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Catalogue of the General Theological Library, Boston, Massachusetts; a dictionary catalogue of religion, theology, sociology and allied literature online

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General Theological Library

Boston, Massachusetts


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Copyright 1913


General Theological Library
Boston, Mass.


This catalogue is published in response to many urgent requests from clergy-
men throughout New England.

The dictionary form of listing authors, titles, and subject headings in alpha-
betical order has been adopted.

The catalogue lists books in the English language only.

Reference books and Scripture texts are not listed, but are held for consulta-
tion at the Library.

The grateful acknowledgments of the Library are made to Miss Caroline
Smith, through whose valuable service and advice the compilation of the catalogue
has been made possible; to Miss E. Louise Jones, formerly of the Massachusetts
State Library, and to Mr. Charles K. Bolton, Librarian of the Boston Athenaeum,
for helpful assistance; to Prof. Ernest Cushing Richardson, Ph.D., Librarian of
Princeton University, for permission to use the headings of the Periodical Articles
on Religion; and also to the printers and head proof-reader.


53 Mt. Vernon Street,
Boston, Massachusetts.


Historical Sketch of the Library

Founded in i860 as a Theological Library in the city of Boston, incorporated
in 1864 under its present title, " for the purpose of promoting religion and theolog-
ical learning," the General Theological Library has had for more than half a century
a steady growth in importance and usefulness.

The Library's original constitution states that " its object shall be to benefit
all religious denominations and to promote the interests of religion and the increase
and diffusion of theological learning." In living up to the spirit of its constitution
and the purpose of its founders, there has been, during its fifty years of activity, a
natural broadening of the service rendered. Until as recently as 1900 the privilege
of drawing books was limited to those who had secured by payment some form of
membership privilege. In 1900 an invitation was given to New England clergy-
men of every denomination to make use of the Library without payment of mem-
bership fees. It soon appeared, however, that, except in the case of those within
the confines of Greater Boston who could take books out upon direct application,
the barrier created by the high cost of postage on books was preventing large num-
bers of men from taking advantage of the opportunities offered. In 1909 an abso-
lutely free delivery system was inaugurated, in accordance with which every clergy-
man in New England was given the privilege of direct application to the Library
for books, transportation charges both for sending and return being paid by the

Also in 1909 the Library began to publish Quarterly Bulletins, containing
not only lists of the books recently acquired, but Reading Lists upon different
phases of the work of the ministry, prepared by authorities specially qualified for
this work.

This catalogue is the natural outgrowth of the Free Delivery System.


Explanatory Notes

Books are entered under the name of author or under the first word of the title where author's
name is not known, under titles, and under subjects.


Different classes of entry are distinguished as follows:

a. Main entries, — author's name or first word of title, where author is not known: in full face.

b. Subject headings: in Roman small capitals.

c. Title references, series titles, etc. : in Roman lower case.

d. Explanatory words, notes of reference, etc. : in italics.



abp. — archbishop.

adv. — advanced.

Adv. — Advent.

Am., Amer. — American.

A. B. C. F. M. — American Board of Commis-
sioners for Foreign Missions.

A. B. H. M. S. — American Baptist Home Mis-
sion Society.

A. B. P. S. — American Baptist Publication

A. U. A. — American Unitarian Association.

anc. — ancient.

anniv. — anniversary.

antiq. — antiquities, antiquarian.

arr. — arranged.

assoc. — association.

A. I. C. — Association for International Con-

bibl. — biblical.

bp. — bishop.

card. — cardinal.

cent. — centenary, century.

chap. — chapter.

Christ. — Christian.

Christ'y. — Christianity.

ch. — church.

coll. — collection.

Coll. — college.

Col. — Columbia.

Com. — commentary.

comp. — compiler.

conf . — conference.

cont. — contemporary.

Cont. sci. ser. — Contemporary science series.

Conv. — convention.

crit. — critical, criticism.

