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O . Observations on the mineral waters in the southwest
ern part of Vu. ; letters. 1 liila., 1843. 8. (B 1564)
O., F. The government is an effect, not a cause, of the i

situation of every country. Boston, 1819. 8 U . (B 448) i
O., J. II. Letter to a clergyman of the Church of Eng. on

a belief in evangelical doctrines, n.p., [ISl-?]. 8".

(B 1359)
- HOXVDKN, J. Letter from a churchman to his friend

in New Haven, cont. strictures on a pamphlet signed

,1. 11. O. New Haven, 1808. 8. (B 290)
O., Jo/.eiiiie. Wajdelotka czyli dolina Aleksoty,

powiesc. \Varszawa, 1844. 3 torn. IS".
O., X. Etudes sur quelques langues

sauvages do I Amerique. Montreal, I860. 8.
O., It. Short questions and answeares, cont. the

summe of Christian religion. Loud., 1600. 8.
O., W. New llebrew-Eng. lexicon. London,

S. Bagster, 1845. 10.
O., Y.; a Danish romance; by II. C. Andersen.

X. Y., 1870. 8.

O temporu. I hila., 1803. 12. (D 35) fountain; pub. by the Oahu Temperance Soc., Jan.

1-Oct. 1. Honolulu, 1847. 4". (E 168)
Oak, The. MICHAI:X, A. Ilistoire des chcnes de

1 Amerique. Paris, 1801. f.

LINCOLN, B. Remarks on the cultivation of the oak.

(In Mass. Hist. Soc. Col., v. 11. 1814.)
Oak openings, The ; or, The Bee-hunter ; by J. F.

Cooper; illust. by Darley. X. Y., 1864. 8".
Oak Orchard. MKRCIIANT. O. W. History and analysis

of Oak Orchard acid mineral springs. Buffalo,

1850. 8". (C 270)
Oakeley, Frederick. Historical notes of the tracta-

rian movement, 1833-45. London, 1865. 12.

Position of a Catholic minority in a non-Catholic

country. (In Manning, II. E. Essays. 1865.)
Oakes, C. II. Who s who in 1851, 53-55, 59.

London, n.d. 4 v. f".
Oakes, John. Description of a self recording instrument

for taking the sun s altitude without an artificial or

natural horizon. (In Amer. Assoc. 1 roc., v. 13.

Oakes, Urian. New England pleaded with to consider the

things which concern her peace; sermon, May 7.

Camb., 1673. 4". (B76)
Oakes, Win. Scenery of the White Mts. ; with

plates from the drawings of I. Sprague.

Boston, 1848. 4".
Oakfield ; or, Fellowship in the East; by W. D.

Arnold. Boston, 1855. 12".
Oakley, Henry A. Outline of a course of Eng. reading,

based on that prepared for the Merc. Lib. Assoc. of

X. Y., by Kent; with add. by C. King. X. Y.,1853.

8". (C 199)
Oakley, AVr. J. The religious difficulty in education.

(In Nat. Assoc. Prom. Soc. Sci. Trans., 1866.)
Oasis, The; ed. by Mrs. L. M. Child. Boston,

1834. 12".
Dates, Titus. True narrative of the plot and conspiracy of

the Popish party. London, 1679. f. (A 53)

ELLIOT, A. Modest vindication of O. from perjury.

London, 1682. f. (A 53)

HLK and cry after O. London, 1681. f. (A 53)

L KsTRANGE, 11. Discovery upon discovery, in de

fence of O. against B. W. s libellous vindication of
him. 2d ed. London, 1680. 4. (B 10, 12)

Further discovery of the plot; ded. to O. 4th ed.

London. 16S1. 4". (B 10, 12)

LETTER from a friend in London to another at Sala

manca. London, 1681. f. (A 53)

MANIFESTO; or. The complaint of O. against the doc

tor of Salamanca and the same doctor against O.
London, 168:5. f. (A 53)

- MEMOIRS of O. (In Somers, J. Col. of tracts. 2d
ed., v. 9. 1813.)

SALAMANCA doctor s comment upon the proclamation

for apprehending Col. J. Rumsey and others for
conspiring to kill the king. Lond., 1683. f. (A 53)

VINDICATION of O.from Hue and cry . London, 1681.

f. (A 53)

W.. B. Additional discovery of R. L Estrange, his

Further discovery of the Popish plot wherein O.
and the King s evidences arc vindicated. London,
1680. f. (A 53)

2T2. (22. 10. 78.)


