg. ANNA LEU Yburgensm, 817-841. 1072-1085. (In
Pertz, O. H. Mon. Germ., 8cr., v. 10. 185.)

Ibycus. Knigm. (In Bergk, T. Poet lyr. Gr. 1863.)

Icarie, Voyage en. k sVc C.ibet, E.

Icazbalceta, Joaquin Garcia. Colleccion de docu-
mentos para la historia de Mexico. Mexico,
1858-66. 2 v. 8.

Conttntt. Vol. 1. Notlcla de la plozas. Ramirez,
J. F. Vidn de T. de Benavente d Motollnlti. Moto-
linia, T. illstoria de los Indios de Nnvva EspnBa.
Carta al crop. Carlos V. \ urio* doctimentot i/el alylo
XVI. Diaz, J. llinerario de la anna. hi del Rey Cto-
lico a la isla de Yucatan, en la India, I"il8, en la que Cue
por <-omaiidanie J. de Urijaiva. Texto ital. y trad.
Vida dc H. Cort6s; fi Mgni. anon. Texto ital. v trad.
Zuazo, A. Carta ul Fray L. de Figueroa. hi conquis -
tador anonimo; relaclou de algunus cosas de la Xneva
Kspatia y de Teinevtiian Mexico: por un cnmpanero de
Corte. Tezlo ital. y trad. Velasquez, D. Carta al
lie. Kigueroa, para que htclese relation d S. S. M. M. de
lo que lo habia (echo K. Cortes. Kl proceso y pesqulsa
hecho por la Real Audiencia de la Espanola. Ochoa
de JLejalde, J. 1 rubanza hecha en Svgnra dc la bVon-
tera, a notnbre dc U. Cortes. Probanza fee ha eu la
Nucva Espaiia, a pedirnento de J. Uehoa dc Lejalde. en
noinbre de U. Cortes, sobre las diligenclns que el dlcho
capital! liizo para que no se perdiese el oro e joy us de 8.
H. M. M. que esUtban en la ciudad de Temei-titdn.
Carta del ejercito de Cortes al emperador. Ceballoa,
H. de. Demandu en nombre de 1*. de Nnrvaez. contra
II. Cortes y sus corapaHerus. Cortes. H. Urdenanzas
militares y civile* mandadus pregonar en Tlazrala. al
tiempo de partirse para poner curco a Mexico. Lo quo
paso con C. de Tapia, acerca de no iidmitlrle por K" er-
uador, con los proctiradores de Mexico y demas pobla-
clones y los de Hernan Cort^o. Cortes, H. IiiHtrnc-
clon civil y militar a F. Corte<, para la expedicion de la
costa de Collma; Carta inuilita. Albornoz,
Carta al emperador. Memoria de lo acaecido en est
ciudad [de TemixUtan] dt-pties que el goberna.lor H.
Cortes .ilio dellit. 12 de oct. de lii>. Ocana. I), de.
Carta- 2. Noticia de las prezas. Real ejetutoria de
8. M. sobre liernm y reservns de pechos y paifa. pcr-
teneciente a los caciques de Axapusco, de lajuridlcfluB
de Utumba. Memorial. Cardenas, L. de. Memo
rial contra Cortes. Charles v. Merced a Ilernan
Corles de tlerras Inmedliitas d Mexico y olares en In
ciudad. Isabella, <Ju<en. Orden u Cortes p:ni que se
deten^.i a diez Icguas de Mexico hasta que Ili-gue la ce-
gunda aiidienciu. Real provision sobre diiMJubrl-
mlentos en el Mar del Sur, y respuc-.ta deCortCi a la no-
tilieacion que Be le hizo de ella. Valle, tiiiinjiitt de.
li. lacion de los nervicio* del mnrques (jiu- de sn ordell
prtsento el lie. Nunez a 8. M. Cortes. II. l tni..n
contra D. Antonio de Mcndozn, vlre> , pidieiido re^i.len-
clu contra el. Fragtnento de la vinila heeha a 1>. An-




tonlo de Mendoza; intorrogatorio per cl cunl hnn do nor
cxiiinliirtilos lo* tccii^.u. que prr.-i-nte por MI parte D. A.
de Mendozu. Lopez, C. Carta nl einperudor. Va
lencia, M. de. Carta (!< V. y otro* mi.-iom r* nl em-
porador. Ceynos, F. Cartn nl vmperador. Fuen-
leal, s. PMVe.erdeR.. obUpodeSantuDomliiyiiy
pre*ldenle de la real atidiencia de Xneva K*paiia. Be-
ianzos, D. dc. Parecer; Carta. Castillo, A. del. I a-
reeer. Charles v. I.eye* y ordciuinza* nuevamente
hecha* para lu ^olieiiiacinii de la* India*, y btien trata-
mienlo y conrcrvncion do Ion IndloK. Casas, B. d<- la*.
Mem. en favor de lo* Indto*dc X. Ei>p:ifla. Casas,
Ian. a ml San to Tom is, D. de. Manorial en nombredelos
Indlos del I eru. contra la pcrpvtuldad; y ofrectn *ervir
con lo niisnid qiic |<>8 Ki*pnfiolca. y cien mil dorados
ma*; y si no oviere compuracion de lo de lo* Ki*piiflolen,
erviriii con do* mlllune*, pagndos en cuatro atlon, con
U* condiclones qne ponen. Ceynos, I>r. Segundn
cartu. Michoacan, ciudad de. Carta. Filar, G.
del. Kelnclon dc la entrnda de X. de Guzman.
Saraano, J. de. Uelaclon de la conqniMa de lo* Teules
chichimecaa. la. 2a relacion anon, do la Jornada rjuc
hlzo X. de Guzman a la Xueva Galicia. Acazitli.

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