C. t. 1. — Crown theological library.

eccles. — ecclesiastical.

ed. — editor, edited, edition.

educ. — education.

Eng. — England.

Engl. — English.

epis. — episcopal, episcopacy.

ep., epist. — epistle.

ev., evang. — evangelical.

For. theol. libr. — Foreign theological library.

Fr. — French.

Germ. — German.

Grad. — Graduates.

Gr. — Greek.

hdbks. — handbooks.

Hex. — Hexateuch.

hist. — history, historical.

illus. — illustrated.

impr. — impression.

inst. — institute.

int. — international.

Int. crit. com. — International critical com-

Int. sci. ser. — International science series.

Int. theol. libr. — International theological

introd. — introduction.

It. — Italian.

jour. — journal.

Lat. — Latin.

lect. — lecture, lectures.

libr. — library.

lit. — literature.

miss. — missions.

mod. — modern.

n. d. — no date.

n. p. — no place.

n. t. p. — no title page.

N. T. — New Testament.

O. T. — Old Testament.

p., pp. — page, pages.

Pent. — Pentateuch.

philos. — philosophy, philosopher.

Presb. — Presbyterian.

P. V. — private version.

Prot. — Protestant.

Abbreviations — (Continued)


Prud. ins. co. — Prudential insurance company.

pseud. — pseudonym.

pub., publ. — publisher.

rel., relig. — religion.

rev. — revised.

R. V. — Revised version.

st. — saint.

sem. — seminary.

ser. — series.

soc. — society.

Sp. — Spanish.

ster. — stereotype.

S. S., S.-S. — Sunday school.

suppl. — supplement.

theol. — theological.

Theol. transl. libr. — Theological translation

thous. — thousand,
tr. — translated,
transl. — translation,
univ. — university,
unp. — unpaged,
vers. — version,
v., vol., vols. — volume, volumes.


Amer. bk. co. — American book company.

Amer. tract, soc. — American tract society.

A. I. C. — Association for international con-

Cent. co. — Century company.

Christ, lit. co. — Christian literature com-

E. & M. — Eaton and Mains.

G. & R. press. — Griffith and Rowland press.

Int. pub. co. — International publishing com-

Longm. — Longmans.

Macm. — Macmillan.

Meth. bk. — Methodist book.

M. E. M. — Missionary education movement.

Presb. bd. of pub. — Presbyterian board of

Rel. tract soc. — Religious tract society.

S. P. C. K. — Society for promoting Christian

S. V. M., Stud. Vol. Move't. — Student Volun-
teer movement.

Young ch., Young churchm. — Young church-


Adv. Christ. — Advent Christian.

Bapt. — Baptist.

Christ. — Christian.

Congr. — Congregationalism

Ev. Aossc. — Evangelical Association.

Luth. — Lutheran.

Meth. — Methodist.

Presb. — Presbyterian.

Prot. Epis. — Protestant Episcopal.

R. P. D. ch. — Reformed Protestant Dutch

Rom. Cath. ch. — Roman Catholic church.
Unit. — Unitarian.
Univ. — Universalist.

Catalogue General Theological Library

Aaron, brother of Moses. Cox, S. Aaron's
apology. (In his Genesis of evil and other
Lewis, H. E. (In Milligan, G., and others.

Men of the O. T.: Cain to David.)
Matheson, G. (In his Representative men of

the Bible.)
Whyte, A. (In his Bible characters: Adam
to Achan.)
Abbas, son of Baha 'U'llah. Mysterious

forces of civilization. Written in Persian
by an eminent Bahai philosopher and now
first put into English by Johanna Dawud.
Lond. Cope. 1910.
Abbey, Charles J. Divine love. Lond. Macm.
Religious thought in old English verse.