, PENN, W. Treatise of oaths. [1675.1 (In
hi-. .Select works, v. 2. 1782.)

MISOIU-LS, pxeud. The Anti-Quaker; or, Answer to

A treatise of oaths , subscribed by a jury of 12
Quakers, W. Peon, [and others]. London, 1676 4"

- SANDERSON, 11., Bp. of iMndon. De jununenti

promissorii obligatione. Londini, 1G76. f".
Same. Londini, 16 J6. 8".

- WILLARD, S. Brief dise. cone, the ceremony

of laying the hand 041 the Bible in swearing.

London, 1689. 4".
Same. (In Whitmore, W. II. Andros tracts. 1868.

Prince Soc.)
Fear of an oath; sermon, Jan. 30, 1700. Boston, 1701.

16". (C 51)

- LA PLACKTTE, J. Truite du sermeiit. La

Haye, 1701. 111".

OATHS appointed to be taken instead of the oaths of

allegiance and supremacy and declaration, 1702.
(In Mass. Hist. Soc. Proc , 1858-60.)

- BOULTER, H. Obligation of the oaths to the govern

ment and the pretences for breaking them, July 31.
London, 1716. 8". (B 56)

REYNOLDS, T. Hardships occasioned by the oaths to

the present government. 4th ed. London, 1716. 8".
(C71, 285)

GUEE.N, K. The benefit of oaths to civil society; ser
mon, July 5, 1744. [London,] 1745. 4. (B 56)

DV.MONU, J. Oaths ; their moral character and effects.

Phila.,[18-J- 12. (B 1770)

- BKNTHAM, J. Needlessness, etc., of an oath.

London, 1817. 8.

JOHNSON, \V. L. Xature, use, and lawfulness of

oaths; disc., Oct. 19, 1823. Trenton, 1824. 8. (B
1779, W 3)

- LEWIS, E. Dissertation on oaths. Phila.,

1838. 12.

Git. BRIT. Commissioners [on] the Oaths, etc.

Report. London, 1867. 8".


- TYLER, J. E. Oaths, their history, etc. Lon

don, 1834. 8".
Set alto Swearing.

Oatnessiana ; or, Capt. Ord s return. (In Fraser s mag.,
v. 77, 78. 1868.)

Obadiah of liar tenor a. Commentaries. (In Mishna, v. 1.

Obadiah. See Bible (p. 281).

Obando, maty, de. Carta sobre la inundacion del Calico, y
terremotos, etc., de Limn. (In Valladares, A. Se-
manario erudito, v. 16. 1788.)

Obe River. BALAK, J. Voyage to Sibier and the Oh.
HfRROL till, S. Voyage towards the Ob. 1556. (In
Hakluyt, It. Col. of voy., v. 1. 1809.)

Obedience. SANDERSON, K. Letter on the meas
ure of obedience to be paid to an usurped authority,
[1648?]. (In D Oyly, U. Life of Bancroft. 1821.)

Dt MouLiN, P. Vindication of the Protestant

religion in point of obedience to sovereigns.
London, 1664. 4.

Sume. 4th ed. London, 1679. 4. (A 30)

Sdine. (In Bray, T. .Papal usurpation. 1712.)

Heplie to a person of honour his answer to Vindica
tion , etc. London. 1675. 4". (B 1396)

ENQUIRY into the measures of submission to the su

preme authority. (In Collection of papers, pt. 2.

SEASONABLE reflections on [Seller s] History of pas

sive obedience since the Reformation . London,
1689AJO. 4. (B4)

PASSIVE obedience in actual resistance; remarks upon

a paper by G. Hicks. London, 1691. 4. (B 4)

HOADLY, B. The measures of submission to

the civil magistrate considered, in a defense of
the doctrine in a sermon preached Sept. 29,
1705. 2d ed. London, 1708. 16.
Same. 5th ed. London, 1718. 16.

VINDICATION of the Bp. of Exeter, occasioned by B.

Hoadly s Reflections on his sermons of government .
London, 1709. 8. (C 231)

BLAOKIIALL, O. Answer to B. Hoadly s Letter. Lon

don, 1709. 8. (B 100, C 231)




VINDICATION of the Bp. of Salisbury and passive

obedience, with remarks on a spct-ch under his
name and postscript. London, 1710. 8". (C 228)
- BERKELEY, U. Passive obedience, or th- Christian
doctrine of not resisting the supreme power proved
and vindicated, 1712. (In hit Works, v. 2. 1784;
v. 3. 1871.)

OBEDIENCE the best charter; or, Law the only sane.

lion of liberty; letter to Dr. i rice. London, 1776.
8. (B 379)

FEUEHHACH, P. J. A. Anti-IIobbes, oder iiber

die Grenzeii der hochsten Gewalt und das
Zwangsrecht dor Burger gegen den Ober-
herrn. Giessen, [1797]. 12".

AKULMKNT on military obedience; by a half-pay offi

cer. (In Pamphleteer, 1820 ; v. 17 of B 838)

CIIKINTIAN S obligation, The, to obey the civil magis

trate; sermon. Jan. BO; by a presbyter. London,
1827. 8 U . (B 1248)

HILL, T. Law; a sermon. Boston, 1846. 8. (B 1293)

WAYLAND, F. Duty of obedience to the civil magis

trate; three sermons. Boston. 1847. 8". (B 1304)

WooniitKY, A. We ought to obey Uod rather than

men. Concord, 1850. _S U . (B 1306)

KICIIAKDSON, J. Christian obedience to civil govern

ment; sermon, llinghum, Feb. 2. n.j>., 1851. 8".

(B 1300)

Sre ulso Allegiance; Charles I. A ote; Oaths.
Obedience due to the present king, notwithstanding our

oaths to the former; by [F. FullwoodJ. London,

]8y. 4 U . (B 6)
Obedience of H Christian man ; by W. Tyndale. (In his

Doctrinal treatises. 1848.)
O Beirne, James. New views of the process of

defecation, and their application to pathology ;

with correct, of Sir O. hell s Views of the

nerves of the face. "Wash., 1834. 8".
O Beirne, Thomas Lewis, lip. Sermon at St. Paul s,

N. Y., llrst Sunday after English churches were

opened on Uen. Howe s taking the town. X. Y.,

1776. 8". (B 363)
Sermons. London, 1799. 8".

Sermons on important subjects. London,

1813-21. 2 v. 8".

VINCENT, W. A defence of public education, in an

swer to O U. s discourse at the anniversary meeting
of the charity children. 2d ed. London, 1812. 8"
(B 1410)

Obelisks. FONTANA, I). Delia transportation del
obulisco vaticano e dellu fabriche di Sisto v.
Koma, 1590. f".

- STUAKT, J. De obelisco (Jicsaris Augusti.

Homa-, 1750. f".

Ober, Robert. Letter to Drs. Miller, etc. [Dated at the be
ginning Oct. 2, 1823, at the end Mar. 10, 1824.1 n.t.v.
8". (B964)

Oberamraergau. BLACKHUKN, II. Art in the
mountains ; story of the passion play. Lon
don, 1870. 4".

- SKLLAK, A. C. The passion-play in the high

lands of havaria. Kdin., London, 1871. Hi".

STANLEY, A. 1*. The Ammergau mystery ; or, Sacred

drama of I860. (hi kin Essays on church and state.

- WATTS, Mm. A. M. H. The miracle-play at O. (In

her Art-student in Munich, eh. 4. 18;~>4.)
Oberlausitzischer Gesellschaft der Wissenchaften. See

Oberlin, Jean Frederic. Memoirs. Lond., 1829. 8.
- Same. With introd. by II. Ware, Jr. Boston,

1845. 12".
Oberlin College. FAIHCHILD, J. II. Oberlin, its

origin, prog., and results. Oberlin, I860. 8".
Oberon. .W Wieland, C. M.

Oberon, Konig der Ellen : ein Singspiel. Sff Wranitzky I
Oberon, ud.-r Hug von Bordeaux. (In Simrock, K. iK-ut-

schen Volksbilcher, v. 10. 1864.)
Oberon a vision. .sVe Halpin, X. J.
Obertug. Annales Oenuenscs. (/// Muratori, L A. Scr

v. 6. 1725; ,,,id in Pertz, (J. II. Mon. Germ "

Her., v. 18. 1863.)