Lond. Low. 1892.
and Overton, John H. English church in
the eighteenth century. Lond. Longm.
1878. 2V.
Abbeys. Cram, R. A. Ruined abbeys of Great

Britain. C1895.
Abbot, Ezra. Authorship of the fourth gospel.
Bost. Ellis. 1880.
Authorship of the fourth gospel and other

essays. Bost. Ellis. 1888.
and others. Fourth gospel. N. Y. Scribner.

Harvard univ., Div. school alumni. Ezra
Abbot. 1884.
Abbot, Fanny Larcom. Faith built on reason.

Bost. J. H. West co. 1902.
Abbot, Francis Ellingwood. Scientific theism.

Bost. Little. 1886.
Abbott, Edith. Women in industry. N. Y.

Appleton. 1910.
Abbott, Edwin Abbott. Anglican career of
Cardinal Newman. Lond. Macm. 1892.


Message of the Son of man. Lond. Black.

Philomythus. Lond. Macm. 1891.
Through nature to Christ. Lond. Macm.

l8 77- . . , .

Abbott, Ernest Hamlin. Religious life in

America. N. Y. Outlook co. 1903.
Abbott, Evelyn, and Campbell, Lewis. Life and

letters of Benjamin Jowett. Lond.

Murray. 1897. 2 v.
Abbott, Lyman. Acts of the apostles with

notes. N. Y. Barnes. 1876.
America in the making. New Haven. Yale

univ. press. 191 1. (Yale lect.)
Christian ministry. Bost. Houghton. 1905.
Christianity and social problems. Bost.

Houghton. 1896.
Epistle to the Romans with notes. N. Y.

Barnes. ci888.
Evolution of Christianity. 2d ed. Bost.

Houghton. 1893.

Abbott, Lyman — Continued.

Henry Ward Beecher. Bost. Houghton.

Illustrated commentary on St. John. N. Y.

Barnes. C1879.
Illustrated commentary on Matthew, Mark

and Luke. N. Y. Barnes. 1878. 2 v.
In aid of faith. N. Y. Dutton. 1886.
Jesus of Nazareth. N. Y. Harper. 1869.
Life and letters of Paul the apostle. Bost.

Houghton. 1898.
Life and literature of the ancient Hebrews.

Boston. Houghton. 1901.
Old Testament shadows of New Testament

truths. N. Y. Harper. 1870.
Other room. N. Y. Outlook co. 1903.
Prophets of the Christian faith. N. Y.

Macm. 1896.
Rights of man. Bost. Houghton. 1904.
Seeking after God. N. Y. Crowell. C1910.
Spirit of democracy. Bost. Houghton.

Temple. N. Y. Macm. 1909.
Theology of an evolutionist. Bost. Hough-
ton. 1897.
and others. New Puritanism. N. Y. Fords.

Abbott, Thomas Kingsmill. Commentary on

Ephesians and Colossians. N. Y. Scribner.

1897. (
Abdul Baha. See Abbas, son of Baha 'U'llah.
Abel, second son of Adam. Edersheim, A.

(In his World before the flood.)
Matheson, G. (In his Representative men of

the Bible.)
Whyte, A. (In his Bible characters: Adam to

Abelard. Compayre, G. Abelard and the

origin and early history of universities.

Abigail, wife of Nabal and of David. Aguilar,

G. (In her Women of Israel.)
Horton, R. F. (In his Women of the O. T.)
Abraham, Hebrew patriarch. Brooke, S. A.

(In his O. T. and modern life.)
Campbell, R. J. (In his Song of ages.)
Davidson, A. B. (In his Called of God.)
Deane, W. J. Abraham; his life and times.
Edersheim, A. (In his World before the flood.)
Guthrie, T. (In his Studies of character from

the O. T.)
Lord, J. (In his Beacon lights of history,

vol. 2.)
Matheson, G. (In his Representative men of

the Bible.)
Meyer, F. B. Abraham; or, The obedience

of faith. (O. T. heroes.)
Mozley, J. B. (In his Ruling ideas in early

Newman, J. H. (In his Parochial and plain

sermons, vol. 3.)


Catalogue General Theological Library

Abraham — Continued.

Stanley, A. P. Abraham in Egypt. (In his

sermons preached before the Prince of

Wales, 1862.)

Thompson, W. H. Life and times of the

patriarchs; Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.


Tomkins, H. G. Abraham and his age. 1897.

Townsend, W. J. Abraham. (In Men of the

O. T. : Cain to David.)
Whyte, A. (In his Bible characters: Adam
to Achan.)
Abrahams, Israel. Jewish life in the middle
ages. N. Y. Macm. 1897.
Judaism. Chi. Open court. (Religions anc.
and mod.)
Absalom, son of David, king of Israel. Green,
R. S. Both sides; or, Jonathan and Absa-
lom. C1887.
Greenhough, J. G. (In Milligan, G., and
others. Men of theO. T.: Solomon to Jonah.)
Whyte, A. (In his Bible characters, vol. 1.)
Absente reo. By the author of Pro Christo et

ecclesia. Lond. Macm. 19 10.
Ackermann, Conrad. Christian element in Plato
and the Platonic philosophy. Edin. Clark.
1 861.
Acton, John Emerich Edward Dalberg-, 1st
baron. Cambridge modern history.

Planned by the late Lord Acton, ed. by
A. W. Ward [and others.] N. Y. Macm.
1906-11. I2V.
Historical essays and studies. Lond. Macm.

History of freedom and other essays. Lond.

Macm. 1907.
Lectures on the French revolution. Lond.

Macm. 19 10.
Bryce, J. Lord Acton. (In his Studies in
contemporary biography.)
Adam, the first man. Matheson, G. (In his
Representative men of the Bible.)
Whyte, A. (In his Bible characters, vol. 1.)
Adam, Mrs. Adela Marion, joint author. See

Kennett, R. H., and others.
Adam, James. Religious teachers of Greece.
Edin. Clark. 1908. (Gifford lect.)
Vitality of Platonism and other essays. Camb.
Univ. press. 191 1.
Adam, John Douglas. Religion and the growing

mind. N. Y., etc. Revell. C1912.
Adams, George Burton. Civilization during
the middle ages. N. Y. Scribner. 1897.
Adams, John, 2d president of the U. S. Lord,
J. (In his Beacon lights of history, vol. 2.)
Parker, T. (In his Historic Americans.)
Adams, John. Evolution of educational theory.
Lond. Macm. 1912. (Schools of philoso-
Primer on teaching. Scribner. 1904. (Bible
class primers.)
Adams, John, of Inverkeilor, Scotland. The
Lenten Psalms. N. Y. Scribner. 19 12.
(Short course ser.)
Man among the myrtles; a study in Zecha-
riah's visions. N. Y. Scribner. 19 13.
Adams, John Coleman. Christian types of
heroism. Bost. Universalist pub. house.
Fatherhood of God. Bost. Universalist pub.
house. 1890.

Adams, John Coleman— Continued.

Hosea Ballou and the gospel renaissance of

the 19th century. Bost. Universalist pub.

house. 1903.
Adams, John Quincy, 6th president of the U. S.
Seward, W. H. Life of John Quincy Adams.

Adam9, Samuel. Wells, W. V. Life of Sam-
uel Adams. 1865. 3 V.
Adams, Thomas Sewall, and Sumner, Helen L.

Labor problems; a text book. N. Y.

Macm. 1908.
Adams, Walter Marsham. Book of the master;

or, The Egyptian doctrine of the light born

of the Virgin Mother. N. Y. Putnam.

Adams, William H. Seven words from the

cross. Bost. Lothrop. C1877.
Adamson, Robert. Fichte. Edin. Black-
wood. 1908.
Adamson, Robert M. Christian doctrine of the

Lord's supper. Edin. Clark. 1905.
Adamson, Thomas. Spirit of power as set

forth in the book of Acts. Edin. Clark. 1897.
Studies of the mind in Christ. Edin.