Obi; or, The history of three-fingered Jack, in
letters from Jamaica. Worcester, 1804. 12".
Obituary notices. See Crosby, X.

Object lessons. CAI.KINS, X. A. Primary object
lessons. X. Y., 1870. 8".

Objections to the project of creating a vice chancellor of
England. (In Pamphleteer, 1813; v. 1 of B 838;
alto B 1432) .See Observations occas. by Objec
tions .

Objects of the expedition [to] the islands of the Scheldt.
London, 1809. 8". (B 785)

Obligations. MrKHLEXKiircn, C. F. Die Lehre
von der Cession der Forderungsrechte ; nach
clem Grundsat/eii des rom. Itechts. 3e veim.
Ann. Greifswald, 1836. 8".

- PoTimut, K. J. Traite des obligations scion

les regies tant du for de la conscience que
du for exterieur. Xouv. ed. Paris, 1827.
2 v. 12".

Obokiah, Henry, und others. Narrative of five youths from
the Sandwich Islands, now receiving an education
in this country. X. Y., 1810. 8. (A 455, 521)

- BIOGRAPHICAL notice of O. (In Choctaws. CIIAIITA

holisso a tukla. 1S27.)
Obolenski, Yevgenii. Souvenirs d un exile en Sibe-

rie ; tr. par A. Gulit/in. Lp/., 18(i2. 18".
Obotrites. MASCII, A. G. Die gottesdienstliehen

Altcrthiimer der Obotriten /u Khetra. Ber-

lin, [1772]. 4".
LKVK/.OW, K. Ueber die Aechtheit der sogenannten

obotritischen Runendcnkmaler -/.\\ Neu - Strelitz.

(In Berlin. Ak. d. Wiss. Abli., 1834.)
Obraz siwiata. Warszawa, 1843. 2 v. 8".
Obrecht, 11 rich. Alsaticarum rerum prodromus.

Argentowiti, KJ81. 4".
NICEKON, .7. 1 . (Inhia Mem., v. 34. 1736; and, Germ.,

v. -J1-. 1761.)
Obregon, Marcos de. KSPINF.L. V. Relaciones de la vida

del escudero M. de Obregon. (Jn Rosell, C. Nov.

post, a Cervantes, v. 1. 1851.)
O Brien, Edward. The lawyer, his character and

rule of holy life. London, 1842. 12".

- Sa>c. Phila., 1843. 8".

O Brien, Henry. Hound towers of Ireland, or
mysteries of freemasonry, Sabaism, Budhism.
London, 1834. 8".

O Brien, John. Exertions of the O Brien family, at Machias,
in the Revolution. (Jn Maine Hist. Soc. Col., v. 2.

O Brien, Matthew. Mathematical geography. (In Manual
of ireoi;. science, v. 1. 1852.)

O Brien, Richard. Message from the Pres. of the U . &.
communicating a letter from R. O Brien [on] trans
actions before Tripoli. Wash., 1802. 8. (B 504)

O Brien, Thomas. Reliques of Irish minstrelsy
collected in Munster, 1645-1834. MS.

O Brien, Thomas M., and Diefendorf, O. General
orders of the [U.S.J War Department, 18(51-
63. X. Y., 1864. 5 v. 8.

O Brien, Wm. Cross purposes; a farce. Dublin, 1773. 12".
(C 146)

- Same. (In Collection of farces, v. 6. 1792; and in

London stage, v. 2. [182-].)
O Brien, Win. Smith. Education in Ireland. (In Central

Soc. of Educ. Pub., v. 3. 1839.)
O Bryen, Denis. I trum horum? the government or the

country? 4th ed. London, 1796. 8. (B 786)
Obsequens, Julius. Qua> supersunt ex libro de pro-

digiis ; cum animadversionibus J. Schefferi

et supplementis C. Lycosthenis ; curante F.

Oudendorpio. Lugd. Bat, 1720. 8.

- S<IMC. Cum animadv. Schefferi et Ouclen-

dorpii ; ace. Snpj)l. Lycosthenis cur. J.
Kappio. Our. Hegnit, 1772. 8.