Clark. 1897.
Addams, Jane. Democracy and social ethics.

N. Y. Macm. 1902. (Citizen's library.)
A new conscience and an ancient evil. N. Y.

Macm. 1912.
Newer ideals of peace. N. Y. Macm.

1907. (Citizen's library.)
Social application of religion. Cine. Jen-
nings. C1908. (Merrick lect.)
Spirit of youth and the city streets. N. Y.

Macm. 1909.
Twenty years at Hull-House. N. Y. Macm.

and others. Philanthropy and social prog-
ress. N. Y. Crowell. C1893. (School

of applied ethics.)
Adderley, James. Monsieur Vincent; sketch

of a Christian social reformer. N. Y.

Longm. 1 901.
Addis, William Edward. Christianity and the

Roman empire. Lond. Hare. 1893.

(Manuals of early Christ, hist.)
Hebrew religion to the establishment of

Judaism under Ezra. N. Y. Putnam.

1906. (C. t. 1.)
Addison, Daniel Dulaney. Episcopalians. N.

Y. Baker. CI904. (Story of the churches.)
Life and times of Edward Bass. Bost.

Houghton. 1897.
Addresses. Brooks, P. Essays and addresses.

l8 94-

Bryce, J. University and historical addresses
delivered during a residence in the U. S. as
ambassador of Great Britain. 19 13.

Chapman, J. W. Another mile, and other
addresses. [C1908.]

Farrar, F. W. Sermons and addresses in
America. 1886.

Fowler, C. H. Addresses on notable occa-
sions. [C1908.]

Maclaren, A. Week-day evening addresses,
Manchester. 1877.

Robinson, F. College and ordination ad-
dresses. 19 10.

Smith, R. (Gipsy Smith.) As Jesus passed
by, and other addresses. C1905.

Catalogue General Theological Library

Addresses — Continued.

Snyder, A. W. Through the forty days;

addresses for Lenten and lay reading.

Speer, R. E. Master of the heart. [01908.]
Stanley, A. P. Addresses and sermons at

St. Andrew's. 1877.

— Addresses and sermons, U. S. and
Canada, 1878. 1879.

Torrey, R. A. Revival addresses. CI903.

Waggett, P. N. Scientific temper in religion,
and other addresses. 1895.

Webb-Peploe, H. W. Victorious life; post-
conference addresses, East Northfield, 1895.
Adeney, Walter Frederick. Century's progress
in religious life and thought. Lond. Clark.

Christian conception of God. N. Y. Revell.

Ezra, Nehemiah and Esther. N. Y. Arm-
strong. 1893. (Expositor's Bible.)

Greek and Eastern churches. N. Y. Scrib-
ner. 1908. (Int. theol. libr.)

How to read the Bible. N. Y. Whittaker.

Song of Solomon and Lamentations. N. Y.
Armstrong. 1895. (Expositor's Bible.)

Women of the N. T. N. Y. Whittaker.

joint author. See Bennett, W. H., and
Adeney, W. F.

ed. See New century Bible.
Adler, Felix. Essentials of spirituality. N. Y.
Pott. 1905.

Marriage and divorce. N. Y. McClure.

Moral instruction of children. N. Y. Apple-
ton. 1909. (Int. educ. ser.)
Religion of duty. N. Y. McClure. 1905.

Adler, Nathan Marcus, chief rabbi. Authorised
daily prayer book of the united Hebrew
congregations of the British Empire, with
a new translation by S. Singer. 8th ed.
Lond. Eyre. 5668-1908.

Adolescence. Hall, G. S. Adolescence: its
psychology and its relations to physiology,
anthropology, sociology, sex, crime, reli-
gion and education. 1904. 2 v.

— Youth ; its education, regimen and hygiene.

An epitome of his larger work on Adolescence.

Adonijah, son of David, king of Israel. Row-
land, A. (In Milligan, G., and others.
Men of the Bible.)

Advent Christian hymnal. Bost. Adv. Christ,
pub. soc. 1902.

Advent Christians.


Cargile.J. A. True theology. 7th ed. [1904.]
Stockman, E. A. Footprints of angels in
fields of revelation. 1890.
Adventists. See Advent Christians.
Aeschylus. Tragedies; tr. by T. A. Buckley.
N. Y. Harper. 1856.
Adam, J. (In his Relig. teachers of Greece.)
Tyler, W. S. (In his Theology of the Greek
Affirmative intellect. Ferguson, C.
Africa. Milligan, R. H. Fetish folk of West
Africa. CI912.
See also, Congo Free State; Missions.

Agassiz, Elizabeth Cary, ed. Louis Agassiz; his
life and correspondence. Bost. Houghton.
1885. 2V.
Agassiz, Louis. Geological sketches. Bost.
Osgood. 1876.
Agassiz, E. C, ed. Louis Agassiz. 1885. 2v.
James, W. Louis Agassiz. (In his Memories
and studies.)
Age of faith. Bradford, A. H.
Agnosticism. Armstrong, R. A. Agnosticism
and theism. 1907.
Dole, C. F. From agnosticism to theism.
Flint, R. Agnosticism. 1903.
Glasgow univ. soc. of St. Ninian. Religion

and the modern mind. 1908.
Huxley, T. H. Essays upon some contro-
verted questions. 1893.
Maitland, B. Theism or agnosticism.
Momerie, A. W. Agnosticism: sermons.

Schurman, J. G. Agnosticism and religion.
Agricultural Colonies. Booth, W. In dark-
est England. 1890.
Agriculture. Bailey, L. H. The state and
the farmer. 2d ed. 191 1.
Carver, T. N. Principles of rural economics.

Fairchild, G. T. Rural wealth and welfare.

2d ed. 1900. (Rural sci. ser.)
See also Farm life.
Agrippa, king of Judea. Whyte, A. (In
his Bible characters: Stephen to Timothy.)
Aguilar, Grace. Women of Israel. N. Y.

Appleton. 1870. 2v.
Ahab, king of Judah. Greenhough, J. G.
(In Milligan, G., and others. Men of the
O. T. : Solomon to Jonah.)
Ahaz,- king of Judah, Lewis, H. E. (In
Milligan, G., and others. Men of the
O. T.: Solomon to Jonah.)
Ahaziah, king of Israel. Greenhough, J. G.
(In Milligan, G., and others. Men of the
Bible: some lesser known characters.)
Ahithophel, counselor of David. Whyte, A.
(In his Bible characters: Ahithophel to
Ahmad, Mirza Ghulam. Teachings of Islam.

Lond. Luzac. 1910.
Aids to reflection. Coleridge, S. T.
Aids to Scripture study. Gardiner, F.
Aiken, Charles Augustus. Christian apologetics.

Princeton. Princeton pr. estab. 1879.
Aiken, Charles Francis. The Dhamma of
Gotama the Buddha and the gospel of
Jesus Christ. Bost. Marlier, 1900.
Aiken, Lucy, joint author. See Channing, W.

E., and Aiken, L.
Aikman, William. Life at home. N. Y. Wells.

Ainsworth, Percy C lough. Pilgrim church, and
other sermons. N. Y. Revell. [19 10.]
Silences of Jesus, and St. Paul's hymn to
love. N. Y. Revell. [1913.]
Aked, Charles Frederic. Courage of the coward,
and other sermons. N. Y. Revell. 1907.
The Lord's prayer. N. Y. Revell. C1910.
Old events and modern meanings, and other

sermons. N. Y. Revell. 1908.
Wells and palm trees. N. Y. Dodge.


Catalogue General Theological Library

Albee, Ernest. History of English utilitari-
anism. Lond. Sonnenschein. 1902.