- De prodigiis. cum suppl. C. Lycosthenis. (In Maxi-

mus, V. De dictis, v. 3. 1823.)

Observation. BCKTOX, W. Observing faculties.
X. Y., 1865. 24".

- EASTI.AKE. O. L. How to observe. (In his Contrih.,

v. 2. 1870.)

MILIZIA, F. Art cle voir dans les beaux art;
de Pommereul. Paris,

tr. par [F. H. J.]

an 6 [1798]. 8.



- MrniE, II. Popular guide to the observation

of nature. X. Y., [1832]. 1C". (Harper s
fam. lib., v. .57.)

SENEKIER, J. Essai sur 1 art d observer et de
fa ire des experiences. 2e ed. Geneve, 1802.
3 v. 8".

Observateur hollnndois, L ; ou, le - 40e lettre de
M. Van ** [J. X. Moreau]. La Haye
[Paris], 1755-58. 5 v. 12.
Observations addressed to landholders. London, 1831. 8.

(B 934)
Observations et memoires sur la physique ; par

Kozier. Paris, 1773-93. 44 v. 8.
Note. Vol. 1-12 par Kozier; 13-16, II. et M. J. A.
Mongez; 17-26, II. et M. J. A. Mongez le jeune; 27-43,
It., Si. lejeune, et J. C. dc la Metherie. For continua
tion see. Journal de physique, etc.

Obsjrvations in justification of the establishment of wet
docks in the 1 ort of London. London, 1817. 8.
(B 1746)

O o33rvations leading to a fair examination of the
system of government proposed by the late
convention ; in letters from the Federal
farmer [R. II. Lee], n.p., 1787. 8".

A ote. App., with continuous pagination, An
additional number of letters. 1788 .

- Samf,icit/toiit the Additional letters, n.p , 1777 [error

for 1787]. 1-2. (B65, 613)
Observations occasioned by Objections to the project of

creating a vice-chancellor". London, 1813. 8. (B

Observations on a late pamphlet, [Burke s] Considerations

upon the Soc. of the Cincinnati . Phila., 1783. 8.

(B472, 630, 2512)
Observations on a late state of the nation ; [by E. Burke].

4th ed. London, 1769. 8. (B 1706)
Observations on a letter from Noah Webster, Jr.; pub. in

the I anoplist: by an old fashioned churchman.

New Haven. 1809. 8. (B 2017)
Observations on A letter to the Duke of Portland , [on]

revenue; [with] the state of the distilling trade of

Ireland. Dublin, 1782. 8. (W 29)
Observations on a pamphlet [by J. Macpherson] intitled

A short history of the opposition , n.t.p. [Lon
don, 1779.] 8. (B 1521)
Observations (in A plan of the London dock . London,

1794. 8. (B 1747)
Observations on contagion; as it relates to the plague and

other epidemical diseases. Lond., 1819. 8. (B 866)
Observations on free-masonry; with a masonic vision ; by

a lady in Worcester. Worcester, 1798, 8. (B 530)
Observations on government incl. some animadversions on

Adams s defence of the constitutions of the U. 8.,

and on de Loime s constitution of England ; by a

firmer of X. Jersey. N. Y., 1787. 8. (B 701)
Observations on Ld. Hath u rat s speech, Mar. 18, 1817. (fn

Pamphleteer, 1818; v. 12 of B 838)
Observations on medical reform. (In Pamphleteer, 1814;

v. 3 of B 83S)
Observations on Mr. Burke s Speech on Fox s India bill.

London, 1784. 8. (B 1537)
Observations on public principles and characters

with ref. to recent events [in the U. S.],

November, n.p., 1820. 8.
Observations on several acts of Parl. [of 4, 6. 7 George I.] ;

by merchants of Boston. Boston, 1769. 8. (B 610,

Observations on several authors and books in the Eng. and

foreign languages. (In Pamphleteer, 1813; v. 2 of

B 838)

Observations on the agriculture, manufactures, and com
merce of the U. 8. N. Y., 1789. 8. (B 417)
Observations on the commerce of Spain with her colonies

in time of war; by a Spaniard. Phila., 1800. 8. (B

Observations on the conduct of Gr. Brit, with regard to the

negociations and other trans, abroad. London,

1729. 8-. (B 757)
Observations on the different breeds of sheep, etc. Edin.,

179J. 8". (W60)
Observations on the doctrines and uncharitableness, eti:., of

J. Parsons of Newbury. Boston, 1757. 8. (B 156;
Observations on the emigration of J. Priestley; witli a

comprehensive story of a farmer s bull. 3d ed.

Phila., 1795. 8. (C 156)

Observations on the evil effects produced in the human con
stitution by stimulating food and spiritons liquors.

2d ed. (hi Pamphleteer, 1818; v. 12 of B 838")

Observations on the fifth article of treaty with America;

with an app. n.p., 1783. 8". (B 674, 682, 1522)
Observations on the homilies of the Ch. of Kng. London,

1790. 8. (B 1916)
Observations on the Lord s prayer, on Christian perfection,

and on prayer in general. Loud., 1819. &". (B 273;
Observations on the nature and use of paper-credit. Phila.,

1781. 8". (W 54)
Observations on the new constitution, and on the federal

and state conventions; by a Columbian patriot.
. n.t.p. [Boston? 17.] 8. (B615, C 265)

Same. Boston, X. Y., reprinted, 1788. 8". (B 701)
Observations on the original architecture of .St.

Mary Magdalen College, Oxford. London,
1823. 8".

Observations on tuc peculiar case of the Whig merchants,
indebted to Gr. Brit, at the commencement of the
late war. N. Y., 1785. 8. (B 635)

Observations on the plan for estab. a dispensary and med
ical society. London, 177U. 8. (B 836)

Observations on the present financial embarrassments.
London, 1831. 8". (B 931)

Observations on the presidential veto, with a plan for a
change of the constitution rel. to this power. Bos
ton, 1842. 8". (B 1499)

Observations on the prevailing abuses in the British army,
arising from the corruption of civil government.
London, 1775. 8. (B 368, 1719)

Observations on the proposition for increasing the means
of theolog. educ. at the Univ. in Cambridge; [by
W. K. Charming], Camb., 1816. 8". (B 461)

Observations on the reflections of E. Burke on the Kevolu-
tion in France; [by Mrs. C. 8. Macaulayl. London,

1790. 8. (W61)

Same. Boston, 1791. 8. (B 709)

Observations on the religion, law, government,
and manners of the Turks ; [by Sir J. Por
ter]. Dublin, 1768. 2 v. in 1. 12.

Observations on the river Potomack, the country adjacent,
and the city of Washington. X. Y.,1794. 8". (W 17)

Observations on the single query proposed cone, thechoice
of Parl. men for the city, n.t.p. [167 ?] f. (A 54)

Observations on the sinking fund. Loud., 1810. 8. (B 786)

Observations on the utility of patents. 4th ed. London,

1791. 8". (C 56)

Observations on the whale-fishery, n.p., [1789?]. 8. (W 17)

Observations on the writings of the Craftsman, [by J.
Hervey]. London, 1730. 8. (B 668)

Observations on thoughts on executive justice; added, a
letter on the same. London, 1786. 8. (C 114)

Observations upon the conduct and behaviour of the Meth
odists, (hi Whitefleld, G. Answer to Observ.
1744. (B 583)

Observations upon the congregational plan of church gov
ernment. See Congregational Churches in Mass.
Convention of Minixtern. (B 16, 194, 1092, 2501)

Observations upon the Memorial and report of citizens of
Boston, opposed to an increase of duties on impor
tations. Prov., 1828. 8. (B 1511)

Observations upon the state of the nation in Jan. 1712/.3.
2d ed. London, 1713. 8. (B 589)

Observations upon the statutes, from Magna
Charta to the 21st of James i. ; [by D. Har
rington]. 2d ed. London, 1766. 4.

Observator, pseud. See L Estrange, K.

Observator, The. Vol. 1. 1702-03; [by J.
Tutchin]. London, 1703. f.

Observatory. See Brussels ; Dudley Observatory ;
Harvard College ; Georgetown College ; Green
wich ; St. Helena ; St. Martin ; Toronto.

Observer. Two concluding articles of an observer [against
a national bank], n.p., [183-?]. 8. (B 1543)

Observer, The ; [by II. Cumberland. No. 1-40.]
2d ed. London, 1785. 8.