Albertus Magnus. Taylor, H. 0. (In his
Mediaeval mind, vol. 2.)

Albree, John. Charles Brooks. Medford.
Miller. 1907.

Alcohol. See Temperance.

Alcott, Louisa May. Beach, S. C. (In his
Daughters of the Puritans.)

Alcuin. West, A. F. Alcuin and the rise of
the Christian schools. 1892. (Great edu-

Aid en, Henry Mills. God in his world. N. Y.
Harper. 1890.
Study of death. N. Y. Harper. 1895.

Alexander the Great. Mahaffy, J. P. Story
of Alexander's empire. 1894.

Alexander, Archibald B. D. Ethics of St. Paul.
Glasgow. Maclehose. 1910.

Alexander, Gross. Colossians and Ephesians.
N. Y. Macm. 1910.
Son of man. Nashville. Barbee. 1901.
and others. History of the Methodist church
South, etc. N. Y. Christ, lit. co. 1894.
(Amer. church hist., vol. XI.)

Alexander, John L. Boy training. N. Y.
Assoc, pr. 1911.

Alexander, Samuel. Locke. N. Y. Dodge.
(Philosophies anc. and mod.)

Alexander, William Lindsay. System of bibli-
cal theology. Edin. Clark. 1888. 2v.

Alexandra, mother of Mariamne. Aguilar, G.
(In her Women of Israel, vol. II.)

Alford, Mrs. Fanny (Alford), ed. Life and let-
ters of Henry Alford. Lond. Rivington.

Alford, Henry. How to study the New Testa-
ment. Lond. Strahan. 1865.
Alford, Mrs. F. (A.), ed. Life of Henry
Alford. 1873.
Alfred the Great. Hunt, W. (In Stephens
and Hunt. Hist, of the Eng. church,
vol. 1.)
Lord, J. (In his Beacon lights of history,
vol. 2.)
Alger, George William. Moral overstrain. Bost.

Houghton. 1906.
Alger, William Rounseville. Critical history of
the doctrine of a future life. 6th thous.
N. Y. Widdleton. 1869.
Allard, Paul. Ten lectures on the martyrs.

N. Y. Benziger. 1907.
Allegories. Bunyan, J. Pilgrim's progress.

Matheson, G. Lady Ecclesia.
Allen, Alexander V. G. Christian institutions.
N. Y. Scribner. 1897. (Int. theol.
Continuity of Christian thought. Bost.

Houghton. 1884.
Freedom in the church. N. Y. Macm. 1907.
Jonathan Edwards. Bost. Houghton. 1889.

(Amer. relig. leaders.)
Life of Phillips Brooks. N. Y. Dutton.

I9OO. 2V.

Religious progress. Bost. Houghton. 1894.
and others. Message of Christ to manhood.

Bost. Houghton. 1899. (W. B. Noble lect.)
Slattery, C. L. Alexander Viets Griswold

Allen. 191 1.
Allen, Grant. Evolution of the idea of God.

N. Y. Holt. 1897.

Allen, Joseph Henry. Hebrew men and times.
Bost. A. U. A. 1907.
Sequel to " Our liberal movement." Bost.

Roberts. 1897.
and Eddy, Richard. History of the Unita-
rians and Universalists. N. Y. Christ, lit.
co. 1894. (Amer. church hist., vol.
Allen, Roland. Missionary methods, St. Paul's
or ours; a study of the church in the four
provinces. Lond. Scott. 1912. (Libr. of
historic theology.)
Allen, William Harvey. Civics and health.
Bost. Ginn. CI909.
Efficient democracy. N. Y. Dodd. 1908.
Allen, Willoughby Charles. Commentary on
St. Matthew. N. Y. Scribner. 1907.
(Int. crit. com.)
Along the road. Benson, A. C.
Alphonsus, St. See Liguori, A. M. di.

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