Same. No. 1-152. (In Chalmers, A. Brit, essayists,

v. 41-44. 1810.)
Observer, The. June 3, 1804; Mar. 2, 1806. London, 1804-

06. f. (E 198)

Observing. See Observation.
Obsopoeus. See, Opsopoeus.
Obsta Principiis, pxi-iul. See Principiis, O.
Obstacle favorable, L ; en tin acte. See Le Sage, A. K.
Obstetrics. See Midwifery ; al*o Fecundity ; Foetus ;

Generative Organs ; Ovariotomy.
O Callaghan, Edmund Burke. History of the Xew

Netherland or. X. Y. under the Dutch.

X. Y., 1846-48. 2 v. 8.

Contents. Vol. 1. 1492-1647. 2. 1646-64.




^ Documentary hist, of N. V. Marriage licenses issued
before 1784. See N. Y. Seiretary of State (p. 2120).

- List of editions of the Scriptures, printed in

America previous to 18(iO. Albany, 1861. 8".

- The register of New Netherland, 1626-74.

Albany, 1865. 8.

- N.Y. colonial tracts. Albany, 1866-67. 3 v. 4.

Contents. 1. Journal of the voyage of the sloop
Mary from Quebeck, 1701 ; with introd., etc., by E. U.
CVCnllaghan. 2. Voyage of G. Clarke to America;
with Introd., etc., by K. B. O Callaghan. 3. Voyagesof
the shivers St. John and Arms of Amsterdam, 1659, 63;
tr. with an introd., etc., by E. B. O Callaghun.

Trail*. Brief narrative of the hostile conduct of the

Indians. Set Brief narrative, etc.
O Callaghan, V. Suggestions to municipal and other public

boards on the most efficient means of meeting the

impending visitation of spasmodic cholera. (In

Nat. Assoc. Prom. Soc. Sci. Trans., 1865.)
Occam or Ockham, Win. Summa totius logice

nuper correcta. [Colophon :] Venetijs, per

Lazarum de Svardis, 1508. 4.
Occasional papers. Vol. 3. 1719. See Browne, S.
Occasional preacher, The. No. 2. 1741. /See Wright, S.

(B 128)

Occasional prelude, An. Sft Colman, G.
Occasional reverberator, The. Xos. 1,2; Sept. 7, 14. 1753.

N. Y., 1753. f". (A 24)
Occasional reviews. Nos. 1-3, [with] suppl. Charleston,

1S:J2. 8". (B1065)
Occasional thoughts on the influence of the spirit, with

cautions against mistakes and abuses. Boston,

1742. 8". (B 852)
Occasional thoughts on the present German war. See Mau-

duit, I. 1761.
Occasional thoughts on the study and character of classical

authors, etc. London, 1762. 8". (B 744)
Occasional writer, The; an answer to the 2d manifesto of

the 1 relender s eldest son, Oct. 10, 1745; [by W.

Grant]. 2d ed. London. 1746. 8". (B 579)
Occidents, Maria del, jixeiul. See Brooks, Jlr*. M. G.
Occioni Bonafi ons, Giuseppe. Int. alle cagioni delta lega

di Cambrai. (In Archivio stor. ital.. ser. 3, v. 4,

pt. 1. 1866.) Un documento friulano u un diploma

di Arrigo vn. (In v. 13. pt. 1. 1871.)
Occleve, Thomas. See Hoccleve, T.
Occo, Adolphus. Imperatorum Ilomanorum nu-

misnuita a Pompeio magno ad Ilcraclium.

Aug. Vindel., 1601. 4".
Occult sciences. MIGNE, J. P. Dictionnaire des

sciences occultes. Paris, 1848-52. 2 v. 8.

SMKDI.KY, E., and others. The occult sciences.

London, 1855. 8".
Occum, Sampson. Account of the Montauk Indians on

Long Island. (Jit Mass. Hist. Soc. Col., v. 10.

1809. )
Occupations of a retired life; by E. Garrett [I. F. Mayo].

(In Littell s living age, v. 95-99. 1868-69.)
Ocean. MANGIN, A. Mysteries of the ocean, tr.

by [W. 11. D. Adams?]. London, 1868. 8.

- MlCHELBT, J. Lamer. 2e ed. Paris, 1861. 8.
Same. LivreSe. (In Revue d. I). Mondes, Jan. 1861.)

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